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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 17, 2018 12:00pm-12:59pm PDT

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supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh makes a trip to the white house after being accused of a sexual assault for more than 30 years ago . the woman accusing him of the crime a kiro 7 -- a professor and aloe -- palo alto. rescue cues working to save people stranded by rising floodwaters from hurricane florence. the last moment reprieve as an eviction deadline limbs. good afternoon. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh is denying allegations levied against him by a bay area woman who says he tried to rape her 36 years ago when they were in high school. udiary committee are calling to postpone a vote on his nomination scheduled for this thursday. christine lacey ford from palo alto is coming forward publicly as the woman who wrote an anonymous letter about the allegations from this incident
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more than 30 years ago. >> a few hours ago blaze he ford's lawyer said that she would be willing to testify about the accusations that are now putting kavanaugh's nomination in jeopardy. >> reporter: two republican senators, jeff flake and bob corker now say they want to wait until they hear from ford before moving forward with the nomination process. flake who was on the judiciary committee says, quote, i'm uncomfortable moving forward with a yes vote until we hear from ford, the accuser. now the focus is on the undecided republican who spoke could be crucial if the judiciary committee decides to go ahead with the vote scheduled for thursday to recommend kavanaugh to the full senate republicans on the judiciary committee released a statement that says in part, it is disturbing that these uncorroborated allegations from more than 35 years ago during high school would surface on the eve of a committee vote after democrats sat on them since july. two committees top democrat, senator dianne feinstein, says from the outset i have believed these allegations were extremely serious and bear heavily on judge kavanaugh's
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character. however, as we have seen over the past few days they also, the price with -- for the victim. i hope the attacks and shaming upper will stop this will be treated with the seriousness it deserves. the allegations could also affect kavanaugh's current job on the dc court because if it was uncovered that he lied to the di he could be impeached. >> a short time ago kavanaugh released a statement saying in part, this is a completely false allegation. i've never done anything like that the accuser describes to her or to anyone. he also added that he is willing to speak to a senate panel to refute the allegations. rescue operations are underway in parts of north carolina hit hardest by hurricane florence. right now the death toll is up to 23 people, including a missing one-year-old whose body was recovered after his mother lost her grip of him in the floodwaters. today emergency workers are delivering food and water to
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the entire city of wilmington which has been cut off because of the flooding up until just about an hour ago. lauren blanchard is in wilmington with a look at the damage and the continued concern. >> reporter: florence may have been downgraded but officials are warning there is more rain it even more flooding on the way. >> unfortunately, we still have several days to go. >> reporter: days of unrelenting rain has better the carolinas and there is still more to come. forecasters morning florence is expected to dump nearly 40 inches of rain in some parts and as river levels continue to rise mandatory evacuations have been ordered in areas across north carolina. some folks say they are taking their chances. >> i don't think that will happen. is not going to be that bad. >> we may be alone hold out in the neighborhood. -- as the storm threat looms large more than 100,000 sear a and
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others are beginning the process of cleaning up the devastation left in the storms wake. >> you just feel like it's not everything. we had her health and safety and we can rebuild. at least the house is still standing and it looks sound. we are in good shape. >> reporter: one way to measure the severity of the storm my fema's waffle house index . the restaurant chain is open 24 seven and it is, for them to ever close. the index is now at red with several locations, including this one here, closed for business. in wilmington, north carolina with ktvu fox 2 news. rosemary joins us now for more on the situation in north carolina. >> after watching it hover right over the carolinas for more than 48 hours over the weekend it has finally, the center of the storm has moved out, but the wraparound moisture continues. at least for the next couple of days will continue to see that. let's check in on florence
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right now with wind at moving northeast at 15 miles an hour. we will continue to move those a little bit closer and towards the northeast right about there. if i moving closer with a still shot of the radar you can see the scattered showers and rain but anderson that continue to move across the carolinas and into virginia and west virginia. that won't go away anytime soon. it looks like it could be another two days or so. here's a look at what we see right now. here is a look at late tonight at about 11:00 a few scattered showers remaining over the carolinas. getting into tuesday morning more wraparound showers and into tuesday night over towards the atlantic another 48 hours of on and off rain continuing over that area. the continue to fill and become a major issue. >> thank you.
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a family is fighting to keep their infants on alive. the six-month-old has brain damage in the family says officials at ucf children's hospital in oakland told them they will be taking him off life support very soon. >> the boys mother says she sees signs of life. christina is live outside ucf antioch children's hospital in oakland with more. >> reporter: we can tell you that the parents have given us were the doctors told them this morning they will not be taking the little boy off life support as initially planned. family and friends of six-month- old kingston homes continues to remain outside the hospital rallying and chanting and hoping that he will stay alive. they have been keeping him on a stanntd that he initially stopped breathing on august 6.v shot about anou
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>> [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: there are more than two d and friends of this little boys -- of this little boy . the mom and dad say he stopped breathing at their home on august 5 and was taken to a local hospital and then transferred here to children's hospital in oakland where he has been receiving treatment for mom tells us that doctors told them kingston has brain damage from going into cardiac arrest . the family says they were notified by hospital staff a month ago that taking the boy off life support was a possibility but he never consented to that. they say staff planned to take the boy off the ventilator this afternoon but now doctors are giving them more time to get a second opinion. >> we have had a brief discussion with some of the doctors and they just say that they were willing to give us some time to facilitate a different facility for him and also to get a second opinion. we feel now do
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this. we are going to work diligently to get him to another facility so that we can receive the best care for our son and that is our main goal right now. >> reporter: mom says she is still unsure where she will take her sun. she is still working to find out other facilities that will accept her six-month-old. she says the kingston -- that kingston is not brain-dead, he made improvement. she believes he has more room to improve. she describes things like seeing his toes and fingers move. there is another case from several years ago. however, these are two separate cases. when we asked mom and dad whether not they would consider seeking legal action mom did not want to comment. after she spoke with us and she went inside to see her sun. family and friends that remained out here for over an hour now with th. we
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did reach out to the hospital and a spokeswoman has confirmed that they will not take the boy off slight -- off life support today. there waiting to give us -- we are waiting for them to give us a statement. >> thank you very much. accu>>sed of causing a deadly crash were chp officer and another man were killed, sean walker of rockland is charged with two felony charges of gross vehicular manslaughter and one count of reckless driving causing fatal injuries. he did not enter a plea during his arraignment. however, the judge granted a change of venue from fairfield to vallejo. investigators say walker was distracted driving moments before crashing into chp officer kirk griess and jamie emanuel last month on interstate 80 in fairfield. walker is free on $90,000 bail. if found guilty he faces up to seven years in prison. his next court date is scheduled for october 5. organizers of a homeless a cabin in san jose got a reprieve and were able to move to a privately owned what.
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>> the group had to leave one side because it is a state owned property and they were facing an eviction deadline from the chp this morning. allie rasmus explains the camp supporters and county leaders worked with the chp to help this group find a new place. >> reporter: earlier this morning the organizers of the homeless encampment, villages -- hope village, faced an uncertain future. they had to leave that state owned parking lot where they had been for the previous 10 days and didn't know where they were going to go. things to community support they have set up and reassembled their camp here a short distance away on another privately owned locked and they will be here at this site for at least the next week. it is moving day at hope village. supporters, county leaders, and chp officers helped the six people living at the organized homeless encampment in san jose move off a state owned parking lot about 200 feet down the block. this grassy area next to the service workers union hall on
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rough drive is the camps new temporary home for the next week . for hope village residents this is a huge relief . the means they can say and their upgraded homeless camp with porta potty's, mobile showers, and garbage service. >> so humbled, yet -- >> since i have been here and since we are in a secure location a lady that i have known has came and offered me a job. if we were out in the creek there would be no way. >> all the people here, the primary issue is they don't have adequate income to rent a place to live. >> reporter: peter is the organizer of hope village . the san jose resident raised $10,000 from the community to set up the camp >> if you look at situations around the world the un responds. what did they create? tent villages.
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it's not like this is a brand- new idea. >> reporter: hope village set up camp on september 8. chp warned them two days later they were trespassing on state property but gave the group time beyond an initial 72 hour deadline to relocate. >> we were very flexible. trying to use a human ask approach. that's what we wanted to do. we did that because it is a sensitive issue. is not just the city or county problem, this is regional. this is a state problem. so many committees are dealing with homelessness. >> everybody feels the senator is upset and tired of seeing people in overpasses and tents. we're trying to create a much better environment. >> reporter: the santa clara county supervisor says the county is looking into the possibility of leasing selma city owned land from the city of san jose so that hope village can relocate to more permanent location in the county with at least that land for the next 18 months as a more permanent spot for this homeless encampment the organizers of hope village they once they as 30. live in san jose with ktvu fox
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2 news. >> a story we will follow. thank you. still ahead, for the first time in 30 years a new cultural plan for the city of oakland coming up, the new announcement by the layer and -- by the mayor aimed at providing residents with equal access to culture amenities. check it out. we have mostly sunny conditions across the bay area. we will check back in with rosemary for details on the work week forecast. an investigation underway after an early morning shooting on an e. bay freeway.
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this afternoon the california highway patrol is searching for a driver involved in a freeway shooting and hit and run in castro valley. >> it happened just before 4:00 this morning on east 580. alyssa harrington spoke with chp and has this story. >> reporter: a chp officer told me that the driver of the suspect vehicle fired four were five rounds. the other driver was not hit. officer say this involved two cars. a white station wagon and a black khmer . the drivers were both coming from the hayward area traveling southbound on 238 . the person behind the wheel of the station wagon started driving erratically and hit the camaro we kept going. the driver of the camaro try to get that other driver to stop so he followed the car. if finally pulled over. someone inside the station wagon then fired four or five
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rounds at the camaro, hitting the car at least once . the driver pulled off the freeway and called 911. >> we are canvassing the area. we had a link closure. we shut down the freeway searching for evidence. we took the victims vehicle as evidence. we also had officers responding to the area and searching for the vehicle description. at this point we are asking the public if they do see this vehicle, which is described as a late 90s or early 2000 white ford taurus station wagon, if they have any information please call 911. >> reporter: here is a video as the lanes were shut down. lanes were closed for about an hour and reopened just before 5:00. chp officer say it is never a good idea to pursue a driver that is being aggressive. instead, get as far away as possible and call 911. in castro valley with ktvu fox2
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news. muni drivers going public with the number of times they have been assaulted on the job . the drivers it's a the attacks include everything from being spit on to been put into a chokehold and being threatened with death. several drivers that say they have been attacked more than once or twice in their careers. san francisco muni officials say the peek came in 2015 when there were 780 a reported assault >> muni says so far this year 316 assaults have been reported which is the lowest level in four years. drivers say they are not the only ones at risk and that the people who attacked them could also turn their attentions to passengers. more problems for the muni twin peaks tunnel after a contractor performing work last night damaged --astunnel recently underwent a $40 million overhaul which included purpose to the track and drainage system.
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three let's check back in with rosemary. the fog is peeling back a little bit. >> yeah. we will have partly cloudy skies along the coast today. mostly sunny elsewhere. this is a live look at san jose where you can still see some of the gray as we move through today. temperatures will be very similar to yesterday. olivia coale are in some areas because of the cloud cover sticking around. we will look at the fog forecast in just a moment. 69 right now in santa rosa. a cool 55 on the west edge of san francisco where we are under gray skies. 60 are under gray skies. 61 oakland. san jose in the low 70s. the peninsula, san carlos, novato, down by seven. temperatures a little cooler for the east bay as well. down by if you degrees from oakland three hayward, upper 70 lend. another all like feeling day out there. here's a look at the cloud cover from areas near point reyes down to the golden gate bridge stretching just across
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the bay. it is beginning again to burn off and peel back. we have a little bit still there. that we move away getting to the next hour or so. mostly cloudy over san francisco and down to daly city, on the what -- along the west edge and half moon bay. we have a little clearing right in there. santa cruz capital in the clear. mostly sunny skies and a mild day coming your way. light wind. oakland reporting a 7 mile an hour breeze. concord five. a little change in the forecast from yesterday into today. even into tomorrow. here's a look at the afternoon highs expected today. it 70s for novato. along the east bay shore upper 60s to low 70s. 70 afternoon hine oakland. san francisco expected to go to 65 . the enter east bay nice and warm but not too hot, 84 brentwood. into the south bay low 70s in san jose. mid-morgan hill. we will continue with this pattern keeping in mind this is the final week of summer. temperatures for tomorrow very similar to a tad cooler.
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maybe not even noticing. backing up a little bit by wednesday. on thursday temperatures back to the upper 80s and nearing 90 for some of our inland communities. a lot of 70s around the bay. to upper 60s expected at the coast. getting into the bay area weekend looking quite nice in the upper 70s and low 80s expected saturday and sunday. for the former communities. mid-60s at the coast. back to you. people in santa rosa's found grove neighborhood would soon be able to use their tap water again. city water officials say recent tests show the water is safe for the first time since last year's deadly wildfires. back in november santa rosa wired or water officials sent an advisory to the surviving homes in the found grove neighborhoodbae in the water because of high levels of benzene. since then the city has replaced many of the pipes and has done various test on the water. there will be a community meeting to discuss what happens next on wednesday night at 6:00 at the utility field office on stony point road. coming up, space x founder
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elon musk set to make a major announcement today about the company's of first private traveler to the moon.
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today president trump again brushed off concerns about new tariffs on chinese products hurting the u.s. economy. he tweeted tariffs have put the u.s. in a very strong bargaining position with billions of dollars of jobs flowing in. yet cost increases have thus far been almost unnoticeable.
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countries will not make fair deals with us and they will be tariff. this comes just one day after reports that the trump administration plans to announce another round of tariffs against $200 billion worth of products from china the president is scheduled to meet with chinese leaders this week and he had already said the tariffs will give him or leverage in the next round of talks. those discussions are expected to focus on beijing's practice of prayer sharing is pressuring american countries into handing over new technology in exchange for doing business in china. we are expecting the president will make an announcement after the markets closed today. this is a live look at the dow jones and you can see down triple digits right now. 100 two points. tech companies has been leading stocks . the the nasdaq taking a hit, currently down more than 100 seven points. tesla is set to begin making car repairs in-house. many customers that you could take weeks or even months to
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get repairs done on their cars. the ceo elon musk blames outside shops for taking too long to get those repairs done. he says tesla can get it done within 24 hours and at some point he would like to have some repairs done in less than an hour. earlier this year mosque said he wants tesla operated body shops in all of the major north american cities by the end of the year. later today at 6:00 musk will make a major announcement about his other company my space x. he is expected to finally unveil who will be its first private traveler to the moon. the latest plan from musk is to fly someone around the mood using a rocket that is still in development musk's ultimate goal is to send people to mars and this moon mission represents an important step. on twitter he was asked who the passenger is and he responded with an emoji of the japanese flag. facebook is hiring a human's just a human rights policy director to deal with human rights abuses on facebook book we are told they will investigate and respond to human rights violations
12:27 pm
facebook has been criticized recently after it was used to spread hate speech and misinformation that led to violence in places like myanmar. still to come, local lawmakers take a met part housing projects . the as legislation on the covers's governor's desk give bart too much control over land use and should he signed it? hear what lawmakers have to say ask me chilling recordings just- released about the charles manson killings . the new documentary that sheds light on why his group of followers carried out his murderous plans.
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three president trump just spoke a couple of minutes ago about his supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and the accusation against him. >> let's listen to what the president had to say about possibly delaying the nomination vote and what he thinks about his nominee. >> he is somebody very special. at the same time, we want to go through a process and make sure everything is perfect and just right. i wish the democrats could have done this a lot sooner. they had this information for many months and they should have waited until literally the last days. they should have done it a lot sooner. with all of that being said, we want to go through the process for one thing i will say is that as i understand it judge kavanaugh spent quite a bit of time with senator feinstein and
12:31 pm
it was never brought up at that meeting. she had this information you would have thought, certainly, that she would have brought it up at the meeting. not wait until everything is finished and then have to start a process all over again. with all of it being said, we want to go three full process. i have great confidence in the u.s. senate and in their procedures and what they are doing. i think that is probably what they're going to do, they will go through a process in here everybody out. i think it's important. i believe they think it's important. again, he is one of the great intellects and one of the finest people that anybody has known. you look at his references and i have never seen anything quite like it. they will go through that process and we will get it done. >> stay with us for continuing coverage on development on the accusations against kavanaugh and how it could impact the vote for his supreme court nomination. the city of oakland just unveiled a new cultural development plan. >> in the past our mayor libby
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shaft made the announcement saying the goal is to ensure all oakland or's feel a sense of belonging. alyssa harrington has the story. >> reporter: this is the first cultural development plan in the city of oakland in 30 years . the mayor libby shaft met inside city hall with cultural affairs leaders to announce their vision which is to strengthen the role of culture and arts in the city. >> how we belong to this communityroberta bedoya is nationally renowned around place keeping and the role of the arts, not just to create place, but to preserve history and legacy. >> reporter: the city of oakland cultural affair unit will launch two new initiatives next year. one is a grant program to support arts based projects together is an in artist residence program. this call is 18 months of research where oakland residents were surveyed about the importance of preserving culture in their communities.
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officials are now working with consultants to draw up guidelines and talk to department heads. a celebration of the plan will take place in october. in oakland with ktvu fox2 news. three concorde could approve a downtown apartment retail devolvement this week . the planning commission is scheduled to vote on the project located on clayton road near the concorde workstation. if approved the mixed-use development would include 228 apartments along with space for several stores. right now the site has a parking garage along with offices for the project has increased in size in recent months and could be approved by this wednesday by the concorde planning commission. bay area lawmakers are speaking out against legislation to turn some bart parking lots into housing and retail development. steve glazier and assembly woman catherine baker held a news conference this morning to encourage governor brown to veto the bill. last month the state senate passed legislation to give zoning control over some housing developments to bart instead of the cities where those parking lots are located. they say it gives bart too much control over land-use.
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>> today the bill on the governor's desk will take that housing progress that has been so good in his east bay area and put it with an agency that the least you can say is struggling to meet its own primary mission, which is reliable, safe, clean, transit. >> supporters of the legislation say it will help with the bay area's housing crisis. an investigation underway into the cause of a fire at the salvation army building in vallejo that started at 4:00 this morning at the building at 12 street. vallejo firefighters tweeted these pitchers out. when fire crews arrived flames were coming from the roof and a tree next to the building. they were able to keep that fire from reaching the interior and from spreading to neighboring buildings. there is no word on how the fire started. however, firefighters say the tree may have been set on fire first. santa rosa police are investigating a we can hit and run they killed a pedestrian saturday night around 9:30.
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near the highway 12 on-ramp. police say a man was in the middle of the street when a white colored car hit him and then kept going. the man died from his injuries. his name has not been released. police are still looking for the driver of the white vehicle. a fremont man hospitalized with major injuries after being attacked by a man with a machete for police responded to rocket drive near central park at 11:00 yesterday morning. after a frantic woman called everyone has had a family member had been attacked. when officers arrived they found amanda suffering from several cuts and stab wounds per police say they do expect him to survive. the suspect was located in union city at 4:00 yesterday afternoon and taken into custody . so far no more details have been released. a federal judge throughout a $29 lawsuit filed after a political protest last year at uc berkeley turned violent. the protest was against right- wing commentator milo yiannopoulos who was scheduled to speak. after the event was canceled chiara robles sued the city of berkeley think she was targeted
12:36 pm
by angry protesters after going to hear monopolists speak and says her rights were violated the judge ruled that the first moment -- first amendment does not require berkeley to protect roadless against the action of others. church leaders in california said they will review the names of priests who have been credibly accused of sexual abuse including the diocese of san jose. the diocese of san diego has already made public the name of a priest who is still actively in the priest. he held a retreat just a couple of months ago and another in socal back in january. eight years ago he was accused by a sacramento family of molesting two boys but that case never went to court. a british diver who helped rescue youth soccer players trapped in a thailand cave in july is now suing elon musk for calling him a pedophile on twitter the defamation lawsuit was filed in los angeles federal court this morning. it seeks more than $75,000 in damage.
12:37 pm
mosque calls vernon unsworth a, quote, pet okay after unsworth criticized his offer to use a small summary to help in the rescue. now must later apologize, but he has not yet commented on the lawsuit. the long-lasting mystique of convicted murderer charles manson will be explored tonight two months after his death and nearly 50 years since he and his clan committed nine murders in california. >> jeff doll has a preview of tonight's special airing right here on ktvu. >> now is the only thing that is real. >> reporter: with more than 120 hours of footage inside the manson cult the lost tapes explores the coleaders murderous group. followers and why they carried out his gruesome plan. >> when somebody needs to be killed there is no wrong. >> what has always fascinated me is not just who he killed and why he killed them, but how it was that he managed to persuade his followers to turn from becoming regular middle-class law-abiding kids to brutal murderous assassins. >> he is the devil.
12:38 pm
>> reporter: convicted at 37 charlie manson spent the rest of his life in prison until his death at 83 last november . the tape shot by a young filmmaker inside their compound was often alarming. >> i think it is extraordinary to see in real-time these kids being changed. of course, it is horrifying because you see them with guns, knives, talking about how they will claw people's eyes out, to their necks off, shoot them. >> reporter: although these crimes happened nearly 5 decades ago there are lessons to be learned all these years later. >> when we think it's really not possible to do that or people must be acting under their own volition, no, you see from this the dangers of a charismatic personality mixed with extreme views. this year degree of power that he can have it molding and realtor and people's personalities.
12:39 pm
>> reporter: in hollywood with fox news. >> be sure to watch the foxes special, inside the mansion cold, the lost tapes that airs tonight at 8:00 followed by the 10:00 is. the plea deal made by former trump campaign chairman paul manafort was -- with robert mueller some say may not be the last. >> this sends a message to anyone who isn't bob mueller's crosshairs right now, you better get to the special counsel and make your deal now. anyone who gets indicted by bob mueller goes down. and the longer you wait to come clean the worst deal you're going to get. >> reporter: many republicans to support president trump's claim that the investigation is a witchhunt. >> from the judiciary point of view we found no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. >> the terms of matt forte plea deal require his cooperation in mueller's investigation and essentially turn him into what is calling a government witness. the house intelligence committee plans to release the transcripts of dozens of private interviews conducted during its investigation into russian meddling. committee
12:40 pm
chairman devon nunez, a republican from california, says he will release the materials in the next few weeks so that the public can review them beef for the midterm elections. -- review them beef for the midterm elections. according to the wall street journal some amazon employees are apparently taking bribes from amazons online sellers. they do that so they will take down bad reviews and restores -- and restore band accounts. a new study finds that some foster care children may be on just improperly receiving psychiatric -- psychiatric drugs. concerns about those drugs being prescribed to them. we will check back in with rosemary for details on the work week forecast. this is customizable streaming tv for your family. ...whatever size.
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with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. we've doubled our efforts. onset of the droht i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained
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speed there are some troubling findings from the federal government on the care of the foster children who received psychiatric drugs. report from a federal watchdog
12:44 pm
agency said thousands of foster children may be getting the drugs prescribed to them without proper safeguards. health and human services inspector general's report says about one in three foster care children have been prescribed the drugs without treatment plans or even follow-up . the drugs include medications for attention deficit disorder, anxiety, ptsd and depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. cell phone users may receive a presidential alert emergency test message from fema . the message as part of a fema's wireless emergency alert system that would warn the public in cases of national emergencies. the text message is scheduled to be sent out this thursday at 11:18 a.m. and will save presidential alert , this is a test. more than 100 carriers including verizon, at&t, sprint, t-mobile are taking part in this alert test but in the case of a real emergency the text message would come from the present. a week from friday a long time secret in lake tahoe will be visible. state partnership state park
12:45 pm
officials will open a new trail under the water of emerald bay . the trail leads to four sites where there are two sunken barges and 12 recreational boats underwater. they are all in good condition because of the temperature of the cold water. people in boats will be able to follow markers to places they can look through the lakes clearwater and see the watercraft. dive shops in lake tahoe will offer diving trips for a closer look. spect is a cold tour >> yes. rosemary joins us now with a look at the weather. >> it feels a little bit cool for this time of year. temperatures are running a little bit below average and it has to do with this trngh to h next couple of days. eventually, moving out and they have pressure will strengthen getting into the back end of the week today a lot like yesterday even a little cooler in some areas this afternoon because of the cloud cover which is a little more stubborn than what we saw on sunday. 60s at the coastline. at least for the areas like pacifica and half moon bay. in santa cruz another mild one.
12:46 pm
mostly sunny and 70 >> a lot of 70s around the bay and the inland communities upper 70s to near 80 degrees. a bit below what we typically get at this time. giving you a look at some of that cloud cover that continues to burn away. in the last half hour we still had some inside the bay. some just along the east bay shore. the last half hour it has pulled back a little bit more. we will squeeze in closer point reyes still covered in gray. golden gate bridge, just inside the bay you can see san francisco down through daly city. mostly cloudy skies . the west edge is socked in. ocean beach there pacifica and half moon bay partly sunny and partly cloudy. as we get into the second part of the day temperatures climbing another five or 10 degrees for inland communities. mild around the bay. upper 50s in san francisco right now. 61 in oakland. inland communities, but walnut creek at 72. san jose 71. the north bay novato at 70. 69 santa rosa. the cloud cover kept temperatures down a little bit
12:47 pm
from where we were yesterday at this time. 76 in alamo right now. a beautiful 78 in antioch as well as pittsburgh. mid-70s there. nice inland for today. we will go warm, but definitely not hot. 80 will be the afternoon high in antioch. in the north the upper 70s for santa rosa. around the bay upper 60s to low 70s. 68 berkeley today. mid-60s in the city of san francisco. a cool 62 in pacifica with mostly cloudy skies there. in the south bay for the afternoon mild in san jose. 73 for the afternoon high. mid-70s for los gatos and morgan hill going to 80. a beautiful 74 by the water in santa cruz. here's a look at the extended forecast. temperatures similar tomorrow. even a tad cooler. we will callthat the day we brought them out. getting into wednesday and thursday we see a nice rebound temperatures thursday looks like it may be the warmest day with upper 80s to near 90 inland. 70s around the bay. 60s at the coast.
12:48 pm
getting into the final days of summer and the first days of fall a beautiful fall like pattern upper 70s and low 80s for the inland communities. 70s around the vapor 60s at the coast. -- 70s around the bay. 60s at the cause. the oakland raiders yeah -- lost yesterday to the broncos. it looked good when the raiders took that double-digit lead late in the third, but the denver broncos made a comeback and with just seconds left in the game they kicked the game winning field goal for broncos win 20 - 19. head coach jon gruden talked about the team and their 0 - to start. >> we have to do something. we have to get there. we have to win in someone on ones and maybe call summer blitzes. we have to figure something out.
12:49 pm
we will. >> the raiders are on the road again this week. sunday kickoff against the miami dolphins. the 49ers get their first win . the 49ers took the lead in the second quarter when jimmy garoppolo stepped back in the pocket here and hit kendrick bourne for the touchdown. with about a minute left in the third quarter matt freda got the fans on their feet. >> you read about this play. this man grew up, try to put yourself in that position. here he is to the right. he has one defender to beat. he is going to cut it back into the inside. yes he will. that is a touchdown. >> follow those blockers . the nighters opened up a 30 monday 13 lead . k and score 2 late touchdowns to make it pretty interesting. inhe they couldn't pickup the first topic 49ers hold on for the 30 - 27 win. well looking ahead to tonight's primetime emmy awards including how the ceremony is evolving as more shows are being offered on streaming services.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
uc berkeley is sitting near the top of yet another procedures list this year, the u.s. news and world report ranked cal the second best public school in the country. ucla came in at number one. u.s. news & world report uses 16 metrics to calculate the rankings including graduation rates, faculty resources, and academic excellence not everyone is excited about the ranking. one student told the campus paper she chose to attend cal because it was previously ranked number one. amazon is now allowing customers to choose to shop from small and medium-sized businesses over big companies that offer the same merchandise. customers can now use amazon storefront which provides that option. product categories include back to school, halloween, home, kitchen, pet supplies, and books and will also feature special curated collections. amazon is also coming out with its first ever national tv commercial that features businesses that sell to the
12:53 pm
company's. let's look at the numbers. they're you can see the dow is down more than 100 points. it is a down day across the board . the s&p 500 also down by 16 points, nasdaq 113. the president said he would announce new tariffs with china ahead of this week's meeting with chinese leaders. he is expected to add tariffs on $200 billion of goods. within the last hour the president said he will make that announcement about china after the market closes . the market already is responding. the dow dropped 100 points right after that announcement. apple says iphone and ipad users will see new features and performance improvements if they download it's iowa's 12 upgrade today . the new software promises to freshen up apple devices the changes include screen time which reveals how long you have been on the device. group facetime calls with up to 30 people. theory shortcuts, and a do not
12:54 pm
disturb during bedtime feature. >> i cannot think of 32 people i need to talk to at the same time. calls to delay the vote on brett kavanaugh's supreme court nomination. >> the president seemed to agree thing a little chilly maybe needed. he adds he predicts it will work out on the end does in and. tonight 4:00 our legal expert will join us to talk about the possibilities of delayed vote. the wife of woody allen is talking about sexual abuse claims against alan by mia farrow perking along interview she says the allegations are not true. she is the adopted daughter of woody allen and mia farrow and told the magazine that ferrell has taken advantage of the me too movement and calls her an a rrow's other children . have come to her defense and say the allegations of child laceration against woody allen from 25 years ago are true. tonight to 78 and oh primetime emmy awards. >> michelle has a preview of
12:55 pm
that star-studded event and a look at some of the top nominees. >> reporter: saturday night lives michael j and colin just hosting monday's 70th primetime emmy awards celebrating the best in television which has been expanding to an even bigger tv landscape. streaming giant netflix leads all networks with 112 nominations. hbo's game of thrones cap distal with 22, including one for best drama series. it's up against westworld, stranger things, "the handmaid's tale", this is us, the crown, and the americans. in the comedy category critics have "the marvelous mrs. maisel" as the show to beat. atlanta unbreakable jimmy schmidt, barry, silicon valley, blackish, glow, and curb your
12:56 pm
enthusiasm all have something to say about that. >> what are you wearing? >> reporter: louie anderson who received his third consecutive supporting actor nomination for vazquez says he relishes where tb is headed. >> there has never been so many platforms. never been so the act is working. never been so many deals made. there has never been so much art produced. ever. >> reporter: as saturday night live adds another 21 nominations and 64 wins creator lorne michaels reveals his secret to success . >> if you love the game and you play it hard i think you just keep going. it's what you do. >> reporter: in hollywood with fox news. >> that's it for us here. always a pleasure. thank you for having us. >> the next newscast is a four on two. have a great afternoon. you could generate your own energy,
12:57 pm
at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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>> today on oz the season 10 season premier. the shocking story of the
1:00 pm
summer. the breakfast bombshell. dr. oz: is there weed killer in your cereal? >> plus, their dramatic first date caught on tape. >> i immediately turned him over and realized he wasn't responsive. >> the number one thing dr. oz wants you to learn now. and dr. oz faces his own health scare. oming up next. dr. oz: you all ready for season 10? >> yeah! ♪ >> i love you, dr. oz. cheering and applause]


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