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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  September 6, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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opened at the mount shasta community center. >> 45 miles of i-5 are closed. it will stay closed for a second night. drivers are being urged now to avoid that area. the only detour is taking up to 8 hours with bumper-to- bumper traffic. we have live team coverage tonight. our chief meteorologist bill martin tracking the conditions that firefighters are facing this evening. first, though, we go to cristina rendon in the newsroom with the latest on the delta fire. >> reporter: the chp doesn't have an estimated time when i- 5 will open. that's how bad it is. officials say the fire is burning on both sides of that highway and the dry weather in the area is contributing to the explosive fire behavior. reporter: fast-moving flames some up to 300 feet are burning near redding once again. it's an all-too-familiar unwanted sight in northern california. panicked motorists abandoned their cars and big rigs wednesday as the delta fire forced the closure of a nearly 50-mile stretch of i-5 the main freeway between california and oregon.
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officials say the fire was started by someone on wednesday afternoon but it's unclear if it was arson or an accident. regardless, the fire tripled in size overnight. it's now roughly half the size of san francisco. >> we have a huge northern fire front to deal with today. >> reporter: the u.s. forest service detailed the plan of attack. >> the idea is to tie the east side of the delta fire back in and we'll stop the northern spread of the fire over on the east side of the highway. >> reporter: the delta fire has burned more than 15,000 acres and prompted mandatory evacuations of some homes and businesses near the shasta- trinity national forest. >> everything is ripe for burning. we have seen the extreme behavior. people need to pay attention. >> reporter: it comes as fire crews wrapped up containment on the carr fire last week that killed 8 people and burned more than 1,000 homes. while this fire is being happened by the u.s. forest
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service, cal fire said thursday it has exhausted all $443 million of its annual firefighting budget and needs $234 million more. >> our little town has been doing really well. we're all on edge. i mean, we just got comfortable and thought we could unpack our stuff from the other fires and now here we are right back in the mess again. >> reporter: at least one structure has been destroyed in the delta fire. that's according to a reporter on the scene. it is zero percent contained. the decision on when i-5 might re-open is expected on friday. >> thank you. now to chief meteorologist bill martin. bill, what's it looking like for fire crews out there now? >> the weather conditions, we're going to get to the current conditions, but the weather conditions not out of the r this time of the year in redding. what is out of the normal is this kind of terrain. it's remote -- it's not remote. you have houses in the area
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but in terms of it accessing it, this is some really extreme canyon and ridgeline activity and so that's why it's growing so quickly because this thing is just -- both sides -- here -- both sidesof the mountaintops. it began to move quickly. with the -- both sides of the mountaintops. it began to move quickly. with the plume of smoke, it's a big fire, obviously, temperatures today were down a little. temperatures tomorrow come back up. so currently, i mean, this isn't bad. 78 degrees at 23% humidity. some of the numbers in the fire zone -- winds aren't drastic, either. that's a nice pattern. but what happens tomorrow is we get into a warmer pattern. daytime highs tomorrow in redding will be touching upper 90s, maybe even low 100s. the fire zone could see increased winds obviously and humidities down in the ingle digits. so fire danger comes back up tomorrow with increased temperatures and lower humidity. >> stay with us for continuing coverage on the delta fire. we'll update the numbers for
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you coming up . now to new information about a stabbing in one of san francisco's busiest shopping districts. police say the victim and the suspect are both teenaged girls but they are calling the stabbing a random attack. it happened around this time last night outside the nordstrom rack at market and 5th street. alyana gomez joins us from there live. the suspect is now in custody. >> reporter: that's right, julie. yeah. the young girl who was stabbed -- it happened outside this nordstrom rack at fifth and market as you mentioned. police are calling it a brazen attack considering this heavily populated area. lots of people are here as you see here and, of course, police. it was just after 5 p.m. wednesday, the height of rush hour traffic on san francisco's market street. at the corner of one of the city's busiest shopping stcts, scene of a stabbing between two teenagers.
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>> the suspect a female juvenile aged 14 from concord walked up to the victim and stabbed her without warning and unprovoked attack, stabbed her once in the chest with a pair of scissors. >> reporter: the victim a 17- year-old girl from san francisco, didn't know her attacker. she is okay thanks to witnesses on the street who stopped to help. >> they assisted the victim by putting direct pressure on her wound and pointing out the suspect to officers. >> reporter: the suspect walked half a block with the weapon in hand before she was arrested by police. people who work nearby were warned about what happened and told to be vigilant. >> at work we have a communication panel where the news got posted. it's a neighborhood watch to make sure that everyone is very careful. they are aware to even just walk without your cell phone in your hands. >> reporter: police obtained surveillance video but are not releasing it at this time. the suspect is being held at the juvenile justice centcisco. she is awaiting arraignment tomorrow. she is charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. reporting live in san
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francisco, alyana gomez, ktvu fox 2 news. >> just 14 years old. alyana, thank you. more than 30 top white house officials went on record denying being the author of an op-ed published in the "new york times" claiming that administration officials are working to keep the president from carrying out his worst instincts. those denying involvement including vice president mike pence, secretary of state mike pompeo and defense secretary james mattis. president trump has called for the "new york times" to reveal the name of the author and some white house officials are calling for that person to resign. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh faced more intense questioning today in the senate. democrats focused on his views on abortion and his the white h george w. bush administration. lauren blanchard is in the nation's capital where senator cory booker caused a stir today by releasing emails that he claimed were confidential. >> reporter: he certainly did. and today is day 3 of the
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kavanaugh hearing and really the big deal that we saw in the judiciary committee is democrats continuing to push for more documents about the nominee, judge brett kavanaugh. >> i'm saying right now that i'm releasing committee confidential documents. >> reporter: democratic senator cory booker releaseing confidential emails that he thinks show judge kavanaugh's position on racial profiling after she wanted. republican senator john cornyn says booker's behavior was unbecoming of a senator. >> no senator deserves to sit on this committee or serve in the senate in my view if they decide to be a law unto themselves and willingly flout the rules of the senate. >> i'm ready to accept the full responsibility for what i have done, the consequences for what i have done and i stand by the public's right to have access to the document by the rules -- >> mr. chairman -- >> bring the charges.
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events two people released statements saying those confidential documents have already been released thursday morning per senator booker's request. in a statement to fox news, bill burke saying, quote, we were surprised to learn about senator booker's histrionics this morning because we had already told him he could use the documents publicly. in fact, we have said yes to every request made by the senate democrats to make documents public. >> reporter: the hearing is expected to continue well into the evening almost hitting the 12-hour mark at this point. now, they are in round three of the questioning. after that, there is expected to be a closed-door executive session. but there's still a number of days or weeks ahead for brett kavanaugh. >> lauren blanchard, thank you. on we have posted more on judge kavanaugh's
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emails that were released today. you can find all of that information in our politics section. twitter is permanently banning alex jones. he can't create new accounts or take over any existing ones. the company says he posted a video yesterday that is in violation of their policy against abusive behavior. the video shows jones berating cnn journalist oliver darcy during congressional hearings about social media. last month, apple, google, facebook and spotify moved to restrict the reach of jones and his website infor wars for what they claim is promoting hate speech. a massive three-day tech un facebook's former chief security officer said as a warning for all tech companies. >> training for disaster. first responders from around the country together in the east bay for day one of the
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controversial urban shield event. why some say they need the training now more than ever. >> mass care and shelter is at the forefront of urban shield. >> a live look now at the san mateo. that's the commute direction. on the left heading into the east bay. very heavy on this thursday night. >> and taking another look at a traffic camera, this is the bay bridge toll plaza on this thursday evening. um, the commute direction lanes, the carpool lanes are open but other people it's slow going there. we'll be right back.
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police in sacramento are defeinthe officers who responded to a report of a masked man with a gun. they spotted the suspect who matched the description, he ran into a neighborhood, jumping a fence into a backyard. the s.w.a.t. team was called n hours later they moved in on the suspect. they say the man was armed and they felt their safety was at risk. it's not clear if they thought he was holding a gun when he was shot and killed. >> the suspect posed an immediate threat to the officers and two s.w.a.t. officers fired their weapons at the suspect. what we do know right now is that the suspect is deceased and the officers have located a firearm on the suspect. scene. suspect was pronounced his name fatal
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police shooting of an unarmed man named stephon clark set off weeks of protests in sacramento. a concord police officer is recovering after suffering major injuries in a crash in santa cruz. the 35-year-old officer was with a team of detectives and officers tracking two fugitives in the area yesterday afternoon. the highway patrol says that police were in the process of arrest two suspects at ocean street and broadway when a 2001 honda crashed into a police vehicle. the officer who was hurt in the crash is expected to survive. today is day one of alameda county's controversial urban shield training exercise for police and first responders. today's focus was on emergency operations drills and as ktvu's paul chambers reports, the participants say that training is needed now more than ever. >> look around. you have these special medical needs pods. they are very different from the pods that you're going to see in the other room. reporter: day one of the alameda county sheriff's office urban shield exercises had a different feel this year. the focus was on mass care and sheltering operations after a
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7.9 earthquake hit the bay area. >> in our scenario, we're opening up a disaster shelter to accommodate citizens. >> reporter: for this scenario, the facility in fremont was a scaled-back model of a true setup. volunteers from social service agency, red cross and public health staffed the mock shelter in an effort to better prepare people for the real deal. one room was set up for a general shelter. and the other was used to accommodate people with special medical needs. experts say ideally, it's best to have shelters inside a school, a california law mandating that to happen because of what the facility can offer. >> they have large gyms and showers that are ada compliant. so that's a really big factor. and they have cafeteria facilities. those type of things you really need in order to accommodate a large number of people. >> reporter: in all there are roughly 1,000 volunteers from state, local and national levels working together in these exercises, a rare occurrence but an important
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one, giving different agencies the chance to run a real world disaster drill in conjunction with other first responders. although this drill was designed for an earthquake, the need for emergency shelter has become an all-too-common occurrence in california, especially in the wake of recent wildfires. >> it is for any disaster scenario. some of the issues you might encounter might be different. >> given all the fire devastation that we had in california, mass care and shelter is at the forefront of urban shield. >> reporter: the exercises run through next week. there will be a special free preparedness fair for the community on saturday in castro valley. in dublin, paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. new at 6:00 the usgs and san francisco city leaders underscored the urgency of earthquake preparedness today with a reminder that seismic retrofitting can save buildings and lives. leaders cited historical data
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that shows a 33% chance of a big quake on the hayward fault sometime in the next 25 years. and if you consider all the bay area faults, it's a 72% chance. experts say 150,000 households would be impacted by a magnitude 7 quake. but there are steps you can take to improve the chances that your home will withstand the earthquake. >> fema has said that for buildings that have no retrofitting, one in four have a chance of collapsing. for buildings that have had minimal retrofitting it's one in 30% chance of collapsing. >> city leaders say everyone should think more about the buildings they spend time in every day and also look to the city's soft story retrofit program as an excellent way to prepare for the next "big one." a big three-day conference for a tech startup is under way in san francisco this week with thousands of entrepreneurs and investors in attendance. maureen naylor was among those at moscone west who heard a
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warning about hackers targeting u.s. elections. reporter: at the techcrunch disrupt san francisco conference in san francisco thursday, a dire warning from the former chief security officer at facebook. >> actually throwing an election one way or another is going to be very difficult for an adversary. throwing any election into chaos is totally doable right now. >> reporter: the former tech executive says security will affect every tech company moving forward. he is one of dozens of presenters taking part in a three-day event of the world's largest tech startup conference. it's the 8th year for the event but the first at moscone west. >> we have tripled our square footage, doubled in size in terms of attendees. last year it was 5, 000 and this year we're expecting 10,000. >> reporter: and hundreds of startups from all over the globe from bahrain to brazil trying to launch everything from a new way to track traffic or a child's temperature. the amount of startups here has also increased. it's doubled to 1200 this year. p alley, they all hope to get the eye of investors. >> social media. >> reporter: such as this investor from qatar who brought a four-person film crew with him.
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he says he spent between $20,000 and $30,000 to be here, calling it peanuts for the potential payoff. >> we are much big believer in technology and to be in technology you need to be where there is, you know, history. and san francisco and the bay area have greatest city to learn from. >> reporter: hoping to write history this startup founder who created this foldable electric guitar. >> literally goes into a folded footprint with nice light string tension. >> reporter: joking it's the only physical product at the tech conference. his goal, get exposure and investors and what he calls influencers. media, it doesn't need to be on stage at madison square garden. it needs --it could be with, you know, somebody who is influ >> reporter: in san francisco, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news.
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still to come, oakland international airport going high-tech. >> we also can get people through a little bit faster by doing less bag checks. >> up next, new at 6:00, the new state-of-the-art scanner that was unveiled today. it's meant to help keep passengers safe and keep the lines short. >> and tiger woods got off to a fast start today at the bmw championship in pennsylvania shooting his best round in years. mark will tell us about his round of 62 and the other big name who matched it. >> and a police chase in the east bay ends with a stolen car inside a church. what we're learning from authorities about the moments before this crash. s crash.
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a stolen car plowed into a choice in each oakland after a chase. you can see the dodge inside the church at 61st and international. no one was injured. but as you can see, the church was badly damaged. a sheriff's spokesman says the 39-year-old suspect fought with deputies after the crash and they used a taser to subdue him and take him into custody. all of this happened at 2 p.m. so far, the suspect's name hasn't been released. new at 6:00 tonight, the tsa is showcasing new technology that aims to make the oakland airport safer. a new scanner at a security checkpoint provides tsa agents in a person's bag. the tsa says its main priority
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is more security but also says the new machine could lead to less time in the long security lines. >> we're also focused on the passenger experience. and coming through with this enhanced technology gives us better technology but also we're hoping as we field test it and develop it that we also can get people through a little faster by doing less bag checks. >> oakland is one of 15 airports across the country now using this new technology. one year ago tomorrow we learned that hackers had accessed the data of nearly 150 equifax customers. since then they set up new security measures but consumerwatch dogs say people's data could still be at risk. today the calpirg education fund suggested that people affected should put a credit freeze on all three credit reporting agencies. starting september 21st a law in california makes it free to
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place those freezes withequifax, transunion -- with equifax, transunion and experion. >> all three track and store information about us and share it with others. by placing a freeze, it makes it nearly impossible for thieves to create a new account in your name. >> calpirg also recommends checking your credit report frequently and they suggest checking online accounts like your social security and health benefits accounts to make sure your information is up-to-date and hasn't been altered. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next with an update on the fast-moving delta fire in shasta county. >> the way it sounds, virtually everybody could lose their insurance. >> an unwanted surprise for some bay area homeowners. they are learning their homes aren't covered by fire insurance. >> also, more problems for the thousands of people to check their voter registration status. >> and remembering a legend. a look back at the career of burt reynolds, dead tonight at 82.
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stay with us. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next. is next.
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supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh is facing his second day of questioning. this afternoon, he declined to say whether the 2015 decision that legalized same-sex marriage was correctly decided. he said it would be wrong to comment on recent or pending cases. a number of senior white house officials including the vice president have denied writing an explosive op. ed. that appeared in the "new york times" yesterday. it described a secret plot to c can claims is ls. the first lady was among those who criticized the official who anonymously published the article. she says the author is sabotaging the country and called his or her actions cowardly. the new wildfire burning in shasta county grew to
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15,000 acres overnight. the delta fire broke out yesterday afternoon. it forced authority to shut down a 45-mile stretch of interstate 5 north of redding and is causing evacuations. authorities say they don't expect to re-open the interstate until tomorrow morning at the earliest. >> ou're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. more and more homeowners in the oakland hills are getting notices in the mail that their fire insurance isn't being renewed because their homes are considered at high risk for wildfires. ktvu's rob roth spoke with the california insurance commissioner today about what homeowners can do to get covered. reporter: for the past 15 years, fred perkins lived here in the oakland hills taking meticulous care of his home. but without warning, he says he recently received this letter from his insurance company, liberty mutual. >> so the property poses an un unacceptable risk for wildfire. >> reporter: not renewing his fire insurance.
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>> after 15 years, i was just very surprised. >> reporter: he wasn't living here in october of 1991, but his was among the more than 3,000 homes incinerated in the oakland hills firestorm. >> i don't think it's fair. i think they should at a minimum come to the property, examine the property, and tell me what the issues are. >> reporter: perkins is among a growing number of homeowners in the east bay who are seeing their fire insurance being canceled. california insurance commissioner records show a 15% increase in cancellations in the oakland hills between 2015 and 2016, the most recent data available. >> they are updating their models and they are concluding that some homes are too risky to continue to write insurance for and so they are either nonrenewing or declining to write new insurance. >> reporter: insurance commissioner dave jones says it's not yet a crisis but it is a growing problem in areas where neighborhoods meet wildlands. >> we discovered that these models don't include the sorts of things that homeowners are doing to reduce the risk of fires to their homes so they don't include, for example,
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the fact that you're using roof materials to make your roof impervious to embers. >> reporter: those who lose insurance can check with other carriers and as a last resort people can get insurance through the state's so-called fair plan. perkins has obtained an insurance broker to help him. >> if you play this out the way it sounds, virtually everybody could lose their insurance. >> reporter: we called the property casualty insurers association for comment, but we did not hear back. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. the toll on wildfires in july and august, survivors filing more than 10,000 claims totaling $845 million. the mendocino complex fire and carr fire destroyed or damaged 8800 homes and 329 businesses
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and the fire damaged 800 vehicles and caused other property damage. new at 6:30 tonight, ford is recalling two million pickup trucks after learning that the seatbelts can cause fires. the recall affects certain f- 150 trucks from 2015 through 2018. ford says that a part of the seatbelt can create excessive sparks when they tighten before a crash leading to fire in the insulation or carpet. and so far ford says there are no reports of any injuries due to the malfunction. california dmv is under fire again this time for botching thousands of voter registration forms. reporter ronny long tells us the agency is now asking people to registered at the dmv to recheck their status. >> you have to double there are long wait times that are now being lowered. the dmv will sent out letters to 23,000 customers who
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registered to vote at the dmv between april 23rd and august 5th saying -- dmv transmitted voter information to elections officials that was different from the information provided by customers such as whether they chose to vote by mail, their choice of political party, and whether they intended to register to vote. it asks them to check the registrations and contact the secretary of state's office to make any changes. secretary of state alex padilla is a great booster of motor voter registration and its efficiency and now has to clean up the mess the dmv created with the erroneous voter registrations. padilla said in a written statement, i am extremely disappointed and deeply frustrated that the dmv's administrative error caused inaccurate voter information tr elections officials. in sacramento county, you can register to vote and make changes up to the day of the election. elsewhere it's up to the voter to make sure the information is write or you may get the
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wrong ballot or no ballot. >> you know if you have done business this year, if you put anything on your voter registration card, if you are registering for the first time, if you changed any information, call the voter registration office and make sure that your information is correct. >> reporter: to put things in perspective, the dmv has registered 1.4 million voters. and the mistakes represent less than 1% of the total. still, expect candidates to make political hay over the issue in an election year. in sacramento, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, chaos in cincinnati after a gunman opens fire inside a downtown bank killing three people. up next, what we're learning from officials. >> and new developments in the so-called "speed freak" killers case. the san joaquin county sheriff is now re-opening dozens of unsolved cases. >> it's up to the number of 100 bodies out there that could be out there.
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a 29-year-old man opened fire in downtown cincinnati today killing three people and wounding two others before officers shot and killed him. investigators said they don't know what prompted omar enrique santa perez to go into the building and start shooting. he entered a loading dock and opened fire and went to the lobby where four officers shot him. he was pronounced dead at the scene. first responders were praised. the mayor said it could have been worse. >> the police were there within seconds, literally, from the time they got to the lobby. apparently there were shots
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below and then he moved up to the lobby. so he was actively shooting innocent victims. >> police say the gunman had a 9-millimeter handgun on him along with an estimated 200 rounds or more of ammunition. late today, coroner's officials released the names of the victims, all three were men from 25 to 64 years old. new at 6:30, the newly elected of san joaquin county is re-opening cases related to the so-called "speed freak" killer. he was elected this past june. there are doof unsolved cases that could possibly be traced to the convicted serial killers. from prison shermantine directed investigators to the town of linden where remains were recovered in 2012 of five victims. >> there have been numbers up to the number of 100 bodies out there that could be out
6:40 pm
there still. though families deserve closure. >> shermantine and herzog were named the "speed freak" killers because of their drug- fueled rampages. they were convicted of four murders and suspected of dozens more killings in san joaquin valley. the city of martinez paid tribute to a police officer who was killed in the line of duty ten years ago today. a memorial was held outside police headquarters today for sergeant paul starzyk. the 47-year-old officer rushed to help back in2008 when a man with a gun terrorized customers at a hair salon before he sought out his estranged wife in a nearby apartment. the gunman killed sergeant starzyk and injured another officer as they were trying to save the six people in apartment. today heather holmes talked with the officer's widow. it was her t interview since that tragic day. >> entold me
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that they did everything that they could do, i couldn't believe it. and my world changed forever. >> shannon starzyk told us that after 10 years, she finally felt ready to talk about her husband's death. heather will have more on shannon starzyk and what she told us tonight on the ten o'clock news. an oakland teenager is officially a member of california's board of education. the 17-year-old girl was sworn in this morning. she is the only student member on the board. she will represent california's 6.2 million public school students. she currently attends a small public high school called the life academy of health and bioscience. she worked with the oakland school district for the past few years and has been involved in a number of community activities. coming up here, legendary actor burt reynolds being remembered tonight. >> i have had a wonderful life. >> a look back at his life and his long career in hollywood.
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>> the weekend is just around the corner. a little bit of fog at the coast. inland warm and sunny. i'll have the details on your friday, saturday and sunday. >> and coming up at 7:00 on ktvu plus, 10 former football players suing the nfl for overmedicating them while treating their injuries. their claims were dismissed. but a ruling today may send the case back to court. also, the author of that stunning "new york times" op. ed. still a mystery. but according to tmz, there may be a loophole to figure it out all because of one particular line.
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the tributes are pouring in tonight for burt reynolds.
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the film and television actor died today at the age of 82 fans have been visiting reynolds' star on the hollywood walk of fame. some leaving behind flowers at that site. and fellow entertainers are remembering him as a friend a hero and an inspiration with a career spanning more than 40 years he was once considered one of the most bankable actors in the industry. reporter trace gallagher takes a look back at the actor who is known for his signature moustache, along with his charisma, swagger and charm. >> you have a great profile. >> yeah, i do, don't i? >> reporter: hollywood is remembering the life and legacy of legendary actor burt reynolds. after starring in tv shows like gunsmoke, he rose to fame in the 1970s for his breakout role as lewis medlock in the film "deliverance." he has nearly 200 film and tv credits to his name including the longest yard, "smokey and the bandit," "boogie nights," which earned him an oscar nomination, and a golden globe win. according to variety, he was
6:46 pm
the number one box office attraction for a five-year stretch starting in the late 1970s. and industry insiders say much of his appeal came from his innate swagger and charm, combined with a rye self- awareness. >> you hope when you start out as an actor that you're going to grow old gracefully and do all these things that will be around for a while but nothing ever turns out the way you want it to but it does turn out good. >> reporter: hollywood responded on twitter. reba mcentire said: >> i have had a wonderful life. just a wonderful life. i think when people figure that out about themselves, i
6:47 pm
think they are much happier. >> reporter: he is survived by his son quinton. burt reynolds was 82 years old. in los angeles, trace gallagher, fox news. all righty. just looking at some of the weather in northern california where the fire is up -- the delta fire. you can see up on i-5, still closed, by the way, and there's lots of traffic issues there. there's the smoke plume and then these are the current temperatures out there which are very conducive to fighting fires. so hopefully that story starts to take on a different twist here as we go into the next 24 hours. hopefully there will be more containment. right now it's zero percent. but i suspect by tomorrow, based on the way things are going, we'll have more containment on it.
6:48 pm
these are today's highs. it's warmer. tomorrow it will be warmer still. so instead of upper 80s, some low 90s. tomorrow is the warmest day of the week. so 96 degrees up in the redding area tomorrow for the daytime high. not easy fighting fires when it's 13% humidity and 96 degrees. for us the fog is back. and the pattern is changing in that the compression, the marine layer is shrunk. it's not as thick. so with less thickness, further warming. so when that thing pinches down, you can see it. last night, cooler lower temperatures. now it's not getting inland and tomorrow night at this time mark will show you the same map and you will see oranges and yellows all the way into the oakland hills. there's a shot -- interesting enough, you look at the live camera shot, last few nights, the inversion or the fog has been above the sutro camera. now it's down. it's that whole pinching down,
6:49 pm
right? it's really all summer is, it's -- it's -- it's inversion. it's about the depth of the inversion, basically tells you everything you need to know. it doesn't make as big a difference in the winter because the weather systems that are actively coming through the inversion doesn't exist. that's why high pressure is what you need to have to have an inversion and in the winter months we have more dominant low pressure typically. there's the five-day forecast. you can see temperatures warm friday and saturday, cooling off sunday through tuesday. but a nice looking five-day forecast with fire danger coming up tomorrow but really it's going to get a quick cooldown as we head towards the early part of next week. well, tiger woods is back on top of the leaderboard looking for his first win in more than 5 years. mark will have his highlights and the rest of sports coming up next. g up next.
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our sports director mark ibanez, kind of strange to thing tiger woods is on the top of the leaderboard. >> it's safe to say tiger is back. kind of hedging my bets for a while there. but man, he is healthy and
6:53 pm
frank and julie, his best round in five years. 8-under 62 back at the bmw championship in newtown square, p.a. par 47th, second shot, lay it right up there within a couple of feet or inches, really. and the ensuing birdie for tiger woods here at the par 5 ninth. very appreciative gallery and tied for the lead with rory mcilroy. almost had an eagle there. settles for a bird. rory mcilroy and tiger woods tied for the lead. tonight we'll have the thursday evening highlights for football but in the meantime 49er and raider fans getting ready for their openers and the 49ers, well, definite enemies from years
6:54 pm
gone by now wearing the red and gold, richard sherman coming back from the ruptured achilles after being released by seattle. it's all systems go. he met all his marks in his return and will start sunday versus the favored vikings. and even helping is kobe bryant who himself returned for a time after a torn achilles. >> it felt good. go out there and cover the guy i'm on and keep him from catching the ball. i never thought about other things. the raiders open monday against the rams in oakland. had a chance to sit down with jon gruden and he talked why he would leave the broadcast booth for the grind of the head coaching job in the nfl in his second return to the raiders.
6:55 pm
>> big reason i'm here is i love the raiders. got a lot of respect for them and i love the fans. i had a son here, jason was born in oakland. he is a little bit like al r him to have an opportunity with his brothers to share this with me, with the black hole, it's going to be really cool. i'm just going to do everything i can to get some wins. >> it's a little too far down the track just to look ahead at las vegas. does it hurt your heart to know how loyal these people have been and knowing that this is a short-term transition? >> it's tough. you can't lie about it. we can't hide from it. we know what's in the future. but they got an old saying around here, once a raider, always a raider. and i got a failing that these fans that you see in our coliseum, we could play in a for country and they're going to be with us. god bless the raider fans. >> it will be real interesting to see how they respond. you want to see the entire
6:56 pm
interview sunday morning 8:30 on the mercedes-benz sports weekend. john had a lot to say about things like instant replay and, you know, khalil mack all that stuff. sunday 8:30. meantime, taking it to the u.s. open, new york, queens, the place, serena williams on the way again to the finals at the open. she takes on the opponent, no problem. 6-3. she polished off the game winning set. spikes on hand to see it. ninth time in the finals at the u.s. open for serena. looking for her 7th title there. and it would be if it happens her 24th grand slam event. she is looking strong. all right. we have the baseball crime of the season solved. it looks like. if you have been following this throughout the week, todd frazier of the new york mets made this sensational play the other night against the dodgers going into the stands.
6:57 pm
and, well, there's actually a ball that he picked up right there. that's the real ball that that gentleman wearing the justin turner jersey, that's a rubber ball. he throws it into the stands and makes sure the umpire doesn't inspect it. he tells his teammates about it. here's todd frazier's true confession. >> i caught the ball going foot stands and as i came down, the ball came out. you know? and i understand in the replay there was another ball there. first ball i saw i picked up and raised my hand up and he called him out. so just one of those things. it is hollywood. so sometimes you got to act out a little bit. it was underneath that green, um, little bag. so, um, i fell down, i guess it rolled down stomach and rolled to the ground. first thing there, boom. the guy actually handed the girl the right ball. so it was, um -- >> he got away with it. that's all i can say. >> good night.
6:58 pm
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