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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  November 12, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PST

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contained. the entire city of calabasas is under mandatory evacuation orders. pepperdine university and bella do -- malibu these campuses will be closed through the thanksgiving holiday. there has been more progress and some of the evacuation orders have been lifted but the entire state is feeling this unhealthy air and we are worried. i didn't run into someone over the weekend who didn't have a connection with someone who had been evacuated or lost a home. >> let's talk to steve to get the latest. >> nothing is changing. >> we need a huge rainstorm. >> maybe next week. >> the smoky skies continue and the offshore direction is still in place. don't look for much of a change. very unhealthy air.
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air quality advisory is out for obvious reasons. it's unhealthy and some areas might be a little better when the breeze stirs things up. it has been a long time since we've had any rain., bad light rain in san jose and oakland. nothing this week, maybe next week. and easterly component for northerly component toward napa and marin and sonoma and in the berkeley hills northeasterly. in berkeley it has turned a little westerly but most locations are favoring the east wind. the ridge of high pressure and 30s and 40s and 50s -- a big spread on the temperatures. more consistent on the peninsula. on the coast 40s and 50s. fremont is 39. 44 at stanford. everything is coming out of the north. smoky skies with hazy conditions with upper 60s or low 70s for everyone.
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i don't see the pattern changing the entire week. 60s and 70s for about everybody. >> so far so good -- >> a little lighter than usual. some people -- the government in place will have a day off to observe. this is a look at 80 westbound. hercules -- you can see the traffic is doing well. we hope it will stay light although not everyone has the day off. we hope that enough people to to make the commute better heading to the bay bridge. on 80 it looks good. no major problems with a light delay. there is smoke at all the pictures but the traffic seems to be about the same. 4 a:32. let's go back to the desk. >> if you are just joining us we are monitoring the deadly camp fire. 29 people are confirmed dead and more victims were found last night. the number of people has doubled to true 2228 that are
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missing. the fire is only 25% contained. tens of thousands of people have been forced from their homes in butte county. many into the but shelters set up outside the fire zone. we talked with one man at the shelter who said he could only save himself and his. >> this is robert boston. >> when she first got on her leash she did a double black fit -- flip. >> he has to keep her close by after being evacuated. >> there were embers coming onto my deck and home and roof. i had to make a judgment call. >> reporter: the judgment call was to save his belongings or save his cat, silky. >> i was taking my cat. we met him at a shelter in oroville. this is his home for now after he watched the camp fire burn
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his house. >> he said the flames came in so fast that he got his cat and car and left. the drive to safety was terrifying. >> following the road i got to the bottom of the bridge into the next thing you know, smoke and fire was surrounding my truck. >> he is grateful to be okay. he and hundreds of others at the church are left wondering what is next. that's where the red cross comes in. >> there are people that are upset and worried. our job is to help them feel more comfortable. we can't build them a house but we are here to give them a hug if they need one. >> four people left with nothing shelters like this can help. >> we have gotten a lot of donations -- we have gotten a lot of food and you can see the water in the background. >> another important thing is that they allow pets. while he waits for more news on the fire he can find joy in the little things like his cat
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getting used to her leash. >>reporter: in oroville reporting. the shelter where they are staying is full but calfire said there are shelters that are open including bidwell junior high in chico, the fairgrounds in yuba city, and the fairgrounds in quincy. and glenn county fairgrounds in gridley. there are also evacuation shelters at the chico airport for small animals and for large animals and the butte county fairgrounds. the sheriff has the bay missing persons call center. call that center from 8 am-8 pm at any of the three numbers on your screen. since we know you don't have time to write them down we will put that on our website. this is a place to call and check in on your loved ones. >>reporter::35. governor elect gavin newsom penned -- spent part of the
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weekend in the fire zone and tweeted photos on saturday and wrote i stand in awe of the steering and resilience of the people of paradise, california. folks who lost everything -- bending on a need to help another up. >> this celebrity chef surprised firefighters over the weekend. he cooked dinner at this staging area. the butte county sheriff's department thanked him for feeding them and lifting their spirits. >> one couple in butte county who lost their home said they are in -- they are happy about an unexpected fine. the game warden with a friend to see how badly his home had been damaged. his wife asked him to look for her wedding ring. she left behind when she escaped the flames. while looking through the ashes they made an unlikely fine. >> right here there used to be a countertop with a sink. she said she left it here.
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he started to dig and it was there. it's a miracle. you can't understand it until you are here. you can't fathom it. it's too much to take in. >> our hearts go out to all of them. most of his extended families lost their homes including his parents, his wife's parents, his wife's grandfather, her sister and uncle. we are told they are all staying together in a house made available by a member of their church. if you want to help you posted a list of things that are being collected. you can find the list on our website at ktvu .com. 4: 37. the high school coach of the gunman in last week's shooting
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said ian long was a ticking time bomb. he constantly lost his temper and she said several complaints were made to the school administrators about his behavior but he was not punish. last week another coach said long grabbed her after she refused to give him a cell phone. the former marine killed 12 at the borderline bar and grill on wednesday before killing himself. democrats are beginning to strategize ahead of taking control of the house in january. as doug luzader reports, political analysts are speculating on how much focus will be investigating the president. >> reporter: members of congress are gearing up to return to work tomorrow. for some it will be a swan song as others weighed in the wings to take a spot next year. president trump returned from france overnight and he is coming back to a different washington. in congress a lame duck session
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is about to begin. the beginning of the end of republican control in the house. the democrats are chomping at the bit to investigate the administration with nancy pelosi like the two wheeled the speakers gavel again. >> we are not scattershot. we are not doing any investigation for political purpose but to seek the truth. the democrats will go forward -- they will be strategic. >>reporter: president trump has promised to fight back. will they ever be able to cut a deal or will democrats be consumed with their newfound powers to investigate the administration. >> we will see how smart they are. i guarantee you, if they decide to make this about the president that is what the president has dreamed about. >> if they will give him an opportunity to look like a
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martyr, we will take it. wear will the robert mueller investigation wrap up soon? and with both still being tabulated for high profile races we still don't have a complete picture of what congress will look like next year. this comes down to a question of margins. help firmly democrats will control the house and republicans will control the senate. in washington, doug luzader. 4:40. some nicotine plaques are being pulled off store shelves. not because of new laws. coming up, what they are doing ahead of a major announcement from the fda. and more evidence that certain supplements could be a waste of time and money. coming up, a new study about the keys to a healthy lifestyle. and there's a grass fire that may put more smoke in the air here in oakland with fire responders. we will get to this coming up. we don't need much more smoke.
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that is what we will have again today. we will see what is ahead on the extended outlook.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a major gathering of let bishops scheduled for today in baltimore with the sex abuse press is expected to be a focus. the bishops will meet in person for the first time. the u.s. conference of catholic
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bishops will talk about zero tolerance for bishops accused of sexual abuse and a possible new code of conduct and a plan for bishops removed from office. there is also a call for the diocese to release the names of clergy accused of abuse. here in the bay area several names of priests had been released. >> researchers are giving fish oil and vitamin d mixed reviews. researchers revealed what works and what does not when it comes to preventing heart attacks. researchers found that the dietary supplements missed the mark and the study revealed that some fish oil showed some promise but no clear impact. the same was true for vitamin d. up to 10% of adults take fish oil and the number is higher for vitamin d. it was also revealed the you no longer have to fast before a blood test to check cholesterol. the caravan is still
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heading to the u.s. border. some have been able to hitch a ride on trucks and many have made it to the center of mexico , putting them over 500 miles from the american border. they don't seem deterred by president trump's moves to keep them from entering the u.s. some say they prefer this to being in their own countries. the e-cigarette company, juul, will stop selling products at brick-and-mortar stores. they say this company still plans to sell its tobacco flavored liquids at stores and will continue to sell all flavors of it nicotine products on its website. more than half of the sales from juul come from cucumber, mango, and fruit flavors. this happens as the fda plans to announce tough new restrictions on liquid nicotine
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products later this week. steph curry will miss another game. tonight they will play without him. he strained his groin last week against the milwaukee bucks. the lawyers have won 13 out of the last 14 games against the clippers. they have not lost to them in staples center since christmas day 2015. the game tonight is at 7:30. we will be watching. >> 4:46. sal is watching the roads. how does it look? >> you look very intent? >> sal? >> the fire is on brush street near interstate 980. right now they are worried about wires being in the way of the fire. firefighters are arriving and
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we have a crew on the way. this is on 980. you can see from that emeryville camera the lights. earlier we saw smoke and the fire department is getting a handle on it. another dangerous situation that may distract people it the last thing i heard was, wires in the area couple getting the firefight. we will keep an eye on this and let you know. >> let's talk about some of the other commutes. traffic is going to be busy. it is going to be a little bit slow. driving on 80 westbound it looks all right from vallejo to hercules. today we expect a day where it might be a little lighter than usual because some government employees have a day off a for veterans day. looking at the commute on the altamont pass. even though there is slow traffic it's not as much is normal for a monday. there it is just after 2:05.
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hopefully if there is any good news from today is that we will have it lighter commute on a monday. let's bring in steve. thank you, sal. a lot of smoke with no change in the pattern probably through the middle of the week. maybe some changes toward the end of the week. smoky and hazy skies will continue. spare the heir -- it is winter -like. there is an air quality advisory for monday. the air quality will be bad again for just about everybody. what's going on? >> thank you >> the conditions are not changing. the pattern has been stuck about six weeks. high pressure here with a dry pattern from 4 october going to the 17th or 18th of november. that is a long stretch. we have dry weather and everything has to plunge
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somewhere -- the rest of the country has been active with records lowe's in kansas city with cold conditions. look at the snow -- the panhandle of texas and oklahoma and coming out of the gulf a strong system. that is what they are dealing with. we are dealing with high pressure coming up and over the ridge and there is a northerly component for just about everybody. it's not as strong wind gusts to 20 miles an hour. this means we have the offshore breeze and the smoke continues. 30s, 40s, 50s. 87 at berkeley. there is the easterly breeze. el cerrito and berkeley everyone. 82 in morgan hill. 46 santa cruz. 50 in cupertino. 37 in santa clara and 34 in campbell. cold readings. 12 in truckee and 28 in ukiah. with the smoky hazy skies we are hard-pressed -- half-moon
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they will be as warm as anyone. look at the hazy conditions. 60s and 70s. not much is changing. this depends on breaks in the smoke. i don't see much change the rest of the week. >> still ahead, backpacks. how a veteran is helping others get back on their feet and how you can help as well. >> and many years ago pabst blue ribbon was one of the most popular beers in the america. some say the end is near. what will happen later today.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. in southern california the people's choice awards were held. many stars what attention to the devastating wildfires. the awards are selected by the fans, voting on tv, music, movies and social media. marvels avengers infinity war won movie of the year. in music they had some big winners and a lot of the recipients but there will focus on the tragic events of the last few weeks. this includes victoria beckham and melissa mccarthy.
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>> take a minute to donate to the foundation -- please keep the victims and volunteers and firefighters in your thoughts. >> several celebrities sent thank you's to the service members on veterans day. this awards show has expanded and this year it was done without a house. 4:54. the electric scooter company is recalling some of its scooters. some could break apart while using them. the report says the scooters being recalled came from the same manufacturer in china. they haven't said how many scooters are included in the recall. last month they said they pulled out of the scooters off the street during the summer because the batteries could possibly catch fire. >> this doing company is going to court to settle a contract dispute.
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pabst claims that miller's corps wants to put it out of business by ending a long- standing partnership. lawyers said this partnership is important. miller coors said they are not obligated to keep brewing for pabst and that pabst doesn't want to pay enough. 4: 55. >> the marine veteran that struggled with ptsd said a fellow veteran changed his life. we have the story of this man with a new mission to help homeless veterans get back on their feet. for veterans struggling to reintegrate homelessness is always a threat. life on the streets is traumatic in itself. one marine took matters into his own hands.
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warm socks and soap and other personal items were packed by volunteers. it is the brainchild of a marine who after returning from afghanistan "depression and addiction until a chance encounter changes life. >> i was going to the naval base to help. i saw a guy with a sign that said homeless that. help me out. >> i had some extra supplies. and went back to the hotel and got some stuff to give to him. >> after seeing the impact that one donation made, they decided to expand. they set up backpacks for life, a nonprofit to help veterans with housing and job placement and backpacks with toiletries. after receiving feedback they decided to design this. >> want them to know they
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helped to change my life forever. wear they are part of a program to help entrepreneurs with their ideas. backpacks for lives just started a campaign. for every backpack sold online one will be donated to a veteran and some veterans are getting jobs making the back. thank you. 4:57. president trump goes on twitter criticizing california as the wildfires burn. coming up, the response from the top official representing firefighters. and the health concerns before tonight's game. coming up, we will show you what is being done as smoke is still in the air. sausage, and ham. or grande sausage with creamy sriracha. because at jack in the box, whoops, we're all about bulking up breakfast. meaty, baby! try my meaty breakfast burritos.
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with ham, grilled sausage,th my and hickory-smoked bacon.rrito or my grande sausage breakfast burrito with creamy sriracha and crispy hash browns. i'm all about bulking up breakfast! [grunt] try my meaty breakfast burritos. part of the breakfast burrito family. good morning. wildfires are still raging across california this morning. we have the latest on the search for hundreds still listed as missing. >> also, honoring a young woman killed in last week's mass shooting in california. what is being done to remember alaina housley. from fox2news this is mornings on 2. good morning. it is monday, november 12, veterans day. i'm sam koch.
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>> good morning i'm dave clark. steve paulson is still talking about smoking the air. >> is not going to change. >> you said maybe a change next week? >> yes, a change. >> i'm very leery. i think there will be a change but i don't know how favorable it will be. better than now but how long it lasts remains to be seen. nothing is screaming rain yet and it's still a week away. the short range models pick up on this. the quality is not good. paul spare the heir is out. out and about especially saturday the sun looked like a planet with an orange glow. very unhealthy. the pattern is stupid, to be honest. it has been six weeks now. the rest of the country is active with snow and record lows and in


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