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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  September 28, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning. happy friday. to september 28. in for dave clark today. >> thank you for joining us . the cool down begins. let's check in with steve. >> it started yesterday for some and will continue today. low and high clouds . the low finally makes its move. it is now starting to ramp up and as it does the fog bank is roaring in. it is being lifted . the temperatures cool off to the upper 70s for many inland. 60s and 70s around the bay. this system could give us some light rain saturday evening to the areas to the north. maybe sonoma county, northern napa county. the main impact is a big cool down. 50s on the temperatures for almost everybody even 54 and 55 from walnut, black creek, san ramon. pittsburgh and brentwood also at
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57. a roaring delta wind. the gray will not be slow to burn off today. it may not at all. the key will be category four t light rain monday night or tuesday 60s and 70s on the temperatures now. here is sal. friday light? >> so far. i hope it stays this way. sometimes and the way the bay area traffic patterns are on fridays we have a little bit less volume right now we are seeing that. it is early so we don't really know if it will hold, but right now looks good heading through fairfield into vallejo and on 37 over to sonoma and marin county. marin county is one of those counties where on friday we are not going to have a lot of slow traffic unless something happens. if we can predict it i would probably be doing something else, but it's very unpredictable. this is a look at 80 westbound. looks very good. when you get to the bay bridge it is light.
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sometimes on fridays it stays let's go back to the desk. two hours now the senate judiciary committee is scheduled to vote on the nomination of brett kavanaugh for the u.s. supreme court. that's after a day of dramatic testimony from both kevin a and the palo alto professor who has accused him of sexual assault. doug luzader joins us live in washington with how the votes are lining up and the timeline for the event. >> reporter: good morning. the senate judiciary committee will vote in a couple of hours. the question is whether the votes will be there for brett kavanaugh. >> with what degree of certainty do you believe brett kavanaugh assaulted you? >> 100%. >> reporter: to congress and the nation transfixed, christine blasey ford publicly major accusation that supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh assaulted her more than 30 years ago. >> i believe that he was going to rape me. i tried to yell for help. when
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i did brett put his hand over my mouth and stopped me from yelling. this is what terrified me the most and has had the most lasting impact on my life. with ford faced hours of questions from democrats and from an outside prosecutor who specializes in cases of sexual assault hired by republicans. and then it was kavanaugh's turn. >> my family and my name have been totally and permanently destroyed by vicious and false additional accusations. this confirmation process has become a national disgrace >> reporter: kavanaugh's impassioned defense does -- just after the hearing wrapped up president trump tweeted, judge kavanaugh showed america exactly why i nominated him. the senate must vote. >> doing this through i don't think it's fair. >> reporter: democrats continue to call for delays. kavanaugh supporters want this finished. >> to my republican covote no you
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are legitimizing the most despicable thing i have seen in my time in politics >> reporter: last night a republican on the bench, bob corker of tennessee, doubts he would vote yes, bringing kavanaugh one step closer, but still not assured of winning confirmation. one person to watch today would be arizona senator jeff flake. he could be the deciding vote. thank you an update for judiford was a victim of a crim i do not believe judge kavanaugh committed it and no corroborating evidence suggests he did consider oakland congresswoman and democrat arthur lee said doctor ford showed, for, it will and grace in the face of terrible trauma. she says judge kavanaugh should
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not be can and the fact that the senate will proceed with a vote shows a deep disrespect for doctor blazek forward. survivors of assault and our democracy. there have been strong reactions to judge kavanaugh and doctor lazy fords testimonies. we talked to some people yesterday who follow the hearings in the bay area. some of them told us they believe doctor ford while others say they found the judge to be more credible. >> i think kavanaugh is a really good guy. well spoken. i don't see him doing anything like that. >> i thought it was heartbreaking. i cried on my way to work hearing doctor fords tells -- testimony. >> sonoma state university political science professor david mcewen says he expects judge kavanaugh to survive committee vote today, but he says there may be trouble him in the full senate. doctor ford is getting support from people across the bay area. >> [ crowd chanting ]
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>> in her hometown of palo alto people chanted and held signs yesterday at around. women dressed as characters from the tv show "the handmaid's tale" to show their opposition to brett kavanaugh's nomination. in oakland demonstrators made a mural that read, we believe survivors. suite in the nation's capital at least 59 people protesting kavanaugh's nomination were arrested. demonstrators gathered in the supreme court building and blocked a street. that's when police moved in and made the arrest. we posted the hearing in its entirety on our website, you will find that under top stories. barts board of directors voted more than -- to double the number of affair inspectors in the bar systems yesterday they approve the hiring of 10 new inspectors. that is up from the current number of six goes new inspectors will also work nights and weekends . the bart police chief said the presence of inspectors will help
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to deter not only fare evasion, but also crime in general. >> we do have a police sergeant that goes with the team probably 55 - 70% of the time and does direct field observation. >> members have been under pressure to respond to safety concerns in the wake of three recent homicides including nia wilson who was stabbed to death on a bart platform at macarthur station in july. inspections continue at san francisco's salesforce transit center after two cracked beams were found this week. engineers are working on a temporary fix to sure up the cracked beam supports. ongoing inspections have not shown any additional beams with similar damage . the is still unclea in the first place the fremont street below marc benioff, the founder of salesforce tweeted, quote,
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i'm very sorry to hear about the closing of the transit center due to the cracked beam. i pray this was a blessing in the crack was discovered before anyone was hurt and injured. most important thing is the safety and well-being of our community. new information on the sideshows in east oakland this past weekend. police rested two people in connection with these sideshows. one driver was arrested after his pickup swerved and hit a police cruiser, entering a police officer. another driver arrested after his car rammed other vehicles as he attempted to flee from police. almost 100 cars were towed. mountain view police have arrested a man accused of choking and raping a woman in her car. police say 29-year-oldmale frie ask her for a ride.
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after she picked him up police say powell choked her in the car until she lost consciousness. when she regained consciousness she told police powell was sexually assaulting her. she says she managed to push him out of the car and drive to a nearby hospital. powell was arrested at his job in palo alto yesterday and is being held without bail. dublin police investigating an anonymous threats at dublin high school. the school district says the threat mentioned harming students at the school on october 1 but no other details were given. police say there will be extra patrols near the school. while the threat is being investigated they are asking people to report any suspicious activity. a man behind bars after a back pack containing a fake pipe bomb led to the lockdown of a school in piedmont. police received a call of a suspicious person around wildwood elementary. they discovered the backpack on a sidewalk work -- sidewalk. police later arrested a transient. police found an unloaded gun, two switchblade knives, and a fake pipe bomb in that bag. a father from modesto facing charges for forcibly taking his six-year-old sun from the boys mother. 41-year-old john caso appeared
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in court yesterday afternoon. prosecutors charged him with kidnapping and burglary in connection with the abduction of his son . the boy was taken from his mother's home in modesto on monday prompting and amber alert that stretched from the central valley to the bay area. police say the father had some associates pose as utility workers. they allegedly broke down the mother store, pepper sprayed her, grabbed the boy out of her arms. >> they made choices leading up to it, the minute they had him in their arms, and choices that at any moment anyone of them could have made a better choice. >> a search for the suspects and the boy ended the next day when authorities found him with his father at a motel in dublin. the boy unharmed later reunited with the mother. the father pleaded not guilty yesterday. the ceo of google is in the hot seat today on capitol hill. coming up, the tough questions he faces from lawmakers. flying high takes on a
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whole new meaning. we will say which major airport marijuana, allowing passengers to bring a plant on board. good morning. i don't see anything right now. maybe someone was being pulled over here. it is nice unto 80 and the whole silicon valley commute. low clouds, high clouds, and a much cooler pattern. 70s for many inland. we will take a look for any rain.
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we are checking to see if homeowners in this twin peaks neighborhood of san francisco have their water service back after a big main break. this video comes from the citizens app. you can see the water pouring down corbin avenue which was shut down last night at san francisco's water department says the main broke because -- people who do business on treasure island are speaking out against a neutral proposal. last night doesn't >> the community center to learn more about the transportation plan. under a proposal from san francisco's transportation agency beginning in 2021 drivers from the city would pay a $3.50 told to get onto treasure island during commute hours and pay the same amount to leave. >> it has been a challenge to get customers to come to our
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location anyway. we have had guests that come that have never been to treasure island and now to almost punish them for coming to treasure island they have to pay to come to the island and pay to leave the island. >> proposed toll is less during off hours and weekends and after 7 pm drivers would not have to pay at all. treasure island is undergoing a construction boom in the toll money would go toward transit improvements. another public meeting is scheduled for next month. federal health officials are urging everyone to get a flu shot by halloween in hopes of avoiding another devastating flu season on wednesday the cdc reported an 80,000 americans died of the flu and its complications last winter. that's the highest death toll in at least four decades. the surgeon general says getting the flu shot is a socially responsible thing to do. >> getting the flu shot ist just about keeping you safe and healthy, getting the flu shot
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is about community. those 80,000 people who died last year from the flu, guess what? they got the flu from someone. >> once you get the flu shot health officials asked that you tweet a pitcher with hashtag fight flu to promote the vaccines benefits. lax has a new policy that allows passengers to travel with a small amount of marijuana in their luggage. police say they will not arrest or stop someone if they find marijuana in their carry-on bag in it with state law. however, marijuana -- marijuana possession is still a federal crime so the tsa can still prevent people from porting flights if they find marijuana in a travelers bag. airport police will noeeds the 1 ounce legal mi in the ca a new bill aimed at protecting marine mammals has been approved . the new
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legislation will phase out fishing gear that is responsible for killing dozens of marine mammals each year. the bill targets that's used to catch swordfish because those nets can accidentally trap dolphins, seals, whales, and turtles. three la rams remain undefeated after beating the vikings last night on thursday night football. marin native jared goff through for 465 yards and five touchdowns. two of his tds during a 251 first-half. minnesota came to play as well. kirk cousins through for 422 yards and had thgame by a touchdown. the final was 38 - 31. both bay area nfl teams hope this weekend they can improve their disappointing starts the raiders are still winless. on sunday they host the cleveland brown's. baker mayfield had a
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big week last week. you can see the game right here on sunday . the 49ers are one in two but they will have to play with the backup order back for the rest of the year after losing jimmy garoppolo. he tore his acl. the niners face the chargers sunday afternoon. cj method will get the start at quarterback. sal always gets the start of traffic here on channel 2. >> he is the traffic man. >> as we toss it to you. >> i will go out long. got it. the tracy commute looks pretty good. westbound 580 a little bit of slowing at the 205 interchange i can already tell it is lighter than it would be monday through thursday. there is a little slow traffic but sometimes the commute through here is light, is busy on 205. a little bit further back. we are already seeing the traffic is slightly lighter three here.
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880 north and southbound is okay. they are picking up roadwork where they had completely shut down the roadway northbound at 23rd to build that bridge to make it easier to get in and off the island of alameda. they are just about to pickup that closure. this is a look at westbound bay bridge traffic only slightly slow in some lanes. let's bring in steve. let's get to it . >> system is finally moving. it has been stuck all week. now it is moving toward california and as it does the fog bank has ramped up big time. some higher clouds coming in and the delta wind has no problem almost reaching 40 miles an hour. there will not be some clearing for many today at the coast and bay. fall will be in the air heading toward the weekend. a big drop in temperatures today. any rain?
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yes. maybe saturday evening. about santa rosa and napa north. the rest of this will probably be drizzle. another opportunity heading towards early next week. look at all the gray. higher clouds forming offshore. the key is going to be category four hurricane rosa heading towards southern california as another load drops in on monday and tuesday. it looks close enough to give us some rain early next week. a couple of systems to deal with over the next five days. 50s on the temperatures. they won't change much. upper 50s in a stanford, los altos half moon bay. gusts to 38 towards travis in fairfield. low clouds and plenty to go around along with higher cloud -- higher clouds as this low starts to move inland . the second low will drop in on monday. will it tap into this moisture?
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probably not. it is possible. i have seen it before but everything points towards southern california. however, there could be, you are saying about half an inch in santa rosa three quarters on tuesday. again, this could change in six hours. it is not etched in stone but it looks like some rain is in the near future. 60s and 70s on the temperatures. good by to the 90s for many. a big cool pattern, get into sunday. the next system looks to be tuesday. triggering some painful memories for one south bay family. we will hear from a family whose daughter took her own life after she was assaulted at a high school party. more on that when we come back. many people living with diabetes
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welcome back. the senate confirmation hearing for judge brett kavanaugh is triggering some very painful memories for some, including the family a 15-year-old audrey pot . the teenager took her life in 2012 after she was sexually assaulted at a high school party in the south bay. her parents say professor ford's case is very similar for both young ladies were 15 years of age. assault happened a party in a locked room and drinking was involved. unlike ford audrey never had the chance to share her story.
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she took her own life after nude pictures of her from the party were shared by classmates on social media. >> she lost her life and her boys. we had a decision to make whether to make it public or make it private. we chose, because audrey was no longer with us, that we owed it to her to go public. >> audrey's parents were instrumental in the state legislation passing audrey's law which expands the definition of rape and increases penalties and decreases privacy protections for teenagers convicted of some sex crimes. volunteers with the national sexual assault hotline say they saw almost 150% more calls than normal yesterday. they were also experiencing long wait times for their online chat with people in need of help can call a toll-free number, you see it there on the
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screen. the bay area women against rape also offers a free 24 hour hotline at the number on your screen. among those in the gallery for doctor lazy ford and judge kavanaugh was actress alyssa milano. >> it is important for me to be here. it took me a very long time as a survivor to come to terms with, and be public with my own abuse and assault. >> milano was invited to attend the hearing by senator dianne feinstein as part of the me too movement . the 45-year-old actress said she wanted to show support for doctor ford. three doctor -- bill cosby's hollywood walk of fame star has been vandalized. hollywood chamber of commerce oversees the famous stretch of sidewalk and had previously rejected a petition to remove the star for cosby was sentenced to 3 - 10 years in prison for sexual assault.
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dozens of women have stepped forward to say the actor comedian drugged and assaulted them over the last many years. a break in a rash of apple store theft here in the bay area. more than a dozen suspects taken into custody responsible for more than $1 million in losses we will have the latest there plus new details in the discovery of a headless torso found in a fish tank in san francisco. we will let you know the identity of that man in the people being considered persons of interest in the case when we come back.
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be part board of directors votes for a plan it says will increase public safety and rider equity. what the plan to do coming up. the senate judiciary committee is planning to vote on brett kavanaugh's nomination this morning after emotional history making testimony about sexual assault allegations five day area college professor christine blasey ford. good morning and thank you for joining us on this friday morning september 8. i'm pam cook. >> we love friday.
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of the weekend is looking a little bit chilly. we have rain coming up later. >> tuesday looks pretty good. tomorrow would be mainly to the north, but saturday evening into early sunday. there will be some light drizzle or light rain. mainly santa rosa and napa north. a big low overcast with the system moving in as it does temperatures are heading way down. da and will continue today. out of the 90s for everybody. the low will move in saturday so 50s on the temperatures right now. the onshore wind has cranked up to the delta and there will be very clearing -- very little clearing today for some on the coast . the key will be category four hurricane rosa. this low moves in and another one drops into take its place if it taps into it all bets are off. right now it looks like it wants to stay towards southe


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