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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  September 3, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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caudal road and l molina way, so does the driver of a white honda civic, the driver does not stop, plowing into the kids, knocking a 12-year-old girl to the ground and sending a 13-year-old boy onto the hood and then into the road. >> you could hear the screeching and you could hear the sound of a crash, you could tell, i thought it was two cars, that's what it sounded like to me. >> reporter: the driver backs up, stops for several seconds, and speeds off, leaving the children injured in the streets. >> what went through your mind ? >> i thought, am i going to die, this is how i die, i am not dead, is he dead? are the -- we are protecting the identity of the 13-year-old girl who suffered a concussion and has bumps and bruises, her 13-year-old friend has a broken wrist, she said the passenger waved and said sorry as they sped away from the scene. >> reporter: san jose police said the car had three occupants of facing charges for felony hit and run, neighbors reported seeing a freshly painted black honda with front and -- front end damage parked
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just several blocks from the scene but they have not located the driver or passengers. confess, come forward, face the consequences, do the right thing. >> reporter: the mother of the 13-year-old girl that also wishes to remain anonymous is that she is doubtful that the guilty will be caught, however, her daughter and the other child already caught a big break. there just pretty shaken. >> reporter: by living to tell the story of how a car hit them while they were riding home from school, in south san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news . authorities in contra costa county says there are no reports of injuries after a car drove into a female clothing store, this happened shortly after noon today at the dress barn at the el cerrito shopping plaza in el cerrito. video shows the car slamming right into the front of the store, there are no details yet on the driver or what may have caused the crash. new information tonight,
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one person is confirmed dead following a plan crash yesterday in nevada. the plane went down in a remote mountain side south of reno near the mount rose ski resort. the crash also started a wildfire. the u.s. forest service says the fire has burned 80 acres and is 10% contained. there is no information tonight on the number of people on board the plane, or its flight path. both the faa and ntsb are investigating. a woman is dead after jumping out of an ambulance. this happened in dublin from 680 cell phone february 05, 1980 westbound, the ramp was closed for several hours as chp investigated. late this afternoon, pleasanton police said the transgendered woman was initially arrested after reports that she was driving recklessly. police say their officers were attempting to detain her and she reached for an officer's gun and was tased. ktvu's elissa harrington said that that woman reportedly jumped out of the ambulance and was hit by a car . >> reporter: the chp is treating this as a crime scene, they want to know how that patient was able to get out of
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the ambulance in the first place this happened just before 7:30 am on the connector ramp between southbound 680 two westbound 580 in dublin. chp officer, josh roberts, said a patient was being transported from valley care hospital in pleasanton to john george psychiatric hospital in san leandro. for unknown reasons, the passenger jumped out. we are trying to piece the puzzle together, it seems that while the patient was being transported from one hospital to another, that patient got out of the ambulance and was walking in the traffic lanes and got hit by a couple of cars. she ultimately passed away from the collision and injuries that she sustained. >> reporter: the drivers of the two vehicles that hit the patient did stop and spoke with officers. chp does not know why that person jumped out of the ambulance. the incident shut down all lanes of the 580 and 680 connector in dublin for two hours. i contacted norcal ambulance based in dublin to ask about their safety and security
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measures when transporting a patient and to try and find out what happened before the patient got out of the vehicle. at this time, i have not heard back. in dublin, elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news . bart is wrapping up the third of four weekend closures on one section of track in the east bay. crews are making necessary repairs, for many writers go, this means getting off the bart train and into a bus. ktvu's rob roth is in the newsroom with moore. rob ? >> reporter: for the third weekend in the past month, thousands of bart passengers had to endure getting on and off bus ridges as they traveled through oakland. this is all due to track repairs and bart says they will start to pay off in a few weeks . >> reporter: for many bart passengers monday, the glass was half-full. >> it is okay, i am okay with it. >> reporter: for others, half- empty. >> you wait longer than you should. >> reporter: you are not happy? >> it is my birthday, i am not happy. >> reporter: like it or not, bart rider have to take bus
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bridges between the west oakland and 19th station betw then they have to get back on bart to finish their trip. there is no service between west oakland in the lake marion station, the buses were there waiting, but even so trips took 10-15 minutes longer than usual , ambassadors were on hand to answer questions. >> we have been able to keep them pretty much happy and calm. as long as they know where they are going, they are good. >> reporter: while passengers navigated the temporary inconvenience, workers were a mile or so away up on the tracks doing what bart says is much needed repairs, including new rails, new switches to shift trains between draft sections, and electrical work the improvements are being paid for by measure rr, the $3.5 billion transportation bond measure the voters approved two years ago. our customers will find that it is quieter and smoother along that section of track. then they may not notice, and that is a good thing, that it will be more reliable, so we
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are expecting to have fewer breakdowns. >> reporter: perhaps the biggest bay area of that was the new york yankees oakland a's game at the coliseum monday afternoon, vance seemed to roll with it. >> we prefer not to, but we understand in order to get improvements in this type of thing, it will have to be done. >> yes, just confusion. >> reporter: you are okay with it? i am just following. [ laughter ] >> reporter: passengers will have to go through this one final time, the track repairs will resume and the bus bridges will return in about three weeks on the weekend of september 22 and 23rd. then the project and should be finished, frank ? >> rob roth in the newsroom, rob, thank you. chp officers are out in force during the final hours of the maximum enforcement period for this labor day holiday weekend. all available chp officers are patrolling state i was looking out for distracted or reckless drivers. it is part of a two state
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crackdown, the chp is teaming up with the nevada highway patrol for what is being called the i- 80 challenge. officers say they have an important safety message for anyone driving on hundreds of miles of i-80 over the holiday weekend. >> do not drink, do not drive, do not drive distracted, have a plan, hold yourselves responsible for your safety and the safety of your loved ones and your community members. if you do not hold yourselves responsible, we will have to do it for you. >> the chp says that 17 people have been killed and -- in traffic accidents across the state since the traffic cracked and began on friday night, this includes a motorcycle rider and two pedestrians. officers have arrested 969 people for dui, the maximum enforcement period ends tonight at midnight. an american soldier has been killed in afghanistan, he was killed during an attack today during the nato forces eastern attack. the second american was wounded but is expected to survive.
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the soldiers name has not been released. this is the sixth u.s. service member to die in combat in afghanistan so far this year. still to come after nearly 6 months in jail in nepal, a bay area man is coming home, coming up tonight at 5:30 pm, here how he describes his time behind bars, and the hard work that his mom put in fighting for his release. also ahead, reality sinks in as the raiders had back to practice, coming up next, derek carr talks about moving on after the teams best defensive player was traded. there is talk from expanding the smart train from larkspur to willet, some critics say this could be an expensive adventure that is not justified. we are looking at the weather right now as you enjoy the afternoon, the rest of the week should be pretty nice, we will talk about the weather as we move into the work week ahead. (male speaker) stop by bass pro shops and cabela's today
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now to a huge trade involving the oakland raiders and one of the best defensive players in the nfl. >> the team has to find a way to move on. tran zeros, joe fonzie joins us live in the newsroom and derek carr opened up about this trade. >> reporter: you are right, the raiders and the rams will tee it up in a high profile monday night football opener, a rater camp today there was buzz about something that happened back on saturday, the summer long holdout by khalil mack is over but it ended with him a member of the chicago bears. he was dealt to the bears for a pair of first-round draft picks. he agreed to a contract that pays him $90 million guaranteed over six years. when you lose someone who's averaging 10 sacks per year over a four year career and is an defensive end mvp, the loss
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cannot be minimized. it is up to the raiders players to put a good face on everything and put khalil mack in the rearview mirror. that is not easy for one very high profile layer that joined the raiders the same year as khalil mack. >> we planned everything, we planned the next 10-15 years of our lives sitting at those same lockers. i think that is the weirdest part, it is a little bit of a different chapter now. when we showed up here we wanted to change the culture and show people what it meant to work. i think that we did that, it makes it feel better that we did accomplish that together, but it is just one of those things that we will not be able to win a ring together, that was the only thing left on the list that would not happen, but i wish him the best, besides when he plays us. >> the negotiation was what it was, it was tough, a long process, we talked about the steely, we made an offer, i don't believe we were anywhere close to where the bears were.
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the bears made us an offer that we thought was really unique. eporter: john gruden would know about unique deals, al davis traded gruden to the tampa bay buccaneers, they gave up two number one pics and two number 2's to get good. they talk about sports being a business that does not hate you until it is you involved and one of your friends or teammates and then you realize what that phrase is about. >> reporter: the raiders came up with a huge contract for derek carr, khalil mack is one of, if not the best defensive player in the nfl, why couldn't they come closer to what chicago was offering? did he just want to much money ? >> there has been a lot of talk that maybe it would stretch the raiders to thin financially, i don't know if that is the case for sure but it would've
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committed a big portion of the salary cap to just two players. that had something to do with it but it would take that type of money to get him signed up long term. he would've been a free agent at the end of the season and would command that kind of money one way or another. maybe the raiders feel like we don't want to pay that kind of money so let's get two number 1's when they had that chance from the bears, that is the only thing i could take. >> joe you could hear the disappointment in john gruden's voice when he spoke about it, he said that khalil mack was one of the reasons that he came to the raiders he said that yesterday, when he made his availability after the trade he said that was one of the biggest draws for why he decided to come back to coaching and join the raiders, he also said he was not involved in the negotiations and that was handled by a general manager, reggie mckenzie. ose that is disappointed that he will not have khalil mack on the roster. >> you can allow -- you can still get a lot with two number 1's and two number 2's.
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>> reporter: they are hoping that that will happen and now it puts the pressure on them to do that. joe fonzie in the newsroom, thank you. >> reporter: you bet. new york yankees star, aaron judge, hosted a special event at the oakland a's coliseum as part of a campaign close to his heart, he grew up in the central valley town of linden and had the same high school baseball coach as ktvu's joe fonzie. he met with hundreds of fans from the native central valley to promote an anti-bullying campaign called i can help. there is a lot of negative things out there, if you can be a positive role model and not only influence your peers and others to tell them to be positive, that is something you should do. judge has been on the disabled list since july 27 with a broken bone chip, he did not play in the game tonight, just in case you're wondering, the a'the game, 6-3. a bill on the governor's desk would extend smart trains 75 miles north to willis. tom vacar is at the transit center with more, tom?
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>> reporter: people who ride the trains seem to love it, but they are not the only ones paying for this, not now, and not in the future. >> reporter: senator mike mcguire's bill, says that they could eventually extend this smart train to the mendocino town of willet, even giving it a chance to haul freight. >> there is real value in utilizing property next to the railroad. our communities are desperately looking for housing and commercial interface. this is a great spot for it, a great use of public transportation. >> reporter: railroad historian, phillips, things the smart train is an an idea whose time has come. >> i think it will become more and more popular as the service is recognized for what it can provide. if you look at the ridership, it is paltry, a little over 2000 per day on a typical weekday. >> reporter: longtime creek and
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economist, mike arnold, says smart train is destined to mediocrity without two main things. a huge increase in population and a concentration of jobs in the central city. >> reporter: unlike bart, smart, confined to the suburbs does not connect directly to san francisco where it is a short hop from the terminal to work. >> the extension to larkspur would generate an additional 131 rider per day. based on the calculations from data in the national transit database that smart is submitting to them, and their budget, it is costing taxpayers about $27 for every passenger trip. >> reporter: while marin and sonoma are not large employment centers, they are increasingly becoming larger population centers, part of the significance of that is that that was something they thought about at the time of creating the system. i think it is great, i love the cost and the ambience of the train, you can ride in the hospitality car and see people
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and connect. >> reporter: do you think in the long run, even if it never makes money, he pays off in terms of other things ? >> time, time is of the essence, you know. time means more than money, i think. >> reporter: the fact of the matter is, when bart started up there were many similar criticisms and many reasons that suggested why it would not work, time has proven that it will, but, in fact, it does apply rider to the central job district we will see what happens with this, but the reality of this is that populations are going up in the north bay due to housing prices and we will have to see if this was the wise investment that many people think it still is. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news . tom, what happens now, do we know if the governor supports this? >> reporter: we do not know at this point in time, he has a lot of things on his plate right now, much more importance
5:19 pm
the high-speed rail that goes up to the central valley, that has to be priority number one for legacy stuff. this is something he will take a look at, but given his frugality and the long tail that this would involve, probably many decades, my guess is that he will have to take a very hard look at that before signing it or at least doing something about it that may not be just out and out not doing anything about it. >> okay, tom vacar live for us tonight, tom, thank you frank, did you know that before the automobile there was a lot of trains in the bay area? like a lot. >> yes, going across the bay bridge. >> even before the bridges, they were trains everywhere, people took them out and if you look at the rail lines in the bay area, there were hundreds of trains. it is a shame as well, had they kept those lines, i am a big train guy, traffic is so busy around here, can you imagine if we saw those rail lines. anyways, a little bit of san
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francisco history and northbay history, lots of trains in san rafael, point raised, you probably knew that if you had been here a while. 77 today in hayward, temperatures generally running a bit cooler than yesterday, if you look out here this is tropical storm gordon, it is dumping some rain, some significant rain. it will spend the next 36 hours moving into the gulf. it will upgrade, he probably will not be a hurricane but the wind speeds will get a -- up to 55, just below hurricane speeds. the story is a lot of rain, that will impact travel and will impact travel for the next 24 minus 86 hours. press you a fog along the coast, you knew that was coming. you have a little bit of a deep marine layer, air quality issues today that did not turn out to be that bad, visually you could see pretty well, i think the smoke had air quality
5:21 pm
district concerned, the smoke from the mendocino complex drifted in on friday. these are the current temperatures. 84 in fairfield, wonderful, a perfect temperature, a great temperature for barbecuing, not too hot. in the city, not a lot of barbecuing, while there might be, but the richmond sunset, temperatures in the low 60s and upper 50s, a beautiful holiday weekend, we hope you are enjoying it and where you want to be. just know that the weather this week will follow suit, when i say follow suit, it will continue on this not cold, but temperatures in the upper 80s and these hotspots which is fine with me. that does not put us into the extreme fire red flag warning situation. here we are, early september, as you well know, this is when the fire danger can become pretty scary. the long-range models are keeping it ready manageable is what it looks like out there for 10 days. there you go, tomorrow will be a lot like today, maybe 1
5:22 pm
degree warmer in some places, the fog will be where was this morning. when we get back we will go to the 5-day forecast to see what we can find towards the end of the week. a source of price -- pride further -- for a neighborhood for 30 years, but just like that, special mural is painted over with gray paint, what san jose could do to prevent this from happening again. we love the great outdoors. bass pro shops and cabela's. where incredible selection, great people, and memorable experiences all come together. come in today for great labor day deals. like ladies' v-neck t's starting at under $13. this bass pro 6 1/2 quart fish fryer for under $30. and these merrell waterproof hikers for under $90. ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ges ♪ ♪ tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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there is outrage in east san jose where a beloved mural depicting chicano heritage has been painted over. the mural on the side of the
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now closed payless shoe store on story road was painted over with gray paint. now there is graffiti on the wall as well. the original mural went up in 1985 and was painted by several local artists. people that live in the neighborhood are angry the mural was suddenly taken away, and without any notice. >> i wanted that, now i cannot see that. >> it is our heritage. that was a sign of our heritage , the past, the future, and it is gone. >> it is still not entirely clear why the mural was painted over, we are told the property was recently sold. the city representative tells ktvu that the city wants to look at new protections for historic urals to prevent something like this from happening again. one man that works each and every labor day is one of the states true experts when it comes to labor, employment, and the workforce. >> ktvu's tom vacar talk to the man that once ran the diploma officer -- unemployment
5:26 pm
office. >> reporter: labor day 2018, the 124th official labor day in the united states. in california, we are at or near historic natures -- measure since the former director of the employment department, michael bernick. >> unemployment is at the lowest it has been at 4.2% since 1976. in a number of the bay area counties we have unemployment rates below 3%. nearly 3 million payroll jobs since february 2010. >> reporter: back then the u.s. unemployment rate was 9.8%. when barack obama left the white house, the u.s. labor department statistics show that the unemployment rate had already dropped 5% to 4.8%. since then, it has declined almost another point to 3.9%. our biggest problem right now, finding enough qualified people to fill aliens of qualified
5:27 pm
jobs. >> the fundamentals of the economy continue to appear strong, there is no reason to think that this expansion will not continue. he will end at some point, but whether it ends in the next year before labor day 2019, we do not know. >> reporter: the number of people voluntarily moving from one job for a better one is also skyrocketing. one potential weakness though, the rise of the contingent labor force, so-called freelancers. >> that is independent contractors, it is also though, part-time or what is known as involuntary part-time work, and project-based work, which of course means, far less security. >> reporter: the biggest danger -- >> i would say the tariff, looking out on labor day, the tariff wars are the one element
5:28 pm
that concern me about continued employment growth. tariff wars would be one factor that i think could impact our continued employment growth, and particularly in certain segments. >> reporter: mainly that would be agriculture and manufacturing in the short term, but much of california's economy and many jobs in the longer-term. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. still to come, he spent nearly half a year locked up in nepal for crime that he said he never committed. in a moment, a bay area man finally back home talking about what it was like there. also ahead, he was told the concert was sold out, then he opened fire, coming up next, new details about a shooting outside an ice cube concert in southern california. labor day rallies on both sides of the bay, what workers in the health and hospitality industries were fighting for today.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ i put a spell on you ♪ yeah, because you're mine ♪ with chase atms serena can now grab cash on the go, all with the tap of her phone. ♪ stop the things you do no card? no problem. life, lived serena's way. chase, make more of what's yours. a local filmmaker says he was wrongly imprisoned in nepal for five months, now wolf price has made it safely back to the u.s.
5:32 pm
ktvu sam rubin spoke with him about the odl and how grateful he is for those that helped -- about the ordeal and how grateful he is for those that help to bring him home. >> reporter: filmmaker, wolf price, cannot quite believe he is back home, for the last five months and eight days he was in jail in nepal with no hot water and no outdoor space. it was a living room sized place with 100 people sleeping soldier -- shoulder to shoulder. >> reporter: price had been in nepal since 2012 doing humanitarian work and documenting the oppression of women and children. in april he was wrongfully accused of a crime by a young man that had been working with him. >> he said i beat him, the neighbors got angry and called the police. >> reporter: later a drug charge was manufactured and added to his paperwork, his mother, mary bartinowski of palo alto advocated on his behalf, spending six weeks in nepal and raising money for a good lawyer.
5:33 pm
>> i prayed so much, i've never cried so much in my life. >> reporter: family the family had resolution, even though he never sat in court and did not see a judge, he was allowed to leave with time served. still, his mother says she did not exhale until they were safely on the plane. >> i felt so relieved the second we set foot on the plane in kathmandu and i knew the plane was going to take off and not get canceled, that was a big moment of relief for me. >> reporter: beyond belief, price is feeling overwhelming gratitude right now for all of the people that advocated on his behalf. >> that is what made me different from most of the people in there, the people that are stuck there did not have support. >> repgh his ordeal, heup hope that he would get out. >> it is hard, it is scary and dangerous, but i did feel like in my heart i knew that it would work out eventually. >> reporter: now that he is back, price is looking for a house, a car, and a job, he would like to continue during some waking and advocacy work, just here in the u.s., in san
5:34 pm
francisco, ann ruben, ktvu fox 2 news. investigators identified a man that opened fire outside an ice cube concert in san diego, the 22-year-old suspect was upset that the concert was sold out when he opened fire at the delmar racetrack last night, thankfully no one in the crowd was injured the concertgoers described a frightening scene. >> we hear one shot go off, then everyone is talking and right there dead in its tracks, the conversation stops, the next thing you know you hear six or seven shots back to back, it was terrifying, everyone was hiding behind the staff. >> after firing into the crowd deputy shot the suspect, he is expected to survive. the people are in the hospital tonight after a shooting at an apartment complex in san bernardino. the shooting took place in a courtyard during a game of dice, one victim is a 17-year- old reportedly in critical condition, the other six victims had less series --
5:35 pm
serious injuries, the shooters used handguns and rifles, no arrests have been made so far. the area labor day workers held a rally in oakland targeting kaiser permanente, the marched from wash would park to macarthur boulevard and the kaiser permanente office. the protesters claimed that kaiser is planning to out horse -- outsource hundreds of jobs. >> we are here to rally against kaiser who wants to outsource 250 employees including ldm's, ptt's, shuttle drivers and more. we are here to support that. >> the demonstrators say that kaiser plans to move jobs to other parts of the state where workers will be paid less. kaiser issued this statement in response to the protest, they said "we are disappointed that the current leadership of seiu- uhw has chosen to
5:36 pm
mischaracterize kaiser permanente's strong commitment to labor and to pursue an adversarial destructive approach to its relationship with california healthcare systems. in fact, seiu-uhw 's approach stands in stark contrast to the productive progressive relationships that we have maintained with many other unions representing our employees. in san francisco 500 hotel workers took to the picket line today to protest contract negotiations between their union and marriott hotels. 75 demonstrators were arrested for civil disobedience. the union says the hotel chains profits have risen by 200% since the recession 10 years ago and workers wages have gone up 7% during the same time. >> it is hard for people. i've lived though, it is hard. no medical, nothing. that is what they want, they want to take it away from us.
5:37 pm
>> reporter: marriott declined to answer any specific questions, instead providing us with a general statement saying that marriott is negotiating in good faith and in a timely fashion to obtain the best outcomes for associates and guests. at a rally before the union, representatives announced their negotiated committee organized a strike vote set for september 13, if contract negotiations continue the way that they have been, workers could call for strike later in the month. in oakland, labor day is becoming synonymous with hiero day, a musical festival in its seventh year organized by oakland's own hip-hop group, hieroglyphics crew. >> cristina rendon tells us the festival keeps growing every year. ♪ >> reporter: the music, the food, the art. this is one big block party
5:38 pm
celebrating the hip-hop culture in oakland called hiero day. >> these are all of the musical acts from when i grow. the food is good, the music is good, the people i came with, they are my family. >> reporter: 2018 is the biggest year yet with more space, and more vendors. this is good for selling a bunch of hats and textiles that come from around the world. i physically go all over the world to get the fabric. >> reporter: and of course, the artist's. -- artists with many performers throughout the three days. oakland zone group, hieroglyphics, has taken over the neighborhood near 3rd street and mlk for the past seven years. >> this is us, and our way to give back to the fans and the city of oakland who birthed us i guess, just the bay area as a whole, celebrating hip-hop.
5:39 pm
>> reporter: the kids are not forgotten about, they have their own section for face painting, book reading, and a bouncy house to ensure this is a family friendly event. >> all of the authors are reading offer their book sales, it is unique, families really can get involved. >> reporter: while the kids stay engaged, the adults are loving the music, headliners include lack socks from the roots and others. all of them coming to the town for all things hip-hop, a music festival that started as a free event and now charges $20 and shows no signs of slowing down it is not just music, people live this, it is about family and community and the arts. that is why it is important for us. >> reporter: in oakland, cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news . the latest political fight kicks off in washington dc tomorrow, still to come today, what to expect as president
5:40 pm
donald trump's pick for the supreme court faces the senate judiciary committee. plus, filled with things you could never get back, the building home to hundreds of years of history in brazil goes up in flames. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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firefighters in rio de janeiro are still taking to the burned- out debris of the brazil national museum. the grim task comes one day after a destructive fire cause
5:43 pm
major damage to the historic holding. the museum held latin america's largest collection of historical artifacts and the countless number of irreplaceable treasures. as fox news, jeff paul reports, investigators still do not know how the fire started. >> reporter: crews in brazil attack a raging fire, trying desperately to save a 200-year- old museum. flames began sunday night after a closed and quickly ripped through the national museum in rio. by daylight, the fire was mostly out though firefighters could be seen dousing the occasional flare up. among the museum's 20 thousand items, the oldest human school, a meteorite from the 1700s, and the first fossils ever found in the country. tens of thousands of other relics specifically relate to brazilian history. one called it a lobotomy of brazilian history. >> we have to go through this period of mourning, but we have to think what now? brazil cannot lose its history. >> reporter: for many locals,
5:44 pm
the national museum is more than just a place to store artifacts, it is a source of pride now reduced to a smoldering's child -- shell -- smoldering shell. i lost a piece of my history, there is no price, i am devastated. >> reporter: in a statement, brazil's president said "200 years of work, investigation, and knowledge, have been lost." he said they have received pledges of public and private backing, public and private banks, a mining company, and an oil company hope to form a network of economic support to restore the museum. the dilapidated state of the museum had employees worried about something like this happening. in myanmar, two journalist for reuters were sentenced to seven years in prison today for their investigation into the country's brutal crackdown on muslims. the reporters are accused of breaking the law restricting journalism that dates back to the colonial era in what was then burma. the two journalists are both mynamar nationals and were detained last december after a
5:45 pm
late-night meeting with police officers who handed them documents in what has been described as their attorneys as a classic case of entrapment. the body of a california woman who was among four people missing after two boats crashed on the colorado river was found today, authorities say 51-year- old christine you -- louie was -- christine lewis was discovered along the california and arizona border. she was ejected from the boat on a crash saturday night. nine others were injured including two people critically, a search continues for two other women and one man. the crash happened at a regional park, a popular water recreation area near lake have asmetrump's choice to join the supreme court has a tough day ahead of him tomorrow as the confirmation battle begins, i
5:46 pm
am doug luzader, we have a pv just ahead. it was a spare the air day today, but most deftly, tomorrow will not be, as we get ready for the work week, i will have the forecast.
5:47 pm
in 2011, california passed a law
5:48 pm
requiring carbon monoxide alarms in single-fami... (beeping) single-family homes. that was seven years ago. (beeping) carbon monoxide alarms... (beeping) (annoyed sigh) ...typically last (beeping) seven to ten years. which means california's about to start hearing a lot of this... (silence) but you can beat the b... (beeping) huh-huh. by getting a new kidde carbon monoxide alarm now. beat the beep by going to your local home depot to find the kidde solution that's right for you. (beeping) huh. a huge day in washington as hearings began on president donald trump's pick for the u.s. supreme court. brett kavanaugh will go before the senate judiciary committee and democrats will ask some tough questions trying to keep him from being confirmed. they have a difficult job ahead, fox news, doug luzader has more tonight from washington
5:49 pm
>> reporter: at this point in his life, brett kavanaugh has navigated his way through yale law school, the kenneth starr clinton investigation, a white house job, and one dozen years as a federal appellate judge. nothing may prepare him for what is about to happen on capitol hill tomorrow. >> it could end up being a junior high school cafeteria food fight. >> reporter: kavanaugh will face the gotland, we know how these things play out in this heightened partisan atmosphere because we saw this happen when neil gorsuch was confirmed last year. republicans will praise him, democrats will try to block him, some have refused to meet him, they have been pressing for more documents, especially from kavanaugh's time while working at the white house counsel office during the george w. bush administration these will be revelatory as to what he thinks, particularly about executive power and how he will enable donald trump to enlarge and expand the power of the president.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: this is after all a numbers game in the senate, if republicans are unified, there is not much the democrats can do besides sending a message to their constituents for the upcoming midterm elections. >> reporter: this is great political theater for their constituents so that when they go back to their districts they say we did everything we could to slow down or stop the kavanaugh confirmation but we did not have the votes. >> reporter: the stakes of course are enormous, by replacing retiring justice, anthony kennedy, who was so often the swing low, kavanaugh could shift the ideological balance of the high court. as for the actual questions tomorrow? i will not tell you, he will have time to prepare ahead of time if i do. i will say this, he is smarter than me. >> reporter: intelligence aside, the confirmation calls could be a rally cry for both sides but the public might not be invested in the fight, an ap poll shows that almost half
5:51 pm
in washington, doug luzader, fox news. hundreds of riders from kids to pros pe francisco today during the 45th annual bicycle race. this kicked off this morning at levi's plaza and took cyclists along the battery and front streets, thousands of spectators lined the route to cheer on the riders, it inud september marks the unofficial end of summer but the beginning of something else, the most active month of hurricane season. just three days and we have a tropical storm moving into the gulf of mexico. the national hurricane center says that tropical storm gordon formed earlier in the day, the storm had sustained winds at 45 miles per hour as it moved over the upper keys. miami-dade and its neighboring
5:52 pm
counties were hit by downpours and strong wind. they were under a flood watch most of the day. forecasters anticipate the storm will hit somewhere around the mississippi and louisiana border by late tomorrow. based upon what we are seeing in an equatorial region, the warm water will be very active, not only an atlantic hurricane but the pacific as well. as you get ready, will maybe you are not ready to go back to work, it is still a holiday so i hate to bring that up, but as we move towards the end of the week or the middle of the week, temperatures will generally warm-up, that is the weekend but it will never get really hot, it will never get to a red flag environment, it does not appear to want to do that based upon the models. as we go to tomorrow, a lot like today, plenty of sunshine, lots of fog. marine layers deep, deep enough as they go over the coastal hills, about 2000 feet deep ju fairfield and up to davis. fairfield 81 right now, a good 10 degrees where you might expect it to be for this time of year, 8-10 degrees below, a bit cooler than normal, i think
5:53 pm
that is exactly what you want to see right now as we are concerned mostly in these next two months with fire danger. there is no way around it, we had a massive start to the fire season, as we all know, as you get into now, september and october, that is the scariest time. this weather pattern, i think will be allowing us to not be in such a critical condition. fog tomorrow morning will burn back, pretty slow, then your highs look like this, the temperature foot print, rather than 90s, this looks good, what we have seen for the last few days and what we will see tomorrow. a similar forecast. fairfield tomorrow will be one of the worst spots as well as antioch and brentwood in the low 90s. mid-80s and upper 80s in the inland valleys. around the bay you are basically looking at 70s for the most part.morgan hill, those are th
5:54 pm
this is also reasonable for this top-tier. if you look at the fire danger and use the upper 90s, 90s and 100 day after day, which is what we had earlier this summer, that is when you get into trouble. it is just a multiple day upon day upon day, this is not the case and we are getting some breaks, warm, 95 on saturday but not devastating. saturday and sunday, temperatures go to the mid-90s in the hottest locations, most of us will just be in the 80s. when i come back or when you see me next, we will talk more about the tropical atlantic and pacific, it is very lit up for this early in the season. bill, thank you. we are two months away from the november midterm elections and preparations are underway, we will look at some of the key states and races that will shape politics nationally. trail that never ends. we know the great outdoors. we love the great outdoors. bass pro shops and cabela's. on, great people, and memorable experiences all come together.
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president donald trump started his labor day going after a top union leader, he tweeted that afl-cio president, richard trumka represented his union poorly on television this weekend. he added that it is easy to see why unions are doing so poorly, this comes after he appeared on fox news on sunday and said that he thinks that canada should be included in efforts to overhaul the north american free trade agreement otherwise known as nafta. the president said on twitter on saturday that there is no political necessity to keep canada in nafta. president donald trump is expected to finalize a new trade deal by december 1. now to arizona where the governor will choose an interim replacement for the late republican senator, john mccain. >> this decision has national implications just like some upcoming statewide elections and those that show up at the polls.
5:58 pm
fox news, joy piazza. >> reporter: after a week mourning the death of senator john mccain, attention shifts to who could replace him in the senate. the governor of arizona, doug ducey, said he would wait until after funeral services to fill the seat for 2020. some names include the late senators widow, cindy mccain, and jon kyl, a former u.s. senator. >> an arizona governor will have to name the replacement for senator mccain in the next few days. arizona is a state the democrats are really keeping an eye on. >> reporter: democrats are optimistic about support from hispanic voters turned off by president donald trump stance on immigration. >> it could shape the way that state looks for political campaigns, not midterms but the 2028 presidential campaign as well. >> reporter: florida also has a race for governor in the spotlight, president donald trump governor, ron desantis, will face off against the democratic mayor of
5:59 pm
tallahassee, andrew gillum who pulled off a surprise win in the primary. >> this will be one of the most closely watched races in the fall campaign. >> reporter: the democratic party traditionally had the backing of african-american waiters but a recent reuters poll shows that support is down 7 point since the 2012 election. joy piazza, fox news. this video is very difficult to watch, two kids on the left-hand side of the screen riding their bikes when a car drove through the crosswalk and hit both of them and then took off. my thoughts were, am i going to die, this is how i die, oh, i am not dead, is he dead? both of the kids were hurt but will be okay. the driver took off without even checking to see how they were doing. good evening, i am frank somerville. i'm julie haener, san jose police were searching for that driver that ran down the two children that were riding their bikes and then took off. investigators have a new piece of evidence that they hope will lead to that suspect. it is surveillance video that
6:00 pm
clearly shows the car involved. ktvu southbay reporter, jesse gary, has a video and reaction from one of the young victims . >> reporter: the video is enough to stop your heart, two children riding their bikes home from school last monday along a self san jose sidewalk, as they approach the intersection of cottle road and l molina way, so does the driver of a white honda civic, the driver does not stop him a plowing into the kids, knocking a 12-year-old girl to the ground and sending a 13-year- old boy onto the hood and then into the road. i am in my garage with the door closed and you can hear the screeching and the sound of a crash. you could tell, i thought it was two cars, that's what it sounded like to me. >> reporter: the driver backs up and stops for several seconds, then speeds off leaving the children injured in the street. >> reporter: what went through your mind? oh look, i am not dead. basically my thoughts were, am i going to die, this is how i'm going to die, i'm


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