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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 28, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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the senate judiciary committee votes along party lines to send brett kavanaugh's supreme court nomination to the full senate. arizona senator jeff flake adds a major stipulation. >> i think it would be proper to delayed the for vote for up to, but not more than one week in order to let the fbi continue, to do an investigation limited in time and scope to the current allegations that are there. >> moments ago president trump spoke to reporters about yesterday's testimony regarding allegations of sexual misconduct against his supreme court nominee good afternoon. a vote to confirm supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh now advances to the full senate following a judiciary committee vote in the past hour.
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jesse gary joins us to explain, it is now one statement made by a republican senator that leads that leaves the days ahead very uncertain. >> what a morning. peer politics on display at the capital. the deadline for the confirmation vote at 10:30 this morning. that time came and went. senators of both parties have broken into small groups to plan strategy ahead of that vote. democrats wanted an fbi investigation. republicans say the process dragged on long enough with no evidence of a crime and no witnesses. senator flake came back into the room with what appears to be a brokered a deal that both sides can live with ricky proposes -- >> i think we ought to do what we can to make sure that we do all due diligence with a nomination this important. i want to say that this committee has acted properly. the chairman has bent over backwards to do investigations from this committee. >> i have had a number of conversations with colleagues,
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republicans and democrats, about how we could possibly get to further f.b.i. investigation to address some of the credible allegations doctor ford brought forward without extending the timeline. my republican colleagues, as i'm sure you heard, have accused democrats of simply trying to hold this open past the election. that is not my goal. my goal is to simply encourage friends and colleagues, pressing for the fbi to consider seriously the allegations that are before them. >> the process now and hands of president trump who would need to order the fbi to investigate the president says he will wait for the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, to make the official request . the nomination has been sent to the full floor, but there will not be a vote and tell the fbi one week investigation is completed. they are also questioning if the republicans can hold onto their majority to confirm kavanaugh.
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two on the fence and both facing heavy pressure to vote no. denomination is expected to break along the party line as it did today. this continues for at least another week as the fbi investigates. we are live in the newsroom with ktvu fox2 news. president trump spoke about the kavanaugh hearing vote just a few moments after the hearing adjourned. >> i guess the boat was a positive note. there seems to be a delay. i will learn more about it as the day goes on. i just heard about it. >> the president made those remarks during the white house visit with the president of chile. he and the chilly president held talks on venezuela and the economy earlier president trump signed an $854 billion spending bill that keeps the federal government open through december 7 and averts a government shutdown. a lot to digest in dc. we welcome david levine, professor at uc hastings college of the law. why did senator flake vote in
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favor of the nominee but also make the stipulation for the fbi investigation? >> a couple of days ago senator flake went to the floor of the senate before the hearings with doctor ford and judge kavanaugh showing he was clearly in anguish about this and about the doubts that were there. just really hurting. he is one of the moderates, republican, who everybody thought his butt was important kavanaugh was going to go through. he was clearly a doubt this morning. >> the why not vote no? >> he respects his republican colleagues. he is simply one who is in doubt. if we listened this morning several of the democratic senators said just give us a week. let the fbi investigate and let's see what there. we have not had a complete hearing of all of this. senator flake heard that. we were talking this morning about senator mccain and it seems that senator flake channeled a little bit of that
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spirit to compromise. it looks like senator murkowski's going to go along, to say let's at least procedurally keep the train going and move it along and get it out of committee but leave time before the final vote on the senate floor to give the fbi time to investigate. if there's something there mcconnell can pull the nomination. if there is nothing there i bet judge kavanaugh will sell through 56, 58 votes in favor. this is a really, really smart senatorial compromise to keep things moving, but also make those who are worried that we have not heard enough about these very serious accusations to see whether we can learn more in a few days or not. >> is the fate of the fbi investigation light in president trump's hands? >> the initiation of the rest with the president the president has to direct the fbi to open up their background investigation. however, what is going to
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happen now, you can see president trump being equivocal , he's not saying he won't do it. senator mcconnell and senator grassley are going to get on the phone to the president today. maybe they have already done it. and they are going to say if we don't open this up this nomination fails. what would like to do? your choice. mobley, the president will then say let's go forward and have the investigation. if judge kavanaugh has been telling the truth there will be nothing else there and the fbi won't find anything that is damaging to him and then he will get a strong positive vote and be able to go on the supreme court with the full backing of the senate if there's a problem, gosh, don't we want to know that before we put somebody on the united states supreme court for 30 or 35 years? >> senator jeff flake, a lot of democrats are happy. >> i think many of them in
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their statements this morning, i think several of them were speaking directly to him. obviously, they had some meetings in the back room. that's the way these things take lace. what's on the camera is not necessarily what is going on behind the scenes. i really think the american people should applaud senator flake and senator murkowski for saying let's hit the pause button and see what's there. they deserve a lot of credit for acting like grown-up senators. >> that's quite the politics lesson this week. >> it sure is. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. people from all around the country traveled to dc to protest brett kavanaugh's supreme court nomination. many opposed over sexual assault claims and hear his political beliefs may rate a dose may play a role in his supreme court nominations. people in the bay also planned a protest this afternoon. they're calling for a stop to the appointment of kavanaugh to the supreme court. one set this one protest will be tonight at the corner of market and powell street in san francisco. it is being held by a group called refused fascism.
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stay with us as we bring you continuing coverage on the supreme court nomination. you can also follow us online, twitter, facebook and facebook said 50 million user accounts have been affected by a security breach. the company says hackers exploited the view ads feature which is the button you used to look at your page if you or someone else. facebook says they have alerted law enforcement. at the social media giant reset some logins. 90 million people have been logged out and will have to login again. facebook says it does not know who is behind the attack. this comes as facebook has been under scrutiny for its ability to keep users data safe. you can remember earlier this year cambridge analytica harvested the personal information of some 87 million facebook users. elon musk facing a federal lawsuit after regulators say he committed securities fraud and he tweeted what they call false statements about plans to take
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the company private. they also what repayment of any gains he made after that statement. >> we allege that mosques statements were false and misleading because they lacked any basis in fact. at the time he made these statements must had not secured funding for the proposed transaction. >> musk is calling the allegations unjustified and adds he never compromise his integrity tesla stock fell 13% yesterday following the news . the is down about 14% now. overall stocks here have edged higher as game for chipmakers gave the tech sector a boost and energy companies rising with oil prices. now the dow is essentially flat. that is the same on the s&p and the nasdaq instructions continue in san francisco at the salesforce transit center after two cracked deal beams were found. crews and spent much of the morning checking more beams for cracks. so far those ongoing searches have not turned up any additional beams showing similar damage.
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the transit authority is working on a temporary fix to reinforce the cracked beams which will include columns in the middle of fremont street to support them. expect the current plan is to put the shoring system near the middle of fremont street so we can allow traffic on both sides of fremont street. >> it is still unclear what caused the cracks in the first place. fremont street is expected to remain closed through at least the end of next week. still had, a 7.5 earthquake rocks indonesia triggering a massive tsunami. we look at the damage and the problems hampering search and rescue crews. a big fog bank and an onshore wind equals a cooler pattern. what is shore for the weekend -- what is in store for the weekend? i will take a look. connitings ttter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month.
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no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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the latest in indonesia after magnitude 7.5 earthquake strikes there causing a tsunami. the quick was only about 6 miles deep and hit just after a clock in the evening. officials say the synonymy was reported after a tsunami warning was lifted. look reports is a powerful waves came onshore and hit a town, sweeping away entire homes. now families are reported missing. this video shows people on the streets. some victims are being treated at local hospitals. it is just after 2 am and search and rescue crews are hampered by dark is because power has been knocked out there are no estimates on how much damage there is. we do know a magnitude 6.1 earthquake hit the same area
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earlier today killing at least one person and damaging dozens of homes. investigators are at the scene of a plane crash in the south pacific. all 36 passengers and 11 crew members survived. alleys four people went to the hospital in serious condition . the plane was leaving an island resort to the capital city of papua new guinea when it tried to land but came up about 150 yards short the plane crashed in a lagoon. you can see the plane in the water half submerged and people in the water as well. in the bay area the faa is investigating a helicopter contracted by pg&e that actually sparked brushfires . the helicopter was helping pg&e inspect power lines near calistoga when it clipped some lines causing them to fall to the ground and set off a small fire . the helicopter was able to land safely and all three people on board escaped injury. the fire was contained to about half an acre. bart has approved a public safety plan designed to crack down on fair evaders and increase surveillance technology
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. leigh martinez explains the changes riders will eventually see. >> reporter: part more than doubled its fair inspection staff at a constant $900,000 annually and also plans changes to the design of some of the station. thursday bart board of directors voted seven - 2 to hire 10 additional fair inspectors. barge currently only has six inspectors . the new inspectors will work nights and weekends. -- bart proposed $25 million in technology and equipment upgrades, erecting color berries around the paid areas of the station, installing alarms on exit doors, and raising the railing. bart board of directors defended the spending as necessary to keep riders safe after several high profile crimes at bart stations including the july stabbing death of 18-year-old nia wilson at the macarthur station. several bart riders expressed support for more surveillance. >> surveillance knee-high and
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those types of technologies to help fight crime, solve issues, and provide more safety. is a resident of east county we are okay with that. and critics say the enforcement program racially -- racially profile >> since march more than 30 citations were issued with 47% issued to black riders. the two dissenting board member suggested investing in their gates instead. other board members say the non-sworn officers increased police presence on board trains and platforms and sends a message of customer equity that everyone pay their fair share. bart says these changes could come in two years. in walnut creek with ktvu fox2 news now to the bay area weather. steve is looking outside looking for the sunshine. >> a little bit. hardly. it is running much cooler. a lot of 60s and only if you 70s . you have to go to lake porch and brentwood or tracy.
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temperatures around the bay area from 60s to just about everybody. berkeley at 58. fairfield is 16 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. that's a huge drop. livermore - 14. santa rosa down nine. san jose - 6. let the cooling begin. we had 80s and 90s two days ago. they will settle into the 70s for many heading into today and the weekend. maybe even into early next week. we had a band of high clouds moving through the low clouds have been enhanced by -- by an upper level system moving towards us. it has been sitting out here all week but it was too far away to make any impact. it is getting bumped along by another system. this system will eject through on saturday to the northeast at the possibility of serene -- of some rain. i think there would be a lot of drizzle late tonight and tomorrow as the system gets closer. as far as measurable rain it looks to be santa rosa up to ukiah saturday evening late
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into saturday night. that is the system lifting. this system is dropping in and kicking a long it has a lot more going for it that may play into our weather for tuesday. there has been a lot of chatter about hurricane rosa may be getting caught up from that next low and bringing rain here. all signs point to the moisture heading into southern california, errors -- arizona, nevada, but not here . the track takes it near palm springs , blithe, yuma. there could be some heavy rain totals early next week from the remains of that. the onshore wind has travis at 35 miles an hour. even all the way to vacaville. low clouds and maybe a few high clouds for most of those have cleared. we look for this low to impact our weather today with a big cooling trend. a jet northeast tomorrow. more than -- northern sonoma county in line for may be some rain . the next system looks to have more going for it. if it swings through there
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could be some okay amounts up to a third of an inch next tuesday into wednesday. something to watch as the low settles in. once we go around monterey, but that's three days away so lot could change. 60s on the temperatures. some low 80s. if you like the cool weather i can't really do much better than this for the end of september with temperatures well below average. >> it is sweater and boot weather. thank you. rod rosenstein awaits his meeting with president trump next week and republican leaders are planning a meeting of their own. griff jenkins has more on the fate of the man accused of potentially making an attempt to remove him from office. soon after a week of testimony and rhetoric in dc the fate of the nation's deputy attorney general rod rosenstein remains uncertain. house conservatives and gop leaders have reached an agreement to request rosenstein answer questions in a closed meeting related to reports he
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discussed secretly recording president trump and possibly attempting to remove him from office. rosenstein disputes the claims. president trump was originally slated to meet with him on thursday but that meeting was delayed because of the capital hearings. >> president, i know firsthand will ask tough questions. we will one all the truthful answers. they're both committed to speaking with each other and resolving this once and for all. >> reporter: the word from the white house looks like that meeting will happen asked week. >> we will see if the president will be talking with rod rosenstein next week. i don't want to get ahead of those conversations. >> and the president will be talking to him next week? >> i think that is the plan. >> reporter: initially rosenstein's job appear to be in jeopardy. as a week request the president showed signs of wanting to keep him in his role. >> many people say i have the right. he said he did not say it and he does not believe that. my preference would be to keep him. and to let him finish up.
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one of the biggest issues at stake here is the ever present mueller investigation. >> reporter: since attorney general jeff sessions recused himself rosenstein currently oversees it back in washington with ktvu fox2 news coming up, a handful of fans lineup to get tickets for next week's division series wild card game. after the break we will tell you they may end up getting refunds and unable to see the game in oakland. medicare cards are changing. with new, more secure numbers. but con artists, they never change. they'll always try to steal your medical identity. so, what can you do? guard your card, just like a credit card. don't give your medicare number over the phone or email. and remember, medicare never calls unless you've asked them to. to find more ways to guard your card, go to
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diehard a's fans lined up to buy tickets for the very small possibility there will host the american league division series wild card game next wednesday against the new york yankees. right now the yankees are one game away from securing home- field advantage. that means one yankees win or one a's lost would guarantee the game is played in new york. tickets for a potential game can be still bought. fans will get a refund if that home game doesn't happen. both a -- bay area nfl teams are looking to improve their starts to the season. the raiders are one of only one in three teams in the league still winless but on sunday they host the cleveland browns and top draft. baker mayfield. you will see that came right here. kickoff is it one:05 . the 49ers are one in two at
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this weekend are being led by backup quarterback cj battered but this comes after losing jimmy garoppolo to a torn acl for the remainder of the season . the niners had to los angeles to face the chargers sunday afternoon. if you're looking for something to do that does not involve football several oktoberfest celebrations will be in full swing. rosemary barroso has details in this edition of we can watch. >> reporter: heading into the weekend and here are some things happening around the bay. in san francisco polson street fair returns for the 35th year and will cover over 13 city blocks on saturday from 11:00 to 6:00. at the palace of fine arts enjoy the first annual free kids carnival highlighting acrobatics, stilt walkers, zipline, carnival games, musical acts, and more. the festival at fisherman's wharf, the 83rd annual blessing in fishing boat parade is a procession from st. peter impulse church in north beach to the wharf. how about celebrating at the bottomless oktoberfest german beer festival
12:26 pm
at the soma street food park on saturday? in the east bay oktoberfest returns to the diamond district. on saturday with a festival of craft beer, food, and entertainment head to the south bay for the russian festival in saratoga where you will find great food, dancing, handcrafted vodka, music, and more at saint nicholas orthodox church of saratoga. spend saturday in palo alto at the 57th annual harvest festival at the palo alto friends meeting house. also the 33rd annual fog fest in pacifica. it is saturday along palmetto street. in sports quakes, niners, and a's are away. raiders and giants are at home. that is your we can watch. siu apple stores targeted across our state . the and information about the crime ring that was busted for more than $1 million in losses following a string of thefts. still ahead, the hype
12:27 pm
profile supreme court nominations dominate headlight and there's a show of support for survivors of sexual assault. we explain the significance of a quilt on display at uc berkeley today.
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yesterday's testimony from doctor ford and judge kevin are
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triggering painful memories for many including the family of a 15-year-old audrey pot . the saratoga teenager took her life in 2012 after she was sexually assaulted at a high school party in the south bay. her parents as a professor for this case is very similar. both for 15 years old, the assault happened at a party in a locked room and drinking was involved. unlike ford, audrey never had the chance to share her story. she took her own life after nude pictures of her from the party were shared by classmates on social media. >> she lost her life and her boys. we had a decision to make whether to make it public or to make it private. we chose, because audrey was no longer with us, that we owed it to her to go public. >> audrey's parents were instrumental in the state legislator passing audrey's law which expands the definition of rape and increases penalty and decreases privacy protection for teens convicted of some sex crimes. volunteers with the national sexual assault hotline
12:31 pm
say they saw almost 150% more calls than normal yesterday. they were also experiencing long wait times for their online chats. people in need of help can call the toll-free number on your screen. bay area women against rape also offers a free 24-hour hotline. that number is 510- 845-7273. uc berkeley students are showing support for sexual assault survivors. christina rendell reports, it is in the form of a quilt on display now at sprouts plaza. >> reporter: solidarity quilt is being created. each piece a message to support survivors of sexual assault. >> i thought i would add a little sentiment that said we believe survivors because we as a community are only as strong as the survivors that we support
12:32 pm
. >> reporter: diane is a program manager at uc berkeley who felt compelled to leave a note after she watched christine blasey ford testified before the senate. >> i'm here today not because i want to be, i am terrified. >> reporter: ford accuses brett kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when they were teenagers. >> hearing what she said reminded me of moments in my life that i would like to block out i really felt a lot of empathy for what she must be going through right now considering she's on the national stage. >> reporter: the idea behind art comes from student senator teddy lake. >> i know today is an intensely triggering experience for a lot of survivors who have heard doctor ford's testimony and heard a lot of their own truth what it with those within it. >> i hope to provide a community for those who want to see people support them and oppose what's going on at large and the government and in the entertainment industry, everywhere. on this campus there is an epidemic. >> reporter: lake said the sexual violence and harassment is a problem not only on the uc berkeley campus but at large and she wants survivors to know they are not alone. >> i believe all survivors.
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it takes immense courage and strength to come and share that experience with the public. >> at uc berkeley with ktvu fox2 news >> a go fund me account for doctor ford has now raised nearly half of nine dollars for donations surged yesterday during her testimony before the senate judiciary committee. the original goal for the account was $150,000 and it has now been capped at $437,000. organizers said the money will go directly to the ford family to help them pay for legal and security costs. as for developers -- devoutness in washington d.c. the senate judiciary committee voted to send brett kavanaugh supreme court nomination to the full senate . the but was 11 - 10 right down party lines. it came just after republican arizona senator jeff flake suggested they delay the vote by the full senate for one week so the fbi can do a short investigation into the sexual assault allegations against
12:34 pm
kavanaugh. >> i think it would be proper to delay the floor vote for up to, but not more than one week in order to let the fbi continue, to do an investigation, limited in time and scope to the current allegations that are there. >> it is unclear exactly what happens next. senate leaders mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer have agreed on the delay and only president trump can actually call for an fbi investigation. in the past 15 minutes judge kavanaugh's friend mark judge has confirmed he will cooperate with an fbi investigation as long as it is confidential. you will recall christine blasey ford said during her testimony mark judge was present during the sexual assault . the judge previously released a letter saying he doesn't remember anything from that time but he has now agreed to cooperate with an fbi investigation. mountain view police have
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arrested a man accused of chip -- of choking and raping a woman in her car. lavelle powell of oakland called a female friend to ask for a ride after she picked them up powell choked her in the car until she lost consciousness. she told police when she regained consciousness powell was sexually assaulting her. she managed to push him out of the car and drive to a nearby hospital. he was arrested yesterday. the california attorney general says 70 people have been charged in connection with a string of grab and go robberies at apple stores throughout 19 different california counties. henry lee tells us half of those accused were arrested in oakland. >> reporter: it happened over and over again. and grab thefts at apple stores across california. now investigators say they have broken up a crime ring responsible for more than $1 million in losses in 19 counties. >> my teams executed a search warrant in the city of oakland.
12:36 pm
>> reporter: oakland police played a key role in the investigation of the 17 people charged by the state attorney general, half arrested tuesday in oakland. >> we took into custody these seven adult suspects and one juvenile suspect. >> reporter: police began the multiagency case after an apple store was hit in june. these are surveillance pitchers of the suspects. police say the bust will only mean one thing -- >> we will see a pretty substantial reduction in these crimes across the state. >> reporter: the arrest came the same day the emeryville apple store was hit for the fourth time in a month . the crimes followed the same pattern, a group invades the store, rips electronics from tables as customers and employees look on in shock. >> i'm concerned about this brazen attitude that you think you can just go into any community and commit crimes like that. >> i have learned the defendants include a father and sun, both named leo david smith. many of the suspects were arrested after they committed the latest emeryville theft.
12:37 pm
henry lee with ktvu fox2 news dublin police are investigating an anonymous threat at dublin high school . the district said the threat mentioned harming students at the school on monday, october 1 no other details were given. police say there will be extra patrols near the school while the threat is being investigated. they are asking people to report any suspicious activity. some changes are coming to paulo alto high school including false alarms including fire alarms. cameras are now being installed outside the entrance of each bathroom on campus. it will take pitchers of students who go in and out . the is meant to discourage students from triggering alarms. and alarm was off by a student who was vaping in the restroom . the superintendent plans to meet with school administrator's on tuesday to discuss the problem. people who live and do business on treasure island or speaking out against a new toll proposal for class i dozens packed the community center to
12:38 pm
learn more about the plan. under a proposal from san francisco's transportation agency beginning in 2021 drivers will pay a $3.50 total to get on and get off of treasure island during commute hours. >> it has been a challenge to get customers to our location anyway. we have guests that have been in san francisco for 30 years that have never been to treasure island. now to almost punish them for coming to treasure island, they have to pay to come and leave . >> the toll would cost less during off-peak hours and weekends and there will be no toll after 7 pm. supporters of the tolls a treasure island is undergoing a construction boom and the toll money would go to transfer this transit improvement. another meeting will happen next month. a new trend in housing market driving home sales to their lowest point in seven years. according to data from core logic bay area home sales dropped by 10% in august while home prices climbed by 12%. the decline is being linked to
12:39 pm
the notion that more and more people are unwilling to pay sky high prices and mortgage rates . the median home sales price in santa clara, san francisco, alameda and san mateo counties is $860,000. a stanford football player bouncing back after being diagnosed with a life-changing illness. >> when you hear news like that your world stops. >> you hear the word cancer and you just jump to conclusions. your mind races to a bunch of places. >> how his story is serving for an inspiration for his whole team. san jose is just now getting rid of the low clouds. and little he is there and only in the 60s. a big cooling trend is kicking in. i will have more the weekend coming up.
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espy a warning to parents after two dozen men were arrested this week for using popular online games to solicit sex from minors. jackie heinrichs report, it happened on the east coast but the f vi warns all parents and children should stay vigilant even when it comes to video games. >> reporter: authorities in new
12:43 pm
jersey arresting two dozen men this week after they allegedly used fortnight, the world's most popular videogame, to solicit sex undercover officers posing as minors. officials as a part of a disturbing new trend, sexual predators targeting underage boys and girls playing online video games. >> it is a tool that the predators are using to go out and get after your kids. >> i would say a good percentage of them are not who they say they are. >> reporter: the most popular games come with chat functions or other apps that enable players to talk to each other online . the f.b.i. now recommends parents monitor their kids closely when using the social media aspects of these games and if needed mute the chat functions. another way to keep your kids safe is to create a shadow account to monitor your kids while they play to make sure they're not giving away personal information to potentially dangerous strangers >> as long as it's connected to the internet there's a chance that predators can connect with your kids. >> reporter: experts say the best way to keep your kids safe is to talk to them and explain
12:44 pm
people they encounter online may not be who they seem. in new york with fox news. after too much sun a couple days ago now we are looking for it >> i don't think there will be some areas near the coast that will get any sound today . the fog is a ramp up because of the low coming in. some higher clouds that pushed to the east the cooler pattern is here through probably early or mid week and going into next week as we drop. some areas are down 16 degrees compared to this time yesterday. still some to the north. you can still find some 70s or 80s. for the majority of the bay area it is in the 60s. fairfield down 16 compared to 24 hours ago. san jose - at six. santa rosa - 9. the source of the cool down is this low that has been out there all week. now that it's inching closer it has picked up the onshore wind and will probably give us some
12:45 pm
drizzle late tonight and tomorrow. maybe some rain from santa rosa north saturday evening into early sunday. ukiah looks like a better opportunity. that is ejecting out because this system is dropping in. all the talk this week has been about hurricane rosa, category four. as it weakens it will fall apart . everything takes it toward southern california and near the desert around yuma and blithe into las vegas and phoenix. that looks to be the track that coproduces some very heavy rain early next week once it starts to move north. a strong onshore wind for some. gusts to 38. port chicago with a west southwest breeze. is 79 in reno. 90 las vegas. they will drop over the next couple of days. 72, 69 for ukiah and sacramento. low clouds getting enhanced by the low as it moves onshore. that will keep the cool going and give us some drizzle and
12:46 pm
rain for those to the north tomorrow. the next system has more going for it. the possibility of the first widespread rain onto -- on tuesday. the track seems to want to favor moderate to san luis obispo. i might shave back some of those totals to the north and favor more areas to the south. it is going to be a cool pattern with 60s and 70s. temperatures will not be warming up that much inland upper 70s for some and a 60s coast and abeyta. by early next week we might get our first rain. >> i will meet you back here sunday -- monday morning. the nation's seventh- ranked stanford is playing notre dame for both teams are undefeated. scott reese reports some of the inspiration for the team comes from one of its own. >> reporter: ryan beecher was hitting his astride last season . the from a walk on had earned a scholarship and was seen the
12:47 pm
field for the first time in his college career. >> i was feeling good and playing good. it came out of nowhere. >> reporter: a cancer diagnosis so often does. ryan got his right before stanford's bowl game. non- hodgkin's lymphoma. >> just to hear the word cancer you just dump to -- you just jump to conclusions. the world cup flipped upside down a little bit. >> when you hear news like that the world just stops. ryan is one of my closest friends in the world. it was an earth shattering moment. >> a scary couple of days initially. >> reporter: when the stanford team flew to the alamo bowl ryan stayed home for treatment >> even though he wasn't there physically he was certainly present. >> i was gearing up to watch the game. i was having a viewing party and i get a phone call. >> me and my family have been close to his family. my mom had cancer and she beat it every time my teammates supported it i always felt a lot of gratitude and i wanted to do it for him. >> he asked is it okay if me
12:48 pm
and some of the guys on the team pay tribute and put some numbers on our arms and stuff like that? i was very touched by that gesture. >> when it happened i was like it was meant to be. it was for him. that's when i pointed to the camera and made sure everybody knew what was up. >> that was an emotional moment in a good way. throughout the whole game people were like why is 43 on people's arms? >> everybody was thinking about ryan because we wanted to make sure that wherever he was watching he knew he was with us. >> reporter: fast-forward about four month and ryan completed his chemotherapy and began to work out >> i started training a little bit early in the spring and got a jumpstart. >> reporter: with the intention of rejoining his team for the upcoming season. >> he missed winter and spring football and then came back in
12:49 pm
the summer, which is the hardest conditioning. when other guys were falling out of rents he was running right with the pack. >> i put my arm around him and said i wanted to be here, but i didn't and i was going to be here. i wasn't sure. god bless the doctors and his body responded to the treatments . he was there day one ready for practice. >> reporter: now ryan beecher, the so-called beast, is back flying around the field seemingly having be in his toughest opponent yet. >> it has been very inspiring to watch. he has done everything the right way. >> the guys are very emotional about him. to be back out here with your friends and your extended family running around playing football is awesome. >> there was a long time i didn't know if that would ever happen again. i'm lucky and grateful to be able to get back out here and do what i do, also in the way i like to do it. that's full speed and pulled the sample effort. >> at stanford with ktvu fox2 news. berkeley the 24th -ranked
12:50 pm
golden bears host oregon ducks for cal is ranked for the first time since 2015 after starting the season 3 - 0 . the cal defense is tied second in the nation for interceptions was seven. saturday's game is at 7:30 at memorial stadium. the cool kids are coming to fox. we sit down for a snake peek at the new comedy which premieres tonight.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
we are on top of the developing situation we have been monitoring on capitol hill. the senate judiciary committee has voted judge brett kavanaugh through. however, arizona senator jeff flake says he would like to see an fbi investigation. trust in, we have learned texas senator john cornyn says republican leaders will allow up to a week for a background investigation of kavanaugh before the final vote. there is still some timing to be worked out. we will bring you the latest today on the four on
12:53 pm
two. a quick peek at the markets. we can see not a lot of major movement today. the dow will finish flat and that story is the same on the s&p and the nasdaq. now to the world's most expensive shoes. they are on sale in dubai. they are golden leather pumps with a price tag of $17 million. what makes them so expensive? the makers of the passion diamond issues say they are comprised of golden leather and 236 flawless diamonds including a 15 carat diamond on the toe of each shoe. even the case they come in is shaped like a diamond . the shoes also come with a lifetime warranty, not that you would ever wear them. tonight tim allen and his cv family make their premiere of last man standing right here on fox. a quartet of comedic veterans
12:54 pm
with a show about living in a retirement community. paul chambers has more on what viewers can expect the season. >> why would they cancel a popular show that everybody loves? >> maybe they are a bunch of idiots. >> reporter: it is familiar faces in a new place after six years on another network, tim allen and crew are back with last man standing. >> we were all really sad when the show was canceled but it was very abrupt and a bomber. a big bummer. it took a while to get over that. >> let's try another channel. >> they don't just take a show off one network and put it on a different network. >> reporter: the wait is over. fox listened to the show's fans and revived the series. >> the show is suddenly getting a call that fox wants us and we are going back. it was great. >> am i wrong or is it like way better on this network? >> reporter: is season seven you will see many of the original cast members with a few changes you can see last man standing friday nights at 8 pm. >> you do realize you are all here voluntarily. >> we are? my kids are liars.
12:55 pm
to an fox has a new show, the cool kids, bringing comedic legends together in a retirement community were all the rules are out the window. >> some people call this goal and girls with golden guys and a girl. do you like that? >> three men and a baby. >> i call it the little rascals meets cartoons. >> reporter: the stove -- the show starts with the three main male characters trying to bounce back after the death of a friend. >> gary has seen better days. >> reporter: with vicki lawrence who plays margaret on the show tries to join the trio the guys let her know she is not welcome. >> look, lady, i don't know who you are but you cannot sit there. >> why not? who are you guys? the cool kids? >> people just came home and want to be entertained. >> reporter: sitting down with
12:56 pm
this group the laughs continued as jordan showed off his talents . >> do you like it? >> i do like it. >> in this episode i do a hercules. >> okay. i'm impressed. >> reporter: you can be one of the cool kids friday nights at 8:30. in los angeles with ktvu fox2 news. >> that all starts with the debut of last man standing right here at a clock followed by the cool kids at 8:30. i 9:00 don't forget hells kitchen keep it right here on ktvu fox2 news for the 10:00 and 11:00 news. thank you so much for joining me on this friday afternoon. get out and enjoy the day because it's getting cooler as the weekend comes on. a gorgeous look at that beautiful golden gate bridge for people making their way to and from marin and san francisco. meet us right back here coming up for the four on two.
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>> denial scams. >> six cavities when i was told i have none. you don't know who to trust. >> oz undercover. dr. oz: we were shocked at people being overcharged. >> i was in the chair less than so minutes when she started finding problems. >> the total cost, $3,500. >> plus an oz medical mystery. the boy who was slowly turning to stone. within himself. >> coming up next. dr. oz: are y'all ready? >> yes. >> i love you, dr. oz. [cheers and applause]


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