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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  December 6, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PST

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shelves. good morning. thank you for waking up with us. i am pam cook. >> did you know steve is back? he is right here. welcome back. >> are you bringing rain with this? >> no. the system is producing a little bit but not a lot. in fremont to san jose, we can see some of that. there is still a little bit in the big valley and monterey. that should not be the focus as the system and is on its way to southern california. i would not be surprised for a few morning showers hanging on but the system is making its move on its way to southern california.
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there is not much of a breeze here with an easterly breeze. 40s and a few 30s and colder to the north. it is 51 in san jose and 33 in kelsey bill. there is cold-eeze -- cold readings to the north. there is a partly sunny day. there is plenty of rain was showers moving to the south and 50s and 60s were just about everyone. >> hello, steve. >> we are off to a nice start. traffic is looking good. mostly in the ultimate pass area, westbound on 580, traffic is moving fine on 580. there is roadwork and you can see as you head out, you will see slow traffic because of the roadwork. also in this part of the east
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bay with hayward, traffic is moving well. 880 at oakland is off to way nice start. 4:01. will be another funeral service for president george w. bush at a church in houston, texas. he will be buried at the plot of the presidential library. we are live with how people are paying tribute to the late president. good morning, ray. >> reporter: good morning. a few minutes ago, there was a line of people dropping off thousands of people that took advantage of being able to come inside the church and pay final respects to george hw bush. they are taking the barriers down and getting it ready for the funeral service that begins in a few hours.
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>> reporter: an emotional funeral in washington with loving humor and eight son final goodbye. >> through our tears, let us know the blessings of knowing and loving you, a great and noble man. the best father a son or daughter could have. >> reporter: the current president and all four former presidents and spouses are in attended standing with hands over hearts as the casket passed by. after the service, president george hw bush made his final flight home to used it and he was at his at that saint martin episcopal. the public got to be the casket one last time. hours now, a private funeral service will be held inside the church and the
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grandson and the secretary of state james baker will develop -- deliver eulogies to mourners who remember him as a hero and a patriarch. >> he was a tremendous individual. this is a tremendous loss for america. we warmly embraced his return to where he will be placed forever in the lone star state. >> reporter: after the funeral service, president bush's remains will be loaded onto a train that is been painted in blue and white with a big 4 number 1 on the side. he is taken to college station to be buried on the private plot and during that ceremony, there is something extraordinary, eight flyover oftentimes you may see a flyover with three or 5
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airplanes but this is 21 planes. you may never see something like that again in your life. >> that is going to be something. thank you. a couple from the south bay met each other while working with president george hw bush and out white house. he had a profound impact on their lives professionally and personally. we sat down with them at their home. >> i was so nervous. immediately, he disarmed that and took it away because he was so down to earth. this is george bush on that campaign trail in 1987. foster it is 20s volunteered as a driver. what struck him the most, how genuine bush was >> he exceeded my expectations because he was a nice person. >> foster wanted to work for him and foster served rum 1989 to 1992 in the political
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affairs office coordinating the political activities and visiting 30 states and traveling on air force one and he saw a side of bush few people saw. >> he was funny and was making jokes. you know? he treated everybody the same. whoever carried his bags or the prime minister or great britain. everybody was treated the same with kindness and respect that >> it didn't matter if you were a head of state or a janitor, he would always take the time to say hello. >> reporter: kathy met him on the first day of the administration and they worked in the same office and they celebrated the 20th wedding anniversary. she worked for government relations and help several nonprofits in the bay area. >> i learned from him, it is really important to give back to your community in any way
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you can. >> bush made a lasting impression and they saw it firsthand. >> at a young age, it made a strong impression about honor and integrity and service. those are things that stuck with us. >> teaching the value of hard work and a commitment to something bigger than yourself. >> he was a great patriot. he believed in the ability of americans to come together to work things out. that is missing a lot today. hopefully we will remember what this country was really founded on. >> the funeral service is beginning at 8:00 this morning. we will provide coverage throughout the morning right here on mornings on 2 and we will carry the service live on ktvu plus. the man accused of being
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the golden state killer will return to court. keep aces 28 counts and 13 for murder and 13 with rape and kidnapping in the 1970s and 1980s. today the court appearance will focus on the ability pay for his own attorney. right now, he is represented by a public defender. sacramento cal the official says it could cost taxpayers $20 million. information about a deadly police shooting in napa. they will release a caption. the police were called to a domestic violence complaint about melina but he ran away when the police arrived. they chased after him and there was a struggle in a wooded area and he was shot. the investigator -- investigation continues. there is a deadly shooting and the sheriff office says the
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deputy responded to the unrelated call near a barbershop. the deputy recognized the suspect, paul ridgeway , who was wanted. ridgeway fired a shot at the deputy but missed. the deputy fired back and killed ridgeway who is a career criminal as called by the authorities. >> numerous assaults of possession of a firearm and a stolen vehicle and parole violations, it is a fairly long list. >> ridgeway's girlfriend claims he did not shoot first and ridgeway was running away when he was shot. the deputy was not hurt the deputy was placed on administrative leave as the investigation continues. a recall has been issued for infant ibuprofen sold national retailers. date issued a voluntary recall
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yesterday that it might contain higher concentrations of ib program. walmart sells it under equal weight labels and family dollar sells it under the family wellness level. the product was packaged in half ounce bottles labeled infant ibuprofen concentration. officials at disneyland are denying accusation that missing powers in the park, 22 cases were reported last year and that los angeles times report test showed high levels of legionella bacteria in cooling towers. they signed the disneyland 33 thousand dollars for failing to clean the equipment. disneyland says the source was never determined. it is 4:10 and developing news off the coast of japan,
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what we know about a crash between two u.s. villa terry airplanes in the search box 5 missing marines. more trouble for facebook and the documents released that has the company facing more criticism surrounding user data . we do have traffic off to a nice start if you are driving on interstate 880 in oakland. we are almost done with the rain. it is moving to the south. there are a few showers popping up. we will look at the temperatures. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call
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during business hours.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. welcome back 50 mornings on 2. technology leaders are meeting at the white house on a roundtable with emerging technology. the ceos are among those scheduled to attend. the white house invited the executives to discuss issues including jobs the future, artificial intelligence and robotics. it is not clear whether president trump will attend the meeting. struck thousands of google employees claim they are treated unfairly and are calling for better wages and benefits. >> temporary and contract
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workers say they represent the majority of the google were for >> they demand access to access on the same terms as full-time employees. they cite an shooting in april and they say they were not provided the same security briefing as full-time employees. criticism from facebook after the british parliament released internal documents. those documents show top company officials talking how to make money off of user's data as well as how to hide that data collection because it leads to negative publicity. >> reporter: the documents from 2012 to 2015 when facebook went public and was trying to figure out how to make money off of the social media platform. >> there is a spectrum of ways. they chose the west spectrum. >> researcher says she read all
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250 pages released by a british parliament oversight committee. those include internal emails between mark zuckerberg and other visuals revealing the company new the android app update would give them access to user call logs. >> they were collecting mega data. who you were calling and when and the length of the conversation. >> they were discussing the fact there might be a pr backlash and to make sure they did not get the call and let this know was having. >> facebook gave presidential access to airbnb and netflix but refused data to other companies such as twitter to get a competitive edge for dominance in the market. >> it is hard when you are in a successful business to start to turn off some of those revenues. this is where facebook needs to
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look at this again to figure out new ways to be more transparent and to generate trust. it is the trust that is at the heart of the facebook os ability . >> reporter: mark zuckerberg responded on facebook sending the message that that emails do not show the whole context but data was never so. ktvu, fox 2 news. let's check in on traffic. >> good morning. we have traffic off to a nice start if you are driving in the kilroy -- gilroy area up to the peninsula. we will check this commute northbound on 101. we call it the gilroy super commute. you can see traffic is moving along well. it is not causing big delays the
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yet. the silicon valley, this is as early as you might want to get on the road. southbound 101, there is a construction delay in the area. northbound interstate 280 looks good up highway 17 and beyond. the bay bridge is good with crowding in the outside lanes. let's bring steve in. >> thank you. good morning. >> we have shower activity to the south and it is moving to the south. we will say goodbye to most of these. it is cold to the north. there are 30s showing up and clearing is taking place but some shower activity in the santa cruz mountains to the valley and out towards the past and tracy patterson, maybe hollister. it is quieting down in the sierra. things are moving south with
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energy moving towards southern california. you will be an active day and a northerly breeze in northwest santa rosa. that is called with a combination with the windchills. 30s to the north and 40s and 50s. there is a big difference as we get the clearing. 40s and 50s. the clearing has not arrived. maybe beit 7:00, we will dip into the temperatures. is cool with 54 in la. the activity it is thrown to the north as it tracks towards southern california should that is a big system and maybe into las vegas. we did about what we thought maybe a half inch. the low moves out and high- pressure will kick in at allow dry weather to take us into saturday and partly sunny or
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partly cloudy. 56 in pacifica and antioch. there is not much of a difference no matter where you are. mostly sunny and we cloud up maybe to the north on sunday. light rain will take us into monday. we will get a little bit of rain. 4:20. the symphony is preparing for a new era. coming up, you will be the new leader when the current conductor steps down after 25 years? chains are coming for vacation rentals and why it may be harder to find a place to stay in a few years.
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welcome back. a san jose man is in jail. there was a huge drug bring. the police arrested josi garcia and alejandra, accused of raiding homes. the police say they found 800 pounds of marijuana, cocaine and other drugs. a recovered cash, governments, and eight rocket launcher. they say the suspect were manufacturing drugs throughout the bay area and selling the drugs locally and nationwide.
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the votes from the november election were counted. vacation rentals, it passed by a measure of 58 votes. short-term rentals have 30 days . the estimated 1800 vacation homes currently for rent in south lake tahoe will drop to 400. the change takes place in the next three years and the city estimates it will lose close to $4 million in taxes but supporters say this is long overdue. >> to buy a house for the intention of renting it out your round is outrageous. everywhere, people are desperate for employees. nobody can live here. took the city council will meet monday to certify the results. still awake to reverse it is with another ballot initiative. christmas is less than
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three weeks to get way. santa came early. children gathered at the grant your case surrounded by toys. santa received a helping hand from firefighters who passed out toys from carter elementary school. they collected toys to give out to needy families. the holidays are in full swing and the capitol christmas tree is going to be lit tonight. it is 65 feet tall. it is decorated with 900 and crafted ornaments >> they were made by people who received services at the choices center in cordova. it is for disable he adults. >> it is nothing to fancy. i think it is pretty awesome. >> among the others who take part in the tree lighting, the open military institute and the
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oakland school for the arts. still to come, are we a kinder and gentler nation after the funeral of george hw bush yesterday? a warning for drivers on 680 in san jose, the dangerous encounter for one driver who said she was lucky she was not hurt. we see traffic moving along well if you are driving at that bay bridge toll plaza. it is called with 30s and a few showers holding on and thus south but that is almost a picture of this morning. we will look at those temperatures coming up.
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good morning. welcome back. it is thursday morning. >> it is friday eve as we like to say. we have a viewer says he keeps taking days off. >> we had a ton of time to take off. >> i celebrated my 39th birthday . >> you don't look a day over 38. >> thank you. we had a lot of time we had to take. all right. lower lake is in there at 32. lakeport is 33. sonoma state panhandle, 36. it is called an too cold to go to class. novato is 39. we are about done with the shower activity. there is some to the south but it is winding down and heading
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to southern california. the low took it's time. the rain picked up about a half- inch for some. there will be more in southern california. they will get the core. north east is 29 at half main. it is 33 in lakeport 40s and 50s with the cloud cover with partly cloudy conditions and partly sunny and that afternoon. travel plans to san diego, it will be raining and they need it. that is not too much on the temperatures at 4:30 in the morning. they tell you you have to take time off. >> i will be off next week. >> what?>> i'm getting christmas shopping done. >> do you hear that dave clark? i am not waiting until december


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