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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 11, 2018 5:00am-5:55am PST

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talking about fog in certain areas this mor and that for some, maybe where you are. where is will he's in newark, and calls it holy fog city. what time do you expect it to burn off? no pressure there, will. i expect 10:00, that's when the dense fog advisory ends, it starts to lift. it could be later, usually 10 clock things start to lift -- 10:00 things start to lift. in this kind of a pattern, history has shown me they have a really tough time with, say, oakley, brentwood, pittsburg, concord and livermore. they overshoot it, it is depending on when the fog burns
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delays at sfo, it could change, but patchy low clouds will give way. the fog will be tough to budge. 30s and 40s, in sfo was at 50, had now, they're at 49. the city is 48. alameda is 47 and one observation, oakland a cold 44, lots of moisture is streaming easterly component, once the , fog sets up and it's tough to budge, clouds will be in the north, staying north this evening, 60s for allie rasmus i are we looking at. one of the places where the chp
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delivered the advisory is the halt month pass -- altamont pass, you can see a crash that happened on the tracy supercommute on grant line road. skipping over to the peninsula, southbound 101 south of winter avenue, there's injury crash blocking two of the lanes there, there's a note from the chp because of the heavy fog that area it's making it challenging for emergency respondsers to respond and clear that crash. there's delays in the response teams and getting the crashes out of the the way. we're looking at this from a different vantage point. you can see the fog are in the distance. that's walnut creek, we have to turn the camera towards lafayette. you can see traffic moving along okay on highway 5:03, bar
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outreach project to let passengers know about big changes for the bart service. beginning in february it won't run the service at 4:00 a.m., they want to make time for a huge safety probably. lee hasgood morning. >> other they're -- >> reporter: they're reaching out. the earliest bart trains will run at 5:00 11th, bart's 4:00 a.m. service wiend. this will impact 2900 riders who regularly routes the first hour. it's for a massive project that will retrofit the tube in case of a seismic event. this will be in place for the next 3 and a half years. >> it's huge deal, that one
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hour is, i mean, i might as well drive to work and pay the $13 to park. >> now, bart started its outreach last spring, reaching out to riders at stations and community presentations and bilingual adds reaching ey'll h early bird bus service. they'll have 14 buses doing 14 different routes starting from 3:50am and running until 5:30 a.m. we're other at the west oakland station, there will be one at the oakland station, not one here. the time is 5:04, teachers in the oakland autopsy tied school district are planning an after school protest. this is a day after the -- in the school
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district are planning an after school protect. this is a day after, and they want higher pay and smaller class sizes. >> this would do something, we kneeled higher prices to attract teachers in oakland unified. >> we want our teachers to be paid more. we're all educators, we all want our students educated by the best people possible and certainly that's going to be the challenge we're undertaking right now and we've been year d half. >> now the oakland unified school district says it whats harassed multi-million-dollar deficit, may even close some schools. yesterday's strike was not sanctioned by the of if the teachers and students who took part in that walkout. and we are learning more abouat frank green middle
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school was killed. a man was trying to die by suicide. when they arrived a man rushed at them with a knife and refused to drop it. they tried to use a taser and when it didn't work, they had no choice, but to shoot. the man died at the hospital, his family said he had been struggling with mental health problems for years. president trump will sit down with democratic leaders nancy pelosi and doug serum. doug luzader has details on how the two sides are trying to prevent a government shutdown. >> they're trying to put forward arfor open borders. >> the holiday spirit is tough to miss inside the white house righdon't expect much of a gift exchange today as chuck schumer
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and nancy pelosi, the odds pre we know what he wants, 5 million for border wall funding, somebody nancy pelosi willing to deal in exchange for protection of illegal immigrants? >> no, they're two different subjects. >> the days are flying by for december 21st when the government runs out of funding. >> it's surprising it will sit down for something like this. we have a deadline of the 21st now, better now, than later. i hope they can reach some agreement. >> and many republicans will keep up pressure this place, ag that legal immigration is good for our country and illegal immigration is bad. >> and if a deal doesn't happen, the blame game has already started. >> so presidthe government
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over christmas, over the wall, that's his decision. >> this potential shutdown is about a week and a half away, democrats are calling are the trump shutdown, back to you. happening today, the environmental protection agency is releasing a proposal to change which bodies of the water are protected under the clean water act. the announcement is expected to be a policy shift from new to es snack by president obama repeal the new rules calling them intrusive and job killing. later today, the san francisco supervisor will crack did you know on illegal home demolition, it will increase
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fines for illegal home demolition as away to preserve housing in san francisco. some investment groups have been terrifying homes without permits to build bigger and more expensive homes. there's a conditional use authorization, and that's for houses that they want to increase more than 10%. there's a group taking part in the annual santacon pub got cashier was punched in the face. >> i what happened, and the video blew my mind. >> this is the parting shot nig rampaged through the restaurant. this woman is wanted by police along with anoth allegedly punched a cashier. >> the girl tried to punch him throwing a sugar canister at
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his head. i don't know what warrants something like that. >> he tried to hold her back from lobbing if the sugar and she shoved the cash register to in the floor and breaking it. >> show wanted to join friends that were eating and ordered they had ordered food. they became intragedian trashed the place when they were asked to leav-- [ foreign spoken ]. >> santacon started in 1994 and has spread to many cities. it's part festivities and part pub crawl and they collect toys and do other activities. and people were coming to the pubs. >> there were many intoxicated during the day. i can imagine things got out of
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control. >> and this deserve this. he's doing as much as he can to catch the women. >> he stays home on santa con, he finds it too out of control. >> i say power to you if you want to dress up and have fun, if you're not going to be respectful, it changes everything, we're a community, and we all get affected by it. >> from the neighborhood association, ash statement expressing dismay at the assault revelers, and asking people to identify the perpetrators, for the entire event, santa con wrapped up 15 medical calls, 7 arrested for public intoxication and two for battery, a bar fight. the time is 5:12, still ahead, the new efforts they're aimed at preventing the state of california of storing the dna of some people who have
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been hard. and a $120 million severance package on the line, what to expect from an important shareholders meeting today.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2" it, schaler holders of cbs are meeting in new york about new leadership, they're
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dealing with the scandal of their ceo, they won't say much about it other than reassuring the shareholders that the board is on top of it. shareholders are demanding that cbs withhold a $120 million severance package for the ceo. they have until the end of december to make that decision. he was ousted because of allegations of sexual harassment. and a man who had both legs broken while on the job is back on the job, he had to learn to walk again. the officer was on his motorcycle when he pulled out to help out with a fender bender in concord. a dui driver slammed into him and was pinned under the truck. >> i was concerned i legs, espe
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ground, is it bad enough where they'll have to amputate my legs. >> if the officer rejoined the highway patrol motorcycle unit, something he vowed to do after the crash. and time magazine announced the person of the year, they chose a group instead of a single person. they chose a group of journalists whose them in jail and have lost their lives. it's called the guardians and the war on truth. one was journalist jamal khashoggi and the other was the capitol gazette newspaper who was a target in the maryland newsroom. the journalists risk all to tell the story and stories of our times. >> a very interesting time too. our time is 5:17, lets get you to where you need to go. sal is off today, but allie pop
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commute. >> when i can. you can't tell what you're looking at on some of the traffic cameras. there's fog advisories on it will bay -- the bay bridge and it may be impacting some of the crashes. we can go to the map and show you what we're talking about. southbound 101 south of silver avenue, there's an injury crash and it's blocking some of the lanes, and there are chp notes about the low visibility in that area, taking ago little more time to clear that crash out of the way and respond to it. other spots, this is highway 4 near traffic moving along. no major issues to tell you about, this is one of the few pretty clear pictures we have this morning. san mateo bridge doesn't look too bad, too foggy over there.
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look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's been like this all morning, the fog is drifting across the lights there, you can see the metering lights are now on, sa and things are starting to fill up on the bay bridge toll plaza, but the dense fog advisory goes from treasure island into the city. keep your eye on the road and give yourself extra time to get to where you need to go. steve, i feel like i'm stealing your thunder talking about fog. >> you're stealing my fog. that's all right. there are some areas where it's clear. there's some places where the fog is thick, thick, thick f good morning already to say you los gatos, and 45 degrees reminds me levying ouin the val
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tough to budge. now, this is for those -- do you remember back in the day we used to get the fog, that's old school, we could see it set up two or though weeks sometimes. i don't think that will happen this time p if it gets in there, it can be tough on the afternoon temperatures. it could be stuck in the low 50s, it will be warmer on the temperatures. still green in santa visibility here soon. flights at sfo unless the ball moves around. weak system to north, we could get cloud cover around the evening f36 in fairfield, livermore is at 35, and 39 in freemont. if you get the 30s and that fog, that's a cold one, it will
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cut right through you. pope valley is at 36 degrees, and roanoke park and 35, it's very active southern branch of the jet stream. it's south for now, something to watch going ford. it's more so -- going forward. once it's there, this is a pattern, high pressure winds out. 60s for some mid- to upper 50s for others. it looks quiet the next few days until freeway, we'll have light rabreak saturday, sunday looks like the best system for everyone to get in on rain, pam. 5:20 is the time right now. hundreds of families will take part in an important drill this tweeked. coming up, the actions one east bay neighborhood is taking to try to lives. the mysterious illness that is pearlizing hu paralyzing hundreds of children.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", happening today the google ceo will be on capitol hill facing lawmakers and telling lawmakers how it handled a massive data breach. they'll talk about the data filtering practices. the ceo turned down the senate panel back in september, that executives from reporting a re number of children now being affected by a mysterious
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paralyzing illness. the cdc says 158 children from 36 states have come down with this polio like illness this year. it affects the spinal cord and allows children to not move their legs, arms back and neck. the cause of the condition is unknown, one person has dude. and pg&e is going to look at 450 transmission lines and inspect them. they're blamed for the wildfires this year and last year. it's created a new executive position to lead restoration efforts in the impacted communities. it plans to step up efforts to and around power lines. it's looking to expand the weather center network and install high definition cameras in if the risk areas.
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this weekend people in will a.m., they want to prepare people for a real life emergency, like a wildfire. this road will be going both ways and both lanes will be heading out of town. >> maraga is an area where there are few places in and out of town as we've experienced. one thing can lead to another and it can get out of hand real quickly. about 521 homes in maraga's country club neighborhood are taking part in that drill. most are on cul-de-sacs or one way roads. it's now one way roads, from president trump is expected to meet face-to-face in washington, d.c. today and we'll tell you what's on the agenda and what's happening across the aisle. and e-scooters are ending at the bottom of lake merritt, how
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the companies that manage are responding. and there are several advisories for bay area bridges and we'll have a look at the commute coming up. ♪
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pam cook? >> yes. >> what do you have over the bay bridge toll plaza? >> there's fog. >> and that translates to a lot of traffic there.
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>> a lot of traffic and they have to be careful too, because in many cases you can't see real really tricky paulson says it's moving along the bay area this morning. give yourself time ion 2", i'm dave clark, it's tuesday, december 11th. >> i'm pam cook. steve says it's moving around. >> it's the hourly observation, everybody says fog except one location. >> where? >> hayward t i bet they get fog soon. hayward terminal. that's one side of 880, you may have fog are in hayward proper, if that's the case, let me know. >> i have no fog here, it's clear in concord at the top of tree boulevard near turtle creek. >> i heard of it, do i know anybody who are lives near there? no, not me. so, it's clear there, that's
5:30 am
near the end of there, if you a might encounter some of that fog. the fog in the valley is really tough once it decides to hang out and that's exactly what it's doing. it won't budge out there. the coolest temperatures will be inland in this kind of a pattern, so far still green for sfo, concord and san jose, oakland and for san jose, the concord air terminal as well. so far no fog issues, everyone is saying fog at the airports. we'll have a system clipping us to the north. 30s and 40s on the temperatures, there's cold readings here, mid-30s for some and blackhawk 38, and pinole at a cold 38 degrees, a lot of moisture in the four corners, ours is inof can be tough
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to burn off, especially towards the valley. rasmus is here to talk about the traffic and a little fog. >> fog visible chp put out fog advisories in the golden gate bridge and the altamont pass. we want to talk about the crash we saw, at the 280 split, there's an injury crash that happened 45 minutes ago. it's taking awhile to clear that area. there's a fire near there, there are reports of that, be aware of that, near the 280 split. the bay, things are getting from heavy through emeryville towards if the bay bridge toll plaza and there's heavy fog in that area and in the south bay, places not reporting fog and
5:32 am
the san mateo is not too foggy if you look at theeway, the drive from the carquinez see bridge to the macarthur maze is 18 minutes. let's go back to you at the desk. paul manafort is due in court where the lawyers will respond to accusations that he lied to prosecutors. and special counsel robert mueller claimed that paul manafort repeatedly lied to investigators despite a plea deal to cooperate. there are several instances where he says the information that he gave them turned out not to be true. also today, president trump will meet with democratic congressional leaders as a government shutdown is looming. the president wants and funding package that includes $5 million for eader nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are expected to talk about that with the be
5:33 am
different. it includes a spending bill for a separate measure, including $1.3 billion for fencing at the southern border. and money was paid to border protection staffing, and they recruited just two agents, the department of homeland security said the company was awarded a $297 million contract last year to recruit 7500 border patrol agents over the next five years. according to report as of october 1st, the company was paid $13.6 million and successfully processed only two accepted job offers. run the early in february, bart bird service at 4:00 a.m., they're doing outreach to morning ride terse informing ch
5:34 am
bart schedule. now, with the details i don't know how many details take for bart and how it will be affected. >> there are quite a few people here at 4:00 a.m. at the west oakland station, a lot are not happy to hear about the change, we have bart workers out here doing the outreach and offering one-on- one help with riders planning future commutes. they'll run it at 4:00 a.m. than 5:00 a.m., starting at february 11th. if the 4:00 a.m. service will end. who use the first hour. the hour time change for a massive project that will seismically retrofit the tube in the cares of a seismic event. this will in be place for the next three and a half years and an inconvenience to many riders. >> that's a huge deal, that one hour, i may as well drive into
5:35 am
work and pay the $3 to park. bart started outreach last spring reaching out to riders at the station, and had presentations and bilingual ads and hosted meetings at airports, hotels and unions. anbird express bus service. they'll have 14 bus lines coming from the bus station, the first one will be running at 3:50 and going at 5:30am, we have to be sure which bart stations also have these lines, this one at west oakland bart station, this won't have the bus loin, but the macarthur station will have it. this will take place on february 11 and they're doing outreach through january as well. as well. hi know you said it, but bart is telling us almost 3,000 people ride between 4 and 5:00 a.m., that's a good chunk of
5:36 am
people out there. 5:36 at the time, bart will pay a 7500 fine for campaign violations, they violated rules by using taxpayer funds to promote measure rr, it was on the 2016 and was approved with campaign videos produced by bart one starring warriors forward green, and state campaign law requires agencies to file campaign statements and disclosures, and they failed to turn in those reports -- file some of those reports and turn others in late. you can see they're in the lake merritt. dozens have been dredged out of the lake merritt. the cleanup crews have their hands full trying to stay hey
5:37 am
head of this problem. >> reporter: cheap portable and fairly unsophisticated to explode. they explode on oakland streets. for many there's a good thing, but there's a new issue. merritt institute, ir amount of he's in charge of the lake's upkeep. >> these can be damaging to the environment, bias they're not natural to the lake you, that damage is coming from the batteries from both lime and bird. here's a closer look at what we're talking about. these appear to be bird scooters in the lake, submerged under water. this is a shot of a scooter recently the lake. 60 e-scooters were pulled from lake merritt t numbers are still being calculated. >> the scooters were not something i would be taking out the lake, the apparent work of
5:38 am
vandals just because they can. he thinks possibly kids are behind t he says the issues -- he says the issue it. this is a picture of the recent haul pulled from lake merritt. next they will need volunteers to pull them out. >> we have to launch a boat. >> they're going to try to pass an ordinance to make scooter companies responsible, and one idea for new rules is banning them along the running path here at lake merritt and one plan in place that they want to see soon. >> when you're doing the best you for the lake, and you have scooters thrown into the lake with no end in sight, it's very concerning. >> and there's this sign along
5:39 am
the oakland estuary asking scooters not to be water indica problem extends beyond lake merritt park a leadership. if you see something improperly dumped, you can call the city of oakland's hotline. and many of the scooters in the lake are from lime and the company did released this statement. it reads, quote: it reads, quote: the oakland fire department released this cellphone video of an e scooter that caught fire yesterday. it was pulled out of the oakland estuary. the battery started smoking moments later. no reports of any injuries. two social justice groups are suing the state of california over dna evidence. the issue somebody collecting
5:40 am
convicted of a a protection. you can petition to have your dna taken out of the system. but, that prizes, it's very difficult, add -- that process is very difficult, according to advocates. and tiny homes are going to help the homeless. the plan is to have 80 tybee -- tiny homes at two sites. sites. these homes will be insulated have extra storage and electrical outlets. communal showers and bathroom facilities would be brought e homes mainly om recycled material. it's now 5:41, there's
5:41 am
another warning to stop flushing those so-called flushable wipes. the possible sanitation hazard from those wipes. and the quote of the year has been released thanks to be president trump's personal lawyer.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", delta airlines is adding more restrictions to its service animal policy. they're banning passengers from bringing any emotional support animals longer than hours and anything younger than 4 months old. it's committed to suicide and helping those with document interested needs. in 2016 and 2017, there was an 84% increase of incidents with service animals which adds to
5:44 am
the policy changes. the policy changes take effect next tuesday. and the united airlines express crew is being criticized for not making an emergency landing a flight. passengers tried to help a and puic flight for united and they released a statement in part, the decision to he flight's destination was made with the crew doing the right thing and we had a on call medical service iopassenger. tomorrow marks the anniversary of the death of san francisco mayor ed lee. >> everywhere i walk in channel 9 and town, mayor lee's impact is felt. >> yesterday, city leaders remember the mayor and the
5:45 am
ceremony at portsmouth square in chinatown. he worked as lawyer trying to improve living conditions. those who spoke said they miss his presence at city hall and especially his ability to get people to get along. >> he was trying to avoid conflict by bringing people together to work things out and move forward together and he was brilliant in making that happen. >> the mayor ed lee died from h old. the time is 6:46, it's up and running after the app crashed yesterday. the ride share service went down yesterday afternoon around the country and in other countrielained were getting charged for rides they didn't take. now, in a statement, uber us th technical issue kept them from uber apologized saying the
5:46 am
problem had been fixeded hertz wants to make the car rental faster and easier, you can scan your face, and since 2012 they've used fingerprint check in at sfo, and this is the first time facial technology will be used at sfo. a yale law school librarian has selected a comment from president trump's for 2018. truth is not counsel of th want the traffic is looking out there. >> fog is an issue for people
5:47 am
driving in certain parts of the bay area, especially the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge. this is southbound 17 near highway 9. there's a single vehicle crash blocking the right lane. it's not tying things up too bad ply in this picture. the rest of if the south bay looks good at northbound 101, no specific problem there, but thlook so according to the map. the bay bridge toll plaza is slow there, people are moving the picture of the city. macarthur maze, you can see faintly in the adlights in the east shore freeway, we wanted to reshow you that, the fog advisory, golden gate bridge and altamont pass this morning. i'll send it over to you steve. and fog is the big issue
5:48 am
for just about everyone. not all, but many locations, there's a lot of fog out there including some of the airports. your eye would think it's a matter of time before we see delays in rifles. but -- in april rifles. pea soup at sfo. >> i would hope you would have croissant and coffee, i see you're talking in morgan hill a not on the ground in morgan hill. i don't know how that happened it, morgan hill is always cooler. cooler. most locations around san santa county airport with fog, oakland 46, with fog, livermore fog at 46 u get that puff of an easterly breeze and it makes
5:49 am
parts of solano county and contra costa county bone chilling. i'm going warmer by the coast which doesn't get the impact of that fog as much. the forecast models have a hard time onthis pattern. if 30s and 40s, and foggy, castro valley is 39. santa rosa 34 and upper 30s here, 38 is popular. wood side on the peninsula, stanford and los altos, your morning is superfecta, mateo, half moon bay 44. and moisture is moving into the four corners. it's visiting the desert,
5:50 am
beautiful phoenix otdale, the true north. we have al little fog here for us. by 10:00 it will lift. 50s and 60s, is fog driven on the high temperatures. the angle is low and the days are short. we have collided up light rain and friday looks like a break and with rain moving every day on sunday. our time is 5:51, still ahead, a new toll for your bay area drivers, a proposal for treasure island and what's happening later today.
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yes for less.
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2, our time is 5:54, a new toll policy for treasure island expected to be approved today. the transportation agency wants drivers from the city to pay a toll to get on to the treasure island and the same amount to leave treasure island, this would begin in 2021, this includes a peek in the weekend toll rates, and this is the 3- dollar stipened, and today some of paradise would from the
5:54 am
filling up backpacks with basic school supplies, today they'll deliver hundreds of them to butte county. courtney runs a day care for children and is providing backpacks. she grew up in paradise and used to teach in thurmond town. >> out of this devastation has come this immense amount of support. it fills my heart with such joy. we don't want people to what they need to survive. it's a long-term process. >> this was the help from faculty and students at green elementary school, that's where she teaches. >> and the time is 5:55, the warriors are on a four game winning at oracle arena.
5:55 am
the buzzer, way to go clay. green is back, he missed several games because of injuries, he started cold in the first game, they were on fire after halftime, steph curry was doing that. he lead the way with 38 points and including 7 three pointers, the warriors won 1:16 to -- 116 to 108. the san jose sharks have ic records, they beat the team at the center last night. ast night. >> score! >> that would be meyer, he scored twice to lead the shark. they're second place in the
5:56 am
division after winning 5-2. the sharks have won four out of five games. the only loss was to the dallas stars last they'll host the dal thursday night in a rematch. the time is 5:56 it, kaiser permanente health workers continue to be on strike today. [ chanting ] >> we'll tell you the effect it's having on patient care and what the workers want changed. and a big meet will go take place at the white house, president trump trying to make a deal with democrat party leaders. some of the key issues that will be talked about by the president and bay area congresswoman nancy pelosi. when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪
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visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪
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day 2 of a five-day strike at kaiser continues today. we'll tell you what the goal is and exactly what that means for patients coming up. and also clogging up sewers and drains, the problems one bay area county is facing that could cause raw sewerage to spill out into the streets. the streets.
5:59 am
joining us on tuesday, september 1st, i'm pam cook. >> did you get rid of the fog yet. >> i did not yet. >> tell u.s. representative where it is. >> it's all over. >> all >> all right. everywhere cloudy. >> sonoma airport is at 5:5 5:00 a.m., every reporting it station at the sfo oakland san jose, it's green and no flight i think with low ceilings wipla 35, livermore is down to 34 cold degrees and 46 at san jose. good morning, bs, and he wrote me and said all my friends say that. you can say it too, steve. >> pea soup again, that would be redwood city, it's kind of cool. i know what you mean by that, there's a stillness to the morning, when you get this fog,
6:00 am
it's cold in there. you get that thick


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