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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 20, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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good morning and thank you for joining us on this friday eva, thursday, september 20. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. should we bring in steve paulson and ask about the weather for thursday? >> it will be warmer. most of the temperatures away from the coast will be in the upper 80s and low 90s. closer to it they will be in the 70s. we still have that red flag warning until the santa cruz mountains and east bay -- mount diablo gusting to 49. everywhere else looks to be a -- less than 20. 76 is the forecast high. what comes after 75? 76. that's the spirit. that would be the warmest day this month, which is still 73 on the temperatures. the coast and the city have had a cool pattern. not today. what about oakland? going 82. that would be above average. sunshine all over the place. in marin county a northwest, northwest, north at middle
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peek, and barnaby north, but very calm. nothing over 25 or 35 that i can find. we have a high pressure over patchy fog that will get out of here fast. 40s and 50s on the temperatures . 60s for some already. 48 in menlo park. 51 palo alto. look at the difference between los altos and los altos hills. 12 degrees. on the coast pacifica with a breeze. half moon bay clear with no breeze and 48 otherwise, looking for sunshine and warmer temperatures today for all. south, you would like to begin with? we will start in the east bay. i'm looking at a crash reported on 80 westbound at the macarthur maze. i think we might be able to see it from our cameras reported on westbound 80 e. of the 580. somewhere in this mess. see a n on the shoulder. this one crash is reportedly blocking one of the lanes. we are looking for it and
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traffic is going to be slow as you approach it. it could be here or somewhere, but it doesn't look very good. part of it is we had an earlier stall on the bridge as well. this traffic time is going to go up. you might want to speed up the routine. that's hard to do, instead of a five minute shower in three minutes and so on and so forth. let's move along to the bay bridge. traffic is backed up. by the way, i hate that. i like my showers. anyway. no problem on the bridge itself . you will see traffic backed up to the maze. this is a look at interstate 880 n. and south. traffic is moving well in both directions. southbound 880 had an accident cleared her industrial to the shoulder. let's go back to the desk. republican senate leaders have set a deadline for christine blasey ford, the woman who is accusing supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh o
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ford now has a little more than a day to decide if she's going to testify next week. >> it is not clear if that testimony will even happen because of that deadline. ford's attorney says her client once the fbi to conduct a nonpartisan investigation of kavanaugh and what happened between them decades ago first. ford has accused supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual a sort -- of sexual assault 35 years ago and trying to take off her clothing while stifling her cries for help. 40 says another student intervened and stopped the is all. senator chuck grassley of iowa sent a letter to ford's attorney's saying that she could testify publicly or have the option of testifher republi if for does not agree to testify mondayad to move on. >> the american people need to see doctor ford side-by-side with judge kavanaugh and judge
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for themselves. >> judge kavanaugh should subject himself to a lie detector test just the way doctor ford did. she had a lie detector test and she passed it. why doesn't he subject himself to one? >> president trump has the authority to ask the fbi for another background check and an investigation of kavanaugh. the president has said he will not do that . the earlier this week kavanaugh was at the white house preparing for a potential hearing on monday. it is not clear whether that will happen the gop senators have said if for does not agree to testify by monday they will go ahead with a vote to put kavanaugh on the supreme court sometime next week. live in the newsroom with ktvu fox2 news. tonight is the first public meeting with the committee that is deciding what to do with the land that used to be the concorde naval weapons station. are several proposals for the property near willow passand wi
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then look at how each proposal could work together and which should be given priority. some of them include housing, but light industrial facilities, even a college campus. the committee will also evaluate funding possibilities for tonight's meeting is open to the public and starts at 7:00 at the concorde senior citizens center on parkside circle. san francisco city leaders are expected to vote on a $40 million gas contract today. there is a push to scale is that. is a five euros gas contract used for all government vehicles . according to the examiner budget analyst reduced -- recommended reducing the contract from $49-$32 million to keep the city from increasing usage. san francisco spent more than $5 million on gasoline in alaska fiscal year. a new report from uc berkeley researchers shows a large nu new pockets of poverty
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and racial segregation. the study shows low income people are being pushed out of san francisco, oakland, and other areas where home prices are skyrocketing because of the strong economy . the researchers say that has a bigger impact on people of color. >> san francisco goes up higher and they move here and it goes up high here because they can afford to be on this side of the bay and then they push us further out in the valley. it is rough on people. >> researchers say it is harder for minorities to find new housing in communities that are further out from urban centers. experts say the best way to stop the movement is to build more affordable housing. some san francisco city workers say there is not enough diversity in the cities hiring. city workers and members of the service employees international union held this rally yesterday acism and san francisco board
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discrimination in the city. some city employees say there is not enough diversity in hiring and that promotions are based on racial stereotypes but they also say african-american workers are disciplined unfairly and that the treatment is unfair and unnecessary. >> although this issue has been around for a long time we have even seen an increase lately. we have seen an increase of wiring of african-americans. we see a disproportionality of firing of african-americans compared to anybody else in the city compared to the numbers of african-americans that work in the city. >> the mayor issued an executive directive ordering the department of human resources to take action. among them, the department has to hire two will time employees recruitment. also they have to expand harassment prevention training.
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we are learning more about a man accused of using a hidden camera to secretly record people inside a starbucks restroom in union city preventing camera was found at the union landings shopping center on dyer street. david joseph list of hayward was arrested. police say when they look at the video the first pitcher on the camera was of list of. investigator say he lives in a blue band behind a business and when they served a search warrant police found evidence he had secretly tape people in other restrooms. he is a registered sex offender who was convicted 10 years ago of videotaping high school girls on the peninsula. >> i believe it to be predatory. i think that he is looking for victims in this format and him being in possession of child pornography shows what type of a person he maybe. >> police say list to have been working as a plumber and they think he may have also recorded people who used his plumbing services. if you hired him as a plumber you are asked to call union city police.
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guess what? another toll for bay area drivers. this time coming and going to treasure island. we will tell you how much drivers will have to pay and when. and increase to your pg&e bill. why a law signed by governor brown means an increase by millions of californians. good morning. we have a crash at the macarthur maze that is on the shoulder. not as serious as we first thought, but it may be causing some slow traffic. we will see what this is doing to the commute upstream straight ahead. the forecast this morning is free. i won't charge you anything. will also talk about temperatures warming up in oakland and san francisco. well well well, what have we here?
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a magical place... that's lookin' to get scared! (laughter) halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks!
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welcome back. new concerns about the environmental and future health impacts from hurricane florence. more than 5 million gallons of sewage spilled into the cape fear river in north carolina when the power went out at a treatment plan. president trump is promising extra federal aid for that region after touring the carolinas. 37 deaths are blamed on florence. more than 60,000 homes and businesses still have no power. today marks a full year since hurricane made -- hurricane maria made landfall in puerto rico.
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there are still struggling to recover. 300,000 homes and businesses suffered heavy damage. 70,000 of which were destroyed. survivors have been complaining about redtape and how hard it is to apply for and get financial aid. shock and heartache for a mother who lost an adult aged sound in a hit and run in santa rosa. >> oh no. you have got to be kidding me? he was hit twice? holy jesus. where do these people come from? >> police are now looking for two different drivers. investigators say 37-year-old matt haack was hit by two separate cars last saturday night. neither driver does neither driver stopped to help witnesses say the first car hit him and while he was on the ground is still alive other cars came by and went around him and tell a second car hit and dragged him about 100 yards to a restaurant parking lot. >> i don't understand why two cars had to hit him and just
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leave. that is so mean. someone new those drivers, someone saw those people. authorities say the victim was jaywalking and that contributed to the initial crash but the drivers know based -- donnie hit and run for hitting him and leaving him there to die. the first car was a dark sedan driven by a woman. san francisco homicide detectives investigating a killing in a normally quite neighborhood. police responded to reports of shots fired at 46th avenue and moraga in the outer sunset on tuesday at about 9 pm. authorities identify the man who died as a 20-year-old ryan sucked along. he was found shot and killed tuesday night. a group of about 80 jehovah witness church members heard the gunfir when we got here
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this morning to get our carwe saw the bullet hole in the windshield. when you put everything into context, the expense of the windshield is practically nothing compared to what could have happened. >> the san francisco police say their investigation is just getting started. witnesses say they saw someone in a hoody running away and that a car was seen fleeing the area. so far no word about a motive in the shooting. investigators are looking for the cause of a serious fire at a home in walnut creek last night. that fire started in the garage of a house on casino drive just after 8:00 . the home does the homes in that neighborhood are very close together. contra costa county fire crews called in a second crew to try to keep the fire from spreading. no one was hurt and no other homes were damaged. erry brown signed probably means
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higher pg&e bills . the bill allows pg&e to raise rates to offset the cost related to closing the diablo canyon nuclear plant in san luis obispo county. it is california's last nuclear power plant and is due to close by the year 2025. pg&e says there will be a rate hike of about .2% that will expire in 2026. if the legislation approved by the governor tells the public utility commission to approve $85 million in payments to san luis obispo county. that money will be used to ease the loss of the economic and if it's that the nuclear plant contributed. working to expand the train system connecting sonoma and marin counties. a big step closer to reality . the smart au train board of directors approved $24 million to start work on the next phase it will connect the current terminal near the sonoma county airport
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3 miles north to windsor. the board approved the construction. eventually, the system is supposed to run all the way from cloverdale down to the larkspur ferry. some of the oakland raiders spent their day off this week with the alameda county food bank. safety eric harris and linebacker kyle wilbur sorted and distributed food out of the food banks mobile pantry truck outside the ashland village apartments in san leandro. a lot of the families lined up early to collect fresh fruits and vegetables also to meet the raiders. pierce and wilbur say they were happy to help and they were humbled by the experience. the kickoff between the raiders and the miami dolphins is 10 am sunday in miami . the 49ers travel to kansas city to play the chiefs. there is also a 10 am kickoff and you will see it right here on ktvu fox to. i know someone right here who is very excited about that. sal is very into football.
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>> i love 10 am kickoff on sundays. >> much better than 10 pm. >> if you live on the west coast you have a 10 am game in the east coast you have to wait until 1:00. i like that better. good morning. let's see what we have at the macarthur maze. here we go. we have that crash on the meas on the shoulder. it slow down traffic. traffic was already slow because of an earlier stalled vehicle. now is taking about half an hour to drive a from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. part of it is across and part of it is just people getting on the road. there's a little backup here because of an earlier stall. leave the house an extra five or 10 minutes early and that should probably do it but this is 880 northbound. looking good into downtown oakland. southbound 880 slows at 238 and
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it gets better after an earlier crash on the shoulder. 680 is slow through pleasanton heading south . the south bay commute to cupertino or sunnyvale, the silicon valley drive still looks pretty good. you might want to jump ahead of the crowd before he gets a lot slower. let's bring in steve paulson. >> a friend of mine moved to tampa say pete and he said i have to wait until one a clock for the game to come on. if you go from 4:00 to 7:00 there they see how sunny it is here. >> we have just me almost an 11 degrees difference between downtown clayton and uphill at oakhurst. i can actually do better than that by the concorde pavilion it is 55 and a black diamond it is 74. there is a 19 degrees
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difference. there is a big difference here. concorde by the pavilion 55. you can find some 60s and even 146 in danville. moraga 57. low 50s in pleasanton. look at the difference. that's pretty big for the areas that are usually that far apart on the temperatures. we will have temperatures warming up. today or tomorrow will be the warmest day. low 90s and led today and tomorrow. i think the fog creeps back one model says no and the other two say yes. santa rosa in the 90s. san jose 86. livermore to 93 today. san francisco 76 and 57. 70 and 55 are average. downtown oakland looking for sunshine and warm temperatures today. 82. we have a red flag warning
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until 5:00. in valley hi fire danger. it is tough to find a wind that strong except mount diablo. big rock, novato, northwest, but no north or northeast. a little bit toward hawkeye. evening in napa only northwest at 15. humidity is low with temperatures warm. we get a little patchy fog but 40s, 50s, and 60s on the temperatures. 52 foster city. 52 fremont. half moon bay in the upper 40s. the coast is clear for most and then sunny to warm for everybody today. 80s and if you low 90s. for the next couple of days we will be above. fog creeping back on the weekend. a major housing development in cupertino . the decision by the city council that could bring nearly 3000 new homes to the peninsula.
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three a hacking attempt at the u.s. senate. we will have the details. we are in what is traditionally known as fire season. this sunday we invite you to join us for a special on california's ongoing battle with wildfires. uncontained pairs right here at 9 pm. we will be right back. -- uncontained premieres right here at 9 pm. we will be right back. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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japanese prime minister shinzo abe won reelection in a landslide victory. this will be his third term as prime minister and puts them on track to becoming japan's longest serving leader. during his term he said he is determined to push for a revision of japan's u.s. treasury 1947 pacifist constitution many japanese conservatives see the constitution as a humiliation imposed on japan following its defeat in world war ii. fema postponed the first nationwide test of a new presidential emergency alert system. it would allow the president to text emergency alerts warning the public about a national emergency. the test was scheduled for today but fema has now delayed it until october 3 to focus on helping the victims of hurricane florence. a u.s. senate or says foreign government hackers continue to target the personal
6:26 am
email accounts of usa senators and their staff. the oregon democratic senator set a major technology company has warned the several lawmakers that their personal accounts have been targeted he wrote a letter to senate leaders asking for the senate security office to help protect their personal emails. the office says it has no authority to secure personal accounts. wyden said he is worried because the same tactics were used by russian agents to influence the 2016 presidential election. federal officials have admitted the federal government has lost track of nearly 1500 migrant children who they placed in temporary homes. case managers could not find the children after they made follow-up calls to check on their safety from april through june . the revelation comes as a trump administration is facing litigation over its family separation policy at the us-mexico border.
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since october 2014 the federal government has placed more than 150,000 miners with adults who are expected to care for them and help them attend a school while they seek legal status in immigration court. millions of dollars from san francisco's sugary drinks tax. we're $3 million could be spent. fast, reliable internet is crucial. does it every go down? yes. can't do my job. business grinds to a halt. our gig-speed network not only downloads files up to 20 times faster,
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welcome back. you might recognize the woman bringing that opening bell. >> she looks familiar.
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>> that is it julie heart celebrating the company's ipo singing that bell right now in new york. congratulations to ever bright for going public today. we are also watching under armor after reports it will cut 3% of its work force. we will see how event bright start trading today. >> good morning to you and thank you for joining us on this thursday morning september 20. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve. >> did you get in on that event bright offering? >> no. you? >> no. no, i didn't. thank you. we have a red flag warning until 5:00. early tough to find any strong wind. mount diablo has had guests 50 but that's about it. it goes until 5:00 today. we haven't had any rain for a long time and humidity is low so conditions are there.
6:31 am
76 is a forecast high in san francisco today. that could be the warmest of the month. it would be six above average. oakland should be closer to about 76. we are going 82 today. even downtown oakland getting in on the warm up. there's a little patch of fog out there but most of this will disappear quickly. 65 brentwood. 52 castro valley. fremont 51. half moon bay 48. around the bay you can find it some 50s and 60s. berkeley lab 65. the cities 58. that's much warmer than this time yesterday. very little fog will impact anything today. 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s. sal is going to inform us of? traffic is getting busier. that probably won't surprise anyonetsrgh
6:32 am
and bay point it will be slow and tell you get to highway 242. that's not surprising work at least there is nothingwebound 3 we had an accident on the shoulder. when you get to the bay bridge you have to add another five because it is busier. if you look at the optimistic side whatever stall they had on the bridge was cleared quickly and things could have been much worse. 880 northbound is slowing down for the san mateo bridge. it is crowded heading to the hi-rez. dumbarton bridge not yet. it doesn't look bad. if you're choosing between one or the other you might want to choose the dumbarton bridge. this is a look at silicon valley commute which is still relatively light. let's go back to the desk. time is running out for the bay area woman who accused judge brett kavanaugh of sexual abuse to decide if she will testify before the senate. doug luzader joins us from washington d.c. with a look at what happens if she does not
6:33 am
decide to testify. >> reporter: good morning. at this time given the shifting sentiments we have heard, even with the deadline, now just about 24 hours away anything could happen. the lights of a senate hearing can be glaring. no one knows that better than brett kavanaugh. will christine blasey ford, the woman who as accused cabin of sexual assault back in high school be willing to face that kind of scrutiny? president trump says he wants to see it happen. >> i really want to see her but i would really want to see what she has to say. i want to give it all the time they need. they have already given it time. they have delayed a major hearing. >> reporter: chuck grassley has given flossie ford a deadline. she has to decide by tomorrow whether to show up for a hearing on monday. there are other options as well. >> either in an open session or closed session or a public or a private interview.
6:34 am
that is four different ways she can choose to come. >> reporter: democrats and ford's lawyers say they want an fbi investigation first . >> i think saying either testify on monday or not be heard, i think it's fairly outrageous. what is really shocking to me is that there is a normal process for a supreme court justice nomination and it starts with an fbi background check. >> reporter: if ford is a no- show republicans are likely to move ahead with a confirmation vote on kavanaugh, hoping their own ranks will hold in the face of ford's allegation. that has been the big question all along. if ford decides to testify on monday that could change everything. in washington with ktvu fox2 news it will soon cost you to drive to treasure island in san francisco bay for drivers will be charged to go into and out of
6:35 am
treasure island. that's in addition to the toll you already pay to drive across the bay bridge. alyssa harrington in san francisco now. you have the details of what is involved here. good morning. >> reporter: for people who live on the island they will get one free trip a day. don't forget anything or it could cost seven dollars just to return for a round-trip during peek hours. here is the breakdown. the san francisco examiner reports that on weekdays during peek hours the toll will be three dollars -- $3.50. that changes to two dollars during off-peak topic on the weekends it will cost one dollar during peek hours and off-peak will be free . the tolls will be collected through fast track. this is part of a long-term plan to exponential growth on the island. right now less than 2000 people live there. by the year 2035 that number is expected to skyrocket to 25,000 . there are several housing
6:36 am
development going up and also plans for more businesses and restaurants. this toll is to discourage gridlock and it driving during those peak times. the board of supervisors with the treasure island mobility management will vote on this plan in late november before it goes through. ferry service to the island will become available in three years and there will be extra bus service as well. live in san francisco with ktvu fox2 news . a follow-up to a story in the south bay about a big housing devolvement the city of cupertino approved a major housing and office devolvement in what is now falco mall there was a heavy debate about it . the for billion-dollar project includes nearly 3000 residential units and 2 million square and 2,000,000 ft.2 of business and office space. the need to build affordable housing was a sticking point. developers is a the project will include apartments for low income families. civil rights groups are challenging whether oakland's public housing loitering
6:37 am
ordinance is constitutional. they filed a federal lawsuit yesterday and also posted this tweet saying, we are living, not loitering. it is time to repeal oakland's unconstitutional public housing loitering ordinance. the complaint claims the oakland ordinance has been used by housing authority police to harass and intimidate public housing residents violating that loitering ordinance is punishable with a fine of up to $250. debate heating up over rvs that are parked on city-owned land in east palo alto. last night the public works and transportation commission heard passionate arguments from both sides . the commission is considering whether to change the city code on parking to ban overnight parking of things like rvs. >> we are the working homeless. people that pay taxes by working and buying goods and services in the city. we also provide all of those
6:38 am
services and perform the lowest paid jobs in the city. >> >> the city has to provide a path for homeless working people to provide a way out of that lifestyle. >> separate from the public works department the east palo alto city council approved a pilot program to provide a safe area for rvs to park overnight that program is expected to begin in november. the family of a fremont man says he has a long recovery ahead after he was stabbed multiple times at his home. donna lynne are says she found her father, jack mosley, stabbed at their townhome on market drive sunday morning. she says her father told her someone threw a coffee mug through their front window. when he went outside to sweep up the mess he says he was stabbed by his neighbor. police arrested 27-year-old zachariah joy of a fremont on charges of attempted murder. >> as he is bent over like that the guy from next door came from behind him and just started
6:39 am
cutting him. just started viciously cutting him and he said. he was laughing the whole time he was doing it. >> according to court documents joy told investigators he blacked out and doesn't remember anything the man who was stabbed, jack mosley, is now recovering from surgery . his family set up a go fund me page to help pay his bills and rent. a group of women stalled as much as $19,000 in clothing from a lulu limit store yesterday morning just after 11:00 at the lulu limit in montgomery village on mcallen dry. four women in their 20s wearing red and black hoodies pulled out big bags and fill them with clothing. police say the women drove off in an older black mercedes-benz that did not have a front license plate. if you have any information call santa rosa police. a new study by wallet have finds that san ramon is the second best city in california to raise a family . the study
6:40 am
looks at four main categories. family life and fun, education, health, and safety, affordability and a socioeconomic environment. you found san ramon ranked in the top 10 in the state and three in three of those four categories and also number one with the most families with kids in the state. san ramon ranks fourth in lowest amount of violent crime. several other bay area cities ranked high in that study gloss altos was third. it is the top city for education, health and safety. dublin, danville, pleasanton, and cupertino came in the top 10 for top cities to raise a family . the number one city according to this study is fulsome. on the other end of the spectrum wallet have found that oakland ranked as the fifth worst place to raise a family . the study found that oakland hahighest violent crime rate of any city on the surv
6:41 am
our question of the day to you is what is most importantabout where you live? family life and fun, education health and safety, affordability , socioeconomic environment? let us know what you think by voting on our ktvu twitter page . you can also comment on our facebook page. i would imagine it varies whether or not you have children are going to have children expect those are all good questions. that will be tough and interesting to see what people say. >> we will share your answers throughout the morning. economic racial segregation. there's a new study that binds income and runaway housing prices are dividing communities. love for loosening up a bit in ca . northbound 880 is slowing down. bay bridge is already slow.
6:42 am
there are some commutes is due -- who still have some room. we will tye who that is coming up. we have gone from a lot of the fog to hardly any fog. temperatures even at the city and coast will be warming up. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest.
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welcome back. dallas mavericks owner mark cuban is donating $10 million to women's groups. that is after shocking results of a seven month long investigation into the team. a 43 page report includes the sexual harassment allegations against a former team president and ceo. it also revealed a two domestic violence incidents involving a former team website we will be right back. the 10 minute contribution is four times the maximum $2.5 million crime he could have received -- fine he could have received from the nba. a supreme court judge facing judicial misconduct including sexual harassment of female attorneys. d of offensive conduct towards about a dozen women over more than 10 years. he allegedly talked about how a woman's low dose a woman looked and reportedly told one deputy public defender that her parents didn't spank her enough. lateness lawyers says the complaints are motivated by unpopular bill decisions. the
6:46 am
state commission on judicial performance will hold a hearing about the allegations. also under a new state law doctors will have to notify their patients if they are on probation for sexual misconduct or some other wrongdoing. that information is already available online, but consumer advocates argued that it didn't make sense for doctors to have to notify insurance companies and hospitals, and clinics, but not have to tell their patients. prosecutors say they have identified three more possible victims of an orange county surgeon and his girlfriend who are accused of being sexual predators. grant robichaux and teresa riley are currently charged wit intoxicateoffice says prosecutors have received numerous calls since the initial charges were announced they say there could be thousands of victims. investigators discovered videos and photographs of other potential victims on the couple's phone. la county sheriffs
6:47 am
investigating a shooting last night where two deputies were hurt. it happened at a park in east los angeles. investigators say the deputies saw a group of suspects in a car who were wanted for pointing a gun at someone. after a chase deputies say the car stopped and the suspect started shooting and the deputies fired back. the injuries to the deputies are not life-threatening. one of three suspects was shot and killed. another was wounded. a third feels arrest -- a third was arrested. today and it town hall meeting of the san francisco public works department, how to spend the tax raised from sugary drinks. now the public health department is reaching out to the community to see what programs they think deserve the money. tonight's townhall meeting with -- will be held at the hamilton recreation center on gary boulevard from 6:00 until 8:00. one of the scooter companies left out of san francisco's pilot program is
6:48 am
fighting back. san francisco band of scooters earlier this year goes up concerns about riders not wearing helmets and other problems. the city recently awarded permits to two companies to take part in a pilot program. bringing the scooters back to san francisco . the san francisco they start up lima is appealing the agency's decision to only choose two companies. lime is claiming the city acted with unlawful bias . the city denies that accusation. adults in california won't be required to wear helmets while riding motorized scooters for much longer. governor brown signed legislation yesterday requiring helmets only for people under the age of 18. that new law takes effect january 1. time to check in again with sala. it could be getting a little busier in some spots. what are you watching? we are looking at the bridges now. most bridges are crowded. the bay bridge to everyone
6:49 am
always wants to know about that. i think we dodged a bullet. we had an earlier stalled vehicle up there and caltrans and chp did a good job getting it out of the way quickly. there was a little impact, but not much . the is beginning to look more normal at the bay bridge. good job to chp and caltrans tow trucks. right now traffic is moving along okay. it is a little backed up with a 25 minute delay. san mateo bridge also busy. highway four slow through bay point and 242 to 24. novato to san rafael still looking good. southbound interstate 80 in union cifreeway is south, the s part of silicon valley. 85 n. heading to warmer. >> that is correct.
6:50 am
dave, look who is here. mister grumpy. donnie downer just -- checks in. good morning, steve. good morning, marty. a stunning morning in awesome clarksburg. we are fixing to witness an amazing sunrise with clear skies and a balmy 54.7. thank you, marty. i just wish you had a better attitude. he brings us down. 49 napa. hope valley sleeping and. 56 american canyon. vallejo 57. now take your. , grade and 42, windsor 59. 53 hillsboro. 60 cloverdale. 48 petaluma. woodacre 66 a lot of this depends on elevation and wind speed. 47 san anselmo. san rafael 59. there are some big differences most of the wind gust so far below 30 only mount diablo has been above. low 90s for some inland today and tomorrow. yesterday we started the warm- up and we continue the trend today. those of you looking for warmer weather a lot of the grape growers need a little heat.
6:51 am
you have it today and tomorrow. 70s and 80s yesterday. more 80s and 90s today including 93 at livermore. even san francisco going 76 on the high today. that would be the warmest temperature so far this month. i don't really see much stopping it from getting above 73 which is the warmest . the average is 70. 97 in 1939 was the record. we have red flag warnings until 5:00 in the higher elevations, lake county and north and east bay hills. also down to the santa cruz mountains. it is tough to find anything that strong . the are four observations from boulder creek. one is northeast and the other one is east southeast the other one is west southwest. ben bowman showing northwest and all very light. no panel. patchy fog at best gives way to sunshine. 40s and 50s and 60s on some of these temperatures. even on the coast and a lot of cooler readings. some inland areas running in the 60s. some 70s at higher elevations.
6:52 am
any fog has no chance today. i do think it starts to come back if not friday then saturday into the weekend. today and tomorrow look to be the days with the warmest temperatures, certainly in lead with 80s and 90s. temperatures running above average. they were below for a long time you knew the trend had to reverse it self. it has. some cooler temperatures kicking in for a couple of days on the weekend. >> we have a lot happening now. three people on the way to the hospital after a cliff rescue in san francisco the new details coming in on this breaking news story in a few minutes. first, lebron james in the movies now. the bay area director teaming up with king james to create a new space jam moving. now let's check in with gusts to see what's coming up in the next hour. coming up in the next hour, you may list speaking a second language on your resume.
6:53 am
what if you had to take a test to prove it? why some bilingual workers in san francisco are up in arms over a plan to test their language skills. stefan curry helping people in his home state of north carolina in the wake of hurricane florence. where curry is teaming up with others and raising money for hurricane relief and how much has been donated so far. we will be right back.
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firefighters just rescued thee people stuck on a cliff one person was in the water and rescued by a boat. and then the firefighters helped to rescue two people stuck on the side of a cliff. we're okay. but we don't know how they were stuck on the cliff. we have a crew in the area. and they'll bring us updates as the story develops. attorney general of louisiana wants the federal government to break up facebook, google and attorney general sessions to use anti-trust laws to break up the companies similar to what the government did to standard oil in 1911. landry argues that the social
6:57 am
media companies are saw stress stifl fell doctor stifling conservative views. amazon is going to open as many as 3,000 new stores without cashiers called amazon go stores and by the year 20 21. the first amazon go store opened in seattle in 2016. it gives consumers to get a quick bite and skipping the lines. bloomberg reports that the aggressive expansion could threaten chain stores like 7- eleven and pizza shots and subway parlors. retired nasa astronaut scott kelly is help with the spacex nation is scheduled to ply around the moon five years from now.
6:58 am
he spent 520 days in space. he suggests that he become part of the crew of trip using the big falcon rocket being built by spacex. tesla ceo elon musk announced that japanese art collector bought the entire flight. he added that his calendar was open in the year 2023. television's biggest night had a record low sawed dense this year. 10.2million people were watching the emmys monday night. that is down percent from last year. ratings for many paying ward shows have been going down, including the oscars and the
6:59 am
cram -- grammys. lebron james is going into the movies. he will star in a movie from the same 1996 movie that michael jordan starred in then. it is being directed by director of the black panther. he said that he loves his vision for the new movie. and product will begin during the 2019nba offseason. we're learning about a daring cliff side rescue this morning. it has several people on the way to the hospital right now. i want to see her. i would want to see what she has to say. the woman accusing supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh of sexual assault is now facing a deadline. we'll see if she the nomination
7:00 am
story. 7:00. it is a busy thursday, september 20th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm dave clark. let's see what is going on with your weather with steve paulson. we'll be 76 today. that will be six above average and the warmest temperature of the month. we were 73 on the tenth. but it is looking good for san francisco and also for oakland. you'. 72, 78 by the airport. a red fllake county and


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