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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 4, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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saying goodbye, the nation's capitol rotunda opened overnight so citizens can bid farewell to former president george h. w. bush. what we're learning about the national day of mourning. and land that could be sold to google. opposition by housing advocates. and the millennium power tower building, they could fix and reverse the tower's tilt, how much it could cost. good afternoon, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank mallicoat in for mike this afternoon. we want to get you out nice and quick. another storm system will be working its way into the bay area. our meteorologist, mark will be joining us to talk about how much rain will come with that new storm. in washington, d.c. where
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the body of former president george h. w. bush is lying in state, with thousands hoping to pay their respects in person. we have here a live look at what's happening inside the us capitol rotunda. so many people filing by, pausing for a moment to say thank you and goodbye to our country's 41st president. the late president's service dog sully was with him to bid fare well. he was with his wife barbara, he paid his respects to the late president bush. and tomorrow will be the national day of mourning. >> george h. w. bush lying in state for a second day as thousands of americans come to capitol hull to pay their respects. the crowds continue to gather in washington, politicians and dignitaries and every day
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american who wish to say good- bye to a man who comes from an ear a that was kinder and gentler era of politics. >> he treated people like people, he was kinder. >> he kept his word and he would keep his confidence, i miss him. >> and the tributes in washington, the former president's adopted hometown of houston will honor him with a special concert and turner remembered him as a statesman. >> whether you are a waiter or a anyway walk of life, george her better walker bush treated you just the same. >> there will it be four eulogies, including one by the 43rd president, george w. bush and the president's body will be back in houston where lie in
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repose where the final funeral of the burial ceremony at the george h. w. bush library. >> i'm doing something for george h. w. bush and barbara also. >> the federal government will be closed to p president trump has declared it a national day of mourning. in washington, doug luzader for ktvu fox 2 news. we're going to bring you live coverage of the funeral service tomorrow on mornings on 2, prince charles and the prime minister marone will be part of the dignitaries. an autopsy is being performed as there was a body found in a car, he had a gunshot wound. we're waiting for the identity to be released. they're expected to decide today whether to sell a
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valuable piece of land to google. >> it's next to be the train station, the project is controversial because of the impact that a google mega campus could have on the neighborhood and the housing market as as well. >> reporter: some see future development here as a dream come true, for others it's a housing nightmare. >> everyone in san jose knows we have a housing crisis, we don't need another tech campus in silicon valley. >> they are expected to approve the sale of 23 acres of public land to develop a google campus with housing and retail around the transit hub, they say it's worth $23 million which is market rate. >> for you are going to bring
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in 20,000 jobs this is the best place to do it where there's a station and high speed rail. >> the transit stations echoed it. >> we're thrilled about the prospect of an active vibrant downtown and a downtown with lots of people. >> they touted if google's willingness to develop plans for the land and not demanding tax breakers with the city. >> unlike what amazon did and building the spaceship -- >> you have a major employer saying we want to add 20,000 jobs and we want to be additive to your community. this is a dream come true that's looking for adding another employer to san jose. >> it's going to trickle down, it won't work that way in the future. that's my biggest concern.
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>> some housing advocates have staged a hunger strike, and they're going to keep up the protest until tonight. >> this is public land, we need to use public land for public good not for private profit. >> they're going to vote on this project and they expect there will be a vote at 2:30 this afternoon. it could take a few hours before a decision is made by the council. the council. homeowners in san francisco's millennium tower building will be taking a big step. they'll show off their leaning 58 storey building, they have the proposed plan and fix it and reverse the tilt. >> it's leaning 14 inches off center, the homeowners center thinks it has found a solution, they think it needs a city approval, the millennium tower has sunk by 18 inches.
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the homeowners association hired ron hamburger to halt the settlement and reverse the tilt. it plans to retrofit the tower by installing 52 steel and concrete structures to shift the wait from the foundation ton the bedrock below. the homeowners association will submit a permanent application to the city for a pile upgrade. the piles will be on the north and west side. they haven't issued a comment on the permit application or the proposed fixed to the tower's tilt. if approved the entire job could take 18 months and $1-00 million to fix. -- $100 million to fix. and there's accusation that is they covered up reports of sexual abuse r this lawsuit was filed against the boys and
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girls club branches. it stems from the sexual abuse by former employee paul dwane kilgor, victims ranged from age 6 to 10. the abuse continued until he was arrested in 2016. this year he was sentenced to 150 years in jail. police in san raphael are investigating a deadly shooting in the canal area. this happened at 6:00 last night near pickle weed park. the body was found in the car. he's described as a young adult. witnesses reported seeing a man running from the scene after the shooting. they haven't released ma description of the suspect. anyone who has information about the case somebody asked to call police. now the latest on the california wildfires and an update from the butte county officials on the number of people who died during the camp fire. the death toll is 85, it's down
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by 3 for an earlier report. the number of people still unaccounted for has dropped to 11. earlier this, we 25 people were listed as missing. the widespread destruction will make the existing house shortage in california worse. core logic estimates 14,000 homes in butte county were destroyed. now, the thousands of people who were displaced will be adding to the high demand that's driven are you home and represent tallahassee prices. officials say massive action will be needed to address what was already an urgent crisis as be communities across our state per falling behind on mousing goals. the colorado man who bought a rv for a county who lost everything, the camp fire says he can't stop now. there's a report after woody gave the first rv away, he drove another and drove it to
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an evacuation center for butte county fire victims. people have donated and there's now a full blown organization run by volunteers. the hardest part when he tries to give them a rv, they tell him another family needs it more. some off duty santa clara firefighters are helping brewers make a ipa, and they began the resilient ipa fundraiser, 1,000 breweries is brewing up the ale, the firefighters were on the front line battling flames during the camp fire. >> they saw the devastation and loss in the town of paradise and for them to come back here and give back to that community, you know financially, through, you know,
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something like this, it means the world to us. the batches of beer will be ready and the funds will go to the camp fire fund. and the woolsey fire, there was a star-studded music festival to raise money for the recovery effort. >> a lot of people look at malibu and this part of california and say they don't need help. you know what, there are working people who lost their homes, there's mobile home parks, firefighters, nurses, lifeguards, these people need a hand up. everyone packed in at the king gillette ranch. it's below malibu canyon, rick spring field and -- rick springfield and others performed, there's no word on what they raised. and coming up in our coming
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a three-year-old died when she was hit in the barking lot.
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it happened on somerville road. the girl was taken to the hospital where she could not be saved. the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with investigators. drugs and alcohol do not appear to have been a factor. uc berkeley making policy changes after settling a lawsuit over claims it discriminated against conservative speakers at campus. there was a speech by a conservative that was cancelled. they agreed to make changes to the major events policy including changing fees and security requirements. they agreed to pay $70,000 for the plaintiff's legal fees. the settlement gives both sides room, they believe, to claim victory. >> the college republicans can say they won, and they won because there are changes being implemented and they got a payment of $70,000 in attorney's fees. if the university will say it's
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good for everybody, we won because these are changes that are already in process -- >> the university said the current major events policy is what allowed conservative groups to hold several successful events on the cal campus. and rates have -- a rates have dropped substantially, but african-americans are arrested more than whites. the peak was 30 years ago. african-americans were three times more likely to be arrested in california in 2016, that's slightly better than the early 1990s when they were 3.6 times more likely to be arrested. we understand it was come, lets find out when the weather is arriving, it could be a factor for the afternoon and the evening commute as this approaches the bay area, clouds with mostly cloudy skies, and
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here's our live camera looking out at san jose, cloud features are working their way into the south bay. not much in the way of rain drops yet. that will be changing half 3 or 4:00, the next system coming today and into wednesday, this will not be a big deal, most areas picking up 210th of an inch to three quarters of an inch at the coastal area. no storm warning, but dust together snow pack, around 3-6 inches. rainfall expectations, a bunch of zeros right now. we'll put this into motion, and the numbers are adding up. the heaviest downpours will be late tonight and into early tomorrow morning. san francisco will see if this verification fires, it's a half- inch in san jose, about a quarter of an inch. here's the satellite and radar, here's the circulation, you see
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mountain moisture streaming in, it will be a rain event for us, and rain chances are going up for them as we head towards wednesday, the cloud cover and green showing up. most of this is falling up above our heads. 15 to 20,000 feet is dry in the lower levels. we're not seeing much in the way of rainfall hitting the ground yet. as i mentioned after 3 or 4:00, that will be changing for portions of the bay area. it's pretty cool, showing you 50s with a san francisco 53, freemont 51, and livermore at last check, reporting 50, and a bit of a breeze, you can see winds gusting, it's an east wind at napa gusting at 20 miles per hour and some more reports sfo, that's a light wind at 3 miles per hour, but you'll notice the winds are coming out of the east, that's and dry wind direction, that's why it feels so dry across the region this morning or this afternoon. here's a live camera looking at sfo, mostly cloudy skies, and
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no rain drops on the runways just yet. rainfall on the way, you can see the area of low pressure, the main track will be down towards southern california. this is not a widespread rain event. some areas are not picking up much rainfall at all. scattered light rain showers developing, here's the forecast model and it's 3:00, and not much happening for the inland locations, tonight 11:00, and more rain into early wednesday morning, we could have wet roadways for the wednesday morning commute and a chance of scattered showers throughout the day on wednesday, highs remain chilly, plainly in the 50s, here's a look ahead t remains unsettled wednesday, clearing skies, and nice weather forecast as we head towards the weekend. >> thank you. still to come at noon, taking a deeper look at your personal health. up next, a new tool helping doctors to prevent serious illnesses.
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stocks are sharply lower pulling the dow jones down by 700 points, we're off that right now. a huge drop, a wave of selling that's erasing the market's gains from yesterday. and teen test kits are gifts this year. ktvu christina tells how one sister's advice to take a
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physician's ordered test helped another make an important decision. a warning from experts before you do the same, for kim jones cancer has been a thread we've had throughout her life. >> this was an -- a thread weaved throughout her life. she didn't know she would develop breast cancer at age 40. she was nursing her youngest when she felt a lump. >> i had been healthy my whole life, how could i have breast cancer. i was advanced enough to need mastectomy and chemotherapy, and she got tongue cancer, and her sister meg was diagnosed with breast cancer, she urged to take a genetic test, it's pa
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physician's ordered genetic test and they look for gene mutations linked to cancers and heart conditions. >> she did testing with color general onlyics to determine she did not carry the mutation. >> that information saved meg from having a double mastectomy like doctors recommended. she had the lump removed. >> she's relieved and grateful that she has that information and she wouldn't have that information if i hadn't pushed to have genetic testing no the first place, amy said color is a diagnostic genetic test. >> the diagnostic test is looking at these jeans that are not common but associated with very high risk. >> meanwhile, mountain view based company 23 and me is the
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own one that that has the test. the vice president of business development for 23 and me said her company's technology is groundbreaking and we have proven to the f.d.a. that we can explain this to customer and we have a high rating from customers. >> some are downloading it a raw data and taking it to a third party for interpretation. they revealed a 40% got a positive rate and misinterpretations when analyzed by third party services, the concern it can create false reassurances or lead to unnecessary medical treatment. >> we have disclaimers that that data is processed in a different way. we're not standing by the interpretation of that information, people have taken
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that and they get the third party interpretations of it and that's where the communication lies. >> they note it's not a substitute to a visit to a health care provider. >> anyone with a concern about a specific inherited risk should seek a genetic counselor or specialist. >> there's all kinds of genetic tests out there. as long as people realize for entertainment purposes, it's unlikely to be useful for true health care. >> she adds the color test was more comprehensive. she spoke with a genetic counselor to interpret the results. she's in remugs. >> what did you learn about this? >> gentleman ethic testing will condition genetic testing will help the future of health care. on, you can see more stories like this one,
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it's part of our strands of truth. it's about dna genetic testing, you can watch it on our youtube page. we know living in the bay area is experience, and teachessers are getting a surprise. and how they're helping teachers with housing costs. and this seems like a alarming situation, shopping with a cop, but we'll tell you about the shop with a cop coming up. you know when you're at ross and you find their favorite hero at a price that makes you the hero? yes. that's yes for less. yes! with hot holiday toys for all ages, ross is your toy destination. it feels even better when you find it for less, at ross: yes for less.
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the perfect sweater makes the perfect holiday gift. and it feels even better when you find it for less - at ross. yes for less. the casket of george h. w. bush remains in the capitol rotunda this noontime, members of the public are paying their respects. the flag draped casket will lie in state until the funeral service to be held at the national cathedral. people are coming to say good- bye at the capitol rotunda. every day americans and dignitaries and politicians are coming to the capitol rotunda. they recommend him as a fair and honest leader from a different era of american politics. >> he comes from a generation of people that treat people like people, and it's just, it's just wonderful. >> i knew he would always keep
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his word, and he would keep your confidence if you asked him to keep your confidence. i miss him. >> after the state funeral tomorrow morning, president bush's casket will be flown home to texas. a private funeral service will be held in houston and be buried at his library next to his wife barbara and their daughter. and they're planning to have the funeral service tomorrow and prince charles will be there tomorrow and prince charles and his wife it was tweeted that the prince will be representing her majesty the queen. and president trump and melania will attend in a spirit of bipartisan, president trump said upon looking ahead as to what the plans will be at the funeral, he made a point of saying yes, he said i want
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president trump at my funeral service. and flags are flying at half-staff to honor the president. >> we reflect at times and life of former president george h. w. bush, if we could have a moment of respect and remembrance. >> he had a moment of silence in the legislature yesterday. he said america lost a voice. >> and it was also said that america lost a true public service. >> and one bay area woman has more personal memories. laurie firestone worked as the social secretary for 12 years during the reagan reagan bush administration and saw the private side of george and
12:33 pm
barbara bush. >> when laurie firestone opens her albums, her personal memories show another side of presidential history. >> it was such an amazing time in my life. >> over day for 12 years, she served as social secretary for george and barbara bush, first had she was with reagan reagan -- first when he was vice president and then after he was president. >> we were in california meeting bob hope and this is christmas. >> the social duties over the years. >> i was aing the flowers, running the staff in the -- i was arranging the flowers and running the staff in the kitchen and doing other things. >> and planning parties with an important purpose. >> everywhere he went, he would entertain, because his philosophy was that he wanted
12:34 pm
to break bread with -- break bread with all of those foreign leaders, particularly if he was going to have to negotiate something, because he felt like he wanted to know the person, and that's the kind of man he is. >> firestone says she'll remember president bush's sense of humor caring for family, friends and staff. a man she saw many times in private. he put the value of relationships above political party affiliation. >> he was devoted to many people, and he didn't ask whether you're a republican or a democrat. i mean, he worked across the aisle, we don't see that today, and i think that's what's made me so sad is to think of losing this really giant of a man who
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was so great for our country, and we don't seem to have that today, total generosity, humility, humor, family man, loved his family, his country, his fellow man, all of those things. ahead of the college football playoff championship on january #th at the levi stadium some teachers are getting a surprise. that includes -- january 7th at the levi stadium some teachers are getting a surprise. >> you're getting a house at the school. >> the playoff foundation have teamed up to award public educators with $25,000 to put towards a down payment for a home. she and her husband have been
12:36 pm
renting for 8 years, she feels blessed to get chosen for the grant and they're getting are the ball rolling on the house hunt. >> it seems like it happened a while ago. we've been to several open houses and we connected with the realtor, it's been a whirlwind over the last few days, we couldn't be more thankful. she is first of three children to receive a $25,000 between now, and game day. i spoke with sharon lyle on how the idea came about. >> as the college football foundation moves from community to community, they look at the needs of the community and in the bay area housing costs were an important part of that story, that's why they developed the partnership to make it possible for the teachers in this area. it's important for teachers to live where they work. >> in addition to the give away, organizers will host several events for teachers for
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levi's january 7th. there's a new push to get support from the school to get housing for students and they talk about the growing problem and they talked to a student from the program. >> this is his home for now. he shares a place rent free at the church. >> it's easier, i'm across the street from school, i don't have to worry about where i'm going to sleep. >> the oakland native knows it's not ideal. he considers it a godsend after sleeping at the martin luther king library. >> i was in a dark place at the time. honestly i was failing my classes, i couldn't study correctly. >> there was a growing issue,
12:38 pm
numbers they received from the california state university chancellor's office indicates 4300 students have experienced homelessness in the past year. >> i can't do my job as a professor if my students doesn't have the basics. no matter what i do and how well i teach, they can't perform at their highest levels and graduate. >> scott meyers is the advisor for the homeless alliance, he said the cost of housing on and off campus is too high. >> a studio apartment at san jose state for a meant is $100 and if they share, it's $11 or $1200 a month. >> and they are saving 10 parking spaces in the garage and a chance for homeless students to stay for 60 days. >> anything can help. it's grim situation for a lot of people. >> he's focused on looking for a job, saving money for his own
12:39 pm
place and hopefully graduating to become a graphic designer. >> going to school is hard, and if you don't have a place to stay or a roof under your head, then it's not very appealing to keep going to school. christmas came early for more than 100 kids in the san jose area. >> it's the 11th and you'll shop with a cop where the bay area police department spent the day shopping with children. sara zendehnam has more. >> you see a police officer pushing a shopping cart and a little kid eager to shop. we followed one parent with a list. >> a nine-year-old with a long christmas list and money to spend sounds like the best day ever. he has $150 gift card to target. he couldn't wait to hit the aisles to buy gifts for himself and his family.
12:40 pm
>> my mom i woke her up, what time was it, it's 2:00 a.m., i couldn't go to sleepy woke up at 6:19, mom, wake up, it's time to go. caesar and san jose police officer went on a shopping spree together. >> it's one of the cool times of the year, we get to interact with the youth and children, and going to a good event like this. 150 kids from 4 south bay schools and agencies paired up to do the same thing. they are able to serve underserved kids and build a relationship with police. >> you have an opportunity to get something for yourself and families, it's one of the highlights of the holiday season for them. >> the students had to reach specific reading goals in school. >> it was hard. >> all of the hard work was
12:41 pm
worth it. >> look at these, i like magnets. >> sara zendehnam, ktvu fox tv news. and during this holiday season, we hope you can help families bundle up for the winter. we have a one warm coat drive. we're a proud media sponsor of one warm coat. we collect tens of thousands of coats every year. the one warm coat drive continues until december 31st. we have drop off locations in several locations. ral locations. you can go to, and we have a full list of locations. still to come at noon, it's 2 years since the deadly ghost ship fire, and they've said they'll work harder to protect the public. what has changed and what areas need improvements. and a look at the cloudy
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skies this afternoon. no rain drops, no significant rainfall just yet, that could soon be changing and we'll have the forecast coming up.
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. new at noon, gina haspel today gave a briefing about the crowned prince and whether he was involved in the death of journalist jamal khashoggi. they believe more than ever that he was involved with the death of journalist jamal khashoggi. believes if the crowned prince would find him guilty -- a jury would find him guilty in 30 minutes. president trump said he doesn't know who is to blame for that killing. the chinese scientist who made worldwide headlines who created the first gene edited babies is missing. there are reports denied that he was detained by the chinese government. he appeared at a science
12:46 pm
summit. he claims to have entered embryos, and two of those were twin baby girls, and their dna was altered to help them resist aids. and a county judge will preside over the criminal trial of two men charged with involuntary manslaughter in the ghost ship fire two years ago. 36 people died in that fire. the trial is set to start in april and motions will be heard january 2nd. many said they would work harder to protect the public. way have a look at what's changed then and what still needs to be done. >> reporter: the fire that raced through the illegal work space called the ghost ship killed 36 people who were unable to escape. it's tripled the number of fire inspectors to 22 and the building code staff to 2. and
12:47 pm
it put another 38 on fire watch for faulty alarm systems and another 21 may be put on fire watch requiring live fire monitoring, not one of these fire watch buildings has complied with building codes. >> we have assisted 120 buildings, 100 of which we've gotten on a path for compliance. >> and there are safer diy spaces, it's dedicated to making life safety improvements for dwellings, it's to advocate for dwellings and help people to move into legal dwellings if need be. getting there is another matter, even though the mayor has ordered an executive order for displacement. >> the problem is with implementation, we find that the order was ignored by the
12:48 pm
actual regulators, the housing advocate says while at the highest level of oakland government, there's a sympathy of the plate at the tenants at the enforcement and the permitting level there's a lot of hard and fast rules, that have left them essentially living in limbo. at this time -- limbo. at this time not one building has obtained legal status even though legal and dangerous buildings still exist occupied. >> you're playing a game of guacamole. there's one or two or three houses that are percolating up. >> for example, this former illegal work space in west oakland, once called a death trap at the time of the ghost ship fire is a commercial space and the two tenants gone long ago. ong
12:49 pm
ago. well, we have a storm brewing, it's not quite here yet, but it's coming, right, mark? >> takes taking its time towards us. it will be a big deal for them over the next couple of days. they'll be getting ready for that. on the satellite so far, we have clouds moving into central cal you have so far. the same circulation remains out in the pacific. we'll add more green to the bay area radar in the next knew hours. so far it's been a cloudy day, there's a live camera in the south bay, san jose, mostly cloudy skies, winds are coming out of the east from ten to 15 miles per hour, this is the south bay and lets show you the north bay, this is the head lane closure and i'm thinking for the afternoon and evening commute, we have rain and showers we can talk about, it could be an extra challenge for the commute later on today. this will not be a strong storm. it will impact our weather later on for tuesday and
12:50 pm
wednesday morning, early wednesday morning, we could be talking about two tenths of an inch to 3/4 of an inch. winds are 13 miles per hour, and the sierra, not like last week, adding more to that snow pack around 3 to 6 inches, here's and satellite, once again, showing there are system, this one will move over us, we'll talk about a significant event. it's heading down towards southern california. lots of sunshine, a little green showing up on the radar, most of this is falling way up above our head. it's dry in the lower levels. any rainfall that has been falling, sprinkles and it's completely dry. this will be changing up in the next 3 to 4 hours. a bit of a chill in the air. showing you 50s for the 12:00 hour. fairfield 52 and san francisco 53 and mountain view reporting 52 degrees. it's not a heavy rain event, light to moderate rainfall heading towards the bay area, the main track of the system
12:51 pm
heading to southern california. today more cloud cover and scattered showers developing especially mid to late afternoon. here's our forecast model, the best chance to the coast, maybe portions of the south bay, a little bit of a break tonight. this is late tonight to early tomorrow morning. that rain is pushing across the bay area. this is not a defined front. scattered showers is being thrown at u.s. representative, later on today, a chance of a shower will last into the wednesday forecast, especially for the morning hours. the forecast high this afternoon, not much from the change in the current levels it, 50s for afternoon highs, a few spots at 60 degrees, keep the umbrella on stand by, and thursday we'll clear out the crowds for the weekend. we're expecting more sunshine, temperatures, upper 50s to lower 60s, we're looking good with the weekend outlook. still to come, a french bulldog stolen in santa rosa, the search for the dog and the
12:52 pm
reward being hovered in this case. sfx: tinny headphone music
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sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today.
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the man who seriously hurt a south san francisco police officer after hitting in the head with a skate board is waiting to be sentenced he was found guilty of assault and other felonies on friday. back on thanksgiving of 2016, they responded to a call about a man harassing customers outside of a store. when they arrived, he took off on a skate board and the officer chisled him and that's when he got hit in head. the officer lost consciousness and had to have brain surgery, he's recovered and he's back on duty. sentencing is scheduled on the 15th. and a couple is hoping that a tip pans off. lucy, a french bulldog was stolen last night, the theft
12:55 pm
was caught on surveillance video, you can see a man reach over the fence and grab lucy. her owners are desperate to find her, she's supposed to be on medication for a liver problem. they're offering a $5,000 reward for her return. >> no questions asked, we just want her home and safe. we love her, we adore her, she's our family member. lucy's facebook search page has attracted thousands of views, searchers are looking in the rural area in case she was abandoned somewhere there. and they don't believe computer shuttle buses should be use you had in the lanes. they're asking the city's transportation agency to look into the impact private buses have when they use the red lanes. community groups complained when muni planned to allow private buses to use the muni
12:56 pm
lanes as part of the project. look at these numbers, the stocks, the dow jones is taking a huge slide, it's losing more than 800 points right now. traders are worried that they made less progress on the trade agreement, the s&p is down 3.3%, the nasdaq is down 3 and 3/4 of a per cent, losing 286 points, it's been a rocky road since october. >> very much so. we'll watch the markets in the final minutes here. we should know if the san jose city council will approve 21 acres of land to google. >> it's a vote that has the potential to change the entire landscape in the city. that may happen in san jose. tune in with more with alex and heather tonight. >> our news continues on
12:57 pm and twitter and facebook. thanks for joining us, we'll see you back here. here.
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dr. oz: could your loved one be living a secret life as a serial killer. >> we couldn't believe that our father would murder anybody. dr. oz: we go inside the minds of murderers. are these good people compelled to do evil? and discover how they hid these horrendous crimes fromer that families. coming up next. eth ♪ dr. oz: i became a do


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