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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  January 9, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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hey, your shirt's making me hungry. ha ha, derek. downy and it's done. good morning. look at the radar. the bay area will get a break from some of the rain but, still, take your umbrella. we have more on what to expect
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as you head out the door today. good morning. thank you for joining us. tuesday, january 9.i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark . we are starting with a serious crash in milpitas. a wrong-way driver caused a crash on southbound 880. >> traffic is very slow in the area and is expected to stay that way. alex savidge is on the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: a huge investigation unfolding in the southbound lanes of interstate 880, north of 237 in milpitas. according to the chp, the driver of this green minivan, on the left-hand side of your screen against the divider, the driver of that band got on the freeway early this morning going in the wrong direction, traveling north on southbound interstate going in the wrong direction, traveling north on southbound interstate 880. that van then slammed into four
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other cars. the driver of that van, according to the chp, suffered major injuries in that crash and has been transported to the hospital. amazingly enough, according to officers on the scene, the people inside those four other cars, only one person suffered minor injuries which is incredible. i want to bring in officer janine reynolds with the chp. she's giving an update on what took place this morning. officer reynolds, good morning. thank you for your time. do you have a sense of how long the driver of this minivan was traveling in the wrong direction before the crash? >> i don't know the exact minutes but it was moments after we received the call. there were two calls of a wrong way green van traveling. we responded immediately. while we were responding it was reported there was a collision
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shortly after the initial collision there was another collision and evolving a few other vehicles. >> we know the driver of the minivan has very serious injuries and is being treated at the hospital. amazingly enough the people in those other cars, they are all going to be okay. it's incredible to you that this wasn't worse? >> this was a recipe for disaster given the wet conditions, the time of day on this highway with commute traffic starting to pick up in this area. it certainly could have been a lot worse than it was. having only five vehicles involved and only one other minor injury is a blessing. >> reporter: let's talk about the commute. it's maybe a mile, two mile backup on the southbound direction of 880.
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it's only going to get worse as we move into the 6:00 hour. what is your advice to folks making their way into the san jose area this morning? >> my advice is to be patient. we do have i'm cristina rendon in both directions open. that will hopefully alleviate some traffic. if you can exit at 237 and continue off at first street. that would get you around this a little faster. our advice is patience during this time. especially with wet weather, slow down and allow yourself more time between you and the other drivers. >> reporter: officer reynolds, thank you very much. i appreciate your time. obviously chp will be very busy out here for the investigation into this wrong-way crash. this is backing up traffic on southbound interstate 880, approaching highway 237 in milpitas.
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i'm looking at the backup in the southbound direction and it extends for miles. this is certainly an area to avoid this morning. >> thank you, alex. i know you will be out there. right now we want to go to sal to give people some options to get around this. we were just talking about this. we have all had a similar near experience where there is someone coming the wrong way or it's confusing. some of the interchanges getting on and off the highway are confusing. >> we come to work when it's dark and these things tend to happen overnight when someone gets on the road going the wrong way. we saw this happened. it only took a few minutes. it was reported in two minutes later there was a crash. i'm not sure how the van got going the wrong way but fortunately only one person was injured. this is a map of the area. we saw alex reporting from there. traffic is backed up at least from mission warm springs. one of the best ways to get around this is to use 680 as an alternate. 680 is doing well.
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let's talk about other conditions. the bay bridge is backed up to the maze this morning. the metering lights are on. that is better than yesterday when it was raining hard at this time. it's relatively dry. this is 880 in oakland. traffic is moving okay. further down near the colosseum you can see traffic is looking good. the rest of the south bay commute, northbound 101, 280 and 85 are off to a decent start. if you are trying to get off the island in alameda, at 7:00 they will do some emergency repairs before the posey tube. you may want to think about getting off the island on park, fruitvale or high street ridges instead. we will get to some of our rain total but we want to mention some thick fog. our observer, brody, on marsh creek road said to watch out for this.
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after the rain to ports, there's a lot of moisture in the air. dew points are very close. upper 50s. that fog come without the breeze -- will form. if the breeze picks up, we would not have a problem. john said good morning. installed my new weather station in time for the storm. northwest santa rosa, 3.62. santa rosa is representing very well this morning. that is our third report this morning. kentfield, 5.25. mill valley, 4.33. oakland, 2.75. san jose, 1.70. most of the rain is done. there are some areas to the east and the south and a little bit along the san mateo, santa cruz coast. the low is driving toward southern california giving them rain. we will be drive for most but
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you can see around brentwood, antioch, san ramon, the altamont pass, things are winding down mostly but they're still a little bit toward morgan hill and gilroy. this moisture is streaming up and clips around santa cruz and heads toward half moon bay. 50s for the temperatures which is why there is fog. there is a breeze here so that will not be an issue but closer to the bay, it is. highs today in the 50s to near 60. now we go back to the death. so far the storm has not caused any major problems in sonoma or napa county's in the areas burned by the wildfires. a flash flood watch was canceled around 2 am. people living in burned areas have done what they can to reduce the risk of debris flow and mudslides. the area did get several inches of rain and did caused flooding but that's about it. the santa rosa fire assistant marshall says this is the first
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real significant test to see if all the precautions put into place will pay off during the winter storms. at 9:00 this morning, caltrans will reopen part of highway 35 and santa clara county that was washed away in last winter pop up storms. repair crews rebuilt the entire 200 foot section of highway 35 near the santa cruz county line that was washed away by the storms. they also built three retaining walls. in inflatable dam on the russian river is being taken down. officials with the sonoma county water agency said the removal will protect the dam and the people who live downstream. crews have started the -- deflating it because of the heavy rain. the dam, near forestville, is left on the bottom of the river when it's deflated. it's usually raised in the spring and early summer when the demand for water increases. despite the rain, the water
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agency officials are asking everyone to conserve water. speculation is swirling around oprah winfrey and whether she has an interest in running for president. this was fueled by her speech during sunday night's golden globes and people are talking about it. doug luzader has the latest from washington. >> reporter: oprah winfrey has a lot going for her and a potential run for the white house. money. fame. popularity. but is she willing to do it? what can't oprah conquer? tv. movies. broadway. the white house? >> at this point was in president be at the motion for oprah? >> a new day is on the horizon! >> reporter: her powerful speech at the golden globes had hollywood spellbound come even political tongues were wagging. >> i question whether or not that something that oprah winfrey would be able to pull off too. don't bet against oprah. >> reporter: some close to her are apparently saying she's not interested.
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no matter. democrats are jockeying for 2020 and may not be sold with the idea but others see a strong contender. >> i think anybody who's got the skills and values in background and success that she had would be welcome to the field of candidates. >> reporter: that would oprah be willing to leave this life behind and spend months campaigning and things -- places like iowa and new hampshire to build a campaign? >> those are tough spots to campaign. if she did that come she would be a viable candid. i don't think she's willing to do that kind of work. >> reporter: people once said the same thing about another celebrity who sought the white house. >> that was doug luzader reporting. financially, oprah winfrey and president trump are worth roughly the same amount. forbes believes that winfrey had a net worth of $2.9 billion in 2017. president schulz net worth was $3.1 billion. coach jon gruden, after almost 16 years, is back with the raiders. what to expect from today's
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raiders news conference as they bring the popular coach back to oakland. >> reporter: the push to appoint a new mayor of san francisco he would promise to serve just for the next six months. we talk about the group asking and calling for a so-called caretaker mayor.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a san francisco political group wants the board of supervisors to appoint a caretaker mayor to serve until a special election in june.
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>> allie rasmus is at city hall to talk about what's happening today and explain what they want . >> reporter: members of the group, san francisco progressive alliance, are planning a rally at city hall to urge the board of supervisors to appoint an interim mayor over the next six months. in june of this year, there will be a special election, to fill the late mayor's term. the remainder of his term. so far six candidates have put their hats in the running for that office. formor state senator, mark leno, angela alioto and the current acting mayor, london breed. she became mayor when ed lee died last month. the board of supervisors president automatically becomes the act thing mayor when a sitting mayor passes away in office. critics say if breed continues as mayor, she will have an unfair advantage over other candidates going into the june election.
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the winner of the special election was of the rest of the term which ends in january 2020. the san francisco progressive alliance says there should be a level playing field for all the candidates so they're calling on the board of supervisors to appoint someone as mayor who would pledge not to run as mayor in june. a caretaker mayor. today is the deadline to file paperwork for anyone who wants to run in the special election in june. again, so far six candidates have put their hats in the running. today is the first time the board of supervisors will meet since the mayor died. at the meeting today they are expected to discuss the process of possibly appointing an interim mayor. back to you guys. let's go to sal , following that crash and the backups. >> chp said it would be at
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least two hours before they opened the freeway backup fully, southbound 880 at 237 where a wrong-way driver caused a major crash. southbound traffic is backed up -- i'm wondering whether backup is it longer but this is good. southbound 880. traffic is backed up from the mission warren exit all the way down. this is a live picture. use 680. these are pictures of the van on the left that got on the freeway going the wrong way. the driver of that van was taken to the hospital with critical, life-threatening injuries. the rest of the people involved were only injured in a minor way. this is going to be there at least until 7:30 am. it does not look like they are anywhere near opening. let's talk about other commutes. the bay bridge, traffic is going to be back up to the macarthur maze. the metering lights are on.
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no major issues. if you are driving on 880 in oakland, traffic is going to be okay. northbound will be a little bit slow past high street. as we look at the rest of the south bay commutes, it does not look bad. but one accident approaching 237 is one thing but the rest of the silicon valley commute does not look too bad just yet. things are about done but fog is forming rapidly in san francisco and in other parts of the bay. if you take marsh creek road, watch out for that between brentwood, antioch and concord. there is some fog being reported. it's all about rainfall totals. 2.83 and el sobrante. the garden is very happy according to art. we are still below average for this time of year. we should have another two or
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three inches of rain to get up to average. cazadero, 5.75. san anselmo, 5.34. santa cruz, 3.39. el cerrito, 3.09. santa rosa, 2.44. other locations -- kidd field 5.31. mill valley, 4.33. san francisco, 3.46. oakland, 2.70. san jose, 1.70. there's a lot of chatter on a san francisco office rainfall. was the 16th wettest day ever. i need to dig to see if that was a meta-. it was one of the wettest days in their history. i will have to look it up. copper mountain, 3.5. st. helena, 3.12. ukiah, two inches. this was a marin county, boulder creek, ben lomond, santa cruz mountains of it. the heaviest look to be in
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these areas. everybody got in on this. we are almost on. the lowest diving south and on its way in the central and southern california areas. there are numerous issues in southern california with debris flow and mudslides. even on the pch at topanga canyon they are talking about that. we do have some holding on here. some of these bands are being thrown back out along the santa cruz coast and san mateo coast. keep that in mind along highway 1. enough of a breeze to keep the fog at a out here but for most locations we're on the dry side. 50s, near 60 degrees. some of that fog is thick. partly sunny. maybe a few weak system on thursday with rain north of santa rosa and calais ciga -- calistoga and then we get a break for the weekend. a major retailer to lose one of its top celebrity
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partners. the controversial ad that many people are calling racist and who is cutting ties with that retailer. former vice president joe biden coming to the bay area today. we will show you what's on tonight's agenda.
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fashion retailer h&m is
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apologizing for an end. the company showed a black child modeling a sweatshirt with a slogan -- coolest monkey in the jungle. the company took the ad off its website after hundreds of social media users accused of being racist. the image of the child in the hoodie appeared on their british version of the swedish retailer's online store. social media uterus -- users put up two other tops from the same line, one that said survival expert with images of animals, were modeled by white children. singer, the weekend, is calling out h&m. he tweeted, woke up this morning shocked and embarrassed by this photo. i am deeply offended and will not be working with them anymore. the week and has collaborated with h&m for previous collections. a jury decided that oakland city councilwoman desley brooks needs to pay more than a half million dollars in punitive damages after an assault in 2015. desley brooks pushed down
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former black panthers leader elaine brown at the restaurant after an argument about a west oakland public housing project. the same jury also awarded elaine brown $3.75 million in compensatory damages in december. ms. brown's lawyers said desley brooks punched elaine brown in the chest with both fists, sending her flying backwards over a stack of folding chairs. he also said she had her head and had to have surgery on her rotator cuff. later today the raiders welcome back a familiar face. john gruden. >> news conference is set for around noon to present john gruden as the raiders new head coach. john gruden began his career with the 49ers as a special assistant in 1990. he was later an assistant coach in college and in the nfl before becoming head coach of the raiders from 1998 through 2001. he was then traded to the tampa bay buccaneers for draft picks and $8 million.
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john gruden later won the super bowl with the buccaneers and has been a tv commentator for the past decade. reportedly he signs a tenure, $100 million contract to be back with the raiders. ktvu will have live coverage of the raiders' news conference today during our noon news. we will also livestream it on and on our mobile app. yesterday at this time and 18 football player was a backup quarterback for the university of alabama. this morning, he is a legend. coming up, highlights from last nights title game and reaction after the game. there is a place where magic will fill you with wonder
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and always leave you wanting even more. beacause one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days.
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good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. tuesday, january 9. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. there is still some light rain and parts of the bay area this morning. >> as steve says, the heavy downpours of moved on. we are adding up the numbers from california's first major storm of the winter season from the russian river to the santa cruz mountains. we have reports of up to five inches of rain since late sunday night. however, we are still below normal in rain totals. steve calls the storm a rain event rather than a snowstorm.
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roads across the bay area are still very slick and wet. that is leading to crashes like this one on 680 and concord avenue. yesterday chp had nonstop calls for help. they responded to more than 100 crashes and accidents. they will be busy again today. we have a new crash to tell you about. pleasanton seminole road west of castlewood road in pleasanton. take a look at these live pictures. a car crashed into the tree and caused the tree to come down onto the road. this happened around four, 145. this car has been towed but the tree is still there. let's go to steve paulson. you have a lot to talk about. a lot of rain totals. we are almost done but the rain totals and now the fog is forming for some. look at that layer of fog
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around parts of the bay. i know there is some toward the east bay. if we get enough of the breeze, this will not be the case. right now rain is followed by thick fog. the 24 hour in petaluma, 2.44 inches. that will make the grass grow. we need this after a bone dry december. cazadero, 5.75. boulder creek, 5.71. san anselmo, 5.34. hillsborough, 3.46. el cerrito, 3.09. santa rosa, 2.44. our system is about 95% done but there is a little bit being thrown back up by the low which is now diving to southern california. not much is left but a little bit is still being tossed up toward the santa clara valley and back toward the santa cruz mountains. see how this comes up from
6:32 am
watsonville and hollister and back toward santa cruz? look at the lows. upper 50s. there is a lot of moisture and that's why we are getting fog. there's enough of a breeze here to prevent that. below is on its way to southern california. 50s for the temperatures to near 60. let's go back to that tree we just mentioned on pleasanton seminole road near castlewood. this was hit by a car. it came down and it will be there for a bit. a lot of people years this road near castlewood to get through. i wouldn't call it a shortcut but it's a local road that will put more traffic on the freeway. obviously you can't get through. i don't see anyone cutting it up or anything. is probably going to be there for a bit. hopefully they would out there and start cutting it up and getting it out of the way. this is a look at a bay bridge toll plaza backed up to the
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maze. metering lights are on. 880 north and southbound traffic is okay. if trying to get up alameda today the posey tube does the signal lights before the tube will be fixed at 7:00. emergency repairs. that will be a big backup trying to get off the island. try using park, fruitvale or high street ridge to get off the island. southbound 680 is throw -- slow through walnut creek. on the peninsula, we look at a good. yesterday was such a bad commute. it's not bad on 101, 280 or in and out of pacifica. everything looks okay so far. is not only redding but trees are coming down. we showed you one in the financial district. this was a close call for a muni bus. a big tree crashed down at pacific avenue and samson street. this was shortly after 6:00 vm.
6:34 am
muni said there was some minor damage to the bus but there were no injuries to passengers. the new year's first major rainstorm has led to mandatory evacuations in parts of southern california. thousands living in some of the areas destroyed by last month's thomas fire were told to pack up and leave because of flooding and mudslide danger. evacuation orders covered parts of ventura, los angeles and santa barbara county. this order affects about 27,000 people but that number could grow as the rain keeps falling. a state lawmaker from the los angeles area has introduced legislation designed to protect california homeowners from losing their insurance. the proposed bill comes in response to last year's devastating fires in sonoma and napa counties and other parts of the state. the democrat from long beach says he authored the bill after
6:35 am
hearing from fire victims who are now worried they could be kicked off their insurance policies. >> what we are seeing are insurance companies abandoning come -- customers. many folks who can no longer ensure their homes are two secondary markets that currently do not have the protections that we have in california. >> the bill would ban insurance companies from dropping customers after a wildfire. it would also require insurers to offer discounts to customers who take action to protect their homes from the fires. police in morgan hill arrested a suspect accused of scamming hundreds of dollars from local business owners. jason wayne goodrich was arrested as he was leaving a hotel in san jose. police said goodrich scammed money from morgan hill business owners by telling them sad stories about hardships involving money and illness that could be solved with a small loan. now he is charged with theft by
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false pretenses. this morning president trump is meeting with both republican and democratic senators to discuss immigration policy at the white house. democrats want an extension of daca programs. that would be in exchange for the cooperation on a spending bill to keep the government funded past january 19. president trump said he is willing to consider extending protection to undocumented immigrants who came to the country as children if democrats agreed to support funding for the wall he wants to build on the border with mexico. special counsel robert mueller's team of investigators has expressed interest in speaking with president trump as part of its investigation into whether russia interfered in the 2016 election. according to the associated press, the prospect of an interview with the president has come up in recent discussions between investigators and president trump's lawyers but details are still being worked out and no date has been set. . last night president trump signed a bill to make the birthplace of doctor martin luther king jr. in atlanta and
6:37 am
national historic park. the president signed it aboard air force one on his way to atlanta to go to the national college football championship game. the king historical site already includes doctor king's birthplace, the church where he was baptized and where he is buried. the legislation upgrades of the site to a national historic park and also expands and includes the prince hall masonic temple that was the headquarters of the southern christian leadership conference , cofounded by doctor king. next monday is the mlk federal holiday. former vice president joe biden will be in san francisco today and will be interviewed by you see president janet napolitano at the jewish community center of san francisco tonight. biden is a book tour for his newly published memoir called, "promise me, dad". his appearance at the jewish community center is scheduled for 7:00 tonight.
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the warriors beat the nuggets, 124-114 last night but steff curry gave fans a serious scare in the first quarter. >> the warriors have been so good protecting the ball -- they send it away -- steff curry was there. >> he went down hard, spraining his knee. he went back to the locker room but came back in the second quarter. look what he did -- just like that. it did not seem to hurt him much. he had 32 points including 5, 3- pointers. the warriors are off today. they will host the clippers tomorrow. president trump was in atlanta last night. he was at the national college football championship game. [ music playing ] >> the president was on the
6:39 am
field, his hand over his heart, singing along to parts of the national anthem. the players were not on the field yet. hours earlier during a speech in nashville, president trump criticized athletes who kneel during the anthem to protest police brutality. in the meantime in atlanta, a few dozen demonstrators took a knee in protest. they were outside the stadium before the game. as for the big game, football fans cannot ask for more. the georgia bulldogs had a 13 point lead at the half. alabama had no answers. then the crimson tide shook things up in the second half. a true freshman quarterback, tua tagovailoa , replaced jalen hurts. alabama found a way to tie the game in the fourth quarter. then there was a missed field goal by georgia that sent the game into overtime. georgia kicked the field goal on their possession in overtime. alabama needed a field goal to
6:40 am
send the game into a second overtime or get a touchdown to win it all. >> fire to the end zone -- touchdown! alabama wins! >> the crimson tide when their fifth football national title in nine years. it was nick sabin's sixth title. as for the young quarterback, tua tagovailoa, he had very little experience going into that game. he is just 18 years old. he was playing high school football a year ago. in honolulu. >> i don't know how coach stephen found me all the way and hawaii from alabama. i think god he found me and we are here right now. i don't know -- the biggest difference from hawaii and alabama would probably be there are no beaches. >> he was named the offense of most valuable player of the
6:41 am
game. by the way, las vegas oddsmakers have alabama as the favorite to win next season's title. >> quite impressive. 6:41 am. san francisco supervisors will meet for the first time since mayor's death. what they are expected to decide when it comes to the process of select thing a new mayor. next, making sacrifices to live in the bay area. what a lot of people are doing just to pay the rent. toyota unveils a different type of self driving vehicle. how the company wants to bring a new service to its customers. good morning. we do see traffic that is going to be busy in many areas including the macarthur maze coming around the berkeley curve. you can see it's crowded getting out to the bay bridge toll plaza. mother nature finally wrote the rain train in last night
6:42 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2. san francisco's tallest building has welcomed its first attendance. salesforce ceo tweeted yesterday here the outcome of the first occupants of salesforce tower. other pictures on social media showed a breakfast buffet and rainsoaked views of the tower. salesforce will take up about half of the 61-story building
6:45 am
and will lease out the other half. apple issued a software update to fix a security problem. it's supposed to protect against a microchip problem called, specter. the latest update includes security improvements for the safari browser. apple says if you have an iphone, ipad or mac, update immediately. the flaw affected chips and billions of devices all over the world. tech companies like google and microsoft, in addition to apple, have been scrabbling to issue fixes. the international consumer electronics show known as ces opens today in las vegas. the expo has been around since the 1960s. it usually features the latest and greatest in technology. this year it features tvs and personal drone taxis. smart home technology is also a big focus and this includes a closet that will fold your clothing for your.
6:46 am
>> and there are multiple arms and cameras in there. >> you can take any lightbulb you have, in a lightbulb, screw it into the socket and it instantly becomes smart. now, you're able to communicate with all of your devices and your home automation in a really simple way. >> coming up we will take you live to las vegas for the ces 2018 and will show you the latest and greatest right here on mornings on 2. also at the consumer electronics show, toyota unveiled its latest self driving project. look at the animation of the vehicles. they can be used for different functions. they can carry people and also complement a mass transit system or make deliveries like food. the box style design comes in at least three different sizes. it depends on the intended use. pizza hut is one of
6:47 am
toyota's partners in the project. pizza hut released this image of what it transport vehicle might look like. the company would use it to deliver food to customers or maybe even have a mobile pizza parlor. toyota is also working with amazon and uber on this project. it's 6:47 am which means it's time to check in to see what's coming up. good morning. we will talk about how voters in the north bay will soon have a say on whether or not to increase bridge tolls up to eight dollars by 2025. where that extra money would go and what steps need to be taken before we are all paying more to cross bridges in the bay area. also a study is linking a popular over-the-counter pain killer to infertility in men. the drug that can cause a hormonal condition linked to reduced fertility and can also affect a man's sex drive. these stories and more in continuing rain coverage. i will see you in just minutes.
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the high cost of housing in the bay area is forcing more people to live with roommates. >> zillow, the real estate tracking company, says in the bay area, 38 of % of people between 33 and 65 live in doubled-up households. they are either living with a roommate or with members of their family. the national average is 30%. a separate report found that tenants in san jose spend almost 40% of their income on rent. this morning zillow also announced its predictions for the hottest housing markets in the country. and san jose tops the list where home values are expected to rise nearly 9% this year. home values in silicon valley gained 17% over the past year. the average cost for a home in san jose tops $1.1 million. san francisco comes in fifth on the list. zillow estimates home values in san francisco will rise more than 3% this
6:49 am
year. the median cost for a home in san francisco right now is just about $900,000. let's get you to where you need to go.sal will try to get you say. your hands are full, particularly on 880. on 880 we have that crash. i want to mention northbound highway 5 at 580 is completely shut down. for people who come in to the altamont pass. i know the years highway 5 and 580. a very serious big rig crash. two big rigs involved and the freeway is completely closed. also you see the altamont pass at the very top is very crowded. we talked about 880 southbound at 237. we have a crash involving a wrong way vehicle. we still have that vehicle there and we have a front view of the van that was driving the wrong way. it ended up in a serious crash. the driver of this vehicle was taken to the hospital with
6:50 am
major injuries. it looks like they are getting ready to put it on a tow truck but it's causing delays. one lane is blocked. you can see this is a big visual hazard. a few other cars are still here that were involved. this is a look at 80 westbound. you can see traffic is backed up all the way to the maze. metering lights are on and traffic is going to be okay. if you are driving on interstate 880 northbound, slow traffic past high street. if you are in alameda today, i would not recommend using the posey tube. they are fixing the traffic light on webster and stargell. that will cause a big delay. go to one of the bridges to get off the island. let's bring stephen. thank you, sal. numbers still need to be finalized but a pretty impressive system considering december was so dry. we still are running behind average is but there were
6:51 am
almost eye-popping 24 hour totals. the final numbers need to come in. 24 hours was 3.15 inches. that was the 15th wettest day. i've also seen the 16th wettest day. what was the record? 1872. 3.54. the record for 24 hour rainfall was 5.54 on november 5, 1994. somebody asked when was the sand -- last time san francisco had more rain than areas in lake county? i would have to look it up. i don't have it in my head. cazadero, 5.74. san anselmo, 5.34. hillsborough, 3.46. santa cruz, 3.39. el cerrito, 3.09. santa rosa, 2.44.
6:52 am
st. helena, over three. palo alto, 2.28. ukiah had to dig inches. we are not completely done yet. there is no moisture streaming from south to north but below is diving into southern california. there are issues from santa barbara to los angeles and san diego. clear lake and back toward windsor in santa rosa still has some light rain. maybe a little bit around oaklea come antioch and discovery bay. the main band looks to be from san jose and south for the east san jose foothills. watch how this clips gilroy, morgan hill and is now filling in again. and it heads back over to santa cruz and the santa cruz mountains and along the santa cruz coast and flirting with the san mateo coast. 50s for the temperatures. the breeze is picking up and it
6:53 am
should scour out the fog. this is a rain event for the secure unless you were above 8000 feet. you can see there's not a lot turning over from green into white. this was a wet system. southern california, the rain is moving toward them and there are many reports of mudslides down there. that low will impact them and then move into arizona. 50s to near 60 for the temperatures. there will be some morning rain. livermore and south seem to have the best opportunity. maybe some rain to the north on thursday but other than that it's a quite pattern going into the weekend. despite several efforts, car burglaries are still on the rise at alarming rates in san francisco. coming up we have the latest plans from police and we will tell you who authorities say are responsible for some of the crimes. ic sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california.
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we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. open enrollment ends january 31st, so don't miss out. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. it is now 6:56. a fundraising event will be held today in hayward. it will be for andrew camilleri who was killed christmas eve night on duty by an alleged drunk driver. the event is being held at famous dave's barbecue. the fundraiser runs all day from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. the fallen heroes campaign will donate all the money raised to the camilleri family trust
6:57 am
fund. police is looking for someone who was shining a green laser beam at a chp helicopter in richmond over the weekend. the laser came from a san pablo neighborhood but police have not made any arrests. >> i don't know why they're doing it, other than they're curious how far the laser beam can go. >> the curiosity can be deadly. the laser can cause blind spots for the pilots and a glare in their eyes. the chp says people shining lasers might think the size of a dot but the beam is actually six to eight feet wide. the time is 6:57. this morning, bart riders in the east bay will have a new way to store your bike. secure bike locks will be available to riders at the station. they're free to use and secure the bike tire and the frame.
6:58 am
after you register online, you can use your clipper card to lock and unlock the bike lock. ten of the units have been installed. if it is popular enough, you will see them expand to other bart stations. san francisco supervisors and police are teaming up to prevent car break-ins. on average, there is one break- in every 17 minutes in san francisco. at least that was the case last year. supervisors hillary roman and ye announced a resolution with chief scott to break down on the epidemic. each station will assign a plain clothed officer and team to conduct their own operations. >> we believe this will compliment the foot patrols and the city wide effort to arrest and prosecute crime rings. the statistics show in 2013, there were 13,000 car break-
6:59 am
ins. more than 30,000 burglarized in 2017. some people in law enforcement blame the rising numbers on proposition 47. that recategorized some nonviolent offenses as misdemeanors that make it easier for serial car burglars to keep committing crimes with no or little penalty. walgreens reports a shortage of a medicine that helps treat the flu. some are in a short supply of tamaflu. it promises to shorten how long you're sick. for the best results, you have to take it within two days of the beginning of the symptoms, like a fever, a cough or a sore throat. >> reporter: the push to appoint a new interim mayor in san francisco who would serve just for the next six months. why one political group in the city says it is the only fairway to have a special election. election. also breaking news, lanes blocked on interstate 880 in
7:00 am
milpitas after a multi-car crash involving a wrong-way driver. we will bring you the latest from the scene as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> another rainy start. >> yeah. >> not quite as bad as yesterday though. it is tuesday, january 9th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. >> part of southbound 880 is closed in milpitas because the chp is investigating a multi car crash involving a wrong-way driver. alex savidge is there. >> reporter: we have been just told that the wrong-way driver that triggered this crash this morning on 880 has died at the hospital from his injuries. that man was behind the wheel of a green minivan. you see it still here at this scene. this man -- the driver according to the chp got on to 880 traveling north in the


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