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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  November 26, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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unacceptable. >> for me, it takes me back to the horror and the that i experienced in my native state of mississippi. >> reporter: hyde-smith faced a firestorm of controversy after saying she would attend a public hanging in a state with a history of grim lynchings. she also said she would support voter suppression, later saying she was joking. charles johnson, one of the co- owners of the giants and his wife east donated $2700 to hyde- smith's campaign after she made her controversial statements. >> i'm calling for an all out boycott, period. >> reporter: civil rights attorney john burris, a self- proclaimed lifelong giants fans that he cannot support the team as long as the team owner supports hyde-smith. >> i personally will boycott the giants for as long as i can and am able to. because that's a value system of a person who runs this organization, and i do not support it. >> to say that charlie johnson, in any shape, form, or manner, has a racist bone in him, is
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saying my other client, barry bonds, is a racist as well. that's as silly as it gets. >> reporter: an attorney who represented johnson for four decades said his client has been asked to sign checks as a republican donor. he said he does not and did not know hyde-smith and had he known about racially charged statements, he would never have donated to her. but so far he has not asked for his donation to be returned. >> if he thought for a moment she was a racist, he would have never given it. if it's possible, the electorate is tomorrow, is it not? if it's possible they were going to see if she was a racist, he would get that check back. >> reporter: some giants fans like debra king say they understand calls for a boycott even if they're not on board. >> i understand why heavy-duty, giants fan. it will not sway me one way or
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the other. >> reporter: giants president larry baer released a statement today regarding the issue saying in part, in no way to the giants organization condone any racist or hateful language and behavior by anyone. either i, nor anyone else with the giants can control who any of our owners support politically, just as we cannot and should not control who many of our employees support politically. civil rights leaders are saying asking for the money back would be a good start but some are indicating they would boycott the team as long as johnson is a co-owner. in san francisco, christien kaftion, ktvu fox 2 news. within hours of larry baer's tweet, hundreds of fans reacted. kevin farley road, lifelong fan. have attended all three world series. johnson is not merely an owner, he's the majority stakeholder. i love my giants but will not stand with bigotry, ignorance, and cruelty. it's time to take a stand and align those that love liberty, diversity, and american values. san francisco giants fan 55
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tweeted, that's a well-written statement and totally acceptable. for those who disagree with individual choices and try to hold organizations like the san francisco giants responsible are being a reasonable. the giants should be judged on their own choices. another road, come on, people. they can't force this person out. they can't force him to give his stake up. they could buy him out but he'd have to agree. boycott all you want but i agree with his statement. his views do not coincide with the statement as a whole. happening now, president trump is in this is to be in a final campaign push for republican senator cindy hyde- smith. she was appointed to fill the senate seat in april and is facing mike espy in tomorrow's runoff election. the winner will serve the final 2 years of the sixth term of a retired senator. this comes as the mississippi department of public safety investigates the discovery of
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seven nooses hanging on a tree outside of the state capital. the nooses and six handwritten signs referring to the state's history of lynchings were found just this morning. down to the east bay where police in antioch are investigating a string of vandalism as they look for the person responsible for spray painting hateful messages and symbols in the city's downtown area. crime reporter henry lee shows us surveillance video that captured some of the crimes and pictures of the suspect. >> reporter: hateful messages and symbols spray-painted all over downtown antioch over the weekend. >> they had a barbershop, they hit churches, they hit restaurants, a whole bunch of stuff. it's unacceptable, really. it still shows that there is racism out here. >> reporter: the church of god holy on 3rd street marked with a derogatory term toward women, along with swastikas. >> so i rushed down here and was just speechless by the fact that there would be swastikas on a black church building. and the fact that we just moved in. >> i came to this church and to me, it's heartbreaking.
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to still see those signs in this modern age. >> reporter: and in this modern age, antioch police released these images of a vandal can't spray painting city vehicles right outside of antioch city hall. private vehicles were hit as well. we found this truck, apparently owned by the parent of a marine, defaced outside of the veterans thrift store. >> we put our heart, souls, and finances into the downtown area. and this is very disheartening to get the negative. >> reporter: city crews suspended the day removing graffiti at the church. they also cleaned up this mural, showing scenes from antioch's passed. >> it's sad. it's sad that people have to destroy other people's property. this mural has been here clearly for a long time. my business got it, too. for what reason? >> reporter: all told, 20 locations were vandalized. code enforcement workers cleaned up all of them as a courtesy. >> these are victims and we don't want to victimize the victims, even though it is technically a violation to have graffiti.
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this is obviously unwanted and not something that these folks did to their own businesses. >> reporter: antioch police stepped up patrols and were a visible presence all day. in a statement, antioch police say this criminal behavior is not reflective of our community or beliefs. as a police department, we are aggressively investigating these crimes. as members of this community, we are saddened and disappointed. if you recognize the man in the surveillance photos, call antioch police. in antioch, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. now to southern california and the tensions at the san ysidro border crossing. today, president trump demanded mexico send members of the migrant caravan back to their homeland. >> all of this after a chaotic weekend that saw u.s. border patrol agents fire tear gas on a crowd of people seeking asylum, including women and children. ktvu's andre senior is here with the developers. >> reporter: the head of the u.s. customs and border patrol used tear gas to quote, prevent a dangerous situation from getting worse. but pushback has intensified
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because video shows that not all of the people in that crowd were adults. u.s. border patrol saying it had no choice but to fire tear gas at a group of migrants attempting to get through the fencing and wiring, separating the u.s. and mexico. the reason, they say, is because members of that caravan threw rocks and bottles at border agents. >> our agents were being assaulted. a large group rushed the area, and they were throwing rocks and bottles at my men and women, putting them in harm's way as well as other members of the caravan. >> reporter: the chaos prompting u.s. authorities to close off the busiest port of entry along the u.s. border with mexico on sunday for several hours. border agents used tear gas to disperse the migrants. president trump defended the use of teargas amid reports that children were among the crowd. >> they had to because they were being rushed by some very tough people. and, they used tear gas. and, here's the bottom line. nobody is coming into our country unless they come in legally.
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>> reporter: that move, prompting the closure of a major mall, on what was one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year. >> did you guys know what was going on when we first pulled in? >> no, we didn't. >> reporter: the outlets in san ysidro posting a message to facebook saying, they made the decision to provide a safe and secure environment for shoppers, retailers, and employees. >> it's crazy. we came here shopping. and, everything is closed. they sent us back. there's police everywhere and we are like, oh, my god, the caravan is coming. >> reporter: behind situation at the border is one congress will be forced to address in the days ahead. >> you are either going to have a country and a border or you're not going to have a country. >> the legal right of these migrants is to come to our border and apply for asylum at the port of entry. >> reporter: on the u.s. side of the border, large group of activists rallying in san diego, calling for authorities to open the border, demanding humane treatment for the migrants. >> i fight for the rights of humans who are just like us.
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>> reporter: so, when pressed further on the use of teargas, president trump denied it was used on children. however, there are videos and photos that show families running near teargas canisters. in the chaos that broke out sunday, border patrol says four agents were hit with rocks, but none seriously hurt. a total of 69 people were arrested trying to illegally enter the united states. coming up, the fda is now offering an update on lessig's warning about romaine lettuce. the specific information shoppers should look for. as the holiday shopping season picks up, the u.s. postal service is announcing that a technical glitch may have exposed the personal information of more than 60 million customers. and here we are outside. a beautiful night, good air quality, but the clouds and increasing rain back in your forecast. the timing on what to expect tomorrow. and, president trump weighs in on a government report on
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president trump said today he doesn't believe the government report on climate change, which was put together by top scientists, and concludes global warming will cost the u.s. billions of dollars in years to come. >> right now, we're at the cleanest we've ever been and it's very important to me. we're clean but every other place on earth is dirty. that's not so good. so i want clean air, i want clean water. very important. >> the national climate assessment was released on friday. the report says weather events linked to climate change have cost the u.s. $400 billion since 2015. new information now on the latest e. coli outbreak involving romaine lettuce. ls n okay to eat some romaine lettuce. the fda says the latest outbreak is linked to romaine from california's central valley area. romaine from elsewhere should soon be labeled to let people know that it's okay to eat.
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no one died from eating the tainted lettuce, but 43 people in 12 states including california ended up getting sick. the u.s. postal service says it has fixed a technical glitch on its website that may have exposed the personal information of more than 60 million customers. the post office said that it affected its online portal that allows businesses and advertisers access to near, real-time tracking of mail, and packaged shipments. the glitch allowed anyone with a post office account to view or in some cases modify account information of other users. at this point, there is no evidence of criminal activity. today is cyber monday and is set to be the biggest online shopping day in u.s. history. new research suggests online shoppers will generate $7.8 billion in sale, 18% higher than cyber monday last year and set a one-day shopping record. financial analyst james mcbride was our financial guests this afternoon on "the four." he says today's cyber monday sales are the latest good news
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involving the overall u.s. economy. >> i think it tells you that the economy is very strong, particularly the consumer. and as we pointed out before, this is two thirds of our gdp. we know that consumer confidence is at an 18 year high. >> tvs, laptops and toys appear to be the most popular items for today's cyber monday shoppers. the u.s. financial markets were all up today on this first full trading day of the holiday shopping season. the dow climbed 350 points, nasdaq was up 142 and the s&p 500 rose more than 40. general motors announced a plan to cut as many as 14,000 a a sweeping explained our restructuring plan. gm is also set to close plants and says they plan to stop the sales of models, including the chevy volt hybrid, the impala, the espy, the cadillac stx, and the cadillac ct 6 along with
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the lacrosse. they plan to put a new focus on self driving analytic cars. the move comes as the shift away from traditional gas powered cars and the automotive industry deals with tariffs. the plants that are on a list of possible closures are in michigan, ohio, maryland, and canada. and we're tracking the weather out there. we've got clouds moving in and moving in all day. it was a dry day, a mild day, but mostly cloudy right now. that leads to showers by midmorning tomorrow. this is the main system here as it pushes onshore, but there's a lot of energy behind it that's going to wrap in over the next couple of days. that takes us through friday, even into saturday morning, with a chance of ongoing sprinkles. there, we've got a shower showing up near del norte county. i don't think we see showers in the central bay area until 11:00, 10:30, 11:00 tomorrow. but that's early enough that we could see some wet on the commute.
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so, with that said, this series of storms coming in, not unlike the last. we have a flash flood watch in effect for the burn zones where they could easily get a half foot of rain easily. in the mountains, you've got a winter storm warning which is advisory now but will turn into a storm warning, most likely wednesday night into thursday night. with two, 3 feet of snow possible. if you think about it, in some places there will be 5, 6 feet of new snow. the coast will be big, the swells coming up are not that big today. tomorrow, they are coming up but certainly wednesday and thursday, very, very large stormy surf. so we are getting all of the stuff with systems and a series of stuff that will have an impact on your weather commutes. tuesday morning, wednesday afternoon and thursday morning. when i come back we'll have the computer model and time it out. the sierra received a lot of new snow over the weekend allowing ski resorts to open up more lists and slopes. the folks at kirkwood say they
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received 3 feet of fresh snow. heavenly and squaw valley, alpine meadows reported 2 feet with more snow in the forecast. operators say they are well- positioned now for the holiday season. we're just getting new information on the number of people killed from the camp fire. authorities announced that the death toll has gone from 85 to 88. at last check, more than 200 others are still missing although that number could be updated sometime tonight. reporter vicki gonzalez spent the day with fire crews who are preparing for the heavy rain that's expected to hit the area this week. >> the california conservation corps taking advantage of clear skies to prepare for upcoming wet weather, and the dangers and hazards the camp fire has left behind across fragile, skeletal landscapes. 10 crews are laying an assortment of mitigation, from fencing, to upwards of 5000 feet of wattles, to prevent erosion and toxic chemicals from getting into the water way.
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cal oes understanding the pressing need for evacuees to return, to see what remains, but are asking for continued patience. >> we're trying to get the roads open as quickly as possible. there's a lot of bad stuff on the ground we haven't been able to pick up yet. with bodies still missing and unidentified people still missing, we're still trying to get that taken care of before we open the roads and let people back in but there's a whole lot happening at once. >> again, that was vicki gonzalez reporting. today, interior secretary ryan zinke visited what's left of paradise. >> says they've distributed $20 million so far to fire survivors. 17,000 people have registered for federal assistance. new at 6:00 tonight, the chair of the california democratic party is aside temporarily. eric bauman began his leave of absence this afternoon, following the launch of a sexual misconduct allegation against him.
6:20 pm
he is accused of sexually harassing and assaulting several people during party functions. the california democrats second- in-command will serve now as acting chair. still ahead tonight, a 1- year-old child hit and killed by a car in the city of richland. now we are learning that police have made an arrest in the case. also, after a disastrous sunday in tampa bay, the niners have decided who will be there starting quarterback next week. mark has that later in sports. more than two dozen volunteers came out to help rescue a man and his dog who were stranded off the trail in marin county. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools
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that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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the sheriff's department is mourning the loss of one of their own. 45-year-old deputy antonio hinostroza died in a car crash while on duty last night. sheriffs officials say he was responding to help deputies in a car chase when his patrol car hit a power pole. ended up dying at the scene. the suspect in the chase was later arrested on charges including driving under the influence and felony evasion. deputy hinostroza served in the marine corps and was a 19 year veteran of the stanislaus county sheriff's department. he leaves behind an adult son. police are providing new details in the arrest of a gang member shot by officers friday. mario manwell cabierello is recovering from injuries that he suffered during the shooting. investigators say that they responded to a 911 call and when police showed up, cabierello opened fire. one officer armed with a rifle returned per hour -- fire,
6:24 pm
prompting an hours long standoff. >> held his position successfully, returning fire, protecting his other brother and sister officers and other individuals in that neighborhood and forcing the suspect back into the house. that bravery should not be taken for granted. >> officers ultimately used tear gas and canines to arrest cabierello. investigators found two stolen guns and shell casings in home. investigators say he has a criminal history and is being held in the santa clara county jail. he is charged with attempted homicide of a peace officer and multiple weapons and drug offenses. the suspect accused of killing a stanford university grad student in 1973 was formally charged with her murder today. police arrested 74-year-old john getreu last week, 35 years after the body of leslie perlov was found in the palo alto hills above stanford. she had been strangled and sexually assaulted.
6:25 pm
investigators say dna evidence tied the suspect to the crime, and that there is no known connection between the suspect and the victim. the judge denied bail in court today, getreu will remain behind bars until his next court appearance in three weeks. richmond police have arrested a hit and run driver who allegedly killed a 1-year- old boy. the fatal accident happened just before noon yesterday on cutting boulevard near south 17th street. the little boy was taken to a hospital where he later died. police say the woman, suspected of driving the car that hit him, left the scene. she was arrested a few miles away. authorities told as an adult watching the boy briefly lost sight of him and he darted out into the street. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next, with a 10-year-old boy being called a hero the lives o six people. >> he's a hero because he went down and was able to make the phone call. >> will hear from that brave 10-
6:26 pm
year-old about his quick actions when a senior living facility went up in flames. and, we'll hear from a woman from el salvador who made her way to the u.s. in a caravan more than a year ago, now hoping to be reunited with her teenage son as he travels with the caravan currently in tijuana.
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now to our top stories. mexican police blocked migrants from making their way to the border for a time today after scenes of chaos yesterday. on sunday, order patrol agents used tear gas to repel a crowd of migrants who they say were throwing rocks and bottles. that prompted u.s. authorities to close the border at tijuana for several hours. meantime, people who made the grueling trek from central america may have to wait now for months for a chance to make a claim for asylum. police in antioch are searching for the person responsible for spray painting hateful messages and symbols in the city's downtown area. surveillance video captured some of the crimes and pictures of the suspect.
6:30 pm
antioch police say more than 20 buildings and city vehicles we over the weekend with offensive words and symbols. >> and a big push to boycott the san francisco giants. bay area civil rights leaders called out team owner charles johnson and his wife for donating to the campaign of senator cindy hyde-smith. the mississippi republican has been criticized for her controversial remarks about lynching. giants ceo larry baer says the team does not condone racist language or behavior but cannot control the politics of its roughly 30 owners. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. firefighters in the north they are crediting a mom and her young son with preventing a tragedy at a senior residential care facility over the weekend. >> a fire destroyed the t safely, thanks to quick reactions and bravery. ktvu's rob roth talked with two people including a 10-year-old boy being called heroes. >> reporter: building inspectors red tagged the magnolia manor monday.
6:31 pm
a fire ravaged the facilities monday and while there isn't much left of the building, all six patients got out safely, thanks not only to the woman who owns and runs it, but to her 10-year-old boy, carlos. >> i feel like i did a pretty good job. >> he's a hero because he went out and was able to make the phone call. >> reporter: at 6:00 sunday evening, carlos noticed smoke coming from the stove and told his mother. she opened the broiler at the bottom. >> been a huge flame shot up and started catching the upper cabinets on fire. >> reporter: she told carlos to go outside and call 911. >> there is a fire! i don't know what happened! >> what's burning? >> the stove, the oven. around way and take a deep breath because i was very scared. i was heavy breathing and stuff. >> reporter: while carlos made the call, his mother lives, made six trips in and out of the smoky building, evacuating her elderly patients one at a time.
6:32 pm
all were out before firefighters arrived. >> it was super scary. i wasn't sure if we were going to make it sometimes. but, i needed to help them. that's my job and they depend on me. >> reporter: no one was injured but the family owned and operated care facility is a total loss. >> she was able to get them out in their wheelchairs and when they got there, they were sitting outside in their blankets. we were very happy about that. >> reporter: carlos says he's been thinking about the fire and how much more serious it might have been. >> i'm happy everyone is safe. all the animals are okay. >> i'm very proud of him. that was a lot of pressure to put on him. >> reporter: the family hopes to rent out a space they can use nearby while they rebuilt what the fire destroyed. in healdsburg, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. marin county search and rescue crews helped a hiker and his dog get to safety last night. marin the black lab named shadow being carried up the trail. the dog's owner says shadow ran
6:33 pm
down a steep embankment at diaz ridge near mill valley. the owner went down after him but couldn't retrieve the dog on his own. more than two volunteers turned out to help the man and his dog get out safely. the sheriff's department is leading the investigation into the disappearance of a man thinks that the longtime radio host is still alive. the 79-year-old worked at kgo for years. he was reported missing more than two weeks ago. he was last seen in western kentucky not far from he lives in illinois. the san francisco native, ray and taliaferro, may be showing signs of dementia. investigators think taliaferro may be staying with someone who hasn't yet heard he's missing. oakland police are investigating a drive-by shooting that injured four people. it happened after 11:00 last night on 24th street in west oakland. people were gathered for a vigil to remember a neighbor who died of natural causes when a car drove by and someone
6:34 pm
inside began shooting. a 54-year-old woman and three men, ages 29, 36, and 41 were all wounded. they are now in stable condition and are expected to recover. a woman living here in the bay area is closely monitoring tensions along the mexican border because her teenage son is with the caravan in tijuana, trying to cross over into the united states. ktvu's cristina rendon talked with her and her sponsor today. >> reporter: when we first met veronica aguilar, she was helping set the table for thanksgiving in her. the 36-year-old from el salvador is living with anne and kent moriarty in penalty. her sponsors as she appeals an asylum case. >> you come here and they tell you your case isn't important, it's not strong enough. you don't have enough evidence. it happens to so many people. >> reporter: regular says she
6:35 pm
fled gang violence and death threats in her home country. she came to the u.s. with a caravan of migrants last october and fears going back. >> translator: what do they want? for me to be dead and say, you know what? can you give my spirit asylum? no. we leave our countries because we're afraid to live over there. >> reporter: aguilar worries about her 15-year-old son in tijuana with the most recent caravan, waiting to cross the border at the san ysidro port of entry. her mother helped him travel to mexico, then returned to el salvador. in her home country, she wouldn't let her son leave the house, fearful he would be killed in the streets like so many other young men. in the middle of our interview, he called. >> go ahead, go ahead. is it your family member? >> reporter: they only talked for about a minuher he was goin attempt to cross with a group of minors and attorneys helping them. she told him she loved him. >> translator: i won't be call more at peace until he's with me. >> all of the time that veronica has been with us, that
6:36 pm
is one of her greatest fears. for her son. >> reporter: went after the interview, aguilar found out her son had been detained by seven other minors by the mexican government. his status is unknown, so now they wait. an immigration law expert at uc davis says border officials are still processing asylum claims that a very slow rate. >> i think that what trump has proposed is that people remain in mexico while their cases are being processed. that has yet to happen. but we would, advocates, would have a strong position to say that that process is not one that's legal. >> reporter: moriarty says she and her husband opened their home to aguilar because they feel it's important and the right thing to do. she says people are people. >> every person is an individual person with their own story. they are humans. and, if we react in fear, i don't know what we're afraid of. >> reporter: aguilar wishes more families would open their doors to others. >> translator: i don't have the words to express how my heart
6:37 pm
feels. we don't come for money. >> reporter: cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, facebook is fighting the release of internal documents taken by british investigators as part of a hearing over privacy on social media sites. and, all of those online purchases order today on cyber monday are a prime target for package thieves. after the break, helpful tips from the u.s. postal service on how to keep deliveries from being stolen.
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online shopping is
6:40 pm
increasingly big business during the holidays. but all those packages are also a big target for thieves. >> ktvu's ann rubin has advice from experts on how to keep those cyber monday purchases from disappearing from your doorstep. >> reporter: you've searched the sales and picked your gifts, but you may never see those cyber monday packages. not if porch pirates get to them first. >> this is the season of giving but for them, the season of taking. >> reporter: studies claim a third of victims have fallen to package thefts. but, they inform -- will get alerts when packages are on its way and can select where you want the carrier to leave it. >> in other words, can leave it behind the gate? can you leave it behind a bush? can you leave it with a neighbor? >> reporter: other suggestions, have a package sent to work instead or use something like an amazon lockbox. experts say, just don't leave
6:41 pm
it unattended. >> i had a package stolen once and that was the reason i started using amazon block. i contacted amazon. they said no problem but recommended i do the locker. i've been doing that ever since. >> reporter: another important piece of advice, authorities they don't assume that home cameras are a deterrent. >> we're seen a lot of videos of people stealing packages and unfortunately are not always identifying them. >> reporter: campbell police just released these videos, showing images from october 20th and 31st, respectively, but say thieves strike first at their own peril. authorities have been using trackable bait boxes downtown and are saying they are having good success. >> they've had several rests within the last couple of weeks and was cyber monday here today, we are putting the word out again to our residents, and to the people who may be looking to steal the packages. that this isn't the place to do it. >> some other options, there are services like amazon key that allow delivery inside your
6:42 pm
package can't be left there if you're not home. in san jose, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. the british parliament seized internal facebook documents as part of a hearing over privacy and false information on the social media site. the documents were taken by british investigators from an american app developer on a business trip to london. facebook is fighting the release of those documents and its unrelated legal battle in california. the international hearing begins tomorrow in london. mark zuckerberg was invited but declined to attend. >> translator: we have to do more in terms of cooperation between countries and with private actors but, the devastating effects of what has happened are there. >> reporter: meantime, facebook has lost more than $100 billion in value since the cambridge analytica scandal back in march in which millions of users had and a lot of applause, as nasa's insight successfully lands on mars. still ahead, we'll tell you
6:43 pm
about what the insight plans to do over the next few years. and we're tracking the rain heading your way. it's going to be here over the next 24 hours. wet commutes in store for the rest of this week. coming up at 7:00 on ktvu plus, steph curry's porsche hit by an out-of-control driver on highway 24. tonight, we're getting a look at dash cam video at the moment of impact. plus, a chinese scientist claims he was able to alter dna to create the world's first genetically edited babies. why many in the community are calling his work on ethical and dangerous.
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6:45 pm
severe winter weather in the midwest is affecting a lot of flights in the bay area and across the country.
6:46 pm
blizzard conditions are as travelers try to return home after the thanksgiving holiday. at o'hare in -- airport in chicago, workers spend the day trying to keep runways open, but nearly 1800 flights across the country have been canceled since yesterday because of the weather. and, many holiday travelers found themselves stuck at the airport there in chicago. >> it's just the weather. there is nothing we can do about it. the good lord says, if they're going to blow it in, they're going to blow it in. we have to wait and see. >> sfo is reporting more than 50 delays and cancellation involving flights to and from chicago and other parts of the midwest. anyone with a flight should contact their airline had of time. for more on our weather now, let's get ovtin in the weather center. or, not in the weather center. it used to be the weather center but, it is just the nice weather area. more rain this week.
6:47 pm
>> yeah, more rain this week, umbrellas will be needed, commutes will be wet, snow will be in the mountains and the usual set of suspects will develop. a winter storm warning, flood advisory in the area and we will see a flood advisory in the area as well. you can basically see what's going on. and, it's not just one. there is the beginning of it but there will be impulses behind this to keep it going kind of all week. to varying degrees. right now, the will house from this weather system, the wheelhouse, meaning it wants to be at its height, will be around wednesday night, somewhere wednesday night into thursday morning right now. but, then we'll see how it goes. timing will change. today was dry, tomorrow for the most part is going to be kind of dry. but then after that, it all changes. and you see the models here or winter storm warnings in effect , as we go into wednesday night into thursday night, and we've got the surf advisory.
6:48 pm
the swells are going to be real big. they are going to be 20 some feet. and then we also have the flash flood advisory up in the burn zones. so, you're getting a little bit of everything. here is the model tomorrow morning. you see it looks like the morning commute should be dry for the bulk of the bay area. there is the system, and then it sweeps through all day from 10:00, until 4:00, 5:00 tomorrow. just showery and raining. maybe a quarter inch, maybe a half-inch and most likely the afternoon commute will be a wet one and then there's more behind that. here's how it looks on another model, another depiction, just showing you the three dimensions. the mornings are dry in the afternoon, san francisco, late afternoon, something like that. so, the afternoon commute, wet tonight, overnight, showt gets wednesday night into thursday morning. a wet period coming up. nothing out of the ordinary for this time of year but, rain, and a healthy rain at that. we saw significant rain with the last weather system.
6:49 pm
some areas combined 3 inches of rain. i think that's completely possible here, where we could see 2 to 3 inches of rain in some of the urban areas over a few days which is a good- looking weather system. here is the five-day forecast in the mountains. it would not be hard at all to get 3 feet of snow. you might suggest 4 feet as we get into the bay area weekend. if you're skiing, i'm sure you're eyeballing saturday and sunday because it'll probably be really good skiing. >> nice to have all of that fresh snow. bill, thank you. nasa scientist erupted enjoy this morning after a successful landing on mars. >> touchdown confirmed. >> the insight lander touched down just before noon. it took eight minutes for communication signals to travel back to earth to m its safe arrival. this was the first image sent back from mars. the photo was taken from a camera mounted below the lander,
6:50 pm
shortly after landing. >> mars was a habitable planet about 3 billion years ago, and then something happened and now it is desolate. we are trying to understand what caused that to happen. >> insight will operate for the next 2 years, probing the red planet's interior. this was nasa's eighth successful mars landing since 1976. mark is up next with sports. the 49ers had a challenging day if you will, losing bedtime yesterday in tampa bay. but, kyle shanahan has decided who his starting quarterback will be next week. mark will have that decision coming up next. [ phone rings ] what?!
6:51 pm
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a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he.
6:53 pm
mark is here now with sports. it was a rough one. both bay area football teams. >> isn't it every weekend? >> yeah, pretty much has been. >> when you think about it, between our two football teams, four winds and 18 losses combined. both 2-9. but, the san francisco 49ers, demoralizing start to finish. you start the day with the news of ruben foster being arrested and then take the field against
6:54 pm
tampa bay and it was all downhill from there. as nick mullins in his third start, you could see he too, major digression. he was intercepted twice, did throw one touchdown pass but had previously been sacked. he was sacked four times yesterday and against tampa bay, a team that has given up 33 points a game. kyle shanahan, making sure that there would be no mystery, as to who will start next year, next week against seattle, although i wouldn't read a whole lot into this decision. >> jimmy is our quarterback. everybody knows that. cj got an opportunity when nick got hurt and nick got the opportunity when cj got hurt. we are playing this year, at 2- 3. we are going to do everything we can to win again. i know that we are prepared with nick and if he struggles, i bring in cj. will see how it goes. >> backs will be the number one discussion when the raiders take the field next sunday against the kansas city chiefs.
6:55 pm
the quarterback being discussed will probably be patrick homes. but, not too much of a complaint about derek carr. he seems to have stabilized a little bit the last couple of games. can't put the blame on yesterday's mess in baltimore, he was kind of a pedestrian, 16 of 34, 194 yards passing, one touchdown and no interceptions including that spectacular connection with jared cook, his tight end, who was completely behind derek carr, as is his coach, jon gruden. >> he's had a lot of change. but, he's doing well and is taking care of the thrown. he made a couple of good throws there were called back yesterday. i'm proud of what he's doin i agree with cook. i always agree with cook, though. whatever he says i agree with. meantime, a's fans, pay attention to this. college football, getting close to the time when we are talking about heisman trophy winners. the oklahoma sooners
6:56 pm
quarterback has put himself into the conversation. that's kyler murray. another spectacular performance, as he takes his sooners into the big 12 championship game. this guy has got some wheels. watch him move. now i said a's fans, pay attention. remember, he was drafted in the number nine pick in the mlb draft this past year and he says even though he is an nfl prospect, baseball is his thing. >> do you think that you could play in the nfl as well the way this season is going? >> i feel like i could play in the nfl but as far as giving up, as of now, yeah, that's the plan. >> to play baseball and give up football completely? >> yeah. >> they say when you see him run it looks like the tape is on fast ford. centerfielder of the future, it looks like. in case you missed it over the weekend, florida beat florida state in the rivalry game. watch as the coach has his on- field post game interview
6:57 pm
interrupted for a weird reason. >> to never have won this game -- hey! hey! >> that guy is putting the flag on the fsu logo. >> they had to cool things down, as his players right in the middle of the interview wanted to put the flag down at midfield on fsu's logo. a little emotional. watch this. demarcus randall with the interception, gives it to his former coach, hue jackson, just fired by the browns a couple of weeks back . new at yothis. in case you missed this is the seattle running back but, i think it's even more impressive, if you can see the replay. yes. and he lands on his feet. >> oh, my gosh.
6:58 pm
>> that's the sporting line.
6:59 pm
(eerie music playing) all right, just a few more feet. and... here we are, gentlemen, the gates of elzebob. good lord. don't panic. this is what the last 97 hours have been about. stay frosty. there's a horde of armed goblins on the other side of that gate guarding the sword of asaroth. warriors, unsheathe your weapons. magic wielders, raise your wands. lock and load.
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