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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  November 6, 2018 5:00am-5:58am PST

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election day in the bay area could bring record turnout for the election, this is what is happening with voter turnout today. this is "mornings on 2". good morning, thank you for joining us on "mornings on 2", election day, tuesday, november 6th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. don't forget to vote. steve paulson is watching and he's watching your weather. how's the forecast? >> it's cold and quiet, no rain expected, all of the way to thanksgiving. we'll see if something changes. we have a lot of 30s for lows. that's scott burns, he is not in the picture. here's what he says. 's what he says.
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yes or no, i know it's more winter than spring. tease things may pick up. hang in there, we have a in the 30s here for temperatures. it this is before sunrise, it will be colder for some. it feels colder to you, it is, everything is coming out of the northwest, napa airport has the parties of 38 degrees, there's some in the coast, and one observation is 53, and berkeley is 52, a and berkeley lab is 63 degrees, and it's a cool 47, officially it's 54, a little hit or miss rain, nothing except for high pressure and mild temperatures. 60s and 70s on those ures. 5:01, sal, so far so good. anything new?
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>> we have more slow traffic, steve. that's for sure. if you're driving that's where we'll start on 580 and 205, traffic will be busy on 205 and 580, at the least we don't have construction delays, if you want to it be optimistic about this, it feels like the best day of the week, it's only tuesday, whatever, you can see traffic here, livermore, pleasanton, it looks good, and 880 north and southbound, keep the glass half full, you can see at the bay bridge, it's light, to a good start. 5:02, back to you at the desk. the polls open in the next two hours, polling places statewide are opening from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. today. if you have your mail in ballot you can hand deliver it to any polling place in your county, and you can mail it in as long as it's post marked today and
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received by your county elections office today. and gavin governor is sched cast his balance will the. >> the governor held his final campaign rally in san francisco, the crowd cheered the san francisco mayor as he and other big names in politics encouraged everyone to vote, make their voices heard at the balance will the box. >> we need our strongest soldiers on the field, we need gavin newsom in that office. >> it's decisions not conditions that determine our fate and future, we'll take back the house of represent tips, god willing i'll be your next governor. >> gavin knew solano county will watch the election terms with supporters in los angeles. >> and john cox, the republican rival thank volunteers and
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people at the party. his election night is? san diego. he campaigned one last time in the bay area speaking in berkeley and he was talking at an auto body shop employer talking about affordable housing. >> they don't want to operate in the state, we have to encourage more building. >> and if he's elected, john cox said he would call a special session of the legislature to devote 100% of their attention on california's housing crisis you, and dianne feinstein will hold her election night party in san francisco, you can see her here dropping off her ballot in san francisco city hall. at age 85, she's going for her sixth and last term in the u.s. senate. she has a big lead in the polls over the democratic challenger,
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kevin deleon, he says he has a new voice in washington and dianne feinstein said she has the experience to get things done. there's a lot of interest in today's election. it's possible that the democrats can get control of the house of representatives and with so much at stake we could see record turnout for a midterm election. we're keeping a close eye on a number of races, here and elsewhere, there's talk of a blue wave, and whether it will be tornado into action. it's moving at a pace pays where we haven't seen it in years. >> we have 620,000 ballots in the building, that's almost double what we had in 2014 and 2010. >> a lot of interest and miles on air force one in past week as president trump has hopscotched from one state to i yesterday was in missouri where republicans could pick up a senate seat and expand their
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majority. the president warning of a democratic health care. >> you know what happens and your tax also triple and quadruple, you wouldn't be happy, i know you well. >> this appears to be part of a calculated strategy at the least to save the senate. >> the places he has gone tells me something, the white house doesn't expect to hold the house and where they're going, is to focus on firing up voters where he can keep the senate. >> the house is a different story, 207 seats are likely or leaning democrat. 199 are likely or leaning republican. that needs 29 toss ups that will determine which party wins control and in gubinatorial e republicans hold an advantage, we're seeing a number of tossups heading into today's vote. old rules of politics never seem to change. we're keeping a close eye on the weather today that can have a big impact on turnout on the east coast where there's a lot
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of rain on the forecast. forecast. the time is 5:07, entertainers rhianna and axle rose want donald trump to stop using their music at his rallies. rallies. >> president trump used rhianna's song don't stop the music at a rally in tennessee and philip tweeted about it: eted about it: new, a will -- axe will rows asked him to stop using the song sweet child of mine without permission. you can watch the election night coverage as election results are coming in and turn
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to fox 2 for complete coverage on the 10 and 11:00 news, and join us here on mornings on 2 tomorrow, we'll have overnight developments on local races and the battle for control of congress. we are also following a developing story in antioch where a stand-off between police and a suspect accused of shooting a police officer is over. it started last night after police reported about a report that involved a dispute about neighbors and we have an update. >> reporter: the stand-off ended at 2:00 this morning. contra costa county responded to the incident. this he didn't have the shelter in place order until 4:00 this morning -- they didn't release it until 4:00 this morning. they got a call about a the 32-year-old brandished a weapon and fired at him in the
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head. the officer was rushed to the hospital. the suspect retreated and barricaded hills inside the house with a family member. her brother-in-law had a confrontation with the suspect and the suspect's father before police were called. >> he was speaking with the father next door out in front here, regarding something that was -- the son came out and got angry about the fact that he was sharing with his father something that he had done, and he pulled a gun on the brother- in-law. >> around 8 to 10 homes in the team negotiated with the suspect. he was arrested without incident. he is being held at the there's
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this morning. the shelter in place was lifted at 4:00, as for the injured officer shot at, he was treatedded and released at the hospital, the incident is under investigation. investigation. . well, a san jose mother is sitting in a colorado jail cell accused of kidnapping the two children, an 11-year-old and 1- year-old was fond with her mother, she does not have custody with them. they were in a home in colorado springs. the mother was arrested for kid in a, police say the mother tricked a social worker and took off last freeway during her supervised visit with the children. she'll be extradited to california at a later date. the time is 5:10 after leading police on a high-speed chase chase in oakland, this is
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after the chase led to the man going into a canal. the car ran off the road near the oakland coliseum on 880. they tried it make a routine traffic stop. but, the driver took off, speeds reached 100 miles per hour. it ended when the car veered off the road, plunged into a channel next to the freeway. the driver was arrested. right now it's 5:11 and there are changes to the voting in san mateo county, coming up in our next half-hour, the reason the federal officials will keep a close eye on local polling locations. 20 inmates and officers were rushed to a hospital after a fire started inside the main detention center in santa rosa. er in santa rosa. good morning, right now we see traffic moving along well on the san mateo bridge, heading out to the high rise.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", it's 5:14, sonoma county workers are in the hospital this morning after a fire in santa rosa in the jail in santa rosa a the sheriff's office said an inmate with the history of violence started the fire. ramirez went into the jail
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activity room and tried to keep the jailers out by tying the doors closed with a bed sheet. >> he started putting soap all over the floor, the liquid soap to make it slick. he broke off a pencil sharpener off the wall and put it in a sock to make it like a weapon. he has stabbed another inmate in the jail. >> they tried to talk to ramirez it, instead of cooperating, he set toilet paper on fire with sparks from an electric outlet and he pulled cabinetry off the walls and set them on fire and smoke was thick by then. he's going to face felony arson charges as well as the crimes
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yesterday morning at the helen vine recovery center in san raphael. the 37-year-old was arrested yesterday after he was seen driving erratically. the two surviving victims are 30-year-old brittani mccan and another, the suspect may have been looking for mccan who he was dating. the man who died has not been -- the name of the man who has died has not been released. we heard about the shooting from a rehab isn't employee. >> it's shocking to come to work and realize that this was a shooting very cle work with. >> the company that runs the recovery center released this statement: statement:
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the time is now 5:17, a bay area artist suing the new and former owners of a santa rosa shoe store. value he is questions painted this mural in front of a building, it showed mexican american and indigenous history showing local heroes, the lawyer for the artist said the building's owners violated state and federal laws protecting the works of artists when they painted over that mural. and the christian he can at the tesla factor is not allowed it call the 11. instead of calling an
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ambulance, the clinic staff orders a driver from lyft, the report says some workers even with severe injuries were sent back to the production line without any treatment, including pain killers. tesla is not commenting on the report but the owner of the company that runs the tesla clinics says ambulances should be used, quote, only for loving or limp injuries. and they're choosing an autopilot upgrade, tesla is cutting the price for an upgrade. you can try out upgrades for 30 days, and you less the price. it's ne changes and
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sensitive to parking and auto cruise control. traffic plays a role for voting today. people may be coming in later or now, today it looks good, north bay 101 looks good into san jose and morgan hill. there's problem northbound 101, there is slowing in morgan hill as you approach the scene of an earlier accident here. it's minor, i wouldn't worry about it too much. give yourself an extra five minutes if you can. getting to the valley looks fine so far. there's been no major issues, northbound 280 traffic looks good coming to highway 17. westbound bay bridge was right. the metering lights are delay. there's a car that hit a deer
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in sonoma county north of lakeville highway, watch for the fast lane to be blocked. 520, here comes steve. >> thank you, sal. we'll get to it, under clear skies, cold here for some already. we have a ways to go before we start to bounce off the morning lows. rning lows. petaluma is at 38 degrees, boulder creek in the santa cruz mountains is 39 degrees, i think there will be a if you more. walnut creek is very close and so is danville. a dry pattern all of the way to the 15th and 21st. that's the way it works, because of the northwest breeze, it's a cold 523 degrees on the water temperature. yesterday was a little fog, there wasn't much report, the air mass drier. high pressure says i'm quite could be tent to stick around f there's a little northerly breeze coming in from the oakland himself. this is along the called cot --
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caldecott, it's not strong and humidity is low. dry conditions take us into november. 33 in lake port and napa airport is at 38 degrees, 40s for some. freemont is at 44 degrees, 45 in livermore and 58 in tracy, so a big spread this. a teeny bit of rain, and we're high pressed to find a cloud. 60s, 70s, upper 70s, again it's tough to get into the low 80s without a north, northeast breeze, we a slight one, but not that strong, 60s and 70s, the next week looks to be the brief up. it's getting an offshore breeze, it will warm them up on thursday and friday, pam. >> 5:21 is the time right now, a scare in the sky, coming up in the next half-hour, what we're learning about a close call between and russian fighter jet and a u.s. navy plane.
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here are the facts.leading attacks against prop c. the city's chief economist says prop c will "reduce homelessness" by creating affordable housing, expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms and safe shelters with independent oversight, open books, and strict accountability measures to make sure every penny goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein. hebreakfast makers, takers, step counters, outdoor explorers, faith restorers, appointment keepers, fantastic creatures. farmer's market goers, cholesterol lowerers
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", the warriors are now 10 and 1 after beating the memphis grizzlies, klay thompson, the game high in 32 minutes. and steph curry, # assists and kevin durant set up the team for goal for the grizz,
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and again -- >> green left the game with a foot injury, they had 9 points, if the warriors won 11-101. they're off today and tomorrow and they host milwaukee thursday night. the giants are close to hiring a new general manager. the giants may offer the job to the general manager. he has woncommenting. alan billy beane is the of he became the first general manager in 1997. he took over as vice president they had a few rookies and
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california's public schools rank 44th in the nation.
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44th. i'm marshall tuck, i'm a public-school parent, and i know we can do better. in the public schools i led, we got more funding into our classrooms, supported our teachers, and we raised graduation rates by 60%. that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me. we've done it before. now, let's do it for every public-school student in california. i'm marshall tuck. i'm running for state superintendent.
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. it is one of five counties in california operating under a new election model. ballots can mail them back or drop them off at 39 voting centers instead of the 205 polling places that the county used to operate on election day. time is 5:35. california voters will decide,
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prop 10, local governments that don't have rent control could enact it, opponents say it would discourage investment in new housing, prop six would reveal an increase in the gas tax, the highest taxes in the country. those against prop six saycities and counties would use the money to make necessary improvements to streets and highways. you've probably seen a lot of campaign ads for or against prop 8. how much kidney dialysis companies can charge for treatment, if passed they would cap the revenue earned by clinics. in san francisco, voters will proposition c, taxing businesses that earn more than $50 million a year. sales for ceo supports the measure. the mayor breed says she is concerned and added tax could cause businesses to relocate.
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in mountain view. voters will decide whether to impose what's called a head tax on businesses between $9.109 per employee, measure p would generate $6 million a year, most coming from google. they need the money for traffic and housing issues created by explosive growth of the big companies like google. oakland mayor lib by shaft is expected to win reelection, challengers, including cat brooks, pamela price and domestic violence counselor. >> be sure to tune in tonight for r live coverage as the election results come in. turn to ktvu channel 2 for complete coverage on the 10 and 11:00 news, join us mornings on 2 we'll have all of the over
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night developments on the local races and battle for control of congress. time is 5:38. a stand off, started about 7:30, there was a dispute around neighbors with deerfield drive. the suspect reportedly pulled out a gun and shot an officer, then barricaded himself inside the home with a family member. several homes were evacuated, the stand off and just before 2:00 when the suspect surrendered. firefighters are investigating an over night fire in the morgan hill area, it started in a farming area near richmond avenue, this is the new video just in to our newsroom came in about a half an hour ago several buildings in the area burned in the fire.
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they were not homes. things like greenhouses and outhouses is what we're told about a fourth of an acre burned. >> if we had a large one on this, high wind was all contained within the property. did not go passed the property. >> they do expect to be out there for another few hours cleaning up any damage. 5:39. the man accused of sending pipe bombs to prominent democrats and critics of president trump is due in the new york courtroom. 56-year-old caesar sayoc was transferred to new york from florida where he arrested. today prosecutors will ask he continue to be held without bail because he is considered dangerous. some targets targets -- if
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convicted he could get 48 years in prison. jury selection continues in the trial of the accused mexican drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman, because of his violent history the judge ordered the jury to stay anonymous and be partially sequestered. the jury will be transported to and from the courthouse by armed u.s. marshals. authorities in wisconsin say a driver was huffing chemicals before crashing into girl counties picking up trash, he faces a string of charges including hit-and-run, vehicular homicide, and driving the scene influence. after veering off the road and crashing into the group. time is 5:40. police in stockton looking 5 ch
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fr home saturday with most of their belongings the youngest, 4 years old. the oldest of 14 and 16. the 5 family members had only been at that foster home for a short time. stockton police don't know why or where the children may have run to. they are asking for information if you've seen the siblings call 911. local retail experts are weighing in on amazon's new four star store that just opened in berkeley. it is called four star because it sells products that get the best reviews like books, toys and electronics also trending around berkeley section. >> amazon has all of this data on what customers like, what's popular here in the bay area, those are different. they have these local erent fro what's trending in manhattan,
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for example. the store is only the third of its kind, the others are in new york and denver. all right time is now 5:42. more than $2 million in fines for short term rental owners in san francisco coming up at 6:00, we'll explain the reasoning behind that big fund. people magazine named blake shelton as the sexiest man arrive in 2017. when we return to hollywood hunk who holds the title this year. sky a russian
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fire jet intercepted the u.s. n gave us this black and white surveillance video showing that
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russian fighter jet zooming passed a navy recognizance plane. the commanders called that very unsafe because of the speed of that russian jet. the american crew reported turbulence and vibrations russians made first and second passes. >> some quintin prison is investigating the deaths of two inmates found over the weekend, they were 54-year-old andrew and 51-year-old verendra. dialis was a serial killer found did in his cell on friday. guvin was sentenced to death for four people in 2004, he was found dead in his cell on sunday. both men were on death row investigators say the incidents are not related and it is believe the men took their own lives. time is 5:45 the current mayor is running for reelection today, he is pretty about a campaign mailer sent to
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thousands of voters over the weekend. the flier shows a photo of men on one side, and his photo with the flag of north vietnam on the other. the words translate to quote, who is this yellow star going to serve? he says the mailer was pretty traumatic for his mother. >> certainly a mirror happening at the national level. as disheartening as that is i that. >> the organization is it never called tran but parallel the i vietnamese government and say it is justified. >> richardson bay for weeks or months at a time, called anchoring out. where the boat owners drop
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anchor right in the middle of the bay, police say there are as many as 250 anchor outs on richardson bay, a city council meeting earlier this year, the city says it would give notice to the owners of some of those boats. the chronicle report police tag dozens of rundown anchor-out boats over the weekend. >> i think it's got a little bit out of hand. i don't think it should be eliminated, we've been able to anchor out all over the world and i don't think that should change here, boats do cause a risk. >> some people point out anyexpensive market, a home of a last resort for dozens of people in salsalito, first start to removing boats that appear to be abandon. >> this year, the sexiest man
5:48 am
alive on people magazine, include chening tatum, known for his break out roll in hbo's hit series the wire. he has appeared in a number of tv shows and films since he was told about the new title, he thanked his fans on twitter and honored quote what's even more important is your vote in the midterm elections, your vote can make a difference. way to go to use the platform to get people to vote. >> what's he got that i don't have? he has good looks, brains and money, what else? i the same. we hope so. that's right, dave. we missed our invitation. >> i'm sure you guys were in the boat. anyway, we do have traffic that is slower now that we're getting closer to 6:00 dave and pam. i want to mention that we do have traffic on the altamont pass approach that's going to
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be slow not only on 205 but also on 580 well before near carbona this is one of those things where traffic will be slow before you get to the main part where you are looking for traffic. altamont pass, driving to dublin with no major issues getting out to the interchange. 880 north and south not a bad commute when you get to the bay bridge the metering rights are on for about half hour. let's bring in steven with today's forecast. >> it is a cold beginning to the forecast, first if you say gee we're not getting any rain, who is getting rain? about three quarters of the country is getting rain from the great lakes to the northeast, you can see it is a pretty good system moving into washington, the southeast, a line of thunderstorms moving down there and right there it is. as far as temperatures go, i'm going to stay here, 20s on the
5:50 am
temps here you can see why temperatures are cold but look at our temps, 30s, lake port, also padaluma, 30s for many our friend says nothing exciting to report down here very cool over night low of 4643 and 39 morgan hill, 49 in bolder creek, there are many 30s the water temps are cold too. 32 degrees, except for a tiny bit of fog on the coast, that's not going to amount to anything, high pressure, a northerly breeze for some at atlas peak, 9%. the fire danger continues to be high 30s including napa airports, great and 33, we are looking for a really quiet pattern for awhile. 70s for me, low, mid, upper i
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don't see much change except the only change would be warming taking place over by the coast, not today but later in the week as we head towards thursday and friday. one of the most famous and beloved olympic skaters, the performance starting christy yamaguchi. land of blue jeans. and burgers. and while blue jeans got all skinny on us... i can't feel my legs. way are we giving up on burgers. that's why i created the all-american ribeye burger, ribeye burgers are back, america.
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here are the facts.leading attacks against prop c. g affordable housing,
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expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms and safe shelters with independent oversight, open books, and strict accountability measures to make sure every penny goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein. try my all-american made with 100% ribeye beef fresh spring mix, and provolone cheese on a potato bun. it's a burger as american as bald eagles. i get it, i'm bald. fast food's first and only ribeye burgers are back, america. try them today.
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. welcome back, police in walnut creek searching for a gunman who robbed a maternity store inside destination maternity on mount diablo boulevard. a man pointed a gun at employee and demanded money. police got there within 2 minutes but the man was already gone. no one was hurt. if you have any information call walnut creek police. a new report shows more and more teachers in california starting at $40,000 a year, they say it is not compelling, especially to other careers that require a college degree. not only are many teachers retiring but many are just outright quitting. some even quitting before for new teachers is driven by
5:55 am
teachers leaving before they hit retirement, or dissatisfied with their job, working conditions for some reason. a study in the american educational research journal found on average whose teachers left in the middle of the year lost 54 days of academic growth that's a third of the school year compared with kids who stayed. california ranks near the bottom in student to teacher ratios meaning california needs about 100,000 more teachers just to get to the national average. it is 5:55. the recent warm weather may not have you thinking about winter sports but the city of san jose is thinking of a winter wonderland. the work is underway to get the christy yamaguchi downtown ice rink open. this is the eighth year that the gold medallest is the sponsor for the rink. she'll perform at the grand
5:56 am
opening ceremony two weeks from tonight. the rink opensthe 16th. 60,000 skaters are expected to state on the ice before the rink closes in opening for key midterm elections we'll races as well as the extra security at some polling stations. >> antioch police officers recovering after being shot during an over night stand off, we'll tell you how that situation ended and how neighbors were affected. good morning. we can see that traffic is getting a lot busier as you drive around the bay area including a look at interstate 80 here in oakland where it is getting busier. nothing busy about our weather except the lows dropping into the 30s now we have some more we'll take a look at a few coming up. ade lof connections on linkedin,
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like mentors, builders, clients. we contribute to one another. we're helping each other perfect our craft. and i think that's the beauty of it. big corporations are making and just got a huge tax break.
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but the middle class is struggling. prop c is a common-sense plan. the top 1% of businesses pay their fair share to tackle homelessness for all of us. companies with revenue greater than $50 million pay, not small businesses or homeowners. the prop c plan is supported by the democratic party, nancy pennsie feinstein vote "yes" on c. big corporations pay for it, not you. we have a large community all across the world. and the tools like linkedin has really helped us connect. i'll look for hashtags like spacecraft design and virtual reality. there's plenty of space to explore here on earth to go outside of your bubble.
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