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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 3, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> we are starting off with cloud cover. as dave mentioned, it is called and not as cold as yesterday morning. here is hoping you were not out yesterday warning. 36 degrees to start your day in santa rosa. san francisco, 48 in oakland at 47. here's i live look at sfo. there is fog visibility looks good. 43 in livermore and san jose checking in at 45. temperatures are up over yesterday morning. it is 8 in halo and we start with a freeze warning with the inland locations. that was canceled because of cloud cover and temperatures not as bad as yesterday
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morning. the wind is light and visibility is generally good. we cannot pick up on duchy -- patchy dense fog. you can see some here and to the north, north of sonoma county you may have travel plans and that area. the wind is light from the northeast. hayward from the south and set sfo, and mid to upper 50s for nose -- most. for the south bay, 56 expected. we see an increase in cloud cover tonight and rain tomorrow. we will look at the forecast coming up and it is 6:01. >> the roadways are crowded. there is a delay at the toll plaza droving from oakland to san francisco. we don't see major crashes on the way. traffic is more crowded than it was 10 minutes ago. this is a look at the commute
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on interstate 880 and oakland. traffic is moving well in both directions. there is not much in the way of traffic here. northbound at 280, there is report of a crash that is not causing a big delay. the southbound commute is okay. it is 6:02 with breaking news with reports of the early morning shooting in the mission district. you were out there. what do you hear? what do you know? >> the police reopened 16th street this morning. we hear reports it was a shot spotter that brought them out here. this is several restaurants and retail shops. we don't have a lot of information confirmed that we hear reports that two people were shot and the condition of
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the victims is unknown but the medical examiner was called to the scene. this is not far from the mission police station one block away. they been plagued with shootings. there were two in july at a drive-by shooting in august. we do not know if a suspect has been taken into custody. we hear reports that two people were shot on 16th street. we have calls in requesting more information. today, the men charged in a ghost ship warehouse fire are scheduled to a peer in court. sarah joins us now at the courthouse where they are expected to make a brief appearance. sarah? >> reporter: good morning. that is to appear at 9:00 this morning. both are expected to be here
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today. the trial is expected to go to trial and thus bring. this case was expected to wrap up over summer. that changed when they took a plea deal. he would've been locked up for nine years and harris would've gotten 6 years. prosecutors alleged the pair created emissions that led to the test. some family members thought the punishment was not enough. basalt the move essay went. another judge rejected the deal. loved ones gathered at what is left to honor the billy >> the hope is for justice. >> many people are responsible for this, not just max harris or derick almena. the city , the owners, the tenants that lived in here that knew about the safety issues
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and never did anything about it. they are responsible in my opinion. >> reporter: as for the civil trial, that includes the building landlord and that is expected to go to trial next month. in oakland, ktvu fox 2 news. the oakland police are searching for the behavior person behind a deadly shooting. the 18-year-old man was shot and killed saturday night on 47th avenue, a half-mile from international boulevard. mohammed argued with someone at a party before he was shot and he died at the scene. no one else was hurt. the police are investigating a show a person apparently jumped or yell 50 feet off a freeway exit trying to get away. people gathered near interstate 80 according to the san francisco chronicle. one person well and was
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airlifted to the hospital. we do not have a report at this point. the police issued tickets to sideshow drivers and people were watching and one car was seized. students from schools that were destroyed in the campfire are heading to class but they are going to other schools in different parts of the county. arrangements are made to keep students and teachers together. students at paradise elementary will go to class in or about. students at other schools will be bussed to nearby towns. >> the bird street school, 90 children and the teachers and principal decided they would move the entire campus to another sister school which is the stamford school. >> i have a lot of memories there. it's going to rebuilt, i am
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pretty sure and i can go back. >> students and parents say that being able to be back in class will make life seem more normal. george hw bush will make a final trip to washington dc aboard air force one. he will lie in state at the u.s. capitol. there is a week of events planned to honor the late president. >> this is the rare honor we bestow on presidents on capitol hill. it is a chance for the public to say farewell and remember a lifetime of public service. >> reporter: the presidential aircraft is with one final mission for george hw bush, carrying him back to washington. in houston where he passed on friday, the memories of the man and his life of service are vivid. the community relive, and even a favorite restaurant nearby. >> he was down to earth.
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he was approachable and you know? a good man. >> reporter: a poignant photo from a family spokesman shows the service dog still by his side. remember a man who lived such a public life, he wrote ev a and went on to serve in congress and became the cia director and vice president and president. he did not like to talk about the legacy. >> i would like to have somebody else figure out that's what motivates me and barbara. i just think let the historians do it. >> you will lie in the rotunda until wednesday and a funeral service and washington. as were his final moments, james baker was with him at that end and remember his his last words. >> he said those words to 43, george bush 43 it was called in
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and said dad, i love you. i will see you on the other side. and president bush said i love you and those were his last words. >> he will return to texas this week for aerial at the presidential library. in washington, fox news. the time is 6:09. harris may have plans for the white house and what she said about a possible run for president. google continues to expand the campus plans in san jose. the protest is underway. so far so good with the morning commute. when it comes to major accidents, things are slowing down and we will let you know where. a cold start to the day. we will show you what you can
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welcome back. we have more unknown breaking news out of arkansas. one child was killed and 20 people are injured after a charter bus crash pick the bus was carrying a youth football team. most were elementary school kids. the police say the bus
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overturned after it drove off the interstate. they are questioning the driver about what happened. the death of pharaoh, the long time talkshow host is being investigated in kentucky. the body was found in a wooded area about a mile from where he was last seen. his wife told police he may have been suffering from early onset dementia. we have no details yet on how he may have died. the art project has been commissioned to honor oscar grant. a merrill will be created outside the station in oakland were grant died 10 years ago. he signed a $30,000 contract and many of the pieces can be seen around oakland. the final design has not been decided but his uncle hopes it resembles his nephew and captured the love he shared
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with others. >> this is an extension of love of atonement. >> the family hopes one day the station will be renamed grant. the police in antioch are searching for a hit and run driver who hit a woman in a wheelchair as she was crossing lone tree way. the photos from the website show the badly damaged wheelchair. ape purse and red lipstick was found. a man said he helped the woman in a wheelchair in that general area friday night and it may be the same woman. >> she was on the street and having trouble getting on the sidewalk. the pictures you showed me looked like her belongings. >> he said what he remembered most was her bright red lipstick . the police have not
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identified the woman but she lives in discovery bay. east county reports she is in critical condition. a modesto man is recovering after being burned and backyard explosion. these are security camera videos that shows a shed exploding. this happened after 2:30 friday morning. >> it flew off the shed. i don't know how he was as okay as he was. >> the fire investigation unit has determined the fire was the result of a butane hash or honeywell lab. the man is treated for third- degree burns. and has san jose, a dozen people are taking part in a fast that started yesterday. it is for quote, housing, not google. they were worried about the impact will have on san jose
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residents. they say it will push up rent and increase homelessness and lead to evictions. the city council is due to vote this month on whether to sell downtown land. you can check out something at the santa clara central park library. >> this is some -- something no one else have, a self-serve kiosk where you can renew your registration for your car without waiting in line at the dmv. there is no extra charge to use the machine. you can use debit or credit card to have your registration printed. there are similar kiosks at pack and save stores around the bay area. >> i love the idea. >> especially since you have to wait to renew your registration. >> we could go to sal right now
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. >> exactly. i am helping you with the commute and it is heavier as you are on the roads. highway 24 westbound is getting busier in lafayette on the way to the tunnel with no major issues. it is slow and traffic is slow. you can see the bay bridge toll plaza delay is getting busier driving over to san francisco. you have to wait teen minutes to get onto the span. on 880, it looks fine but nearby at 92 on 238, there was a crash. traffic is coming in that is just a little bit slower here coming in. it is not as bad as it could be. traffic is slow on 880. let's bring in rosemary. good morning. we are looking at cloudy skies
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and temperatures, another cool start but not as cold because of the cloud cover. we are dry today with wet weather returning tomorrow. it could come in as early as the morning drive we have cloudy conditions with clouds thickening up but today is a dry day. tomorrow morning, the models are bringing it in early on with a wet road for that dry. some models bring it in and around 10:00. by noon, 1:00, we have rainfall overhead. in the afternoon, scattered showers that will continue to state with showers in the forecast for wednesday and thursday. we dry out. it looks like we are dry for the weekend. upped to an half inch of rainfall.
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there is more on wednesday and again thursday, it is winding down and moving out. this morning, we have clouds in place and patchy fog and visibility, so far so good. the temperatures this morning, 36 degrees in santa rosa and 46 in concord. 47 in oakland and 48 in san francisco. wind is light and variable. mostly cloudy and as cool as yesterday. the sun is shining and some areas. expect cloud cover to thicken up and temperatures to remain cool. temperatures will in the 50s into the weekend . the wet weather is coming in on tuesday and drying out by thursday. snowing in the sierra. as you know, is a good idea to have
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snow showers. >> thank you. d stressing before college finals? the schools that are bringing in llamas to help students relax. a truce has been made between the trade war with the u.s. and china. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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well come back. astronauts from u.s. and canada and russia are on their way to the international space station. the station launched at 3:30 this morning. they will link up with the space station in about three hours. this is the first space mission since the aborted mission two months ago. it was cut short with the rocket failed to separate. they made it safely back to the ground. james comey says he will testify privately before the house committee as part of a deal with the judiciary committee. is been told he is free to speak about the questioning afterwards and a transcript will be released 24 hours after
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he testifies. he is expected to be questioned including a call for no criminal charges against no hillary -- against hillary clinton and the fbi investigation into russia and president trump's campaign pick investigators are optimistic about a trade dispute. president trump tweeted that china has a grade to reduce and remove tariffs on cars coming in to china from the u.s. >> the tariff is 40% this comes after president trump and that chinese leader met in argentina. president trump agreed to keep the rate at 10% and officials will try to negotiate a new set of agreements over intellectual property and agriculture. if there is no agreement, the white house says the tariff rates will go back up to 25%. the central americans in the migrant caravan camped out
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in tijuana and launched a hunger strike. the migrants have been in tijuana waiting to be allowed to apply for asylum. they launched a hunger strike to call attention to their demands. a hunger strike will be limited to four days were each person taking part because of the health risk expect our people suffer. we do not want them to be put in danger healthwise after having gone through a month and half of traveling. >> the trump administration is talking with the mexican government. president trump wants the migrants to remain in mexico while the asylum claims are processed. california harris says she plans to announce that she will run for president. harris made the announcement in san francisco. speculation has been mounting that harris would
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throw her how -- hat in the ring. she says it is a serious decision that will be made with her family over the holidays. the university plans to get electricity from renewable resources. four days of honor for george hw bush. i am in houston with the latest coming up. good morning. we are off to a nice dart on highway 24. it is crowded and we both talk about the freeways that are beginning to slow down. it is called and we will check your current conditions and tell you what you can expect in the afternoon.
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good morning. thank you for joining us. it is monday. >> good morning. it is a huge day, a positive day . let's talk about that u.s. trade agreement with the u.s. and china. >> the numbers are way down with a different kind. there is a cold star. temperatures are not as cold as we started yesterday morning. there was a freeze warning with
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that national weather service that canceled that because of the cloud cover offsetting the cooling. we are in the 30s but not widespread freezing. a look, a dark start in san francisco. 47 in oakland and low 40s in livermore. you can see we are up from yesterday. we are up by 8 degrees in hayward and the south bay. it is warmer than yesterday morning . it is still a cool start. here's a few at the cloud cover that helped us out overnight and will continue over the next couple of hours. we're looking at partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. visibility is not bad. the wind is generally light and hayward is at 7 miles per hour. your afternoon hike today with
6:31 am
increasing clouds, 57 on oakland and for the south bay, d7 is expected in san jose. sunset is around 4:50 and temperatures drop off a bit with rain in store tomorrow. it is 6:31. how are the highways doing this morning? >> we have a couple of incidences for the morning commute. the bay bridge, it doesn't look too unusual. it is back up and most of the traffic is moving well in the carpool lanes and the fast track lanes and it is faster than straight cash lanes. interstate 880 is getting slower to downtown oakland. the san mateo breeze is filling in. 680 is slow and so is highway
6:32 am
84. northbound 87 near the capital expressway, they have had two crashes on 87. that is not a great way to go unless you're driving after partner. 6:32 and let's go back to that desk. family and friends in the nation is saying farewell to president george hw bush. air force one will take the former president from houston, texas, to washington dc. lauren joins us live from houston with details about the event planned this week. good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning. we are outside the funeral home where george hw bush, his body is here right now. you see the hearse ready to take the casket as well as the
6:33 am
bush family to the airfield outside of houston where they will had to washington dc one last time. it is in washington former president will live for about 35 hours. today is one of four days honoring the president. >> he lived a wonderful life, an incredible lie. >> reporter: george hw bush is mourned across the country, the loss is tough for his service dog. is ultimate tweeted a photo set it line beneath the flag draped casket with mission complete is the caption. he will travel from his home of houston to washington via air force one pick the special flight is dubbed special air mission 41 here in dc come his body will lie inside the capital monday night through wednesday morning. thousands are expected to pass through the rotunda and say good by. >> our sincere condolences to
6:34 am
the bush family. >> family and friends will attend a memorial service and he will make his final journey home where a private funeral service will be held thursday at his longtime church, st. martins episcopal. >> he will be missed. he led a full life and an exemplary life. >> reporter: a short time ago, the family spokesman tweeted out a photo, the former president that is laid to rest as he wore socks that he felt had designs with something that meant something to him, a cause he was pushing. we learn the final socks will pay tribute to his time as a naval adv a with airplanes on them. they will be given a chance to say goodbye in texas before the private services. of course,
6:35 am
the president will be laid to rest at his presidential library next to his wife barbara bush and their daughter who died in 1953. thank you. it is back to school for thousands of paradise students after their lives were turned upside down by the devastating camp fire. schools have opened in various locations. tell us more about that. >> the campfire was devastating. eight of the nine schools were burned. paradise survive but it is too dangerous to go to attend class. the neighboring towns have stepped in to help. there are 3500 students in the paradise school district. the classes have opened in different locations and class starts this morning at satellite locations. >> i lost my home.
6:36 am
pretty much all of our students except seven lost their comes. it is a different world for them and us. >> every facility has been nothing but accommodating and it is inspiring to see everyone coming together to do what is best for our students. >> charter schools are reopening as well. there were six charter schools and two are down in the campfire but back to class for students today. paradise charter schools opened in churches and other spaces in chico. administrators said they will adapt the curriculum for returning students and making adjustment and providing independent study as there is a drop in a facility in the chico mall. we are following breaking news in san francisco about a possible early morning shooting
6:37 am
and the mission district. police were carrying out an investigation. they will lycie officers are investigating the incident in the neighborhood. there are reports that shots were fired and two people may have been hit by gunfire. we are live with a live report in the next hour. struck today, the men charged with the 36 deaths at the oakland go ship warehouse fire will be in court when a new judge is to oversee the case. derick almena and max harris both are facing 36 counts of manslaughter. family members and friends gathered last night to remember loved ones exactly two years after they die. gregory died in the arms of her boyfriend. as her father said, the original plea deal just was not
6:38 am
enough. he believes there are other people to blame for that deadly fire. >> many people are responsible, not just max harris or derick almena . the city, the owners, the tenants that lived in here and knew about some of the safety issues and never did anything about it and they are responsible in my opinion. >> the criminal trial will be set after the new judge is name. the civil lawsuit is not scheduled to begin until next october. supervisors will meet tomorrow to discuss the possible ordinance that would ban drink containers. 100 other california cities have some form of a ban. star phone and similar materials can be difficult to resell and adds to the waist at local lan false. tomorrow morning, there will likely direct daft members to
6:39 am
draw up an ordinance. there is a push in san francisco to extend the free tuition program for residents and city college for 20 years. the program started last year and is due to expire in june. it is contributing to a 70% jump in enrollment. san francisco reports the supervisor once the city to establish a long-term free city college fund. if they approve it, the measure would be put on the ballot in november 2019. stanford university is taking steps to ensure the school remains right without increasing greenhouse emissions. they are building a solar generating plant with the roof top solar power and a first solar station that will provide enough electricity to carver the electric needs. it will be plant 35 miles south
6:40 am
of fresno and will be online in three years. students at uc berkeley maybe stressed out because of the final exams can hang out with a llama to calm their nerves. the event is called llama palouse a. >> of course it is. >> they are bringing in seven llamas to the campus. students can guide the llamas through an obstacle course or pose for summaries. it is a popular event on the campus for several years. >> you will see a lot of llama selfies i am sure. that is very fun. 6:40 is the time. we have a look at the violence in paris and how police responded. shopping in stores without pulling out your wallet and amazon is expanding technology.
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it is getting more crowded on some of the east bay commutes. we are looking at the day bridge with traffic looking good on the span. it is a quiet start to your monday. we have rain in the forecast and we will look at what you can expect the rest of the week coming up. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless.
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welcome back. amazon is testing cashierless check out technology. amazon is testing it in seattle. the system tracks what you pick up from shelves and automatically charges you and you leave the store. it works well with the amazon small store format. it is harder to use in bigger stores with higher ceilings are more products. arizona high schools are starting the afterschool video link. they are partnering with online gaming organization legacy eastwards to implement the
6:45 am
program. some universities are giving out scholarships for gamers. >> it is no different than a high school athletic. now, this students have the opportunity to earn similar scholarships. >> arizona school officials saying it might encourage students to pursue s.t.e.m. schools. ralph is number 1 at the box office. >> hello. >> wait. i am a princess also. >> what kind of a princess are you? you have magic hair or hands? do animals talk to you? are you cursed quest kidnapped or enslaved? >> are you okay?>> do you assume? >> this made $25 million and it crosses that $200 million mark
6:46 am
in global ticket sales. dr. seuss and the grinch moved up to kate second place at $17 million in sales. our time is 6:46 and cleaning up in illinois where 20 tornadoes touched down. they hit central illinois and destroyed houses and not down power lines. dozens of people were hurt. this is the town of taylorville hit by the tornadoes. rescuers pulled people out of damaged habits. the governor said it was a miracle no one was killed. business after people came to the sierra after the weekend. drivers encounter fresh powder. stores and restaurants say two thirds of the business came from out-of-towners who came up to enjoy the snow. the next few weekends are
6:47 am
critical to make up a late start to the snow season. >> it was not as active exciting . you know? you have to regroup and replenish everything from the holidays. >> snow shovels are a hot item. they say they should sell 1000 between now and new year's. >> plenty of snow mean skiers are flooding into the tahoe area. >> i want to see that. >> there is a live look there about 2 feet of snow over the weekend. i got pictures from cook wood and our friends up. it is looking good. >> i am ready. my skis are ready. >> takes out after he talks about the morning traffic.
6:48 am
>> to i have to wait for that? >> you have to take care of the people. >> we are looking at eight typical commute with slow traffic -- eight typical commute . it is not unusual to be up to eight 15 minute delay. up you are on a schedule, i don't see anything that would throw you off yet on the bay bridge. interstate 880 looks good. you can see there is not a lot up slowing yet. the bridge is filling in. if you are driving on the bridge come it is slow halfway across. dumbarton had sloughing in newark. san jose had a lot of activity on 87 and northbound is slow to kirkwood avenue. it is early enough to use 85 or
6:49 am
101 as an alternate. it is not completely filled in and the south bay. you can see traffic is okay. 280 in san jose looks good. it is 237. 6:49. hello. >> that shot looks lori. >> it's your eyes. we have sunshine finally this morning with partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. and the second half of the day, the clouds will continue to thicken up. tomorrow, wet weather is in the forecast. we are dry and cool today and wet weather lasting until wednesday and thursday. the future cast, partly cloudy turning mostly cloudy tonight. tomorrow morning, the models ring it in fairly early and we will have it on the morning
6:50 am
drive. it could miss the morning drive and sow we'll track it for you and steve will be back tomorrow morning. here is a look at 1:00. it looks foggy. here is a look at that evening with scattered showers on the evening commute. it continues into the evening. it winds down a little bit and we have scattered showers on wednesday. rainfall will not show as much as we have seen with the system we could see half an inch to an inch in some areas. you can see thursday maybe an inch in the north bay locations. the will be snow in the sierra but no advisories because the accumulation is expected to be about an inch. the cloud cover, it begins to pull away through the morning. overnight, to offset the
6:51 am
cooling, we have a freeze warning that was canceled because you can see it is a cold start but not widespread when it comes to the 30s this morning. it is 30 in livermore. that i say livermore? 43 in livermore and 40 degrees in napa. it is 47 in oakland. the highs today like yesterday with widespread 50s and partly to mostly cloudy skies. sunsets around 4:50. it cools off quickly. here is a look at the extended forecast. the temperatures will remain in the 50s. wet weather arrives on tuesday and we are drive for the weekend for holiday shopping and the festivities with ice-skating. >> okay. it is 6:51. the damage reports from the alaska earthquake keeps coming in and what people are asked to
6:52 am
do as a safety caution. let see what is coming up. good morning. we welcome libby in the studio as we do the beginning of every month. we are focusing on the oakland police use of force and how you can help make the holidays writer and get that warm fuzzy feeling. dna test kits can help you find family members and the story of one who had to wait a while before she made the discovery of a lifetime. not to the finish.t. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him.
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expert care for every new beginning.
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the glenn highway which connects anchorage and its northern suburbs is now reduced to a single lane as crews start
6:56 am
fixing the roads after a massive earthquake. there's 200 aftershocks measuring 3.0 or higher since friday. hundreds more could happen in the weeks ahead. so far no deaths or serious injuries have been reported. the nfl football season ended this morning. the 49ers would have the number one pick in the nfl draft. . >> here's the pass, get the first down, he gets it to the end zone for the touchdown. >> that was good for the 49ers. they had a tough challenge yesterday going to seattle to play the seahawks. richard sherman went back to his stomping groudz. the loss 43-16. the 49ers over the denver broncos next week. only four games left in the
6:57 am
season for the oakland raiders. 0 touchdown, mar sell achen. >> a shoot out in oakland against kansas city, the chiefs jumpeded out to a big league. the raiders make it close in the second half. raiders didn't enough to finish and a come back and they lost, 40-43. the raiders are tied with the 49ers for the worst record in the nfl. next week the raiders host the pittsburgh steelers. san jose sharks finally got a win on a five game road trip. they overpowered mon trael, 3- 1. justin bronze scored in the first period followed moments later by a goal by brent burns. the real stand off wut the goalie. martin jones turned away 40 shots including 22 in the third period alone.
6:58 am
the sharks ended their road trip with one win and will be back on their home ice against carolina wednesday. both cal and stanford are going to bowl games this year. cal will play tcu in the cheese it bowl. that game will be at the home of the arizona diamondbacks the day after christmas. the golden bears opened as a 2.5 favorite. the stanford cardinals headed to pass pass texas to play in the sun bowl on new year's eve. seven point favorites against pit. levi stadium is hosting two big bowl games first it's the red box bowl featuring michigan state and oregon. the ducks are the slight favorites. that game is new year's eve at noon. the college football championship game will be played at levi stadium. number one alabama plays number four oklahoma in the orange bowl.
6:59 am
number two clemson plays third ranked notre dame in the cotton bowl. the winners will play in the college. the first night of hanukkah last night. interior secretary helped light the giant minora. he also praised president trump's commitment for the jewish people. a police investigation of a shooting in the early morning hours, not far from the police station. . we'll take a look at the
7:00 am
first of many ceremonies in the week of mourning for former president george herbert walker bush. turn up the thermostat, it's cold this monday december 3rd good morning, i'm dave clark. it's chilly. in for steve, you know about that. >> yes, temperatures in the 30s once again for some of the inland communities. we started the morning with the freeze warning, that was allowed to be cancelled because we had some cloud cover also in place that helped to off set the cooling in any case, we're looking at temperatures warmer than yesterday but you still need a jacket. sfo, 47 degrees and we have partly cloudy clear skies there. little bit of a cloud cover early on but now they are beginning to clear some. santa rosa, 36 there. 46 in oakland. livermore at 42 and san jose at 45. now that the sun is up,


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