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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  January 9, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning. we have another wet morning in the bay area. the rain started sunday and has not stopped since. we are following the path of the storm and its impact. that means very wet roads again this morning. there were hundreds of accidents yesterday. more today. we are keeping an eye on your morning commute's. mornings on 2 continues. welcome back. thank you for joining us if you're just waking up. tuesday, january 9. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. steve paulson said you may not need your umbrella. >> keep it handy. we are about done. the system it's almost done and moving out of the picture. if you are heading south on
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101, 101 is closed around santa barbara due to mud flows into breeze. keep in mind if you were taking one 01 south, there are some issues down there. we had some impressive rain totals. kevin leedy showing 5.02 inches in sausalito. that is impressive. others including kentfield, 5.28. mill valley, four point, 4.33. oakland, 2.70. napa, just over 2. san jose, 1.70. our system is moving east and south. as it does, is taking that moisture. there is still some holding on mainly to the east and south. it just about out of my forecast area except from the altamont pass, livermore and dublin. 580, 680 and back toward the
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sunol grade. over to sunnyvale and cupertino and in and around san jose where it circling the wagons. it's about time in the santa cruz mountains. 50s on most of the temperatures. that normally breeze has kicked in. as the low died south, high pressure will build to the south. this system may pizza rain and for the north on thursday but it will not be similar to what we had. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. five at 2 am. -- 50 2 am. >> it's my she put that out there. if one or two people that are driving down one 01 will not be surprised by this. let's take a look at what we have on 580 westbound. the traffic is going to be slow as it normally is this morning. we do see traffic that is slowing down to around 14 miles per hour.
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when you get to the main part of 580, livermore, speeds are backup. no major issues and traffic is okay. there was an earlier accident at the dublin grade and that will be fine at this time. southbound 680 on the concord offramp, a car flipped over. traffic is going to be okay. not a big traffic jam. the person is out of the vehicle. you can see that interstate 880 and oakland is moving well in both directions. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is getting a little busy but for the most part it still moving nicely. let's go back to the desk. emergency crews are ready for another busy day after responding to dozens of crashes on roads yesterday. some of the scenes we saw road flares, flashing lights. the chp is reporting nonstop
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calls for help. they responded to more than 100 accidents. >> the rain may be hard for drivers but it's really hard on the homeless. >> it's extremely hard. it's hard to stay dry. it's hard to get something to eat. it's hard to do anything. no one wants to stop in the rain. everyone wants to get out of it. >> and san jose there is a growing homeless camp under the skyway licking interstate 280 and highway 101. the people there are doing everything they can to stay dry using old tents and tarps to protect against the rain. >> living in the rain 24-7 is worse. we don't get any reprieve at all. >> a local ministry passed out shampoo and lotion and other necessities at that encampments. it only took about five minutes to give away all the sleeping bags, tarps and other supplies. at 9:00 am, caltrans will reopen part of highway 35 that was washed away and last winter's storms.
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crews had to rebuild the entire 200 foot section of highway 35 near the santa cruz county line. it was washed away by severe storms last february. caltrans repair the highway by building three retaining walls. many people have to work outdoors despite the rain. yesterday bruce and san jose started to tear down christmas in the park in the pouring rain. they were on a tight schedule, taking a break because of the rain was not an option. >> you just suffer through it. you know it's going to happen as you put on your raingear. you put on your workboots and your poncho. it's not like we can wait until it dries. we have two weeks to get out of the park. we have to work rain or shine. >> while many outdoor workers have their raingear, we found some garage door installers wearing shorts in the downpour. workers with the santa clara county water district have also been busy, clearing debris and checking flooding hotspots. you can always stay up-to-
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date with the latest weather conditions by downloading our free ktvu weather app. today is the deadline to file paperwork for anyone who wants to run the special election in june for mayor. the winner of the special election will serve out the rest of the late mayor ed lee's term which ends in january 2020. so far candidates who have filed paperwork include formor state senator mark leno, former supervisor angela alioto and acting mayor london breed. supervisors jane kim is scheduled to file her paperwork this morning. there will also be a rally at noon today at san francisco city hall. people will be urging the board of supervisors to appoint a caretaker mayor until the special election in june. the san francisco progressive alliance says if the board of supervisors president london breed continues as acting mayor, that gives her an unfair advantage over the other candidates. they want the supervisors to appoint someone who is not
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running in the special election. in fremont, three of the four suspects wanted in a weekend shooting and car burglary are now in jail. the three suspects are between 18 and 24 years old. they are due in court today. a for the suspect ran away but police say they know who he is. this started early sunday morning on summit drive in fremont when a manned and his roommate from four people breaking into the truck. the thieves -- they try to stop the thieves. the suspects are facing several charges including attempted murder and robbery. later today the raiders will welcome back john gruden. a news conference is set for noon to present john gruden as the raiders' new head coach. he began with the 49ers as a special assistant in 1990. he was later an assistant coach in college and the nfl before
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becoming head coach of the raiders from 1898 until 2001. he was then traded to the tampa bay buccaneers for draft picks and $8 million. later he won the super bowl with the buccaneers and has been a tv commentator for the past decade. john gruden reportedly signed a 10 year, $100 million contract to reunite with the raiders. we will have live coverage of the raiders' news conference doing our new news today. we will also lifestream it on and our mobile app. most of california is getting soaked by the big storm. we will show you the impacts as tens of thousands are under evacuation orders near los angeles because of flooding and mudslide risks. oprah for president? rumors are swirling this morning around a possible white house run by the talkshow host. good morning. we are looking at east bay commute and so far it's okay.
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we have a couple of serious crashes and an advisory if you live in alameda. it could be a little bit of a hassle to get off the island later. some of the rain totals look like they are settling in. off the chart for some. there were many over 5.
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2. president trump's order to and legal protections for immigrants from el salvador could affect 50,000 people in california. the white house says it will revoke special protected status for salvadorans in september of next year. many fled their country in the wake of two devastating worth -- earthquakes in 2001 the u.s. granted them legal entry and gave them social security numbers, work permits and driver's licenses. >> with this administration, everything is going to be hard. this administration, before he started, he said he was going to kick everybody out. >> right now 200,000 salvadorans who entered under the protected status live in the u.s. and many are raising children who were born here and are legal citizens. advocates will hold a forum this saturday at the salvadoran consulate in san fran in. senator dianne feinstein said
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she and two other lawmakers have introduced legislation to provide permanent protection. last night president trump signed a bill to make the birthplace of doctor mark luther king junior in atlanta and national historic park. the president signed it aboard air force one on his way to atlanta to attend the national college football championship game. the king historical site already includes doctor king's birthplace, the church where he was baptized and where he is buried. the legislation upgrades the site to a national historic park and expands it to include the prince hall a sonic temple which was the headquarters of the southern christian leadership conference, -- cofounded by doctor king. next monday is the mlk federal holiday. after oprah winfrey delivered that powerful speech at sunday's golden globes, some people want her to run for president in 2020.
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as jana katsuyama reports, this may not be as far-fetched as it may sound. >> so i want all the girls watching here, now, to know, that a new day is on the horizon! >> reporter: oprah winfrey's rousing speech on sunday now have some people calling for oprah to make a run for president. >> and it is the insatiable dedication to uncovering the absolute truth that keeps us from turning a blind eye to corruption and to injustice. >> reporter: within 24 hours, hashtags on social media were calling for, #hoprah2020 , killed by comments from her close friends including her longtime partner, stedman graham , who told the ellie times -- it's up to the people. she would absolutely do it. >> i can see why many people think she would be an attractive candidate. she is smart and savvy and a great public speaker. >> reporter: the assistant director of uc berkeley's institute of governmental studies says donald trump lisa new path to the presidency winning with no previous
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political experience at a time when many voters are dissatisfied with politicians. >> that sentiment still exists. that may make it a ripe moment for another celebrity to win a party's nomination. >> reporter: but she said oprah winfrey has not been vetted. a lot can change in the next two years and it's too early to predict to make emerge. >> joe biden. bernie sanders. elizabeth warren. cory booker. the list is very long of the people who potentially could run in 2020. >> reporter: at the north berkeley bart station, reactions were mixed. >> she has come from the lower class and raised herself up and really made a difference with her own hard work and i think that's an important value. >> i say go for it. she is a woman. she's an african-american woman. i think she would be a wonderful president. >> policy is more important than personality. >> the idea sounds good but she does not have any political experience.
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>> i think people are writing a lot on the dissatisfaction with the current president. i think people will vote for whatever is different and better. oprah winfrey's speech also gave weight watchers investors something to tear about. the stock soared 13% because of the speculation about the white house run. winfrey is a board member, shareholder and endorser of weight watchers. we have wet roads this morning. some people are still getting rain. sal is watching to see if it's affecting anything. there have been some crashes. i'm not sure if the rain affected this one. i have a serious sounding crash in milpitas. southbound interstate 880 at 237. it appears a van got on the freeway going the wrong way. the vm got into what i think was the fast lane but it was the slow lane of southbound traffic. there was a crash and now five
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vehicles are involved in almost the entire freeway is blocked. southbound 880 at 237. we are quickly getting a backup heading south. we also have a crew heading to the location. let's talk about the gilroy commute. through morgan hill it's not a bad commute getting up into the valley with no major issues driving through. traffic looks good. i want to mention alameda. webster at stargell, outside the target area, that traffic signal is not working properly. authorities need to get out there at 7:00 to fix it. this is going to be bad trying to get off the island is always slow. i would recommend getting up early and going down to one of their bridges and getting off the island. are getting off the island before they start fixing that at 7 am. i imagine if they are doing it at 7:00 it's pretty serious. is already very slow at that area -- it's already very slow
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at that hour. >> if you are in alameda -- >> in alameda at 7:00 they will start nixing the traffic light right before the posey tube. get on the road early. >> thank you. good advice. let's get to some rain totals. there are a lot of happy weather people out there. love the sounds and smell. it was a wonderful day yesterday. 3.5 in downtown novato in the last 24 hours. this puts us and ola kamara? actually we are still below. we were about 34% below normal. this puts us within a couple of inches for most to be normal. we need and other system and maybe next tuesday we will do it. the next couple of days look okay. kaz a darrow, 5.75. hillsborough, almost 3.5.
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santa cruz, 3.39. el cerrito, 3.09. santa rosa, 2.44. kentfield, 5.33. mill valley, 4.33. 3.31 in oakland. napa, 2.10. 1.70 in san jose. copper mountain had 3.5. brentwood, 2.75. ukiah with 2.00. not as much for some to the north. the russian river and south look to be the focus of the heaviest precipitation. there are some bands rotating up into lake county. we have an urban and small stream flood advisory until 9:15 . there is our system.
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below was moving out. this was a rain event, not a snow event. there's not much left in eastern solano county. livermore, parts of the east bay and out to tracy, manteca, dublin and hayward and down to the sunol grade. it's going along 680. sunnyvale and cupertino, a little bit their and for morgan hill to gilroy. 50s foremost. a few 40s to the north. a lot of 50s and a northerly breeze is kicking in as the low dive south. high pressure is moving north. these bands could clip the easton south parts of the bay. otherwise we get a break today and into tomorrow. 50s on the temperatures to near 60. we are looking for rain to end -- where my going? the next system looks to be next tuesday.
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>> you have your head filled with weather. it's still raining and parts of the bay area leaving roads flooded and drivers picking their routes carefully. christien kafton is in palo alto. there is a power outage. what do you know about that? >> reporter: this is is what you were talking about. drivers need to pick their routes carefully. we are at the organ expressway at bryant in palo alto. you may be able to see the traffic lights that are usually functioning at this intersection. they are now dark. there is a stop sign. a city crew presumably put this out here to try to control the traffic at this intersection. there is no word on how long power has been out and no word on how many customers are affected. you can see the neighborhood to the east of the intersection of bryant and or any can expressway -- in organ expressway is completely dark.
5:22 am
the only light you can see coming from the east direction comes from our live truck which has a generator. we are trying to find out from pg&e how many customers may be affected and how long the outage has been in effect. we are also trying to find out whether there is a crew in the neighborhood. a lot of outstanding questions. meanwhile, this is close to the scene of a flooded roadway. if you are familiar with the area, the organ expressway, once it goes past bryant at the alma crossan. that was flooded for hours overnight. we just drove through it a couple minutes ago. it's now clear. vehicles are now able to come through. a caution is still here for anyone driving in the area. there are intimated power outages. we're working to find out more about this particular outage,
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how many customers are affected and how long it may take for those customers to get back online. president trump was at last night's college football championship game in atlanta. that included going down onto the field during the national anthem while protesters were outside the stadium demonstrating. plus the values of many bay area homes keep skyrocketing. a new study finding two of the top five hottest housing markets in the country are right here. we will tell you which ones.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. gopro based in san mateo is considered a potential sale after several rounds of layoffs, shrinking sales and falling stock prices. cnbc reports that gopro hired jp morgan chase to help it find a potential buyer. the stock fell more than 30% on the news. yesterday the company said it's closing down its drone division. apple issued a software update to fix a security problem. it aimed at protecting users from a microchip vulnerability known as, spector, the latest update includes security improvement to the safari browser. apple said iphone, ipad and mac users should update the software immediately. that problem affected chips and billions of devices around the world.
5:27 am
tech companies like google and microsoft, in addition to apple, have been scrambling to issue a fix. scrap facebook is shutting down its personal assistant service called m. the company said it's not working as well as it expected. it would swap out words for emojis among other features but many users said it would guess the emoji incorrectly. the program. later this month. real estate website, zillow, announced its predictions for the hottest housing markets in america. san jose tops the list where home values are expected to go up almost 9% in 2018. malleus in silicon valley gained 17% over the past year. the average cost for a home in san jose tops 1.1 the average cost for a home in san jose tops $1.1 million. san francisco comes in fifth on this list. zillow is estimating home values will go up more than 3%. the median cost for a home in san francisco right now is just
5:28 am
about $900,000. it's still raining around parts of the bay area. and there are big risks for many areas in the north bay. we will check conditions there, next. a new way to lock your bike at the bart station. the system available today that bart hopes will reduce bike thefts. good morning. we do have traffic issues this morning even though it's not raining as hard. there are a couple problems i will tell you about in our next report. while most of the rain is done, not all of the. band is moving to the south and the north. we will take a closer look at that coming up. fred would do anything for his daughter.
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doesn't look like it's raining out there? that is a live picture. >> it does not look like it's running in oakland right now. >> we did get a lot of rain. and kevin is panning around, giving us a look around the bay area. the roads are wet so be careful. give yourself plenty of time to get to where you need to go. we had a nice dose but steve said the big stuff is backing off now. steve will tell you about that momentarily. welcome back to mornings on 2. tuesday, january 9. i'm dave
5:32 am
clark. >> i'm pam cook . steve is here to tell us all about it. and i also have a question about the snow in tahoe. >> that was almost all rain except above 8000. a very warm system. there are hints down the road. this was not the system. this was a system for us. some of the rain totals -- for a december we had hardly any rain, all of a sudden we had a ton of rain. our good friend kent, 2.71 inches at my west santa rosa home. the line was about the russian river. santa rosa and north, not as much as the santa cruz mountain. that was the focus yesterday. kentfield, 5.33. mill valley, 4.33. 3.46 in san francisco. san jose, 1.70. were not completely done but mostly done.
5:33 am
there is still some holding to the east. you see the low tracking toward central and southern california where it is raining. some of this moisture is still going south and north in areas around contra costa county, antioch, brentwood, the ultimate pass and back over to 580 and 680. and then sneaking down 680 along this noble grade. -- the sunol grade. after that, some of this will take off of santa cruz. it's close on the santa cruz coast as well. 50s for most of the temperatures. and north wind is kicking in, certainly tour the delta. as the lodi south, high pressure will build in the north. 50s and near 60 for the temperatures. >> are the metering lights on? >> they are.
5:34 am
our friend mark called into the newsroom. his rain gauge and santa clara, 2.20. >> thank you, sergei kislyak. >> let's look at a problem we have in milpitas. southbound 880 at 237. a wrong-way driver caused a crash and it's blocking several lanes of the freeway. southbound 880 approaching 237. traffic is getting by on one lane. there is a backup. also looking at the salado commute. westbound 80 traffic is okay. 37 is getting slower as you drive on 80 from pinole to richmond. i want to talk about alameda. willie stargell avenue at webster tube, i'm sorry come on webster, stodghill avenue on the way to the posey tube, at 7:00 they will be doing repairs to the light damaged by the rain. apparently there was some flooding. if you get off the island, it's best to do it early or go down
5:35 am
to park, fruitvale or high street. try not to use the posey tube after 7:00. it's not only raining around parts of the bay area but trees are falling down. look at this. san francisco's financial district -- a close call for that muni bus. a tree crash down on pacific avenue just after 6 pm last night. muni said the tree caused minor damage to the bus and no one was hurt. passengers were moved to another bus. so far the storm has not caused any major problems in sonoma and napa counties in the areas burned by the wildfires. a flash flood watch was canceled around 2 am. people living in the burned areas have done what they can to reduce the risk of debris flow and mudslides. the area did get several inches of rain which caused flooding. santa rosa fire assistant fire marshals said this is the first
5:36 am
significant test to see if all the precautions put in place over the past two months will pay off during the winter storms. >> hopefully the rainfall rates don't produce any significant incidents. we are encouraging people that if they do see any debris flows, mud slides or major flooding to call 911. >> the city of santa rosa and the chp will monitor burned and new construction areas for any signs of flooding or mudslides. download it ktvu weather app to track the storm's latest movements. also future storms and warnings and watches. this year's first major rainstorm has led to mandatory evacuations in parts of southern california. thousands living in some of the areas destroyed by the thomas fire were told to pack up and get out because of flooding and mudslide danger. evacuation order cover parts of ventura, los angeles and santa barbara county. sandbags are in high demand. you can't find them in some places.
5:37 am
>> i called around. a call the fire department earlier. they did not have any. i heard they ran out yesterday. >> this evacuation order affects about 27,000 people. that number make it bigger as the rain keeps falling. a state lawmaker from los angeles introduced legislation designed to protect california homeowners from losing their home insurance. the bill comes in response to last year's devastating fires in the north bay and other parts of the state. the democrat from long beach says he authored the bill after hearing from higher victims who are now worried they may be kicked off their insurance policies. >> we are seeing these insurance companies abandoning customers. many of the folks that no longer can ensure their homes go to secondary markets that do not have the protections we have in california. >> the bill would ban insurance companies from dropping customers after a wildfire. it would also require companies to offer discounts to custom use
5:38 am
-- customers who take steps to produce -- protect their homes from fire pit a san francisco officer is facing charges sexual assault. officer justin mccall was taken into custody yesterday. the report says the alleged victim cannot resist due to being intoxicated, unconscious or asleep. his arrest follows an internal affairs investigation that began last fall. police say the allegations involve off-duty conduct. mccall has been suspended without pay and has been with the department 4' 4" years. police in morgan hill arrested a suspect accused of scamming hundreds of dollars from local business owners. the police say they arrested jason wayne goodrich while leaving a hotel in san jose yesterday. police said he scanned the money for morgan hill business owners by telling sad tales about hardships involving money and illness that could be solved with getting a small loan. now he's facing charges of theft by false pretenses. the engineer that google
5:39 am
fired for writing a memo criticizing the company's diversity policies has filed a discrimination lawsuit. james damore accuses google of discriminating against white, men and conservatives. the lawsuit filed in santa clara county claims he was harassed and threatened. google fired tomorrow last august after he wrote a memo that was later posted online and went on -- viral suggesting men are biologically superior to women in software programming and high-tech jobs. google issued this brief response to the lawsuit they say "we look forward to defending against mr. james damore's lawsuit in court ." bart riders will have a new place to store their bikes this week. secure bike locks will be available to riders using the pleasant hill bart station. they are free and secure the bike tire and frame. after registering online, you use your clipper card to lock and unlock the bike. 10 units have been installed and if they are popular, you will see them expand to other
5:40 am
stations. former vice president joe biden will be in san francisco today. he will be interviewed by you see president janet napolitano at the jewish community center of san francisco tonight. mr. biden is on a book tour for his newly published memoir, promised me dad. his appearance at the jewish community center is set for 7 pm. a fundraising event is being held in hayward for fallen chp officer andra cammalleri. he was killed while on duty christmas eve by an alleged drunk driver. today's event is being held at famous dave's barbecue on west winton avenue. the fundraiser runs all day from 11 am until 10 pm. the fallen heroes campaign will donate all the funds raised to the cammalleri family trust fund. still ahead, today is deadline day for san francisco special election. coming up we will show you what's happening today and how it could decide who the next
5:41 am
mayor will be. if you think you are coming down with the flu, you may have a hard time finding medicine. many drugstores are struggling to keep supplies of treatment options in stock as flu season heats up. you can see traffic is moving along well on interstate you can see traffic is moving along well on interstate 280 getting up to highway 17. bart just came in with a delay at lafayette and pittsburg . equipment problems.
5:42 am
5:43 am
welcome back. walgreens in the bay area is reporting a shortage of medication that helps treat the flu. the santa cruz sentinel reports that some walgreens are in short supply of tamiflu. tamiflu promises to shorten how long a person is sick but for best results you must take it within two days of the onset of
5:44 am
symptoms such as a fever, cough and sore throat. a study finds taking ibuprofen could be linked to infertility in men. researchers found that the drug can cause a hormonal condition link to reduced fertility. it can also affect a man's sex drive. earlier studies have shown that when expectant mothers take ibuprofen at affects male baby development. scientists say two daily doses of 600 milligrams can cause the problems. in an effort to renew federal health insurance for low income children. budget analysts say a senate will adding five years of financing to the chip program would cost $800 million. that is down from the $8.2 billion previously estimated. the program provides healthcare coverage for nearly 9 million low income children. by the weekend, we should have clear skies and you can have fun outside. this saturday the save the
5:45 am
redwoods league is offering free, day use passes at 40 state parks that have redwood forests. several are in the bay area including mount tam in marin and henry cal state park in the santa cruz mountains. passes are offered on the second saturday of every month this year. this month that is january 13. you can get yours at one of the biggest names in music is heading to napa for the bottlerock festival. bruno mars will join other big names including the killers and use for the sixth annual bottlerock festival. the chain smokers, snoop dogg and incubus are also set to perform. in addition to 80 other artists and bands. the festival runs from may 25 through may 27 at the napa valley expo.
5:46 am
three day passes go on sale this morning at 10 am. very exciting. 5:45 am. let's check in with sal. the roads are okay but we have some serious issues that i want to start with. there is a crash on interstate 880 southbound. southbound 880 at 237. a very serious crash. it was started by a wrong-way driver. a van was spotted driving the wrong way on the freeway at acosta crash. chp has issued a traffic alert for the area. that means they are expecting this to be here for a long time. southbound 880 at 237. we have a crew on the scene and will find out more about what happened. this is a good area to avoid.
5:47 am
we also want to look at the altamont pass where traffic has been very slow this morning on 580 and 205. traffic is very slow. it looks like it's down to 2 miles per hour . that is stopped traffic. traffic looks better when you make it to livermore. it's fine 80 north- and southbound passing the coliseum. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, we do have a big backup. this morning at 7:00 they will be fixing the traffic light just before the posey tube on webster near stargell, that will cause a big traffic jam getting off the island. go down to one of the bridges instead. >> if you say so, i believe you, my friend. the rain is almost on. there is still some to the east and the south. it's winding down for most of us on what was a powerhouse system.
5:48 am
along marsh creek road near clayton at 5:20 am, almost 3 inches of rain. very, very foggy out there also. if you use marsh creek road, watch out. the hills, for those of you who have been hiking or mountain biking, i think the hiking is done now. this is my nursing. one of up there hiking around 1100 feet, i see his cows and they always look at me. boulder creek, 5.75 inches. hillsborough, 3.5. alameda, 3.40. santa cruz, 3.39. richmond, el cerrito, very good
5:49 am
totals. santa rosa, 2.44. san jose, 1.70. oakland, 2.75. san francisco, 3.46. mill valley, 2.10. -- mill valley, 4.33. brentwood, 2.75. palo alto, 2.25. this was mainly from the russian river and marin county and southward that was some good rain to the north but the heaviest was in marin county and toward the santa cruz mountains. below is diving south and it's bringing rain to central and southern california. you can still see if you bandits to the north. contra costa county, discovery bay, tracy, livermore and dublin. it looks like it's about done. a little bit in the east san jose foothills. organ hill to gilroy, it slowly
5:50 am
pushing to the east. some hams are coming up from monterey, watsonville in the santa cruz. we make it some light rain showers. 40s for a few and 50s for most. and north wind. high pressure will build to the north. there goes the low. this is now heading to southern california giving you fits too much for some. the neck system is not too organized. it could bring rain to the north. upper 50s or low 60s for the temperatures today. there will be some clouds snaking through for the next few days. thursday may give some rain to the north. we have a break over the weekend but there are signs that next tuesday rain maybe turn -- may return. >> hopefully it cools down in the mountains so we get snow.
5:51 am
>> this was almost all rain up there. >> last week i started to see some rocks. steph curry has bigger plans than being an nba star. why he has his eyes on the nfl and the carolina panthers. it's time for sleep number's 'lowest prices
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5:54 am
college football championship game. >> the president stood on the field with his hand over his heart singing along to parts of the national anthem. the players are not yet on the field. hours earlier during a speech in nashville, president trump criticized athletes who kneel during the anthem to protest police brutality. in atlanta, a few dozen demonstrators took a knee and protest. they were outside the stadium where the game was held. as for the big game, football fans cannot ask for more. the georgia bulldogs had a 13 point lead at the half. alabama had no answers. then the crimson tide shook things up in the second half. a true crush mint quarterback -- a true freshman quarterback replaced jalen hurts and they found a way to tie the game in
5:55 am
the fourth. a missed field goal by georgia sent the game into overtime. georgia got a goal on their possession in overtime. all alabama needed was a field goal to go into a second overtime or a touchdown to win it all. >> fires to the end zone -- touchdown! alabama wins! >> the crimson tide won their fifth football national title in nine years. nick sabin, this is his sixth title. asked for the young quarterback, he had very little experience going into the game. he is only 18 years old and was playing high school for all a year ago. >> i don't know how coach sabin
5:56 am
found me all the way and hawaii from alabama. i just thank god he found me and we are here right now. i don't know. the biggest difference from hawaii and alabama would probably be there are no beaches. >> i noticed that. the quarterback was named the offense of most valuable player of the game. the las vegas oddsmakers are already saying alabama is the favorite to win next season's title. the warriors beat the nuggets, 124-114 but steph curry gave fans a serious scare in the first quarter. >> the warriors have been so good protecting the ball. steph curry is down! he blocked it and lands on top of him! >> favoring his knee after that play. he went back to the locker room and came back in the second quarter. the injury did not appear to be significant. steph curry caught fire, 32
5:57 am
points including 5 of those three-pointers. the warriors are off today and host the clippers tomorrow. in the meantime, steph curry is considering opportunities off the court. he appears to be serious about getting involved in a possible purchase of the carolina panthers. the team's owner is selling the team after multiple complaints of alleged work place misconduct. steph curry is from charlotte and is a diehard panthers fan. >> i have people that are trying to see how to make this happen. to be part of something that represent charlotte so well, my hometown. i do think i bring a certain value to whatever ownership there could be. >> he tweeted to p. diddy after the rapper expressed interest in buying the panthers as well.
5:58 am
the team is expected to get more than $2 billion according to forbes. that wouldn't for -- exceed p. diddy's net worth. you may still need your umbrella today. more on today's rain in the bay area and how the north bay is handling all the water. oprah for president in 2020? maybe. i am doug luzader in washington. we will have the latest political speculation about oprah winfrey coming up next. it is still a little slow because of wet weather but it's better than yesterday as we take a live look at the san mateo bridge. we do have a serious accident in milpitas. we will look at that coming up. we are mostly done with the rain. we will look at the radar and see what's going on. also some fog is popping up. oh, sorry i'm late, sir.
5:59 am
i had a doctor's appointment. when you said you were at the doctor, but your shirt says you were at a steakhouse... that's when you know it's half-washed. now from downy fabric conditioner comes downy odor protect with 24-hour odor protection. downy's powerful formula conditions fibers to lock out
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odors all day. hey, your shirt's making me hungry. ha ha, derek. downy and it's done. good morning. look at the radar. the bay area will get a break from some of the rain but, still, take your umbrella. we


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