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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 2, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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it includes many schools in the bay area. in this case, organizers are standing for the second amendment. we will talk more about this day of action coming up. zeroing in on the president. the latest on special counsel robert mueller's probe. the possibility the president may be subpoenaed. thank you for joining us here on "mornings on 2". it is wednesday, may 2. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. steve paulson knows about the weather. i guarantee it. >> it is cold. >> and windy. >> it is an onshore wind. it is pretty cold at the coast in the bay. there is a westerly breeze or wind. maria says good morning, stay. thank you. good morning to you. maria likes it warmer. she wants temperatures to be really warm, kind of like her
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brother, pam. it is only 115. 49 in brentwood, antioch 59. we are in the mid 50s -- we were in the mid 50s yesterday. 48 lafayette and low 50s around el cerrito. the low in southern california is giving them some rain. that is a good low for early may to make it that far south. it will start to kick out into the four corners. we are on the drier side of high clouds, but not low clouds. upper 40s and low 50s. water temperatures are really cold. that onshore wind in place, that fog will kick out eventually but 50s and 60s by the water and 70s inland. we do have slowed traffic,
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but it is very typical for the area. we will start with the altamont pass. 580 westbound, before you actually get to the past, there is a lot of slowed traffic. when to make your way out the -- up the hill that evens out but you will see slow traffic on 205 and 580 to the triangle. the speeds are low. you can see some speeds down to 8 miles per hour. it is pretty crowded. livermore to pleasanton is not too bad all the way to castro valley. on 880 traffic is moving well in both directions. the bay bridge is still light. several students in several schools will walk out of class today, this time to show their support for gun rights. >> this is part of a nationwide event. it is called stamper the 2nd. alex savidge is in san ramon.
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>> reporter: the student say they are pushing back against calls for tougher gun laws in this country. they are standing with gunowners. at 10 am this morning students here at cal high-end san ramon, some of them are planning to leave class and take part in this walkout. it is called stamper the 2nd. students are more than 40 states across the country are supposed to take part today. this nationwide walkout comes in response to huge marches and rallies we saw last month, where students walked other classes, calling for action to address gun violence and calling for tougher gun regulations following the mass shooting at a high school in parkland, florida. today's event was organized by 18-year-old will rightly. he is from carlsbad, new mexico.
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>> i would just like to say that we absolutely need your support. right now, what we are seeing in this country is a movement to alienate our unalienable rights. please stand with me on may 2. >> reporter: here in the bay area, students are planning to take part in this "stand for the 2nd" walkout today. at montgomery high and santa rosa, college park i in martinez and downtown college prep in san jose are all expected to take part. students are planning to take park -- part in 40 states around the country. it remains to see how many students will take part in it but it is set for 10 am this morning. sun robert mueller, the special counsel investigating allegations of russian interference in u. s. elections, reportedly brought out -- brought up issuing a presidential subpoena to make him test a my. --
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make him testify. robert mueller brought up a possible subpoena while meeting with the president's legal team. they were negotiating the terms of interviewing the president. legal experts say even of president trump is subpoenaed, he can fight it in court or take the fifth. in the next half hour, we will have more on this and a live report from washington. texas is suing the federal government to end the docker -- daca program. daca protects undocumented immigrants brought here as children from deportation. opponent say president obama exceeded his authority when he announced the policy in 2012. the trump administration has been trying to end the program. federal judges have prevented
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that from happening. california is taking on the trump administration over its environmental policies. governor brown says reducing greenhouse gas emissions is critical to the health of all californians. >> california is suing to try to block new proposed federal emission standards that would reduce fuel efficiency requirements for cars. this could be a long battle. >> reporter: automakers have been rolling out more and more fuel-efficient vehicles. the goal initially was to comply with national epa standards. auto karak -- auto manufacturers should reach 50 miles per gallon by 2022. >> it is a high demand, especially how the economy is leaning more toward fuel- efficient vehicles. we are having a lot more inquiries that are interested in the plug in option. >> reporter: epa director scott pruitt says he wants to lower the standard. california's governor and attorney general fire back tuesday, announcing a lawsuit suing the epa. cement it represents 140
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million americans that are joining together to sue outlaw scott pruitt. not administrator scott pruitt, outlaw scott pruitt. he is breaking the law, he is flouting the clean air act and the legitimate needs and well- being of the american people.. other states and the district of columbia are joining california in the lawsuit. many have followed california's lead and they represent 40% of the u. s. auto market. >> we assert that the epa has violated the administrative procedures act, which bars arbitrary and capricious decisions. >> in this case, what the states are saying is that the epa made this decision without documenting the evidence to support it. the epa is vulnerable in that respect. >> reporter: this uc berkeley professor says the epa has not yet announced any new regulations, but it could mean years of litigation. that means uncertainty that could help -- hurt automakers.
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>> automakers are gearing up already for those model years and getting their factories together and their investments. they don't like to see the uncertainty. >> reporter: he says in the short term consumers won't see any big changes likely. >> electric vehicle programs in california is based on a separate mandate that the state has. there are a lot of separate incentives for electric vehicles. those will not go away anytime soon. took to get the epa is successful in lowering standards, he says consumers might see fewer choices in the showroom if automobile makers are allowed to ease up on fuel efficiency standards. the federal reserve will wrap up a two day policy meeting today that could change a key interest rate. the fed is been aiming for a 2%
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annual inflation rate for the past six years. inflation is it that 2% level that means they must now decide if they will change their plans for increasing rates. most analysts don't believe the federal reserve will change its benchmark rate at the end of this meeting, but they say the growing economy could lead to two or three more interest hikes before the end of the year. the city of oakland appears to be the next major city to restrict the use of single-use plastic straws. the city council approved legislation that says bars, cafis and restaurants can only offer plastic straws to customers who ask for them. every day, americans throw out 500 million plastic straws. many plastics can be recycled but most single you straws are made from a plastic you cannot recycle. many restaurants are already using paper straws. san francisco police are warning people about a man who tried to grab a girl on her way to school in the outer richmond district. the man reached out, took the girls hand and tried to get her
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to leave with him. the girl was able to get away and go to the middle school and tell the principal what had happened. police responded and took a report and they are on the lookout for that man. >> we are providing as much support as we can. it was a traumatic event to have something like this happen. she is physically safe, it is just alarming when a stranger approaches a child. >> the girl reportedly snapped a photo of the suspect and his car. san francisco police say this is an open an active investigation. presidio middle school notified families about the incident and they are urging students to walk in groups to and from school to be extra safe. kanye west continues to speak his mind . it is getting him into trouble. what he said about slavery in, america and the backlash he is getting. a huge effort underway to bring clean drinking water to students at the oakland unified school district. we will have more on the new
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hydration stations being installed. right now we do see traffic that is mostly good, but there is a problem in hercules on 80. we talked about it a little while ago. that roadwork has not picked up. we have a big traffic jam we will tell you about. there is a fog bank getting chewed up a little bit on parts of the peninsula south bay. there is plenty to go around and today's forecast will reflect that.
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>> reporter: if the
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". kanye west appeared on tmz and went on a bizarre rant about a number of topics. it included opioid addiction, his affection for president trump and slavery. his comments stuck a nerve with some of the tmz newsroom. >> when you hear about slavery for 400 years. 400 years? that sounds like a choice. like, they were there for 400 years and it is all a gal? >> honey, you are entitled to believe whatever you want, but there are facts and real-life consequence behind everything that you just said. while you are making music and being an artist and living a life that you have earned by being a genius, the rest of us in society have to deal with these threats to our lives. we have to deal with the marginalization that has come from the 400 years of slavery
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that you said for our people was a choice. he went after him in a big way. they had a confrontation that was real and meaningful. when you listen to van, who loved kanye and he grew up with kanye and he has talked to me about how he has changed his life. this was too much for him. it is a confrontation like i have rarely seen in real life. >> kanye also spoke to tmz about his recovery from opioid addiction and is ongoing support for president trump. the official autopsy report on the police duchenne -- shooting of stephon clark was released by the sacramento county coroner. that report says traces of cocaine, cannabis and coding
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were found in stephon clark's body. the coroner also says the independent autopsy contained quote, erroneous information. the autopsy says stephon clark was shot seven times, including three times in the back. the private autopsy, conducted at the request of stephon clark's family, said he was shot eight times with seven bullets, hitting stephon clark from behind. stephon clark's grandmother has not read the official autopsy report and did not comment on it. she had angry words for the police officers involved in the deadly shooting of her grandson. >> how do you sleep? do i want to know how they sleep. what do they tell their children and they hear that their daddy killed this guy in the back. how does he feel? >> the police say stephon clark was suspected of breaking into cars in march. the officers said they feared he had a gun but he had a cell phone.
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we want to check in with sal castendo. >> we do have traffic that seems to be okay for the most part on the gilroy commute, which is one of the long ones that we watch on northbound 101 from gilroy to san jose. we don't see anything unusual. traffic is moving along relatively well. we have had a few minor things on the commute but nothing out of the ordinary driving up to the silicon valley. if you look at this picture, it looks pretty good getting up to highway 17. northbound 101 near university there was a crash. traffic will be a little bit slow. it is northbound 101 actually at the oregon expressway. a car ran into a light pole. there is an injury crash. it is not causing a big backup. 80 westbound they were doing some paving work that was supposed to be picked up at 5 am. there little bit late getting rid of it. the traffic is going to be slow. it was slow in the for :00 hour we talked about it. we figured it would clean up once they picked it up. it will be a tough commute for
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you from vallejo driving into richmond. if this is your commute, you need to get out of the house a little earlier. you will get through, but it will take you longer. that is the kind of surprise you don't need from vallejo to richmond on 80 westbound. you need extra time this morning. a lot of times we are cold and we have some fog in the area. san francisco buoy is 50 and half moon bay is 52. let's look at the coastal temperatures. bodega date -- bodega bay is not reporting anything but 49. montero, half moon bay and moss beach 51, 51 pacific grove. the water temperatures are 49 to 52 in the temperatures are in the 40s and low 50s. you combine that with a west wind, it is cold, although there is a south breeze.
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there is still a lot of fog out there. the low that developed in southern california dropped the temperatures big time. most of the rain was over the high desert of the mountains. it made into parts of southern nevada and arizona. there is a south breeze for some. half moon bay, sfo, hayward all have a southerly breeze. that tends to chew up some of the fog. there are some holes in it, but there is a westerly component horry west-southwest breeze at the napa airport. the onshore breeze is there for some and a south breeze for others. you cryo- -- ukiah is 53. that will be a heckuva system as it comes through. it will come into colorado and new mexico. went to get into the plains, there was a lot of fog.
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wants a retreat, we will have some 70s inland. the days are longer, but the temperatures are close to where they should be inland. the coast and they are running cooler because of the water temperatures in the fog. upper 50s, 60s and low 70s. there should be some patchy fog but friday looks to be the warmest day by far. for some, they are signs of hate. we will tell you more about crimes being reported by workers at a san francisco construction site. >> it ran out of fuel in pacifica and ran aground on the beach. what will happen today with that sailboat.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". happening today, pacifica police this afternoon's plan to move that stranded sailboat that ran aground. at first, a salvage group plan to move the 33 foot sailboat on monday, but it was too windy and the currents were too strong. they waited for better weather and we expect that later today. the boat became stuck in the sand and shallow water after running out of fuel. the four people in the dog who were on board at the time were all rescued. some homes are now being built in record time just a few months instead of a year or longer. the use of modular, prefabricated homes cuts down on the project time and the cost. we learn about two couples on the peninsula that are taking
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the prefab route when it comes to building homes. >> reporter: in palo alto, they're building a home the new fashioned way, connecting several sections in just one day. >> it takes one third of the time. >> reporter: steve klein founded his company two years ago. the company has built eight prefabricated homes. its latest venture is the second phase of a teardown- rebuild on waverley street. >> it takes a lot of the unknowns and unpredictable things out of the process. this eight year war incident -- >> reporter: this couple went this route for several reasons. there four bedroom three bath wouldn't steal home was built at the prefab facility in palo
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alto. >> you can see, there 15 feet wide. they are big buildings. people are not used to seeing them down the road. >> a large crane hoists each 25,000 pound module into case. a slow process sped up during thomas video. they will be connected over the next few months with the homeowners able to move in in early july. interest in this type of construction has come from people all over the bag. >> this option seemed the quickest and the most awesome way to build a home. >> reporter: this couple are following this trend with their module or rebuild slated for the fall. >> the more we can see it the more it prepares us to have the correct expectations. >> reporter: the so-called letgo approach to building could be needed in areas devastated by natural disasters according to the company. residents would benefit from a 25% cost savings and building time in months, not years.
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>> i am interested because it is fast. time is money right now. >> reporter: this seven-figure house that was on the drawing board in december is now on the block in may. a break in a cold case led to the capture of a man suspected of being a serial killer in california more than 20 years ago. you are about to meet the investigator who came up with the idea of using a genealogy website. could president trump be facing a subpoena from special counsel robert mueller in the russia probe. i will have more on that coming up. interstate 880 has traffic looking pretty good in both directions. no problems getting up to downtown oakland. fog this morning in sunshine today. temperatures stay in a small range. 70s inland. we will take a look at the coast coming up.
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we need to help more tocalifornians get ahead.d, that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
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i would name that tune but i was told at a time. it is sister kristen. i am not sure why we are playing that song today, but why not? >> it goes with this beautiful live shot
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looking toward san francisco. steve likes it, too. >> it is rock 'n roll wednesday. >> welcome back to "mornings on 2". it is the middle the week. it is wednesday, may 2. i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. maybe we woke you up with that. let's check in with steve paulson. >> i thought i was watching the news. >> we mix it up. maybe a little jazz next time. we have a fog bank out there although some of it is getting chewed up with the south breeze. the onshore breeze is in place and there are plenty of low clouds to go around. it will burn back to the coast but water temperatures are so cold, i don't see how it will warm up that much. there is a big, monster low in southern california heading into arizona, giving them well below normal temperatures. that will be a big-time weather producer as it has back into the four corners and the plains.
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for us, we are on the drier side of that system, 40s and 50s for temperatures. big differences in areas not that far apart. in the bay it is upper 40s and low 50s, alameda 53 and the city is 51. el cerrito is 50. when you get 49, 50 and 52 from bodega bay, moon bay and san francisco, that is a cool pattern. the south wind has chewed up some of that fog but to the north and the east it is just an onshore breeze. we are all the -- on the drier and sunnier side of this system. this is usually when things pick up. >> there is a problem in solano county and contra costa county. part of it is because of late night road work that has two lanes taken away. from vacaville to fairfield it is okay, but in vallejo it is not. it is very slow driving across the carquinez bridge and down to crockett to hercules because of a paving area that was not picked up on time.
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it is causing a huge traffic drier -- traffic jam. if you are watching at home, leave the house as early as possible, even if they were to pick it up now, we do have a lot of lasting damage done here. the damage is done as you drive through. there have been no problems but it is taking 67 minutes. that is weird to see that number up there. one hour and seven minutes to drive from the carquinez bridge to the maccarthur maze. if you get on the freeway after hercules, if you get on at richmond, it will not affect you. it looks pretty good to the bay bridge. when you get to the bay bridge, traffic is backed up a little bit but we are missing a lot of people. that is why it seems lighter. two men are charged with murder in the shooting death of
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a daly city man. kevin brassard is accused of shooting and killing his coworkers boyfriend when she turned down his romantic advances. police say it happened last week at the victims home in daly city. authorities are charging donovan rivera, who reportedly drove the getaway car. the suspect in the victim's girlfriend worked together at san francisco airport. the two suspects are expected in court next week. police in san francisco investigating a possible hate crime at a construction site where high-rises being built. the park tower project is going up near the trans bay terminal. in march, a noose was found on the 10th floor. last week, to cope cabbage patch dolls with dark complexions and nooses around their necks were hung in the bathroom. african-american workers say it is racially offensive and incredibly disgusting. since the discovery, they have
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contacted a civil rights attorney. >> it is shameful that in this day and age we had this kind of activity still taking place. >> the tower is being built by clark construction, which is based in washington, d.c. the company says following the incident, they met with all the workers and subcontractors. the company says they are committed to providing a work environment that is quote, free of discrimination or harassment of any kind. we are hearing from a key investigator who used dna that eventually led to a man now accused of several killings and rapes more than 20 years ago. he recently retired from the contra costa county das office input the data into a genealogy website. it yielded a pool of possible suspects that included 72-year- old joseph deangelo. he says d'angelo eluded the authorities for years, partly because of his police training.
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he served with two police departments. he says d'angelo was being deceptive when he made his first court appearance last week in a wheelchair. >> he was under surveillance for a week. we saw a man that was riding his motorcycle at high rates of speed on the freeway. he was moving around his house in a manner in which the surveillance team was reporting this guy does not look like he is 72 years old. he looks like he is 50 years old. >> he says during the course of the investigation, they obtained discarded dna from joseph deangelo. they feared he might flee or even commit suicide. it was an into -- it wasn't until a few hours before his arrest when the final results came back and they were sure "stand for the 2nd" -- joseph deangelo was the suspect.
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a man drove an rv from the los angeles area all the way to keep bakersfield. police say the 46-year-old was being sought for domestic violence and that his two young children were in the rv during that chase. they were found safe inside after he decided to stop the rv next to an orchard. he ran away in the search for him continues. president trump could eventually face a grand jury subpoena in the ongoing russian investigation. >> this would be extraordinary if it happens. one of the president's formerly lawyers says special counsel robert mueller is thinking about it. we have the latest from washington. >> reporter: it is abundantly clear that special counsel robert mueller would like to interview president trump and he may be willing to go to court to make that happen. it may be a trump-mueller
5:37 am
showdown in the making. robert mueller, the special counsel in the russia probe once a talk to the president. a former attorney for the president said robert mueller threatened to use a subpoena to make it happen in march. that could touch off a legal batter -- battle. >> you could challenge that in federal court, but i think it would lose. does he want that to be the media generated going into the midterm elections? that is a tough call to make. it will come at cost. >> reporter: the revelation came a day after the new york times released dozens of questions that robert mueller wants to ask president trump. the president fire back on twitter. disgraceful that the questions for the russian witchhunt word leaked to the media. republicans are said to be
5:38 am
drafting articles of impeachment for rod rosenstein, who responded to the pressure. >> there are people who have been making threats privately and publicly against me for quite some time. i think they should understand by now the department of justice will not be extorted. >> reporter: as far as the robert mueller probe is concerned, as far as they are talking about interviewing the president should indicate they are getting close to the end of the investigation, but the timeline is not clear. >> what is the likelihood that robert mueller's investigation may be stopped before he gets to even question the president? >> reporter: it depends on whether robert mueller is fired or not. there have been efforts here on capitol hill to craft legislation to protect robert mueller. those efforts have not gotten anywhere. for now, robert mueller remains in place and the investigation moves forward.
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a 14-year-old girl recovering this morning after she was hit near her eye by a fragment from a bullet fired by a police officer in morgan hill. authorities are looking into the circumstances of the shooting, but morgan hill's police chief calls it an accident. it happened over the weekend. police had spotted a stolen band with three teenagers inside. the officers say a 16-year-old driver led them on a high-speed chase. it ended when the van hit a fire hydrant and knocked down a light pole. two girls who were passengers in the van started to get out of the car. >> that officer was directing them to the ground. he had his firearm pointed at the ground, not at the girls. it inadvertently discharged. >> you are looking at a photo of the gun similar to the one that went off. the police chief says the gun was not in its holster. the officer involved has been with the police department for 23 years and is on paid administrative leave during the investigation. the police chief says there is not been an officer-involved shooting in morgan hill in 15
5:40 am
years. a new study about kids playing tackle football finds earlier they play, the sooner they will see serious symptoms of brain damage. the boston university study examined the brains of more than 200 deceased adult football players. researchers found those who began tackle football before the age of 12 developed unhealthy cognitive and behavior symptoms 13 years earlier on average than those he started playing later in their teenage years. >> ages 9 to 12 is a crucial time for the brain development. if you are shaking it up and causing some changes in how it is trying to adopt and grow, that may have some serious repercussions later on in life. >> the study recommends that children should not play tackle football before their are teenagers. here in california, a bill to ban tackle football was scheduled for a committee vote yesterday, but the bill has now
5:41 am
been withdrawn. to oakland unified school district will now install hydration stations at all public schools in oakland. the city council approved it yesterday. this comes after high levels of lead were found in drinking fountains. the new hydration stations will give students at all of the 110 schools and development centers access to clean drinking water. the cost for those stations will come from oakland's recently approved soda tax. students across the country plan to show their support for the second amendment. the response happening in the bay area aimed at supporting gun rights. >> the warriors played last night and look at was back. steph curry had a triumphant return after missing more than five weeks of action. we do have traffic that for the most part is pretty typical
5:42 am
in marin county but we have an unusual backup in the hercules area. we will tell you more coming up. up. if you'd have told me three years ago... that we'd be downloading in seconds, what used to take... minutes. that guests would compliment our wifi. that we could video conference... and do it like that. (snaps) if you'd have told me that i could afford... a gig-speed. a gig-speed network. it's like 20 times faster than what most people have. i'd of said... i'd of said you're dreaming. dreaming! definitely dreaming. then again, dreaming is how i got this far. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". steph curry is back in the warriors beat the new orleans pelicans last night 121-116. now they lead the playoff series 2 games -- 2-0. eight minutes into the first quarter, steph curry came and played for the first time since the end of march. >> steph curry makes the play. it is the first time in five weeks. >> he hit his first shot.
5:45 am
>> of course he did. >> the lead in the game went back and forth, but the warriors came out on top. kevin durand had 29 points leading the warriors, steph curry had 28. the two teams were tense after the warriors blew out the warriors after game one. >> anthony davis said after game when they were embarrassed. we knew they were going to come after us. it was a physical game, it was competitive. it was very predictable after a blowout game, you know the other team is coming at you. i have seen it 1 million times. we played well enough to win. we will have to play better in new orleans. >> game three is friday in new orleans. tonight the san jose sharks are looking to tie up their stanley cup playoff series with the vegas golden knights. the sharks trailed vegas 2-1. san jose lost three of the four
5:46 am
regular season games to the golden knights. all four games they played ended with low scores. tonight's game is in san jose. all sharks fans are invited to a free rally outside the shark tank. that starts at 4 pm this afternoon. the oakland a's lost to the mariners 6-3 last night. >> that is hit pretty well. he is at the wall and that baby is gone. >> that looked good and felt good. the homer gave the a's an early lead. the game was 1-1 when nelson cruz of the mariners hit a three run homer for the go- ahead run. the a's cannot come back. the a's and mariners play again tonight in seattle. the giants lost to the padres last night 3-2. >> there is a shot and a base hit. he will score. the giants are on the board. >> the giants scored their first runs in the first inning.
5:47 am
san francisco tied the game 2-2 and the seventh-inning, thanks to a line drive by buster posey. it was broken up by a deep home run by the padres in the ninth inning. that is all the padres needed to win. they play again today at 12:45 pm. >> i am more of a giants fan. so is south. he is watching the commute. there are things happening on the roadways. the giants game will be one of those rough days in san francisco in and out throughout the day and the evening. keep that in mind. let's talk about 80 westbound. we have to start there because traffic is backed up big time into vallejo. one thing is late running
5:48 am
roadway work and another is a motorcycle accident in the area of hercules. from hercules to vallejo, it is very slow. most of it is because of that roadwork that was late in picking up and is taking away two lanes. if this is your commute, give yourself plenty of extra time, or you might consider using 680 down to concord. a lot of people are doing that. we are seeing slower traffic on 680 from concord to walnut creek. people hearing this will be coming down this way and trying to get over here. that is a natural idea, but it is not original at the moment. westbound 580 we have slowed traffic on the altamont pass. on 205, it is especially slow this morning. after that, it looks all right into livermore, slowing on 238. 880 in oakland, traffic is moving well in both directions. at the bay bridge, so many people are stuck in that backup of the freeway, it is light. if this is your commute, maybe you can take advantage of that and get to the bay bridge
5:49 am
sooner rather than later. >> or the metering lights on? >> yes. it is smooth sailing. we have a pretty good fog bank out there. there are some holes in it with the south breeze chewing it up some. there is plenty making a move out to the east. it is 46 in morgan hill but 51 degrees and overcast nearby. it doesn't mean that we will not warm-up but it doesn't mean that anything will lock-in for the next few days. 50 in morgan hill, 50 in sam martin. campbell is 50, everyone is close. the water temperatures are really cold. low clouds and fog have help because of the onshore breeze for most. the upper low is taking a turn
5:50 am
out of the california desert. it stopped off for breakfast and now it is heading into arizona. look at the circulation around that. as it moves through, it will be a big, severe weather producer. not so much today, but more tomorrow from texas up to illinois. if you have travel plans there, it could be a bumpy ride. 40s and 50s for temperatures, 40 in lakeport, 50 in livermore, 51 in the city. there are temperatures in the low 40s, kelseyville is 42. 46 in alina valley. cloverdale is 44. 49, 50, 52, a really cool a few degrees below average. the south wind has chewed up some of that low cloud deck.
5:51 am
there is still a lot to go around. there is an onshore breeze. 27 in truckee, 53 in las vegas. some rain as the system starts to move out there. we were on the drier side but look how deep it went. the high pressure will start to come in and temperatures will bump up a little bit. not too much until friday. 50s and 60s for temperatures and 70s inland, temperatures are right about where they should be away from the coast but below it closer to it. there is too much fog and cold temperatures. the warmer temperatures will kick in friday and then a little cooler on saturday medical demo on sunday. i think the theme is we stay with the cold temperatures for now. it will be nice, but -- >> this is typically sailing, windsurfing time.
5:52 am
more work on driverless car technology needs to be done. we will have the new report that reveals problems that autonomous vehicle makers have reported to the dmv. some residents are offered through -- free college tuition to city colleges. how one candidate for mayor wants to expand that.
5:53 am
5:54 am
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later this morning mark leno, who is running for mayor in san francisco, will announce his ideas for expanding the city's free college tuition program. right now, the city offers free tuition to residents who go to city college of san francisco. he wants to expand the free tuition offered to students who transfer from city college to san francisco state university. he will give us all the details at 9 am this morning in front of san francisco state. a new report is showing there is still work to be done when it comes to driverless car technology. yesterday's report revealed some of the problems that autonomous vehicle makers have reported to the dmv. some the issues found in testing include problems with how the car senses the environment around them, issues with the maneuvering on the roadways and hardware and software failures. we spoke to an expert who says
5:56 am
some of the technology is designed to rely on humans for help. >> if a car can handle the driving scenario and does not understand something, it will ask humans for assistance in understanding what it sees. >> right now in california, there are more than 50 companies with permits to test autonomous vehicles with backup drivers. only a few of them have put their cars on the roadway. so far, testing permits for completely driverless cars have not been issued to any companies. the dmv is reviewing two applications. the city of san francisco is suing two property owners accused of violating short-term rental laws. the city attorney says darren and valerie lee evicted tenant from their building on clay street backing 2014. then he says they legally ran a de facto hotel from those units, using air bnb. the couple paid a fine in that case, but the city attorney's office says they continued to illegally run short-term rentals after that and dozens
5:57 am
of other units. the lawsuit by the city is seeking $5.5 million in penalties from this property owners. there were some disturbing incidents at a bay area construction site. >> we have a lot of african- americans that were hired and fired from this company. >> more from the workers who say they have witnessed multiple hate crimes on the job. california is suing the trump administration over pollution. the action by california and 16 other states in an era effort to clean up the environment.
5:58 am
5:59 am
later today, students at a number of bay area high schools are planning to walk out of class to show their support for the second amendment. we will tell you about this action happening today in response to the anti-gun violence rallies we saw in this country last month. threatening to subpoena the president. it is possible if president trump refuses to be interviewed by special counsel robert mueller. we will have the latest on the russia investigation as "mornings on 2" continues.
6:00 am
thank you for joining us here on "mornings on 2". it is a middle of the week. it is wednesday, may 2. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. let's go to steve paulson for our weather. >> the commute looks good on the water. >> it might be a little breast. the water temperatures are really cold outside the golden gate. there warmer inside. >> that is nice. >> that is right outside the mothership here. >> that one is taking a break. >> that is morning meditative music. >> ♪ >> life is but a dream. the control room is very sharp this morning. if you of the onshore


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