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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 1, 2018 10:00pm-10:44pm PDT

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little, um... yeah, i thought maybe we could have a little picnic since it's outside, you know? i'll get some nice bottle of wine, a little cheese, lay on a nice blanket, all right? yeah, fine, yeah. yo, hey, i like your hair. who does your hair? huh? yo, handsome, who does your hair? the 10:00 news on ktvu fox2 starts now. an emotional tribute as the world says goodbye and a powerful memorials for senator john mccain >> --.saying the words i to spa giving the speech i have never wanted to give. feeling the loss i have never wanted to feel. father is gone he was a great warrior. he was a great american.
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>> the long goodbye to senator john mccain is nearly complete. his funeral was held today at the national cathedral. good evening, i am alyana gomez. >> but despite the somber event, he was remembered with smiles. eulogies were given by barack obama and george w. bush. live in the nation's capital tonight with more on the liberation of life. >> tonight the nation is morning john mccain and hit the end of his 60 year service to the united states. at his funeral, former president george w. bush said his absence feels like a silence after a mighty roar. >> outdone a -- oh danny boy i love you so. >> reporter: the tears flowed at this last public event to remember john mccain. as a father, a senator, and a
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former prisoner of war. >> we will remember him as he was. unwavering, undamaged, unequal. >> what better way to get a nice laugh and to make george and i -- say nice things about him to a national audience? for all our difference, for all the times we sparred, i never tried to hide, and i think john came to understand, the long- standing admiration that i had for him. >> reporter: more -- to former president gave his eulogy. mcthem personally. >> so much of our politics and and discourse seem sma and mean. and petty. it is a politics that pretends to be brave and tough, but in fact is born of fear. >> reporter: mccain's daughter was more direct in her review of the current president america does not boast because
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she has no need to. the america of john mccain has no need to be made again because america was always great. >> reporter: mccain will be buried on sunday at the us naval academy. it is a closed event for private goodbyes. eliana and andre, back to you. >> thank you so much. president donald j. trump is facing criticism after firing off a series of tweets during john mccain's memorial service. he was not invited to attend the service he spent the day at his private golf course in virginia, while some of washington's politicians were paying tribute, he was busy treating he of justice. a 23-year-old man is facing felony charges after police say he threatened his girlfriend with a firearm. at about 11 am, police
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responded to the 500 block of first avenue. report of domestic disturbance. they quickly located 23-year-old alvarado in his vehicle. he refused commands to get out. a crisis negotiation team was called in. after about an hour and a half he was taken into custody. he is charged with felonies, including felony possession of a weapon, and possession of a high-capacity magazine as well. a vehicle caught fire on interstate 880 this afternoon. it happened just after 230 in the southbound lanes of 880 near fremont. the car was blocking the fast lane and chb had to close down another lane. crews were able to open the lanes in about speaking out. it happened thursday night in san francisco. tonight the victim tells us he wants the men to be held accountable. ktvu's rob malcolm spoke with the victim and joins us from police headquarters in san
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francisco. >> reporter: good evening all the on a. the 21-year-old student who was assaulted on that train on thursday night is is still trying to track down the two or three men who assaulted him. as you said, he is hoping to see them charged and he is looking for compensation from muni. 21-year-old dexter lott says his bruises are healing and looked worse two days ago. it was a lot more mulberry. hehimself at the -- is the subject of this viral cell phone video. the incident was reported after he was assaulted by two men on the muni taine -- train for playing his music too loud. he was just about to get off the train. >> if you have a problem with it, you should have approached me differently. he literally, the first reaction he had to me speaking, was to grab me, pin me down,
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and another gentleman to pin me down. then they threw my skateboard off the train. >> reporter: dexter was using a portable amazon prime speaker. he knows playing music on the train is not allowed, but did not expect a beat down. >> i was playing music and someone did not like it. they took a friend to me verbally. they attacked me. >> reporter: muni officials find the video disturbing and are working with police on the investigation. >> we have turned over our video from the train over to the police department to investigate this matter. >> reporter: during the he dec press charges. he explains. >> i did not press charges because the police told me if i press charges, he will most likely also press charges. >> reporter: the light rail operator knew about the incident, but the engines he encourages drivers to contact
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central control, which then calls police. dexter has a problem with that. >> reporter: trying to retrieve my stuff from the train, the driver would not let me back on the train. and then he left before the police came. so the other assailants got away. >> reporter: dexter's boss says he is a hard worker and did not deserve the assault. >> he is not a kid. kids make mistakes too, but very obviously, adults make them even worse. >> reporter: i am back your life. san ose involved could face a charge and arrest. >> it sounds like there are a lot of missed tips on several parts. i look forward to seeing how this will turn out. i hope they can resolve this. new at 10, three men are facing charges in separate cases connected to internet
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crimes against children. stanley barbara rich was arrested at his house bolt in sausalito. -- vote in sausalito. he was charged with possession of more than 600 files of child pornography. 50-year-old maurice alvarez was arrested after police searched his home and found hundreds of files of child pornography. in a third investigation, police arrested cristobal of san francisco. he is a suspected of using social media to try and meet and have sex with a 14-year-old girl. a bill passed by th middle and high schools to push back the start times. supporters of the bill say starting school at 830 will allow students more sleep. opponents say the measure presents a nose -- pressure on thstate fund. it calls for new start times to be implemented no later than july 1 of 2021. net neutrality bill was also
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cast, as well as state lawmakers passed a bill aimed of clearing a black -- backlog of untested rape kits across california. several criminal justice reform bills were also passed. the bills now sit on the governor's desk awaiting his signature. they could still have some of the ability to pass some of the costs from pg&e to its customers. ktvu's leigh martinez tells us what customers could expect. >> reporter: critics of the bill say that it rewards the company's bad behavior. legislators wh of the bill say that customers need electricity from pg&e. if the company were to go bankrupt, customers would pay more in the long run.
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this allows pg&e to raise electric bills to pay off more than 200 lawsuits from the wildfires. fire investigators say pg and easy equipment started at least 16 wildfires that broke out in october 2017. in some cases there was evidence that safety laws were broken. pg and he estimates customers will pay an extra five dollars a year from everyone -- for every $1 billion in bonds issued. the bill comes with requirements to make utility companies safer. they must improve their wildfire prevention, including making it easier for firefighters to conduct controlled burns. in a statement, pg and he says a senate bill 901 is a common sense solution that puts the needs of wildfire victims first and better equipped california to prevent and respond to wildfires.nue to work together to ensure ongoing investment in climate resiliency and clean energy, and to combat the devastating threat that extreme weather and
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climate change posed to our state shared energy future. -- states shared energy future. governor brown is expected to sign it. leigh martinez, ktvu fox2 news. details on the new measure signed by governor jerry brown that will put an end to bail money for all suspects awaiting trial. coming up, caught on camera, a woman takes a tired check to a bus in a shocking case of road rage. it does not stop there. the oakland a's rally late, but was it enough to beat the mariners? the details later in sports representative -- wrap. the case of the golden state killer. we will introduce you to the woman who was able to identify joseph d'angelo as the suspect haze sunshine for today. i am working on a forecast as we go towards sunday. here as -- is our live camera
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looking towards the san francisco. we will talk more about that and warming temperatures in your five day period it is all coming up. --. it is all coming up.
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new insight into how authorities crack to the notorious case of the golden state killer with the help of a volunteer. emberley tells us how information from a family tree was used to narrow down the pool of potential suspects. >> he was on the nobody's radar.
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without the dna, he would have gotten away. >> reporter: barbara ray venture with is a genealogist who worked with law enforcement. joseph d'angelo of citrus heights is now facing 13 counts of murder, and 13 counts of kidnapping. >> i was appalled. i was trying to remember where i had been living when he was active. >> reporter: and she says she was not familiar with the case until last year, when she was approached by the da investigator paul holes, who credits her for helping crack the case. >> we have hate -- 8000 tips that have come in over the years. his name was never given to us. >> one of the first things i do when i start working, is i develop a profile. >> reporter: ray venture says she developed a suspect profile with information from old newspaper articles, that suggested the elusive killer
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may have been in law enforcement or the military. she then built family trees, using information that came from the dna found in a semen sample recovered from a crime scene, that they uploaded to a public website used to find relatives. >> we had that he had blue eyes. >> the search yielded more than 1000 genetic cousins. ray venture says she was able to develop information that the killer may be prematurely bald and of italian heritage. she used the dna profile to build on the family tree information. their search was narrowed to six possible suspects. >> the law enforcement folks pulled their dmv records for the six men on our list. only one of them had blue eyes. investigators put d'angelo under surveillance and obtained two dna samples. they tested a straw that he threw away, and they followed him. >> he went to intuit -- into a
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mall to go shopping, so after he went inside, they swabbed the handle of his car. >> the new dna samples were a samp with the initial one. >> reporter: it is a very powerful technique, not just for identifying offenders, but also for identifying people who are victims. >> she spent her working years as a patent attorney. she got into genealogy after retiring, to help people who are adopted find their birth families. now she is in demand to help out with homicide investigations. she tells me on more than 50 cold cases, homicide, and unidentified victims. she plans to work on those with emberley, ktvu fox2 news. berkeley police is giving its officers more resources to help fight the opioid crisis. the department is launching a
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program for officers to carry narcan. narcan is used to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. several other barry -- bay area agencies say narcan has helped reduce the number of overdoses both for drug users and officers accidentally exposed. folks in crockett were rattled by a magnitude 3.3 crake that struck before 530 this after the usgs first reported the quake as a magnitude 3.6 but later revised it. several people called into the newsroom to report what they felt, most saying it was a light shaking. another quake shook sonoma county today. this one measured a 3.8 quake, hitting around 345 this morning. authorities say the quake was followed by four small aftershocks over the next 15 minutes, measuring
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weatherwise in the bay area, remember this? one year ago, 106 in san francisco. that was september 1, 2017. that was the all-time record in san francisco, set one year ago today. it was not just the city, we had a lot of triple digit. -- digits. you can still see oakland, 101 degrees. this was widespread across the entire bay area. today a completely different story for septemberout and santa rosa a mild 84. you may notice the sky changing throughout the afternoon with some haze. it looks like some smoke drifting in as well. you heard about this yesterday probably. we have an air-quality smoke advisory all weekend that includes monday labor day. there is a chance we could be
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tracking more of this haze. it was not widespread, but it could impact air quality through the weekend. we had some fog coast side. we saw patches regrouping near the bay this evening. we will hold onto that in the forecast in the short term. grant numbers right now, we have santa rosa 56, oakland 59, 60's toward fremont and san jose, concorde a mild 65. a live camera looking out towards san francisco, toward the bay bridge light. at least we can patient lights. at least -- lights. at least we can see the bridge. this forecast model is not so aggressive with the coverage, but i would add patches for your sunday morning. into the afternoon we are expecting more sunshine. it will be hazy sunshine. tomorrow will be warmer than today. it has been a steady warm-upast tomorrow some 90s for the fairfield and
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antioch. san jose 83, san francisco 59, and santa rosa, 90 degrees. that is for sunday. we will talk more about your liberty forecast in a bit. monster trucks are taking over the south bay this weekend. the monster jam kicked off yesterday at the sap center in san jose. drivers test their endurance, completing -- competing head to head against each other. some of the more weld -- well- known vehicles were on display. dozens of people flocked to jack london square this afternoon for the taste of oakland. it featured food, art vendors, and a fresh margarita bar. organizers wanted to hold an event that celebrated oakland's unique culture. two americans attacked and stabbed overseas. there are questions over whether this was a terror attack. what authorities are saying.
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>> that is a federal crime. do you hear me?violent road rag adc woman -- adc woman bashes a greyhound bus window. more of the video coming up. don't call it a comeback. i've been here for years. rockin' my peers. puttin' suckas in fear. i'm gonna knock you out. mama said knock you out. don't call it a comeback. i've been here for years.
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fox 2 news on ktvu. this video shows a woman flying into a rage after getting into a crash with a greyhound bus. this is in dc. she smashed the bus windows with a carjack yesterday. then she ran into the bus driver when she tried to stop her from leaving. then started fighting with him. the woman eventually set off around the hood. she flew to the ground. police arrested her and charged her with assault with a
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dangerous weapon. the bishop who officiated aretha franklin's funeral is apologizing after people on social media to sized him or how he greeted singer arianna grundy deshpande on stage. bishop charles iii -- arianna grundy on stage. people say he held his hand high above the side of her waist. he was criticized for a joke made about her name, saying he thought it was a new item on the taco bell menu. >> it is not about whether i meant it or did not mean it. i am the one who said it, and if it was taken to be offensive, i apologize. that is the easiest thing and right thing for me to do. i certainly hope that she will forgive me >> arianna grundy has not responded. the man who attacked two american terrorists in amsterdam them -- had terrorist motives.
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fox's katie logan has the latest. no dutch police say they believe -- >> reporter: dutch police say they believe there was a terrorist motives for the attack. the stabbing happened at around noon local time on friday at ems dams busy central station. dutch police shot and injured the suspect as he walked away, armed with a knife. they say he is a 19-year-old afghan with german residency. he is still being questioned by police while in detention at hospital. despite the initial statement by the suspect, police say they are keeping an open mind. the suspect's home in germany has been searched, and he is expected to appear in a court on monday. it is not clear what he will be charged with. there has been no wider claim of responsibility from any terrorist group so far. amsterdam's main rail station is a busy hub in the center of
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the city. on friday it was packed with travelers. the two americans injured are also thought to be tourist visiting the city. -- tourists visiting the city their injuries are said to not be life-threatening. authorities have not released the identities of the american victims, but us embassy officials in amsterdam say they are assisting the victims and families. in london, katie logan, fox news. more angry anti-immigration rallies took place today in eastern germany. police have not said why two men allegedly stabbed and killed a 35-year-old local man. but their foreign status is what sparked those protests. today's demonstrators were countered by leftist groups market -- marching under the slogan heart instead of hate. >> translator: the far right is
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exploiting this by saying germans who have been murdered are fascist most people are just following what people are saying. >> many of the people who are taking part in the protest are supporters of the immigration policy. on glenn merkel opened the country's borders to asylum seekers from syria. over 1 million refugees entered germany at that time. german authorities say that asylum-seekers have not contributed to a rise in crime in the country, although one of the suspects did have a criminal record, and was due to be deported. i always called and asked. >> a heartwarming reunion to tell you about. a man detained by i.c.e. for me nearly -- nearly 18 months and finally home with his family. the cash bail system is being eliminated.
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why it's passing is getting mixed reactions from lawmakers. closed captioning for the 10:00 news is brought to you by mancini sleep world. rest easy and save big during their 65 percent off mexican -- mattress sale. ♪
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human rights groups celebrated the release of an i.c.e. detainee after spending almost 18 months behind bars. ktvu's alyssa harrington was there today as activists held their closing ritual outside the detention facility. >> the release of hugo adler. >> reporter: his release from the west county detention facility in richmond was met with applause, tears, and hugs. his family thanked >> our family does not have to go through this pain again. >> i always called and asked to have him with us again. >> i feel very happy. i wish everybody there can be
10:31 pm
with their family, too. >> regular had been locked up since last spring. the bond money included donations from his family, the immigrant family defense fund, the west county community detention facility fund, and the racist fund, which has bonded out nearly 200 people. >> i am very grateful right now. like i said, i wish all this stops. -- would stop. all of what they are doing with the people that they have taken inside the detention centers and separated. >> i have learned there is a lot of families and kids going through the same thing that i did. and it is not fair. no one deserves it. >> reporter: aguilar was born in mexico, and came to the united states in 1994.
10:32 pm
he has had several run-ins with the law. he is a convicted felon. he went to state prison for drug trafficking, and was arrested last year for domestic violence. that case was later dismissed. on his way out of jail, i.c.e. agents took him into custody. >> i.c.e. brought me with their -- there when i was getting ready to go home. >> reporter: the west county detention center shuttered in july. people tied ribbons to the chain-link fence that included messages of hope. >> we continue to pray and support those who are still detained in 200 other facilities around this nation. >> reporter: alyssa harrington, ktvu fox2 news. police are searching for a man accused of robbing two businesses at gunpoint. both robberies happened wednesday night before 9:00 on mission road. the suspect is described as a white man in his 30s, about six feet tall, weighing around 215 pounds. he was wearing a black hoodie
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and pants, with a gray mask covering his face. anyone with information is asked to call south san francisco police. if you are writing bart this weekend, plan ahead and --. trains will not run between west oakland and the lake merritt stations while track maintenance is being done. shuttle buses will run instead. bart is also running a modified sunday schedule for the holiday on monday. california is taking a major step in changing the criminal justice system. they are doing away with cash bail and an f in -- in an effort to ease economic disparities. some say it could make things unfair. >> reporter: cash is no longer can, at least in california when it comes to bonding out of jail. the state will soon become the first to use risk assessments to decide who goes free and who
10:34 pm
stays behind bars. >> we have replaced the system with a money system, with a detention system, where a judge looks at you, and if they think they can let you out with an ankle monitor, it happens. >> governor jerry brown signed the law on tuesday, saying it is about treating the rich and poor fairly. misdemeanor suspects would likely be considered low risk. charges that involve violent felonies or sex crimes would be seen as high risk, and suspects would likely spend pretrial time in jail. >> one nation under god indivisible, with liberty and , not for those who can afford bail, but for all. >> reporter: supporters feel too many people are overcrowding jails, because of their economic status. some feel jeopardize safety with more accused criminals roaming free. >> there is no doubt that many of these tens of thousands of individuals have indeed
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committed a crime, victimized the constituents that we represent. >> reporter: the bail bonds industry is preparing to fight back with the support of career bounty hunters. >> the poor are not in jail because they are poor mister sawyer. they are in jail because they broke the law. >> reporter: the aclu is against the change. they feel judges will have too much power to decide, and when there is discretion, racial disparities are often the worst. the law is set to go into effect october of next year. in los angeles, jeff paul, fox news. if you are thinking about celebrating the labor day holiday on a popular river, be prepared. the restrictions you need to know about before heading out for a fun day on the water. in mother, not too much change for the temperatures for today. that will be a different story as we go towards sunday, especially on labor day. more on that forecast coming up --. welcome to the xfinity store.
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in sacramento, rafters and boaters are expected to pack the american river parkway. law enforcement is reminding everyone that alcohol is banned through the entire weekend. sacramento county regional park rangers will be on patrol land it will be heating up for that portion of the state. the entire bay area warming up as well, especially away from the chorused dish coast. we begin to reintroduce some 90s. 85 to 92 degrees tomorrow. we will warm things up tomorrow as we continue with the weekend. some active and california, but
10:39 pm
nebraska and iowa. look at those showers and thunderstorms popping up. the intent downpours there. for us we have this -- pretty intense downpours there. we have some leftover patches around the bay itself, and a good onshore breeze that will transport the clouds back into the bay. current numbers, we have some 50s and 60s. santa rosa 56, walnut creek 61. and fremont in the upper 50s, 59 camera looking towards the bay bridge lights, and i suspect we will have patchy fog. this picture early tomorrow morning may show that to start out your sunday. overnight lows, partly cloudy with patchy fog especially coast side. most areas to start out your sunday morning will be in the 50s. the overall weather set up is this. we have been talking about cool
10:40 pm
weather last week, because this guy has been up to our north. this area of high pressure wants to rebuild, so we will warm things up. that will be through sunday and monday. it will not be triple digits but more 90s inland. not too much of a warm-up, some 60s, low to mid 60s. here is the plan for tomorrow morning. we will have some more patches of fog around the bay. this is 7:00 tomorrow morning. patchy fog around the bay, and mostly clear skies inland. the writer close -- the brighter colors reflect clear l 90s. once again, you could see a layer of haze move into the bay area skies because of the fire activity to our north, generating smoke to impact our air quality. opened 70, san jose 83 degrees, and san francisco a forecast
10:41 pm
high of 69. your five day forecast, pretty warm, hot inland on monday. it will gradually cool things off as we go toward midweek. that is the 10:00 news for this saturday night. stick around for sports with how the a's affair tonight with their playoff aspirations on the line. and the raiders steal a once in a lifetime player. what they got in return for the best defensive player in the nfl. sports rap.
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fox to sports rap starts now. hi everyone i am scott reese.
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the pundits agree you cannot trade an elite pass rusher entering his prime, who by the way is your best football player. but the raiders would not or could not pay much -- khalil mack market value, so they did the unthinkable. they trade mack to the bears for two first-round draft picks -- 2020 mack will get the contract he wanted, six years, 141 million, including $19 million guaranteed according to espn, making him the highest- paid defensive player in nfl history. we will spare you the twitter reaction from raider fans, because we cannot put those words on commercial television. bruce irvin chimes in, no blank away. like i said we cannot put those words on television. this would have been the big story. the roster is trimmed 253 prayers. -- players. mario edwards junior could not
10:45 pm
stay healthy and productive, and connor cook the backup quarterback had a rough spring and fall and was expendable, because the raiders made another deal today, getting qb aj mccarron from the bills in exchange for a 2019 fifth-round pick. mccarron has not played much since coming into the lake he made three starts for the bengals that season, and another in the playoffs. reports mccarron will be the number two quarterback beseason and before it begins. running back jared mckennan his acl on the final play of saturday's practice. the 49ers just assigned mckennan to


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