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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 7, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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7th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. thank you for joining us on friday. and steve paulson joins us as well. it is cold outside. no doubt about it. a lot of 30s showing up. livermore is coming up with 37 and santa rosa holding at 36. many 30s and a lot of mid-40s as well. it will be a nice friday. and a little warmer and mid-60s in santa cruz and also morgan hill and light rain returns late sunday into monday. this is not a big system. but it does look like it will make it. and every system has made it. and we'll go with that. it will not be a lot. but some of the projections showing light rain. everything is coming out of the north. that is ushering in a drier air. and north east and northwest. and that is the indication that
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is going to give us a little warmer weather. except for the higher clouds, everything looks good. a big whopper of a low moving into arizona. a lot of 30s and 40s for us. morgan hill 38 degrees. santa clara 41. sunny today and a little warmer. the system moving into the four corners and it will cause issues in the next four to five days. 6:01. sal is here. hopefully is everything okay. things are okay. but there are slowdowns out there. but for the most part if you're driving in the east bay, it has been a nice liking commute. this is the peninsula for you. and the southeast shore degree way, it takes about 19 minutes to drive to the bridge and that is a 15 minute delay to the
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toll plaza. if you're driving on 80 westbound, you're doing well. and down to the golden gate bridge that looks good. and let's go to the altamonte pass that is the slowest traffic. you had an earlier accident and 580 and grant line road. i think it might surprise you if you can leave the house early it will help you on that commute. the south bay commute off to a nice start and no problems in downtown san jose on 280. not one but two cars crashed into a san jose apartment building. it happened on meridian avenue in the willow glenn neighborhood and now the police are investigateing it as -- investigating it as a possible dui. leigh martinez is there now. >> reporter: it happened around 1:20 this morning. so the police and fire as cleared the scene.
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but the damage is very visible here. up with car came up throughout the driveway and crashed into the front entrance way to the apartment. but a second car came up to the front here through meridian and crashed into the front window. and the occupant of the apartment was asleep. and he said that he feels lucky to be alive. three occupants from both vehicles were taken to a nearby trauma center, two appeared to be bleeding from the head. the police said that one vehicle struck the meridian side and the other crashed into the entrance of the apartment from the driveway. both sides of the apartment. and the apartment tenant said that he was asleep and one car missed his window by 20 inches. >> i hear a crash outside my window. i don't think it is in my window but the street. so i look. and both cars were in my apartment. >> my bed is right there.
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>> we arrived on the scene, the gentleman was bloody on the head. the other man admitted to me that he reared into the car. they wound up right here. >> reporter: the police are investigating it as a possible dui. it is unknown if speed played a factor. the police have not said if there are any pending charges in the crash. leigh martinez, ktvu news. some richmond residents on edge after seeing flames and smoke at the chevron oil refinery. take a look what is being befored like. it started at 6:30. and the flaring kept going. and it was caused by startup
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activity at a processing unit. but it was not an environmental or health risk. they called it is a safety measure to relief pressure. six people arrested and the authorities are looking for additional suspects in relation to robbery and marijuana grow operations. the police conducted the raid. it was part of a month long investigation into a violent gang. there were sweeps in several other areas as well, including high ward and stockton. one raid netted large bar garage bags filled with marijuana. >> they broke into a cannabis warehouse and contacted a burglary, which ended up being a residential robbery since there was a tenant inside tending to the cannabis. this individual was assaulted and locked into a safe. and the suspects fled with multiple pounds of marijuana. >> during the police raid, the
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officers ceased high power assault rifles, shotguns, cash and more than 100 pounds of marijuana. it can sell for $1,500 on the mark. in states like arizona where it is not legal, one pound can sell for $5,000. police want your help to identify a man that exposed himself to a woman. the woman was riding her bike and she stopped at the red light at san hill road, a man in a car exposed himself to her. he's described at white in his 30s with brown hair, some facial hair and driving a white nissan leaf. if you have any information, call the police. senator dianne feinstein said that california is unlikely to get all the wildfire relief funding it requested from congress before the end of the year. the state will not get all the
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billion dollars that governor brown asked for. a spokesman for senator finestein it is expected that it will come in a series of payments, not all at once. an audit finds that the federal government mishandled disaster relief programs like the ones to help victims of wildfires. fema gives goods and help to people from disasters like a wildfire or hurricanes. but the government accountability office said there were mishandled programs that led to confusion and the victims received limited help because of a, quote, outdated strategy and unclear guidance. in the last 14 months, five wildfires have scorched six northern california counties, it added stress to the already tight housing market.
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21,000 california homes were destroyed by fires. that is the equivalent of 85% of the new homes build in the six counties in the past decade. >> we have more lost homes before the butte tragedy, more than we have licensed contractors in the north bay. >> industry experts say that the huge loss of housing guarantees california's severe housing shortage will continue for many years and the cost of existing homes, and new homes and rents will keep rising. foreman president george h.w. bush is now laid to rest in texas. that is very moving and unusual tribute. 21 fighter jets flew low in missing man formation over his presidential library, a tribute to his time in the navy.
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thousands of people watched the historical sight of his body being taken to his library to be laid to rest. >> people are showing their respects and give a tribute to this man. he was a family man and that really got to me. >> more than 1,000 people filled the pews, including family and friends and famous faces from the world of sports, business and politics. his former secretary of state and friend talks about his humility, james baker. here in the bay area, the coast guard also honored the late president. >> members of the coast gashed staged a 21 gun salute, firing them at one minute intervals 21 times in a row. some of the bay area workers
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spent their lunch break watching the solemn ceremony. >> he was my third president of my lifetime. and it is to remember the service that he provided our country is meaningful. his loss is hitting the country very hard. >> one retired air force officer remembered seeing the former president at texas a&m and called him a great leader of integrity and loyalty and he was a man that got the job done. go to for more coverage of the life and presidency of president bush. you'll be able to see the funeral train that carried his casket to their burial site. 77 years ago, the japanese
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attacked pearl harbor. the next day, the president, franklin d roosevelt, called is a date that would live in infan my. president clinton considered today pearl harbor day. the flag will be at half-staff to remember those killed in that attack. in the east bay, there will be a special ceremony to those killed in the attack at pearl harbor. after the bombing. the rotating beacon was shot off. and then 25 years later was relit again. it has been moved to the call state east bay library in concord to make it easier for pearl harbor survivors to attend. and the lightning will happen at 5:00. still ahead, a security camera in los angeles caught a
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very scary moment. look at this. a man was shoved into a moving truck. we'll tell you how this video ends and the latest on the condition of the man that was pushed. free valet parking for visitors and workers. the area offering for anyone that works at government offices and why. you can see traffic is moving relatively well on some of the commutes. it is dry. and that is helping out. we'll tell you more about this friday morning commute when we come back. it is dry and it will stay dry for a couple of days. but it is cold out there. a lot of 30s. but we'll have warmer temperatures today. we'll take a look at those coming up in your friday forecast. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones.
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during business hours. president trump. it is a perk that you usual have to pay for. and now it is going to be pre. >> reporter: the valley parking service is because there are too many people that come to visit and work at the santa clara government buildings. so they decided to start the
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valley scattered showers. -- valley service. anyone can use it, especially if you work in the county government building. the cost is about $4 million for the county to have this program. but they point tout is less expense shall shall -- point out it is less expensive than build a parking garage and less expensive from having a shuttle service. and they argue it helped the county workers become more bush more punctual instead of looking for a parking space. it will make some parking more difficult. so they will have this valet service for the next couple years. it will go from 7 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. it is for anyone that many
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coulds to park near a santa clara office building. we'll talk to some of the people to see what they think about it. allie rasmus, ktvu news. we'll look forward to that. they are synonomous with local tourist buses in london. but they are starting to roll out double-decker buss. they are equipped with -- buses. they are equipped with wi-fi and reclining seats. they stay is to help improve congestion and the bay bridge. that many is a great way to commute. >> i think so. speaking of commute, is everybody behaving out there. they are. let's talk about the east shore free way and as you head to the
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macarthur maze bridge you see that the traffic is okay. it is lighter on a friday. we get that sometimes as we get lighter volume, no major problems at the bay bridge. about a ten minute delay before you make it on to the span. and the other bridges, the sam te'o bridge and the dunbartan, they look good. a little slowing in the bay point area. 24 is wide open on the way to the tunnel. and we're looking at 580 improving a little bit now. if you're getting on the freeway, livermore looks all right. and the south bay commute so far so good as you drive up to the west valley. no problems on the peninsula if you're going to sfo. they look good so far. on a friday, where it is clear and cold, we have a little patchy fog and a north
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breeze. they had fog at five and six. in 30s and finally some showing up in the santa cruz mountains. the coldest temperatures are to the north. kelseyville is in there. lima valley and american canyon. so if it feels cold, the coldest temperature is bismark at 12, chicago 17, de moines 12. cold in the great lakes and the northern plains. look at this moisture streaming into texas and oklahoma. you see the vigorous low that went into l.a. yesterday is now moving into arizona. that will move into the four corners and cause issues the next couple of days now. some mid-60s possible around santa cruz and maybe gilroy and
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morgan hill. a few high clouds to the north and light rain sunday into monday. it is not a big system. but it will make it. so let's go with it for now. and the amounts will be very light. the bigger system looks to be on tap around the 17th. this is the north early direction coming in. that many is ushering in drier air. so we're not getting any fog yet. northwest and north east and northwest, north, so i think you get the idea. with the northern wind in place, it does warm us up. a few high clouds on parts of the coast. there is the low moving into arizona. 30s and 40s. that has come up a little bit and the breeze came up. a lot of 30s and 40s. look at the temperature difference. fairfield down 13. livermore minus 11. an oakland airport is nine degrees colder than yesterday at this time.
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we're looking good for sunshine and warmer temperatures. and the next system will barrel in here with increasing clouds. but it is dry. and it will start to spread late sunday into monday. that is university,the higher clouds that is the -- that is the system, the higher clouds that is this deal. monday and tuesday, looking good, pam. >> thank you, steve. and intruder caught on camera. watch as someone sneaks through the doggy -- through the doggie door. we have word that president
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trump's chief of staff resigned. who will look to replace him. ♪
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thank you. it is christmas songs today on mornings on 2. thank you marsha, for requesting that song. use the hash tag ktvu on twitter, facebook or instagram. white house chief of staff john kelly is expected it resign. cnn is reporting the news from two sources. president trump is reportedly discussing a replacement plan. and one potential replacement is it nick air's. happening today, president trump will announce the person that will suck see nikki haley as the united nations
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ambassador. they reportedly selected spokesman heather nauert. she has a former fox news anchor. her appointment follows nikki haley's resignation in october. special counsel robert mueller is expected to file a sentencing motion about the cooperation of michael cohen, president trump's former attorney into the investigation of russian interference in the 2016 election. 6:26. comedian kevin heart is stepping down as host of the oscars. the old tweets that prompted him to apologize and the response that has more than a million views on social media.
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>> reporter: at san jose state university where the student are camping out until the cold to bring awareness of a growing problem on campus. i'll tell you what that is coming up. we're looking at a commute where the traffic is getting busier on the east shore freeway as we head to the bay bridge. quiet weather out there. but it is a little on the cold side. but it is a great friday. what about the weekend? take a look.
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. the u.s. labor department announced that the employers added 155,000 jobs in november. that falls short of the expectations. they are looking at the futures and indicating small gains in the opening. but at least in the green. but we'll have all the business news in your dollar and cents. thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook. >> is it friday. i'm dave clark. new video to show this morning. you see the extreme weather hitting southern california in a burn zones. this road turned into a river
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in burbank. 1500 homes were evacuated in the holy fire burn zones. some people saw some mudslides are too close for comfort. interstate 5 through the grapevine is back open. that is after snow forced to close for several hours yesterday morning. it happens every once in a while. the chp shut down the freeway in both directions. take a look at the congestion there. that is because of the snowy conditions making the roads too dangerous for drivers. the people don't carry change. that is unexpected when it happens. look at the trucks. >> we were on the air, steve was talking about what was happening and going to happen in southern california. >> were warning us all morning. >> los angeles has a quarter over average for the season. >> they usually get 12 for the
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year and they had 2 yesterday. >> they're ahead of us. >> yesterday we put a buy order in. that is all that matters the last half hour. that is the low that moves through. it is heading into arizona. but most of california looks quiet here. we'll get a few high clouds. 30s, a lot more today than yesterday. they are mainly confined to the north. that is not the case today. we could find some out to the east as well. dublin and pleasant. it is closed up in this area. blackhawk is very close. we have mostly sunny skies today. there will be a few high clouds. and we're getting a north early breeze. high pressure will take case of you are today and tomorrow. this is not a big system. but i think it will make it overnight sunday into early monday. but that is the north early direction coming in. there was a tiny bit of fog,
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maybe out to the valley. that is some of the higher clouds coming in. they will drift across. and that will make the turn. a big difference on the temperatures compared to 24 hours ago. and concord minus 11. mostly sunny and a little warmer today. a few high clouds and mix of sun. 6:33. sal is here. it is official. i know the holiday is here. >> that is a popular song. it is one of the most popular christmas songs. cold goes with december. it feels like it should be cold in december. don't you think? >> yes. the days are so short. exactly. this is southbound 101 to the golden gate bridge. if you're driving from sonoma county down, it is nice at this
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point all the way across to the golden gate bridge. 22 minute bridge on the macarthur maze bridge. highway four is a little slow. and 680 is a little slow. 580 is one of the slowest spots at 205 because of some earlier issues and the south bay commute looks good. back to the desk. some students of san jose state university outsleeping on the ground this morning, part of an annual event to combat poverty and homelessness among students. you're going to show us how they're putting a spot light on the problem. >> reporter: good morning. you can see behind me some students camping out in tends
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in the cold. they say -- in tents in the cold. and the student homeless alliance said that more than 4,000 students have dealt with homelessness in the past year alone. i have myra, the president of the student homeless alliance to talk about what is going on this morning. what is the reality for students trying to make ends meet and get their education here? >> it is a difficult time when many students are having to face living without a roof over their head. some sleep in their cars. we have a 24-hour library. so many of them sleep in the library or stay with friends all while trying to maintain their studies. right now we're in finals. it is a difficult time that it is even hard to concentrate. are you going find a safe
6:36 am
location without being fearful or have anxiety. so many of our students are facing homelessness. and this is an issue. higher education is something like we don't connect this with homelessness. that is crazy. and it is in a way that is a reality. but that is a reality. rents are too high. california its own has a housing crisis. for students that is more. it is worse. students are working more than 20 hours a week and still not being able to make ends meet. and some situations are -- they want to go to shelters. >> reporter: so what is your message for the university? what do you want to see them do moving forward to help with the problem? >> we want to shed light on the issue. bring awareness that students
6:37 am
are going through this and that we are essentially the future. we are the future. we are the future, doctors, teachers. and we're not able to concentrate and know where we'll be staying at it is impossible. how are we going to focus on our education and graduate? so we really want -- we're asking the administration to meet our demands that we have and step forward. that will give us a yes or no. we'll meet the demands. because we have had previous meetings and we have not, not to now that we're getting a response. the crisis is happening as we speak. right now we don't know is out there and how many students. it has to be addressed now. >> reporter: thank you for chatting with us. some of the demands to have
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season safe spark spots where students can park their cars and to provide more space inside the dorms so people have a place to sleep for the next few weeks while they figure out a long-term plan. this morning, the police are investigating if drugs or alcohol lead to two cars crashing into a san jose apartment building. it happened on meridian avenue on will will he street. one of the drivers admitted to crashing into the other car and sending both vehicles into the building. one hit the meridian side and the other hit the entrance of the apartment, hitting two sides of the same unit. about a half hour ago, the police confirmed that a total of three people were in the two cars. two of them sent to the hospital. leigh martinez has been there all morning and she'll have a live report and an update on the investigation. under certain circumstances, the sheriff will
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keep cooperating with ice. dozens of people packed into a hearing yesterday with the county board of supervisors. they support california's sanctionry laws that prevent local law enforcement from taking part in joint task force actions with the federal agents to enforce em graduation laws. the sheriff released the -- immigration laws. the sheriff released the numbers about coop -- cooperating with -- the feds. the sheriff lets ice know when someone is going to be released. and they notify them they -- notify us that they will pick them up in jail. >> is it destroys immigration and their families. >> the sheriff -- softening
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his position that he will no longer notify ice unless the person was being charged or convicted of a serious or violent crime. there will be a benefit concert on the night of the inaugural. it will be in sacramento january 6th. money raised will go to the california fire foundation as a way to help the victims of wildfires. the lineup of performers has not been announced. but he said that there will be a family-friendly event the same day at the state railroad museum in sacramento. shocking new video after i homeless man pushed another man
6:41 am
into traffic. you may find this hard to watch. you see a man in a yellow jacket sitting on the left here, shaking his head, gets up and shoved a random man into the street. the victim was caught under the front tire. the suspect just calmly walked away. the bystanders helped the man who suffered broken lungs and collapsed lung. the homeless man was later arrested. a man was caught trying to break into a house trying to get through a doggy door and he did it during broad daylight. i woman was awoken from the doorbell and then she heard her dog bark. and she and her dog were able to scare that man off. that is incredible.
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rebuilding from the wildfires. why financial help from congress could still be months away. using the weekend to recharge. why getting some extra sleep could do a body good. good morning on westbound 92 and the sam te'o bridge still doing good so far. it looks like a nice friday. the temperatures will be in the mid-60s for some in the south.
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comedian kevin hart is it stepping down after an outcry of homophobic he sent out between 2010 and 2011. he aounce nod that decision last night. but he posted a video saying that he didn't need to apologize. >> i just got a call from the academy. it said to apologize. those tweets from 2009 that is the past. i've addressed this several times this is not the first
6:46 am
time this has come up. i spoke on it. i said the rights and wrongs are and who i am now versus who i am now. i'm not going to continue to go back and taps into the days of old. >> now just a couple days ago, comedian kevin hart revealed that he was hosting the oscars saying it because a dream come true. no sign of 60 goats stolen from a ranch in morgan hill. the family business is in jeopardy. each goat is valued at $200. green goat landscapers used them to eat up vegetation and create defense i believe fire space. but goat thieves broke the look at the ranch and used a trailer there so steal 60 of the 300 goats. >> they set up a pen area and
6:47 am
through the hay in the trailer and the goats would naturally go in and they drove away. >> they found the trailer four miles away but the goats were gone. the owner thinks that they plan to start their own business or maybe slaughter the goats for meat. there is no surveillance video of the theft. but a woman sawed three men drop the trailer and drive away in an old ford bronco that had a rusty left front fender. the park district is warning people about eating certain wild mushrooms. they contain to being in-- toxins that can lead to kidney failure. they also warn to keep an eye on your pets because they may wander off and eat those mushrooms. sleeping in on the weekends
6:48 am
will improve your health. >> are you kidding? >> no. i'm not kidding you. a new research found that people that consistently slept less than five hours were more likely to die early. but those with the short deep and slept nine hours a night on the weekends, had no higher risk of death. >> it's been nice knowing you guys. >> sal, do you think you can do it? >> for those of us that work this shift, sleeping till 6:30 on the weekend is sleeping in. 6:30 is like noon. let's see this. maybe you're just waking up. this is what it looks like. it is a moderately heavy day.
6:49 am
it is not too bad here. 24 minutes from the -- bridge and the speed is less than 50 miles an hour an hour to the bay bridge. some of the other commutes are lighter. highway four is a little slow to bay point and 680 is slow. there is a stalled vehicle. and southbound 680, a little slow traffic. and then it looks good to danville and sam ramon. if you're driving in san jose, 85 is slow getting up to the highway 17. 6:49, hello steve. staying up past 8:00 p.m. on a friday night is a challenge. >> yes. >> we're in homewood. if you get above the inversion,
6:50 am
there is thick fog. truckee and south lake tahoe is down on the deck. this is covering clouds and fog yesterday. the views were awesome yesterday and you see the low cloud deck persisting. it is good. except for some areas right down on the ground. there is thick fog. the base is around 100, it hundred feet that is the only fly in the ointment. 19 and south lake tahoe, 20. rio 32. santa rosa 36. 44 in oakland and san jose. 39 in wood side. stanford and fremont 42 and 40s on the sam mateo coast. a few high clouds coming in
6:51 am
mainly from the north. a light rain returns overnight. it does not look like a big system. it will fall apart. but i think we'll get some light rain out of it. the projections could get some light rain. we don't have much in the way of any fog. we'll get burned off fast. the bigelow moving out of california -- the big low moving out of california. 30s, 40s. 35 in fairfield. it is 13 degrees colder than this time yesterday. 37 in arcadia. sacramento 36. so there is the 35 in truckee.
6:52 am
it will be dry today and saturday. the clouds will start and high rain developing late sunday afternoon overnight into early monday h50s and 60s -- 50s and 60s on the temperatures. in the south, mid-60s, santa cruz and morgan hill. today and tomorrow looking good. tuesday looks dry. 6:52, the bart police, knew recruitment actual. details about new pay raises. let's check in with gasia mikaelian. >> reporter: good morning. coming up, the california public utilities commission could step in and implement new rules about how and when the utility companies shut off power to prevent their equipment from starting a wildfire. why this is very important to pg&g. they have could the criticism recently for shutting off power
6:53 am
and not going to. fundraising groups and christmas groups are. why they cannot find enough trees. we'll explain the shortage and what it could mean for you when we come back. i am a family man.
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we sing this is kids. this is gene autry, dave. bradley and his daughter at home. thank you for requesting the song. were doing christmas songs today on mornings on 2. holiday songs as well. if there is a tune you want to hear i will play your request this morning just use the hashtag ktvu. 6:56 am. the 49ers best chance of getting the third win of the season could be sunday against the denver broncos. amber is coming to the bay area without their top receiver, emmanuel sanders, he is out for the season. the 49ers are three point underdogs and have the nfl's worst record. sunday's game is at 1205 am -- 12:05 pm in santa clara. the raiders who hosted the
6:57 am
steelers on sunday maybe playing one of their last games in oakland. the raiders seem to be rebuilding mode -- seem to be in rebuilding mode. it may be hard for them to win on sunday. they are 10 point underdog. sunday's game is at 1:25 pm. was it right here on ktvu box 2. -- box 2. a one-of-a-kind vending machine at ohio state university getting a lot of attention this morning because it sells bacon. the new vending machine sells strips of cooked bacon goodness at $1 a slice. the proceeds go to ohio state's meat science program. the ohio port council by the way sponsored the machine and the bacon is donated. california will be the first nation -- state in the nation to require new homes to have solar panels. the landmark mandate takes effect in 2020 and the final
6:58 am
approval came from the states building standards commission this week. environmentalists applauded saying it will reduce the use of fossil fuels. critics say the added cost of solar panels will be passed on to the homebuyer. it will add to california's already critical housing shortage. police are getting a 60% pay raise over the next four years thanks to a new contract. the directors approved it and said the pavers will bring the salaries of transit officers in line with other bay area agencies and also help them recruit new officers. b.a.r.t. police have attended more than 40 recruitment event this year trying to attract qualified candidates. is 6:58 am. some southwest airline pilots who flew from oakland to burbank relieved they weren't hurt after their plane skidded off the runway. it happened in burbank yesterday during a heavy rain downpour. like 278 came to a stop in an
6:59 am
area designed to slow planes that overshoot the runway. none of the passengers and five crewmembers were hurt but that rough landing definitely rattles some nerves. >> they did warn us. they said it would be wet and breaking will be hard. to be honest, the landing was aggressive and it was a little scary but not too bad. the thing is there is a big bump at the end. we didn't know what happened until much started coming down the windows. mud and grass. >> when the plane hit the runway you could see by the way the tires hit the water that is swerved. it lost some control. and then it looked like the tires lou up or something. >> the passengers were able to walk off the plane. a few other flights were canceled because of the incident. two cars crash into the same apartment overnight. the occupants of the vehicles
7:00 am
were taken to trauma centers and police are investigating it as a possible dui. today marks one week since president george h.w. bush died at the age of 94. we will take a look back at the final farewell to the nations 41st president. from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2. december 7. good morning. it's cold. steve paulson nose also. -- nose also. we do have some clear conditions out there. it's cold. a lot of 30 showing up at our good friend marty is there. tgif, a spectacular almost winter start. there is some fog up there but otherwise it will be beautiful. a cool 42 in vallejo.


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