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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 19, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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>> a gunman opens fire at a hospital in chicago, killing a police officer, doctor and first-year resident. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox news starts now. the police officer was married and had three small children and had been on the force for two years. hello everyone. i am frank somerville. >> i am julie haener. the gunman was also killed but it is unsure if he was killed by police or took his own life. he was apparently upset about the break up with girlfriend who is among the rst pharmacy resident was also killed. here is more on the investigation. >> reporter: as you difficult d
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>> it has been difficult for the chicago police department and the people of chicago. >> reporter: this incident occurred at mercy hospital on monday. >> it was mad chaos. he started shooting at random when he entered. >> reporter: nurses, doctors and employees file out into the streets, some with their hands over their heads as officers searched the building. >> there were people in the waiting area who all stood up at one time and we turned and started running toward the front of the hospital. >> reporter: officers, fire trucks and ambulances quickly surrounded the area. >> i felt like i was in a movie or something. >> reporter: it was terrifying moments for one patient who had just finished radiation for transport -- stage iv cancer. >> it was like a gun ba >> reporter: a
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weekend after more than 20 people were shot. in butte county in the deadly is wildfire in california's history, evacuees were allowed to return to the populates -- properties. for thousands of people there is literally nothing left. >> i knew it was going to be bad but didn't know it is going to be this bad. >> reporter: returning to paradise is heartbreaking. >> i guess all make cats died.>> reporter: this is the first time that sam yarborough is seeing his property on neil road. >> this nice houses. they were built by me. the only thing sticking up is the melted refrigerator.>> reporter: he took us through his properties looking for what
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he left behind. it was his home for the last 40 years. >> i don't have much time left to have anything again. it is hard to take. it is closure of some kind. that's all i can say. >> reporter: off skyway in chico, larry is digging through the rubble searching for his wife's jewelry. he says she died earlier this year and he hadn't been able to go through her things. >> i lost my wife in may and was grieving over that and now have to grieve over this. she is still in my heart for sure.>> reporter:r ashes in an urn on the fireplace, an area he is protecting with a tarp. the couple talked about mixing their ashes and having them scattered at sea. >> the dogs are going to sniff
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for the remains but it is going to be in this area. hopefully they will be able to get something for us. >> reporter: he also lost seven cars, including a 1990 thunderbird supergroup anniversary edition. he says they are just things and it is the people getting him through this. >> it is amazing the people who have come out and stepped up.>> reporter: authorities say to be cautious due to hazardous debris. >>cials say the death toll s 236 square miles of land and destroyed 11,713 homes.
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there was some positive news on containment. it has grown to 70% with rain in the forecast. two men from butte county accused of living have been arrested. robert depalma and another suspect face felony suspect -- felony charges. each suspect is being held on a $250,000 bail. smoke from the fire is causing unhealthy air quality in the area. today was the 12th consecutive spare the air day. that breaks the record set in 2015. another spare the air alert is set for tomorrow. we do have relief on the way with rain in thin 12 minutes to time out arson was caught on camera as a man
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sets fire to toilet paper inside a market. the fire was put out and no one was hurt but the owner says people could have died. this occurred early sunday morning at the midcity market. amber lee is live at the scene with more of the video. >> reporter: julie haener, we are inside the market. the suspect walked inside and lit toilet paper on fire and two shows below are bottles of lighter few it -- lighter fluid. he says it could've been deadly. >> >> reporter: the owner of the market showed us the damage. surveillance cameras capture what happened. a man carrying a red and white backpack walks to the back of the store, goes to a shelf and opens a package of toilet paper. he pulls out something from his pocket and walks away. soon after a fire breaks out in the cashier sees billowing smoke and tries to extinguish
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the flames. >> i was shocked and ran inside to see what was happening. i called 911 right away.>> reporter: this occurred around 12:30 on sunday morning and neighbors are grateful that firefighters responded quickly. >> there was ton of smoke coming out on the roof going down and it was horrible. all i could think of was these are my neighbors. i come here every day. >> reporter: there is also a store inside the market. despite the early morning hours there were about 15 people inside midcity market -- midcity market. the incident is being investigated as an intentional act but it isn't linked to any other fires at this time. >> i cannot believe someone would come inside and like toilet paper on fire and cause harm to these people. >> reporter: the is unthinkable someone would set a fire at a
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time when people are coping with the deadly camp fire in butte county. >> if you are watching you are lucky i wasn't here. somewhere else. >> reporter: the suspect is described as asian with a medium build about five feet five inches. the store owner says he has never seen the man before. the san francisco mayor says she is going to court in hopes of ending the legal uncertainties surrounding proposition c. 61% of voters approved the measure which taxes largest businesses to fund homeless services. opponents argue that it needed a two thcourt order validating the city's use
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of a simple majority vote to pass proposition c. >> we are still moving forward with the work that needs to be done including pushing for what i am proposing as far as acquiring master leases on buildings to get people housed. >> supporters say the tax would raise more than $300 million per year for homeless services. a victory party was held in modesto for a political newcomer who flipped the district from republican to democrat. jeana spoke with josh harter about his reasons for running and what he hopes to accomplish in washington.>> reporter: victory for josh harter didn't come easy. the democrat from the central valley gave thanks to his supporters for helping him with the california district 10 congressional seat. >> thank you. >> reporter: he was raised in turlock and went to stanford. he is now back home. >> i never thought i would do anything in politics.>> reporter: his reasons for
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running were personal. when it came with the vote to repeal the affordable care act. >> my brother was born two months premature and was less than two pounds when he was born and spent -- spent the first two years of his life in and out of the hospital.>> reporter: thinking of his brother made him take on the challenge. after the race was called he went to washington for orientation. >> what most excited me was that you had so many new incoming members that never run for office before. they were people with stories like me. to me that is very hopeful and optimistic. >> reporter: some of these new democrats have -- voiced opposition to nancy pelosi. josh harter says he will vote for the person who puts politics aside. he says he sees areas were
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democrats and republicans can come together. >> who better to lead that charge the people like me and districts like this one where we are a microcosm of america. a lot of people who voted for trump and hillary should be the leaders of this bipartisan consensus. >> reporter: many say they plan to stay involved while he is in congress because they know a lot is at stake come 2020. city councilmember tam when has conceded the district 7 race. at one point there were only 13 votes separating them. that has widened considerably. and a final count she received more than 53% of the votes to his 46.5%. that is a margin by about 1300 we are tracking your air quality and rain and snow in the mountains. new
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information about a teenager killed in a house fire. a go fund me page for her family collects more than $100,000. organizer said it was off and then on. we will have more details on santacon 2018.
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the uncle of 49ers fan who went missing during a football game confirms that he was found dead over the weekend. the santa clara county medical examiner has not publicly identified the man who was of powers set on facebook it was him. he left his seat during the fourth quarter, telling his girlfriend he had to use the bathroom. surveillance footage showed him leaving the stadium. his uncle said they are waiting to hear the cause of death.
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the parents of a teenager in orinda killed in a house fire have returned from out of town to horrible family tragedy. with found flowers placed at the end of the driveway of the family home in orinda. the teenager was trapped in a fire. another teenage girl sleeping over suffered second-degree burns. a man in the house who was supervising the two teenagers also suffered burns. a firefighter was treated for 2nd degree burns. gofundme page has been set up for the family and it hase than there is no word on the cause of the fire. belmont police are searching for a driver who may know something about an unsolved death case. home security video shows a great suv, possibly a newer model toyota raft 4 heading down the road on cipriano boulevard. a woman was found in the roadway badly injured and later died at the hospital. she was identified as maria
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alicia castro, a belmont restaurant. anyone with information is urged to contact belmont police. santacon is an official tradition. as christian tells us, this year's was slightly different on union square.>> reporter: in the days leading up to christmas, revelers dress up as santa claus and take to the streets of san francisco as part of santacon. organizers say it is part fun, part toy drive, part pub crawl. this year it almost got a lump of coal. just last week, the organizer posted a notice saying the celebration set for december 8 had been canceled.
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the statement reads in part, the city and county of san francisco have decreed that santacon has no place in san francisco and the gathering should be shut down due to a safety issue and union square cannot hold the people. >> it has never been a permitted event. >> reporter: they said they only received plans to host 17,000 santas. >> we already have two events booked at union square. we have the macy's great tree and the ice rink. it wasn't possible for us to give them a permit. >> reporter: just 18 minutes after that, a posting was placed showing that santacon is not canceled. only my participation is canceled. he said the plant costume contest and sing-along are on and encourage people to show up for the holiday. san francisco recreation and park said they would block any efforts to bring in a sound system. as far as efforts to cancel
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santacon , >> i do not believe we have any power to cancel it. >> reporter: they said they would be happy to find a new north pole where they can sink. >> we would love to work for the -- work with them in the future but we just didn't have time this year. >> reporter: they said they cannot stop people from showing up, rallying and visiting the bars. we did try to reach out to santacon but never heard back. b.a.r.t. has unveiled its first mobile app that helps to make trips easier. riders can see how long trips will take from beginning to end. it can be found on the iphone app store and the google play store. we do have some rain coming the way.
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it will get the air quality a little cleaner and give us a better overall wintry weather pattern. it will start late tomorrow night into wednesday morning. here is this main system moving in. it is going to start the winds going this way coming out of the south and then significantly south on wednesday into thursday. it is an onshore flow so it is going to blow the smoke to the north and east, which is exactly what we need to happen. it will mix it out nicely. it is chilly right now. it is going to be down into the 30s with frost in some places. frost is not showing up that much. the smoke is going away because of this guy and that is
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about wednesday morning. this is tuesday night and then wednesday morning. by 7:00 a.m., this shows up. we're going to get rain and this is actually a main hit. it looks like it is going to be a little more aggressive than this. your morning commute on wednesday looks like it is going to be a wet one. by lunchtime expect scattered showers and then another system comes through thursday morning. the main event is wednesday morning through the afternoon. the snow levels are around 6000 feet but you are looking and maybe one foot a half the roads are going to be wet, slippery and the winds will be maybe 10 to 25 miles per hour. an incredible monday
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night football game between the chiefs and rams, scoring 100 points between them. mark has all of the highlights from an incredible game coming in sports. here is a story will find on a humble county deputy who spent his life colorblind sees color for the first time. you will find that on our website. just look for viral video. ♪
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here is mark with sports. jarrett was the number one pick and people thought that maybe he was a bust. >> pressure was his head coach and didn't believe it and didn't know what to do with him but he is now the best quarterback in the year. you could make that argument that he is in the top five. kansas city has a pretty good quarterback. it is nice to see a jampacked coliseum for the first time in 33 years that there has been a monday night game. six touchdown passes, 478 yards.
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here is tyree hill looking great and putting them down. in the fourth quarter kansas city is up in here is a clutch and flipped to gerald everett and it is 47-44 with the rams taking the lead. that isn't going to last. the chiefs come back. here is mahone and 51-47 chiefs with 58 seconds -- but 58 seconds later look. here is a throw again and is one held up. there were two late interceptions. the rams are 10-1. kansas city could have given as a preview for the super bowl. they are 9-2. st. mary's loss to utah state shooting only 29% and
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back east in brooklyn, mitch richmond, chris mullen are waving. his son actually plays for cal and you have darius mcneil. the bears against st. john's. they are leading cal it was a close ballgame. take note of this freshman they called the dunking dutchman. he is seven foot and just a freshman. they do have another shooter who had 32 points. 82-79 and the bears are 1-2. in case you missed it, jared slamdunk right there for auburn. he is barely 5 foot 10 inches. harbor versus yell
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and here is getting to into the end zone. it is called now touchdown. he is penalized for that little gesture right there. in college ball you can't celebrate until you get into the end zone. harvard did beat gail. colorado state down with eight seconds left in collin hill with a hail mary and williams makes the catch as time runs out and they are celebrating. they go happy for their victory but now. it was out of balance. it was a fail. >> he stepped on the line. >> you cannot step out and step in and be the first person to touch the ball. old library.
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had some late nights in there. some of them i even spent studying. don't tell your mom. and maybe don't tell me. oh. college! he was shielding his eyes from the sun. knew it when i hit it. phil is taking haley to visit his alma mater. loved college. mm, we were hoping some of that enthusiasm rubs off on her. go, bullfrogs! dogs. bulldogs. i feel like you do that on purpose. mnh-mnh. no, it's just-- i say "bull," and i can't remember if it's frogs or dogs. when i talk to my old friends from college, do we croak or do we bark? (telephone rings) i got it. (clears throat) (beep) hello? (grunting) wow. no way! haley, no way! check it out! after a few beers, my buds and i would jump on these lunch trays and race down this same hill. hop on.


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