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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 26, 2018 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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could not. this is already the longest world series game inat dodger s. hosting its tenth world series, dodger stadium, in its 57th year. the 0-1. high. it's just amazing that eovaldi, who is evolving with his stuff, can just light up a radar gun in triple digits, and doesn't matter when he pitches, the routine is thrown off, it doesn't matter. >> john: it's the mechanics of how he throws the baseball, utilizes his lower legs. >> joe: just blows it by the back of pederson. >> john: now coming out from tommy john surgery, he's able to be comfortable and utilizing
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that velocity in any part of the strike zone. like, literally it doesn't matter, it seems like so far in the postseason. >> joe: pederson skies one into center. jackie bradley jr. without number two. justin turner will be the hitter. the dodgers and the red sox longest world series game by innings, that came 102 years ago. you've heard so much talk coming into the world series about the brooklyn robbins. they were the dodgers until 1932, taking on the boston red sox. and that was a 14 inning game. boston won 2-1 when babe ruth
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threw a 14 inning complete game. we are in the 12th with two outs, strike one on justin turner. >> joe: two quick strikes on turner. so, some more world series effects. red sox and dodgers, that one on the top. last 13 innings were shut out by babe ruth. the carlton fisk game, 1975 gam. the series didn't have a happy ending for boston. that moment unforgettable. dodgers 1977 game 1, and now the
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red sox and dodgers playing in the 12th inning of game 3 in 2018. eovaldi. a check swing, didn't go. 2-2. >> john: amazing discipline for turner. what's amazing about his to strike approach, he will hit a mistake for a homer. if you get that down and in kind of scenario, he can throw the barrel of the bat right there with that leg kick that he uses for timing. stay back and check swing on a nasty pitch right there. >> joe: what's it going to be on 2-2 with the bases empty, two outs? get in there.
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manny machado, who has one hit in this game, 1 for 5 is on dec deck. or rather, two batters away, muncy. muncy will get a crack at eovaldi if turner can keep this 12th inning alive. otherwise, and the 13th, brock holt will lead off. 3-2. struck him out! 101 on the radar gun from nathan eovaldi. it's incredible what he's been able to do. brock holt, nunez, bradley coming up. what a game. into the 13th we had. kinder joy,
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>> joe: did you think we'd be playing 13 innings in game 3 when he woke up this morning? what a game. 1-1. brock holt takes a strike and it's been a pitching clinic. buehler, porcello, good start, only allowed one run, struck out five. red sox have used nine pitchers tonight. alexander finished off the top of the 12, and he 0-2 starting the 13th. holt 1 for singled in the tent and got the base. off of baez that sent kinsler to third, then kinsler out at the plate to end the inning. outside, ball one. the bottom of the inning for the
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dodgers, muncy, machado, bellinger. dylan floro, the right-hander, get loose. here's the 1-2. >> john: what are the chances it goes to 3-2? >> joe: we've seen it a lot tonight. nunez on deck. then jackie bradley jr. >> john: at some point, one of these teams has got to put extra pressure on the pitchers at getting people on base. especially the leadoff batter. >> joe: hey, it's 3-2.
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rick porcello started this game hours ago. 3-2, he walked him! a leadoff walk to start the 13th inning is brock holt. fights his way on base after falling behind 0-2. >> john: the fifth time in the game that there has been a leadoff runner on, and we are in the 13th the first time since the ninth. bellinger. >> joe: and he was out stealing for leaving too soon on a 3-2 pitch. here is nunez. throw over to see if nunez would tip his hand at the plate with regard to a bunt.
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19th career sacrifices. one this year for eduardo nunez. they let him swing away. he homered at fenway. that bounces in, the runner goes, and down to second as nunez ends up on his back. they are going to check on nune nunez. he's been bothered by a bad ankle, and he goes down hard. meanwhile, that pitch bounced in from alexander. >> john: you can see he was just trying to get the ball, was formed. you can see that nunez was trying his best to get out of the way. great read by the base runner.
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fall was thrown at 54 feet >> joe: nunez, the red sox need him to continue. if there no one left on the bench, except if you want to go to pitcher, but then you need somebody to play the infield. he's playing third base now. so, alexander had a 0-2 count on brock holt. holt, kind of an odd jump at first, hesitated, went down to second when that pitch bounced in their. and nunez says he's okay to co 1-0.
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>> john: i wonder if that changes the strategy at all for nunez, especially what he just went through. and whether or not he can -- punch him over to third, but i think they will try to have a couple crack at it here with bradley on deck. >> joe: eduardo nunez, go-ahead run, chop that to the right side, tough player, and safe! ball gets away, to the plate is holt, red sox on top 2-1! and nunez on his back again as he had to puzzle down the line. that ball was just chopped into that no-man's-land, and the
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red sox have their first lead of the night. take a look. >> john: trying to figure out, muncy didn't read it, and by not reading it, he put a lot of pressure on the second baseman to get over there because alexander fields it and has it but has nowhere to go with the ball off the bag. amazing. 0-2 to a walk. >> joe: hernandez just could not corral that tossed from alexander, and nunez happy that that ball he just put in play has his red sox on top. he just got up a moment ago after ending up in the dirt, and he's now running along the right field line.
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so, after all these pitching changes and all these players used, boston has a 2-1 lead here in the 13th inning and there still nobody out. and they have nathan eovaldi in the game on the mound in the bottom of the inning. it started with a walk, and now jackie bradley jr. steps to the plate. they've given holt a stolen bas base, and to the ball off the hit, or an error on alexander. no rbi, but a run for boston.
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how about eduardo nunez in game game 1? the headache painted a three-run home run over the monster in left. crushed it. now this little chopper up the first base line leads to a run here in the 13th. >> john: you talking about getting the leadoff runner on to create pressure, and that's exactly what happened. the pressure was put on the dodgers after the walk. >> joe: bradley takes a strike. it's a single for nunez, and an error on alexander, the pitcher. and a run scores for the red sox here in the 13th inning.
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>> joe: there is nunez talking over to his dugout. alexander checked on him. on deck is vazquez. here's the 1-1. into center field. bellinger is back to grab it, end. >> joe: that will be it for alexander with vazquez coming up. and dylan floro ready in the bullpen. 2-1, the red sox lead it. one on, one out. a walk started the trouble for alexander. another pitching change.
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- chevy is the only brand to earn the j.d. power dependability award across cars, trucks and suvs - three years in a row. phew. third time's the charm... ♪ >> joe: eduardo nunez right in the middle of the action for the boston red sox. he came on in the tenth. here's dylan floro. second pitcher of the inning. here are his numbers this postseason. he is now trying to keep it a one-run game. vazquez takes a strike. >> john: dylan floro, sinking action and slander. would love to have a sinking fastball hit to one of his
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infielders for a double play. you wouldn't think there is a lot of speed at first, for all that nunez has been through. >> joe: that is down. in the inning, a walk, a steal, and infield hit, and error, and a run, most importantly. after all these moves, alex cora asked what he wants. he's got a lead. in this case, in the 13th inning, and he's got nathan eovaldi who will go back out there and try to end this game. vazquez 1 for 4. on deck is sandy leon.
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the 1-1. runner was going as alex cora is trying to get more motion going on the bases. in the bottom of this 13th inning, max muncy, manny machado, and cody bellinger. if anybody gets on, yasiel puig. with nathan eovaldi, the pitcher of record now for boston. christian vazquez on 1-2 strikes out. this was during the pitching change when floro came on, and rick porcello, tonight starter,
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oh, man. rick porcello, tonight's starter was checking his teeth after getting head butted by a pumped up eduardo nunez. he won't do that again. >> john: no. >> joe: here's sandy leon. >> joe: nunez got flipped on that ball in the dirt by barnes on that steal. had you died in hand first at first. comes the 0-1 ty leon. a ball and a strike. >> john: we've got to hand it
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to alex cora. he kept the pressure on the dodgers by utilizing this game the way he did. because pressure is on the dodgers, being down two games to none. it seemed the way this game was being played, the advantage would be given to the dodgers without win. and they still have the right part of the lineup to come up and muster up one, possibly two, runs. mental, that is what they are facing right now, mentally they can't believe they are in this spot. down 2-1. >> joe: and down the dodgers are two games to nothing. two balls and a strike on the leon. 2-2 from dylan floro.
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six pitcher of the night for l.a. >> joe: red sox have grabbed a lead here in the 13th inning. a little pop-up. long run, and nobody will get there. outside of the throw, they kind of trickled away at first. you two bettors that produced a run, the ball did not leave the infield. a walk, a steal, and infield hit, and in error.
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>> joe: leon trying to get mookie betts to the plate as the red sox try to tack on, leading by a run. that into the right field corne corner. nunez, bad leg and all, is taken to third. they will hold him there on a double by leon. the red sox with more two-out noise at second and third, and betts coming up. >> john: betts won't get a chance to hit, so it will be on bogaerts to get it done. i'm sure he's been in this situation before. takes a lot of pride when a manager walks the guy before him. >> joe: good at-bat by sandy leon. >> john: puig gets it in.
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>> joe: the walk is handed to betts, that loads the bases. leon now has his third extra-base hit of this world series. he is 3 out of 5. bogaerts now could open it up. 0 for 5 night. strike one hits the outside corner. >> john: that's a great first pitch. with the bases loaded and all that's on the line, you know you've got to be really good and get aggressive in the zone, if you can, early and make that pitch away. getting to strike one helps a lot. >> joe: kike hernandez comes in. austin barnes comes out.
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0-1 bogaerts. 1 for 12 in this world series. the 0-1. that is a fair ball, and the end of the inning. barnes attempts to step on the plate for the force out. and the red sox leave the bases loaded and have stranded six. bottom of the 13th inning, big bets coming up for the dodgers down 2-1. a century in the making. ves,
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he got the hit that produced the go-ahead run tonight in the 13th inning just by putting that bad on the ball. not credited with an rbi, but he doesn't care, and neither do the red sox, who are three hours away from the 3-0 series lead. first up, max muncy. fooled on the pitch by eovaldi. it was an earned run that scored on the top of this 13th inning. the rally started with a walk to brock holt. here's the 0-1. inside at 99. one ball and one strike, the media were talking and wondering about tomorrow's starter for the
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red sox. right now, alex cora couldn't care less. >> john: no, he couldn't. getting the game to this point was an ideal situation for him. now he hopes it pays off. >> joe: up to eovaldi and to the heart of the order for the dodgers. eovaldi took over in the 12, had a 1-2-3 inning and struck out turner with the fastball. machado on deck and then bellinger. >> john: the dodgers are going to have to show some kind of fight with two strikes, like the red sox did for the most part tonight, especially in the top half of this inning. >> joe: inside, 2-2. >> john: that's all it takes sometimes. innocently, the 0-2. you figure the hitter at a
10:32 pm
disadvantage, you saw what happened after the walk. that's what the dodgers' mind-set is going to have to be tonight. any way, any how, get on base. >> joe: checked it. full count, and a good take by muncy. >> john: a great take on a really good pitch that he has been swinging at most of the night. now you've got to tell yourself, 3-2. same rule. the pitcher thinks you are aggressive, going to throw you the same type of pitch. >> joe: 3-2 pitch. he tried to hold up, and did on ball four. and the boston bench is livid.
10:33 pm
alex cora cannot believe it. leadoff man is on. >> john: i think it looked worse than it actually was. he had a violent move with his elbow, but the barrel of the bat is moved behind, which i'm sure you can see from behind the third base side. nevertheless, everybody wants that call. >> joe: just like in the top of the inning, the hitter was in this case muncy, behind in the count, a walk. here's machado. thought he had homered back in the sixth inning. watched it, it went off the wall, went for a long single.
10:34 pm
>> joe: 99 for ball one. muncy, the first to reach against eovaldi in this world series. pitching in his fourth inning. machado with a big swing. strike two. >> john: now machado has got to find a way to stay off that high fastball.
10:35 pm
>> joe: all in for the season, machado has hit 40 home runs. 13 in the regular season with the dodgers, three more in the postseason. set up at 1-2. now 2-2. >> joe: checked it on ball ball three. >> john: tough decision here.
10:36 pm
3-2. i don't think you can send muncy, but i didn't think they were going to send bellinger. >> joe: manny machado. hits it in the air, brock holt is there. one out. and back to first is muncy. machado, 1 for 6 that will bring in cody bellinger. >> john: he will be ready to swing from the very first pitch. mentioned in the start of the game, getting closer but still not having the production.
10:37 pm
popping up some pitchers, just missing some pitches. boy, would he like toie one here. and with this crowd, they would love to see that. >> joe: runner at first, one out. bellinger leaned back from strike one. bellinger knows how to launch. his postseason, he's hit one home run, that came in game 7 in milwaukee. the reigning rookie of the year. 25 in the regular season in 2018. a ball and a strike.
10:38 pm
>> joe: 1-1 to bellinger. down and in. leon behind the plate. vazquez playing first base. holding against the tying run, max muncy with one out. >> john: short of a home run, obviously, the dodgers are trying to figure out a way to get somebody in scoring position. the red sox did it on a pitch in the dirt.
10:39 pm
>> joe: bellinger didn't go. 3-1. >> john: another great fake. leverage count, 3-1 for bellinger. >> joe: the dodgers have had three walk-off wins in a world series game. in '47, jackie robinson jackie robinson in '56, kirk gibson in 1980. cody bellinger, full count, big swing.
10:40 pm
>> joe: eovaldi ready. popped up, left side, foul ball, long run, and caught by nunez. he goes into the seats, and with good baserunning, muncy goes to second base. and the adventures of eduardo nunez continue as he ends up in the front row. he had to go a long way to make
10:41 pm
that catch. >> john: he did have to go a long way because of the shift. the momentum takes him over to the stands. he threw the ball back from the stands, but i think dave roberts is going to ask the umpires for that very reason. he got the ball there, then watch, he doesn't follow through, but watch as he throws it from the stands. i think he's going to ask the home plate umpire and get the answer he wants. >> joe: now muncy is at second. puig will be the hitter. dave roberts came out, talk to the home plate umpire, ted barrett, who's the crew chief. the runner remains at second base, two down, and the decision known for alex cora.
10:42 pm
you've got a base open. if you put puig on, you are putting the potential winning run aboard. on deck is austin barnes, who hit .205 during the regular season. >> john: the outfielders are dancing around. brock holt was looking, do i need to move? do i need to change? but he stayed in left field. we've seen a lot of changes in the outfield position based on who is up. >> joe: puig could tie it with a hit. two outs. red sox leading, and strike one, as they come right after yasiel puig.
10:43 pm
puig, an infield hit tonight, 1 for 5, 2 for 11 in this world series with one rbi. there's a big one sitting out there for him in the 13th inning. the 0-1. >> john: he's had some big hits already in this postseason. not a ton of them, but he's had some big ones. that usually fit the yasiel puig mode. >> joe: he had the three-run home run and game 7 of the nlcs in milwaukee. looking for a hit to tie it. muncy at second. set up the middle, backhanded, though throw to first is wide, this game is tied! kinsler through it wide, it's 2
10:44 pm
2-2. >> john: getting somebody to second base. watch the footing of kinsler. he slipped and that slip might have had something to do with that bro. he gets his feet off balance, and unfortunately for kinsler and the red sox, that allowed the tying run to score. getting to second base, so big right there on that pop up that went into foul territory. >> joe: i was just going to say, the baserunning of muncy. so big when nunez ended up in the front row. muncy tacked up, went to second, then was coming to the plate up
10:45 pm
in the middle and the throw tha. now the umpires get together to make sure that yasiel puig, it should be his first. he's coming back from second base -- the game is tied to. but dave roberts is going to go out now and talk because puig went on to second base, the umpires came together, but no review yet as that throw got past the first baseman, vazquez. and there is that debit with the slip by ian kinsler. the question is, did the ball go in the well? this will determine if puig is at first or in scoring position at second. >> john: something about puig in this momen


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