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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  September 26, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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the cracked beam is through fremont street and that is why fremont is close. you can see the entire project is just about a block from millennial tower. we have live coverage tonight. we are learning this new information about the cracks. let's begin with the first look. >> reporter: we will show you that crack and the location of it at first we wanted point out the impact for anyone that is driving in this area. we are in fremont right now and we are standing in the middle of the street. fremont is still closed and we have finally penned down the location of that and this is is about 2 1/2 feet er fremont long. we have learned second cracked being. this is of the transit center which is close as well as
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fremont street which will be closed for about a week. many have been busy examining the crack that crews first spotted tuesday night and by 5:00 yesterday evening, the transit center were closed. at this time, fremont street is still closed. kevin -- >> we are so sorry for the inconvenience of the situation and we realize it is very difficult for the traveling public and the usuals that travel. >> they expect the beams to be at a structure and another beam is cracked as well. >> this is localized on fremont street and the inspection indicated that the beam is in question and it also suffers some cracking. >> they are now looking at reinforcing those beams. crews will work to reopen fremont street and decide when buses can safely run in the
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transit center. the aim is to reopen as soon as possible even while crews work on a permanent fix. >> it could be closed until next week. >> reporter: the transit agencies say commuters will have to use the temporary transit center at howard and maine, the same when they used it during construction. >> that is something that they have been used to for several years so this is something that they will continue to do what they are taking the transit or was cap. >> reporter: ac transit said they will pull all personnel until further notice. >> we have no idea what is happening with the building and we will not place our employees back into that building until we have assurances that the building is structurally found. >> reporter: recently, the transit center noticed cracks on the rooftop. this is a current problem that
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could be unrelated to the cracks on the rooftop and they also say the current issue has nothing to do with the millennial tower that has been sinking and leaning. we will continue to monitor the very latest and we are expecting another update tomorrow on this situation. you can expect that we will keep you in the loop as we learn update online and on social media and on air. >> the transit center will be closed until next week. does that also mean that that section of fremont will be closed until next week? >> reporter: that is exactly what it means, until they can be sure that everything is done, they will keep fremont closed and the section of the transit center and they are still doing inspections on other sections. remember this is not the only part through the intersections of those parts are still undergoing inspection as well.
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the initial inspection did not reveal any similar problems. >> did they expand on what they mean by shoring up ? is that a temporary fix or permanent fix for these large cracks? >> reporter: that is a temporary fix to make sure that there is no danger of it collapsing and then try to get it ready to have buses going over on the bus platform. they say once they managed to shore it up, they will start working on the permanent fix, whatever that might be. they will have to work with engineers to find out the final solution. >> all right , christian, thank you. >> many commuters are feeling the effects of the sudden closure at the transit center. people looked for an alternative way into the city now that buses have been forced to reroute.
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27 transit buses have been rerouted and 30, 70, 101 and 11x will pick up and drop -- and drop off at berks have vision. commuters say they can deal with the changes but they are more concerned about the safety of the transit center. >> it is concerning considering that nothing has happened and there have been no earthquakes or things like that. this is only a month or so and that is very disappointing. i wonder how many cracks there are in the transit center. >> be sure to plan ahead as traffic will be impacted over the next few days. the conference is a -- has reportedly put in over 100,000 people in the city. we continue with our coverage. tom, you try to get the authorities to explain how
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these cracks could have happened in the first place. >> reporter: they do not have a good idea but let me show you what they are talking about. this area that is over four lanes, this is fremont and this could come crashing down on people and cars and things like that. we just have to look at this straightaway. there is no sugar coating or explaining this away and no excuse for it. a lot of taxpayer money has resulted in this embarrassing situation. >> yesterday morning, workers noticed what appeared to be a big crack in the insulation of the support beams more than two years after they were installed. structural engineers were called in and the insulation was stripped away. this is a two and half foot long crack in the being which led to another bad surprise that was also revealed.
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these 60 foot long beams hold the bus deck and upper deck terminal among fremont street. >> the inspection shows that the beam in question did suffer some cracking. >> make no mistake. while the building has redundant structural systems, the integrity of these beams has been unquestionably compromised. why did it crack in the first place? >> it could be a fabrication issue or installation issue or design issue. >> in simpler words, they have no idea . the contractor will not have to install supports to hold up the over crossing which holds the park and the bus deck while whatever fix is taking place. >> we have no reason to believe
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that this situation exists anywhere other than fremont. >> censuses earthquake country, could a major earthquake compromised this building? >> we do not think so but we will have to investigate. >> the mayor has also toured the site and then she answered questions in the sitting building inspection department which is up to its neck in this simply would not answer our questions but i guarantee that they will. one other thing, when they put up the bay bridge, it looks like these rusty pipes and it is called for -- called false work. if it is bad enough, they may actually fill it to the end of the street which will slow traffic down. these are critical support beams and they have to be addressed and we will have to do some sort of work around and it will cost a whole extra lot of money.
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>> they say they are closing the transit center out of an abundance of caution. this is right next to the tower which is leaning and sinking. what is your sense of all of this? can you put this in perspective for us? >> reporter: i think one of the things that we can say is that people were a lot more confident in their abilities to deal with this because that is the millennium tower. it's right next door to this place so the soils are not the kinds of soils that you take lightly. what happens is now we are seeing two buildings right next to each other that are having some sort of issue and they have different kinds of foundations and things going on but the reality is that sh state-of- the-art engineering and science and mathematics. this is a very mysterious thing and we will get to the bottom of it.
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this just simply should not have happened. >> tom, thank you. >> when it comes to the new transit center, who are the key players in design and construction and building materials? we have been looking into all of that and we will have a story for you coming up in about 10 minutes. president trump defended his supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh today calling the allegations of democratic con. >> i will be watching believe it or not and i will see what is there. it's possible that they will be convincing. >> the president suggested that he could withdraw the nomination if he is convinced by the testimony of christine blasey ford. meanwhile, the judge is facing
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a new accusation. they want to interview the latest accuser, julie swetnick by phone today. she claims in the early 80s that kavanaugh served -- was in parties where there was excessive drinking and inappropriate sexual conduct. this all comes one day after brett kavanaugh and christine blasey ford are set to testify. ford claims that kavanaugh sexually assaulted her while he was drunk at a party. >> judge brett kavanaugh denied the new allegation saying they are ridiculous and from the twilight zone but democrats are calling from president trump to withdraw kavanaugh's nomination or have the fbi investigate. in a sworn affidavit, julie swetnick says she was gang raped after being drugged with what she believed were quakers. she named kavanaugh as one of
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the guys that spiked the punch. kavanaugh was verbally abusive and physically aggressive towards girls as well according to her. earlier this week, toward judgment is kavanaugh denied the allegations. >> it is totally fouse -- false and outrageous. i have never done such things. >> this puts him at beach week which is when nick specifically named. >> these allegations are breathtaking . they are a got punch for this nomination. >> the committee chairman says they reached out to contact the accuser and they hope tomorrow's hearings will give them guidance on the vote. >> up or down, yes or no,
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however this vote goes, i'm confident in saying that it will forever be steeped in doubt. this doubt is the only thing of which i am confident of this process. >> despite the allegations, a hearing is scheduled to take place tomorrow . christine blasey ford will share her story in front of the senate judiciary committee and then judge kavanaugh will defend himself. >> stay with us for the hearing and we will have the entire hearing live and uninterrupted beginning at 7:00 tomorrow morning. we will also have live updates. we have been looking to the transit terminals history and we will report on the major players during construction with questions about who was responsible for the cracks and the history of problems since construction began. hurricane florence is long gone but the damage estimate
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and death toll are continuing to rise. it is pretty hot in mind but look at the coast. we have a lot of fog and temperatures are generally cooling down for the next couple of days.
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it's -- it took seven years to build the new transit center from budget delays to divine changes to even a bailout. it has been a bumpy road and now the discovery of not one but two cracks are prompting questions about safety and accountability. we are join now in the newsroom. candace, you have been looking at all the different players that are involved. >> that is right. investigators do not know what
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caused the cracks in the beams and they are expanding their investigation, looking at every stage of the construction which is why we also wanted to take a broader look at who was responsible for what with the major potholes they have hit. of the major construction projects popping up, the transit center was the first to start seven years ago according to the power authority executive director. he spoke about the project in february. >> the building started construction and we have no control on the amount of contractors. >> he is back in front of cameras not talking about budget delays or changes but about a discovery of two breaks in steal support beams weeks after the center's debut.
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>> it could be a provocation issue or solution issue or design issue. >> we are looking at who are the major players in the $2.2 billion publicly funded project. when it comes to design, kelly is the lead architect. according to state records, but core joint center is the san francisco-based contracting team and in terms of who made this deal, according to the website, the base company is involved in other major projects including san francisco sales and terminal b. >> we have severalec. this is an american project. >> overseeing each player is
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the joint power authority who once said this was a prime example of what transit development is. >> the original development call for the terminal to be $1.6 billion now at $2.2 billion. the project went over by hundreds of millions of dollars. a woman was stabbed to death in san francisco. it happened around 12:25 on howard street and the 30-year- old man has been arrested in connection with the crime. investigators have not released any information about what happened or the names of the people involved. three people are under arrest in connection with a about 4:3 afternoon and a bank in the alamo plaza shopping center. japanese eight the suspect ran
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away before they arrived but were later found with money and other stolen property and taken into custody. all three of them have been booked on robbery charges. 11 days after soaking the carolinas, florence is still causing damage to homes and businesses. and the communities continue to flood as rivers fill with storm waters overflowing. we have more now on the cleanup efforts underway. >> nearly 2 weeks after hurricane florence made landfall, waterways are still flooding homes and businesses in the carolinas. >> we have never had floods like this. this is unprecedented and we are still in full battle mode. >> the floodwaters are slowly receding in some areas. this is a process that could take weeks. >> the problem is that the event is still ongoing and it will be frustrating as the weather continues to creep
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down the basins. >> a mother and daughter were laid to rest tuesday and they were among florence's first casualties. on tuesday, north carolina reported another death caused by the storm and point has killed at least 47 people in north and south carolina and virginia. >> we know how high the water gets and we know if we can get through or not but never like this. >> residency if there is any silver lining, it's neighbor helping neighbors. >> we are coming together and we know names that we did not know before and we have met people and they have helped and i have help and they come together. >> about $44 billion in damage has been caused and that would be the top 10 costliest u. s. hurricanes.
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we are stepping outside in the warrant where temperatures are warmer than yesterday by five degrees inland. today was the warmest day and tomorrow will be slightly cooler but still very warm. temperatures really cool off for the weekend. this is definitely coming in and you can see this is the golden gate bridge from what i am looking at. this will push for the inland and we could be a little cooler tomorrow than today. then it goes from a subtle change tomorrow to a significant change on friday and saturday and sunday with temperatures dropping out and there could be a chance next week for a sprinkle. it's a minuscule chance but the seasons are changing and it will feel like it come friday. tomorrow is a lot like today
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and we have some high clouds as well. this is high cloud cover but we have fog up and down the coast. it did not clear much today or yesterday and here are the current temperatures. we are sitting at 101. that is a big jump from 95. i am not sure that is right. these are automatic observations so they can be off on that site. either way, santa rosa is 87 and 81 in fremont and 95 in concorde. temperatures are slightly cooler and warmer air is coming around with the coast 50s and 60s. we will see these temperatures in the low 90s. not upper 90s but mid 90s and probably low 90s tomorrow. after that, friday temperatures will take a plummet. it's not cold but it will be 70s. we will see you back here with
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the we can forecast in just a few minutes. nearly $150 million settlement was reached. coming up next, what the attorney general was after. we have seen the surveillance videos of a group of thieves snatching something from the apple store. the arrest we are learning about tonight. what cities have the smoothest ride and where there are still a lot of potholes. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪ ♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive
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and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present.
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uber has reached a multimillion dollar settlement. it was all because of a massive data breach that the company failed to disclose. california's attorney announced this morning that uber will pay 140 million -- $140 million fine. it will be distributed in varying amounts. california had some of the strictest privacy laws in the country and will receive $26 million from settlements. it will be split between the safety department of justice and the das office. the settlement calls a 10 month investigation into the 2016 data breach that exposed personal data from around 57 million accounts. uber failed to inform 70,000 drivers. this is a data breach that exposed their personal information including names and drivers license numbers. nationwide, 600,000 uber
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drivers and a total of 57 million customers and uber drivers had their personal information exposed by this breach. >> we contacted uber about the find and they say they are pleased with the settlement and since the breach, they have made a host of safety and security improvements. top executives have been testifying on capitol hill today and they were summoned by the commerce committee to explain how they are dealing with privacy concerns. they represent at&t, amazon, apple, google, twitter, antarctica medications. today's hearing is looking into the companies privacy policy as well as reviewing the current state of consumer data privacy and discussing more effective >> i want to make it clear that this is not grant third- party access to user's gmail data. we do however under certain
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circumstances subject to users setting controls and allow the user to have third party developers to access the data. >> these developers are testifying on how they have new requirements set by california and the european the -- european union. the rate went up from 2 to 2 1/4% and in the statement, they repeatedly described the economy as strong. earlier, we heard from a financial expert that said we should expect at least one more rate increase by the end of the year. >> three quarters of them agree that there will be another increase in december and half agree that in 2019, they will be anywhere from 2 to 4. they will keep raising the rates if they keep seeing inflation higher. right now we are in a raising rate environment. >> this is the third time this
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year that they have raised interest rates. dow was down 106 points closing a 26,003 85 and the nasdaq fell 17 and the s&p 500 fell 9. an important new tool and fight against wildfire. up next, how pg&e is setting up in the north hill. our school system could collapse. a warning to cities and counties around the bay area. see how one local county and city and school district is working together to make affordable housing a reality for teachers.
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firefighters are getting new high-definition cameras. the hope is that the cameras which are being paid for by pg&e will allow firefighters to get two fires -- it to faster
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-- get to fires faster. we are now live with more information. >> reporter: is fire season and they are getting longer and more dangerous. this is the marin county emergency command center from here, first responders can monitor the hills from strategically placed stationary cameras. >> we can zoom in on the area where the fire is and evaluate the smoke. >> pg&e is adding to the network. they have purchased five new high-definition cameras. the new cameras will not only replace the older model but also allowed sonoma and napa county to have more locations as part of the alert wildfire network. >> was a high network, we could see this night or day and
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it just gives us better intelligence for us to be more efficient. >> the cameras can help firefighters and their efforts to get to the fire before it grows to 10 acres. >> once it hits the 10 acre threshold, it could be so exponential and we are behind and the fire is outpacing our ability. >> reporter: this gives valuable information in real time including wind and where the fire could be headed. it also allows the public to login and see how close a particular fire could be. pg&e would not comment on its role in providing the cameras. they have determined that equipment was responsible for 16 fires that burned through northern california last year. firefighters say with fires getting more dangerous, every tool is valuable. >> what we would call extreme fire behavior is probably more typical now. >> the new cameras are expected to be up and running by the end of the year .
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>> we are getting an idea of what christine blasey ford and brett kavanaugh are expected to say tomorrow morning before the senate judiciary committee. for his prepared remarks saying i'm here today not because i want to be. i am terrified and i am here because i believe it is my civic duty. she says kavanaugh attacked her at a party when they were teenagers more than 30 years ago. in kavanaugh's testimony, he will say "i drink here with my friends usually on weekends and sometimes i had too many. in retrospect, i said and did things in high school that make me cringe now." but he says he is innocent of sexual assault. christine blasey ford does say there are some details that she does not remember . some members could linger while
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others fade away. >> that is right. island today that this can be tricky thing with memory. -- i learned today that memory can be a tricky thing. you cannot discount that certain events did or did not take place. >> the fact that someone does not remember an event perfectly for 20 years ago, that is just due to variations in human mental ability. >> reporter: a graduate at a psychology program for the last 10 years teaching others how to get the best out of her memory. he says we all recall information in different ways. >> there are people that are good with remembering music or numbers or others can be better with poetry. >> reporter: it is because we have auditory and kinetic and kinesthetic memories. >> then these the people that
5:38 pm
about remembering things in the past with personal experience and that is known as auto biographical memory. >> reporter: this also plays a role. >> this can enhance your ability to remember but there is a fine line. if it reaches the point where it is a dramatic experience, they can create blocks. trope just because it's murky, you cannot discount that the events did not take place. >> most people have been to have a stronger visual memory so you will most likely remember things that you saw rather than you heard from decades earlier. >> reporter: when it comes to memory, >> you can remember the event in general and certain things about it but details as to what color shirt someone was wearing as opposed to a different color or whether this person's name
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was this or was there named jane or janice, i know it started with the j. those types of details will be really difficult to remember them. >> reporter: santos also believes in creating visuals for strong memory cues but if a motion is tied to a specific event, it's hard to believe that it never happened. we have breaking news out of south san francisco where a train hit and killed a person. this is at the south san francisco station. all the trains are stopped now in the area. we are told that first responders are on the scene and this is the transit system eighth fatality. coming up next, we hear from the 49ers as they try to move
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forward from this season ending knee injury. plus, some diplomacy and lessen diplomatic moments at the un today. i will have the details coming up.
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next man up, we have a message from the 49ers locker
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room after a season ending knee injury. >> while fans might be giving up, players say not so fast. >> they have to feel that way. the quarterback is just one play away from being the starter. the situation was brought home on sunday and kansas city. last october, he was then of rocky and brandon to replace a struggling brian holder. this was ultimately a replacement by >> after suffering an injury of his own. c.j. beathard knew he had to stay ready. >> you really are one play away and you never know when that play will be . you could plate zero the entire season or you could be playing the third game of the year.
5:44 pm
a lot of people are doubting us and counting us out and i think everybody is excited and ready to keep rolling. >> he will just wing it . that is his thing. he says this is the play and he gets the ball. he is a levelheaded guy. >> they led the 49ers to the first win against the new york giants before this injury and then he was replaced by jimmy garoppolo. there is no reason to think this should not apply to c.j. beathard. the 49ers have to believe that. i have read that the 49ers are also looking to possibly sign a veteran back and we know they will not find colin kaepernick. there are not that many big thing quarterbacks out there. what do you think?
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>> they had six guys auditioning and they have yet to make anyone official & anybody but they will try to get another quarterback on the roster and plus they also brought the guy from practice squad who was with them earlier this year so it's a work in progress but right now, they have five games and the remaining 13 games will rest on his shoulders. >> still a long season to go. >> teachers are saying goodby local counties and cities a plan to create affordable housing. >> without them having a decent and affordable place to live , our school system will collapse. we had a warm day inland. you can see what is going on. this is a live picture and
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tomorrow will be a little cooler and then we have significant cooling through the weekend.
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5:48 pm has released its list and the valley is among the top five. the group analyzed more than 30,000 zip codes based on the time it takes properties to sell. how frugally they are viewed to have the most desired spots. the hottest zip codes include
5:49 pm
colorado's rings, colorado, and peabody massachusetts. >> we are seeing homes sell 50 to 60% faster and particularly here in the bay area. homes are selling at an average of 15 days so it is only taking two weeks for buyers to buy those homes. >> the top subcodes acyl -- also have affordable homes with $358,000 with some exceptions and residents in the majority of those areas are employed at higher rates and tend to earn more. the county wants to build housing specifically for teachers. they are worried that the high cost of living is driving too many teachers away and if they do not take action, schools will suffer. >> the supervisor has a vision
5:50 pm
that on this side, there will soon be designated affordable housing for teachers. >> we can get this done if everyone has the will and so far we have the proper the and funding and we definitely have support and that support is growing. >> the county has satisfy the property and the city of palo alto has set aside $3 million and there is a push to get local school -- local schools on board. the school district voted unanimously to try to find the money. >> teacher housing has been an ongoing challenge for us. we hire high-quality teachers in our district but retaining them over the course of time w >> it has been nearly impossible to do with the high cost of living in the silicon valley . those that do stay often have hours long commute.
5:51 pm
sarah is a mother and advocate for teacher housing. she says she fears what happens if something does not change. >> without them having a decent and affordable ways to live, the school system will collapse. >> many have already expressed interest in the housing development and the district has agreed to join. >> i am hoping we could have local districts participate. it's not a total solution but it's a start. if it works well, we can do it again and again. >> the size and configuration of the project is still up in the but teachers say they are hopeful that it can be built . >> i think this would really give teachers one less thing to sleep -- to lose sleep over which will make them more effective and make them want to stay and work here so i think this is an awesome opportunity. >> they hope to have a formal
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proposal ready by next year. we are taking in on your weather. we have another warm day tomorrow but not as warm as today. it peaked out today and then tomorrow, temperatures drop off a few degrees. the real cooling starts on friday and saturday and sunday. these were the highs from today and you can see we have upper 90s and 89 in napa and 90 in santa rosa. high temperatures tomorrow and maybe a little cooler and foggy. we have a beautiful shot here. this is just stunning. look at that. this is the bay area and it was a beautiful day. temperatures are generally above the average and we have some high clouds with funny of fog along the coast and this is
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some high clouds but the fog is right here at the gate and it is being obscured by the how it -- by the high clouds. this is 99 and i am not sure about the observation point but it is the upper 90s so you know it's warm. high-pressure is there tomorrow but it will be slightly cooler. then on friday, that is the real job off. friday is a significant drop off and you will see that in the forecast. tomorrow will be a nice day and as we get into the weekend, temperatures will be the hotspot like saturday and sunday and those will be in the 70s. we have 90 in pittsburgh tomorrow and 90 in brentwood and 93 in livermore. 84 in milpitas. we have fire danger at a high with the red flag warning that dropped 4 to 6 hours ago and we
5:54 pm
do not have another one coming so it looks like we will get through this with a cooling trend. here we are tomorrow a little cooler and then we are 10 degrees cooler in the hotspot. then you drop another 10 degrees and you stay in the mid- to upper 70s and you have a chance of a sprinkle showing up on the radar. good news for firefighters and all of us. we have a nice week ahead and just cooler for the weekend. president trump wants to point a finger -- wants to point a finger at someone for interfering in the election.the smoothest roads
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it's my job to protect as a public safety,pg&e, keeping the powerlines clear while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing. the work that we do helps protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the powerlines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our communities safe. this is our community. this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
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president trump accused china of trying to interfere in the midterm elections. he said he could not disclose evidence yet but he said it will come out. china strongly denied the accusations. >> a busy day, president trump lashing out against china accusing the country of trying to influence the upcoming midterm elections. >> they do not want me or us to win because i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade. >> the foreign minister quickly denied those allegations. >> we will not interfere in any country's domestic affairs and we refuse to accept any unwarranted accusations against china.
5:58 pm
>> they say america is not in a position to be making claims of moral superiority. >> they should not be talking about justice when they sub rate children from their families. >> my pompeo met with north korea's prime minister but they say they continue to move forward. pompeo will travel next month for further discussions paving the way for a second summit between president trump and kim jong-un. >> the first lady is excited to make her first trip next month as well. ktvu news at 6:00 starts now. there are new concerns about a brand-new transit center. we have now learned that a second crack steal beam has
5:59 pm
been found. >> i am very sorry for the inconvenience of the public and we are working hard on the situation. >> official still do not know why the beams cracked. >> engineers say there are a number of possibilities from a design flaw to issues with installation or fabrication of the beams. we do know that the transit center will remain closed at least until the end of next week. in a news conference this afternoon, officials say this is in the east area of the transit center above fremont street. they say the other two buildings that make up the transit center are not affected. the beams were installed in 2016 but the first crack was just discovered yesterday. >> the transit center just opened up last month and for more on all of us, we have coverage with christian in san francisco. >> reporter: we will sort of our coverage with a look at
6:00 pm
this. we are on fremont and you can see this is where this is being diverted. you cannot go further north. we will swing the camera around and show you where this incident is. you can take a look on the transit center and this is on the 60 foot long been running across and over fremont street. this is about 2 1/2 feet long and we learned that there is a second cracked being. that means the transit center every mushy below are both closed for at least a week. >> investors have -- investigators have been busy trying to figure out why there were cracks and fremont street is still closed. >> i am so sorry for the inconvenience to the public .
6:01 pm
we are working hard to rectify the situation.


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