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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 13, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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track the 10:00 news on fox to start now. you can hear the wind and almost feel the intensity as hurricane florence starts to lash the carolinas with wind. florence is weakening as it airs -- nears land but this is a large storm but its impact is still going to be felt by millions of people. good evening everyone. >> in just the past two hours, the national hurricane center downgraded florence to a
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category one hurricane with sustained winds of 91 miles per hour. here is the latest radar picture of the storm. the eye of this storm is now about 43 miles southeast of wilmington north carolina. the storm's progress has slowed considerably, with just 6 miles an hour, the landfill expected early tomorrow morning. the onslaught has already begun. >> reporter: florence has certainly arrived on north carolina's coast here. we have already seen wind, at 70 miles per hour, now it is difficult to stand up, painful if you turn your head into it. the wind is a big part of this story, the rain and the storm surge is what will be potentially deadly in this storm, and certainly catastrophic when it comes to damage. this storm will sit for hours
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and hours in conditions just like this. >> these pictures now are justin from newport north carolina, where workers from the national weather service drove down the road where you can see, there were downed trees and branches covering the pavement. right now, 10 million people are under storm watches or warnings. duke energy says they expect 3 million of their customers will lose power, and already tonight, 156,000 homes and businesses are without electricity, just in north carolina alone. >> lot coverage begins tonight with fox news, reyes along the north carolina coast in wilmington tonight. >> reporter: frank and heather, good evening, you talk about these watches and warnings, people are taking them very seriously. as the conditions continue to get more and more intense, as the hours go on, recently, a flash flood warning was issued for three counties, including new hanover county, where we are, until 6:00 a.m.
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tomorrow morning. forecasters say florence is a massive slow-moving storm that could dump up to 40 inches of rain on the carolinas. the storm surge could be as high as 11 feet. more than 1,000,000 1/2 people in the carolinas and virginia have been told to evacuate. >> anyone still unwilling to take this storm seriously, let me be clear, you need to get yourself to a safe place now. and stay there. >> reporter: the governors of north and south carolina are urging residents to take evacuation orders seriously. >> remember this, once the wind started blowing, it will be virtually impossible for the rescuers to get into rescue you. >> reporter: as the hurricane closes in, not everyone is heeding the warnings. this myrtle beach couple deciding it's the perfect time to tie the knot. the newlyweds say they will ride out the storm at home. >> so it's just a peaceful day
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to do it, and here we are. >> reporter: is residents make last-minute preparations for the storm, duke energy is is saying the hurricane may knock out power to up to 3 million customers in the carolinas. frank and heather, we are connecting another update from the national hurricane center any minute now, but with that said, the last update gave us a lot of important information. for instance, morehead city, where you saw leland before, they already got a 10 foot storm surge and we are inspecting surges anywhere from it which is between seven and 11 feet. >> ray, the last time we spoke with you it seems like it wasn't nearly as windy or raining is hard, give us a little bit of an update on how things are worsening there. >> reporter: i think they are worsening in a couple of ways. number one is the consistency in which -- with which the wind
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and rain is coming. earlier it was just coming in waves and bands, and then it would subside for a while, before coming back. now, it is just constant. the other thing is the electricity starting to see this, frank, i heard you say 136,000 people are without power already. we might be one of them soon, because we have had multiple times where the light has gone off in the hotel and come back on. that has also happened with streetlights behind us here as well. >> all right, ray along the north throwing to coast. thank you, ray. not to concentrate on numbers, but it is down to a category one now, this storm is dying -- is coming and it doesn't matter what category it is, the rainfall will be massive, and that really is the key component to this whole thing. as we talked about two nights ago, it just stopped coming at this ridge of high pressure and stopped. 6 miles per hour right now, it is still 34 miles offshore, so the high-volume is just making its way on shore, it will just
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bombard the coastal sections of the carolinas with category one tropical storms, waves and wind, and water and rainfall. this is the forecast all the way through sunday. this thing lingers in the carolinas, that is a bad formula. here is the forecast, friday afternoon, that's the end of the day tomorrow. here is the end of the day on saturday. it just keeps coming, and then this thing gets caught up. lots of storm surge. the big problem with this is storm surge. when the water comes up, that is what does the most damage and all storm surge, starts bouncing around, some of the rivers, as far as 100 miles inland. some of those rivers will get seven and 8 foot storm surges as the water funnels up. it will be about the storm surge and rainfall, lingering for a few days in the carolinas. members of the california air national guard are flying the carolinas tonight, the plan
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-- team plans to help in any way they can. a cargo plane took off from moffett field a few minutes ago, our team coverage picks up, rob malcolm is at moffett field. we just watched the crew pack up their supplies tonight. >> that's right, frank, it was incredible to watch. the crew of the 129's rescuing operated here like clockwork. i'm going to give you a c-130, as we pan over, you will see two helicopters here, crew for the 129 rescuing national guard, they were big over the past couple of days, gathering crew members, medical supplies, and even jumping supplies for some paratrooper trips that are mobilized towards the north carolina. another 20 left tonight, and another 20 specialized crewmembers left yesterday. what you are about to see is the planning and dedication it
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takes to make a mission like this work. >> reporter: like clockwork, the team from the 129's rescuing of the california national guard loading a helicopter onto the massive c- 17 cargo plane ready to assist in north carolina. >> i just want to help people. i want to see how it looks, it's my first time, >> reporter: 129's rescuing mission is to train and prepare wartime missions of search and rescue anywhere in the world. they have assisted in hurricanes before just last year in hurricane harvey, deploying a team of 90 personnel. north carolina won't be much different, but just as challenging. >> it's a great honor, all these volunteers are out here, most of these guys showed up at 4:00 in the morning to prepare the helicopter. they folded the blades, now they will loaded into the c-17, and they are going to go to dover, delaware.
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all these guys are excited to be a part of the mission. our motto is that others may live. >> reporter: over the years, this group has been credited with saving over 1000 lives. >> we supported at harvey and irma last year. harvey was probably more like what i would expect to see for florence coming up. we never really know what we will get, we will just be there and ready. >> they certainly were ready. the pilots had little time to talk tonight if they didn't get off the ground before 10:00, they would have likely had hours of being in the air. 48 hours, so now they are headed to north carolina, no indication on when they will return, because the mission can take some time to complete before they are relieved of duties. >> rob, very impressive.
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>> it certainly was frank, we watch them fold the blades of the helicopter, coming into that b-17 -- c-17. as i said, it took many minutes for them to load the full-sized helicopter like what you're seeing here, medical supplies, personnel, and also jump gear, as soon as the plane landed it was right back up in the air and headed for north carolina, really an incredible site to watch. >> rob malcolm at moffett field tonight, thank you. people in hawaii are cleaning up after tropical storm olivia slept across -- swept across the island. here you are seeing damage left behind on maui and oahu, a dam could threaten thousands of people downstream. residents have been warned to be ready to evacuate. tropical storm olivia dropped more than 7 inches of rain
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before moving away from the island. president trump signed a federal disaster declaration to help in the recovery. now to massachusetts, where a teenager died today after a series of natural gas explosions destroyed dozens of homes. fire officials described the scene as armageddon, as the explosions forced thousands of people to evacuate. the explosions took place in three cities located northwest else is northwest of boston. there were at one time 18 fires burning in lawrence. over pressurized gas line served by the columbia gas company. one person was killed in the explosion, an 18-year-old boy died when an exploding home center chimney falling onto his car. at least 10 other people were hurt. police say three explosions caused 60 to 80,000 structure fires throughout the day. -- 60 to 80 structure fires throughout the day. warnings were issued in three cities which caused panic and chaos. at this point it is unclear
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when people will be able to return home. >> it will be a while before people will return to their homes. always err on the side of safety. go to shelters, communicate with 911. >> the columbia gas company had announced earlier today it would be upgrading gas lines in neighborhoods across the state, including the three communities where the explosions happened. seven cisco police on a crime crackdown. we will tell you about the new measures in place. at 10:30, teachers demanding a pay raise and more. they say they are willing to strike and soon. first, governor brown takes a boat on seven cisco bay, and signs legislation fighting climate change. >> what we are doing on climate change would have been unthinkable years ago.
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10:00, with seven cisco bay as the backdrop, governor jerry brown assigned a package of bills aimed at fighting climate change. the goal of the new laws is to increase the number of zero emission vehicles on the road, and reduce the number of polluting cars and trucks that run on gas and diesel fuels. janet is live for us tonight at the muscogee center where the governor is hosting a summit of
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climate change leaders from around the world. >> reporter: heather, i spoke one-on-one with governor brown today, and he clearly expressed his disdain for president trump and financial policy. he had scathing words earlier today about the president, and on board a ferry this afternoon in the bay, he signed new laws that sent california forging ahead. -- forging ahead of federal policies. >> reporter: the san francisco skyline behind him, governor jerry brown assigned 16 environmental bills into law thursday. the signing was on board a new red and gold fleet hybrid electric series for seven cisco bay. the new laws are continuation of the governor brown's crusade to fight climate change. vehicle emissions reportedly comprise 50% of california's greenhouse gas emissions, and the new laws include rebates for electrical -- electric vehicle batteries, help for families that get electric vehicles, cleaner school buses,
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and, more electrical vehicle charging and structure. >> a long way to go. >> at this week's local climate action summit thursday, governor brown continued criticism of president trump's efforts to relax and by mental regulations with this comment. >> i think it will be remembered on the path he is now? i don't know, liar, criminal? fool. make your choice. >> reporter: governor brown said the summit has resulted in productive partnerships and pledges. >> what we are doing on climate change would have been unthinkable years ago, it is in part because of donald trump's weapon i think the climate. >> reporter: the governorends i january and talking to his env flight. >> we have a lot of work to do as governor and beyond that, i will find some ways work with independence, and even
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republicans to get our country back on the right path. we need more unity. >> reporter: i did ask governor brown if he plans to run for president, he said he had no comment. he did say he had a conversation with former vice president al gore. about life after elected office. >> thank you very much. protesters blocked the street outside the center during the second day of the summit. the crowd called on the governor and others to do more to protect the planet. >> our water is not for sale. >> reporter: it was a quick demonstration, protesters stole the spotlight at the in seven cisco just as new york mayor michael bloomberg to the stage.
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>> we unfurled our banner, and we got, you know, aggressively escorted out. >> only in america could you have environmentalist protesting an environmental conference. >> reporter: leaders inside the summit are doing enough according to the group. >> what are you doing, why are you protesting this? just kind of trying to say to them that we need to start with community's not corporations. >> the corporate heads elected officials anything they were saying was about making profit. >> reporter: roughly 500 people outside the center were organizations based in the bay area and beyond. some took issue with governor brown's policy on fossil fuel production. >> governor brown has drilled more than 21,000 oil wells since being in office. california is one of the country's top oil-producing states. >> reporter: the protesters say
10:19 pm
they want their ideas to be a part of the solution, and they believe it start listening to all invoices, not just those with money. >> i know they don't have our best interest at heart, i know our community groups do. >> reporter: police arrested a man from san francisco for resisting arrest and another for trespassing. the event organizers have declined to present charges, but their badges have been confiscated. in san francisco, ktvu, f0x2 news. the state of new york held its democratic primary tonight, andrew cuomo defeated sex and the city actress cynthia nixon to advance to the general election in november. cuomo received 66% of the vote a blue wave iimmigrants who act like them. cuomo will face republican mark in november, he is trying to use
10:20 pm
-- when a third term. governor gavin newsom was on the campaign trail today in lafayette and berkeley. he spoke on behalf of buffy wicks, the candidate for the 15th district. joining other democratic leaders and reminding voters that this could be one of the most important midterm elections in recent memory. he says he is urging everyone to stop complaining about the current state of american politics, and get out and vote. >> we can talk about the good old days, with housing and urban development, when they were in the housing business, we could talk about the institutionalization for those that were getting support, or we could actually do something about it. we could talk about the 44 mental health facilities we've shut down since 1995, or we could do . >> also today, newsom spoke on behalf of of a candidate
10:21 pm
-- earlier in the afternoon. >> the last poll in the race for governor was taken back in july, and shows newsom at 54% of likely voters. his opponent, john cox, was at 31%, 24 point this -- difference. stanford university political science professor condoleezza reiss gave the campaign a boost today, she formally endorsed the republican candidate for governor saying john cox has the vision to tackle california's problems. cox is running as of -- outsider saying he will use the financial skills that made him a billionaire to put california on the right path. still to come here, bay area teachers threatening to strike. >> get ready to walk. we are tired of talk.
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>> pay raise and better conditions in the classroom. the san jose star made a blockbuster trade today, training camp is set to begin, michael talk about the big name they've signed and would have given up in return. san francisco police are cracking down on crime here in the plaza, we will show you what is being done.
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strachan seven cisco, police have locked -- started a
10:25 pm
crackdown just off of market street at civic center. the chief is taking action after receiving complaints about chronic drug use and the detrimental effects that is having on the neighborhood. near 10:00, we are in the city tonight talking with people who live and work in the area. amber? >> reporter: police say the problems here are complex and ongoing, so they say it is time to try something new. seven cisco city hall looms over un plaza. on this night it looks clean, and it is without the homeless, the mentally ill, and drug addicts who often gather here. some say it is time to take back this iconic space for the public to enjoy. >> they see a clean city, they  feel like they can enjoy the city, and the beauty of the city for what it's worth. >> reporter: police chief bill scott stopped by to talk with
10:26 pm
the officers who are keeping an eye on the area. this mobile command center has been parked on market street since tuesday, a show of police presence all part of a new strategy to rid the area of illegal activity. >> people cooking drugs and slamming needles, doing all the different things that people do. >> reporter: the police have stepped up foot patrols, it has also been on social media, showing photos of officers saving the lives of two addicts with cpr, and a drug that treats overdoses. also shown are mugshots of suspected dealers. police say they've made 637 arrestsand near the plaza earlier this year for various crimes. >> came to a point where the apartment look at this area and knew that we have to take some ground back from the heavy drug users. >> reporter: that meant putting a barricade around the start of which became a dumping ground for dirty syringes. the city's cleanup and crackdown strategy is welcome from a worker at a nearby
10:27 pm
bakery who says that shoplifting is an ongoing problem. >> people whose risings, it's not so good. but if the police can do that, we appreciate it. >> reporter: police say they are collaborating with the department of public works and other agencies to maintain the area. >> a lot of it is being strategic, is efficient with our resources, and collaborative. we address the problem one day at a time. >> reporter: we asked police how long the stepped up patrols and mobile command centers would be ongoing, the answer is as long as it takes. live in seven cisco, amberly, ktvu f0x2 news. police say they have arrested a vallejo man who works closely with children on child sex charges. 45-year-old ryan rosenthal is accused of trying to meet a 14- year-old girl for sex. investigators say he operates a children's charity group based in vallejo. police say he tried to contact
10:28 pm
his teenage victim through social media, they took him into custody on tuesday when he tried to meet the girl in san francisco. coming up, a new problem for san francisco's millennial house, -- millennium house, why the property is threatening -- threatened with yellow tagging. and, teachers and one s. bay school district are threatening to strike, unhappy with their contract. what they are demanding, coming up.
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to showing that we need to invest in this community. i knew having the right partner we could turn this place around. it was only one bank that could finance a project this difficult and this large, and that was citi. preserving affordable housing preserves communities. so we are doing their kitchens and their flooring and their lobbies and the grounds. and the beautification of their homes, giving them pride in where they live, will make this a thriving community once again. ♪
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strachan 10:00, growing concerns of the teachers strike in the south bay's evergreen school district. >> our reporter is like tonight where teachers staged a demonstration. >> reporter: frank and heather, 70 teachers showed up at tonight's meeting, they actually moved it to the school auditorium. the teachers have been fighting for a new contract for more than a year now. it is now getting to a tipping point, where a strike might happen. their voices are getting louder, as the possibility of a strike becomes more and more real. some teachers protesting outside the evergreen school district board meeting thursday, threatening to walk off the job, unhappy with the
10:32 pm
district latest offers. >> we are constantly worried about whether we have a contract. what will happen? >> reporter: carolyn compton is a first rate teacher at an elementary call, serving a district of 10,000 students, and believe it is believed she deserved more. >> every year we have to dip further and further into paychecks to cover the cost of insurance, and the rising cost of living here, in silicon valley. so, now i am very frustrated, with the page. >> reporter: from the streets to the auditorium, teachers voice their concerns. >> we are now outside the regular negotiations. we are in the impasse proceedings, and unfortunately, things have continued to not go well. >> reporter: brian wheatley is the president of the evergreen teachers association. he says that teachers only want half percent increase in pay, plus a pledge to keep class sizes down. he says the district is proposing to increase classes from 24 up to 27 students.
10:33 pm
>> this is not an easy process for anyone, and they have every right to say their piece, and speak their mind. >> reporter: the district says teachers have received a 12 1/2% increase in the last few years, and with an average salary of $95,000 per year, are among the highest paid teachers in the county. he also says declining enrollment is impacting revenue. >> it simply costs more to educate our kids. retirement takes a huge huge chunk out of our funds. >> reporter: with the district unwilling to budge, teachers say they are willing to strike, to protect evergreen's future. >> is not what anyone of us wants to do, but we are absolutely determined to stand up for our kids >> in the event of a strike we will be ready, we will have people to teach, kids will expected -- be expected to be in class. >> reporter: an independent factfinder will now review both sides on monday and tuesday, if no resolution is reached, the teachers union said they could
10:34 pm
strike as early as mid-october, frank? >> asa smith in the south bay tonight, thank you. consensus figures show california's poverty rate continues to be among the highest in the nation, despite the state having the fifth largest economy in the world. and a record low on a blended rate. the census reveals that one in five californians, or seven and half million people are struggling to make ends meet. >> one thing we have seen over decades is just that, the way incomes have grown in the united states, and in california, most of the income gains have gone to the people at the top, and not so much to people in the middle and at the bottom. so, that compounds over time. >> reporter: the primary cause according to analysts is a lack of affordable housing. last year the state legislature passed a package of bills designed to help promote the building of more affordable housing, and while analysts say the law -- laws will help, it will be years before the effects are seen.
10:35 pm
new information now on a tent village for homeless people that sprang up over the weekend in san jose, today was supposed to be a day for her village downtown. the camp sits on land owned by the state. ktvu has learned that chp is working to try to find an alternative location. the encampment was paid for with $10,000 in private donations, it has a portable toilet, security fencing, even garbage service. health officials in solano county have rolled out foot tru makes stops at clinics creek casino. diabetes and heart disease, and obesity can be treated with a more healthy diet. they say low incomes -- low income earners can often not find healthy food where they live. just bays us starting a fund focusing on helping low
10:36 pm
income communities, he is calling it the basis day one fund. in a statement, baeza said the fund will issue leadership awards for organizations that are providing resources to help young homeless families. his new charity will also offer scholarships for montessori inspired preschools. >> from a coastal cleanup helping fund state parks, there are a lot of ways to help give back and get outdoors this weekend. >> hears rosemary with your weekend watch. it is california close -- coastal cleanup day, marking activities all over the bay area. in san francisco, enjoy live music, dances, vendors, authentic italian cuisine, at the italian d an expert festival on saturday. or head to the 28 annual ottoman festival festival, arts and crafts, exhibits, children's activities, and a parade along the grand avenue
10:37 pm
between columbus street and california avenue. and, enjoy micro group bruise at the lafayette brew and wine festival. in oakland, cheer on a fleet of colorful 40 foot dragon boats, as teams from all over california race at lake merritt this weekend. the free event includes cultural performances, food, kid friendly activities, and more. in the south bay, the luna park chalk art festival in -- is in san jose on saturday where you will find art, live music, dance, vendors, food trucks, and children's area. in the north bay on saturday, the annual old-growth festival takes place at the historic redwood forest. this annual festival features productions that help raise funds for allstate markets. in sports, giants, crates, and niners are home, raiders and a's are away.
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that is your weekend watch. still to come, new details about a shooting rampage that left six people dead in bakersfield. what investigator's are now saying about possible motives. and, we are tracking fog rolling in at the coast, we can forecast is lined up. plus, see what an officer found this morning in the east bay.
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chase, make more of what's yours. 10:00, police are looking for a man who tried to kiss a young girl on her way home from school. detectives say 211-year-old girls were walking along montecito avenue when they were approached by two hispanic men. one girl asked if she would buy -- if he would buy for a fundraiser. one man asked if he would kiss her. he is described as 5'7" with short black hair. police stopped driver on highway four in contra costa county who came up with this clever way to cheat their way into the carpooling this morning. you can see there, the dummy in the front seat of the car, wearing a marvel venom character cap. the chp says the minimum fine is $400 for carpal violations. tonight, we are learning new details about a possible motive in wednesday's deadly
10:42 pm
shooting rampage in bakersfield. investigators say a man killed his ex-wife and for others before killing himself yesterday evening. sheriff deputies say the killings took place at three different locations. over a 30 minute period of time. police say these were targeted attacks stemming from a domestic dispute. >> we are not making assumption at this time, and we are working angle, but there may be more than just a mystic violence, we don't know yet. >> deputies have identified that government is 54-year-old javier caceres. basic cousin reyes began divorce proceedings a month ago and say it is tied to anger with his ex-wife. rally led by tech companies, the dow is up by hundred and 47, the s&p was up 15.
10:43 pm
apple shares were up more than 2%, following an announcement of three new iphone models yesterday. preorders start at midnight tonight for the new iphone, the s max starts at $1100, it will have the biggest screen yet and more battery power than any previous iphone. apple also unveiled the new apple watch, with a bigger screen and new heart monitoring features. seven cisco's millennium tower, coming up why building inspectors say they might have to yellow tag it. chief meteorologist back with your friday forecast after this break.
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this portion of f0x2 news brought to you by mercedes- benz, the best nothing. city officials and seven cisco are now threatening to yellow tag the tilting millennium tower after the recent discovery of a cracked window on one of the upper floors. henry leig wi >> reporter:week to reach certain deadlines before the tower gets yellow tag. this comes after the discovery window on the 36th floor over the labor day weekend. >> protection of the public is the paramount and most important thing to this
10:47 pm
department, that the public is protected from falling objects, such as glass or other debris's. >> reporter: the city wrote a letter to tower management forcing them to build a canopy to protect pedestrians, and looking for any other windows which is no small crack -- test. nursing are willing to be flexible, as long as the building is safe. >> right now, we are all saying, well, they can't get it done, they won't make the timeline, we have to take one step at a time. >> reporter: tower management says there is a plan to secure the broken window with tape before replacement arrives. >> they will go through an openable window, adjacent to this window, that fractured, and reach around with an apparatus to secure it, and make that work. >> reporter: she said a protective canopy is already in place. by friday it will extend around all sides of the building, at a cost of $158,000.
10:48 pm
those fixes should prevent yellow tagging. >> we are hopeful the city will not take that drastic measure. >> reporter: these are the latest problems with the building which is tilting, and has sunk 18 inches since it opened in 2009. also wanted to do list, inspecting all 460 units of the millennium tower. that might take some time because all those units are considered private property. in seven cisco, f0x2 news. the big weather story tonight, his fourth, we will get back on that at the top of the 11:00 news, we will show you the latest corners for that, let's get to your forecast, what will happen heading towards the weekend on friday, highs today is where they will be tomorrow. ladies are possible as well. overall, mild, that has been the were the last week, it's been wonderful from my perspective, the smoke is not an issue. this pattern extends all the way back to here. again. if this was winter, this would
10:49 pm
be a big-time storm, there is no in montana, got almost a foot of snow in some high elevations left 24 hours we haven't seen fog in a while, a little bit tomorrow. micro climates are washed out. we might see yellows here in the valley, everybody is in the green. that's because of that trough. one big air mass set down over the top of us. when you get at the coast is not that far from what you are getting inland right now, but there is the fog along the coast right now. overnight lows, cooler, 47 in santa rosa, 48 in napa, moving into the 40s, that's chilly. you might notice it tomorrow morning. there is the fog forecast for the morning hours, and then it burns off, a little break up there extending into the mild temperature footprint, greens and yellows, yellows or 70s, greens are 60's. in the 80s, they might show up
10:50 pm
in eastern livermore valley, things like that. here's the trough, super elongated, this thing is really doing his job, southern california, not a big fire danger right now. compared to what we dealt with most of the summer. cool and mild veteran through tomorrow, and then, really into the weekend as well. you will see that in the five day forecast. it doesn't really -- this time of year, it's not hard to hit 90. it's not hard to hit 100. as you will see in these numbers, neither is happening. that makes me happy, it makes cal fire happy, i don't know if it makes you happy. we will check out florence, with a category one storm. thank you, coming up on the 11:00 news, we will take you back to north carolina, as hurricane florence battles the coast, we will have a live report at 11:00. next in sports, the sharks
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frank hasn't stopped talking about this huge deal by the santa fe stars. >> talking our ears off about that on the eve of training camp opening, no less, i know there's a big difference between
10:54 pm
paper and ice, but on paper you have to say the sharks are looking like a true stanley cup contender. they've got to prove it on the ice, but look at this guy, eric carlson, two-time winner of the nhl top award for defensemen, he will join brett burns, mark edwards, one of the top lines in hockey, great defense right there. carlson has been the highest scoring defensemen in the league since he came in 2009. in his prime, 28 years old, the one thing you have to think about, one year left on his contract. the price to get him was steep from ottawa, they gave up first round picks in 2019 or 20. this kit is a little stunned by the trade, he's got some getting used to with big-time sports and getting traded. >> i can start looking ahead
10:55 pm
and moving forward a bit but as of right now, it's really emotional and said. even though you've heard a lot of things about what could be possible, i think you can't really prepare, so it's crazy. >> you feel for the guy, a lot of emotion there, this is what the team sent to him as a farewell, right there. i've got a feeling, spend a little time in california, be okay. the shock of big-time sports, getting treated. meantime, strange but true, the a's went to the eighth inning trailing, he just kind of assume they will pull this thing out against one of the worst teams in baseball? baltimore, kids having fun back there, he accidentally hit mom, getting all excited, she retaliates, take it easy mom, it's just a game. second inning, scout down 2-0,
10:56 pm
stephen going the other way, 24th of the year, and brent anderson has a little bit of a shaky start, giving up a couple of runs, going against the body here, throw gets away, that's an error, allowing another run to come in, 3-1, and bob is not liking that on the bench, look at this guy. every night, thought he had himself a double, bad idea. best arm in the a's outfield since tony orman, looking good, trailing force, they will. -- pull it out, one big hit after another, you can't do that every time, orioles get out of the inning, insurance at the bottom half, they wind up winning at 5-3, to end the a's six-game streak, and a chance to gain on the yankees who are idle. meantime, thursday night football, a matchup of teams the 49ers have beaten the super bowl, and should have beaten in the super bowl.
10:57 pm
the baltimore ravens, and of course, the cincinnati bengals, a team that have handled twice, the red rifle, andy dalton going to work up 7-0, 32 yards, aj green who has three touchdowns tonight. the bengals build up a 21-0 lead, before, here comes baltimore, joey trying to get his act together, he did throw a couple of interceptions, but he's got a touchdown there, two- point conversion, within five, 28-23. later, after a cincinnati field goal late, rolling out of the pocket, doesn't sense pressure from behind, he gets nailed by shawn williams, cough up the ball and the game. 34-23. cincinnati is 2-0, and john harbaugh's team is 1-1. enough to call it good, by the cincinnati bengals. just last weekend, they visited a nursing home near cincinnati, and they got 95-year-old irma
10:58 pm
out on the floor, have a look at this. >> oh yeah, come on everybody, make some noise. >> [ cheering ] >> [ music playing ] >> you got to love that, several bengals on hand in courting the quarterback, gray kirkpatrick, who had a great game tonight, get down, they called it a nursing home dance battle. 95-year-old irma liking every bit of it. meanwhile, we have some other stuff to talk about, off the mainstream sports venue, remember this guy? by the name of gilbert arenas warrior fans? he says he's been sitting on the couch since he retired from basketball, challenged by nick young to a three-point shooting contest, $100,000 on the line, he brought his cash money, laid
10:59 pm
it out, he waited -- wade it, and waited for shaggy tea to show so he started firing away, he had 95 out of 100 three- point shots. guess what? yeah. much to your surprise, swag ep never showed up. >> 95 out of 100? >> three points two. -- three pointers, too. that is sporting, how did you like irma, 95 years old? >> [ laughter ] more irma. >> there you go. 11:00, guys, time for more news. thank you. coming up next 11:00. despite hurricane florence moves ever closer to the carolina coast, landfall now just a few hours away. the 11:00 news on ktvu f0x2 starts now. hurricane florence is a huge
11:00 pm
storm with millions of people in its past. >> tonight, florence was downgraded to a category one storm, with wind of 95 miles per hour, but it is slow- moving, and that means a lot of rain. >> hears the latest, the eye of the storm is only 40 miles from wilmington, north carolina. florence has been living at 6 miles per hour, which means the eye of the storm could reach land and just about six hours. >> here is video tonight taken in newport north carolina. workers from the national weather service drove down a roadway covered with downed trees and branches, duke energy says it expects 3 million of its customers will lose power in this storm. >> we have team coverage tonight, chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the storm. first we go to fox news ray bogan in wilmington, north carolina, with conditions right


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