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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 30, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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good afternoon. >> we begin with breaking news from alaska where a major earthquake has struck about 10- mile northwest of anchorage causing major damage. the governor, bill walker, has issued a disaster declaration for the state. magnitude 7 quake hit about 9:30 our time this morning. it was followed by a number of aftershocks. here are some of the picture coming in. you can see the cracked and buckled roadways. anchorage police have issued an alert saying many streets and bridges are closed. people have reported seeing cracks in the buildings downtown. a lot of shattered glass out in the street. right now, there is no word on any injuries or deaths but we are getting word that operations have been shut down at ted steve an anchorage airport. president trump has been briefed. local station ktva went on facebook to show the damage
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live after their staying was knocked off the air. >> watch your step, folks. water. the smell here is much like drywall work. it is not great. yeah, the air is not good. we probably should not be in here right now to be honest. >> okay. >> yeah, we do want to give you a shot of the studio real quick. i understand this is -- >> walk in the middle of this. >> there are tvs on the ground. you can see that right here. a tv on the ground. all of these are tvs and computers. this is a camera. there are lights and everything. so entire light fixtures. >> circle desk in the center. >> this glass panel on the edit
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bay just completely smashed. >> we heard that man talk about the air smelling a little bit different there. i doe no that work crews are going through checking for gas leaks. there have been at least nine aftershocks including a 5.8 just about five minutes after the initial 7.0. a tsunami warning was issued. but it has since been lifted. also want to bring in a picture now of some more damage here for you. this is at a grocery store. it is very prone to earthquakes. i want to bring in jonathan white who lives in the city of anchorage. still very fresh. just about two and a half hours in. can you explain what you felt? >> i was in my bedroom. i was home with one of my daughters, home from school with the flu.
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and i just was checking on her when the house just, as you have heard and read about, it started shacking and pictures were falling off the walls and the sound of drywall cracking and timbers in the floor joists creaking. it was pretty scary. >> we are showing our views are right now some of the picture that have come in of the buckled roadways and this video of the ktva live feed from facebook showing the damage to the inside of their tv station. have you had a chance to goout side and see the damage for yourself yet? >> yes, i'm actually sitting in a coffee shop that i own. we own a chain of coffee shops here and having visit most of them this morning to check on damage and we've closed many of them. coffee shops are kind of old school social media with customer stopping in with stories and pictures they've taken around town and it is pretty crazy. the gas station -- pretty much every gas station in town right
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now is just overrun with people stopping to get gas. it looks like the people in the '70s. having lived through the '89 quake, i grew up in danville, it remind me of that. there are more and more picture of damage coming out. luckily, not been any news of death or serious injury which is incredible given how hard the earth shook today. >> you mentioned back in 1989, i was here in the bay area. i experienced that. it was 15 seconds long so i've watched some clips from individuals up there in anchorage and it appears that this one was a good 06 seconds, maybe more. did you at some point during the shaking feel like my gooden, when is this going to stop? >> no doubt. the '89 quake was different in a lot of ways. i want to be careful an not compare this to that. that was obviously a completely different situation. >> and '89 was much more
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shallow. >> this one was about 25. >> i have aloved through dozens of earthquakes. this is one of the first i've been in my home and seeing the walls your home bend and lights swing and things tyke that, it is something i'll never forget. >> let me just follow up to that. you are on something there. comparing '89 to this. compare it for us. was the difference? >> what i remember about '89 is the smoke in the air and the fire. it is such a large area. i was with my father driving across town and just seeing the pillars of smoke all through the bay area and it was just a much different situation. here, there is not a lot of smoke but there is a lot of helicopters in the air. there is a lot of fire trucks ache lot of first responders moving through the city. an while we are used to earthquakes here, this, like you said, was much longer, much
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more sustained and had a sound. i will never forget the sound. it sounded like you hear, like a freight train was running through the front yard. >> the '# 9 earthquake was different depending on where you were in the bay area. here, it appears the closer you were to anchorage, you live very close, but how long have you lived in that area and you said this is fits marriagor earthquake you've felt since you lived there? >> no, we've had many earthquakes here before. we've had earthquakes that were i believe in the high fived an sicks them one was just so close to town. we live in a -- volcanos all around us and we are in that ring of fire, the northern part of the ring of fire so we get our fair share of earthquakes. this one i think was so close to town, it just felt different than others. if me, it was different because i had been on the golf course before, i've been outside but this is the strongest quake i've ever felt in my home and
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see the way the structure moves like that when you are in the house. >> how startling was that 5.8 aftershock happening so close after that -- the initial 7.0 quake? >> living in the bay area, you guys are probably used to this. but the aftershocks are the worst because everyone's nerves are frayed. the aftershock that hit not too long after the main quake, i was in the car with two of my daughters an just watched the lights, the traffic lights and the signs going back and forth. the car was shaking. we had our two dogs. we haven't been able to go back to our house yet. and so the dog were barking. they were clearly affected by it also.
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what is interesting here is we're surrounded by water and the tsunami warning went up. so they evacuated our downtown area and it was just strange to see cars flooding up the hillside in our town. we live sort of in a bowl surrounded by mountains. there are lots of homes and communities on the hillside. my oldest daughter's high school is on the hillside and i've never seen anything like at that time traffic in this town, the am of people trying to get away from the water which i think is a mart thing to do. but having been a journalist also if a while, i know that the risk of a tsunami in anchorage i believe is fairly low given the shallowness of the water around us. but the hour or 90 minutes after the earthquake was pretty scary. lots of misinformation and lots of fear. >> sure. i know it is a fluid situation right now and i will say this before we let you know. your governor there, bill walker, has issued a disaster
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declaration. jonathan white there in the city of anchorage, alaska. good you are safe and thank you for taking the time about two and a half hours after this major earthquake has hit your city. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. we do have the latest information on our home page. just go to our web site there at switching gears now, also this noontime, a major security breach impacting marriott customers worldwide. as many as 500 million marriott guests may have had their personal information stolen. >> frank mallicoat joins us live from the city of emeryville with the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon. wrap your around around that. that is a half billion, 500 million people that potentially could have had their information breached. that is incredible numbers there. the attorney general in new york got this all started and it will likely lead to numerous investigations. so whose information was breached? well, if you stayed at a starwood marriott in the past four years, that includes all
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the sheratons like this one here at emeryville, you are likely on the list. marriott says an unauthorized party broke into a database as early as 2014 so this has been going on for a while. it affects big brands, 11 brands including the westin being the sheraton and the w hotel. more than 50% of those hacked had their phone numbers, email addresses, passport information, date of birth and credit card information all exposed. we spoke to some of the guests here and got their reaction. >> i get discounts through marriott through my work so that is one of the main reasons i tend to go to marriott hotels. >> would it affect whether or not you check into another marriott? >> for perm use, yes. i definitely would think twice a little bit. i probably still will but i want to know a little bit more about what happened to my data and what they are doing going forward. >> does it worry you that maybe some of your information might be out there now? >> it does but i'm not going to
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let it really bother me a lot. >> reporter: the marriott will likely face some fines not only here in the united states but all over the world since they are a global brand. their ceo offered this statement. we fell short of what our guests deserve and what we expect of ourselves. we are doing everything we can to support our guests and using lessons learned to be better moving forward. that from the marriott ceo. the mayor jot says it will be contacting those -- the marriott says it will be contacting those that were affected in the days to come. they have set up an informational web site that might help you through the process. if you would like a link to that, go to and we'll link you over. >> thank you, frank. chp officers arrested a tesla driver who they say was asleep at the wheel and appeared to be ewing the self- driving mode on the highway. >> alyssa harrington tells us how the arrest unfoldedded. >> reporter: california highway
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patrol officers say the car was traveling at 70 miles per hour but that the driver appeared to be asleep. here is some video shortly after they were able to wake him up and pull him over. this all started just after 3:30 a.m. officers say they noticed the car, a tesla model s, traveling on highway 101 southbound and pulled up alongside the vehicle. they note id the driver appeared to be asleep or unconscious but the car was not swerving at all an was driving at a constant speed. they had to pull in front of the car just to slow it down and eventually the driver did wake up. officer monteil with the chp says it appears that the auto pilot function was engaged. >> two other patrol vehicle came up once the vehicle had stopped in the number three lane of 101 southbound just north of embarcadero. they positioned themselves along the side of the vehicle to make sure it didn't start up again. and officers went up to the driver's side and started trying to wake up the driver.
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>> reporter: chp identified the driver as 45-year-old alexander samek. his blood alcohol level is not known at this time officers are investigating if he was using that auto pilot function at the time. on at the time. san francisco police are investigating a hit and run crash. this happened before 11:30 last newt on embarcadero right near folsom. police say a black sedan an suv were both going south on the embarcadero. it appears the sedan tried to make a right turn across two lanes cutting off the suv. the sedan crashed into a pole and the driver ran off. the driver of suv was transported to the hospital. no word on his or her condition. santa rosa police say an 08- year-old woman hit and critically injured a pedestrian before rear ending a vehicle. this happened before 6:00 last night. police say a man was in the crosswalk at the intersection of highway 12 and middle rincon road when he was sick.
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while police were investigating that crash, they heard about another crash at calistoga road. it turned out to be the same driver. the woman said she did not know she had hit a pedestrian. the g20 summit is in full swing today. up next, the big moves on trade made by president trump at the international forum being held in argentina. >> let's give a i live look outside. dry now but for how long? we are tracking what is coming our way. we'll have your forecast. >> we'll continue to have more information on the 7.0 earthquake that struck anchorage, los angeles las -- alaska just a few hours ago. stay with us. s. that's yes for less. yes! with hot holiday toys for all ages, ross is your toy destination. it feels even better when you find it for less, at ross: yes for less.
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your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters?e it's time yes! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine...
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never. the perfect sweater makes the perfect holiday gift. and it feels even better when you find it for less - at ross. yes for less. president trump is meeting with the world lead are at the g to summit in argentina. >> first on the president's schedule was the signing of a new trade deal with canada appear mexico. >> reporter: president donald trump is in original teen afor the g20 summit and he hit the ground running. he signed the long northed replacement for nafta, the united states mexico-canada agreement. the president says it is the largest most significant trade deal in american history. >> i look forward to working with members of congress and the u.s. embassy partners. i have to say it has been so well reviewed. don't expect to have much of a problem. >> but selling the deal to a day vieded congress won't be easy with skeptical lawmaker
12:18 pm
pointing to recent gm plant closure as proof the president's trade policies aren't working. those concerns also voiced by justin trudeau. >> and doll ár donald, it is all the more reason why with need to keep working to repopov the tariffs on steel and aluminum between our countries. >> reporter: the summit comes as the mueller investigation heats up here in washington with former trump attorney michael cohen admitting lying to congress about a proposal to build a trump tower in moscow. that news broke just hours before president trump canceled a meeting with russian president putin due to increased military tensions near ukraine. but moscow says the decision was more about mueller than putin. >> is in the ron for canceling the meeting. is this the reality. i think we have to search for the answers in his domestic political situation. >> reporter: president trump spends another day meeting with g20 leaders on saturday before heading back to the white
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house. doug mckelway, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> there are bus loads of folks coming that ice is bringing to some of these shelters so that is not necessarily knowing where they are going to be tomorrow or the next day. i'll tell you this, degree and folks in this region, they're going to end up out on the street and sidewalks. people will be out on the streets and sidewalks. they will be in the emergency room so we have to address this issue. >> governor-elect newsom met with some of the groups that have provided support for immigrants. he says he will build upon the economic, political and cultural bonds that connect mexico and california. meantime, thousands of central americans remain camped out in tijuana waiting to hear about their appear indications for asylum in the u.s. authorities say it could take up to six months for the asylum claims to be processed. with so many people camped at the border, health and hygiene
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are becoming serious concerns. democrats in congress say they are prepared to reject a new republican plan to provide the five billion dollars in funding that president trump is demanding for a border wall. republicans are proposing to divide the $5 billion over two years with 2.5 billion allocated to the wall next year and another 2.5 billion in 2020. the democrats say they have agreed on a $1.6 billion in funding for border bare juniors an security for 2019 and that that is their limit. the issue could lead it a government shutdown if there isn't an agreement on a spending billing by december 7th. california democrat inparty chairman eric bowman has resigned against sexual misconduct allegations. he said he decided to step down from his powerful post after concluding it was in the best interest of the democratic party. several staff members accused him of sexual harassment and assault. his resignation announcement came just hours after the governor-elect publicly called on him to step down. if you are stepping outside, you will be greeted by sunny, blue skies but rosemary
12:21 pm
will tell us a chain is in store tomorrow morning. >> so today, a glorious one. a little breezy out there. but we've got a lot of blue sky and some great views. how about this one as we look across san francisco, the golden gate bridge and we can see a bit of the richmond district there as we look to the north and towards the east. we do have mostly clear skies from the coast around the bay and inland. sfo, nice and clear here as well. 59 reported in san francisco right now. santa rosa at 59. we have oakland at 60. upper 50s in livermore and san jose. a little bit breezy in some areas and there is one advisory that we're still keeping track of until this afternoon at 3:00. it will expire for our bay area beaches. high surf warning was extended. waves are gradually coming down. some of those breaking waves still reaching about 17 feet. this goes until 3:00 this afternoon. here is a view of storm tracker 2 where we've got dry conditions out there. we will be partly cloudy, most hi clear for your afternoon
12:22 pm
today into tonight as well for your festivities. as we get into tomorrow morning though, things start to change. here is is a look at the winds right now. nevada reporting 15 gusting to 2 #. santa rosa gusting to 22. concord at 12. central an south bay with winds 10 to 15 miles per hour and many, many areas. here is a look at the next system that will bring us more rain and sierra snow. here is a look at your futurecast on this so we're dry today rolling you into the sunset hour. as we greet into the evening hour, still looking at mostly clear skies. a little bit cool out there for tonight but there is that rain to the north. friday will be a dry day. saturday morning, things start to change. take a look at what we're expecting. it beings like early on, maybe by 4:00, 5:00 being over portions of the north bay. 6:00, 7:00, central south bay as we get into the second part of the morning, it continues but we do dry out by the afternoon. it looks like we are pretty much in the clear. we'll call for just a slight
12:23 pm
chance at a few scattered showers for your saturday afternoon. look is at 1/4 in. for maybe four of an inch. it will be fairly week and no advisories for us here at home. there is going to be winter advisories for the sierra though. afternoon highs for today under a partly cloudy skies, 06 degrees in san francisco. low 60s in concord. here is a look at your extended forecast with your bay area weekend in view. notice temperatures do cool off though. so this storm is going to be a colder one. snow levels will be dropping. when i come back, i'll have a look at those advisories for tahoe coming up in just a bit. celebrating one of the highest honors if a chef at san francisco restaurantserning michelin stars and how one of the stars is making history. sfx: tinny headphone music
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the dow jones up 167 points there. stock ending higher after going kind of up and down. do want to mention marriott shares down right about 5.5% right now after the company did disclose as we mentioned toward the top of the newscast that massive data breach possibly affecting 500 million customer. the trump administering will host a round table with some of the most powerful ceos in the tech industry. as of now, tim cook is not on the list. he is among the tech executives
12:27 pm
who have had a strained relationship with president trump. the white house says the list is still not complete so it is possible tim cook could still take part. dozens. bay area restaurants are celebrating after being awarded michelin stars. >> one of the chefs being recognized is making history. >> reporter: the moment so many chefs work a life tomorrow to achieve finally came for dominique crenn thursday. the first woman in the u.s. to get three michelin stars. at the michelin party thursday night, san francisco's finest culinary talents gathered to celebrate and reflect on the moment professional and personal. >> i spoke to my mom today. it was very emotional. >> reporter: the chef says her michelin stardom has also come with deep reflection. >> i realize that now, today, i have a platform. i have a platform and that
12:28 pm
platform is for me to elevate others. >> reporter: the 2019 michelin guide awarded the san francisco bay area with the most three- star ratings in the nation. >> tonight, we are celebrating eight three star restaurants. it is a great achievement for san francisco and bay area. >> reporter: all knew to the three star list, the husband- wife team at single thread in sonoma county could lots of times when it was difficult, we needed to keep our heads down and phonous what was important and keep at it. >> reporter: five restaurants celebrated getting their first star this year. that included madcap in marin headed by ron seeingle cooking in his own family run fine dining menu. also the singing the praises of bird song. the chef getting his first star starting with tkpwraepbts in as raw and real a form. >> organic when it wasn't a phrase.
12:29 pm
it was just real then. nothing was modified for efficiency. nothing was driven through cost. it was all flavor borne. a new va hospital in the south bay. >> up next, details on the new state of the art facility ahead of its grand opening this weekend.
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the governor of alaska has declared a state of emergency following a major earthquake. the faa has stopped all flights in and out of anchorage international. the alaska railroad has suspended operations due to severe damage to its operations center. crews are also checking all the tracks. this was a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. it hit just about 9:30 our time here pacific standard time. about 10 miles northwest of anchorage. so far, no word of any injuries or deaths. >> we are getting a lock at some of the very extensive damage. can you see from this photo here, several on social media showing buckled and cracked roadways. a lot of damage inside buildings. a tv station had its power knocked out and they ended up going live on facebook to show some of the damage at their station. that station by the way is just
12:33 pm
five miles away from the epicenter of this earthquake. anchorage police say there is major instruct damage across the city and that some highways and bridges may be compromised. you can see from the pictures here, lots of shattered glass out in the middle of the street. some cracks reported in the buildings downtown. a tsunami warning was issued after the quake but lifted around 11:00 our time without any highway waves being reported. anchorage is prone to earthquakes but this was exceptionally strong. we spoke way former danville resident who now lives in anchorage. >> while we are used to earthquakes this was much longer, much more stay with us ár sustained. it sounded like you hear like a freight train was running through our front yard. >> this is new video into our newsroom. you can see an suv in the middle of a cracked roadway. it looks like almost similar to what you would see with some sinkholes surrounding it and some of the icy roads there. no word on whether that driver
12:34 pm
suffered any injuries. there have not been any reports of any major injuries or deaths. >> that is good news. we are constantly updating the photos for you as well as the videos of damage. we have the latest for you on our home page right there at starting this weekend, military veterans in san jose will have a new facility to receive care. >> we have some of the high tech features that veterans can look forward to. >> there are 26,000 veterans living in the south bay and now they have a brand-new facility to get medical care. this is the new va clinic. the 95,000 square feet of space spread over three floors. the cost of this building, $40 million. the architecture firm says that this is a state of the art building. with all the new toys, bells and whistles, we joined now by jim romer, project manager from the veterans administration and tell me what state of the art means. >> well state of the heart here
12:35 pm
for us is one it is a brand-new clean building so we're fresh start. we have -- right from the very beginning we have a kiosk check- in system so the first step when you come into the airport, it is like that. you have a ra card given to you. you swipe it. you are in the system. tells you where your appointment is, which level of the building. we have greet ares that help to you that location a lot of it is also just in the floor plan of the building itself. it is much more simple and clean layout. it is easier to read. you are not going through twisting, winding corridors to find your exam room. >> that sounds great right off the bat. you put this facility here in south san jose just off the 101 freeway. why not a more centrally located facility maybe in downtown since buildings are sprouting up in downtown. >> part of it is just closer to where the actual veterans live. we are bay mile and a half from our existing clinic that we just left. we did look at downtown but it
12:36 pm
came with a much higher price tag that we just can't make work out. >> reporter: the grand opening is saturday. you are doing a walk-through this friday afternoon. >> correct. >> appreciate your time. good luck with the project. >> thank you, sir. >> that is the story here in south san jose. a man accused of beat a woman outside a nap bar is in custody. napa police announced that that suspect, james falkenberry surrendered and 10:00 last night. surveillance video showed the man showing a woman out of a sports bar and lounge. that man and another man punched and kicked her. two other men came out with pool sticks to fend off her attackers. another suspect surrendered earlier this week an is being held without bail. >> the incident monitor overseeing reforms in the oakland police department says he found instances where officers used force and did not report it as required. according to the san francisco
12:37 pm
chronicle, court appointed monitor robert warshaw said he found evidence that officers pointed their guns at suspects or used force but did not report it. the chronicle says warshaw reviewed arrest reports after the department reported a 75% drop in police use of force from 2012 to 2017. he reviewed 38 cases and found six cases of unreported use of force. an oakland police officer has reportedly been fired for violating the department's high speed chase policy. according to the chronicle, an independent monitor overseeing these reforms concluded that the violation in report last month. the policy bans officers from pursuing high speed chases if the suspect is not considered violent. the report says several other officers involved in the case were suspended and one person was seriously hurt after that chase ended in a crash. san francisco's police union is angry about the process for promoting police officers saying it is not fair. according to the san francisco examiner, the police officers association sent a letter to police chief bill scott about its concerns. the union says the police chief
12:38 pm
recently passed over some officers who scored high on promotion exams. the report says chief scott can consider other criteria when decide whom to promote. a new bill in state legislature aims to ban sale of flavored e-cigarettes. next week, state senator jerry hill says he will introduce the bill when the legislature reconvenes. the goal is to stop the use of e-cigarettes by teenagers. we are learning more about the controversial research that led to the first dna edited babies. the stab ford educated professor behind it recruited seven coupled to take part in the study. each up canle has one specific thing in common. the father is hiv positive and the mother hiv negative. the goal was to make babies who are resist can't to hiv infection. >> this is most importantly for
12:39 pm
curing diocese through gene editing. it helps patients with rare diseases especially hiv patients. >> we still have alet of work to do to prove and establish that the procedure is actually safe. i would say that no babies should be born at this point in time following the use of this technology. it is simply too early, too premature. >> one set of twin was born to one couple. another enrolled couple may also be pregnant. dna tests like 23 and me are a pop hare gift for the holidays an for one san francisco woman, the results have been life changing. tracy deluca says she knows she was adopted but did not know anything about her birth family. so back in 2007, she sent a dna sample to 23 and knee and just this june, she match wade second cuss inwho helped her find some of her family. she has since traveled to the state of ohio to meet her biological mother. >> when we pulled in the
12:40 pm
driveway, she slammed the door shut on effect else and said this is my moment. this is just me and her. >> we'll have more on that in strand of truth a half hour prime sometime special. it airs tonight at 8:30. >> most people have heard about sheep walking or talking but now it seems there are some people word sleep texting. a new study says sleep texting is on the rise. especially among college students. researchers looked at college students at two universities. they say more than a quarter of students texted in their sleep and 72% of them didn't even remember it. >> did you wake up in the middle of night, and like oh, snap, my friend texted me and text him and wake up maybe five hour later. >> one of reasons i don't sleep with my phone next to me in bed is because of that. >> that is good advice. the doctors say the best advice is to just put down the phones an get some rest. >> steph curry expected on back on the court for tomorrow night's game in the city of detroit. but off the court, how steph answered a letter from a young
12:41 pm
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sy a mobile food batch is? fran's financial district collecting don'tation. the wells fargo pop up food bank is right there. and tomorrow and sunday, it will be at pier 39. it will benefit the feeding america network and the san francisco marin network. the holiday season kicking off in san francisco. winter park ice is open and it will be open every day at noon until january 6th. until january 6th. . if you really want to get the bay area winter experience, go tomorrow when it is raining, right? >> yeah, a little bit of rain in the morning and then we'll dry out by the afternoon. so the rest of the wiped weekend looks dry for all those
12:45 pm
festivity out there . it will be cool. take a look at what is going on outside our doors today. we have mostly clear skies for the afternoon and temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s at this hour and we'll warm up just a little bit as we tweet into the second part of the day. here a look at storm tracker 2. you can see a different perspective. we have mostly clear skies along the coastline, around the bay and inland. if i take you a little bit farther back, i can show you the next system that will bring us in rain and more sierra snow. the wind for today being a little breezy. concord reporting sustained at 12. santa rosa at 12 but gusting to 22. we'll go with mostly clear skies, cool temperatures, a the bit of a breeze out there for today. there is the look at the next system there. off the coast of washington, oregon, slides into the bay area during the overnight hours. if you do have early morning plans, bring along the pwrefplt here is a look at the futurecast on this. picking it up at this hour. mostly clear skies. there is your sunset hour. if you are going for jack london square if oakland for
12:46 pm
the tree lighting ceremony, going to be nice. you will need a jacket but you will not need the umbrella. there is tonight if you are going to be out and about. there is tomorrow morning. that is the next system right in there. it arrives over the north bay early on and then as we get through about 6:00, 7:00, it begins to slight ár slide south. there is 10:00 but then you will notice by the afternoon, we are winding down. it is moving on. it is moving into the sierra. as far as rainfall amounts, 1/4 inch to 1/2 in. for most areas. could see wetter spots, maybe an inch or so. outside of that, we are looking at just a pretty good weekend with dry conditions for all your holiday shopping. maybe you will get out and about for some festive activities going on. for the sierra, if you are planning on going up for some skiing, be prepared a winter storm warning starts tonight and goes until saturday night. some of our higher peaks could pick up another one, two, maybe three feet of snow. that is great news. here is a look at the temperatures outside or our door. upper 50s to low 60s. as we get into the afternoon, only warming a few degree from
12:47 pm
here. we'll remain in the low 60s for the second part of day. mentioned this in the last half hour. we have a high surf advisory along our bay area beaches. it goes until 3:00 this afternoon. it is beginning to calm down. some of the breaking waves still up to about 17 feet. are you ready for the extended forecast. behind the system tomorrow morning, notice how temperature cool even more. we are looking at afternoon highs in the mid- to upper 50s. so you may need the jacket but once we get past tomorrow morning, you won't need the umbrella. back to you. >> thank you. richard sherman of the san francisco 49ers will play against his old team sunday when the niners take on the seattle seahawks up in seattle. sherman spent seven seasons with the seahawks but it all ended when he was cut last march. seattle is coming off a pretty big win and are still in the mix for a playoff spot. . . the raider will try to slow down kansas, kansas city one of
12:48 pm
the hottest teams in football on sundayen the 9-2 chiefs play the 2-9 raid are at the coliseum. chiefs have an explosive offense this career it will be a difficult task for the defense. the vegas odds makers have the chiefs as 15 point favorites. from the field to the court, golden state warriors head to detroit to play the pistons after losing to toronto in ot. >> they are over the limit too. they are not going to. >> phenomenal game. the warriors erasing an 18- point did he have at this time sáeut to force that overtime. he put up 51 points last night but still, toronto won 131-128. steph curry expected to play tomorrow night in detroit after missing the past two weeks because of a freon injury. >> a young point guard way lot of girl power is sparking change at a big corporation. she did it way happened written letter to steph curry.
12:49 pm
>> we caught one the fourth grader from napa. >> reporter: it was three weeks ago when nine-year-old riley morrison pened a letter to steven curry. she had only hoped he would receive it but never imagined the father two of daughter himself would reply with a handwritten letter published on twitter thus for the world to see. >> i didn't think it would go to this point. >> reporter: in her letter to curry, she expressed her disappoint weren't with under armour's web site which had only offered the curry 5 sneakers in boys' sizes and not in girls. >> i hope you can work with under armour to change this because girls wand to rock the curry 5s too. >> he wrote we are correcting this now. i want to make sure you can wear my kicks proudly. i will send you a pair of curry 5s now and you will be one. the favorite kids to get the curry six. he sweeten the deal by inviting riley to oakland for international women's day for a
12:50 pm
special celebration. >> i think he totally made our daughter's day, week, month, year. we look up to him as an athlete and i think now we look up to him more as ad it and family man and someone that wants to support girls and athletes. >> reporter: she has learned a thing or two. she has been practicing her skills as a point guard. here at napa valley language academy with her family right by her side, cheering her on with their phones in hand. >> girls are strong and they can do anything they put mire mind to. >> in a statement, under armour says they are correcting a critical error saying, quote, beginning now and moving forward, our youth sizes will be properly labeled on to reflect co-gender grade school sizing. >> it is amazing how she has changed the culture and possibly changed the narrative going forward which i think is really great and i don't know if she can grasp it yet and hopefully one day she will grasp what she's done and i'm
12:51 pm
proud of her and happy. how do you feel now that you are seeing them here in the girls section. >> i feel cool and that is cool that he fixed it. coming up, if you are a lego fan and you live in the bay area, it is the perfect new lego set when you will be able to buy a san francisco skyline you can put together yourself. . be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today.
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a grand jury has indicted a former police officer for murder in the deadly shooting of her neighbor in his apartment. amber geiger was arrested back in september for the shooting death of both am jean. guying are was fired to from
12:54 pm
the dallas police department shortly after the shooting. actor to him hanks could be joining the ranks latest live action disney film. the actor is in talk toly pinocchio's father. he has a busy year ahead of him with the film greyhound and his return to toy story. we are going to continue to follow the developing situation in alaska where we are seeing damage from the 7.0 earthquake this morning we are get a better look at the damage in and around anchorage. president trump tweeted that the federal government will spare no expense helping state of alaska recover. full full coverage today on the 4. >> let's show you another check of the market before the closing bell. tout is up 25,477. up about 140 point. s&p and the action news jax diamondback are also up.
12:55 pm
marriott stock is set to close down about 6% following the news about that massive data breach. >> nasa is turning to a private company to carry out its return to the moon. the space agency announced nine u.s. companies are vying for the job to help get experiments to the lunar surface as soon as possible. nasa says it will buy the service and the company will work out the details of the mission. nasa has not september a spacecraft to the moon since 1972. lego is launching a san francisco skyline set. the display will feature several san francisco icons including the paint ladies, golden gate bridge and coit tower, alcatraz, the transamerica period and sales force tower are also in the design. the san francisco lego set will be out next year. we are get a sneak peek at caltrans' holiday train. it is decorated with more than 75,000 glittering lights as it rolls between san francisco and santa clara. the holiday ride will be available to the public
12:56 pm
tomorrow and sunday. riders are very much encouraged to bring new unwrapped toys to donate to local underserved children as part of a benefit to help the toys for tots and the salvation army season of giving programs. >> the increasing cost of rents in the area, the increasing cost of living just means that families in the bay area have very little expendable income and so the holidays are really a time when the community can rally together, pull together resources, donate toys and money and help make the season brighter for many, many families. >> last year, the holiday train brought together more than 35,000 bay area residents and collected over 3,000 toys. >> nothing like those holiday lights to make things look so festive. >> one last thing here just crossing the wires about the earthquake in alaska. the police chief said he has
12:57 pm
been told that parts of the highway has sunken, completely disappeared. more coverage for you coming up on the 4 and online right now. >> thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. stay with us for more on the developing news about the quake.
12:58 pm
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dr. oz: couples longing for a child, ready to open their hearts to adoption, excited, anxious, and catfished. >> i know those babies are never going to the hours. dr. oz: how can you spot the warning signs? plus, a dr. who can literally feel your pain. >> i have to will myself to breathe. dr. oz: coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: season 10 starts now. aboutwe are talking catfish adoption


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