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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 6, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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george hw bush. good morning. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the weather. i will give you $1 if you can buy steve paulson. >> he's in southern california. la is a mess. they need a rain but not too much. we have clearing taking place to the north. there are bid 30s and upper 30s. paul is in europe with a dusting of snow off of highway 89. that is an early christmas present for those in the mountains. there may be a few showers holding on but everything is about done.
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it will be a show in southern california. they will get a lot of dynamics. there is a northerly breeze for some that is keeping them in that bid 50s. temperatures are in the 30s and 40s and 50s. knapp is down minus 6. most locations are up a degree except the north the 30s and 40s. there is the low on its way to la and palm springs. 50s and 60s on the temperatures today. super commute time? >> we have a super commute for those driving into the day area. it is getting busy on 58 serial. are driving towards the past with no major issues. if you are driving out to livermore, people make that drive to the silicone valley
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and it is doing well towards san jose. you can see traffic looks good. from oakland to san francisco on a bay bridge, traffic is light. let's go back to that desk. there is another reenroll service for george hw bush. it is in houston, texas. he will be buried on the grounds of the presidential library. we are live from houston with how people are paying tribute to the late president. there will be spectacular moments today. >> reporter: absolutely. good morning. the buses stopped bringing the public because the church shut down until the funeral service starts. the final preparations appear they have been made or they have been wrapping up. the street is lined with american flags. we learned that nearly 12,000
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people came out overnight to pay while respects to george hw bush. >> reporter: an emotional funeral and wednesday on one. loving humor and a final goodbye . >> through our tears, let us know the blessings of knowing and loving you, a great and noble man, the best father a son or daughter could've had. >> reporter: the current president and all former presidents and bounces in attendance standing with hands over hearts at the casket as it passed by. after the service, president george hw bush made his final flight home to houston. his body at the church st. martin's episcopal. the public viewed his casket one last time
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. >> it was a legacy. >> a private funeral service will be held in the church. his grandson and james baker will deliver eulogies to about 1200 mourners who will remember george hw bush as a hero and a patriarch. >> he was a tremendous individual. this is a tremendous loss for america but we warmly embrace his return to where he will be placed forever in the lone star state. >> reporter: after the funeral service, the remains will be loaded to a custom train that is been painted the same colors as air force one. you be brought to college station which is the location of his presidential library to be buried on his private plot next to white barbara and robin who died from leukemia.
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a very interesting thing to watch today, it is going to be a 21 airplane flyover. sometimes they are three or five planes. this will be 21 fighter jets and it will be an extraordinary site to see. >> thank you. we will check in with you throughout the morning. a couple from the south bay have a personal connection to the former president. foster met each other when they were for george hw bush and the office of political affairs. he met mr. bush in 1987 on the campaign trail and he was a residential county and was immediately impressed by his warm spirit. >> he was funny and making jokes . you know? he treated everybody the same. whether carrying his bags or the prime minister of great britain. everybody was treated the same
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and with kindness and respect. >> it didn't matter if you were head of state or a janitor or whatever, would take the time to say hello. >> they met at the white house on the first day of the bush administration picked they celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. >> the funeral service is scheduled to begin at 8:00 this morning. ktvu will provide coverage throughout the morning here on mornings on 2. we will carry the full service life. the man accused of being the golden state killer will return to court. deangelo faces 26 counts. 13 for murder and 13 for rate. the district attorney tells us that the court appearance will focus on the ability to pay for
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his own attorney. right now, he is represented by a public defender. earlier this week, a official says the trial could cost taxpayers more than $20 million . information about a deadly police shooting in napa. it was body camera video that was reviewed. the police were called to an apartment about a domestic violence claim. melina ran away . they chased after melina and there was a struggle and melina was shot. the investigation continues. martinez, the investigation continues. the sheriff office says the deputy responded to an unrelated call near a barbershop. the deputy recognized the suspect, paul ridgeway who was wanted in the central valley.
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ridgeway fired a shot but missed according to authorities. the deputy fired back and killed ridgeway who the authorities call a career criminal. >> drug possession and assault with a deadly weapon, felony possession of a firearm, possession of a stolen vehicle, parole violation, is a very long list. >> the girlfriend claims he did not shoot first and ridgeway was running away when he was shot. the deputy is not her. the deputy was placed on paid administrative leave as the investigation continues. check california won a suit against target after disposal of hazardous waste between 2012 and 2016. they say they disposed of batteries and aerosol cans and medical ways. some items contain confidential medical information. target will pay the state $7.4 million.
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a warning for parents, a recall has been issued for infant ibuprofen sold at national retailers. they issued the recall yesterday because it might contain a higher concentration of ib program then indicated on the package. cbs sells it under the cbs health labor and family dollar under the wellness label. it was packaged in half ounce bottles labeled concentrated oral suspension. officials at disneyland are denying accusations that missing towers are to blame for the niche in air outbreak at the park. 22 cases reported last year. the times reports that the time of the outbreak, there was high levels of it in the park. they say that outbreak source
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was never determined scientifically. new information about reports of a shortage of drivers in san francisco. there's a report that shows the problem is almost twice as bad as it was last summer. martinez joins us live in san francisco. the board meeting this week reveals the reasons they are having problem keeping drivers. good morning. >> union leaders say lope contributes to the driver deficits according to the san francisco chronicle, drivers are sleeping in cars because they cannot afford housing in san francisco. the municipal transportation authority has 1894 full-time drivers but it needs 411 mark drivers to fulfill daily service requirements. they have delays and overcrowding and when the
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tunnel closed and lines went more than 4000 hours of service. the head of the ta says it is difficult to recruit and train new drivers. >> i one if women are not applying to drive the buses because they feel it is an overwhelming deal to drive a 40 foot or 60 foot bus. i am wondering if we can widen the hiring pool by making the job appeal more approachable, particularly women. >> reporter: many drivers say there is a bigger problem. the salary is too low. leaders say the salary starts under $37,000 per year and too high to qualify for affordable housing but not enough to live in san francisco. nationwide, there is a shortage with applications for those bus
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and rail drivers. the board will revisit it again but not until a month from now. in san francisco, fox 2 news. we are developing news with the southwestern coast of japan and what we know about a crash between u.s. military airplanes and the search for bob five missing -- for five missing airplanes. and facebook user data.
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welcome back. it is 5:the team. a student group at san jose state is demanding action about the student homeless crisis. the student homeless alliance will announce demands that includes a list of food and shelter resources for students and beds available to homeless students up to 60 days and more parking spots in the garage. the chancellor's office estimate 3300 students have felt homelessness in the last year and more than 30% of the student population. leaders are meeting at the white house for a roundtable on emerging technology. the co from microsoft and ibm and qualcomm are those scheduled to attend.
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the white house invited them to discuss issues including jobs of the future and robotics. it is not clear whether or not president trump is attending the meeting. google employees claimed they are being treated unfairly they temporarily say contract workers work the majority of the workforce. they demand access to companywide information on the same terms as full-time employees. they cite an example, after the shooting at youtube headquarters, they were not provided the same security raping as time employees. facebook is under fire after lawmakers released 250 pages of the internal documents. some documents indicate a >> has better access to some companies but refused to share with twitter and other competitors. other documents reveal that they consider charging access
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to debt despite pledges they would never do so. >> facebook are high-level and discussing the fact there could be a backlash and how do we deceive users to they do not get a permission prompt from androids. >> mike zuckerberg posted that user data was never sold and the email is taken out of context. several prominent people are up for time magazine he, person of the year. the person who has the best chance is known for her historic public testimony this year. all the recipients, christine blasey ford has the most votes. the university professor made headlines when she acute brett kavanaugh of sexual assault when they were teenagers. names include kaepernick and harris and the movie director
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ryan. amtrak is getting into the luxury goods business and has teamed up with people for urban progress to create a first- class bag. there it is. it is made from leather seats that are recycled. they feature small holes and even stain >> the cost of the bags range from $75 to $435. >> okay. let's look at traffic. >> i draw the line at stains. i was out after i heard that. >> good morning. what do we have on tap? the gilroy commute. thank you for asking. 101 into the area, you can see it looks good.
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this is a good time for the gilroy commute. they're getting up to san jose gets busier but it looks good into the silica and valley and continues to be on 280 in san jose. in east bay, it is getting crowded at that toll plaza yesterday, it was wet and rainy and now it is mostly dry on the roads. we will start in the north where the coldest temperatures are. there is clear skies to the south and 32. healdsburg is 39 and raven is 35 . granville is in the 30s. coat valley is 33. there is one observation. the rain? we get a break for about three days. will not be a big system.
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santa rosa, 96 percent -- 96%. 91% in san jose. snow, i took the combination at the top of the mountains. 38 in squaw and 25 at hanley. it is good conditions with temperatures around lake tahoe in the 20s or 30s. snow showers are winding down. the south drive and it will be active day in central california and southern california. there is a huge difference that state offshore. there could be debris flow issues with the burn scars is that ms. through today. the half moon bay airport has a decent breeze and that is keeping them in the mid 50s.
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santa rosa is in the 30s. nevada has 39 and 43. cloud cover in the low 50s. the system is moving south and the skies will clear with a northerly breeze. it is going to be active in santa barbara. the grapevine in la and san diego, the low move south out of the picture. showers are ending as you are well to the south. partly sunny and mostly sunny to the north. if these in 60s and your temperatures. clouds are working and saturday. we have increasing clouds on sunday. that will take us into early monday morning. the san francisco symphony is preparing for a new era.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. four manor in jail after police broke up a huge drier morning. they arrested josi garcia after
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serving a search warrant. they found 800 pounds of marijuana, co. eric kane and other drugs. they recovered cash and guns and a rocket launcher. investigators say the suspect manufacturing drugs throughout the bay area and selling them around the country. >> after the votes were captured in residential areas, the past by a margin of 58 votes. they restrict short-term rentals outside the main tourist area. the estimated 1800 vacation homes for rent will drop to for her to pick the change takes place in the next three or >> they will lose close to $4 million in taxes and fees. but supporters say this is long overdue. >> to buy a house for the intention of renting it out is
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outrageous. people are desperate for employees. nobody can live here. >> the city council will meet monday to certified the results . christmas is less than three wake away, santa made a special visit. children gathered yesterday at the grand staircase surrounded by toys. firefighters helped santa hands out toys in the bayview district. they collected more toys to give out to needy families. at the state capitol, you can feel the holiday spirit. the treat will be met tonight and is decorated with 900 ornaments that were made by people who received surfaces at the choices center. that is for developmentally disabled adults. the search is on for
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several missing marines and we will tell you about the collision and the search for survivors. help for the smaller victims of the camp fire and see what shelters are doing to get homes for pets. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. we have a live beauty shot
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for you looking around the day area. this is your home. you did a good job. this is a beauty shop. steve will tell you about the weather but we will let you wake up with something nice to ease into a thursday morning. >> welcome back. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us . it is 5:30 in the morning. it is a crystal-clear day. >> we have two forecast. people do travel. it is crazy down there because the burn areas, this is front and center in santa barbara and la. it is cold. kelsey bill is 31. windsor is in there and hope valley is 33. others are close as well. for us, we are looking for activity to end with a few
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holding onto shower activity in san jose south. maybe you're in monterey but southern california, there is a big difference. this will be needing to be watched for potential flooding. the northerly breeze is kicking in. napa airport to the northeast. high pressure is building and to the north. santa rosa is 38 and 50's to the south. napa airport is minus 6. there is cloud cover but that is moving out fast. we see mostly sunny skies to the north and southern california looks like a very active day. 50s on the temperatures and 60 degrees. 5:31. things get busy.
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>> you are right. thank you. we can start getting more traffic and we start in solano county driving in from fairfield , you are going to see slow traffic here and there. we have traffic on 37 heading west and 80. if you see traffic on 80 hercules, it is not a bad dry. traffic moves well on 80 west to the macarthur maze and takes 20 minutes to do that. the lights are on the bay bridge . the 21st president will be laid to rest today after several days of ceremonies and public remembrances, george hw bush will be buried in texas. allie is in the newsroom watching all of the events.
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good morning. >> 1200 mourners are expected to attend the funeral of george hw bush. this is the 41st president that died at the age of 90 for.'s casket return to houston yesterday after a state funeral at the national cathedral. he is been lying in the pros in houston where mourners paid respect overnight. >> we lost the legacy. i love the legacy. i love that. >> a private funeral service will be held inside the church. the grandson who holds state office and the former secretary of state and james baker will deliver the eulogy to the 1200 people expected in houston. the former president west body will be transported to college station. the train has plexiglas panels and will be
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lit up so people along the train route will be able to see the casket as it passes. you will be debris buried in college station. will be laid to rest alongside his wife barbara bush who died in april this year and his daughter robin died at the age of 3. we are live with fox 2 news. we will provide coverage throughout the morning right here and we will carry the full service live on ktvu class. two military airplanes crashed off the coast of japan. the military says the rescue crew found two of the seven crewmembers 60 miles off the coast of japan. five marines remained missing both airplanes took off from the same base.
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the faa -- the fueling tanker was on a training mission. the defense department is releasing very little information about those who were rescued except to say one is from the lighter jet and is in fair condition. two people are dead and others hurt after a big rig hit a school bus carrying a basketball team. this happened last night in illinois. the state police say the truck driver and a school volunteer died from injuries. the junior varsity girls basketball team was on its way home from a game in champaign pick the students and adults from the bus are expected to recover. it is 5:35. the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments in a case that could stop federal and state governments from prosecuting
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people twice for the same crime. it involves a man who received a prison sentence from alabama and 46 months with the federal government are the same offense and 2015. the court is considering ready to >> whether to overturn the exception on being tried twice for the same crime. the police commission is deciding on consequences for project officers who were caught sending racist and homophobic text messages. the disciplinary cases were heard behind closed doors. the text was discovered during an investigation in 2012 but was not revealed until 2015. the police officers suit the police department same greg waited too long to pursue punishment. a judge sided with the officers at first but the state appeals court overturned that decision.
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there is no word yet on the outcome of the closed door hearing. >> a police sergeant apparently will not be penalized after colliding with a skateboarder last summer. it was caught on video as the skateboarder raised down the street and was not sanctioned. the examiner reports the department of police accountability recommended the sergeant being suspended for days. it says the police chief decided not to impose discipline. this skateboarder claims the sergeant used excessive force the civil trial is beginning in april. help is on the way for survivors of the deadly camp fire. fema says $33 million have been approved for victims. most of the money is for the transitional sheltering assistance program. a top official says 1400 families will be eligible but 200 are
5:38 am
taking advantage of it at this point. more victims are allowed in the kern zones around paradise. people who lost times got to see what is left of the property. more people will be allowed to enter the evacuation zone today. the health department wards families to be careful because of hazardous waste. >> you feel a void, there is nothingness. you have nothing but the clothing that you left with. you know? that is a very strange feeling. >> cal fire has a attractive map that allows people to see where and when restrictions are listed. we have a link on our website at at the top of the page. 1300 pets are homeless because of the fire. several are stuck at an emergency shelter and no one
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claim them. the orville shelter is hoping photos posted on social media could help reconnect them to their owners. >> we are doing the best we can to take care of them and give them the care they deserve. if we can get people to reunite them and get them out of here, it is better in the long run for everybody expect the shelter is starting to turn the corner and more animals are going out than coming in thanks to foster families who are stepping up. the chp is warning about a rockthrowing incident. lee was driving on interstate 680 when someone threw two rocks at her suv. her dash cam captured a blurry video where the rocks are coming in. one dented the hood. the other shattered the windshield and she was done but
5:40 am
not seriously hurt. >> my body and face, everywhere is swollen. even my mouth. the person is doing it on purpose. >> she pulled over and called 911. there are reports of similar attacks but the chp says no one else filed a report. the state is gearing up for an increase on self driving roads on the roads and making sure other drivers are safe. a new law will allow the police to impound driverless cars on public streets that don't have a permit. they introduced a bill after uber was found testing automated vehicles in san francisco in 2016. there is no longer a human being behind there. there is a leap in technology.
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we are monitoring the deployment of that technology very closely. >> a part of google is the first company to have a permit for foley driverless cars. they are testing them in the bay area. city college is holding a meeting about a proposed ballot measure to extend the free tuition policy. school officials want to change the way students qualify for free tuition. students have to apply for other aid first. the board wants to change that so funding is available whether or not students qualify for other aid. the meeting starts at 7:30 on the ocean campus. the time is 5:41. the new assignments for the police lead to big drops in certain crimes.
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changes are coming to the symphony and we will introduce you to the first new conductor in 25 years. we have a couple of issues on the radar when it comes to traffic and transportation. highway 24 looks all right. if you are looking for sunshine, this is music to your ears.
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today, topic for general motors is meeting with lawmakers. gm ceo vowed to keep an open mind about the future of the
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ohio plant. it is at risk of closing. they did not suggest to reconsider the plants. gm came under fire from ohio lawmakers who want the company to shift production to the u.s. or build electric cars in ohio. the symphony is introducing a new conductor to replace thomas who is stepping down. >> deborah tells us the new conductor said he is looking forward to his new life in san francisco. we share the same ideas. >> the veteran of the los angeles philharmonic with big shoes to fill in san francisco. when michael passes the baton, he will be 75 years old and 25 years with the symphony and leading it to new heights.'s solomon heard of thomas before leaving bill and.
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>> he was having a good career when i was a student. are there similarities, i would be happy. >> he received a standing ovation as he was introduced. the fans packed the room to hear from him and the leaders who chose them. >> why in this career? >> the orchestra calls it first- rate. during the guest coming here describes an instant connection with the ensemble. >> i don't have to explain. >> musicians feel it also. >> there is a strong chemistry. there is a feeling of trust. we know he has it covered. >> he said he will push creatively adding a team to connect with the community in
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new ways. >> we are proud to have this orchestra expect the mayor sent a video welcome. >> congratulations. >> musicians have extracurriculars in mind. but don't look for solomon at at&t park. >> i don't understand the rule. i'm more of an ice hockey guy. >> he sends warm words. >> maybe a sharks game is on the schedule. >> he is looking forward to moving here and getting behind the tourist spots. >> i want to get a hang of the life here, the life and what it means to live in san francisco. it is 5:47. sal is conducting our commute this morning. >> it looks all right.
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we have slowed traffic. westbound on 580 on the super commute. the traffic is going to be busy as you drive through the area with stop and go traffic. you see a slowdown in the non- tribute direction because of road work. give yourself extra time if you are driving this morning, especially coming in on 205. let's talk about the drive from livermore to pleasanton with no major problems. the trains are delayed because of a signal issue between richmond and martinez. you might be behind schedule. we are looking at interstate 880 at oakland and the bay bridge and the green lights are on. it is dry with improvement.
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>> it makes a huge difference. john is where it is stopped raining but it rained last night . good morning. 48 degrees and cloudy. it rained last night until 10:00. things are quieter back to midnight. the low is on its way to southern california and it is a big event. the skies are clear to the north and baby, it is cold outside. the wind is great. i did see 39 in panel limit. lower lakes at 32. there is a possible breeze kicking in which brought the lows. there is 39. rainfall has been good for the last two weeks. we went from nothing in the middle
5:50 am
of november and santa rosa is 96% of normal with rainfall. even san jose at 82%. maybe more than that fell. squaw valley, i took the top of the mountain and 38 engines and 26 to the north. it is good and it made it below 5000 feet. it is quieter in the santa clara valley's. it is the key, we did not get the punch. they are in southern california. that is causing heavy rain in santa barbara. there is a northerly breeze kicking in with high-pressure building in. it is 38 in santa rosa and 50 in towards gilroy. 52 in santa cruz.
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you are held up with the temperatures but winding down in the sierra. mostly sunny to the north and partly cloudy to the south and southern california is getting in on that system. dry weather kicks in and the system looks to be on tap for sunday but showers and more sunshine. near 60 with not much of a difference on the high level. mostly sunny friday. saturday looks okay. we start to see clouds moving in with rain making it late sunday into monday. it is 5:51 and prays for a homeless man because he was honest and what he did after finding $17,000 cash.
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welcome back. the warriors are off today. they beat the cavaliers in cleveland. >> the ramp and the corner. >> shades of toronto. >> shades of cleveland. >> the warriors did not play the best last night but in the third, they dominated with 32 points. the warriors won 129-125.
5:55 am
they play milwaukee tomorrow. the sharks one big after a rough road trip. they scored the first goal early in the 1st and the sharks never trailed. minutes later, the sharks are up 2-0. the sharks one 5-1. they play the stars in dallas tomorrow night. afc south rivals play tonight. the jaguars go to tennessee to play the titans. the titans are the favorite and they need to win to stay in the playoff. you can see it tonight beginning at 4:30. or local news will be on ktvu plus. a man was homeless and hungry. he found $17,000 cash in front of the food blank.
5:56 am
the money was in a paper bag on the doorstep of the food bank in seattle. kevin is holding the dog did not keep the money. he waited until the doors open and handed the cash to the staff and he thought the money was met for the food bank. his honesty warmed their parts. >> it was a big decision because he could use it. you do not take from somebody else. it would be stealing and he doesn't steal. >> the police tried to find the real owner but no one claimed the month and the food bank was allowed to but. he was given a proclamation and a gift card. the money will expand the food bank to provide help to the needy. inmates on death row were found dead in their cells and the details on the emergency meeting at san quentin and the
5:57 am
cause of those deaths. george hw bush is home in texas for his final goodbye. here's a look at the service coming up. this commute is better than yesterday. it is dry. you can see the golden gate was very wet. it is dry and traffic is moving well. not much is left of the system. it looks like a dry thursday and we will see what is in store .
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(music throughout)
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the shorter of bus drivers is worse than officials realized . i said dad, i love you and you a been a wonderful father. the last words were, i love you too. >> we've got that tribute and more for george hw bush and a live report from texas on the final ceremony today for the 41st president.
6:00 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. what a week it has been. the public is getting a vital chance to say goodbye to president george herbert walker bush. the service happens in two hours . after that, is body will go to college station texas to be buried next to barbara and their daughter. good morning. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. thousands paid respect to george herbert walker bush after a memorable ceremony in washington. the body is home and it texas this morning. >> the remains of the 41st president at st. martins episcopal church in houston. this is the same church george hw bush, the barbara and children attended since the early 1950s. >> you will be buried in his family


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