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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 25, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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a judge in philadelphia tells a man once known as america's dead that he is not above the law. bill cosby is sends for drugging and molesting a woman at his home more than a decade ago. investigators credit tips and good police work for tracking down a six-year-old boy kidnapped by his father and at least five other people. president trump addresses the u.n. general assembly. what he said that elicited snickers from world leaders. ktvu fox2 news at noon starts right now. estate red amber alert has been canceled and a six-year- old boy who police said was kidnapped by his father has been found safe. alyssa harrington has more about the suspected kidnapper and where they were found. >> reporter: this is where investigators said john cosso was hiding with his young son at this la quinta in in dublin. they were able to rescue the boy early this morning.
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>> i saw him got dragged out of the front door. >> reporter: norvell was dropping off his girlfriend at the la quinta inn. >> i saw a guy get tangled with a s.w.a.t. team and a child was screaming for his dad. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies arrested 41-year-old john cosso, the father of six-year- old jayce cosso. he was abducted from his mother's home in modesto monday morning prompting and amber alert stretching from the central valley to the bay area. police said the father had associates pose as utility workers. they broke down the mother's door, pepper sprayed her and grabbed the boy out of her arms. >> my understanding is there currently separated or going through a divorce and there are custody issues. why he chose to do it in this
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day in this matter is something we are investigating. >> reporter: the modesto police are taking over and investigators won't say how they tracked down the suspect but they said it was a mix of amber alert tips and good police work. other guests saw the boy crying. he looked mad, he was screaming, said one man. >> a scary event, as you can understand with people being pepper sprayed and doors being kicked in. it could be traumatic for anyone. >> reporter: detectives were seen searching a vehicle in the la quinta parking lot and john cosso is charged with kidnapping, domestic violence and other charges and will be held on $300,000 bail. his 17-year-old son also at the hotel is expected to be charge, as well. in dublin, alyssa harrington. and tracy, fishermen may
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have fallen into a canal and a search team is in the area. the alameda county sheriff's department said the 71-year-old man went fishing yesterday but did not come home. his family drove to the canal and found his car and tackle box but no trace of the unidentified man. the canal has a strong current and it can be hard to get out. the search team is using a helicopter, drones and dogs to help find him. >> we believe that this gentleman may have slipped into the water and given the situation and the late hour and the current, it's likely that he may have drowned. >> search crews are looking along the canal for several miles downstream. a philadelphia judge just sentenced bill cosby to state prison in the sexual assault case. he was sentenced to 3-10 years
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and just if you minutes ago, the judge denied bail and said he is to go to jail immediately. the judge made a lengthy statement before handing down the decision saying cosby, because of his wealth and fame, was not above the law. earlier, the judge declared him a sexually violent predator for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman over a decade ago. the classification means cosby must undergo counseling for the rest of his life and his name will appear on a sex offender registry. cosby's lawyers had asked for house arrest, saying that cosby is too old and helpless to do time in prison. prosecutors asked for 5-10 years behind bars and cosby's attorneys say they will appeal. the latest on the allegations against supreme court nominee, judge kavanaugh. republicans have hired a female attorney to handle questioning of christine blasey ford and the name has not been released. tomorrow, president donald trump
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will hold a news conference to discuss his participation in the u.n. general assembly and will take reporter questions on the eve of the much anticipated testimony in front of the senate judiciary committee. the attorney for deborah ramirez, the second woman accusing brett kavanaugh of sexual misconduct said she wants an fbi investigation. we have more from ray bogan. >> reporter: as the president speaks on the stage of the u.n. this week, and washington, domestic issues are plaguing the administration. >> i'm not going anywhere. >> reporter: supreme court nominee, judge kavanaugh spoke about the allegations of sexual assault against him, sitting with his wife ashley for a lengthy interview with martha maccallum. >> i know i'm telling the truth. i know my lifelong record and i'm not going to let false accusations bribe me out of this process. >> reporter: republican leaders are accusing democrats of a smear campaign and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell maintains there will be a vote
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on the nomination. >> in america, you are innocent until proven guilty but the democrats have been calling him to lti from day one before they ever even talked to him. >> reporter: this comes as the fate of rod rosenstein remains unclear amid reports that he secretly reported president trump and attempted to remove him from office, possibly. rosenstein disputes the reports and has a meeting with the president slated for thursday. >> we will determine what is going on. we want to have transparency and openness and i look forward to meeting with rod at that time. >> reporter: thursday is also the day kavanaugh and his accuser will testify before the senate judiciary committee. just to republican no votes could end the nomination in the senate. in washington, ktvu fox2 news. as reported, attorney michael avenatti said a third woman accusing kavanaugh will come forward as early as today. avenatti said the woman is a
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former employee of the u.s. mint and state department who will tell how kavanaugh and a male friend behaved at countless house parties. avenatti also represents adult film star, stormy daniels. in the bay area, fuel was leaking from an airplane at san francisco international. passengers posted video showing the emergency response and the airport said the plane leaked less than 10 gallons of fuel. they said it did not reach storm drains and was going to mexico city. the airplane canceled the flight and no word on what the passengers are doing now. the annual tech conference for salesforce features well- known leaders and is under way and san francisco. short time ago, the ceo of salesforce announced a big investment in san francisco and oakland public schools. we have allie rasmus live with more. >> reporter: $15 million investment, and more on that
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and a second. first, i will show you the long line of people at the mascone center waiting for the bus to go by. you can see people are lining up. this event attracts a lot of speakers. one of these is former florida governor and presidential candidate, jeb bush and that is the line of people you see across the street waiting to go into here him. at one point, the line extended an entire city block but they've now open the doors and people are filing in. 170,000 people have registered to attend salesforce dreamforce conference. this event brings in political and business leaders from around the world and leaders close to home. co-ceo marc benioff stood beside london breed and libby schaaf to announce the donation of $15 million to san francisco and oakland public schools. >> let's not forget there is no strong san francisco without a strong oakland.
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>> we have got to work together to solve the problems that we share. homelessness is not a problem that is unique to oakland. housing affordability is not going to be solved in an isolated bubble in san francisco. these are issues that require regional collaboration. >> reporter: behind the podium were several dozen middle school students from willie brown middle school in san francisco, one of the schools that salesforce executives volunteer at to mentor students in computer science. earlier, there was an active protest about one of the clients for salesforce, and they want salesforce to stop the contract with the u.s. border patrol. they funded billboards and the company was called on to cancel those contracts because of the policy of separating families at the border. co-ceo marc benioff said he is open to hearing about those concerns.
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>> technology is going to have these key stakeholders saying, how will you use this technology. we've created a whole new structure we will announce called the office of ethical and humane news so we can engage and have those conversations. so important to us. >> reporter: will have to wait to see what the announcement is and what channels or venues salesforce will initiate for people to express concerns with the company's clients. back out here live at third and howard is the intersection you are looking at and you can see the street is completely taken over. howard between third and 4th street is shut down for the salesforce conference going on. 170,000 people are attending this four day event. a lot of activity and you can see outside the mascone center, allie rasmus, katv eunice.
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there are some handshakes and unexpected chuckles as president trump addresses world leaders today. >> in less than two years my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. america's so true. didn't expect that reaction, but that's okay. >> details on the president's speech at the united nations and what some are calling america's growing isolation. weather tracking low clouds and near the coastline with a lot to talk about. a big warm up and a major drop off toward the weekend and we will have that forecast, coming up. the man accused of being the elusive norcal rapist appears in court. why a victim said it was so important to attend these hearings.
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president donald trump staunchly defended his america first policies in a speech before world leaders at the u.n. general assembly. as reported, some critics say his tone is isolating the u.s. >> reporter: president donald trump addressing world leaders on his second day of the u.n. general assembly offered strong defense of his foreign policy and made the case for a new era of american sovereignty.
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he said it will help make the world safer. >> america's policy of principled realism means we will not be held hostage to old dogmas, discredited ideologies and so-called experts who have been proven wrong. >> reporter: this year, the president has been focused on defining america's role in the changing global landscape. he met with leaders of france, egypt and south korea on monday, pushing in america first approach to trade and security. those themes dominated his speech to the full assembly on tuesday. >> america will always choose independence and cooperation over global governance, control and domination. >> reporter: critics claim the tone and policies isolate the u.s. and more support needs to be offered to the u.n. and other organizations. the white house said the president wants to help reform the u.n. so it can be more effective. they guarantee the rights of member states. >> one of the big points he
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made last year and he's made it every day since taking office is that it's certainly america first, but not america alone. we want to work together and the president has done that a lot. >> reporter: on wednesday, president donald trump will chair a meeting with security and i ran at the u.n. the proposal to rollback national fuel economy standards is going for the second public hearing. the decision comes a day after officials in fresno blasted it as a danger to the environment and public health. the second hearing will happen tuesday in dearborn, michigan, a city dominated by the auto industry and the trump proposal would freeze u.s. standards at levels mandated by former president, barack obama 42020 and instead of letting them rise to the year 2025. the gas tax increase in
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california has another ballot measure to provide transportation funding and mixing it with high-speed rail projects for the year 2020. the proposal is seen as a counterpart to the ballot initiative to repeal the fuel tax increase funding transportation projects in our state. the california high-speed rail authority is getting new leadership. officials said officer brian kelly is taking a leave of absence for unexpected health reasons. the california project between los angeles and san francisco is projected to cost $77 billion and will be complete by the year 2033, expectedly. for bay area weather, the afternoon warm up is nice. >> it's is starting to feel like fall. we are in the first few days of fall and with that, we have some fire gauges to talk about. red flag fire warning is in place for the north bay hills and the east bay hills until 5:00 but that will expire, as i
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mentioned, over the next few hours. wind has been has been the primary concern, gusting to 30. we have lots of low clouds and fog hugging the coastline but away from that, more sunshine inland and clouds pulling back to the coastline. right now, some fog toward the golden gate bridge and approaching pacifica and half moon bay. current numbers for the 12:00 hour, beginning to recover after a chilly start. 80s for walnut creek and san jose, 72. san francisco 65 and santa rosa, upper 60s, right around 68. looking toward the estuary, some haze and fog is out in the distance. the coastal spots will be on the cool side today. away from that, a big change in temperatures. we have been warming up and that trend will continue with 80s and 90s inland. not so much for the coastline
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and after that, a significant drop in the temperatures. warming up and then a major cool down toward the weekend. we are watching an area of high pressure building in and it won't be a complete offshore flow but some onshore conditions are near the immediate coastline with the warmer forecast wednesday and thursday that translates to 90s inland. 95-97 tomorrow and the coast in the mid-to upper 60s with a bit of a bump in the numbers on the coast. the forecast shows clouds regrouping near the shoreline tomorrow morning and into the afternoon with an increase in sunshine and the fog is melting away to lead to a warming trend across the bay. for today, we show 80s to 90s with some 60s. san francisco, 66 and lower 90s toward antioch and brentwood. livermore, 93 and san jose 84 and half moon bay, 61 degrees. looking ahead, your five-day forecast, wednesday has
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temperatures inland around 97 and thursday, another hot day and then a major drop off in the numbers toward the weekend with some extra clouds in the mix. a slight chance of a sprinkle in the north bay. something to be watching. get ready for the inland heat through thursday. the longtime uc berkeley of employee accused of being the elusive norcal rapist made his first appearance in court in sacramento. we have more from the courtroom. roy roller face the first two charges against him. >> reporter: accused norcal rapist, roy charles waller brought to justice after 27 years. investigators said the 58-year- old married resident raped about one dozen women in six counties from 1991 through 2006. >> i hope he spends every day of the rest of his life in
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prison. >> reporter: the first victim was attacked when 21 years old and was one of the survivors that showed up in court to seek justice. >> i can't describe in words how much i have waited. i wanted this so much. there would be no place on the planet i would rather be right now. >> reporter: waller has been charged with raping two women and sacramento county. more charges could be added later. >> we will discuss about the individual charges for each county and whether it's appropriate to be centered in one location. >> reporter: waller said he could not afford an attorney and his court appointed lawyer did the talking afterward. >> if they will put him away, they better prove it and they better prove it to me and a jury of 12 people. up until that point, he's innocent. >> reporter: waller was identified after his dna was entered into a website where similarities were found with a relative.
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the same site was used to catch joseph deangelo and waller had landed a job as a safety specialist at uc berkeley to train others in the use of machinery. one woman survived an attack from the defendant in chico. >> it's relief that he's been caught. my thing was that i didn't want it to happen to anyone else. >> we never asked for it. they will be my sisters forever. i love you. >> reporter: one of the women not only survived the attack, but stabbed him with scissors and that's how investigators got his dna. the defendant returns to court on october 30. on dr. oz we will have an interview on how genealogy cracked the case of the golden state killer. investigators were were baffled for four decades.
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>> the murders of these 13 people and the rapes of more than 50 others had gone unsolved. how does such a sadistic serial rapist and murderer commit so many crimes and leave so few clues to his identity? >> reporter: he will speak with investigators who finally broke the case. dr. oz airs right here on ktvu fox news after this newscast starting at 1:00. still to come, more controversy over the sinking millennium tower in san francisco. who will pay for legal fees? up next, the battles in court.
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the company that owns arby's in buffalo wild wings is adding to the collections. they are buying sonic drive-in for $2.3 billion and promise the sonic brand will be the same. it had a record high following the news and the deal will close by the end of the year. another multibillion-dollar deal for deal for the fashion industry. michael kors is buying the fashion house gianni versace. valued at $2.1 billion. michael kors has been aggressively repositioning itself as the market shifts to online retail competition. donatella versace will stay to oversee the label. she has helped run the company since the murder of her brother, gianni versace in 1997. energy companies are rising as oil prices go up and we see
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the dow has been up and then lost about 50 points. s&p essentially flat and the nasdaq has a slight bump. the agency that built the transbay terminal will have to pay some of the legal bills for the leaning millennium tower. officials have long claimed that construction work at the transit center next door destabilized the foundation. the judge ruled that the agency responsible for building the transit center is responsible for the legal bills for the troubled tower next door. still ahead, deadly shooting in east los angeles. what we've learned about the struggle over a gun moments before it went off. a violent mob at a bart train station. new video by the team.
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tracy, -- deputies in los angeles credited the partner for saving a life after shooting claimed the life of one man in east l.a. last night. what led to the shooting? we have the latest. >> reporter: family and friends of the los angeles county sheriff's deputy who was shot,
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gathered outside the hospital monday night as the 10-year veteran was rushed into surgery. he had been shot at least once. >> this is the third deputy involved shooting in the last week. in each case, guns were recovered in the deputies were out protecting the community and putting themselves between the threat and the community members. >> some deputies were in the station and on patrol on the 3600 block of meisner avenue and spotted a parked car with three people inside. there was something suspicious about it, according to the sheriff and they conducted what is called an investigative stop. the driver and the passenger got out without a problem. then, there was the man in the backseat. >> he did have a gun. the gun was discharged, at some point. the deputy who asked him to step out was involved in an altercation for control of that weapon and at that point, the deputy was shot. the partner deputy went around
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the vehicle with their weapons drawn and they were able to do what they had to do in that situation. it was a deputy-involved shooting that occurred. >> reporter: the suspect, 42- year-old man, died at the scene and the injury deputy was rushed to a hospital by chp officers who had responded to the call. >> the deputy who was injured is doing well. he is stable at the hospital and just recently came out of surgery. >> that deputy is expected to make a full recovery and we are told he's grateful to be alive and credits his partner. that trainee, with the department for three years, saved his life. one person was taken into custody at the bart station in san leandro. the transit agency said at 5:00, there was an assault on the train and man and woman
12:33 pm
were detained and they were using drugs. the man was taken into custody and police are questioning the woman who they said his uncooperative. it because 20 minutes of delays but no one was injured. some bart writers say incidents like that are increasingly common and they said there is a correlation between fare evasion and crime on the system. newly obtained video shows a stream of people jumping the gate moments before a family was beaten and robbed on the train. we asked officials about it. >> they are running. it means they had some idea of what they were doing, in my mind. four of them went around the gate. one just jumped right over, no big deal. >> reporter: the staff is angry because of what isn't shown.
12:34 pm
a bart camera failed to capture this on april 22, 2017 because it wasn't working. a group of 40 teens left the screen and staff said they ran onto the oakland coliseum platform where a handful of them boarded bart cars to attack him, his wife and daughter. >> they reached over to grab my phone away because i headed in my lap and when i pulled it away, they took exception to that and i had three individuals swinging at me and kicking me. >> reporter: bart said while most of the group did not participate, three main aggressors continued to rob passengers. at 9:27, in the span of three minutes, video shows the group leaving the bart station as quickly as they came in. >> reporter: some people will say they are just kids. >> they are not kids, they are coming in and beating up and robbing people. >> bart had the ability to
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prevent these attacks and there were clear indications and all of them that criminal activity was about to occur. >> reporter: there is a lawsuit against bart accusing the agency of failing to protect passengers. the lawsuit is similar to one half dozen others including one by the family of neil wolfson, randomly stabbed to death at the macarthur bart station. according to the family attorney, the suspect was a transient and known fare invaders. >> the violent crime on bart and the death would have been avoided and could have stopped the criminals from coming in as fare invaders. >> reporter: the bart spokeswoman couldn't comment on pending litigation but in regards to the robbery, she said the station agent followed protocol by staying in his booth and calling police.
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>> he did not see it coming and it was extremely random and quick. we made three arrests in this case and one of them was the main aggressor, we wanted to get when we reviewed the video on board the train car. he was an 18-year-old, freddie scott and he spent a year in jail and took a plea and now has three years of probation/parole. we did bring justice to the case. >> reporter: is there a connection between fare invasion -- fare evasion and crime? is that data tracked? >> we track those that get proof of payment citations and those like get citations for fare evasion, a different one and we track the crime data. there is no backend work that connects them together, though. >> criminals that want to pray on bart passengers have virtually unrestricted access to the bart system. >> reporter: just because someone does not pay fair
12:37 pm
doesn't mean they will not commit crime. they believe that the agency disregards lower level crime and creates opportunities for higher-level culprits. >> it's easy for this incident, and it could be the tip of the iceberg. >> reporter: bart is working on a study to secure the gates and the findings will be presented in the spring even though we know what it would cost to replace the gates, $200 million. in addition to the study on the gates, the bart police are expected to ask the board of directors to hire 54 more police officers. bart directors are looking into what they call unarmed ambassadors to patrol the system. they would be approaching to offer assistance. they are not asking for the department to get rid of police but they said community safety is not just performed by armed
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professionals. the ntsb is holding a hearing on safety issues at san francisco international that focuses on runway incidents including the air canada jet that almost landed on a taxiway where four fully loaded jets were waiting to take off. fortunately, one of the pilots alerted the only traffic controller on duty. now, two controllers are required to be on the late night shifts. the price of bay area real estate has been shooting upwards with no signs of stopping but that may be changing. as jesse gary reports, sellers are dealing with the new reality of taking offers below asking. >> reporter: marion jensen thought the sale of her three- bedroom home in san jose would be a slamdunk. on the market in june, the nicely decorated standalone set with only tepid interest until it sold in september. >> be prepared for anything.
12:39 pm
make sure that you are willing to wait it out or the price may be different. >> reporter: you heard that right. wait to make the sale. it's a shocking reality. it has been a sellers market and is shifting in favor of buyers. >> the open houses died off and things got slow and then the offers didn't come in like they use to. >> reporter: according from -- according to a new report, nationally, more than one quarter of the homes listed for sale saw a price reduction. the red-hot real estate market is cooling, especially in california with sellers trying to catch lightning in a bottle by bending to the will of the buyers. >> buyers are being more discerning. before, they had a list of things they wanted and they would pick one and get a house and now they see more inventory. >> reporter: increased inventory is one reason for the plateau and prices and the
12:40 pm
other is increasing interest rates and the simple fact that prices are so high that few can now afford to buy. >> real estate has been in an 18-year cycle for 200 years. >> reporter: what does that mean? >> it means there is a very regular cycle of prices and construction and it existed since the 1800s. >> reporter: he sent his rechurch shows an economic recession follows falling real estate prices. it might not be the bad crash we had in 2008 but it still haunts the sellers. >> i was worried we would be here longer. >> reporter: jensen closes and then goes to hill country in texas. the other sellers need to pick a price and prepare to do something that hasn't happened in a while. take less than asking. jesse gary, ktvu fox news. it's national voter registration day and that means a campaign is under way across
12:41 pm
the country to get people registered to vote ahead of the midterm elections. it was organized in 2012 and it's estimated that one fourth of people registered to vote are not eligible to do so. 50million may be shut out of elections. in california, forms are available at the dmv and most post offices. the alameda county food bank is holding a rally outside city hall was speakers providing information and key races and pending legislation important to low income families. the san francisco giants, the a's and the 49ers are getting ready to rally for the vote. today, they put links on their websites, mobile apps and social media platforms so people can easily get to voter registration sites. when we come back. fighting climate change. how students are fighting the impact of wetlands on greenhouse gasses. lots of fog at the coast
12:42 pm
right around the golden gate bridge. a different story coming up. distance relationship. this is long distance with the best wifi experience,
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scientific work is being done by professor and her students from cal state east bay regarding wetlands and climate change. >> in very passionate about restoring wetlands in california. >> reporter: there is an outdoor laboratory in hayward for project led by cal state east bay professor, patty and her researchers. they set up measuring devices in february to collect data on how the wetlands would fight climate change. >> we are quantifying the greenhouse gasses that the wetland is taking out of the atmosphere every year. >> reporter: they are taking air, soil and water samples. they are collecting data twice
12:46 pm
each month and they said the 6400-acre wetlands is nature's way of fighting climate change by absorbing large amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. >> when you see the data, it is exciting because you see what's going on. >> reporter: the professor said the carbon and other gasses absorbed by the wetlands every year can have a significant impact on the environment. >> 1.5 metric tons of carbon every year and that is equivalent to about 10,000 cars off the road. >> reporter: researchers said the wetlands work like a sponge and barrier to counter rising sea levels by functioning as a buffer zone. >> the wetland will build up soil to protect the inland area from the rising waters. >> reporter: state law requires some businesses to limit or counter the negative impact of
12:47 pm
greenhouse emissions by building wetlands and she said the research from this project will help companies do that. >> we motivate people and educate them and inspire them to fight climate change and do it now. invest now before it's too slate. >> reporter: it's a long-term project that she hopes to keep going for 10 years or even 20 years and she said this is a great way to fight climate change. in hayward, amber lee, ktvu fox news. in san francisco, the top of the salesforce tower is now open. marc benioff tweeted photos from the top floor. no offices, just seating. he said the company will invite public people to come up free of charge. it's a tallest office building west of chicago and i bet from there, we will see some fog to the north? i would go with that thought. we have low clouds and fog on the coast and there is an air quality alert with this weather pattern.
12:48 pm
the temperature curve probably the two hottest days of the week. 80s and 90s and then a sharp drop by monday. satellite shows low clouds and fog up and down the coast but the midland spots in the clear with temperatures recovering and the overcast is closer to half moon bay and pacifica and toward san francisco. we showed you the fog and then there will be some fog on the coast line. we have livermore at 84 degrees. livermore, 65 degrees and tracking wind with a bit of a breeze but nothing too strong. the wind is 3-8 miles. the wind is six and it might strengthen into the afternoon, 15-25. we are at the salesforce tower and it's what you would see if
12:49 pm
you were there. some haze to the west and we have dense fog impacting the visibility at the beaches. shivering and in the low 60s with high pressure building in and warmer forecast for wednesday and then thursday, the high will build in and it might be 95, 96 or 97 degrees inland for tomorrow and the beaches may have a warming trend in the upper 60s and maybe flirting to 70 degrees. we are tracking clouds with a chance of some sprinkles in the north bay and it looks like those chances are diminishing but something to watch toward saturday and then next week, some moisture could develop in the pacific and toward southern california, other models suggest more rainfall for northern
12:50 pm
california. we will get a better handle on this but it could be interesting ahead, especially monday and tuesday of next week. 60s and 70s, 80s and the warmest locations are making a run into the 90s toward livermore and pleasanton. half moon bay, 61 and looking ahead, you can see temperatures inland are 97, 95 degrees and around the bay, 60s and we could flirt with 70 degrees for tomorrow. hot here and then cooler toward the weekend with 60s and 70s. a big temperature change over the next few days. the oakland a's are going to the playoffs for the first time in four years. >> good looking thing, we will have more of it! [ cheers and applause ] >> they secured a spot when tampa bay lost to the yankees. there was a one-day mac cup --
12:51 pm
one-day match-up and they trail the yankees by 1.5 games with five games left on the season. tickets for the possible wild- card game will go on sale to the public friday morning at 9:00. access members can buy their tickets online thursday morning and tickets can be purchased at the coliseum box office, online or by phone. >> bobby evans has been removed and they are looking at a front office change. the giants said bruce bochy's job is still safe. the team's ceo said he plans on bochy returning as the skipper. the warriors are having their first practice. for the first time we saw demarcus cousins alongside klay thompson, draymond green, kevin durant and stephen curry. they are playing their final
12:52 pm
season at the oakland oracle arena. they moved next season to the new arena. >> the fan base has been tremendously supportive and they've given us a feared place to play in in terms of noise and energy and atmosphere. it's something we relied on and for me, it's been my only experience. it's something i will remember for a very long time. >> the first preseason game is saturday against the minnesota timberwolves. coming up, elon musk said a big challenge is to get model threes out of the factory fast enough. how he plans to speed up the delivery process. coming up, the season premiere of the gifted at 8:00, lethal weapon at 9:00 and then stick around for the 10:00 and the 11:00 news. we'll be right back.
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developing news from san ramon. officials have made an arrest in grass fires. they've arrested william priest and connection to fires that broke out sunday and monday in san ramon. the fires had burned close to one another and prompted evacuations. no one was hurt and no structures burned. priest is held on suspicion of arson. more later. one peek at stocks before the end of the session. not a lot of major movement. the dow started off well and ended up in the red. tesla ceo, elon musk, now said his company plans to build its own car carriers. he said they are pumping out about 4000 model 3 cars each week but said he's having trouble lining up enough carriers to get them out of the factory and to the new owners. the details of the plan for this has not been revealed and it's not clear if tesla would hire more workers or if they
12:56 pm
would be taken off the current production line. the cofounders of instagrammer leaving the company. kevin systrom and mike krieger met in 2010 and transform the software into what became instagram. they sold it to facebook in 2012 for $1 billion. no explanation has been given except for a statement saying they are ready for the next chapter. for some people, their worst dating nightmares can now be a halloween costume. they have a ghosted costume in reference to the term where a date begins ignoring your text messages, never to reply again. the costume will cost about $25. that doesn't for us. thank you for joining me and news continues on, facebook and twitter. have a great tuesday afternoon.
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from a sounden sleep. he gagged us and blindfolded us. he would say, shut up or i'll kill you. >> today, true crime tuesday is back. >> it was the biggest crime story of the summer. >> the golden state killer. >> this guy is the devil on earth. with theclusive hour man responsible for cracking the case. >> coming up next. ♪ >> season 10 starts now. dr. oz:


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