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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  December 6, 2018 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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george h.w. bush. major drug cking narcotics monetary gain. >> a 30s break up a south a narcotics ring making several arrests while finding hundreds of pounds of marijuana and even a rocket launcher. market volatility. stocks tumble at the start of the trading day but mostly make and for the losses by the end of the session. our financial analyst explains what's behind these wild swings on wall street. from ktvu news, this is "the four." a touching final farewell to george h.w. bush. thousands of people watched the historic site of a funeral train taken the body of the former president to be buried right in the heart of texas. welcome, everyone to "the four." i'm alex savidge. >> and i'm maureen naylor. heather is off tonight. fo president george w. bush
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and the family traveled to the burial site on the train following an emotional funeral service in houston. >> the 41st president was laid to rest at his presidential library this afternoon ride along his wife -- alongside his wife, barbara bush. a solemn tribute paid to him including this flyover. >> fox news correspondent lauren blanchard has more from college station, texas. lauren? >> reporter: hi. well, it was a truly somber day here in college station. we are next to the george h.w. bush presidential library, and when that train pulled into college station, pulled into town, we could hear the horns announcing the arrival of the bush family and the casket carrying the 41st president. the train ride, one of the final events of a week up mourning. a special crowd, giving one
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last final look at the president's flag draped casket. in houston, 1200 mourners passing through the family church overnight, saying goodbye to the 41st president  before a private service where more than 1000 people joined to celebrate his life. >> and in honoring his accomplishments, we will see that we are really praising what's best about our nation. the nation he dearly loved and values embodied. >> reporter: close friend james baker and bush's grandson, george p. bush among those eulogizing the late president today. throughout the ceremony, there was a mix of celebration and solemnity, and even a few jokes. >> when the president arrived in heaven, barbara was standing there with her hands on her hips. so long?" >> reporter: people at texas a and m were the presidential library is located say it's an honor to welcome him home. >> even though he wasn't a
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student here, he really was an aggie. >> reporter: and while the week has been full of public events, pomp and circumstance, the burial today was private. it is the last chance for those who were truly the closest to george h.w. bush, a last chance for them to say goodbye. at this point, the bush family has departed the presidential library and according to the family spokesman, george h.w. bush has officially been laid to rest next to barbara bush and their daughter, robin. >> lauren blanchard live in college station, texas, thank you. some military members in the bay area paid tribute to the late president today with a long-standing military tradition. members of the u.s. coast guard station on the base in alameda conducted a 21 gun salute at noon today. smoke drifted over the oakland estuary and some coworkers spent their lunch break watching the solemn ceremony,
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recalling their own memories of president george h.w. bush. >> george h.w. bush was my third president of my lifetime. and, to remember the service he provided to our country is meaningful. and, his loss, i think, is hitting the country very hard. >> i was a student at texas a and m where the president is going to be buried at. and, it just means a lot. >> that former member of the air force who attended the ceremony recalled the former president as a man of great integrity, loyalty, and a man who got the job done. we have more on today's services in texas for president bush along with the tribute in alameda on our homepage, it was a whipsaw day on wall street as stocks mostly recovered after plunging right after the opening bell. the dow ended the day down 79 points after falling more than 700 points early on in the
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trading day. the nasdaq gained 29 points and the s&p 500 was down just four points. the trade war with china and economic worries had investors rattles. >> reporter: the dow plunging, triple digits early thursday morning, coming out of the gate, down by 450 points, coming off of a drop of nearly 800 points on tuesday, leaving investors to experience one of the worst weeks of 2018. >> the market correction we are seeing, i think that's going to continue into the end of the year. >> reporter: thursdays plunge comes on the heels of the arrest of chinese tech executive, the cfo of a telecom giant. she was taken into custody at the request of u.s. authorities who have been investigating the company for allegedly violating trade sanctions in regards to iran. they released a statement saying, quote, we comply with all equable laws and regulations where it operates, including equitable --
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applicable export control and regulations from the u.n., the u.s., and the eu. no specific charges against her have been announced. >> china has expressed our solid position to canada in the u.s. regarding the case. we condemn them to immediately clarify the reason for the arrest, release the detainee, and in the safeguard of the detainee. >> reporter: this comes at a delicate time in u.s. china relations, possibly threatening trade talks between president trump and chinese president xi jinping. trump announced he would be suspending tariffs after the chinese president and his meeting. from the wine country fires to the camp fire, we haven't just seen great loss of life but also great damage to the northern california tight housing markets. ktvu's tom vacar joins us now from a construction site where homes have never been more needed than right now.
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tom? >> reporter: well, i want you to consider what's happened this year already in terms of pure acreage. already this year, 1.67 million acres of land have gone. that is the most acreage burned in the history of keeping records here in the state of california. the most. and, we still have three weeks left to the fire year and indeed, although we had some rain here and in southern california, the reality of the situation is it's still very much fire season in the south and very possibly up here. that is the situation. but that has also taken a horrific toll on the housing stock here in northern california. in six counties, everywhere from mendocino over to yolo, up to butte, sonoma, napa, six counties have lost all kinds of things. and that report will be coming up just very soon. >> all right, we'll check in with you later, tom vacar,
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thank you. san jose police say a two year multistate investigation has uncovered a drug trafficking ring that was being run out of a home in an upscale neighborhood. ktvu's southbay reporter jesse gary has a look at the alleged crimes and some of the evidence we are seeing, including a rocket launcher. >> reporter: neighbors say the 2300 block of damascus court is home to tech workers, retirees and regular workers. but, san jose police allege a drug ring was being run out of a new house on the block. >> that is crazy. nothing i expected. >> reporter: this group's primary focus was trafficking narcotics for monetary gain. >> reporter: a lieutenant with the special investigations unit says four people were arrested and charged. alleged ringleader 42-year-old anthony le and his cohorts, barry phan, alejandro garcia, an 18. the for some were childhood
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friends who turned to a life of crime selling drugs across the country. the raid of the house netted 800 pounds of weed in vacuum sealed bags, xanax tablets, and anabolic steroids. police also recovered two handguns and a military grade rocket launcher. >> we believe that that i was not going to be used for any nefarious activities. we believe it was something that this person obtained in some way. >> reporter: detectives uncovered a two-year investigation which revealed the gang would grow marijuana in california, then ground ship boxes of the drug and others east. distribution sites were set up in queens, baltimore, and nashville. proceeds were sent back to california. >> marijuana can be 20% to 30% more on the east coast. and it's not legal in a lot of places so they were able to kind of capitalize on that market. >> reporter: all four human face charges for manufacturing and transporting narcotics and possession of illegal weapons.
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>> i'm glad they've been caught and it seems to not be an issue anymore. hopefully something like this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: investigators say all four defendants are out of the county jail, posting bills between $150,000 and $250,000. but they say because of the size of this operation, there could be more arrests both locally and across the country. outside san jose police headquarters, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. a scary landing for a plane from oakland. the southwest flight that slid off the runway during a landing in southern california. coming up, one of the passengers tells us what it was like. way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, enhanced coverage, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need.
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san francisco's muni is short on drivers and now struggling to fill its ranks. ktvu's christien kafton is live where a study was presented, and critics and muni agrees here, the agency is certainly understaffed. >> reporter: the supervisor called for the review after last summer. you'll remember when muni was working on the project and had to pull operators off of regular routes causing a meltdown for the system. now the results of thit shows t was understaffed and is not getting any better. muni moves 100,000 riders through san francisco every day but a new review shows the agency is critically short on
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staff. fred russo conducted the study and says the results are clear. muni needs 1100 bus riders -- bus drivers and train operators. >> it's a trend not going in the right direction. >> reporter: muni agrees it needs more operators but says so far it has been covering the operator shortage by asking some to work longer shifts. >> in order to fill some of the gaps we might be seeing, we would use overtime. the 8 hour shift goes to a 10 hour shift. >> some people like to earn overtime but it's not a long- term solution or a good staffing plan for maintaining the system overall. >> reporter: the problem is hiring new operators and retaining them. the current low unemployment rate reasons a smaller employee pool, cover that with a smaller percentage of people looking for civil service jobs. the results also show 10% of new drivers leave muni within their first year. operators cited a host of reasons from low pay, to workplace safety issues.
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muni says it recognizes the worker shortage and is looking to fill its ranks. >> well, some of the things that we are considering is just reaching out to some groups we have not in the past. >> reporter: the shortage has left some riders frustrated. >> yesterday, there were 338 that did not show at sixth and gary. so, we were out there for 20 minutes, 25 minutes waiting. the bus was so packed when it showed up. >> reporter: others say so far despite the shortage, muni seems to get them where they need to go on time. >> i have not had terrible experiences where i'm waiting for a very long time. >> they maybe need more drivers but they are still the best for san francisco. >> reporter: because of all of that over time, those drivers are not working, the reviewer said the overall worker shortage is not having a major impact on customers but say the system is simply unsustainable. they say going forward, an or is going to have to hire more operators to stay viable in the future. live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. >> something they have to deal
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with. thank you for that. monts for passengers on a southwest flight that left oakland this morning when their plane skidded off the runway as it landed in burbank. video shows the plane's landing gear damaged and you can see the deep grooves it made in the ground. the aircraft came to a stop in an area specially designed to slow planes that overshoot the runway. it happened as heavy rain swept through the region. none of the 117 passengers and crew on board flight 278 was hurt. >> to be honest, you know, the landing was aggressive. and, it was a little scary but not too bad. the thing was, there is a big bump at the end and we did not know what happened until mud and grass started coming down the windows. we were actually off the runway. >> passengers were taken off the flight using stairs and were bused to a nearby terminal. the incident led to some flights being canceled that burbank airport.
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as you heard, heavy rain him or the l.a. area today causing a lot of problems in the woolsey fire burn zone in malibu. cruise today could be seen clearing debris and mud from the roads there. a mudslide did temporarily shut down a stretch of pacific coast highway this morning and there was one driver who had to be rescued. residents have been preparing all week long for this bad weather. >> i don't think we really have to talk about it. it's a mudslide. the mountain burns, the mud comes down. this is what always happens. >> there were no injuries or damage to homes from the rain in malibu, nothing that has been reported at least and authorities are asking the public to stay on alert and be aware of the possibility of flash flood warnings. thankfully, we don't have to deal with that. we've got sunshine but will a hold for the weekend? i will have your forecast coming up so you can make your weekend plans. tomorrow, remembering the
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we have more now on the ongoing housing crisis that's worsening because of the destructive fires in northern california. >> tom vacar has more from sonoma county where homes have never been more needed than they are right now. >> reporter: thanks to a lot of early community involvement and organizing, even while homes were still smoking, coffey park
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is a surprising success story of recovery, aided by the flatland to build relatively small homes on, says keith wood, ceo of the north coast builders exchange. >> in the building roads, that is a lot easier to deal with than hillsides, slow plots, and that's the difference in the north bay. as to who is building successfully and who is not. >> reporter: in the last 14 months, the five major wildfire events that have plagued the six northern california counties have incinerated 25,000 homes. but that's the equivalent of 85% of all of the new homes built in the six counties. that massive loss guarantees that a severe shot -- housing shortage will persist for many years. new homes will rise, with the early showing a large number of people moving out and on. local contractors, plus even those from states in northern california are and will continue to be overwhelmed. >> we had more lost homes, before the butte tragedy. we had more lost homes than we
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had licensed contractors in the north bay. >> understandably, we want to do this as soon as we can but the manpower is really lacking. it'll be a few years before those lots are filled backup. >> reporter: and consider this. even if all 1500 homes destroyed in coffey park were completed tomorrow, a job which in reality will take many, many years, there are still 19,500 homes to go in the six county burn area. >> this has been devastation like i never could have possibly imagined. >> reporter: the builders exchange says lack of interest in the building trades in the 1990s, plus the recession that wiped out half of the homebuilders' workforce is the problem. so, the exchange helped create the north bay construction corp. to teach high school seniors the building trades by literally building tiny home after tiny home.
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to keep the core going, growing, and expanding. >> one in mendocino, napa, lake, and marin county. >> reporter: sonoma state university economics professor, robert eiler. >> what's tough about this time that it happened is it happened 7 years ago when there were more people available for work and the cost of materials wasn't as high as it is now. it might be easy to rebuild quickly and it could be a decade before all of the decision-making about rebuilding the town will look like. >> reporter: no one should forget we've already set the record for the most acres burned in california in a single year and we still have three weeks to go and there have been fires in those last three weeks in previous years. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. all right, the rain has moved on and boy, we had a dina made -- dynamite day in the bay area. >> top 10 day. that's what i call about it.
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and, temperatures warming up, kind of overachieving in some spots. let's take a look at the map and you can see what i'm talking about. they pulled back to 64 but santa rosa was at 65 just about an hour ago. you can see those numbers in the 60s in concord, fairfield, 62, down in fremont, 64 in hayward, and not bad in san francisco. 59 degrees for you. so, gorgeous. this is not a postcard. this is a live picture. absolutely beautiful, stunning, stunning day. temperatures were warmer than 24 hours ago. in fact in santa rosa they were 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. ever well else in that five to a degree range but everywhere that you walk out the door standing in sunshine, it is quite nice. taking a live look at storm tracker 2, nice and clear. all of the action is in southern california. unfortunately the storm system that brought us a little rain is bringing them a deluge of rain in places that don't need a like the burn scars in the woolsey fire. a difficult situation and very
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tough times. taking a look at forecasted lows tonight, we are going to see cool temperatures tonight. that has a lot to do with the fact that there isn't going to be cloud coverage. we've got clear skies which means heat from the day can escape very quickly. santa rosa, low of 35 degrees and we could also see some frost and fog in those northbay valleys. they saw some chills there tonight. 36 in fairfield, 38 in livermore. you could see the 40s as you roll down into the south bay but again, it's going to be a bit chilly. tomorrow, another gorgeous day out there. beautiful, very similar to today. temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s all around the day and it's just going to be pleasant. a great day to get outside or get out of work early if you can. maybe. on friday, it will hold for the weekend. saturday too looking really good. the next possible weather
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system is going to be sunday afternoon. you can see it here, the model is trying to see if it will hold itself together enough to scoot in there and give itself rain. doesn't look promising right now. the models are showing a little bit of rain. most of it would probably stay in the northbay. keep an eye on that. the timing of that would be sunday into monday. and, sunday should be dry to start off but we are going to have clouds that will work their way in. beautiful friday and saturday and again, we'll see some clouds on your sunday. i think it's going to be nice and dry later in the day. sure, we'll see some clouds and that chance of rain is going to be there for monday but i have to say the models are pulling back on it. if we get anything, it's probably the northbay and really small amounts. we'll get another shot later this week. >> kind of like that last system. we thought it would do more than it did. >> right. because you had the one before that that did perform.
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it's good to get the rain slow and steady because it gives the ground a chance to enjoy it and then we get useful rain as opposed to what we are seeing in color -- 720 with the deluge of flooding, mudslides and that kind of thing. >> the break today was sure nice. >> wasn't it? i enjoyed it. all right, our coverage of "thursday night football" is up next on ktvu. the jaguars and titans facing off tonight. we are heading over to ktvu plus to continue with our news coverage. enjoy the game, we'll see you later.
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♪ >> you can spend a lifetime running, running from the past or running from the fear of failing. it is the seconds of panic and moments of unease. that is when it hits you. the desire to run away from your problems rather than towards them. >> people have been saying what's wrong. >> people survive because of instinct, an easy choice. temporary solution. but sooner or later there comes a point. >> today is a day we are going to remember. >> you have nowhere to run.


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