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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 5, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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the search underway right now to find the people who did it. three thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning september 5. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about your wednesday weather. steve paulson knows everything you need to know. >> we have flight delays and is about four arriving flights. the usual for low clouds and ceiling and fog. maybe some issues around the ohio valley from tropical depression gordon. otherwise, looking okay. low overcast for those on the coast. the bay has been pretty nice. a little above average inland. looks warmer for most friday into saturday. will we get rid of the fog? probably not.s it to the sierra and around lake tahoe. the majority to the south, but some has made it there.
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50s on the temperatures for many. a few low 60s, especially on the peninsula. 59, 56, 53 at pacifica. one of the cooler locations. west southwest at 14. the fog retreats and 60s, 70s, 80s. coast and bay slightly below. allie tells us? >> things looking pretty good. better today compared to yesterday. let's show you the map talking about the commute coming from the north bay. westbound 80, fairfield, vallejo has a little slowing. we don't know of any specific issues, just maybe the usual backups getting onto the bridge. if you are getting from the carquinez bridge and macarthur maze it will take you about 19 minutes . the this is a look at the approach from the eastshore freeway. a little slowing approaching the toll plaza. we want to skip over to san francisco because on southbound
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280 n. of 101 there's a report of a ladder in the slow la westbound highway four earlier a crash at san marco in port chicago highway, that seems to be recovering them although, things are somewhat slow in that area . the bay bridge toll plaza is circling back and things are slow getting onto the span. in the carpool lanes you should have no problem. let's go back to the desk. happening today, after a rocket start the senate confirmation hearing for judge brett kavanaugh is set to resume in about half an hour. in his opening statement kavanaugh says he is an independent judge. >> i am not a pro plaintiff work pro-defendant judge. i'm not a pro prosecution or defense judge. i am a pro law judge. today senators will begin
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question kavanaugh. christian has been following all of this very interesting development from the newsroom. >> following yesterday and today, if anybody thought this confirmation process was going to be a dry process yesterday was a stark reminder. senate democrats doing everything they could to delay the confirmation process. more than 70 protesters asked -- escorted out for disrupting proceedings. protesters and senate democrats portraying judge kavanaugh as a partisan, someone who will rubberstamp president trump's agenda and possibly rollback women's access to abortion. democrats pointed to kavanaugh's history of republican political activism prior to his appointment as a federal appeals court judge and cried foul after a last-minute document dump of a 42,000 last- minute additions to the judges record.
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they still said they are being asked to make a decision after the white house blocks access to 100,000 documents to kavanaugh himself spoke late in the day, sing if confirmed he would model himself after justice kennedy whom he is replacing as a neutral or impartial arbiter. >> if confirmed to the supreme court i will be part of a team of nine committed to deciding cases according to the constitution and laws of the united states. i would always and strive to be a team player on the team of nine. >> one of the most talked about incidents in the volatile proceedings came after the father of a child killed in the parkland shooting extended his hand to judge kavanaugh, the judge did not shake his hand. some calling that is now. defenders saying he was simply whisked away by security before he could shake his hand. today senators expect to get to actually questioning judge kavanaugh about his positions
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for those resume at about 9:30 washington d.c. time. if it's anything like like yesterday we can expect a lot of fireworks today. we will follow the latest on of washington throughout the morning. >> we will check in with you throughout the morning. also, if you would like to watch the brett kavanaugh confirmation hearings in its entirety we will also be spending that live on our facebook page when it begins at 6:30. today federal investigators will be near the palo alto airports and are expected to remove a private plane that crashed yesterday morning. the 60-year-old pilot died that plane crashed near the duct pond late yesterday morning. two other people on board survived. they say the pilot was going to past to land on his first attempt so he went back out and set up again. one passenger told us as the plane turned back to the airport it stalled and crashed. the passengers are from reading .
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the pilot was conducting what is called an angel flight, a free ride for someone who needs to get somewhere else for treatment for a very serious medical condition. >> i can, in general, tell you he is a lot like our other volunteer pilots in terms of having a real passion for giving back to others and it will lead for flying. he was combining both and did it quite often. >> investigators are gathering recordings from the tower and also statements from witnesses. it may take weeks or months before the cause of the crash is known. detectives in lafayette are investigating reports that someone tried to grab and pull woman toward a car not far from the lafayette bart station. police say it happened yesterday morning at about 4 am as the woman was walking along mount diablo blvd. toward the station. reports as a two it is wearing masks drove up next to her in a dark sedan one of them got out and try to pull her toward the car but she screamed for helpe
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about this called police. in alameda police are investigating a series of attempted sexual assaults at or near crown state each part. the most recent incident was reported yesterday by a woman at the park. a similar incident happened on saturday your the same location and a third was reported about a month ago, also near the park police are reminding people in the area to be aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious activity. knew from overnight, oakland police what your help. they are investigating a shooting that left at least one person hurt. it happened at 10:30 last night your 90th avenue. and macarthur boulevard. police posted this picture of the scene on twitter. they have not given us any details about the condition of the victims or any information about the suspect or a motive. if you have any information call oakland police. the suspect oakland police
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say they were forced to tase has been identified. oakland police say they were forced to use a taser on 50- year-old armando green after he came to the home of his ex- girlfriend with a loaded gun. the confrontation happened at 10:00 yesterday morning your 89th avenue. and b st. officers tried to calm the man down but there was a struggle pretty officers tased the suspect. they were able to restrain him. he was arrested on charges of battery on police officers and possession of a gun . the woman and her two-month-olds on were not hurt. nopd spokeswoman says the officers de-escalated a volatile situation without having to use deadly force. officers were injured, but were treated and released at the hospital. greene is expected to appear in court tomorrow morning. a man in santa clara says somebody stole a gun and ammunition after breaking into his house. ezekiel shot is great just
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claimed a group of eighth- graders did it after watching a neighbors surveillance video showing a young man walking by his house. he says the boys must have broken thursday afternoon through an unlocked sliding glass door and found 200 rounds of ammunition in his house. he believes the boys then searched for his glock 9 mm pistol. it was stored separately in a locked box. >> there is a kid from santa clara walking around with a 9 mm right now. i just want the police to get it that chavez wants to know why police have not arrested the boy seen in that video. santa clara police say they are working with the school district. they have entered the gun into the national database of stolen guns. a southern california couple visiting the bay area is accused of robbing and carjacking and uber driver in sausalito. 53-year-old suspect, tyson pella coney, is a real estate broker who was celebrating the birthday of his friend. investigators say the couple ordered a ride to their san francisco hotel sunday night
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and then assaulted the uber driver in an unprovoked attack. when uber driver ran away authorities the suspect took the car and went to their hotel. >> being assaulted and getting her hair pulled she immediately pulled over and stopped the car and got out. she ran away. >> the marin county sheriff's office posted a photo of the two suspects being arrested. they both posted bail. we called pella coney is cell phone and he answered. he says the charges are false but then he hung up when he we asked him about what happened. still ahead, if possible explanation about the rising costs of going to the doctor what one new study says about higher hospital bills. recruiting bay area businesses not just out of state, but out of country. the international city that is running advertisements locally. we are watching your commute and we will check on the south bay coming up . the san mateo bridge right now
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busy, but at least it's moving. more coming up. not much change. it looks like maybe some warmer temperatures friday. we will look at why coming up.
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welcome back. today is the start of the disrupt conference in san francisco . the is an annual event hosted by tech crunch it is a business and technology news and analysis company . the conference features startups
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making pitches to venture capitalists. speakers include actor and millionaire investor ashton kutcher. the conference is at most coney west and runs through friday. the second biggest city in australia is inviting silicon valley companies and talent to set up his and his in melbourne australia. city leaders launched the advertising blitz all over the bay area including these billboards as well as a big digital billboard at the front of the bay bridge . the signs have a phone message saying it is already tomorrow in melbourne. even silicon valley business groups admit the campaign is eye-catching. it could inspire some companies to make melbourne a new tech,. >> they have an interesting strategy. but, why wouldn't you come to silicon valley and try to attract some of the top companies that we have here to open up an office in melbourne? i would if it makes sense.
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if it makes sense companies will do a. if it doesn't they will. >> melbourne already has a tech economy of silicon valley economy is almost 10 time bigger. a federal appeals court has decided cities cannot prosecute people for sleeping on the streets if they have nowhere else to go. the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco said making it a crime to sleep on a public street or amount to cruel and unusual punishment. the courts cited with six homeless people in boise idaho who sued the city in 2009 over a local ordinance that banned a sleeping in public spaces. the ruling could affect other cities with similar laws including san francisco. complaints about airplane noise from san francisco international airport prompting a call for changing the flight patterns. the airport supervisor as to asked for a hearing about what he says is more than eight years of noise complaints about new flight patterns at sfo.
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the examiner reports the flight patterns affect people living in the southern neighborhoods around san francisco. that hearing about ected to be held month. muni announced a 90 day action plan to improve service the transit agency has been heavily criticized in recent days for a major slowdown that affected virtually every bus route in the system. muni blamed the slowdown on repairs at the twin peaks tunnel and a shortage of drivers. the transportation director of the municipal transportation agency told the board yesterday that changes include broadening recruitment efforts and increasing class sizes to train more people to operate buses in -- and metro trains. >> the expectations for us have never been higher. the agenda is fast-moving and expanding rapidly. >> muni also plans a 5% increase on bus service to its most popular routes. it has a plan to address complaints over the slowdown in
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service . the examiner reports the transportation director is calling for more training to reach that goal. muni will increase its bus and rail class sizes and the new plan also calls for improving service on the lines. hopefully, that will address some of the complaints. more than 1000 people were arrested over the holiday weekend for duis here in california. chp says that is up slightly from last year. 22 people were killed in crashes statewide over the three-day weekend, which is an improvement over last year. there were 30 deaths last year. allie is in force out. it has been a pretty good commute so far. hopefully it stays that way. >> no major issues. knock on
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wood, things stay the same with an easy commute this morning. in the south bay this is what the roads look like no major issues to tell you about. here is a look at 280 in san jose. a little busier, but no slow downs. it was a little slow in the northwest direction past 84 but now it looks like it's clearing up. this is a crash we have been following on west on 580 e. of the sender ramon offramp. i don't see him out of red their backing things up. skipping up to napa, napa county sheriff's office put in just put out an alert that the southbound lanes are closed on 29 because of some downed power lines. that could lead to some delays. looking at the san mateo bridge, it is very busy. very slow this morning, but no specific problems to tell you about it is also slowr side of temperatures coast and they are near average to slightly
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below. inland a little bit above. there is really not any extreme . temperatures are quite comfortable for many. if you are warm to hot. oakland to san rafael yesterday all 70s. not bad. livermore did go four above. concorde was right there. santa rosa should be 84 and they were 78. many have said this has been the nicest weather. also around san jose to sunnyvale i have heard the same. should be 81 and yesterday they were 80. today 79. temperatures have been this way most of the summer. there are some areas that have been hot. eastern solano, contra costa hot. morgan hill angular a little different. some days are cool and then they get hot and it comes back down. 79, 57 for san jose. 81 is average. another day where the high is a little below. 97 in 2004 is the record high.
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we are getting long in the fog. it is there in all its glory making another push, which means the city continues to be below on the hi, which should be 70. it is 66. yet to have a high above at or above 70 a. yesterday 66. today going 66. there temperatures are very close on the lows. 56 but average is 55. 66, four below on the hi. thunderstorm activity associated with the low continues to develop in the afternoon and evenings over the sierra. some of it near lake tahoe. majority, the bigger boomers, around mammoth and bishopric some of that pops up in the afternoon. 50s on a lot of these temperatures and if you near 60. gilroy 55. 55 ben lomond. cupertino and saratoga and even san jose at 57, 58, and 59.
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a little bit of an onshore breeze. not that strong, but still there. that in the fog will translate into more of the same. if you well inland 80s to near 90. coast and base 60s and 70s. this pattern looks to be stuck today into tomorrow. there are signs that the high will build in from the west giving us a warm-up starting friday into saturday. looking cooler too much cooler into next week. a truck smashed into a box television station in dallas. we will show you the s.w.a.t. team response after that man was arrested. new guidelines to treat concussions. the do's and don'ts to keep kids safe. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪ ♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪
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welcome back. a new city at uc berkeley shows a link between higher medical costs and increasing number of doctors and hospitals consolidating . the researchers say percentage of medical practice is owned by hospitals jumped to 40% between 2010 and 2016. that's a 15% increase during that same time prices went up for office visits for primary care and specialty is as well as affordable care insurance premiums. hospitals often add facility fees to patient bills to cover things like building maintenance
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and in the cases of well-known hospitals to cash in on the hospital's reputation. experts have released new guidelines when it comes to treating children who have suffered a concussion . the guidelines recommend against routine x-rays and blood tests progressed is still advised for the first few days after the concussion occurs but inactivity after that may actually worsen the symptoms. they also say physical activity should be used as a treatment as long as symptoms are not getting worse. >> we have no reason to think that a kid cannot get back to his baseline if he is allowed time to heal and then they can go back to their sport with very little fear of having any long-term problems. >> researchers say most concussion symptoms will clear up in 1 - three months. san francisco is rolling out a plan to address the alarming number of infant deaths in. premature births in african- americans. nearly 1/4 of infant deaths in
6:26 am
the city are african-americans. the city will now provide low- income pregnant women that are access to dual is were specially trained birth companions. they are birth coaches who provide emotional and physical support to an expectant mother. they can also act as a liaison between the mother and doctor. >> sometimes women don't understand what the doctors are talking about. sometimes they just need that support, someone to be there. they want to ask questions and maybe they're not thinking about those. >> the privately funded program is slated to begin in january and it will be run by san francisco's department of public health. in just minutes the second day of the confirmation hearing for brett kavanaugh begins after a chaotic first day. >> this is the first confirmation hearing for a supreme court justice i have seen, basically, according to mob rule. >> coming up, what to expect today when we come back. investigators plan to be back out in palo alto at the
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side of a plane crash. what we know from investigators about what initially happened yesterday. we are following some new crashes on west on 80 in vallejo and in richmond. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza . the things are busy this morning, but no specific problems getting onto the span. another morning and another fog bank. temperatures in the coast and bay about the same. near average to slightly above. we will see if there's any change in the extended outlook. dot cal. i've been here for years. rockin' my peers. puttin' suckas in fear. don't you dare stare. you better move. listen to the bass go boom. i'm gonna knock you out.
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mama said knock you out. don't call it a comeback. i've been here for years.
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-- there is the opening bell live in new york this morning. one focus will be the impact on wall street aztec executives from facebook and twitter testified before the senate today. they will talk about temperatures the companies are taking to prevent election interference. we wil stocks along with the other business and tech news coming up in today's dollars and cents. >> i want to study how you hit that fell on time every day. >> i have some help. thank you for joining us. it is the middle of the week, wednesday, september 5. i'm dave clark >> good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve for a look at the weather. >> many are low in -- are loving the lower temperatures. i did not say rain for next week . maybe the r word is rest.
6:31 am
oh, you mean rain? maybe north. i don't think here. it looks like lower pressure will seven next week. we are getting closer. temperatures slightly below. the coast and bay near average. a little bit above inland. livermore hit 90 yesterday. concorde right about where they should be. san jose slightly below. there ismeans the city and the coast and the they stay pretty cool. big thunderstorm activity popping up your lake tahoe. most of his health, but if you cells that fired up yesterday so watch out for that. probably a repeat performance. that these and 60s on the temperatures. there is an onshore breeze . the fog is kind of stuck into friday would look like in linda temperatures will warm up. today 60s, 70s, 90s. allie has been kind of busy, but now? >> traffic is warming up. we are going to go to the maps and talk about some of the things
6:32 am
we're looking at this hour. highway four, let's start there because there's a couple of things. highway four westbound at harbor street has a collision blocking the left lane. that is the icon you see backing up traffic all the way to antioch. a new accident just came in on southbound 680 south of monument . there's a couple of lanes blocked because of a collision there. wasn't there in vallejo west on 80 at tennessee street there is a collision in the clearing stages westbound 80 at cutting boulevard in richmond a hit and run involving a flatbed truck. things are really picking up and east bay. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. things lightning up a little bit . the carpool lanes are looking good. cash lanes are filling up. we don't always get to show the golden gate bridge. nice and foggy this morning. cooler weather and a lot of traffic heading in, but no slow downs approaching the toll plaza. let's go back to the desk.
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today is day two of the senate confirmation hearing for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh getting underway. these are live pictures. you're looking at senator grassley leading the way. right next to him is judge kavanaugh. walking to his seat he is being led to his seat. these are live pictures from washington. today senators on the judiciary committee will be question judge kavanaugh. the democrats want to ask the judge about abortion, gun control, healthcare, and his ties to president trump. we will have to wait and see if protesters are going to disrupt proceedings again today after more than 70 protesters were corted out of the hearing also happening today, top executives from facebook and twitter are scheduled to testify on capitol hill about what they're doing to stop foreign influence on your selections ahead of the upcoming midterm elections twitters ceo jack dorsey and
6:34 am
facebook's coo sheryl sandberg will testify before the senate intelligence committee. sandberg already released her opening remarks. she said, facebook needs the government's help to identify a tax and the motives of those who want to interfere in the midterm elections for google was also invited to the hearing, but senators turned down the companies offered to send a lower level executive. ntsb investigators are expeedaltorash . the pilot was killed. and mother and daughter survived that crash. christina joins us now near the crash site at the bay lancet nature conserve near the palo alto airport. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we can tell you, ntsb investigators plan to be out here this morning once there is more daylight out they will try to remove the plane's wreckage from the water at the site at the palo alto airport along the
6:35 am
edge where the rocks meet the water. there is still a lot of questions as to what caused this plane to go down. we do know a mother and daughter were on board the angel flight from reading to palo alto and headed to lucile packard children's hospital when the plane went down yesterday picked the pilot worked for angel flight west, which provides free air travel for patients needing flights to and from doctors appointments. the mother told investigators the plane touched down and bounced on the first attempt at landing . the pilot then pulled up and veered off to the left in an attempt to make a second landing. that's when the plane crash happened. angel flight is based in santa monica and the executive director says he personally knows the six-year-old pilot who died. >> i can, in general, tell you he is a lot like our other volunteer pilots in terms of having a real passion for giving back to others and a real love for flying. he was combining both and did
6:36 am
it quite often. it makes it all the harder to lose a pilot like that in this situation. >> reporter: investigators say on final approach the pilot did report a problem but he told the tower he had it under control. it is unclear today what that problem was. the mother and daughter who survived are in stable condition. they were rescued by first responders after they climbed out onto the wing of the plane. we are told investigators will ed i can, investigators are expected to be out here this morning. they have not yet arrived, but when they do we will bring you an update. happening today, marijuana laws are on the agenda for the martinez city council. tonight the council will decide if the city should allow legal marijuana sales within city
6:37 am
limits. if they vote yes -- yes that would also decide on how many cannabis retail shops would be allowed as well as potential manufacturing and delivery businesses . the martin -- the council meeting starts at 7:00 tonight. san francisco mayor london breed wants governor brown to sign a bill to allow a three- year pilot program for safe injection sites in the city it narrowly passed the state senate and assembly. the governor now has until the end of the month to decide if he will sign it. opponents say opening the centers would be a direct violation of federal law. the mayor wants to see safe injection sites open as soon as possible, calling this a public health issue. >> here in san francisco we have to be willing to try new things. just because we don't want to see people shooting up and we don't want to see the needles on the streets doesn't mean it's going to disappear without taking real action to get us to a better place in our city.
6:38 am
>> the white house also opposes it . the justice premises it will fight efforts to open drug injection centers. two new laws are now in effect in california making it easier to legally change your gender. governor brown assigned to the dells last year but they took effect this month. one allows californians including minors, to petition for a gender change. it streamlines the process to change your birth certificate. the other lot streamlines the gender change process for transgender inmates their gende identity. hundreds of instructors at city colleges of san francisco faced a personal crisis on friday. more than 200 paychecks were not as much as the instructors it -- expected in 156 received no paycheck at all. the union representing the instructors says there have been problems with the payroll systems used by city college for the last 10 years. this time he came before a long holiday weekend and at the
6:39 am
first of the month when many people have deadlines for bills expect so many of them, this is catastrophic. they have rent or mortgage, childcare. i just had a call from one person this morning who is in chapter 11 bankruptcy and she needed to pay some bills yesterday. >> school administrators released a statement saying, the college immediately issued checks available for saturday morning and 12 faculty members showed up to collect the checks while the rest were inclined to receive their direct deposit checks on tuesday on tuesday, september 4. uc berkeley will tear down one of its buildings because it may not survive a major earthquake tolman hall was built in 1962. that is where the psychology department and the graduate school of education is access has been closed since the summer . the daily cal newspaper reports the school is looking for a contractor to tear down this building with the
6:40 am
demolition scheduled to begin late this year or early next year. uc berkeley has retrofitted or replaced more than 70% of areas on campus that need seismic upgrading. stanford university has decided to stop publicizing information about how many undergraduate applications it gets every semester. administrator say that can lead to qualified students being discouraged from applying because of low overall acceptance rates. they say they want to encourage qualified students from all backgrounds to apply, so stanford can choose a class that has academic excellence as well as broad diversity. stanford will still provide application numbers to the federal government for its annual public report. calfire crews are on the scene of another wild fire in northern california. this one in el dorado county. this leg or fire started yesterday afternoon and has grown to about 75 acres. it is burning in a rural area northwest of georgetown and has forced some evacuations and road closures fires are only
6:41 am
20% contained. it is about an hour from another fire that started monday afternoon. that is the north fire burning near cameron gap west of lake tahoe. that fire has grown to 700 acres and is only 10% contained. it also forced the evacuation of three campgrounds over the labor day weekend and also some homes. no reports yet of any injuries in either of those fires. pg&e trying to prevent deadly wildfires by identifying extreme fire conditions according to the napa valley register pg&e installed the first of 18 weather stations in napa county. they are designed to measure extreme weather conditions like high wind, which added to last october's wildfires. those stations will capture wind speeds, temperature, and humidity. pg&e also agreed to cut off power when there is a high risk of a fire. these new weather stations will
6:42 am
help the company decide which areas are most at risk. we are talking about going into debt to have the very latest smart phone. coming up, the number of people who say they will go into debt to get the latest and greatest device. increasing safety opportunities around the country . the new rule that hopes to reduce problems at the fraternities. traffic on the san mateo bridge is very slow. barely budging along right now. we are also following a new crash happening south on 880 s. of a street. we will have an update. ...and get the brands youshion want.... check this out. ..h, yeah" prices. from the latest trends to your favorite brands, it feels even better when you find them for less. at the ross fall fashion event. yes for less.
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sister station there in dallas, katie fw television. the man through papers everywhere and he was shouting about high treason. he also left behind a suspicious bag . the there is the man. it prompted a response from the bomb squad . the building had to be evacuated with only a few people remaining behind to continue delivering the morning
6:46 am
news. and ongoing search of the area at this television station in dallas. we will bring you updates throughout the morning. a fraternity at penn state where an incoming member died during hazing reached a legal settlement with the new members parents. the financial terms we don't know yet. we're talking about the family of timothy piazza an we don't know about the details, but the national fraternity that oversees the chapters agreed to 17 reforms, including having every chapter be free of all alcohol and drugs by 2020 and also encouraging a live in advisor in fraternity houses. several members of the penn state chapter still face criminal charges that include involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault. hard alcohol will soon be banned effort to the events around the u.s. and around canada . the north american inter-fraternity
6:47 am
conference voted overwhelmingly to give it 6100 chapters on 800 campuses until next fall to impose the alcohol ban. under the new fraternity rules beer and wine would still be allowed at fraternity events but this follows the recent deaths of the fraternity pledges at both penn state and louisiana state universities. our question of the day for you is this, do you think a hard alcohol ban is an effective way to cut down on alcohol related problems at colleges and universities? so far 50% of you say yes. 50% of you say no. let us know what you think. vote on our twitter page. you can also comment on our ktvu facebook page. the los angeles district attorney says three hollywood actors accused of sexual assault will not be prosecuted. the da said accusations made by a man against kevin spacey from
6:48 am
1992 were told and that the statute of limitations had expired. also the da decided not to prosecute stephen stegall who was accused of raping an 18- ye. also, because too much time had passed and the da said it would not file charges against anthony anderson who stars in the sitcom blackish because the woman who initially reported that alleged assault reviewed just refused to be interviewed. spacey and stegall still face allegations in other cases. a new device for homeowners in the lake tahoe area who worry about bears breaking into their cabins. tests are underway of electric their mats. they can sap a hungry bear for members of the pro wildfire group, the barely good, aren't selling them in front of about two dozen homes in south lake tahoe that have been targeted by hungry bears. so far the mats are successful in stopping their break-ins. >> we bring it and place it and come back and get it at no charge to the homeowner or the tenant if that beer came up and
6:49 am
put a pot and touched two of the contacts it is going to zap and it's not going any further. >> look at this surveillance camera at one of the lake tahoe homes. captured a bear who got a 12,000 v surprise and then ran away. he is up a tree. the mats are designed to avoid physically hurting a bear. also knew, gordon has been downgraded and is now tropical depression. wind at about 35 miles an hour. that's room dropped a lot of rain in parts of alabama after making landfall last night just west of the mississippi border. the high wind caused damage, bringing down trees and power lines. you can see the storm surge they are. thousands of people in alabama, mississippi, and florida are now without electricity . the in pensacola florida a child was killed when part of an oak tree fell on a mobile home. an emergency declaration has been issued in louisiana.
6:50 am
>> we have emergency personnel ready to respond. >> that's the nature of the beast. >> gordon is weakening, but rain and the threat of a flash flooding could remain for parts of the gulf region through tomorrow. that leads us right to steve paulson who is watching everything weather. >> iema. thankfully, gordon is just now a tropical depression and moving out. the next hurricane is florence, that's the one to watch in the atlantic. for us patrick says, steve, this summer has been great. non-fall. meter logically it started september 1 but the ottumwa equal -- equinox will be september 22. september continues for some in the coast and. near to slightly below temperatures. inland is slightly above. looks warmer friday into saturday. there could be a quick jump on the temperatures. sunday and into early next week.
6:51 am
temperatures slightly below. too much fog . the debate coming in at average. yesterday oakland and redwood city, hayward, redwood city san rafael all between 70 and 79. near the bay you are getting pretty nice temperatures. inland, little bit more even though they had low clouds yesterday they still made it to 90 concorde split the difference i came in right at 85. santa rosa and san jose were below. that has been the theme almost the entire summer. if you are well inland it has been hot. for others really nice. for some very foggy and cool summer. san francisco hasn't been above 66 yet. average high this time of year is 70. 66 yesterday. 66 today. once you do the mean it comes in a little bit above average, but the high remains to be
6:52 am
below. the low situated in the four corners continues to pump up thunderstorms. some around tahoe. not as many. more towards mammoth and bishop some of those have crept northward and are firing up in the afternoon. the high pressure right there will build in friday and saturday. for a quick jump in the temperatures it will suppress the fog. we're not looking for an offshore breeze so i don't think there will be much of a warm-up for the coast . the inland areas could jump up to the mid 90s quickly. the onsh breeze is tapering off. some of the lows are cooling-off to the 40s and 50s for some to the north . the fog retreats and tomorrow about the same. friday i think we will see some 90s come back to areas that are mainly in the 80s. the coast and bay are not changing that much until we get
6:53 am
a north or north east breeze and i don't see that yet. for some 60s and 70s. others 80s and 90s. temperatures not changing much tomorrow. looks warmer inland friday into saturday. >> looks perfect to me. we want to talk about what is going on on 880 southbound in the hayward area. this is two lanes blocked. actually, i'm just reading the notes, the lanes are now reopened a three vehicle collision has now been moved to the right hand shoulder. as you can see from that read on the map, it is still impactin t map, it is still impacting traffic. also on the 238 connector from 580 you will account of that. let's skip over across the bay to northbound to 80 in san francisco south of mariposa. earlier there was a ladder in the road. now there is a recycling bin in the fast lane. just be aware of that, 280 northbound south of mariposa. looking at this part of 880 in oakland past the colosseum
6:54 am
things look good . the southbound direction approaching a street be aware of that three vehicle collision now moved to the side of the road. things are still jammed up. 24 through lafayette is very slow going. no specific problems. it is slow and go from here all the way to the caldecott tunnel and then it opens up once you get through . the san mateo bridge moving along and moving faster than it was about half an hour ago, but still very congested. we have this one last picture of the bay bridge toll plaza if you have some cash you might have an easier time getting through in the cash lanes. let's go back to the desk. honoring some of the really great players who played for the athletics some of the first members of the 80s hall of fame will be inducted tonight. right now let's check in with garcia and see what's coming up in the next hour. coming up in minutes we will report on a new effort by the university of california system that has nothing to do with academics what you see is
6:55 am
pledging to do that dramatically increases its current efforts to go green. this is something i have never considered but it makes perfect sense, a new report on what could be one of the dirtiest spots in the airport. one we have no way of avoiding. be right back. usic throughou
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the is one.the first
6:59 am
including ricky henderson, vita blue, the former a's owner charlie finley and many others. the a's will conduct more as the hall as needed. it will include players from the a's times in philadelphia and kansas city. a warning this morning from the cdc after more people get sick from eating kellogg's honey smacks syria. the cdc is calling for all stores to stop selling it. it is a popular breakfast cereal and it was recalled in june because of salmonella concerns. after time people to stop eating the cereal, the cdc says that 30 more people became sick. now the total number of cases is up to 130. the cdd -- the says no one should buy honey smacks until after recalled batches are off of store shelves. a new survey showing how important having the latest is
7:00 am
to some people. it is worth going into debt to get the new iphone. is the expected next week. a large portion of the group were people under the age of 35. researchers say many young people do not care that it is expensive. it also hurts their credit score because a cell phone has a bigger impact on their day-to- day lives. the latest model is expected to be unveiled next week. >> this process will be tainted and stained forever. we have started what is expected to be


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