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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  November 15, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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mornings on 2. good morning. you for joining us. do you recognize this? >> it is foggy and snowing. they expect 1-4 inches of snow in addition to what they already have. we are taking you there live. >> it's cold. >> send this to us. we will take any of that moisture from st. louis. the rest of the country is getting snow, rain, and cold. thank you for joining us on thursday november 15 and pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. without delay let's go to steve and get the latest on the weather. >> these areas have had snow before we have and record cold. >> for those in the east bay a little bit of a break on the particulate matter yesterday but today it is worse. it has gone up.
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this reading is from livermore. at concord livermore the particulate matter is high. it is worse today. compared to yesterday. it was bad yesterday. from north of the golden gate from oakland to san francisco. alameda is bad with a particular matter of 193. they are getting unhealthy categories now. spare the heir continues today. the warmest temps toward gilroy and morgan hill. everyone else in the 60s. it has been a long time since we've had rain around here. there won't be any until thanksgiving or after. another week of this -- there could be some moderation. there will not be a new system until next week. 30s and 40s. everyone else looking at 30s. from foster city to edward city
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to los altos -- 50 -- 40s on the san mateo coast and east wind at black diamond and northeast at mount diablo and 57 and black costs has and east wind at 40. very warm air -- it is an inversion and everything is trapped. there is very little breeze. 60s and low 70s. 6:02. cell is looking at me. -- sal -- is there anything happening? >> nothing bad although there is slow traffic holding on almost every commute. at this hour things start to change and we have a 35 minute drive between the bridge and the maccarthur mays. there were some earlier issues but most everyone getting on the road -- you can see the traffic is moving okay with no major issues. i-880 is beginning to slow down. this is the hour where -- the
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sooner you get on the road the better. there is a big difference between 6:15 and 6:45. driving across the bridge it looks good. the biggest difference is in the south bay. at 6 am not bad but at 7 am it is a different story. 6:03. back to you. today dna samples will be collected by the pew county sheriff's office from people that believe their loved ones died in the fire. the teams are carefully searching for signs of more victims. the death toll is now 56. yesterday the remains of eight more were found. or the 300 are still listed as missing. almost 212 twitter -- square miles have burned and it is 35% contained. elissa harrington is at the walmart in chico. the parking lot has become tent city for evacuees. good morning. >>reporter: that's right it
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is a little village. there are people sleeping in tents and in their cars and there is a free market place area in the back where there is clothing and food and a whiteboard where people post helpful information and phone numbers and pictures of loved ones. organizers have put together an area with all sorts of resources at the back of the walmart parking lot in chico near forest avenue. there are food trucks and water and clothing and toiletries. we found some people your heater and some one has set up a television. among the volunteers there are evacuees. some said since they can't do anything about what happened back home the best thing they can do is help people from their poor community year. >> -- from their community here. >> people can get necessities like soap and warm clothing.
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comfort. we are offering comfort. >> i had nowhere to go. i parked my truck here. it has been a real experience. people are pitching in and helping out. i can't leave the people that have come through giving people food and gas money. that is nice of them to do this. wear yes, a lot of people have come together to make this happen and to offer clothing and food and donations. many people are here because the shelters fill up quickly. there is a norovirus outbreak at the neighborhood church. that shelter has been cleaned with bleach and the sick people were moved to a different part of the building. people at the walmart in chico have a lot of resources. there are some people eating at a food truck over there. it is a friendly atmosphere. some people are still sleeping. some are looking for clothing
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and blankets. it is chilly in the morning. live in chico, elissa harrington. making things worse at least one evacuation shelter has had an outbreak of the norovirus. people staying at the oroville church of the nazarene are worried it may be there as well. >> we have been trying to segregate the sick from the well people. we don't want this to spread anymore. we are urging people to wash their hands. >> i thought it was something in the food. it didn't settle right. out of nowhere it hit me hard. >> the church in oroville has not confirmed a norovirus outbreak but they have confirmed that 20 people came sick at the church in chico. washing hands is the best way to stop it from spreading. >> it is 606. -- 6:06.
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we are getting a better look at paradise. the drone video shows this massive destruction. you can see from the aftermath the entire neighborhoods are gone. only a couple of exceptions. nothing is left standing in paradise after the fire went out everything in its path. >> the mayor of paradise is thankful for the help they are getting from the state and from fema and she predict the town will rebuild. >> this will be the most challenging thing i've ever done. i've had challenging jobs before. i think it is probably going to be the most challenging that any of us have ever faced. >> we are up to this. we are a close, strong community. we are up to this. we will do it. >> strong words from the mayor of paradise. she lost her home in the fire and so did the rest of the city council. she said if you want to help, what they really needed
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financial help or gift cards. she said don't send any more supplies. they have four warehouses filled with supplies. >> all of the smoke has made the air quality the worst in the country. at first they deemed the air quality unhealthy for sensitive groups and now it is unhealthy for everyone. doctors have seen an increase in the number of people calling and complaining about respiratory problems. >> many schools around paradise have been damaged or destroyed leaving students in limbo. the education leaders met in chico yesterday to discuss a plan on how to get the students back into the classroom as soon as possible. there are many unknowns such as if and when the damaged schools will be rebuilt and where the students can go for the time being. smoke from the fire is forcing some colleges to close. san francisco state has canceled classes for the rest of the week. they will resume monday after the thanksgiving holiday.
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san jose start -- san jose state is closed today and tomorrow. cal state is closing three of his campuses today in hayward and concord and oakland. >> 6:09. shares of pg&e plunged yesterday. the price dropped more than seven dollars. the freefall began when pg&e told regulators that a transmission line now functioned before the catastrophic fire started. pg&e has maxed out its credit lines and it has insurance coverage that may not be enough to cover the liability -- more than $36 billion -- after devastating fires and back to back fires pg&e is now worth $13 billion. we continue to follow a
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small fire in alameda county. fire crews are in the hills west of the highway where the fire started. calfire said 20 acres have burned and the crews have 30% contained. no injuries have been reported. the reason for the fire is under investigation. the road was shut down several hours and dispatchers have not been able to tell us if it is open. chp is advising the drivers to avoid the area because fire equipment will need to get through. 6:10. still ahead, another possible death connected to the fires in southern california. how much woolsey fire has grown and an effort to get other fires in the area under control. a plea for help -- the number of college students who
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have been homeless in the past year. right now traffic is busy. driving on the san mateo bridge heading to the high-rise. we will tell you more straight ahead. ahead. the air quality is lousy today. we went up yesterday and continues into the morning.
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by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. welcome back to mornings on 2. today a group representing san jose state students will demand
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that the university addresses the homeless crisis facing the students. they say the system recently conducted a study and found that more than 13% of the students were homeless in the past year. this number is 2% higher than the overall average for all cal state schools. tonight this group will hold their poverty under the stars -- the students about and drop attention to the homeless crisis. >> today teachers in oakland will take it before and after classes. the teachers say they have been working without a contract for more than a year. they went through mediation with the district, a final step before they can call a strike. the teachers say they have 40 vacancies that have been open for more than a year. the school district has not commented on the picketing or the negotiations. 6:14. in two weeks the redwood city school board will vote on
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closing down some schools to save money. they are getting blasted for this plan. these are the four elementary schools. critics say they have a high number of latino students and students where english is the second language. the meeting was held last night to deal with their concerns. the proposals include transferring students to keep the community schools open. more changes are coming. san francisco is getting a second salesforce tower on howard street across the street from the current tower. in five years it will become an 800 foot tall high-rise which is taller than the bank of america building. take a look at this. the tower will be attached to salesforce park and there will be space for 1600 workers.
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it will have 165 condos and 190 hotel rooms. >> that is huge. >> to quote the new governor -- it's going to happen, like it or not. sal, how does the commute look? >> not bad. i have been looking at this. the commutes are beginning to wake up but you still have time to get out there. let's go to highway 24. westbound 24 looks all right. driving to the tunnel you can see that the traffic is going to be all right. driving on 680 as well this commute is beginning to change. it has taken almost an hour to drive between the maccarthur maze and the carquinez bridge. people are just getting on the road. westbound 80 we have a crash and that could add to the slowdown. there is a motorcycle blocking one of the lanes.
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west 80 at richmond parkway. let's talk about the bay bridge. there's a backup of of about 15 minutes. 880 traffic will be all right. driving on the commute the traffic will be all right. the freeway -- we will focus on that because we have a couple of different crashes -- the latest west 80 at richmond parkway. it just came in. we are trying to find out more information. at 6:17 let's bring in steve. >> thank you. we will get to it. unhealthy levels -- yesterday morning wasn't bad but by the afternoon it went through the roof and it continues. a lot of these observations of the measurements were taken yesterday from new -- noon until 1 pm. this is my favorite breakfast spot. if you are watching -- where is mine? >> 36 by the concord pavilion.
6:18 am
32 in pleasanton. this area has dipped to 42. el sobrante and el cerrito 49 but not as warm. the air quality went up yesterday afternoon. it wasn't bad in the morning but by the afternoon it was awful. it continues to be awful in the south they went up as well. and another unhealthy day with a lot of the smoke filtering in. the particulate -- particulate matter and the ozone. some of the numbers are old and hopefully they will be updated this morning. >> hazy smoky skies with little change. it has been a long time since we've had rain. maybe next thursday or friday but the forecast falls keep pushing it back. 3-5 days -- i will be cautious because i've seen this too many times. it looks like a change. a few high clouds for us.
6:19 am
in the santa clara valley. otherwise 30s and 20s. 40s and the city. 37 in redwood city and 35 at the napa airport and 34 in fairfield. a lot of 30s. tracy and brentwood and livermore 36. around the bay, 57. berkeley 44. 45 in this area and upper 40s for a lot of the city. officially 50. east wind continues from lockup and mount diablo to black diamond. the temperature is 57. here is the inversion with warm air aloft at 1500-2000 feet. there is no breeze. the breeze that is there is offshore. slightly east northeast. 60s -- the warmest temperature is santa cruz down to morgan hill. hazy skies through the weekend with a little more of a westerly breeze sunday into monday which would help a little bit. >> yes, thank you, steve. >> this morning taking you
6:20 am
inside a small business with a family recipe that is 70 years old. we are talking about keith ceramics in sausalito. the recipe is not food but clay. they are recalling the plates and platters she would bring to family dinners. >> she was an amazing, creative, driven woman at a time when others -- women didn't necessarily call the shots. she was all about calling the shots. she still works at her aunt's company and later we will show you how keep ceramics mains -- remains it flare and family feel after 70 years in sausalito. crab is back on sale today but coming up some legal action is being taken by the crab fisherman after years of toxic algae problems. >> and nearly a dozen are
6:21 am
indicted in connection with the death of a journalist. we will update you on this information. ♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪
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back to mornings on 2. that top prosecutor in saudi arabia has recommended the death
6:24 am
penalty for the suspects charged with killing khashoggi. he was killed a month ago and the saudi consulate. the death penalty announcement appears to be aimed at distancing the alleged killers from the saudi arabian crowned a prince. they say the killing came from the top levels of the government. new this morning a negotiated exit deal for britain to split from the union is in crisis. theresa may is being challenged by members of her own party. two cabinet misters resigned in protest of the deal she worked out with the eu the with slowly separate britain from the european union. brexit supporters oppose the agreement which calls for trade ties. brexit supporters say britain would be mounted to the rules. ability to get this deal through parliament is in doubt. members are threatening a no- confidence vote.
6:25 am
hundreds of central americans have arrived at the u.s. border between tijuana and southern california. they can be seen looking through the fence at the border patrol agents and some have climbed to the top of the fence. many say they are waiting for the caravan leaders to arrive. president trump said if they intend to ask for asylum they need to enter at an official border crossing. the new york times said facebook you about russian interference in the 2016 presidential election for more than a year before it's executives share this information. they say this investigation revealed that the facebook company fought back with a lobbying campaign that included hiring a pr firm to push positive stories about facebook and negative stories about other tech companies. facebook respond to the article
6:26 am
saying there are a number of inaccuracies in the story -- and since the presidential election they are proud of the progress they have made in fighting this information. a federal judge will rule today on the legal battle between costas press credentials. the white house pulled his pass following a press briefing last week. yesterday the attorneys for cnn so the white house retaliated against acosta for his coverage which is a violation of his first amendment rights. the lawyers argued that the president has discretion to choose the reporters covering his events at the white house. no alerts about the camp fire until it was a most too late. the reason hundreds of people never received an emergency alert about the deadly fire. several university classes
6:27 am
cancel classes and send employees home. we talked to some students this morning. they are trying to escape the bad air. slow traffic out there. part of this is because of crashes and part of it is because everybody is just getting on the road. we will sort it all out when we come back. the air quality has gone from bad to worse. we will take a -- a look at the numbers. it's not good.
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from ktvu fox2news this is mornings on 2. right on time -- the opening bell this morning. another ipo -- they were in the cryptocurrency business. >> they were? >> yes. >> our producer let me know about this. they are now doing peer-to-peer lending. they are ringing the bell. the dow will drop hundred points or so. there are mixed results from walmart but they expect a strong holiday. the pg&e is affected by the wild fire and the investigation going on. we will have all of this coming up. in mourning. thank you for joining us. thursday, the day before friday. >> november 15. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. a few people asking me if steve said the weather is going to be
6:31 am
worse. >> yes, it continues this morning. >> it's still bad. >> yes, the currency traders never sleep. >> that's true. >> there is training all over the world. >> -- trading all over the world. >> good morning -- driving over highway 17 the smoke layer over the valley is dramatic. hours and the afternoon. true. in the morning it wasn't that bad for parts of the east bay and the santa clara valley but it has gone up in the afternoon. 30s and 40s. 32 in morgan hill. 30 along boulder creek. the air quality advisory will go into the weekend. the numbers went up especially toward east bay and livermore. it shot through the roof. the particular matter is bad. the same for the south. everyone is in the unhealthy category.
6:32 am
over 150 it is unhealthy. hazy, smoky skies with little change today and most temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. a few high clouds might shape off a couple of degrees. berkeley and the city are at 50. there is a lot of 30s out there. low to mid 30s and the easterly component continues. warm air around 1500 feet. that is the inversion. you can see the high clouds.. 60s and 70s with hazy, smoky skies. 6:32. anything new? >> yes, there is some slow traffic and a couple of things have popped up. first, i-80 from the hercules area to berkeley, there have been two crashes one is at west 80 and one that ellport tal. they are in the clearing stages
6:33 am
but you can see what it is done to the commute on 80 westbound. people might going to 680 instead. you might see more traffic on 680 and 24. it is taking about an hour. it's a little early for it to take this long to get to the carquinez bridge. >> at san mateo bridge there is an accident that slowed the traffic. it has been cleared but the traffic is still recovering. the dunbarton bridge is a better bet now. >> the southbay commute is slowing down but to 80 looks alright into the west valley. at 6:33 back to you. we continue to follow the latest of the camp fire which began a week ago. investigators are wrapping up a look at the ignition point. it is unclear when the cause will be announced or if anyone will be held liable. the fire has killed 56. 8
6:34 am
were victims were discovered yesterday. the county sheriff said 303 people are still unaccounted for. the campfire has burned almost 216 square miles and destroyed 10,000 buildings, mostly homes. the containment is a 35% with full containment not expected for 2 weeks. >> in southern california though wool the fire is still growing. 153 square miles has been burned. it is 52% contained. they hope to fully contain it by monday. two deaths are confirmed. the la sheriff's department said a third death maybe fire related. calfire expects to fully contain the hill fire and this will be like tonight or early tomorrow morning. it has burned 7 square miles. no deaths are reported there.
6:35 am
several colleges and universities have canceled classes the rest of the week. allie rasmus joins us from san francisco state. i wouldn't be surprised if they didn't end up closing next week as well due to thanksgiving. >> yes, some students said they are getting a head start on their thanksgiving break. classes are canceled the remainder of the week. most administrative offices have shut down. we do not see a lot of students here. taking a look at the streetlights, they just turned off because the sun is coming up in in the distance you can see the haze in the low visibility with the hills behind the campus because of the smoky, hazy air. along with san francisco state cal state and east bay campuses
6:36 am
have canceled classes through the weekend. their administrative offices have also shutdown. uc davis and sacramento state have closed for the week because of the bad air. early this morning we've seen people walking around on campus wearing respiratory masks. >> this is bad for my lungs. i felt terrible. >> reporter: the student said he was leaving town today and he knew some classmates that planned to do the same thing. next week is thanksgiving holiday. there are no classes anyway so some students are getting an early start. we talked to another student who said she is staying on
6:37 am
campus the next couple of days. we asked what she thought about this and she said it's boring because i have to stay in the dorms and they can't go outside. they feel trapped. that is the way a lot of people are feeling. the poor air quality. they will have the dorms and dining halls open through the remainder of the week. live in san francisco, allie rasmus. 6:37. some fire evacuees in butte county said they never received a notice to get out before the fire swept through the town. when the word reached them many said they ran into gridlock's along with others desperate to get away from the flames. some people only found out about the fire when they smelled the smoke. by then it was almost too late. the sheriff's department said
6:38 am
they issued alerts through the phone notification system but they admit the system fell short. >> one think we could have done is -- the emergency alert system. if you have a land line it is automatic. if you have a cell phone you have to opt in. we did several drives to get people to opt in but we should be more persistent. if they don't opt in they won't get the notification. >> a new law requires residents to opt out rather than opting in. this let's the officials get the contact information through public records. >> some fire survivors are glad to be together. this 11-year-old got out of town but her parents didn't know that. she wasn't sure where her parents were. >> we were all praying and
6:39 am
hoping to make it out alive. >> her parents had gone to chico before the fire started. they came out of the doctor's office and saw the dark smoke and that's when he started to listen to the police scanners. >> the first thing i heard was -- the roads are blocked and the town is on fire. my mother-in-law went to pick up my daughter and was standing in front of the school screaming her name. >> losing our house is hard but i'm thankful to have her. >> a neighbor sent a photo of the home. all they have left is holding that they put into storage away from the home. the family is now staying with relatives. they have not figured out what to do next. they are glad they are safe and back together. >> 6:39. tuesdays big traffic pilot in santa cruz involving 21 cars and a runaway jump truck.
6:40 am
the investigators to say the truck should not have been on the road. the brakes were not working. chp said that's just one of many problems. >> first, it is not registered to be on the highway. the truck should not have been on the highway. >> how was it on the road? >> no, it's like the person with a suspended drivers license or the dui driver who makes a decision to operate the vehicle on the highway regardless of safe practices. >> this was tuesday. chp said the truck caused a 21- car pileup on highway 1. no one has been arrested but the investigation is just beginning. the findings will be turned over to the district attorney. concord police are trying to determine if recent smash and grab robberies are connected. the latest victim was driving outside the supermarket on diamond boulevard in concord. a white mercedes suv pulled in front of her near the parking lot and a teenager got out and
6:41 am
confronted her. >> the perpetrator got out of the car and pulled a scarf over his mouth and then walked up to my car and hit it and grabbed the bag on the passenger seat. >> she chased after the suv but lost it. concord police say two other women were accosted in the same parking lot in october and a fourth woman was robbed at sun valley mall. investigators say these incidents may be related and the earlier incident had suspects escaping in a black honda with tinted windows. if you have any information contact police. 6:41. the damage from the camp fire. stunning new drone video showing you the extent of the devastation. >> >> more missed time for steph
6:42 am
curry. how many more games he will miss as the warriors start a three-game road trip. there is some cold lows but no rain yet. maybe the end of next week. to that. there is some fog mixed in as well. i am a family man.
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i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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welcome back. we are keeping an eye on the pg&e stuff. it has been hit hard since the camp fire started. take a look -- it is down 16% today. $21 a share. on november 8 for the fire was trading at $49 a share. a year ago before the northbay fire in sonoma it was at an all- time high of $60 a share. pg&e is any for its equipment and possible connection to the fires. the financial costs to the company -- we will watch this. 6:45. funeral services will be held today for the sergeant killed while responding to last week's
6:46 am
shooting massacre in thousand oaks. the funeral for ron helus to start at noon and at a church on the border of la and ventura county. after that they will escort the hearse to a cemetery. ron helus was a 29 year veteran, described as hard- working and dedicated and committed to his job and the people he served. helus was among 12 killed in the shooting for the gunman shot and killed himself. the state supreme court will not shield oakland from lawsuits filed by families of the victims of the warehouse fire. the warehouse have been turned into a live and work artist collective. the owner of the building and the building manager are facing lawsuits. yesterday's court order allows them to sue the city of oakland for failing to intervene after police and firefighters visited
6:47 am
the building and issued warnings. a spokesman for the city attorney was not immediately available for comment. 6:47. as the crab season starts today many crabbers have filed a lawsuit targeting oil companies. chevron and exxon are included in the 30 companies named. crabbers they the fossil fuel industry is to blame for ocean warming causing an outbreak in the toxins that has delayed openings two out of three years. fishing can start today south of bodega bay but the toxin is showing up in crabs further north. rescued animals from butte county have arrived in the bay area. the spca said 27 cats and dogs were moved to its facilities. the shelter workers drove to
6:48 am
butte county yesterday to bring pets back. the animals were already in shelters before the fire started. they wanted to make room for the rescues from the fire area. they will be available for adoption. pets were separated from families because of the campfire will remain in. county until they are reunited with their owners. 6:48. aaron rodgers of the packers will go to seattle tonight to play russell wilson in -- and the seahawks. both teams need to win to improve their chances of going to the playoffs. russell wilson has the highest passing rating of his career and aaron rodgers still plays like an mvp. the seahawks have beaten green bay three times in seattle. the game begins at 5 pm right here on ktvu. you can watch local news during the game by going to ktvu
6:49 am
plus. tonight the warriors play the rockets in houston. draymond green will be back from his 1-game suspension. earlier they suspended him without pay for tuesday's game against the hawks. many fans are concerned about the future. kevin durant contract expires at the end of the season and green is a free agent after next season. >> all of these dynasties always have stuff like this. it's never another team they got better. if you are draymond, are you serious? i'm the one that helped build this and you are suspending me? i see why he would think that. >> if everything breaks wrong they could lose both of them. >> that's insane. >> the rest of the team supported the suspension and they are prepared to get green and red together to put this behind them before tonight's game in houston. >> steph curry will stay on the
6:50 am
bench. the warriors say steph curry will travel with the team but we will miss at least the next five games. he has missed three games with a groin injury. curry missed more than 30 games last year with a variety of injuries. they say the earliest he could be back is november 24 against sacramento. i hope they can get it together. let's check in with the traffic. what are you looking at? >> the east shore freeway is a mess. we had several crashes on 80 westbound. as soon as one clears another one takes its place. between hercules and the berkeley area this stretch has been very slow. if this is your commute give yourself extra time to drive. your thinking extra time? i don't have extra time.
6:51 am
you might be behind schedule, then. another crash at carlson has replaced an earlier one at ellport towel and another one on the richmond parkway with a total of four crashes there and people are beginning to see backups. some might be taking 680. it is taking about an hour to drive from the carquinez bridge to the maccarthur mays. >> bay bridge is backed up and driving in san francisco the traffic looks all right. the san mateo bridge is busy. we had a crash in san mateo and southbound 880 is slow. next we will look at the south bay. 6:51. >> just for the record, we get along well. >> yes, we do. taking a look at sfo -- it's there. three mile visibility. with some fog around 1800 and there is a layer broken to overcast around 2800 feet.
6:52 am
that is brutal. it will be top -- it doesn't matter where you are today -- 30s and 40s. the airport is 32. going back one week -- i don't see much change. in fact, it got a little better yesterday in the morning and then it went downhill in the afternoon. smoky skies again today with an air quality advisory. spare the air -- take your pick. the numbers -- it doesn't mean everybody -- in fact san rafael is high. oakland almost up to 200. this is the particulate matter and the ozone. alameda is 193. livermore at one time yesterday it was okay but then went bonkers and now it is 207. san jose as well went up. redwood city has gone up. i have to go way back to find
6:53 am
any rain in early october. nothing through next wednesday. some of the global models -- all are trying to bring in rain next righty about a week from today. we will see. where is the low? it is near st. louis to the circulation. a whopper of a system producing snow through the great lakes. if you have travel plans to new york or boston or washington dc they are getting snow and it will be a tough travel day. for us a few high clouds mainly peninsula to the south and if you are in the mix. it is cold out there -- 20s and 30s. a few 40s and 50s in berkeley and san francisco but i know that pope valley is 26. it's not showing up. at the higher elevations it is warm. the mid 50s to upper 50s for some. there is an inversion. except for a few high clouds in seattle and portland they are high and dry. the trend continues -- it is getting tiresome.
6:54 am
60s and low 70s. most of us in the 60s. dormers will be san jose over to santa cruz. hazy skies and maybe a system undercutting the ridge to the south could give us a breeze late in the weekend or early monday that could help a little bit. 6:54. get ready for cars without drivers. we will tell you which company will launch a self driving car service starting next month. >> good morning. coming up in the next hour sonoma state has plans to expand its housing options for students and its workers. the $42 million acquisition they could make life easier for students and help the university attract more talent. also, we have been hearing about the idea for a second path to take passengers to san francisco. today part leaders are presenting these land.
6:55 am
how soon this could be in service and an idea for extended service hours. we will be right back.
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welcome back. federal investigators held a public hearing on what happened with the engine of a southwest airlines plane involved in a deadly accident last april.
6:58 am
the hearing focused on design and inspection of the fan blades on the engine of that boeing 737. a blade broke off during a flight smashed a window and a female passenger was partially sucked out of the plane. she later died. also at the hearing flight attendants described what they saw and said they couldn't pull the woman back until the plane until two men helped them. the plane made an emergency landing in fulfill. the ntsb is expected to determine a probable cause of the incident in the next several months. san francisco is in the bottom third of the wall street journal ranks of airports. sfo ranked number 16 out of 20. the ratings are based on 20 things that matter to travel lers including on time arrivals and departures, how long it takes to get through security and airport restaurant rankings and nonstop destinations and average fares.
6:59 am
sfo ranked number four for wifi speed and number six for yelp food ratings. number 18 for both on time arrival and rental car taxis. philadelphia, new york rated lower than sfo. denver was rated number one. orlando was a close number two. waymo is launching a self- driving car service. the service will officially launch next month in phoenix. they have been testing the self- driving cars in arizona for the past year. at first they have human back up drivers on board but eventually they will operate without them. the search continues this morning for survivors of the deadly camp fire. how many people remain missing and the death toll continues to increase. hundreds of fire survivors have to rebuild in the town of
7:00 am
paradise and surrounding communities. this heartbreaking video showing paradise reduced to ashes. welcome back to mornings on two. take a look. this is a lye scene at heavenly ski resort. they're making snow because mother nature isn't doing it for them. it's been extremely dry. opening day is tomorrow. so if man made snow is your thing, go for it. if your fingers are crossed holding out for the real deal, hopefully that's to come. >> yeah, we need it. happy thursday. >> it's thursday november 15th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. you have been looking for rain steve? >> yeah, i keep pushing it back. nothing until then. houston and monroe, louisiana we have had snow.


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