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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  September 11, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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happening around the bay area and across the country to commemorate the events that unfolded 17 years ago today. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and welcome to mornings on 2. it's tuesday, september 11 and i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. i'm dave clark and we have steve paulson with your weather. we have the hurricane, category 4, a strong one forming that will maintain intensity and a very strong category 4 that could even be category 5 somewhere around north carolina and it continues to be the track, maybe a little to the north. for us, only patchy fog and otherwise stem is finally deepening and making its move. it will send an calls later to pick up the breeze. the ridge of high pressure held on for one more day but it's about ready to lose its grip. 40s, 50s and 60s and some wild
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temperatures. a little cooler for some. water temps are going down with the north wind on the coast. sunny today but cooler as the breeze picks up later this afternoon. 60s, 70s and 80s. 4:01 on this tuesday. we are off to a decent start. we have a couple of road work things out there, steve. you may see road work on your way to work. i do sometimes. let's look at what we have. traffic on 880 will be slow on southbound 880, getting to the fremont area because of road work and i want to mention that there is a crash eastbound 92 at 880 blocking seve as you come off e mateo bridge. not a big backup, will looks good coming
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from the tracy area. 205, as well and going to 880, oakland, that traffic looks good and at the bay bridge, its light. it's 4:02. we are watching a wildfire in west marin forcing mandatory evacuations this morning and burning near the mount barnaby lookout and samuel p taylor state park. it started and grew overnight from 40 acres to at least 100 acres and is only 10% contained. firefighters are battling the flames in steep and rough terrain with power lines down and 25 homes in danger. mandatory evacuations were ordered in the forest knolls area next to the park and evacuees can go school to get help. a small grass fire and contra costa county is being investigated and started at about 2:00 a.m. near loveland road not far from
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the pittsburgh highway. 3 acres burned and no injuries reported. people were forced out of their home from the snell fire and are now allowed back home. the firefighters said they are confident they are getting a handle on the fire and it burned almost four square miles but containment is 45% on the forecast calls for favorable conditions. >> i hoped it wouldn't get over the water. the trucks that we saw, i was comfortable with the fact that we could keep our house. >> no homes were damaged or destroyed but this was the third recent evacuation for the region and insurance rates are up for some homeowners and some have had policies canceled because of the constant fire threat. firefighters in shasta county are having a tough time getting the adult a fire under control. it has burned almost 78 square
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miles north of 5% contained. interstate 5 is open. it was closed for six days because of the fire. part of the area opened up yesterday and there are restrictions and warnings about slow traffic. events in the bay area will mark 17 years since the 9/11 attacks. in new york city, the national 9/11 memorial is hosting a commemoration ceremony this morning. they will honor the 2983 people killed in the attacks in the 1993 bombing of the world trade center. on this day every year, the museum at the world trade center site is only open to family members of the 2001 and 1993 attacks and we will bring live coverage on the east coast all morning long. the menlo park fire district is flying hundreds of flights to remember the lives
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lost on 9/11. the urban search and rescue task force responded to the terror attacks 17 years ago today and they look for survivors for the next few days and that mission then became a recovery effort. the menlo park district, part of task force three also helped new york city develop a backup rescue system for the city in case of future tax. here are a few of the 9/11 observances in the bay area. the livermore-pleasanton fire department will hold ceremonies at 10 fire stations at 6:40 this morning. the san francisco fire department will hold ceremonies at its stations at 6:45 and firefighters will have a ceremonial bell that will ring three times for the last alarm at 6:59, when the first of the twin towers collapsed. september 11 has become a day of service, as well with more than 1000 volunteers packing one quarter million meals for
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the needy today at pier 35 and it will include alice hoagland, the mother of mark bingham, on the hijacked flight 93 that crashed in pennsylvania. we have new details about a muni bus crash in san francisco that seriously injured the driver. dashcam video shows the bus crossing lanes of traffic on lumbar before it hit a tree and a dry cleaning business yesterday morning. investigators are trying to figure out why the driver lost control and if he had a medical emergency before the crash. >> not only do have access to the surveillance video posted online but we have cameras aboard the bus that has angles in the bus and outside of the bus and footage of the operator, as well. >> witnesses said the driver juries in the crash and s and muni said the 66-year-old driver has been with muni for a long time. the time is 4:06 and muni
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is investigating a photo that allegedly shows the train operator using a rubber band to hold the throttle the photo was posted on social media and raises big concerns about safety. amberly found out why some operators may use rubber bans even though it's a major rule violation. >> reporter: the photo posted on social media shows a muni train operator at the controls with his left hand over the throttle. look closely and you see a rubber band attached under the microphone and on the right hand, there is at least one rubber band around his wrist. we show the photo to several muni passengers who ride the light rail vehicles daily. >> that's probably not how it w happens all the time? >> of the driver is unconscious, it would slow down the train? so, that is a big safety r >> reporter: a spokesperson said the driver has been
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identified in the incident is under investigation. >> if it is a case where someone is tying a rubber band around the throttle, that is a rule violation and not acceptable. >> reporter: a muni operator spoke with us on the condition that we not identify him. he's not the driver in the photo but set a handful of operators use a rubber band to avoid fatigue. >> some drivers do it, due to the fact that their hand gets tired. i don't condone it because it puts everyone at risk. it puts me at risk if i'm on the line driving. >> reporter: the operator raised concerns that muni is using drivers to train other operators how to pilot the new trains. >> it isn't a matter of existing operators who know how to operate the new vehicle teaching their colleagueshuge b to the equipment, themselves. >> reporter: as for the
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operator with a rubber band on the throttle, a muni spokesman, paul rose, said he cannot comment on the specific left -- on the specifics of the case but said the operator would be placed on nondriving status with pay, pending the outcome. in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu fox2 news. governor brown signed legislation calling for california to get 100% of the energy from renewable sources by 2025. the governor prepares to welcome thousands to the summit in san francisco tomorrow. >> reporter: with the stroke of a pen, governor jerry brown sent california on a dual course the year 2045. >> i'm committing california 20 carbon emissions, which is a lot more difficult than now, 30% of electricity comes
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from clean renewable resources such as wind, solar and hydroelectric power. businesses have concerns that prices would be raised, promptingthe groups to oppose it. >> worrying about cost is a big hurdle. >> reporter: the director of uc berkeley law school said businesses have shown they can innovate and one of the biggest challenges will be for a grid operator to figure out how to manage renewable sources that can vary with changes in the weather. >> the real change for california going out to 2045, how do we balance the intermittent kinds of technologies. the sun isn't always shining and the wind isn't always blowing and there are droughts and we always don't have hydropower. >> reporter: there will be a global climate action summit in california. >> we welcome this. it's good news. >> reporter: the climate group sits on the advisory board and california is in line with what other countries and global businesses are trying to achieve. >> they will commit to 100% renewable energy for everything from play stations to other
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things. there is a commitment we are seeing in california. >> reporter: another group will show how they are working to reduce carbon emissions in the cruise ship industry. >> we are building a sustainable cruise ship that uses renewable energy. >> reporter: the executive order calling for carbon neutrality would pull carbon from the atmosphere by restoring new technologies. >> weather pulling in carbon from the atmosphere to lock it up into a biomass, it is buried under the soil. the governor's actions are not mandates and there are no penalties for falling short. 4:11. a little girl in the east bay is in critical condition after a swimming pool accident. how the eight-year-old almost drowned and what led up to it. raider nation showed up in full force to cheer on the team. there are high hopes even as
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the raiders are bound for vegas.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's for 14:00 and the new tell-all book about the inner workings of the trump white house by investigative reporter bob woodward, it is now on store shelves. the book is entitled, fear.
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it went on sale at midnight and bob woodward's standing behind his explosive claim that defense secretary jim mattis and white house chief of staff, john kelly, made disparaging remarks about president trump. the two white house officials have denied this. >> they are not telling the truth. my old boss at the washington post, ben bradlee, the great editor, use to say the truth emerges. sometimes it takes time. >> president donald trump has gone on twitter to blast woodward's book, calling it a joke and a scam, among other things. the raiders are coming off a week one loss to the rams as they prepare to go to denver to face the broncos this weekend. a crowd of 55,000 fans packed to the to watch the raiders take on the rams in a nationally televised game. after missing a playoff last season, fans have high hopes for this year and with oakland planning the anti-trump lawsuit
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against the team, the las vegas bound raiders could leave after this season. >> it's about pride and a dedication that most fans don't understand. we are a family out here. >> many fans said they will cheer on the team no matter where they play and some fans already said they live outside the bay area and travel to oakland for each home game. we met some from manteca, bakersfield and even atlanta, georgia. >> in the middle and getting a push! right through! >> the raiders had an early lead thanks to the tough touchdown run by marshawn lynch on the opening drive and the games were close -- the game was close and then turnovers started. watch this. derek carr threw three teway to a 33-13 blow out. the kickoff in denver on sunday is 1:25.
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the atlanta braves will be taken on today. >> a base hit! >> the guys were up early, and that would be the only run the giants could score a. the lead had a triple in the ninth inning and the braves win 4-1 and gines have a nine-game losing streak right now and they will try to stop that tonight when the teams play again at the park. sale is here. i saw you as you walked in. did you get coffee? >> not yet, dave. first things first. i have a little bit of traffic in my veins. good morning to you both. we are looking at the gilroy
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san jose commute on northbound 101 and as you r problems into the gilroy area and into san jose. a lot of roadwork on 237, no big traffic delay and 280 san jose looks good into the west valley. bay bridge is light and right now, with this early commute, we have a lot of room for you. you can get your coffee and hit the road. >> it sounds like a good idea. get a cup of coffee and watch you and then hit the road. florence is a category 4 hurricane and looks like it is making a beeline toward north carolina. it is shifting north, borderline almost category 5. it will be very, very close and is intensifying and it looks like late thursday into friday with some good news if an islan olivia is now a tropical storm. it has decreased. the winds are 70
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into tomorrow. at least it has gone down in intensity. it will be a big wayne -- rain and wind producer. call ahead. mostly clear and the system is deepening. it took a while and it is now moving and may send high clouds in later. the main impact was to bump the high out of here and crank up the breeze a little bit. 40s, 50s and 60s on the temps and 58 by the concord pavilion and 53 in black hawk. mid-50s and upper 50s, martinez, 62. the water temps went down. 52-56-55. that is cool. i think we peeked out and i wouldn't be surprised if the cool trend continues. 34 in truckee and patchy fog and the result will be a cooler pattern. more so into tomorrowfor many.
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you'd have to go to maui to find the 80s with a fall like pattern kicking in. it begins today and will pick up later as the wind cranks up and then it will come flying in. it looks like it will be breezy and will stay on the cool side for the weekend. a scam alert. the contra costa district attorney wants to warn you how scammers are trying to commit identity theft over the phone. plus, telling time according to your body -- body clock. how a new blood test will say if you are a morning person like claudine wong or a night owl.
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will come back to mornings on 2. it's now 4:23 and state health officials confirmed california's first deaths of 2018 caused by the west nile virus. yesterday, the state department said there was a death in glenn county in the sacramento valley. the second death was in yuba county including the cities of yuba city and sville. so far, 56 people this year have become sick statewide from the west nile virus. this is a peak period for west nile virus and often is transmitted to humans by an infected mosquito. we are waiting to learn whether several high school students in the east bay will be disciplined for taking edibles at school and becoming sick. officials at richmond high school said they found out that all five of the students at eaton -- had eaten rice crispy
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treats laced with an unknown substance. paramedics were called to the school but no students were taken to the hospital. your time is 4:24 and what time does your body think it is right now? researchers believe everyone has an internal body clock that may be different from the actual external clock and now, they say if you want to know what your internal time is, take a simple blood test. why is that important? fox medical teams, dr. joe, will walk us through it. >> those of us that get up early can relate to this. these internal body clocks are so important and we are learning more and more about them. our bodies are cyclical. we go to sleep and wake up and during those times there are different processes occurring and our tissues are changing
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and repair is going on. we are switching on and off and about half of our genomes, in fact, are affected by this internal clock. thinking about this, it is driven by the brain and allows us to secrete melatonin to make us go to sleep and things to wake us up and the court is all that comes out and it's also wired in to almost every single cell in our body. >> i don't think people realize that. we realize we are tired and want to sleep, and we know when something doesn't feel right but in terms of health consequences, you know, how do you use that information in terms of what a doctor w say? >> it's really, really profound and we are just starting it is. we've seen multiple problems with things like shift workers and people that have erratic schedules. so, we know it does have an effect but we have to get down
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to the nitty-gritty look to see if we can find out what's going on and that's what the researchers are trying to do. they created a blood test to look at a blood cell that has the internal clock correlated with the clock in the brain and they are measuring a couple of samples of blood, 8-12 hours apart and they correlate that with data from additional studies and they are finding that they can determine your own personal internal clock within about 1.5 hours to two hours of accuracy. it's interesting because prior to this, the other studies, you had to take blood samples every hour and they would have to put somebody in the hospital. they say this test will illuminate all of that. >> you would just go in the afternoon one day and swing around the next day? not bad. >> yes. >> it's one of those things that i think my body is saying,
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you are up too early. thanks. interesting to see how the science will go from here. >> yes. thank you. >> thanks for chatting with us. 4:26 and we have a ktvu crew on the move going to a wildfire burning in west marin. we tell you how many homes are threatened and how much the fire has grown since it started last night. >> reporter: i'm doug luzader in alexandria, virginia. water levels may be rising in advanced of a monster hurricane. more on that coming up. olay regenerist wipes out the competition; hydrating better than $100, $200 even $400 creams. with our b3 complex, beautiful skin doesn't have to cost a fortune. olay.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and welcome back. it is tuesday morning, september 11 and i'm dave clark. >> i'm claudine wong in for pam cook this morning and we begin with a wildfire forcing neighborhoods in west marin to evacuate. the fire grew overnight from 40 acres to 100 acres near taylor state park.
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containment is that 10% and fire crews are dealing with rain and there is fire dangers in the area. the red cross is helping evacuees that have gathered at lagunitas school for help. we will talk about the weather which will affect the fire fight. steve has the forecast. conditions in marin county, higher elevations at barnaby pete with gusts, 27 miles-an- hour and that will pick up later and it will be out of the west, not north or northeast, but temperatures are mainly in the 50s. take a look at this, fairfax 54, and not much change, but we will keep an eye on the breeze. the system is making a move and finally digging in and as it does, clouds will be sent in with a cooler pattern in the


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