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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  September 5, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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good morning. day two of president trump supreme court nominee. grill ay happen today as the judge when the questioning phase begins. investigators are working to remove wreckage of a plane that crashed in palo alto. what we know about the pilot and passengers inside that plane. good morning and thank you for joining us here on this wednesday morning september 5. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. steve tells us a bit cooler today. >> about the same. so far and sfo everything looking good. on the coast they would like a little more sun. near to slightly below high temperatures. looking warmer friday into saturday. mainly inland and bayside. there's too much fog. thunderstorm activity is really firing up over the central
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sierra. a little bit around like tahoe. most of it to the south. in between high pressure and low pressure in the four corners . a lot of the 50s on the temperatures. mid-50s around gilroy. santa cruz 57. 69 for the hine santa cruz yesterday. 58 santa clara. a delta breeze is still unsure. tomorrow looks similar. i think friday you will see some of these 90s coming back west at built-in. 60s and 70s and mainly 80s through the interior. do you want to get to the super commuters? the chase on 680 moves to 780 and then it went up to vallejo and at last check they lost sight of the driver. at least people on the roads don't have to worry about getting around that this morning. let's start with the commute from the north bay. westbound 80 from vacaville, fairfield has things looking good. no problems going through vallejo. one of our photographers is
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reporting there was some strong wind on the that. the macarthur maze to the carquinez bridge. highway four in bay point has things slowing down. no specific problems to tell you about. 880 within southbound in oakland past the oakland coliseum looks good in both directions. we know 880 can be overall a problem spot later in the morning so we will keep an eye on that. bay bridge toll plaza has things looking good. no time at all to take to get onto the span. if you are in the cash lanes things are little bit slow. let's go back to the desk. happening today, supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh will be questioned by senators in his second day of confirmation hearings. it was a chaotic first day,
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disrupted by protesters and democratic senators who demanded the hearing be delayed. we cannot gave his opening statement he said judges must be independent that the supreme court is the last line of defense for the separation of powers. today brett kavanaugh can expect tough questions about his views on abortion, gun control, healthcare, and his ties to president trump. we will have a live report from washington d.c. coming up at 5:30. santa clara man says someone broke into his house and stole his gun and he is convinced in eighth grader has that gun. the police are asking for your help to find the thief and that gun. >> this was the door they came in. >> reporter: ezekiel chavez was gone for no more than three hours thursday afternoon when he says a group of young boys entered through an unlocked sliding glass back door. at his home in santa clara. looking for valuables . his
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home ransacked. >> when i walked through the kitchen i could see all the cabinet drawers were pulled out . stuff was scattered all of the floor . the to and among the items stolen, a playstation four jordan shoes, a designer belt. >> here is where they pulled out the ammunition and looked everything over. >> reporter: chavez noticed his ammunition box was empty, all 200 rounds gone. only five let's left. >> i went in the room and check for my glock and it was gone. i started shaking. >> reporter: a 9 mm handgun similar to this one kept hidden and stored separately in a lockbox also stolen. he believes the burglars stumbled upon the ammunition then went looking for the gun. >> my wife and kids are scared every time we come home. they think somebody is going to be inside the house. >> reporter: surveillance cameras captured who police are calling a person of interest walking past his front lawn chavez has shared this video on social media.
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he now believes he knows the identity of the young man, and eighth grader. >> why he's not in custody i don't know. it's kind of frustrating. >> we are at the point where we are asking for any help from the public. >> reporter: police are actively working the case would have no hard leads. >> we hope that nothing nefarious happens with it and it gets returned back. hopefully, with the people responsible for committing this crime. >> reporter: the firearms dollar value is $500, the safety of the community, you cannot put a price on that. >> wh a 9 mm right now. i just want the police to get it. >> reporter: ktvu fox2 news. today federal investigators are expected to remove a private plane that crashed to the paulo alto airport . the six-year-old pilot died without plane went down yet -- late yesterday morning. other people on board survived. they say the pilot was going too fast to land on his first attempt so he went back out and set up again. one of the passengers told us that as the plane turned back
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toward the airport it stalled and crashed. capacitors are from reading and the pilot was conducted what is known as an angel flight . the that is a free ride for someone who needs treatment for a serious medical condition. >> i can't, in general, tell you he is a lot like our other volunteer pilots in terms of having a real passion for giving back to others and a real love for flying. he was combining both and did it quite often. >> investigators are collecting recordings from the tower and witness statements. it could take weeks or even months before the cause of the crashes determined. detectives -- detectives investigating reports someone try to grab and pull a woman toward a car the lafayette bart station. police say happened yesterday morning about 4 am as the woman walked along diablo boulevard toward the bart station. reports say two people wearing
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masks drove up next to her in a dark sedan. one of them got up and tried to pull her towards the car. she screamed for help, broke away, and the suspects took off. if you have any information call police. a southern california couple is accused of robbing a carjacking and uber driver in sausalito. 53-year-old suspect tyson pella coney is a real estate broker who was celebrating the 44th birthday of his friend. investigators say the couple ordered a ride from a sausalito bar to their san francisco hotel sunday night, but then assaulted the uber driver in an unprovoked attack. when the uber driver ran away the suspects took the car and went to their hotel. >> being assaulted and then getting her hair pulled she merely pulled over and stopped the car and got out immediately and ran away. at the marin county sheriff's office posted a photo of the two suspects being arrested. they each posted bail and were
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released we called pella coney's cell phone and he picked up. he says the charges are false, but then hung up the phone when we asked him what happened. the los angeles district attorney says three hollywood actors accused of sexual assault will be prosecuted. the da said accusations made a 1992 were too old . the statute of limitations expired. also, the da decided not to prosecute stephen stegall who was accused of raping an 18-year-old woman, also because too much time had gone by. the da said it would not file charges against anthony anderson, one of the stars of the abc sitcom blackish . the woman who at first reported the alleged assault refused to be interviewed. spacey and stephen stegall are still facing allegations in other cases that are being investigated. social media executives are on capitol hill this morning . coming up, what twitter's ceo and facebook's sheryl
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sandberg are expected to talk about while testifying today. if you don't get enough exercise you could be at risk for heart attacks, diabetes, and dementia up next, how much you should be working out to avoid those diseases. we are following your commute in the south bay. we will have an update on that including a minor collision northbound on 101. here is a look at the eastshore freeway. traffic through emeryville approaching the bay bridge looks good.
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welcome back. complaints about airplane noise from san francisco international airport something a call for change in flight patterns . the airports supervisor asked for a hearing about what he says is more than eight years of noise complaints about new flight patterns at sfo. the examiner reports the flight patterns affect people living in san francisco's southern neighborhoods. the hearing about these noise complaints is expected to be held next month. muni has a plan to address complaints over its slow down in service. the examiner reports the transportation director is calling for more training to get more buses on the road. to reach that goal muni will increase its bus and rail training class sizes, change its teaching methods to lower failure rates, and expand hiring outreach . the the new plan also calls for improving service on muni's rapid lines by 5%, and increasing service
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on rail lines by 3%. a warning from the world health organization about adults who are not physically active. according to a new report more than one fourth of the world's population, about 1.4, about 1.4 billion people, risk developing diseases because you don't get enough exercise. diseases include heart attacks, type ii diabetes, dementia, and some forms of cancer. doctors recommend at least two and half hours a week of moderate intensive activity. scientists say children born through in vitro fertilization could be at a higher risk of developing high blood pressure later in life. a study of more than 50 teenagers finds 15% of those conceived through ivf at high blood pressure. that compared with just one case among 43 teenagers who were conceived naturally. researchers say their work builds on the evidence that fertilization procedures can
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affect the devolvement of blood vessels. san francisco is rolling out a plan to address the alarming number of infant deaths and premature births among african-americans. nearly a quarter of all infant deaths in the city are african- american, even though they only make up about 5% of san francisco's population. the city will now provide low income pregnant women better access to dualism or specially trained birth companions. duelists are birth coaches who provide emotional and physical support to an expectant mother but they can also act as liaisons between the mother and doctor. >> sometimes women don't understand what the doctors are talking about. sometimes they just need that support, someone to be there and ask questions maybe they are not thinking about them expect a privately funded program is slated to begin in january and it will be run by san francisco's department of public health. san francisco mayor london breed is urging governor brown
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to sign a bill to allow a three- year pilot program for safe injection sites in san francisco. it narrowly passed the state senate and the assembly. the governor has until the end of the month to decide if he will sign it critics say opening those centers would be a direct violation of federal law. the mayor wants to see safe injection sites opened as soon as possible. she calls it a public health issue. >> here in san francisco we have to be willing to try new things. just because we don't want to see people shooting up and we don't want to see the needles on the street doesn't mean it's just going to disappear without taking real action to get us to a better place here in our city. >> the white house also opposes this proposal. the justice department has said it will fight any efforts to open city sanctioned drug injection centers. two new laws now in effect in california making it easier to legally change gender. governor brown signed a bill last year that takes effect this month. one measure allows californians
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in for age gender change. the process to change one's birth certificate will also be streamlined. the other law streamlines the gender change process for transgendered inmates. it makes it easier for them to change their names to fit their gender identity. let's check back with allie rasmus and see what's happening on the roads. you have been busy. >> yeah. less busy at this time today than yesterday. i'm not sure what that means, but for anyone driving right now i'm sure you will take it. in a south bay we are checking the super commute coming up 101 through gilroy and morgan hill. no problems as it some road construction feel still going on in parts of the south bay. northbound 101 at the on-ramp has an suv facing the wrong way. the off ramp, they have called an ambulance to the scene. 280 in san jose things look good in both directions.o bridge gettin busier heading into the 5:00
5:17 am problems to tell proble of port chicago highway, there is a collision there that is backing up traffic. the time now is 5:17. i will send it over to let's l the viewers are thinking. this is the best weather ever. things. i would do it for you. i have decided this will be -- >> i thought you did it for me? >> i do. i do it for pam as well. until you start complaining. low average cast september for many. near to slightly below high temperatures for most it looks warmer friday and saturday. mainly bayside and inland. these were the highs yesterday, oakland 70. redwood city 73. hayward 76. american canyon 77.
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san rafael 79. that's not bad. that's pretty much in the comfort zone for many. some would like a little warmer . maybe friday. today another big fog bank. the city should be 70 degrees on the high side. they have yet to have a high temperature in september about 66. yesterday was 66. we are getting closer. 64, 65, 66. i don't see any change. the central sierra a little bit. mainly over the southern edge, but some has been building in so keep an eye on things up there. thunderstorm activity rotating around a low in the four corners. that is a high pressure which is going to start building in, not today, but on friday which will give us a warm-up friday and saturday. a deep system will dig in early next week. it looks like that is the sign. no rain yet. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. mainly stuck. i doubt they go very far. 50 in pope valley. there is the 48 in woodacre.
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coming in cooler there. 54 san anselmo. hills park down to 52. sebastopol sleeping in, that's right. 22 of thomas 30 at travis, west southwest at vacaville. that plus upon equals more of the same. tomorrow not much change. again friday you will see some 90s creeping back into the inland areas. most in the 60s and 70s by the water. 80s inland. a nice pattern for us without much change. looks warmer friday and saturday inland. a marijuana debate in one east bay city. coming up in 25 minutes, what the martinez city council is trying to decide tonight and what it could mean for business owners. a fraternity party without certain types of alcohol. up next, what will and will not be allowed as him college events across the u.s. and canada.
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...for how much? yes. that's yes for less. fall's best accessories are even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. welcome back. stanford university is not interested in being one of the schools known for having low acceptance rates. university has decided to stop publicizing information about how many undergraduate applications it receives. the administrator say they are more interested in encouraging students of all backgrounds to apply so it can choose a class that has academic excellence
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and broad diversity. stanford will still provide application numbers to the federal government for its public report. hard alcohol will soon be -- soon be band ever turn the events across the u.s. and canada. they will have until next fall to oppose the alcohol band. under the new fraternity rules beer and wine would still be allowed at fraternity parties, but the decision follows recent deaths of fraternity pledges at penn state and louisiana state universities. the fraternity at penn state where an incoming member died during hazing reached a legal settlement with the new members parents. no details about the settlement, but the national beta theta pipe fraternity agreed to 17 reforms including removing all alcohol and drugs from every chapter by 2020 and encouraging a live in advisor in fraternity houses. several members of the penn state chapter still face criminal charges, including involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault. hundreds of city college of san francisco instructors
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face personal financial crisis. more than 200 instructors received paychecks that were not as much as instructors were owed and 156 received no paychecks at all. union representing the instructors say there have been problems with payroll systems used by city college for the last 10 years. this came in for the long holiday weekend and the first of the month when many people have bills do. >> so many of them this is catastrophic. they have rent or mortgage, childcare i just had a call from one person this morning who is in chapter 11 bankruptcy and she needed to pay some bills yesterday. >> school administrators released a statement saying the college immediately issued checks available for pickup on saturday morning and it 12 the faculty members showed up to collect the checks while the rest were inclined to receive their direct deposit checks on tuesday on tuesday, september 4. a new device available for homeowners in lake tahoe area s
5:25 am
electric bear mats that can zap a hungry bear. members of the pro wildfire group, the bear league, are installing them in front of two dozen homes in south lake tahoe that have been targeted by bears. so far the mats are proving to be successful in stopping bear break-ins. >> we bring it and place it and we come back and get it and no charge to the homeowner or the tenant if that beer came up and put a pot and touched two of those contacts it will zap it and it won't go any further. >> surveillance cameras at one of the lake tahoe homes captured one bear getting that surprise. he ran off. the mats are designed to avoid physically hurting the bears. it has not been released yet. one book is stirring up a lot of critique. up next, the white house response to a book by reporter bob woodward.
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day two for the actual questioning phase of his supreme court hearing. i'm in washington and we will have more on that coming up. we are watching a collision that has traffic backed up a little bit on highway four. we will check on that coming up . here is a picture of highway 24 through lafayette. things are getting busier. for some yesterday it was stuck in the 60s or 70s at sfo. livermore hit 90. some were warm to hot and others that staying cool.
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since you are the queen of the morning you can say whose birth date is. >> freddie mercury. >> that's right. where looking live around the bay area, the camera is panning around the city. freddie mercury is singing for you. >> the queen of the morning news. i love that. >> there you go. we welcome you back. it is wednesday, september 5 and i'm dave clark. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us . it sounds like it's going to be a nice day. depending on where you are. slightly below in the coast and bay. inland the temperatures were a
5:30 am
little above yesterday. most of these locations enjoyed temperatures slightly below to near seasonal averages. oakland, redwood city, san rafael from 70 to 79. the inland temperatures were a little bit above average. not by much . the fog is there. nothing new. thunderstorm activity really firing up over the central sierra and a little bit around lake tahoe with heavier cells to the south. high pressure to the west southwest . the 50s on the temperatures for most. 53 by the concorde pavilion. blackhawk 54. lafayette 53. 50s for everybody, even out to brentwood. on sure wind gusting to almost 30 at travis. we will be left with 60s and 70s and 80s and upper 80s to near 90. things are really picking up. are using that? >> a little bit of a bump and activity on the roads . the not bad if you're headed out. now's a good time to hit the
5:31 am
roads. in the north bay coming westbound 83 vacaville, fairfield, vallejo you will see a little bit of slowing through vallejo. no specific problems. maybe just a little backup as people get onto the carquinez bridge. you go from there to the macarthur maze in about 18 minutes. eastshore freeway looks busy. traffic is moving along. circling back to highway four the bay point area this is highway four just east of port chicago highway. a collision involving a car and a motorcycle. chp has everything moved into the right hand shoulder so traffic is getting around without much of a problem. 880 n. -- 880 in oakland north and south looks good. metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza and it is taking about 15 or 20 minutes to get onto the span unless you are in a carpool lane. let's go back to the desk.  today top executives from facebook and twitter are due to
5:32 am
testify on capitol hill about what they are doing to stop foreign influence on us midterm elections. twitters ceo jack dorsey and facebook's coo sheryl sandberg will testify before the senate intelligence committee. sandberg did release her opening remarks and says facebook needs the governments help to identify a tax and the motives of those who do want to interfere in the midterm elections. google was also invited to testify at this hearing but the senators rejected the company's offer to send a lower level executive. in about an hour in washington d.c. president trump's supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh, expected to face tough questioning in the second day of confirmation hearings. in his opening statement yesterday cavanaugh said he would be a team player on a team of nine if he joins the sterday when protesters and doug luzader tedly disrupted
5:33 am
joins us now live in washington d.c. with what we can expect today. >> reporter: yesterday was reserved for opening statements. today the questioning begins and anything could happen. >> mister chairman, if we cannot be recognized i moved to adjourn. >> the american people -- >> mister chairman, i moved to adjourn. >> reporter: it didn't take long for this whole event to go off the rails. dozens of arrests and coordinated democratic efforts to disrupt the proceeding that they just don't have the votes to stop. >> this process will be tainted and disdained forever. >> reporter: democrats have seized upon thousands of documents from cavanaugh's time working in the bush white house that have not been released for today we may actually seedive i >> obviously, gun rights, roe v wade, the power of the executive. a number of
5:34 am
different things >> reporter: to no one's surprise there is politics at play here. there is still democratic anger after republicans blocked what would have been president obama spinal court choice, merrick garland, back in 2016. some of cavanaugh's opponents may have their eyes on a 2020 house bid something republicans were quick to point out. >> it is obvious to most people going about their work today that the deranged comets actually don't have anything to do with you. the one as for kavanaugh him he tried to keep his distance from the political battles swirling all around. >> the supreme court must never , never be viewed as a partisan institution. the justices on the supreme court do not sit on opposite sides of an >> reporter: as we have said a number of times, the numbers de. t now are on kavanaugh's that assumes there are no major
5:35 am
they will be long sessions. in washington with ktvu fox2 news twitter users commenting about a controversial moment at the hearing yesterday between the father of a girl who was shot to death in the parkland florida school shootings and judge kavanaugh. you can see mister gutenberg trying to approach kavanaugh. he tweeted that kavanaugh turned his back to me and did not -- and walked away. many people are tweeting in support of gutenberg but others as a judge cavanaugh didn't see gutenberg and was taken away i presley unseated a 10 term congressman and last nights democratic primary in massachusetts. >> it seems like change is on
5:36 am
the way. scott presley is guaranteed to win the november general election as there are no republicans running. she supports universal healthcare and abolishing i.c.e. she received the endorsement from a group linked to vermont senator bernie sanders and alexandria cortez. she is a new york democratic socialist who stunt political analysts by defeating a long time new york a, congress been in june. san diego congressman duncan hunter and his wife will likely go on trial to face corruption charges after the midterm elections. defense lawyers agreed this is a complicated case. they say they need at least a few months to review the evidence. the republican congressman and his wife are accused of spending more than $250,000 of campaign money on personal expenses. hunter is considered to have a strong chance of being reelected in november despite the charges. he represents a heavily republican district and is up
5:37 am
against a first-time democrat. republican nominee for california attorney general is facing an ethics investigation. at a hearing in sacramento retired judge stephen bailey faced allegations of using his judicial office in el dorado county to advance his campaign. the commission on judicial performance is also hearing claims that bailey improperly took gifts and steered business to a company where his sun works. he denies that. no decisions are expected until after the election. stephen bailey is facing democratic incumbent javier riserva. kim kardashian is advocating of the released for another convicted felon. she told wrongful conviction she is taking on the case of a man who is serving a life sentence without parole for cocaine and marijuana possession. it comes a few months after kardashian worked with president trump to pardon a woman sentenced to life for money laundering and drug conspiracy
5:38 am
this morning president trump went on twitter and criticized an upcoming book about his administration written by came watergate reporter bob woodward . the president tweeted, isn't it a shame that someone can write an article or book totally make up stories and form a picture of a person that is literally opposite of the fact we go woodward's book will be released on september 11 and it's called fear, trump in the white house. woodward said he received a phone call from president trump last month after the book was completed. >> a tough look at the world and your administration and you. >> right. i assume that means it's going to be a negative book. >> the book contains some bombshell quotes that are attributed to white house insiders. the chief of staff john kelly reportedly called the presidents, quote, and idiot . the is pointless to try to convince him of anything. he has gone we are in crazy town. i don't even know why any of us are here. this is the worst job i have
5:39 am
ever had. our political analyst says revelations could hurt the president, but not with his conservative base. probably not move people who are part of trump space. they will suspect bob woodward took a bunch of disgruntled people, put them all together in a book and that is critical of the president. >> john kelly and other members of the trump administration who work voted are now denying the allegations and the damaging stories written in that book. a federal appeals court has decided that cities cannot prosecute people for sleeping on the streets if they have nowhere else to go. the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco said making it a crime to sleep on public streets or sidewalks amounts to cruel and unusual punishment. the court sided with six homeless people in boise idaho who sued the city in 2009fect other cities with
5:40 am
similar lao. oakland police were forced to use a taser on a man after he came to the home of his ex- girlfriend with a loaded gun. the confrontation happened at 10:00 yesterday morning your 89th avenue. and be streets. police tried to calm him down but there was a struggle. two officers tased at the suspect and they were able to restrain him. he was arrested on charges of battery on police officers and possessing a gun. woman and her two-month-old sons were not hurt. a spokesman for oakland police says the officers de-escalated a volatile situation without using deadly force. the officers were injured, but they were treated and released at the hospital. in alameda police are investigating a series of attempted sexual assaults at or near crowne state beach park. the latest incident was reported yesterday by a woman at the park. a similar incident happened saturday near the same location.
5:41 am
third incident was reported about a month ago, also near the park. police are reminding everybody in the area to be aware of your surroundings and report anything that you see that is suspicious. crews continue to fight fires all across the state. they are dealing with a shortage as they work to attack flames. we will tell you how firefighters and their help needed to keep everyone safe. what is being installed around the county to prevent another deadly wildfire. welcome to the xfinity store.
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today marijuana laws are on the agenda for the martinez is city council but tonight the council will decide if the city should allow legal marijuana sales within city limits. if the council boats yes it would then also decide on how many cannabis retail shops would be allowed as well as potential manufacturing and delivery businesses . the martinez and city council meeting starts at 7:00 tonight. tonight -- today the city of fremont holds a special meeting about the dangers of a road off of interstate 680. since december 2015 five big rigs have rolled over and crashed at the interchange of 680 and mission boulevard of 680 and mission blvd., overturned and spilled gravel on the rd large trucks getting off the highway cannot slow down and make that sharp right turn. today's meeting involves caltrans, which oversees the highway and the interchange. pg&e is trying to prevent deadly wildfires by detecting extreme fire conditions.
5:45 am
according to the napa valley register pg&e has installed the first of 18 weather stations in napa county. they are designed to measure extreme weather conditions like high wind, which contributed to last october's wildfires . the stations will capture wind speeds, temperature, and humidity. pg&e also agreed to cut off power when there's a high risk of fire. these new weather stations will help e most at risk. calfire cruiser at the scene of yet another wildfire in northern california. this one in el dorado county. just this leg or fire that broke out yesterday afternoon. it is now about 75 acres in a rural area northwest of georgetown. it has forced some evacuations and roads to be closed. it is 20% contained. this leg or fire is about an hours drive from another fire that started monday afternoon. the north fire is near lake
5:46 am
tahoe. the north fire has grown to 700 acres and is 10% contained. it for seed -- forced the evacuation of three campgrounds on labor day and some homes. so far no word of any injuries in either fire. fire crews are working hard to get wildfires under control statewide. they are now dealing with a shortage of pilots. calfire's safety rules require pilots to rest after maxing out there hours. as a result it has to ground as many as six firefighting aircraft at a time due to a shortage of pilots. calfire also says a growing number of pilots are retiring and it's often difficult to find qualified replacements. >> we used to have winter maintenance . the he's no longer there since we are fighting firefighters year- round. we have to look at getting the pilot rested and maintained, we also have to make sure aircraft are maintained. >> when we spoke with calfire during our 7:00 news the deputy director also stressed that the pilot shortage has not hampered their ability to respond to major fires. the storm known as gordon
5:47 am
is now a tropical depression. the wind is about 35 miles an hour. it has dropped a lot of rain in parts of alabama after making landfall last night west of the mississippi border. the wind is caused damage, knocking down trees and power lines. thousands in alabama, mississippi, and florida have no electricity. in pensacola florida a child was killed. parts of an oak tree fell into a mobile home. an emergency declaration was also issued in louisiana. >> we have emergency personnel ready to respond. >> it . >> gordon is getting weaker, but the rain and the threat of a flash flooding could stick around for park of the gulf region -- for parts of the gulf region through tomorrow. let's check in with steve. >> it is moving rapidly and it's probably about the last we will talk about it.
5:48 am
it got good and strong, but it was moving so fast it is now accelerating. in jackson mississippi it will be a big rain all the way to parts of the ohio valley and maybe in the northeast by the time it exits out. is decreasing rapidly. now 35 miles an hour. we can say goodbye to gordon. moving northwest at 14 and it should take a turn later on. the next focus in the atlantic will be on hurricane florence which is category two. most tracks take it northward if you do take it toward the coast. we will see. that wouldn't be for about another five days or so. and near to slightly below high temperatures here. in lynden they are little above. looks warmer friday into saturday. temperatures coast and pay our near average to slightly below. they have been this way for the longest time. temperatures yesterday, oakland, redwood city, american canyon, san rafael 70 - 79. close to average. in lynden temperatures --
5:49 am
inland the temperatures had a couple of bulb. concorde 85. santa rosa 84. they were 78. san jose 81. they were 80. somewhere above but there has been a rule of thumb that only the coast has been cooled the summer. that's not the case. santa rosa and san jose have had a lovely summer. very few 90s lots of temperatures and near or slightly below average. thunderstorm activity firing up over the sierra. some of that making it to lake tahoe. the majority is to the south. a big low turning in the four corners. that's a ridge of high pressure to the west southwest. it will build up and i think it does -- a deep system drops in next week for a cool down. 50 some us of the temperatures. and onshore breeze or wind for some. gusts at 30 at travis. low clouds for today equals 60s, 70s, 80s. more of the same tomorrow. a couple of . we will see
5:50 am
those move back to the inland areas by friday into saturday. 60s to low 90s. above. around the coast and bay, even some inland temperatures slightly below. morning fog. cooling off for sunday and monday. >> let's pretty nice. let's get a check on the roads. let's start with the commute. coming in from tracy another check of the altamont pass. it is getting backed up. you can see coming in from 205 in tracy a solid red line approaching the altamont pass. in the livermore valley things look better. we do want to tell you about westbound 580 e. of sin one word.
5:51 am
on east and west bound 680 things moving along well. 880 northbound just past experian there's a dark-colored sedan on the right hand shoulder in the far right lane without the lights on. chp notes there is some fog in the area and they want drivers to be aware of it. much further south in the south bay northbound 880 s. of dixon landing road there's a report of a fire on the side of the road. that might be visible. it might be a distraction. bay bridge toll plaza looks busy. we're looking at a 15 or 20 minute delay to get onto the span. the oakland a's will be inducting the first class of the teams hall of fame. up next, who is on that very specialist to be honored tonight. -- very special list to be honored tonight.
5:52 am
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welcome back. here is a follow-up to yesterday's story about nikias new ad campaign featuring colin kaepernick. the nfl released a statement, quote the national football league believes in dialogue, understanding, and unity. we embrace the role and responsibility of everyone involved with this game to promote meaningful, positive change in our communities. a huge billboard of colin kaepernick is now at the nike store at san francisco's union square. nike included kaepernick as part of its 30th anniversary just do it campaign. it is getting a lot of attention on social media.
5:55 am
some fans are proud of kaepernick for protesting social injustice and others are burning nike shoes and clothing. a bay area marketing expert says nike is getting what it wants, a lot of attention and the eyeballs of the younger customers expect this is the goal. this is what they want to do. you cannot just simply describe a product, you have to connect emotionally. especially when we come to sports products and things that are a little bit more interchangeable. >> kaepernick has a multiyear contract with nike. he is also suing the nfl, claiming team owners colluded to blackball him from the nfl. the oakland a's want to win that series against the new york yankees today. last night they jumped out to an early lead. stephen piscotty hit a homer in the second. pitcher daniel manga got a no- hitter into the 6th inning. that hit broke up the no-hitter. the yankees ended up scoring five runs off the a's bullpen .
5:56 am
the is lost 5 - 1. the yankees and the a's play again tonight at the coliseum. before tonight's game the oakland a's will induct rickey henderson. they are inducting the first clashed -- class into the oakland a's and the athletics hall of fame. there are seven people in the first class including rickey henderson, reggie jackson, and former is owner charlie finley . the is will induct more people into their home as needed. that includes players from the teams time in philadelphia and in kansas city. the giants wrap up a series against the colorado rockies today. last nighttching for the giants the sun of hall of fame catcher pudge rodriguez. the game was a pitchers duel. both starters played well for the giants took the lead when gorkys hernandez homered in the seventh. the rockies took the lead for good in the bottom half of that inning and the
5:57 am
giants lost 6 - 2. today's game is at 5:40. the questioning starting today in judd -- in judge brett kavanaugh's senate hearing. >> i am a pro law judge. >> we will keep tracking the latest on today's hearing which starts in less than an hour from now. speeding up service on muni . the 90 day plan to get trains and buses back on schedule.
5:58 am
5:59 am
you know when you're at ross and you ...for how much?.. yes. that's yes for less. fall's best accessories are even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. this process we don't will be tainted and stayed forever. >> expect a long day on capitol hill for supreme court have any brett kavanaugh. the questions he is expected to be asked today. a woman in the east bay pot off two masked people who try to pull her into a car near a bart station. the search underway right now to find the people who did it. three thank you for joining us
6:00 am
on this wednesday morning september 5. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about your wednesday weather. steve paulson knows everything you need to know. >> we have flight delays and is about four arriving flights. the usual for low clouds and ceiling and fog. maybe some issues around the ohio valley from tropical depression gordon. otherwise, looking okay. low overcast for those on the coast. the bay has been pretty nice. a little above average inland. looks warmer for most friday into saturday. will we get rid of the fog? probably not.s it to the sierra and around lake tahoe. the majority to the south, but some has made it


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