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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  September 20, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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good morning and thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. september 20. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about the thursday weather. a red flag warning. we will get to that. this is mainly for the east bay hills and northbay holes. now including the santa cruz mountains. there wind is not that strong, but still some gusts to 35 with low humidity and dry soil. the wind is northwest in east bay hills. there are some signs of that taking shape, but the wind gusts are not that bad. 40s to 70s. 70 in tracy. 46 like. san jose 57. city at 58. water temperatures cold at 51 and 54. that might play into our weather as far as some fog today there's only a few patches.
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in arizona and new mexico they are getting some pretty good moisture -- pretty good moisture. you remember those 90s, sal. >> yes i do. hootie & the blowfish. there there you go. the 90s. >> good morning. traffic is doing pretty well. we are starting off with 580 and 205 off to a nice start. there is roadwork and you will see it here and there, but so far not causing any major delays. especially on the tracy super commute. also as you drive to livermore and dublin and castro valley. no major problems here. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland and the traffic is moving well in both directions. driving at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is light. let's go back to the desk. we are learning more about a man accused of using a hidden camera to secretly record people using a start -- a starbucks restroom. police say he worked as a
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plumber and they think he may have also recorded people who used his services as a plumber. amber lee has more on what led to his arrest. >> reporter: inside this starbucks on dyer street in union city someone found a camera hidden in the restroom. >> i was surprised. i couldn't imagine. >> reporter: detectives found a clue on the video recording. >> when i looked at the video the very first. sure on -- the very first. sure on the camera was the suspect. went they worked with other law enforcement agencies to identify the the suspect. >> it makes me not want to use public bathrooms anymore. it is scary to think someone did something like that. especially since i work right next door. >> reporter: investigators located where the suspect lived,
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in this blue band behind a business in hayward. the property manager says he has been squatting here since before the business signed a lease in june. police served a search warrant. they found evidence that he had secretly taped people in other restrooms expect there was additional child pornography and some drugs and drug paraphernalia. >> reporter: the 45-year-old is a registered sex offender who was convicted 10 years ago for possession of were not graffiti he obtained by videotaping female juveniles at a high school on the peninsula police say he is a self-employed plumber and may have access to victims in their homes or businesses expect i believe it to be predatory. i think he is looking for victims in this format and him being in possession of child pornography shows what kind of a person he maybe. we are hoping that people who may have come into contact with him can contact us. >> reporter: david list but is being held as in a reader jail. his bail is set at 75,000. >> reporter: david list but is being held as in a reader jail.
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his bail is set at $75,000. he is due in court for a pretrial hearing scheduled for october 3. in union city with ktvu fox 2 news. a major house fire in walnut creek is under investigation. it started last night at about 8 pm in the garage of a home on casino drive . the homes in the neighborhood near lime ridge open space are pretty close together. contra costa county firefighters called in a second crew to help keep it from spreading. no one was hurt. know whether homes were damaged. the bay area psychologist accusing supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of a sexual assault has until tomorrow morning to decide whether she will testify on capitol hill on monday. that hearing would also include judge kavanaugh emma who house democratic leader nancy pelosi says should take a polygraph test. >> judge kavanaugh should subject himself to a lie detector test just the way doctor for the did. she had a lie detector test.
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she passed it. why just he subject himself to one? >> an attorney for christine blasey ford said senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley is rushing toward a hearing pushing for her to testify. she may testify behind closed doors rather than in public. reporter doug luzader is live in washington with the deadline for doctor ford and what happens if she is a no-show. >> reporter: a lockin happened over the next few days. both sides are standing their ground and republicans may be edge in closer to a vote on kavanaugh. delights of a senate hearing can be glaring. no one knows that better than brett kavanaugh. will christine blasey ford, the woman who has accused kavanaugh of sexual assault in high school be willing to face that scrutiny? president trump says he wants to see it happen. >> i really want to see her. i would really want to see what she has to say. i want to give
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it all the time they needit time . they have delayed a major hearing. >> reporter: the send it judiciary committee has given four-day deadline. she has until tomorrow to show up for a hearing on monday. >> either in an open session or closed session or a public or a private interview. that is four different ways she can choose to come. >> reporter: democrats endboards lawyers say they wanted investigation first expect i think saying you are testifying on monday or not be heard is outrageous. what is really shocking is there is a normal process for extreme -- for a supreme court justice nomination at his starts with an eye background check. >> reporter: if board is a no- show publicans are likely to move ahead with the confirmation vote on kavanaugh hoping that their own ranks will hold in the face of a for delegation.
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one of the great unknowns is what happens if this deadline comes and goes and ford does not show up. republicans is still have a hearing with kavanaugh alone. we just don't know. . back here at home a protest planted today by supporters of a longtime critic of the san francisco police department for. the man noda as a crypto who you will see here in hooded sweatshirt and mask is a member of the risk oh risk 05 that stage a hunger strike two years ago protesting police shootings of minorities in san francisco. he is now being evicted from his home. in the meantime, he is out of jail this morning after being arrested yesterday during a confrontation with police. he was meeting with other activists about police brutality against people of color when they say they saw officers arresting a young person nearby. the chronicle reports he recorded th and then there was a clash between the activist and the
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police. last night about 60 people demonstrated outside the mission police station after equipped oh. in a report from uc berkeley researchers shows a large number of well-paid people here in the bay area is creating new pockets of poverty and racial segregation. low income people are being pushed out of san francisco, oakland, and other areas where home prices are skyrocketing because of the strong economy and the researchers say that has a bigger impact on people of color. >> san francisco goes up higher, they move here and the move here and goes up high here because they can afford it here and they push us out further in the valley. it is rough on people. >> the researchers say it is easier for whites to find new housing in communities that are further out from urban centers than for minorities. the
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experts say the best way to stop all the movement is to build more affordable homes. one other possibility that would be tough on even more people is if there is another housing crash like there was 10 years ago. pressure is mounting to up tech companies. coming up, we will explain a request to crack down on google, facebook, and twitter. your pg&e bill will go up soon. details on the bill signed by governor jerry brown. good morning. off to a nice start on this thursday. looking good so far if you're getting on the road early. this is likely what you will see light roads for now. temperatures are going up soon. as in today. we will get some upper 90s 80s -- some upper 80s and 90s inland. even on the coast.
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welcome back. new concerns about the environmental and future health impacts from hurricane florence. more than 5 billion gallons of sewage spilled into the cape fear river in north carolina after the power went out in a treatment plan. president trump is promising additional federal aid to the region after touring the carolinas yesterday. we do know that at least 37 people died because of the storm. 160,000 homes and businesses
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are still without electricity in north carolina. today marks a full year since hurricane maria made landfall in puerto rico. this the u.s. territory is still struggling to recover from that devastating storm. 300,000 homes and businesses sustained heavy damage. 70,000 of which were completely destroyed. survivors have been complaining about redtape and the difficulties of applying and receiving financial aid. fema has postponed the first nationwide test of a new presidential emergency alert system. that system would allow the president to text emergency alerts warning the public about any national emergency . the test was scheduled for today, but fema says that has been pushed back until october 3 two try to focus resources on helping the people affected by hurricane florence. federal officials acknowledge the federal government has lost track of almost 1500 migrant children who were placed in temporary homes.
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case managers could not find the children after making follow-up calls checking on their safety between april and june. this revelation comes as the trump administration is facing lawsuits over its family separation policy at the us- mexico border. since october 2014 the federal government has placed more than 150,000 miners with adult who are expected to care for them and help them go to school while they seek legal status in immigration court. the large aspiring california history is now 100% contained . the mendocino complex fire started in july in lake county and burned at 720 mi.2, destroyed 157 homes and killed one firefighter. that fire also prompted the evacuation of thousands of people in mendocino, lake, colusa, and glenn county >> authorities say 460 firefighters made in the area working to prevent erosion and there monitoring hotspots.
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the send it we invite you to join us for a box 2 special on california's ongoing battle with wildfires, unained. hearing right here at 9 pm. the bill signed by governor jerry brown will likely result in an increase in your pg&e bill . the bill allows pg&e to raise rates to offset the cost related to the closure of the diablo canyon nuclear power plant. it is california's last nuclear power plant and is due to close by the year 2025. pg&e says there will be a rate hike of about .2% that will expire in 2026 the legislation approved by governor brown directs the public utility commission to approve $85 million in payments to san luis obispo county. that will be used to ease the loss of the economic bits of having that nuclear plant nearby. we want to check in with
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sal for a look at traffic this morning. how does it look? >> i don't see a lot going on and hopefully we want a nice boring commute. i don't want to work today. i just want it to be quiet, which probably won't stay that way, but we will see what happens. let's go to northbound 101 and the gilroy super commute. looking good here if you're driving from gilroy into san martin, morgan hill. there is what work but it's not taking up all the lanes so there's plenty of room to get by. all the way to the silicon valley it looks pretty good no major issues. a live look at 280 san jose looks pretty good getting up to highway 17. at the toll plaza we always see this, steve, are you watching? >> i see it. >> here we go. mo every time w someone will let this gentleman in, but, obviously -- >> how do you know that they gentleman? >> exactly. gentleman or lady. okay.
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that guys not going to let him in. well, steve, -- >> is that a problem? >> oh, now he's backing up. >> oh boy. now he's backing up on the freeway. this is awful. this is terrible. anyway. we've had enough of this. let's go to today's weather. that would be the warmest him so far this month, 76 . the average is 70. a lot of 60s this month. we do have a red flag warning out including lake county, north east bay hills and santa cruz mountains . the wind is not that strong yet, but everything is very dry. also includes lakeport, clearlake, hidden valley lake, middletown, yolo county, and
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the valley as well including marin county. this will be until thursday. the wind is really more northwest. some of the higher elevations have turned northerly . i can't find anything that strong yet. atlas. 14 miles an hour. in west southwest for some higher bellies just higher elevations in sonoma county. very little fog. 60s, 70s. yes. a couple of 70s out there. 45 lake. d3 sunnyvale. 53 oakland. 40s, if you get the breeze in windsor if you don't great and 45. petaluma 51. 65, 64n anselmo d 53 ukiah patchy fog without much of a chance. sunshine and warm temperatures. 70s and 80s around the bay. above average and then and let the 80s and 90s. tomorrow? i would expect more of the
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same. him into getting 80s and 90s. looks cooler heading towards saturday. fog comes back for a drop on sunday as well. if you drive through treasure island you will have to pay a toll on the top of the bay bridge toll. coming up in 25 minutes, how that money will be spent and how you can get a discount. >> it's really exciting because i've never done this before. >> the san jose earthquake added a young player to their honor -- to their oscar -- to their roster. the honorary captain with an inspiring story.
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welcome back. dallas mavericks owner mark cuban is donating $10 million to women's groups. this comes after the shocking result of a seven-month investigation into the team. a 43 page report includes sexual harassment allegations against former team president and ceo -- two domestic violence incidents involving a former team website rider, cubans $10 million contribution is four times the maximum 2.5 is four times the maximum $2.59 the nba could have a find him. with just 10 games left in the regular season the oakland a's are hot. they blew out the l.a. angels 10 - 0 and they keep making a strong push for getting into the playoffs. oakland scored first. jed lowrie doubled to left centerfield but
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matt chapman eat that throw home. oakland opened up the floodgates and scored six runs in the fourth. the 80s pitchers shut down the angels and they beat the angels 10 - 0. oakland trails houston by four games from first place in the al west. the giants have nine games left in their season. last night they were in san diego to play the padres again the giants jumped out to an early lead in the second inning when chris stratton lays a double to right field. he clear the bases in the giants led 3 - 0. however, the padres countered by putting up five runs in the bottom of the second. the giants ended up losing 8 - 4. they have then i'd off before playing the cardinals in st. louis this weekend. -- they have the night off
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before playing the cardinals in st. louis this weekend. last night earthquakes hosted atlanta united fc. san jose scored first in the 13th minute followed by the header. there you go. the quakes would pad their lead in the 50th minute. some pretty fancy footwork. not bad. followed by a goal. atlanta united would tie it up before ultimately winning the match 4 - 3 in stoppage time. >> the earthquakes signed a one- day contract with a young soccer player to be there honorary cat for the day. -- captain for the day. that he wanted to draw inspiration from destiny coronado who showed them what a real tough fight is as she battles cancer. >> reporter: for destiny coronado it is days like this she could only dream of. as a big soccer fan she entered the beaming with pride. >> it is celebrating the future and also exciting
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because i've never done this before. went on this night this sixth-grader wasn't just a fan, the 10-year-old became the san jose earthquakes newest member. suited up in a uniform, her jersey signed by the team. >> we wanted to sign a symbolic contract. >> reporter: the earthquakes making it official. destiny signing a one-day contract with the quakes general manager to serve as there honorary captain complete with an honorary handshake. >> i think there is a couple of lessons that we can learn from having met you and understanding the courage that it took to stand up against an illness and to show how strong you are. >> reporter: this magic is nothing compared to the battle destiny has been facing the last five months. back in april destiny was rushed to the er with abdominal pain. a ct scan showing a malignant tumor growing in one of her
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ovaries. she was diagnosed with stage iii cancer under going weeks of chemotherapy. >> i don't think anybody wants to think is my daughter going to be here tomorrow? you adapt any -- destiny kept her spirits up. >> seeing destiny recover from a cancer beds are now smiling and dancing and talking and walking with the earthquake is unexplainable. >> reporter: destiny gave the team a pregame pep talk participated in warm up's, and kicked the ceremony of -- ceremonial first goal. even doing the coin toss. >> i am very happy. they were all giving me encouragement. they were saying good things and that i was a warrior. >> reporter: the strength from the community and the team proving that if anyone can kick childhood cancer it's destiny. >> my next goal is to encourage kids to always look
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on the bright side of cancer. never look at the horrible side of it. always be happy. that my next goal. >> reporter: ktvu fox2 news. $3.5 million has been raised by that tax on san francisco's sugary drinks. up next, how you can make your voice heard about where that money should be spent. you got to be kidding me. >> devastation for a santa rosa mother who sits on was killed in a hit and run. this morning investigators are looking for the two cars involved. suite if you are hitting the roads anytime soon so far so good when it comes to the commute. 80 westbound is looking pretty light so far for this time of the morning skies are mostly c temperatures are on the way up including the city. look at how warm it will be today and maybe the warmest of the month.
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good morning to you. welcome back. it is thursday morning september 20. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. i hear we had some red flag warnings out there. let's check in with steve. >> warm for sure. maybe windy at higher elevations . we are going 76 today. 76 would be the warmest temperature so far this month. it has been a lot of 60s and below average temperatures. today we will be above. yesterday a lot of 80s and 90s including 93 in livermore. san jose at 86. there are red flag warnings out . higher elevations mainly


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