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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  December 11, 2018 4:00am-4:27am PST

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important deadline gets closer. and a restaurant was tr good morning, thanks for joining us on "mornings on 2", it is tuesday, december 11th, i'm pam good morning, i'm dave carrageens and san raphael. >> it took me this, there are some pockets it's okay and otherwise it's thick, thick, thick as thieves. there you go. >> as sal would say, if you can give yourself 5 to 10 minutes extra, i would. this angst it will in mostly sunny, that's what we'll have. the next system is heading this north, not for us. 30s and 40s, if you're socked in with that fog, it's cold e. if sfo is at 50, 38 we're on mo
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fog. the southern branch of the jet is very active. this can play times. it's not impacting us, it's impacting southern california. you can see the footprint in the valley. there's old school fog coming in. this is a pattern that could be warmer on the coast than inland. fog, we can see it in our traffic cameras. >> the ones close to the water, we'll slow you those in a second. there's a advisory as the altamont pass, that's one of the commutes we check for you y
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altamont pass, and the 580680 interchange in dublin -- 580/680 interchange in dublin. here's a look at 880 in oakland, you can see some of the overgh wrapping up in the northbound direction in the coliseum. this is the east shore there, w can get and clear shot from emeryville to berkeley. the bay bridge toll plaza speedy recovery foggy, you can see it drifting right on through. be aware of that this morning. i'll channel my inner sal castaneda, give yourself an extra 5 to 10 minutes. be careful out on the road. visibility is very low. let's go back to you at the desk. this day two strike by thou at kaiser permanente, it
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includes workers of all 40 kaiser permanente facilities. >> they want people to increase staffing and mental health resources. they say there's only one full- time mental health worker for 3,000 kaiser members. kaiser says it has increased the mental staff by 2013 and invested 175 million to expand mental health care. we're learning more about a man who was shot and killed by police in redwood city. according to mercury news, the man has been identified as 33- year-old tyler heart. police with respect called to a rainstorm of a man who tried to die by sue sued. they tried to use a it'ser, they had no choice, but to shoot. the man died at struggling with mental health
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problems for years. police in napa released body cam video of a deadly confrontation that ended in the death of a man wanted for assault. this video does not capture the actual shooting, but the crime reporter henry lee shows us now, it shows us a struggle over the officers rifle. >> two shots were fired. subject down. >> you can't see it, but body cam video from a napa police officer shows he shot and killed molena with a rifle. police chief robert plumbeporti captions five days after had the shooting. >> i thought it was important that we provide a transparent component on what's occurring. we needed to get the message out there sooner as to what occurred. >> overs responded to reports that molena had assaulted a woman at an apartment complex.
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>> we had am guy putting his hands on my girlfriend. >> he had a gun on the waistband. >> they found and convicted felon, molena ridingation long on and skate board on essentials question happy avenue. >> keep your hands up, come here, stop, stop. re, stop, stop. put your hands up. no one has the gun. put your hands up. >> the officer chased him for five minutes, the two ended in a wooded area and another apartment complex, and at the dropped this loaded revolver and continued to curse at the officer and ignore his commands. >> despite the officer's commands, he failed to comply. 31 times he's told to comply and stop and erhandcuffed the s
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left t by this gunfire. >> he was able to get ahold of the rifle and discharge the rounds at this time. >> the two struggled, and the officer fired several shots killing him and the officer wasn't hurt. they found a short bailed rifle and another gun at the suspect's home. i reached out to molena's father and he said he's busy making funeral arrangements and couldn't talk. an intense meeting is set for this morning at the white house. president trump will sit down where nancy pelosi and chuck t
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republican leaders. doug leaders is here with details on >> we'll see how it and whether they can diffuse a government shutdown, a week and a half away. >> the holiday spirit is tough to miss right now. don't expect much ofa gift exchange as chum serum and nancy pelosi, the odds on favorite for house speaker tries to break a deal with president trump. is nancy pelosi willing to deal even in exchange for illegal immigrants? >> no, they're two different suspects. >> december 31st, the government runs out if funding. it's surprising we sit so long and look at this. we have the deadline of it the 21st. better now, than later. i hope they can
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agreement. >> many republicans will keep president trump pressure on the white this place sometimes. i thout we had universal agreement that legal immigration is good for our country and that illegal immigration is bad. >> and if a deal doesn't happen, the blame game has already started. >> so president trump wants to throw an item pertain interim and shut down parking lot government over christmas, over the wall, that's his decision. and beyond the shutdown negotiations, this is a critical test of the party ers whether they can work together, and especially in the new year when the democrats will control the house. back to you. the time is 4:08. happening today after a group of teachers at oakland high school walked off the job,
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marched to city hall and marched to school district headquarters. the teachers worked since lathe last july for a higher contract and they want higher pay and smaller class sizes. >> we need higher pay to attract more teachers to oakland. >> we are all educators, we all want our students educated by the best people possible, and certainly that's going to be the challenge we're undertaking right now and we've been working on it for a year and a half. >> the oakland school district says it has a multi-million- dollar deficit and may close some schools. yesterday's strike was not sanctioned by the teachers union, the school district stays it may take disciplinary action against the teachers and walkout. we have new video of some of the damage took part in the santa con pub crawl was punched
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face. there's cellphone video of the damage. >> i saw the door was busted out and yeah, they told me what happened, and the video just blew my mind. >> they're out of control. >> this was the parting shot about 7 saturday night from those who rampaged through the restaurant. this woman is wanted by police along with another who allegedly punched pa cashier. >> the girl punched him trying to throw at that sugar canister at his head. i don't know what warrants something like that. >> they're trying to hold her back from lobbing the sugar and she throws in the cash register to the floor breaking it. this woman wanted to join comrades that were eating and they became irate and trashed t
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[ foreign language spoken ]. >> santa con started in san francisco in 1994 and has spread to many cities. part costume father and part pub crawl, an annual tradition that includes toy donations and caroling. before noon, sidewalks were jammed and people spilling out of the pubs. >> it's a very intoxicated people at midday. i company imagine as the day went on, things got rowdy. >> it's a great staff, friendly restaurant and they don't deserve this. taylor is doing what he can to share these images so the women are caught. he eats here a few times a week and stayed away on saturday. he finds it too out of control. >> follow-up want to dress up and have fun, that's fine, but if you're not going to we're all affected by it.
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>> and they expression it had dismay assault by gerent revelers, they're asking the public to identify the perpetrators. they had 15 medical calls, 7 arrests for public intoxication and two for battery, a wartime p artime p -- a bar fight. -- a bar fight. they presented the state for storingment dna for some people arrested. >> plus a big change coming s, what's changing insure and changing in the new year and of the way into the city. t there somewhere, the fog there, be careful. very thick fog, it's cold, we'll look at the temperatures coming up.
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to> welcome back on 2", it's 4:15, happening now, bart is hosting an outreach meeting for passengers to prepare to big changes to early morning bart service. beginning in february, bart service will be pushed back.
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it's because of a seismic retrofit project on the tube. that's because they are riding it between 4 and 5:00 a.m., they want people to know about their options including bus service. there will be meetings at other east bay stations throughout the week. pg&e expects to inspect 455 miles of lines after wildfires thcreated a new execu position to lead efforts in the impacted communities. it plans to step up efforts to clear vegetation growing above and around four lito expand the weather
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definition cameras in high risk areas. and the commute felt twice as long as usual basilad to slow way down because of the fog. >> when the fog is this thick, it's good advice. the visibility is reduced. keep it slow and take it easy out there. lots if fog and clouds for several bay area -- lots if fog advisories, there's very heavy fog are in valley hoe around the carquinez bridge and at mirror island h this fog continues all of the way down through the corridor to the region. this is through emory victim. this system the shot of the east shore freeway. we can barely see it. the fog few headlights in the picture. you mentioned it was thick driving in when you were in about an hour e. there are other bridges where
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it's not too bad like the san mateo bridge. i'll stay on this shot for at what's in the camera there. the overall word out there, fog very thick p please, drive safely, right, steve? >> how do we know it's 280 in san jose. >> that's what the computer is telling me. >> i believe you. >> i haven't seen it this bad. >> not there, i haven't either. i would say venetia bridge, carquinez bridge, parts of the san raphael, not that section, there are others that are right there across the span. i'm sure i saw some lurking by the bay bridge and the going gate bring. it will in mostly sunny this afternoon. this is a pattern, i've seen this before, where they have a hard time with the high
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temperatures out in eastern solano and contra costa county. i'm leaning in that direction today. the system will drag along the north. it will be late tonight, a lot of 30s and lake port at 33 already. there are many 30s popping up. freemont 39 and livermore at 38h sunnyvale is 38 as well. if you want to take the dog out, bundle up. danville, upper 30s dub hundred and pleasanton of 8 other parts where it's superthick. you have a lit, and there's a h of it through the eastern pacific. it's in southern california into arizona. it's something to watch going
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forward. that's something for us, 34 up here and 37 in sacramento. we'll have sunshine more so than sunday. we'll have clouds to the north. mid-50s and upper 50s to the east and 60s near the bay and also near the coast. i'm going on my own direction here. not much change in the fog department. there could be rain, i'll deal with it when we get closer to it. sunday doesn't look like a rain day, you guys. one car rental company is using null technology to help you it will get the keys into your hands in miildren.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", happening today, google ceo will be on capitol hill face will go u ah s lawmakers how it handled a alarming data breach. they'll look at political bias on if the platforms and data ed senate panel back in september, the no show was marked by an executives from disease control
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hit by the polio like illness, it affects if the spinal cord and they can't move their face, neck or back. no one has died, it was blamed for one death last year. we don't know what's causing it. people in maria will have an unusal evacuation drill this weekend. it's happening between 7 and 8:00 a.m., the city wants to prepare people for a real life or death situation from a wildfire. maria rolled will have both lanes heading out of town, there's a drill. >> maria is an area where there's very few places in and out of town out of
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hand real quickly. >> now, about 521 homes in maria's country club home are taking part in the drill, most are on cul-de-sac's or one way road. in a 6-3 vote, they refused to hear a case brought by kansas and louisiana to block government money spent on planned parenthood. planned parenthood profited from selling fetal tissue for research. the results did not end in criminal charges. and there's been two who -- two nuns retired this year from saint james catholic school, and they embezzled money for gambling. they may have gone on, it is
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said, they may and e is due to meet face-to-face with 'll tell agenda. it's forcing negotiations across the aisle. and e-scooters are t the bo merritt. this hear how the companies that we have fog conditions in much of the bay area this morning including the altamont pass. this is a look at highway 4, not much fog this. we'll show up some of the other problem spots this morning though. some pockets for thick fog for some, it does look mostly sunny this morning if you don't have that fog, if you do, it may take awhile. while.
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it's going to be very foggy. >> are you there? time, it took me in. >> for some. >> for some. it's really foggy, for others not so bad. it moves around though, a little foggy out there. >> it now that might may is tha right? >> yes, hey, someone is awake in the control. >> and there's bay bridge toll and if you're headed into oakland and san francisco, the system will drag across to had the north if if you're at mendocino or lake county. it will be light tonight h30s or 40s on most of the temperatures t sfo says 50, there are a lot of 30s showing
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up. menlo park and los altos, 30s on the coast, pacifica 46 degrees. the jet is giving a lot of cloud cover in the four-carers and parts of southern california and in the for at ea in the valley, it's true fog, old school, it's tough.


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