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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  November 2, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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gosh, the old record was 86. wa a red flag warning is in place, and will be until sunday morning. this will dive down and pick up moisture and will give everyone rain except not here. high clouds, and a carbon copy, maybe cooler. low 50s, los altos hills, 63, pacifica 56 and belmont 57. seattle and portland has rain hang around except for day-to- day changes it will be yesterda back up on the weekend. 70s and 80s again. 4:30 in the morning, salon a friday, we're looking at the supercommute, maybe g else. >> hear that a lot.
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>> steve, you're absolutely right. it happens a lot of parties, this is a look at 80 west bound, it looks good, there's been no major issues here getting out to hercules, it's a very nice looking commute. there are no major delays, you'll see it at the carquinez bridge. not much of the delay at the macarthur maze as you got to the pay gates. democrats and republicans are getting ready for the final weekend before next week's midterm elections. rallies are reaching a fever pitch, both sides are preparing for what could be a historic turn out. good morning. >> good morning, between now, and tuesday, we'll see one action after another taken the president related to immigration. on stage in missouri, president trump's mega tour last night
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was another get out the vote effort and a crackdown on caravans making it to the border. >> there's are tough people and we're not letting them into our country and they're not coming in illegally. >> that as some of the first troops the president is sending south. the president is promising a executive order next week to make it more difficult to claim asylum, and some migrants are planning to sue him. this is the issue than the white house thinks will save republican control of congress. >> i think this is a political gift and they want to put as much attention on it as possible. they want as much media attention on it as possible. the president is making this part of his argument. >> they're playing big on health care concerns, they're relying on big names to get out the vote, from former vice president joe to oprah.
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>> you're on the very precipice of an historical election. >> but it is history that could be the final ash tore in terms of -- arbitor in terms of who gets the u.s. house. >> the president's party has lost ground in 36 of them, the average seat loss is 33 seats. >> and democrats would need just 23 seats to gain control of the house. back to you. our time is now 4:33, campaign donations in this midterm election are breaking records nationwide. analysts say 4.7 million have been spent by candidates so ber billion by election day. in california outside spending in congressional races has reached $74 million
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according to the california target book. democrats are spending millions in toss up districts hoping to flip the house. >> the democrats are competitive in a lot of these races because of small donor financing, $25, $50 donations and by a party act blue, the democrats have been outspending republicans for the first time for the congressional seats that have been uncontested in the past. >> and proposition aid would cap the dialysis clinics, they've gotten $100 million. that money is coming from for profit companies and that's the first recordkeeping measure since it kept records in the early 2,000s. and there's a white supremist group that is
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connected in huntington beach and san benign dough, and these men are accused of in citing violence at the rallies. each are charged with conspiracy and rioting. three other members of the white nationalist group have been cited for in citing violence in charlotte, north carolina. ktvu henry lee tells us, the man peace family says he should not have been killed. [ shouting ] >> got your hands off the door -- >> oakland police body cam show that officers shot officers said he had a gun, police surrounded him and pointed
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their rifles on and brought in a bear cat vehicle. they yelled at him repeatedly not to touch the gun. you can see him moving around and lacking up at him, but he wasn't responding to the commands and before the shooting, officers tell the colleague. >> that gun was -- >> ten seconds later, is shot and killed by a sergeant and three officers, here's another view, police say he posed an immediate threat and released this photo of the gun they found. >> this is a a young man who was unjustifiably set. >> he was not posing a threat directly to the officers when he was conscious and when he was sleeping and the officers had the ample opportunity to do the right thing which would have resulted in mr. being alive today. >> there are sim larceny of the fatal oakland shooting of hog in 2015. he was killed when he allegedly
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reached for a gun. >> they used the same tactics here as they did in the hog situation. someone winds up dead that shouldn't be. >> they said: >> they said: the alameda county d.a.'s office is investigating and the family is considering a lawsuit. lawsuit. our too many is 4:37, police are searching for a missing 16-year-old girl from oakland. kayden washington was last seen on october 23rd in embarcadero. she was with a 22-year-old african-american man named j a.m. o, she is 5-foot 8 weighs 130 pounds with brown air and brown eyes and she has a birthmark on her left cheek, her family is
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offering a $2,000 for information leading to her face return. and there were tense moments on the east bay hills. police responded to a suspicious device in the parking lot at kensington elementary school. no students were on campus, but the staffers were evacuated yesterday afternoon. the homemade device was made up with a plastic bottle with butane inside. the bomb squad was called in to handle it. police say they were met to panic and they're trying to find out who left it there. and a shooting happened at the community center two ours after an event on halloween night. the victims were hanging around the closed center when they were shot. >> what we know at this time, the suspect walked up to the group, some words were
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exchanged and he shot at them. >> now, police say the victims include a 14-year-old girl, a 14-year-old boy and a 15-year- old boy, so far no arrests have been made. the time is 4:39, we're getting a look at the flames that destroyed and burned an historic building at a former 2 military post in the head lands. >> the police are searching for a suspected arsonist. the man was seen from the old rifle range at the recreation area at 10:15 the reason. the police chased the man but the suspect got away. they set up a perimeter, and several crews responded to fight the flames but the building was destroyed. there's a new report out, showing a drop in crime according it the city of berkeley. crime rates dropped 10% by the first time of the year than
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includes rates in property crimes, the number of shootings in berkeley were up. according to an update in the berkeley department, they doubled in the first part of the year. none of the shootings were deadly. and the 49ers blew out the raiders. >> here is one wide open for the touchdown. what a start for income mullens. >> yeah, nick mullens replaced an injured man, he was unfazed by his debut, he put together the greatest statistical performance since the starting quarterback in 1970. he got 100 yards and a 72-yard reception and there was a 52- yard touchdown, but had to leave the game with a arm
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injury. on the other side line, derrick car was benched in the 4th quarter. he had a pass of 171 yards for the game. the 49ers were fired up after the game. they shared this video from the locker room. >> we want to get to cowboys, i said we're preseason, that's why we play the game. this is preseason, that's why we play the game [ cheering ] >> nick mullens joined the team as an undrafted free agent, now, he's wanted as a starter. scott reiss has more from post gail reaction. >> it wasn't much of a battle since nick mullens made the starting quarterback look easy going for 362 yards and a touchdown in his first game. >> it's my opportunity to prove that i can play. biggest thing is to do your job
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and worry about what matters, what mattered most tonight was the team and how we played. >> we saw him in the preseason do what he did. to see him go out and duplicate that in such a big stage, it's impressive. >> we're proud of that guy, i worked hardest hit hard, i seen and played him, he worked hard every single day, i knew he was going to perform well, i hope he was good enough to get him the dug. >> have another chance to shine in prime time a week from monday when the 9ers play the new york giants, the 9ers not ready for prime time, he said after the game, he plans to  build pa championship team. >> he did not say just how long that might take, scott reiss, ktvu channel 2 news. before the kick off, what we know about the cheerleader who took a knee during the
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anthem. >> pg&e defending its decision to turn off power for customers in the north bay, what they say about customer complaints asking to be reimbursed. ♪ ♪ the things that matter most happen one morning and one cup at a time.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", pg&e is still defending its decision to shut off power to 60,000 customers earlier this month. it happened during three-day wi
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reimburse claims. pg&e says there were 146 requests for reimbursement mostly to replace food that spoiled. it made a decision out of a concern for safety because high winds could have damaged its equipment and to sacramento, pg&e is working for improvements the next time it decides to turn off the power. the company will try to notify customers sooner and keep them better updated on possibly getting the power back up. happening today, governor jerry brown will be the keynote speaker at stanford university. talk about the future of energy and economic policy in california. and barry will be part of that discussion. and it's being hosted for if the stanford institute for economic policy research and it begins at noon. a new product promises to the out fires, using half the water and no danger to the
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environment. a dutch company demonstrated the product called ptx, local fire officials were there to see how it wowater additive and say it's more efficient than foam or gel and it's years of r it, but it's not easy to get it into the market, it's really disruptive and new and i haven't seen anything like this before. the company says ptx says, it cools burning wood and it can't reignite. >> still, copola signed a deal with a farm, marijuana farms, it's a pot product and the
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products will be packaged in a bottle shaped tin. and some big name drink makers have jumped into the cannabis industry including a brewing company in petaluma. passengers on southwest airlines, you can watch inflate movies for free. you can see them on the mobile devices without paying a sir charge for wifi. they show with research, plenty of repeat businesses if you have an enjoyable experience. they're following delta and other airlines, they've dropped the in flight entertainment fee. right now it's 4:48, we want to go back over to sal. what are you keeping an eye on, sal? >> some road work, 880, this is northbound as you drive up to
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oakland, there's a closure of the ramp right there northbound 880 in the vicinity of 23rd, just north of 29th. we're taking everyone off the freeway, sometimes they close both directions, however you'll be happy to know that southbound 880, it looks like i'm going to have to manually get there, southbound 880 to see if i can do that. 880s a we drive out towards the carolina, it looks good from jacqueline square. i was caught in that closure myself as i was driving ow to do a -- out to do a story. it was too late and i had to wait ten minutes to get through. this morning it's not happening. there it is, once again, northbound effect. lets talk about the tracy supercommute and you can see traffic on westbound 580 and 205. there was road work on 205 in the area, other than that it looks good out to castro
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valley. speaking of 880, northbound coliseum looks good, use 880 again, 580 looks good from san leandro to the area and the maze, what a nice route it would be for you right now. 450, lets bring steve in. >> thank you, sir. >> we'll get to it. it was very warm for everybody, it was really warm in gilroy, it rocketed up to 90 degrees and that was record for the day. the old record is 86. we're looking forward and more high fire danger. it will kick in tonight and takes us into sunday morning, mainly north and east bay himself will get gulf coasts of 40 to 50 miles per hour. and there's a change 40s and 50s and 60s, there are cooler readings, napa airport is 48 degrees, and 48 morgan hill.
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and santa clara and campbell, it's in the 50s and 60s, we have rain, somebody is getting rain, not here, seattle and portland is getting a weak system brushing by for us, just a few high clouds, that ridge of high pressure is not going anywhere, it will be a warm afternoon, not as warm as yesterday. slightly cooler, but still above average. 70s and 80s on the temperatures, it's about the same as we go over the weekend. i don't see much change here, everyone looks to be close here with 70s and 80s, it's a dry pattern for now, and it's an above normal pattern on the temperatures. >> the time is 4:51, enraged in a san francisco housing development, why critics rallied in the so-called monster in the mission. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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big corporations are making and just got a huge tax break. but the middle class is struggling. prop c is a common-sense plan. the top 1% of businesses pay their fair share to tackle homelessness for all of us. companies with revenue greater than $50 million pay, not small businesses or homeowners. the prop c plan is supported by the democratic party,
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nancy pelosi & dianne feinstein vote "yes" on c. big corporations pay for it, not you. welcome back to mornings on 2, it's 4:54, there's a controversial construction proposal is expected to recalled next year, it was cancelled because of safety concerns. there are dualing protests over housing development in the mission. mission. >> reporter: at the corner of 16th and mission in san francisco, opponents of a
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proposed housing development sang songs in protests. the coalition, a group organized to fight the project calls it the monster in the mission, protestors say they don't want the site to be turned into what they describe as a luxury development. >> it's out of reach to most community members in the mission, middle income community members, they're sleeping in cars, staying in other pimples homes. >> for the past five years, opponents have successfully fought the project and kept it from moving ahead. they're demanding all units be affordable housing. >> the more we create tensions and organ getting approval and signing commission. >> they're proposing to build 331 units of rental housing here. most are market rate, they're designated for low income housing and those transitions out of homelessness.
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the range would be 1400 a month for three units. it would include a market and drugstore on the ground floor. >> we're in a housing crunch right now. this is a crisis, we need to build projects now, right now we're proposing to do something, it could be shovels in the ground, mid part of next year. >> we need housing, we need it now. >> they held their own rally in front of city hall, one man who lives in public housing in the missions, the project offers some affordable units and that's and good first step. >> i'm all for housing and we need it now in 2018, it's not the time to be picky you, 46 affordable units is not enough. >> one san francisco native who lives nearby, if this project is approved, it may drive up its rent. >> it's pretty concerned, if they ever raise the rent, we'll have to -- >> supporters say after years of delays, it's time to move forward with building much
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needed housing. >> it's been here, in order to kind of, i think soften it, we have to be a part of it to make sure that our culture isn't erased. >> the next step in the year's long process is the community meeting to be held by the planning commission. i'm told it will hopefully take place early next year. amber lee, in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news. the time is 4:57, the 2018 fire season was a brutal one. new information about the millions of acres that were burned. and plus the midterm elections are around the corner, the initiatives and the candidates to pay attention to before you cast your ballot.
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good morning, the candidate for governor making their final push to election day, we'll tell you where john cox and gavin newsom will be campaigning today as they battle for every last vote. >> and it was a blow out as the stadium, not all fans were happy, details of the fight up in the stands. in the stands.
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good morning to you, it's friday, november 2nd, 2018, i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. >> and the weather. >> it's rocketing yesterday up to 90 degrees in gilroy. it will be pretty warm, there will be temperatures above average over the weekend, we have to focus our self on another north, northeast breeze for the hills and it goes through saturday and into early sunday morning. high fire danger again. the ridge of high pressure is content to hang around here. 40s and 50s and 60s around the bay. we're looking for 60s in the oakland hills, it's warm at 67, berkeley is itself is rather mild at 61 degrees and alameda is at 60 degrees. it's moving through the cascades but not down here. it's being deflected out of the picture, another warm day,


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