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city leaders are asking for pin put from the business community and the airlines and others that live and work in downtown. you never know what you'll get. the growing number of that have nothing to do with an emergency. we're live as the oakland a's head to the play to haves for the first time since 2014. and now we're looking at the phrase you play like a girl and why some say you need to forget that old stereotype. welcome to the 9. it is a little foggy and it will be a little warmier outside. congratulations to the oakland a's going to the playoffs for the first time since 2014. we have to begin the newscast with breaking news. kidnapped y boy that was kidnapped yesterday. >> that is great news for the
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search for the missing six-year- old boy. the police in dublin found the six-year-old and his son who they say violently took him from the mother. the father is in police custody. they were at a hotel in dublin and now they are talking with the modesto police about this case. the police have been looking for the two for about 24 hours now. the boy wanted a elaborate trick to get the boy. people dressed as utility workers. they arrived at the home yesterday. she told the police that she was suspicious and noticed her ex-hnd's car on the street. once again the boy was found and he is okay. no word if he's been with his mother.
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we're the two dublin to learn more about the case. to national news where judge brett kavanaugh is defending himself about charges of sexual misconduct. cotestify on capitol hill this coming thursday. here is the story from washington, including the president's scheduled meeting with u.s. deputy attorney general rod rosenstine that should also happen thursday. >> reporter: as the president speaks on the global stage at the united nations this week, in wash , what domestic issues continue to playing the administration. >> i'm not going anywhere. >> reporter: judge brett kavanaugh speaking out about the allegations of sexual assault against him sitting with his wife ashley know i'm t truth. i know my lifelong record. i'm not going let false accusations drive me out of this process. >> reporter: republican leaders are accusing the democrats of a
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smear campaign. and mitch mcconnell said there will be a vote on the nomination. >> in america, you are innocent till proven guilty. but the democrats have been calling him guilty from day one. >> reporter: among other issues is rod rosenstine. rosenstine has a meeting with president slated for thursday. >> we'll be determine what is going on. we want to have transparency an openness. and i look forward to meeting with rod at that time. >> we'll see how thursday goes. >> reporter: thursday is also the day that judge brett kavanaugh and his accuser will testify before the senate judiciary committee. just two republican no votes could end his confirmation. 911 dispatchers said that
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an increase in nonemergency calls are wasting their time and putting life-threatening calls on hold. many people in the bay area are using the emergency line as their personal customer service. >> reporter: where there is an emergency, here's the people that answer the call. we found in san francisco 40% of the time, dispatchers are dealing with those that should have never called 911. >> 911 what is the location of your emergency? >> it is not an emergency. i need to get some quick information. let me get to the police. stay on the line. >> let me give you the phone number so you can caulk with them. >> reporter: dawn has been the voice on the other end for decades. she has seen an alarming increase in call that are not
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emergencies san francisco gets 3500 call a day and 1400, almost half are unnecessary dials. that ads up to a quarter million call a year. >> you never know what you'll get. >> reporter: san francisco what is the location of your emergency. >> i think we just had an earthquake. >> reporter: it is the call that could cause the delay for someone that really needs help. >> dialing 911 is easier than looking up a nonemergency number. >> there is a nonemergency number. it is the following. with the distemperaturers dispatchers on
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the call, we call on hold for a minute it is a problem across the bay area and the country. >> you have to hear ouhere to taking the phone call to the woman thats are a the rap newses -- that the rap music next to her is the worst thing that has ever happened to her. >> reporter: they say with more phone call comes more headaches. alameda county has seen a spike in call too, 20% of the time for unnecessary reasons. even pocket dials are taking up more of days dispatchers. >> i'm sorry inadvertently
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dialed your number. >> reporter: then there are lik played tide up the emergency li for 15 minutes. >> i would like to report that someone is illegally using a charcoal grill in the lake mere park. >> reporter: she argued with a second dispatcher pleading to send the police. >> why are you calling us over a bpq. >> reporter: first responders do have to show up even if it doesn't seem lake a serious situation. but they can prioritize where to send resources. these call like lake mary is nothing new. >> permanent paddy called on an
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eight-year-old african- american. >> i have someone who does not have a vendor permit selling water across from the ballpark. >> reporter: we checked with other bay area cities like oakland san jose, they don't track wasteful calls to 911. they want you to call, only if it is a real emergency. >> how can i help you. >> not having internet is not a call for 911. >> that would be frustrating. >> that is frustrating just to listen to these things. that is a crime. >> it is. when you abuse 911.
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it is a crime. why are there not enough prosecutions out there. >> i talk tide prosecutor from san francisco -- i talked to prosecute from san francisco that people are not afraid to call 911 for legitimate reasons. if someone's life is dangerous, then call 911. i have 911 and i have the man that emergency number. but a lot of parents to do that and they hand the phone to the little one because they have no internet. >> that is a big rise in that if you turn off service to a cell mean is no longer active, if it is connected to wi-fi, that phone can still call 911 as a security measure like on the apple iphones. if you're going to give an old phone to the kids, make sure that you have the wi-fi turned
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off. >> do you think that and education campaign here would help. >> maybe don't call 911 and have it come up every once in a while. it seems like people need to be educated. >> san francisco rolled out a campaign last year doing just that. so this is kind of reeducating again because it is still happening. every year, they're seeing more call as people see the cell phones. but it is being abused more and more too. we had a producer yesterday that she tried to call 911 when she was crossing the bay bridge. she saw someone trying to jump and she kept calling 911 and kept getting a recording all lines taken police call later. but staffing is an issue in all of the dispatch center. >> you really think it is going
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to be an impact when you have piece, i don't have internet. >> the dispatchers get frustrated as we get frustrated by the same people calling all the time for dumb reasons. how do you stop this? there was one prosecution about ten years ago, a guy called 27,000 times. he was from hayward. and did he get prosecuted. but it is very rare. >> i know you mentioned san francisco. it has 311. it is a mid-level help. if i call 311, you need to contact the police i can take that step up. but don't bore -- bother the men and women that are saving people's lives. >> if there is a homeless issue
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or dumping issue or your neighbors, that is when you want to use 311. if you need information that is 411. 911 should be a last case scenario for an emergency. and the reason why it is 911 on the ole wrote rotary -- the o around so you would not dial is accidentally. coming up in a minute, the sharp increase of vaping among teenagers. we'll tubing the chief of surgery from lore ren general and
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the ntsb is opening up safety issues at sfo. they will folk under the circumstances on the runway safety. one of the pilots on the ground alerted the only air traffic controller on duty and a crash was averted. and now two controllers are required in the tower during the busy late night shift. the bored is expected to make other safety recommend takes places as well. pleas president defended the america -- recommendations as well. today president trump defended the america first agenda he offered a strong defense of his foreign policy and making a new case of american sovereignty. he said it will help make the world safer. >> american's policy of realism
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means we will not be held hostage to discredited ideologies and so-called experts that have been proven wrong. >> reporter: he met monday with the leaders of france, egypt and south korea. pushing an american first approach to trade and security. and the themes dominating his speech. >> america will always choose independence and cooperation over global governing, control and denomination. >> reporter: they claim that the tone and policies are isolating the u.s. and more support needs to be offer to the united nations and other international organizations. but the white house said that the president wants to help reform the united nations so it can be more effective and guaranteeing the rights of members' states. >> one of the big points he made, it is american first but not america alone.
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we want to work together i think you've seen the president do that a lot. >> reporter: the pretty will address the members of the united nations council. and the popular korean boy band addressed them with a song o it is called generation unlimited. the super group talked about challenges young people go through and urge them to love themselves. >> we hope that many young children, people have their education and protected. >> this is not the first time they have worked with the you know uniform the -- with the united nations. a newborn girl helped make
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history at the united nations. the 3-month-old is the daughter of new zealand's prime minister. she is only the second woman that gave birth while in office. the little girl's name is called mede. she was even given a security badge. today is in addition voter registration day. it the mid-interprets are six weeks away -- mid-terms are six weeks away. it is estimated that one fourth of people that are eligible to voter not registered that means that 50 million people are not eligible to vote because they have not filled out a symptom
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people form. many sports teams say that registering to vote should be as easy as et to a game. we'll be right back after the break.
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a new study shows that vaping in among young people has risen in the last years. the numbers are also on the rise. according to cdc national use survey, 11 percent of high
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schoolers said they vape tobacco product in the last month. that is up from 1.5% in 2011. in hopes to reverse this friend, they are looking to prohibit the sale of vaping and flavored tobacco products in incorporated parts of lauren county. thank you for coming in. 11 percent to 28% among 11th graders in lauren county. is this an epidemic? >> absolutely and we're seeing in california and nationally and parly in the bay area -- particularly in the bay area. >> why the bay area? >> there are a lot of disturbing trends. there are a number of liquids that target children in particular and youth and are very popular. is it misleading. it looks like children are doing their homework but they
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are using the devices to smoke illegal substances. >> when you grow up, there are packs of cigarettes on campuses. smoke in the lung. i have a question about the flavor and the addictives. do we know if there effects on the lungs and the body? >> the additives can be harmful. there is a whole host of complications that result from active smoking. electronic cigarettes have shown to double your risk of a heart attack. >> this jump that we're seeing, it is the targeting of tabacco companies? >> you can see that the products that target children, fruity flavors. it is great that san francisco passed prop e and that will go
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into effect of january of 2019. >> what specifically is that? this would be an all-out ban on these products? >> that's correct. it will be i had calling to the identical to the bill. >> i have a child in elementary school. what else can the school officials do before this ordinance is possibly proposed or passed in lauren county. >> i praise them for sending out a pamphlet for 3,000 freshman and their parents. of on a single pod. 90% of lifelong smokers begin
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before the adult use. i would they only be available for pharmacies with a doctor's prescription of the we need to address internet sales. >> so internet sales. let's talk about what we can do at home as parents. there are some things that schools and policymakers can do. what about parents? >> i heard of and entertaining video on "youtube" to design kids when they arich in the mail, not to on the package because the children will make a video about how to unbox the pack contact. so the parents need to be on the lookout this is not homework this is a pathway to a live long addiction. >> in your research, when you talk about 11 percent th grader will we be next year and the year after that if nothing is done? >> it is deeply concerning.
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i applaud the action two weeks ago to ask the electronic cigarette manufacturers to find a problem of youth smoking. these products are not intended for children's use. it is important that we protect children in a lifelong addiction. coming up on, the oakland a's clinch a playoff spot for the first time in four years. we're live with jason. i bet you're seeing big crowds in san francisco. what you should expect from this year's dreamforce conference. it just got underway this morning.
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the police have alerted us that they found a father and his young son that promised an amber alert. the abduction was yesterday morning at a modesto home where he boy lives with his mother. a group of men dressed like utility workers and then she became suspicious and then he was violent this taken. the father is in custody. we're following a developing story near tracy where the searching for may have fallen into a canal and west grant line road. the sheriff's office said that a 71-year-old man went fishing yesterday but did not come home. his family drove out to the canal and found his car and tackle box but no trace of the
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unidentified man. the canal has a strong current. and if someone falls in the water, it could be difficult to get out. they are using a drone and helicopter to help find that individual. a judge in pennsylvania has ruled that bill cosby is a sexually violent predator. it happened at his sentencing hearing that is going on right now after his conviction of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman. it means that his name will appear on the sex offender registry. the prosecutors are asking the judge to sentence him to five to ten years in prison. a los angeles deputy is recovering after being shot concerning a traffic stop. it happened last night in the city terrace community of east los angeles. they tweeted that the deputy had sunaugh said
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that henot going to withdrawl his name for the supreme court. thursday he and professor christine blasey ford will testify before the committee about her allegation that judge brett kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were both in high school. a second woman, debra ramirez said that he exposed himself at a college party. a third woman accusing judge brett kavanaugh will come forward. she is a former employee of mint and high school. he represents adult film star
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stormy daniels. there will be one of the largest tech conferences in san francisco has begun. this is what to expect this year at dreamforce conference. >> reporter: take a look behind me, howard street between third and fourth is closed off to traffic. it's been transformed into a campground themed outdoor lounge this is set up for the dreamforce conference. the theme this year is national parks. and you see the man made waterfall and picnic tables out here. more than 170,000 people are expected to be here this year. dreamforce said this their big annual conference. they make software to help companies manager customers. we spec to one of the people about why this is important to his business and why the conference brings in tens of
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thousands of people every year. >> everyone has costumers and needs. -- customers and needs. it is a social event and business event. a lot of tips and thing that you get out of this. it is phenomenal. i would not miss t. >> reporter: they will have famous speakers. former florida governor jeb bush will speaking and al gore. around 10 this morning, salesforce will join others to announce education grants that they are donating. there is some controversy and a planned protest because of one of saleforce's client. they have a not is a contract d
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to separate families. you can see on the green, this is the astro turf they brought in and laid down between third and fourth. you can expect the conference will take up traffic in the area around the center. also expect a lot of busy restaurants, hotels and shops, not just the south market but throughout the city with all the extra people in town. i'm going head out there today to check it out. but you know what i'm not going to be doing? driving. >> do you think i'll need a jacket? you may want to hang out by that waterfall. we're on track to reach the war
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expire after 5:00. elevated fire danger across portions of the bay area. satellite showing you there. we still have dense fog coast side. you probably heard the foghorns and stubborn overcast. and east bay showing some sunshine. there are the clouds closer to oakland. down in san jose. it looks like the clouds are beginning to break up a bit. 60s in cochran and livermore. san francisco 53, santa rosa around 50. this is a live camera out to sfo. still in the fog. it will mix in the 11:00 hour. and that area of high pressure will be warming us up. the thest day this week, proi -- the hottest day this week,
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probably mid-week. and that will translate to 80s and 90s away from the coastline. one the system moves out, we're talking about a big drop in temperatures. this afternoon, look at what happens tomorrow morning. we're starting out with gray and clearing skies into the afternoon hours for your wednesday afternoon. that means some warming. look at the extended forecast. we bring in the chance of some rain. so saturday, we're concerned with a sprinkle or light shower. look at what happens with this forecast model. monday or tuesday, it is generating rainfall in southern california. but it could shift and include portions of northern california. so we'll watch next week, especially late sunday, monday and tuesday. highs for this afternoon, san francisco, 66, lower 90s up in brentwood. san jose 84.
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this is your five-day forecast. typical september weather. 90s coming back mid-week and 60s on the coast side. maybe a few extra clouds and cooler temperatures as we head to the saturday forecast. we'll keep it up tonight. jimmy garoppolo will undergo surgery for a torn knee ligament. i hurt it sunday against the chiefs. he will miss the rest of the season. and he will wait for the as well as to go down in the knee before having the operation. the head coach discussed what lies ahead for will be hard the weeks.tough person. bounce back from this and be ready to go next year. >> backup quarterback cj will start this sunday's game against the los angeles charges in southern california.
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the 49ers plan to promote nick mullen from the practice squad and bring in vets for tryouts this week, including houston quarterback tom savage. the giantses are looking for a new -- thegitis are looking for a -- the giants are looking for a new general manager. the team's ceo said that he plans on beachy to return for the 13th season as the team's skipper. the oakland a's are heading to the playoffs for the first time in four years. they scored a wildcard spot when tampa lost have a one game matchup with the yankees october 3rd. they trail the yankees by one and a half game with five games left on the season.
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ticks for the possible wildcard game are set to go on sale to the public friday morning at 8:00. access members can buy their tickets on friday morning. let's roll the clock a little bit. you remember in march when we were there at the coliseum for the a's home opener. and i asked him how he thought this season with go for the future of this young team. here it is. >> we have great team that we feel like we can build on. you want to get off to a good start in this new era. >> there you have it. they got off to a great start and midseason and end of the season. i keep thinking back to june
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15th. they were 11 games and since then they've been the hottest team. >> listening to david force, he said it is a young nucleus that we're going build gone i don't think anyone thought this fast. >> they did it with the lowest opening payroll in payroll in baseball. $66million. you know how they did it? they discovered the magic formula for them. it is home runs. we have a lot of home run hitters. they have chris davis that leads the majors 46. they have outstanding relief
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pitchers. >> they have 13 starting pitcher. >> they like each other. other than playing well, you don't want to change anything. you don't want at a take one guy out of this rotation. it could change things. >> maybe she should stay at the coliseum -- they should stay at the coliseum forever. there's something magical about that clubhouse. every year, it seems like we're all talking about how the a's have this great clubhouse, above and beyond every other team. they had four starting pitchers and five now with shawn -- en so they pieced together the pitchers. >> and now we have to witch to
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jimmy garoppolo. it looks like it is the end of the season for him. >> it is devastating, no matter how you slice it. he is the face. >> the one guy that people know. >> enyou can not fault him for -- you cannot fault him for trying to get an extra yard. or two. >> can you fault him? >> if that was a running back and he went out of bounds. this is quarterback 101. you got to protect yourself. the hopes of this team are riding on your bound. >> rationally. but in that split moment and you're playing football and you played your whole life like in high school or college, you're
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going for it. right in the pros are bigger and stronger and faster. it wasn't even the hit that did him in. it was planting the foot the. the team has confidence in cj. but he's not jimmy garoppolo. they do have the league's leading rusher. but he's a capable, serviceable backup quarterback now in his second season. so we'll have to hold down the fort for a while. >> he fans that they may have had in him in the incident. >> so you think he comes back a hundred percent no hard
9:44 am
feelings? >> does it change his play? >> this is a much more serious injury. i think why i'm confident is because i met jimmy garoppolo. if you talk to him, he's the type of guy that he's all in. he's a student of the game, he goes heart and practices hard and studies hard. you're coming back in nine or ten months, and normally you don't see any effects of it. i think they'll have nfident that the future is still bright. >> when you see the celebration. it is for one game and probably on the road. >> you're like hold on. >> yes.
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i'm with you. >> a's deserve to celebrate. coming up next what does it mean play like a girl? we talk with a bay area photographer who is answering that question with local athletes. what is on fox prime time tonight? i'm glad you asked that question. question.
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adrian costa is a traver. and he asked each of them what it means to play like a girl and why had he love to do at
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they do. >> it is in a book called play like a girl. congratulations on the book. where did this come from? >> actually it came from my own children. my son's favorite movie is fairmount. and their favorite banter is you play like a girl. my son told her, you are not very good playing baseball. and she said why would playing like a girl is not good? i wanted to some how show that playing like a girl is a positive thing and powerful and not a negative thing. >> you have baseball, golf, a
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little girl lifting weights, running and jumping, everything that boys do and girls of doing and it looks like they are doing it well. and i love the composition of these picks. if you have stereotypes of girls playing sports, this will change that. >> they are candid. >> give me an example. >> playing like a girl means even the smallest girl can have the biggest heart. playing like a girl is not an insult, it means that i can do things justify -- just as well as a girl. i'm strong and fierce and powerful. all of their answers are just incredible.
9:50 am
and they're all just young girls. >> were you an athlete yourself? >> yes, i was a competitive gymnast. but my parents were very much try anything. my sister and i performed a lot of different sports. and that is what i want to instill in my children. >> what about the timing of the book with the me too movement. >> i think it is coincidentally perfect. i did not have to match up with me too. it just seem to be the right timing. >> what are the stories in here, what did they teach but future our young female athletes? >> why do you say that? >> this is a small group of girls from east bay area. if that is any indication of what is happening in bay area and northern california and the world, these girls are not
9:51 am
taking no for an answer. they're there to break barriers and go after what they want. >> have you talked bay second version and take it across the country? >> i would love to. >> looking at the picks take pictures of your girls dong these? >> yes. i'm a mom that enjoys using a camera. and it snowballed into a business and this. >> it is not all about the picture because there's so much more to the story. >> yes. i believe the comments in what they say lends so much more to the picks. >> do you have a website? >> my website is
9:52 am it is also available in local book stores and boutiques just in the east bay right now. >> play like a girl. i hope you can that i across the country, not just the bay area.
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the cofounders of instagram are leaving the company. at the sold to facebook in 2012 for $1 billion. they do not give a specific reason for stepping down only posting a staple saying they are ready for the next chapter. snap chap is teaming up for amazon to make it easier for shoppers to shop. you can take photos and link directly to a.m. been for price comparison. and they work by scanning bar codes. it is only available to a limited number of users in the u.s. the warriors' first preseason game is saturday against the t wolves. the first time we saw cousins along thompson, and smith. they will play at the new chase center in san francisco next season. and they asked him about his
9:56 am
favorite memories in oakland. >> our fan base has been tremendously supportive. they have given us a fierce place to play in terms of the noise and the energy and the atmosphere. for me it is my tenth year in the league. that has been my only experience. it is something that i'll remember for a very long time. >> team made a front office announcement. mike -- is joining the warriors as a scout. a costume has gone viral on twitter costs about $25. we're going to talk with breast cancer survivor sheryl crow that just ahead of breast cancer awareness month.
9:57 am
and marcus garbly will join us with his new report. he's getting special recognition from oakland mayor. today we celebrate the oakland a's with our green and gold. >> hopefully next week chef a home game. >> let us just champagne or sparkling cider right now.
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