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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  September 20, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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and we have enough of an offshore that most of the fog has been chewed up. 40s and 50s on the temperatures around the bay. the city at 58. yesterday at this time they were 53. berkeley lab and the oakland hills 67. some warm air aloft and we have 60s, 70s, 80s, and now if you 90s. sal tells us? >> things are picking up a little bit. a little more slow traffic driving from tracy, 205, and 580. let's look at the road sensors. you can see it is right here on 205 near mountain house parkway. you will also see some slow traffic approaching the livermore area after the altamont pass. if you're driving on the 580 commute over to dublin it looks pretty good with no major issues and traffic continues to look good all the way into downtown oakland. at the bay bridge it seems to have gotten better. some of the early morning congestion has gone away. this is just a temporary break. when the metering lights get
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turned on the backup will materialize again. this morning we are learning more about a man accused of using a hidden camera to secretly record people inside a starbucks restroom in union city . the hitting camera was found in the starbucks at the union landing shopping center on dyer street. 45-year-old david joseph lister of hayward was arrested. police say when they looked at the video the first pitcher on the camera was of list. investigators say he lives in a blue van behind a business and when they served a search warrant police say they found evidence he had secretly taped people in other restrooms. he is a registered sex offender who was convicted 10 years ago of videotaping high school girls on the peninsula. >> i believe it to be predatory. i think that he is looking for victims in this format and of being in possession of child pornography shows what type of
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a person he maybe.g as a plumbe think he may have also recorded people who used his plumbing services if you hired lister as a plumber you are asked to call union city police. a major house fire in walnut creek is under investigation right now. it started last night at about 8 pm , apparently in the garage of a house on casino drive . the homes in that neighborhood dear lime bridge open space are pretty close together. firefighters called in a second crew to help keep the flames from spreading. no one was hurt and no other homes were damaged. today the oakland unified school district will give us an update about how it will manage its budget deficit after getting emergency funding from the state is under a bill signed this week by governor brown the funding will cover up to 75% of the oakland school districts $30 million budget shortfall if it meets certain
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conditions. the school district described it as a major financial relief but it has strings attached. a protest is planned today by supporters of a longtime critic of the san francisco police department demanded known as equipped oh who you see here is a member of the frisco five that staged a hunger strike two years ago to protest police shootings of minorities in san francisco. according to his supporters he is now being evicted from his home. he is out of jail this morning after he was arrested yesterday during a confrontation with police. he was meeting with other activists about le of color when they sai they saw officers arresting a young person nearby . the chronicle reports that he recorded the arrest and there was a heated confrontation between the activist and the officers. last night about 60 people demonstrated outside the mission police station. a new report by
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researchers at uc berkeley shows a large number of well-paid people here in the bay area is creating new pockets of poverty and racial segregation . the study shows low income people are being pushed out of san francisco, oakland, and other areas where house prices are skyrocketing because of the strong economy. researchers say that has a bigger impact on people of color. >> san francisco goes up higher and they move here and it goes up high here because they can afford to be on this side of the bay and then they push us further out into the valley. it's rough on people. >> the researchers say it is harder for minorities to find new housing in communities that are further out from urban centers because of their race . the experts say the best way to stop that is billed more affordable housing. bay area psychologist accusing supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual assault has been told she has until tomorrow morning to decide if she will testify on
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capitol hill on monday. that would include judge kavanaugh who held democrat leader nancy pelosi says to take a polygraph test. >> judge kavanaugh should subject himself to a lie detector test just the way doctor ford did. d a lie detector test. she passed it. why doesn't he subject himself to one? >> an attorney for christine blasey ford says senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley is rushing toward a hearing by pushing for her to testify. she may testify behind closed doors rather than in public. reporter doug luzader joins us now from washington with the deadline for the doctor and what happens if she is a no-show. a lot involved. >> reporter: we will find out in about 26 hours when we reach this deadline whether this hearing on monday is likely to even take place.
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>> reporter: the lights of a senate hearing can be clearing. no one knows that better than ugh. will christine blasey ford, the woman who is accusing kavanaugh's sexual assault back in high school be willing to face that kind of scrutiny? president trump says he wants to see it happen. >> i really want to see her. i would really want to see what she has to say. i want to give it all the time they need they have already given it time. they had delayed a major hearing. >> reporter: chuck grassley has given ford a deadline. she has to decide whether to show up for a hearing on monday by tomorrow. >> there are open -- other sessions options as well. >> either a open session, enclosed session, public or private interviews. that's four different ways she can choose to come. >> reporter: democrats and ford lawyers say they want an fbi investigation first. >> i think saying either testify on monday or not be heard is fairly outrageous. what is really shocking to me is there is a normal process for
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a supreme court justice nomination. it starts with an ei background check. >> reporter: if ford is a no- show publicans are likely to move ahead with the vote on kavanaugh, hoping their own ranks will hold in the face of the ford's allegation. there are some indications that some moderate republicans may be willing to move ahead with the vote for kavanaugh if his accuser does not show on monday. on capitol hill with ktvu fox2 news back here at home san francisco homicide detectives investigating a murder in a typically quiet city neighborhood near ocean beach. lease responded to reports of shots fired at 46 avenue and moraga about 9 pm on tuesday. authorities identified the man who died as 20-year-old brian
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sacked lon who was found shot and killed tuesday night. a group of about 80 jehovah's witness church members heard the shooting. >> we were in our meeting in the kingdom hall and just as we were all leaving we heard bullets. >> when we got here this morning to get our car we saw the bullet hole in the windshield. when you put everything into context, the expense of the windshield is practically nothing compared to what could have happened. >> the san francisco police say their investigation is just starting. witnesses say they saw a person in a hoody running away and they saw a car leaving the scene. so far there is no word about a motive in the shooting. there is a call to break coming up, the reason one attorney general wants to crackdown on google, facebook, and twitter. your pg&e bill will go up soon. we have details on the bill
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that was signed by governor jerry brown. if you are leaving the house soon i think you'll see the traffic so far looks pretty good on bay area bridges heading out to the other side. temperatures are going up later today. they will be the warmest for some maybe all month near the coast and in the city.
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welcome back. japanese prime minister shinzo abe will be the country's leader for another three years. he won reelection of the ruling liberal democratic party today in a landslide victory. this will be his third term as prime minister and puts him on track to be japan's longest- serving leader. during his term a bit said he is determined to push for a revision of japan's the u.s. drafted 1947 pacifist constitution. many japanese conservatives see the constitution as a humiliation imposed on japan following its defeat in world war ii. fema postponed the first nationwide test of the new presidential emergency alert system that would allow the president to text emergency alerts warning the public about a national emergency . the test was scheduled for today. fema has now delayed it until october 3 so they can posters resources on the victims of hurricane concerns about the
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environmental and future health impacts from hurricane florence more than 5 million gallons of sewage spilled into the cape fear river in north carolina after power went out at a treatment plan. president trump is promising additional federal aid to the region after touring the carolinas yesterday 37 deaths are being blamed on florence. 160,000 homes and businesses are still without electricity in north carolina. today marks a full year since hurricane maria made landfall in puerto rico this the u.s. territory is still struggling to recover from that devastating storm. 300,000 homes and businesses sustained heavy damage. 70,000 of which were destroyed. survivors have been complaining about redtape and the difficulties of applying and receiving financial aid. federal officials admit they have lost track of almost 1500 migrant children who have been placed in temporary homes. case managers couldn't find the children after making follow-up
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calls checking on their safety between april and june. this revelation comes as the trump administration is facing lawsuits over its family separation policy at the you at the u.s. mexican border. since october 2014 the federal government has placed more than 150,000 miners with adults who are expected to take care of them and help them go to school while they are seeking legal status in immigration court. the largest wildfire in california history is now 100% contained . the mendocino complex fire started in july in lake county. it burned 720 mi.2 and destroyed 157 homes, and killed one firefighter. that also prompted the evacuation of thousands in mendocino, lake, colusa, and glenn counties. authorities say 460 firefighters remained in the area working to prevent any erosion and monitoring hotspots . this sunday we invite you to join us for a box to special
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on california's ongoing -- fox two special on california's wildfires. it airs right here at 9 pm. a bill that governor jerry brown side will mean your pg&e bill is going up . the bill allows pg&e to raise rates to offset costs related to the closure of the diablo canyon nuclear plant in san luis obispo county. it is california's last nuclear power plant and is due to close by 2025. pg&e says there will be a rate hike up about .2% that will expire in 2026 . the governor approved it and tells the ble $85 million of payments to san luis obispo county. that money will help to ease the loss of economic benefits of that nuclear plant.
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san francisco city leaders are expected to vote on a $40 million gas contract today. however, there's a push to scale back. five your gas contract would be used for all government vehicles. according to the examiner there is talk about cutting spending to meet greenhouse gas reduction goals. a budget analyst recommended reducing the contract from $40 million recommended reducing the contract from $40 million- $32 million to prevent the city from increasing usage san francisco spent more than $5 million on gasoline last fiscal year. today a political conference called she the people begins in san francisco . the, it's a politically active women of color begins at 8:00 this morning at the julia william up paul street -- ballroom on california street. speakers include oakland congresswoman barbara lee, michigan congresswoman richie to to leave, and united farm workers union cofounder dolores where to. that she the people organizers say women of color are changing the face of american politics and culture and this event is
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decided to give women a place to share their ideas, tactics, and their opinions. sal will share his tactics on covering traffic. sometimes opinions as well about people who maybe aren't to driving very well. >> occasionally, exactly. you see someone backing up and i will share my opinion. >> i can't believe people do that we see that all the time. >> happens rather often. good morning. hopefully we don't see that again. northbound 101 from gilroy to san jose you will see traffic off to a nice start. no major issues. a little slowing coming out of sam martin into morgan hill. that is just a brief slowdown into that area. silicon valley approach mostly looking good. we have a little bit of slowing on some of these side roads, but the main roads look pretty good. northbound 280 is off to a nice start if you're driving at the
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bay bridge the metering lights are on. we did have an earlier stalled vehicle that could have led to the metering lights being on a little bit early. still about a 15 minute delay before you make it onto the span. going 76 for the forecast high today in san francisco. that's six above average. also only the third time this month they've had a 70 degree temperature . the warmest was 73 on the 10th. a lot of 60s and below average temperatures forgot their low is running a even a little above today. temperatures inland started moving yesterday. today will continue. 90 santa rosa. 86 palo alto. a little warmer by stanford. livermore 93. san jose 86. a red flag warning out for 5:00 today . the wind speed isn't that strong, but it looks like this well moisture is very dry. any north wind would cause a higher fire danger. northwest into marin county,
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north to middle peek at 21. barnaby only five miles an hour. woodacre northwest at 10. nothing that is going to be knotty on the wind speeds, at least right now. there's a patch of the fog around the marin coast, but otherwise good to go. 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s. tracy 71. lake for -- lakeport 44. 50s socal. campbell is 49. 61 cupertino. there has to be a little breeze there or you wouldn't see that. we're looking for mostly clear skies. any fog will get wiped out. it will be a warmer day today into tomorrow. and the transition looks to be on the weekend. let's go with two models that say the fog will come back. 60s, 70s, 80s coast and bay. 80s to low 90s inland victims have gone above the for
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everybody and will continue friday. i'm going a little cooler for the weekend. a seven month long investigation into the dallas mavericks. up next, what mark cuban is doing after allegations of sexual harassment against the team. three it is all my dreams come true and it's also exciting because i've never done this before. >> the san jose earthquakes added a young player to the roster. the honorary captain with an inspirational story.
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welcome back. dallas mavericks owner mark cuban is donating $10 million to women's groups. that's after the shocking results of a seven month long investigation into the team. a 43 page report includes sexual harassment allegations against the former team president and ceo. it also revealed two domestic violence incidents involving a former team website rider.m $2. million fine he could have received from the nba. with just 10 games left in the regular season the oakland a's continue to make a strong push for the playoffs. they play the los angeles angels of anaheim last night. oakland scored first. larry doubled to left centerfield. it was a close call at the plate but matt chapman be death row home. the a's opened up the floodgates , scoring six runs in the
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fourth. the a's pitchers shut down for the win. they trail the yankees by two and half games for the first wild-card spot now. the giants have nine games left in their season. last night they were in san diego to play the padres the giants jumped out to an early lead in the second inning. basis cleared and the giants led 3 - 0. however, the padres countered by putting up five runs off stratton in the bottom half of the second . the giants ended up losing 8 - 4. they have the night off before playing the cardinals in st. louis this weekend. >> the 20 18th season of the san jose earthquakes has begun. last night the quakes hosted lansing united fc. a nice cross followed by a header here. the quakes padded their lead in
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the 58th minute with some fancy footwork followed by that goal. things eventually tied. a 10- year-old soccer pan had a real dream come true last night when she was at the stadium with the san jose quakes. destiny coronado found out last year she had a malignant tumor growing in one of her ovaries. she has been fighting cancer ever since. she refused to feel sorry for herself and the san jose earthquakes heard about her battle and invited her to be honorary team captain at last nights game even signing her to a one-day contract. they also gave destiny a uniform which she says she will never wash. >> i got really happy. they were all giving me encouragement, like, they were just saying good things and that i was a warrior. >> destiny says she never dreamed she could be on the soccer pitch with pro players and that has given her more strength. she also says that something
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that would never have happened if she didn't have cancer and she hopes other children who are fighting serious illnesses can find out how strong they are because of what they're going through. devastation for a santa rosa mother who sits on was killed in a hit and run. >> oh no. you got to be kidding me. he was hit twice? >> this morning investigators are looking for not one, but two drivers. we all know the bay area is expensive. now i have a new poll to tell you about >> it will soon cost drivers to enter and exit treasure island. i will have those numbers on how much it will cost you coming up. the commute is getting busier out there. will he northbound 101 and we will get a look at this freeway and some of the others when we come back. 34 once not much fog. temperatures set -- for once not much fog.
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temperatures set to be heading up. more on that coming up.
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we are sitting in the studio bouncing to this song. >> it sounds like sunset salmon. i don't know. can come our director was very excited. he said don't even try to guess. steve paulson is usually our
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expert. >> they had a tv show back in the 60s. one member of that band. >> really? >> michael >> michael nesmith, peter torque, davy jones. >> this is michael nesmith on his own. >> very interesting. welcome back. we are doing music and weather and everything else. thursday, september 20. i'm dave clark. >> i'm a pam cook. >> i left out mickey dolan's who was part of the monkeys. >> and davy jones. >> let's get to it. we do have a red flag warning out. this is mainly higher elevations, north wales, and santa cruz mountains. i can't find anything over about 10 miles an hour in the santa cruz mountains.mperatures
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city. 76 would be the warmest temperature this month if it verifies . the warmest has been 73 on the 10th. they will get past that today. 80s and 90s. livermore 86 yesterday and 93 today. at the surface not much of an easterly breeze. there is one at fairfield but the other one shows west. as south wind at port chicago. west southwest at pittsburgh and martinez request at rio vista. this is mainly for the higher elevations until 5:00 today. low humidity. the wind is not that strong. a little fog. 40s or 60s and even one 170 out in tracy bill. 51 napa. 49, 65 from petaluma to woodacre. 49 anselmo. any puff of a breeze means is up there. if it's, it's cool. a lot of temperatures warming up today, including the coast. some nine lease -- some 90s
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inland. >> i'm just looking at those temperatures. you are standing in the way of san francisco at 76. >> 76. >> the spirit is here. >> the spirit of. >> i took your joke. i'm sorry. i like that joke. good morning. let's go out and look at the salon a commute 80 westbound as you drive to the macarthur maze you can see traffic is moving well. steve said it's going to be sunny and warmer without a lot of fog. that's what we see. a little slow traffic on 37. 80 looks all right . the is moving along okay to richmond getting out to the macarthur maze. we still have a pretty good drive in this corridor but when you get to the bay bridge it's already crowded. we had an earlier stall and a lot of people showing up. already crowded at 5:30. look how slow it is. a 15 or 20 minute delay already. let's go back to the desk. details this morning about plans for you to pay a toll if
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you drive to treasure island. alyssa harrington is in san francisco's embarcadero to tell us how much it will cost in just three years from now. >> reporter: good morning. starting in 2021 drivers will have to pay to enter and exit treasure island and that's on top of the told that you already pay to go over the bay bridge. here is some numbers broken down by the san francisco examiner. san francisco examiner reports that on weekdays the toll will be $3.50 both directions during peek hours. two dollars off-peak hours. on weekends it will cost one dollar during peek hours and will be free the rest of the weekend. the toll is part of a long-term plan. right now less than 2000 people live on treasure island, but the treasure island developed project will create 8000 new homes5 the population is expected to grow to about 25,000 people t
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go up. this toll is to discourage gridlock and driving during those. times. the board of supervisors with the treasure island mobility treasure -- commission must approve the plan. that vote is expected to happen in late november. work to expand the train system connecting sonoma and marin counties is a big step closer to reality . the smart au train board of directors approved $24 million to start work on the next phase it will connect the current terminal near the sonoma county airport in santa rosa and go 3 miles north to windsor. the board approved $24 million that will start design work this fall and heavy construction work early next year. eventually, the system is supposed to run all the way from cloverdale to the larkspur ferry. in marin county how about some good news?
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and $84,000 grant will approve -- imtraffic flow between larkspur and can't bill. the money is for a project to better synchronize traffic lights along that very busy 2 1/2 mile route. caltrans will review a traffic study. one that analyzes signals near highway one wants access ramps to better figure out how to make a signal timing changes the project is expected to begin in april and finish by next june. a mother is devastated after her son was killed in a hit and run in santa rosa. >> oh no. you've got to be kidding. he was hit twice? holy jesus. where do these people come from? >> the police now searching for two different drivers. 37-year-old matt aak was hit by two separate cars last saturday night. neither driver stopped to help them. witnesses say the first car hit him and while he was still on the ground still alive other cars drove right by him and
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went around him and tell a second car hit him and dragged him about 100 yards to a restaurant parking lot. >> i don't understand why two cars had to hit him and just leave. that is so mean. someone new those drivers. someone saw those people. >> authorities say aak was jaywalking and that was a factor in that first crash. the drivers now face charges of felony hit and run because they left him there to die. the first car was a dark sedan and they say a woman was driving the second car was a white honda that of a fremont man says he has a long recovery ahead after being stabbed multiple times at his home. donna leonard says she found her father, jack mostly, stabbed at his home on rocca drive sunday morning. she says her father said someone threw a coffee mug through their front window. when he went outside to sweep up the mess he says he was
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stabbed by his neighbor. police arrested 27-year-old psychiatry area of fremont on charges of attempted murder. >> as he bent over the guy from next door came up from behind him and started cutting him. just started viciously cutting him he said. he was laughing the whole time he was doing it. >> joya told investigators he blacked out and doesn't remember anything. the man who was stabbed is now recovering from surgery and his family set up a go fund me page to help pay for his bills and rent. police in santa rosa searching for a group of women who sold as much as $19,000 worth of clothing from a lulu lemon store. it happened yesterday morning just after 11:00 at a lulu lemon in ry. four women in their 20s wearing red and black hooded sweatshirt them with clothing. the women drove off in an older black sadie license plate. if
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you have any information call santa rosa police los angeles county sheriff's deputies are investigating a shooting that injured a two deputies last night at a park in east los angeles investigators say the deputies spotted a group of suspects in a car who were wanted for pointing a gun at someone. after a chase the car stopped and the suspects started shooting and the deputies fired back. the deputies injuries are not life-threatening but one of the three suspects was shot and killed and another was wounded and a third was arrested. a woman involved in the kidnapping of elizabeth smart is a free woman. wanda barzee is the wife of brian david mitchell who is serving life in prison for kidnapping elizabeth smart in 2002 when she was just 14 years old. smart spent nine months in captivity. as a condition of her release barzee can have no contact with any member of the smart family.
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elizabeth smart spoke at a college in pennsylvania just hours after barzee was released. >> my captors were extremely controlling and manipulative and highly abusive. they seemed to be invincible. when they threatened me with things like we're going to kill you or kill your family if you ever try to run or say anything, those threats were incredibly real to me. i took them seriously. >> as part of her plea deal barzee agreed to testify against her husband and she served 15 years in prison. some san francisco city workers say there's not enough diversity in the cities hiring city workers and members of the service employers international union held a rally yesterday. supervisor jane kim called for a hearing on racism and discrimination in the city some city workers say there's not enough diversity in hiring and promotions are based on racial
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stereotypes. they also say african-american workers are disciplined, disproportionately and that the treatment is unfair and unnecessary. >> although this issue has been around for a long time we have even seen an increase lately. we have seen an increase of the firing of african-americans, a disproportionality of race of the firing of african-americans compared to anybody else in the city, compared to the numbers of african-americans that work in the city. >> this week major -- mayor london breed issued an executive director directive ordering the department of resources to take several steps including hiring two full-time employees to focus on diversity improvement. it was also expand harassment prevention training. a contra costa county superior court judge facing nine charges of judicial
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misconduct, including sexual harassment of female lawyers. judge john laettner is accused of offensive conduct towards about a dozen women during more than 10 years. he allegedly commented on the women's looks and told one deputy public defender her parents didn't spank heenough. laettner's lawyers said the complaints are motivated by unpopular bill decisions. the state commission on judicial performance will schedule a hearing on these accusations. under a new state law doctors will have to notify their patients if they are on probation for sexual misconduct or any other wrongdoing. that information is already available online, but consumer advocates argue it didn't made -- makes sense for doctors to notify insurance companies, hospitals, and clinics but not tell their patients. prosecutors have identified three more possible victims of an orange county surgeon and his girlfriend who are accused of being sexual predators grant robichaux and teresa riley are currently charged with drugging and
5:42 am
raping two intoxicated women. the orange county das office says prosecutors have received numerous calls since the initial charges were announced. they say there could be thousands of victims. investigators discovered videos and photographs of other potential victims on the couples phone. the attorney general of louisiana once the federal government to break up facebook, google, and twitter. jeff landry says he will ask you this attorney general jeff sessions to use antitrust laws to break up those companies, similar to what the government did to standard oil back in 1911. landry is arguing that the social media companies are suppressing conservative views and also stifling competition. jeff sessions has plans to meet with state attorneys general's in washington next week the california attorney general javier becerra is also expected to be there. $3.5 million has been raised from that tax on sugary drinks in san francisco. up next when you can join the debate on how to spend that
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money. laws for scooter riders are loosening in california. who will still be required to wear a helmet beginning january 1. street if you're heading south on 680 right now we have a nice look at this and no grade . this traffic heading towards san jose looks pretty good. our weather looks pretty good. oakland and san francisco looking for warmer temperatures today. i didn't really know anyone. but now i've made lots of connections on linkedin, like mentors, builders, clients. we contribute to one another. we're helping each other perfect our craft. and i think that's the beauty of it.
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we have a large community all across the world. and the tools like linkedin has really helped us connect. i'll look for hashtags like spacecraft design and virtual reality. there's plenty of space to explore here on earth to go outside of your bubble. welcome back. happening today a town hall meeting of the san francisco public health department on how to spend money raised from that tax on sugary drinks. $3.5 million was raised. now the public health department is reaching out to the community to ask what programs you think deserve that
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money. tonight's townhall meeting will be at the hamilton recreation center on gary boulevard from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. adults in california will not be required to wear helmets while riding motorized scooters . governor brown signed legislation yesterday requiring helmets only for people under the age of 18. the new law takes effect january 1. scooters are growing in popularity even though they have created some problems in downtown areas. san francisco band scooters earlier this year because of concerns about riders not wearing helmets and other problems with pedestrians on the sidewalks proceeded -- the city recently awarded permits to two companies to take part in a pilot program bringing scooters back to the city. when the companies left out of that program is fighting back. lima is appealing the agency's decision to only choose two companies. lime claims the city acted with unlawful bias . the city denies
5:47 am
>> you think everybody should wear a helmet? >> personally, i don't know if it has to be a law or night, but riding a bike or a scooter it is is safer with a helmet. it is so funny coming we make sure we do everything to keep our kids safe and that we don't protect ourselves. >> i have not seen them or maybe i haven't been ping attention, most people don't wear helmets. >> that's what i was thinking. >> not when i see them riding scooters. >> finally, most p -- most people skiing and boarding wear helmets. >> i have seen that. good morning. let's see what we have on the tracy commute. i want to check in because it has gotten a sier. traffic is busy here on 205 from before mountain house parkway and it slows again, continues to slow on the 580. it gets better right before the altamont pass. when you get to livermore if you're coming in and joining
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580 it looks pretty good through the dublin grade. also this morning we have had southbound 880 with a stalled vehicle on southbound 880 heading down from 238 to 92. some slow traffic there. northbound traffic on interstate 880 looks good through downtown oakland. we will see the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza stretching all the way to the maze we had an earlier stall in a lien for that. you can get a helmet for $40. >> i know. they're not that expensive. >> a warmer forecast for everybody. low 90s inland. 70s and 80s closer to the bay. there is a red flag warning until 5:00. it was a fire watch yesterday. i'm hard-pressed to find start -- strong wind unless it's mount diablo. some gusts at 35 or 40. relative humidity is low. no rain in a long time. it is height fire danger. 76 is a forecast high for the
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city. that would be the verified warmest attempt this month. i think we will be that. a lot of 60s and temperatures below average. now they are all going above including england -- including inland. palo alto 86. san jose also at 86. looks like a beautiful day in oakland. 62, 72 and guy -- and going for a high of 82 downtown look at napa county and other areas toward the north bay, atlas speak, northwest 15. -- atlas peek northwest at 15. so west southwest and then big rock northwest. nothing that screams northeast at 40 or anything like that that goes until 5:00 today. fog not much of an issue. there is a little bit mainly toward the marin coast. 40s and 50s and 60s to almost 70 a lot of 40s and 50s.
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danville 47. pleasanton 51. 51 walnut creek. look at elsa brontk, 10 degrees warmer than pinole. that's a big jump in martinez. any fog that is there will disappear fast. temperatures above average for everybody. if you like sunshine and warmer temperatures today is the high. grape growers want warmer temperatures and they have it. it looks a little cooler going into the weekend. nba superstar lebron james in the movies . the bay area director teaming up with king james to create a new space jam.
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welcome back. a follow-up to a south bay story about a big housing development. the city of cupertino approved a major housing and office development in what is now falco mall. there was heavy debate about that land . the for billion- dollar project includes almost 3000 residential units, a half million square feet for businesses and 1,500,000 ft.2 of office space the need for affordable housing was a sticking point for developers say the project will include apartments for low income families. civil rights groups challenging whether oakland's public housing ordering
5:54 am
ordinance is constitutional they filed a lawsuit in federal and also posted this tweet saying, we are living, not loitering. it is time to repeal oaklands unconstitutional public housing loitering ordinance. the complaint claims the oakland ordinance has been used by housing authorities police to harass and intimidate public housing residents . the violation of that loitering ordinance is punishable with a fine of up to $250. the debate is heating up over rvs that are parked on city-owned land in east palo alto. last night the public works and transportation commission heard passionate arguments on both sides of the issue. the commission is considering whether to change the city code on parking to ban overnight parking of large vehicles like rvs. >> we are the working homeless. people that work and buy goods and work in the city. we also provide all the services
5:55 am
and perform the lowest paid jobs in the city. >> the city has got to provide a path for harvey homeless people to have a path out of that lifestyle. that is not the job of the public works department. >> is separate from the public works department east palo alto city council approved a pilot program to provide a safe space for people in rvs to park overnight. that program is due to begin in november. the la pop rock band maroon five reportedly has been chosen to perform the halftime show of the next super bowl. >> [ singing ] >> the reported selection of the group fronted by adam levine was reported by variety. nfl still has not confirmed it but the choice is already getting slammed on social media by people who say that since the super bowl will be played in atlanta and atlanta-based
5:56 am
group should have been at least made the cut. fans point out atlanta is home to musical stars like outcast, usher, ludicrous, and see low. the nfl released a statement saying we do not have any announcements to make on what will be another epic show. street lebron james taking over as the next lead actor in the upcoming space jam will be. lebron has been picked to start that movie with the same name as a classic 1996 movie that featured michael jordan . the is being produced by oakland native and black panther movie director ryan coogler. lebron says he loves ryan coogler's vision for this new movie production is due to begin during the 2019 nba off- season. building a college on a former naval site and concorde. we will look at this plant that could create a massive campus at the former navy facility. will there be testimony?
5:57 am
that is a question being asked in this standoff over tion for the supreme court pick the very latest coming up. we are coming up on 6:00. this is when the commute begins to change. right now we see traffic getting to get busier on some of the key commutes. the skies are mostly clear that means temperatures coast and in san francisco are warming up today. we will show you how much. with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought,
5:58 am
more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
5:59 am
an increase in notification in the bay area. what a new study said is leading to pockets of poverty and segregation. i would really want to see what she has to say. >> the bay area woman who accused supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual assault now faces a deadline. we're live and we will look at what happens if she testifies or allows the nomination process
6:00 am
to continue without her story. good morning and thank you for joining us on this friday eva, thursday, september 20. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. should we bring in steve paulson and ask about the weather for thursday? >> it will be warmer. most of the temperatures away from the coast will be in the upper 80s and low 90s. closer to it they will be in the 70s. we still have that red flag warning until the santa cruz mountains and east bay -- mount diablo gusting to 49. everywhere else looks to be a -- less than 20. 76 is the forecast high. what comes after 75? 76. that's the spirit. that would be the warmest day this month, which is still 73 on the temperatures. the coast and the city have had a cool pattern. not today. what about oakland? going 82. that would be above average. sunshine all over the place. in marin county a northwest,


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