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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 12, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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between the president and democratic congressional leaders, what it could mean towards getting a deal done. g a deal done. good morning, thanks for joining us on "mornings on 2", wednesday, december 12th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. lets get your weather and steve paulson has the information. >> we'll jog weather memories. remember december 12th, 1995. dave you weren't here, pam i think you were? >> i think i started in 1995. one of the most powerful storms to hit the bay area. some of you may remember that. we had wind gusts of 75 miles per hour and 103 at angel island, much quieter today thank goodness. 5 inches fell in san francisco and 15 over al two-day period up in sonoma county, december 12th, 1995. i know there are many of you
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who remember. there were many downed trees. today a lot of fog, clouds and sun, a little warmer, that southeast breeze will turn northwesterly, santa rosa, they went from no fog to fog in one hour, 53 at sfo, livermore 46, that's 14 degrees warmer at this time. santa rosa, they're bouncing between 10 and 1 and a half, 7, and oakland, one mile, yet over at sfo, 10, mountain view, a mile and a half, san jose, oakland, they seem to be fog city, so far, fog brothers, if you will, we have cloud cover it's preventing the breeze from forming. half moon bay is 56, we're mild, plus 12 for concord and livermore. fairfield plus nine, if it feels warmer it is, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy in the
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morning. higher clouds will spill through, tomorrow about the same, a better one on sunday, 60s on the temperatures. 6:01, allie rasmus has a lot quieter morning than yesterday, things are starting to pick up, there isn't thick fog, we have a couple of crashes to tell you about in the east bay. lets go to the maps. we can show you. someone at northbound 680 at main. you can see on the left bound 80, there's a vehicle blocking one of the right lanes and the backup is starting to extend through richmond up through san pablo, that's going to be extend your drive time from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze, things are stacking up there. lets give you a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza, you're looking at a 15-minute delay more or less to get on to the span, much faster, no problems if you zip through the
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carpool lanes. let's go back to you at the desk. one year ago today, san francisco mayor ed lee died from a sudden heart attack. later today several events will remember his life. elissa harrington is joining us live. you're outside of city hall with more on that. >> reporter: i'm standing underneath the mayor's balcony, flags have been lowered to half- staff. what's happening this morning, at 8:30, lee's family and close friends and elected official also honor husband life. mayor breed will lead the meeting, she remembered lee as a caring father and husband and thanked him for his service. he was the first asian mary ann he moved into public service. there have been several proposals to rename schools and buildings in his honor.
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the san francisco board of education decided to rename the school of education. and a man works across the street from city hall and he spoke with us about his thoughts this morning. >> i liked and respected the mayor, he was really involved, he was everywhere, he was at social events and stuff like that. i think, you know, he did a lot for the city. he will be missed. >> there is also a proposal to rename sfo's international terminal after lee, but there are no set plans at this moment whether or not that will happen this morning. all right. thank you, we'll ton to check in on those ceremonies today. there is a huge manhunt under way in france after a deadly attack at a christmas attraction. a gunman opened fire at the
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christmas market in strasbourg. two people, a third person is brain dead, two people were killed and a third person is braindead and 12 other people are hurt. french police have identified the man as someone who is already on their list of potential threats. he has a long criminal history in france and germany. officials searched his apartment in a criminal case before the shooting. he yelled god is great during the shooting, he yelled it arabic. and the french president tweeted about the attack this morning. we'll strengthen -- president trump tweeted: trump tweeted: the last part of the president's tweet is a reference to senator chuck schumer and congresswoman nancy pelosi, the president clashed with the two of them during the heated meeting during the
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funding of the border wall. doug luzader joins us in washington, d.c. about the threat from the president to shut down the government if he doesn't get what he wants. it's all trying to avoid a government shutdown. things did not go too well yesterday. >> dispute, and you want to shut it down, you keep talking about it. >> the last time chuck, you shut it down and then you opened it up quickly. >> i don't want to do what you did. >> it was an unusual oval office meeting to say the least as president trump set down with democratic leaders chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, the shocking term came with this. >> the people of this country don't want criminals and people who have lots of problems and drugs pouring into our country, so, i will take the mantle, i will be the one to shut it down. i won't blame you for. >> it he will take the blame, the president has been -- he will take the blame, the president has been holding out,
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each side have been angling to shut it down. he walked into the fire and the democrats seemed thrilled. >> it's like a manhood thing for him, nancy pelosi said, as if manhood could be associated with him, this wall thing. >> it's a christmas move that will not go over well with the american people. the president's base has been on his side at this point. a shutdown may be a reasonable price to pay. >> i don't believe the man is bluffing, if i were playing poker with him right now, if i didn't have the cards, i would fold those rascals. i would assume he's prepared to do what he says he's going to do. well, one thing is clear, that oval office meeting yesterday, scrambled the tradition blame game that is in a run up to a government shutdown. >> the time is 6:07, happening
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today the bay area told the authority, the toll hikes are set to begin january 1st h no one showed up to speak at a public hearing last month t the toll authorities are expected to approve it at next wednesday's meeting. the hike would be $1 for the current rates for all vehicles, it includes bay area toll bridges except for the golden gate bridge, the toll will go up by another dollar in the year 2022 and 2025. the deadliest fire in california history claimed one more victim. the butte county's sheriff's office may nounsed the latest death, an 80-year-old man from paradise, died from burns he suffered trying poplar put out flames that engulfed his car november 8th. he was taken to the medical center where he died november 25th. the official death toll is 86, three people are still listed
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as unaccounted for. there's damage to his equipment another the suit where the camp fire started in butte county. pg&e confirmed broken equipment on and transmission tower caused a power lines in that area to fail. in a letter pg&e said one of its employees saw a foyer another the transmission tower about 6:30 a.m. november 8th and called 911 to report it h that's approximately the time when the camp fire started. pg&e said over the next couple of days, their employees noted damage to several transmission towers and utility poles in the area. cal fewer has not determined the exact cause of the camp fire. our coverage of the camp fire will continue this hour, we'll have more on the costs to clean up and the area and how some say new homes should not be built in fire risk zones. and first lady michelle
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obama will be here on friday. part of her book tour, how much it will cost you to see her sold out performance and appearance in san jose. and a continuing crash in the east bay, things are going longer than usual on 880. things per filling up as you make your way to the peninsula. and san jose airport to the south san jose, this area is reporting drizzle, sfo is much better than it was yesterday.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", our time is 6:12, taxing or texting, they may charge a fee for text messages on cell phones. sara zendehnam is joining us live in walnut creek. what is this all about? >> well, the california public utilities committee hasn't said how much that tax would be for. it wouldn't be taxes on services on i messages and what's app, it would be taxes on text messaging sent from the cellphone. here's background, we can give you details on what this is about. they created a public purpose program, it helps fund programs for low income people. what this new proposal is to extend the existing tax to cover text messages. a charge like that can bring in
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$44 million from wireless users, voice call programs have dropped and the use of texts has increased. this is the california public utilities way to collect more money. the ctia argues texting is not a telecommunications service that can be regulated by the commission. we asked people in walnut creek what they thought about this proposal. here's one reason action. >> we get taxed on every other utility, as long as it was equitable and spread to businesses as well as to personal, perhaps with a leaning towards business, i wouldn't have an issue with it. >> the fcc plans to meet about this issue today and the ctuc has this on their agenda to morning. morning.
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well, new numbers suggest the bay area's homeless crisis is worse than previously thought. zillow, the website calculated the homeless community to be in excess of 10,000 people. it's more than the official government estimate. now, in san francisco, zillow estimates that the government's count was off by 2,000, with 8,000 people on the streets. they took in the poverty rates and population and the government's estimates, they did a visual count of people they encounter on the streets. many believe this method underestimate the homeless population. kaiser permanente mental health care workers will be on strike. psychiatrists, psychologists,
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therapists and addiction workers and social work say there's not enough to be done to help mental health. they've been negatively affected by the policies of kaiser. >> each time we asked, kaiser told us physical therapy was not available. >> we had long waits for appointments with a psychiatrist, sometimes over two months. >> waiting, waiting and before she knew, she was in a really bad place. >> now, cueser says it meets appointment targets most of the time and has spent millions of dollars on facilities and hiring. kaiser was fined by the state 4 years ago to poor access to behavioral health treatment. mental health workers plan to strike for the rest of the woke. michelle obama speaks this friday at the sap center this
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friday. tickets have been sold this month. and the resell market is boom. the cheapest thicket is $400, four times face value h michelle obama is on a promotional tour for her new memoir, becoming. >> i wish there's no resale in these circumstances, your name has to be attached to the ticket so everyone can see someone like that. >> oh, yeah. we can see what's happening on the roads, it's 6:17. good morning allie. >> there's one crash off the freeway actually. we have mentioned this last time. this is the center for the performing arts. no backup around that. north of 880, there are no problems to tell you about, this is south of 23rd, a semi truck is stuck, and this is backing up through alameda
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south towards san leandro, and westbound 830, a backup is going up here. this is what it looks like on 8808 in oakland, in the northbound direction, the crash, the semi truck and the gore point at if the 23rd, here's a look at the highway 24 and lasalette. things are okay. you can see it's okay at this time according to the maps. i'll send it to steve at 6:18. we'll get to it. the napa airport has joined the fog party with a half mile visibility. sfo is far better than yesterday. visibility is still good, so far no flight arrival delays, lets hope that sticks. yesterday was tough. a weak system friday, that will give light rain north of the golden gate. this depends on where the system stay with us out.
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a -- the system stalls out. we might get a break. the system won't do much. it looks good, from santa rosa this are hefty totals. everyone will get a rain day on sunday. a good day to read that book, that's the way it's looking for right now. 60, 64, that warm, yes. we have a south, southwest breeze, expect it to turn northwest, even a little east. 38 september row a, livermore warmer, 46 yesterday, it was 34 yesterday. and san jose is different -- 38 santa rosa, livermore warmer, it's gone 10 to 1 to 7. san jose is a mile and a half p oakland airport is up to 4, they were down a mile not too long ago. the system is flying by, this
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is kind of preventing the fog from forming. the breeze is kicking in, it doesn't allow higher clouds as well. 56 half moon bay. plus 12 compared to this time yesterday, if it feels warmer, it is, fairfield is 11 degrees warmer. the clouds will be out of here quick r concord east, northeast, and there's a little puff of it. northeast napa airport. it's turned, the same could be for hayward and most have a little bit of an offshore, that will make it and turn us warmer. about the same tomorrow, and and weak system we talked about on friday. the friday system won't do much late afternoon or evening. it will be dry today and thursday, i would plan on changes in the weekend, certainly a lot of show, sunday looks impressive here as the system moves in. that may be the last good rain for a little bit. it looks like everyone will get
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on that sunday, sunday, sunday, 60s on the temperatures for some. mid-60s, if we can keep the northeast breeze going, that will help for most locations, we'll see mostly sunny, partly cloudy skies tomorrow, clouded up and friday looks mostly cloudy and rain for you on sunday. >> that's good, i'm home and i can enjoy it. >> 6:21 is your time. a stamp of approval it, the mountain view city council, what's passed and people may be forced out of their home. we have the latest on a vote concerning british prime minister theresa may and her political future and "brexit." . like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", it's 6:24, we're getting new reaction from british prime minister theresa may who faces a no confidence vote today from members of her own party. during a fiery session of questions, she was asked about the possibility that she may lose her post of prime minister because of "brexit." >> i think it's important for everybody in this house is to recognize that we have, i believe a solemn duty to deliver on the result of the
6:25 am
referendum in to 16. i believe it's a good deal that protects jobs and honestly the referendum and that's the deal that is negotiated. >> the no confidence vote is for those who are weary about her plan to leave the european union, if she wins she can't be challenged again for one year. happening today, president trump's former attorney michael cohen is waiting to get sentenced in court. he's plead guilty for bank fraud and tax fraud and lying to congress, he was trying to buy the silence of two women who million affairs with the -- had affairs with the president. and the defense says he has shown a change of character and deserves leniency. lawyers for michael flynn are asking a judge to sentence him to probation and community
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service instead of prison, they filed a sentencing memorandum yesterday, they said he has cooperated and taken responsibility for his actions. be sentenced next week. and special counsel robert mueller's office said michael flynn should not go to prison because of his level of cooperation. later today after serving 42 years as the republican senator from utah, senator orrin hatch will deliver his speech on the senate floor. he's the longest running senator in history and he leaves a long legacy. and republican mitt romney will serve the remainder of the term and be sworn in on january 3rd. there's a major change in policy for san francisco police officers and how they have to
6:27 am
question people and what is changing. and there's been a hit and run driver this morning, and this block is blocked off for the investigation. and 880 will be challenging this hour, this is what it's looking like right now. this is involving a crash, a semi truck, they're trying to get around t we'll have an update coming up. you may run into fog, some locations look fine, including sfo which looks better than yesterday.
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ten cent music is going public, they're celebrating the ipo, investors are celebrating what looks like a good opening. i'm keeping an eye on that, of course, the impact if trade talks and the u.s. is weighing heavily on the markets though. >> we'll say good morning to you, thank you for joining us on "mornings on 2", the middle of the week wednesday, december 12th. i'm dave clark. >> thank you for joining us, it's gray day here, if it's sunny outside, right? >> it's gray, right now it's gray. >> it's dark. >> i haven't been outside, is it still there. >> it's sunny and bright out
6:31 am
there. >> sunrise is what time, steve? >> i don't know. i have fog to deal with. novato to napa there's a quarter mile visibility. 7:16, morning fog, clouds and sun, east northeast breeze, look. this is due north, now, at concord. novato and napa both have a little easterly, northeasterly breeze, now, eventually if that holds, that will send the afternoon temperatures up. but, we go in 38 santa rosa to 53, 52 in oakland. that would drizzle at 50 degrees. 2 and a half visibility in napa, 4 miles at concord, 10 miles of visibility in the last hour. oakland 4, san jose a mile and a half visibility, sfo 10, half
6:32 am
moon bay 6. not as bad as yesterday when everyone was socked in. a few high clouds zipping down. that's helping to prevent if the fog forming along with the breeze, that didn't happen yesterday. 30s to 50s, mid-50s here, we can break through this cloud deck and the fog t won't take long to wake up. they'll translate into mild temperatures. the next system on tap, it will be here friday afternoon, it's north of the golden gate. 60s on highs today. allie? >> we want to go back to the crash on 880 northbound and 23rd. it's recovered, they were able to move the big rig involved out of the way. you can still see a backup on the maps, you can see the backup extend ton the oakland
6:33 am
-- extend to the oakland coliseum. it should clear up soon. on the oakland span, you're driving from the macarthur maze and the carquinez bridge it will be 34 minutes. that's improving from an earlier crash, east of central avenue, here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, things are not too bad here, we're looking at a 20-minute delay to look at the span. let's go back to you at the desk. police are looking for a driver who hit a woman this morning in the lower hill neighborhood p leigh martinez joins us from san francisco, one person was sent to the hospital with serious injuries. >> reporter: yes, that's right. the person was a pedestrian. the accident happened earlier this morning at bush and leavenworth, police are still out here. we have seen them taking photographs, they've blocked off leavenworth from bush to
6:34 am
california street. this is blocked off to traffic at the moment. police responded to the accident at bush and leavenworth matt 3:25 a.m. a woman was crossing bush street when she was struck by a dark colored vehicle. the driver fled the scene and the victim has life-threatening injuries. they're looking for surveillance video in the area somewhere around bush street. they're looking for the public's help in trying to find this drive. we haven't received any more details on the suspect's vehicle. we know it's a dark colored streak that hit this woman, the pedestrian as she was crossing bush street. the investigation is ongoing, leavenworth from bush to california street is still blocked off. we haven't received word yet on when they'll be reopening those streets. streets. the time is 6:34, police in
6:35 am
menlo park are investigating a bomb threat at facebook head quarter. several buildings were evacuate last night on facebook's main campus after 5:00 last night. an anonymous tip was received a bomb squad was called in and nothing was found. the new york crime stoppers unit received that threat about a bomb threat and they pass it had on to police and facebook takes threats seriously and they're happy everyone is safe. and we're learning about a policy change in the san francisco police department, it is eliminating the longstanding policy of making suspects to sit or lie on the ground. they said they won't have that unless the person is resisting, seating any detained subject on the ground or on the sidewalk
6:36 am
should be avoided. it adds: it adds: are the san francisco police union says the change will make officers' jobs more dangerous. >> if you leave a person standing, ugh there's a high likelihood they will turn and run or you could be subject to an attack. i've been a police officer for 30 years, one of the things is to put the person at a disadvantage and to say we shouldn't do that any more is concerning. >> after learning about the change, the union sent this letter to the chief calling for the department to rescind the implementation of that new rule. the police department issued this response. it says, quote: it says, quote:
6:37 am
the police department did not go into detail about what prompted the change. sources tell pus at ktvu news, the chief views having suspects sitting on the ground as demeaning. it's 6:37, more than a month after the deadly camp fire devastated butte county, we are hearing 911 calls on that day, and the calls show confusion by the callers and dispatchers who were clearly overwhelmed. overwhelmed. the first call claim in at 6:25 a.m. the morning of november 8th. the next few calls came within minutes of people who saw
6:38 am
flames. and there were many calls from alarm companies calling about burning houses. there were several calls about alarms going off at feather river hospital in paradise. n paradise. >> many of those 911 calls we heard came from people trapped by the fire. we decide reasonable doubt not to share those out of respect for the victims. and 13,000 homes were destroyed making it had the most destructive wildfire in california history. it can cost an estimate it had $3 billion to remove debris from the 20,000 homes destroyed in three recent wildfires including the camp fire in
6:39 am
butte county. it came after a week the cleanup began. they are going to be cleaning up toxins including paint, batteries, asbestos and pesticides, and they're going to take away soil, ash, concrete and other debris to prepare for rebuilding. cal riff needs to take a good look at where homes are being built after so many devastating wildfires. communities may consider banning new construction in vulnerable areas all together, existing homes could be retrofitted to protect them from fires the same way people prepare for potential earthquakes. >> what can we do to bring incentives to upgrade existing infrastructure and building and while we look forward and look at our codes and ordinances for new construction, is it enough based on what happened in butte county where an entire
6:40 am
community, almost entirely burned. >> now, the chief of cal fire will be retiring on friday after 30 years with cal fire. people living in a rent control apartment building in mountain view will be looking for a new home a late night city council vote r a developer wants to replace homes with 15 town homes over $1 million each. they rallied to stop the demolition, now, 20 families will be asked to leave on rock street. >> now, i'll have to find a new place and it will be more expensive and i have to pay more rent and the kids in the school, maybe i have to move it, i don't know yet. there was an added condition, in the overnight decision, the developer cannot ask the tenants to leave until 2020, the city spokeswoman says
6:41 am
the hope is more affordable housing will become available. 1300 units are being built right now, and they're offering relocation packages. two women facing charges for a violent incident after saturday's santa con event in san francisco. women turned themselves in yesterday for the police, they were caught on camera trashing a restaurant on polk street. one of them allegedly punched a cashier, and they said two 21 year-olds were drunk after taking part in the santa con pub crawl, they were angry, they paid for their food and never got their order. the time is 6:41, today marks one year. >> it's been one year since the death of san francisco mayor ed lee, he died unexpectedly at san francisco general hospital after suffering a heart attack
6:42 am
while shopping. san francisco mayor london breed will lead a ceremony at the city hall to commemorate his life. we'll have more coming up at the 8:00 hour. still we're determining what caused the deadliest wildfire in history. the new report coming out about the condition of pg&e's equipment when the camp fire started. started. but first, ma christmas pilgrimage to bethlehem, the reason israel thinks that the december visits to jesus birthplace will hill record numbers this year. here's a look at your drive on highway 4 in bay point, it's slow but okay in this area. it's not really as much fog as yesterday, now, that the higher clouds are clearing out, some of the fog is beginning to fog as it might it. there are some areas of reduced visibility, much better in this area than yesterday, that's for sure. ♪
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", the delayed decision by the san francisco board of supervisors whether to add the toll, the toll will probably
6:46 am
happen, but they delayed the vote after angry people complained about the toll saying they can't afford. it could be as much as $7 during peak commute hours, they said it could discourage people from visiting and discourage vendors to drop off supplies. >> i will have to play and that will be $70,000 out of my pocket to maintain status quo. >> foul the money raised would go towards increasing public transportation on treasure island including a ferry terminal and an ac bus line, more transit options are needed because of the construction boom on treasure island. two major housing developments are under way. the federal government is putting 15 million on a revitalization project on market street in san francisco,
6:47 am
it will go to improving market street t it's part of a much larger project that includes resurfacing and new traffic signals. construction will start in 2020. they're looking at investigating the cracked beams, the transbay transit center, they were forced to close. the findings will be announced at the transbay joint authority meeting. it's exposedthey'll clarify whether the quality of the steel added to the cracking and they will not reveal when they'll be reopen. and there will be the annual grocery bag give way way
6:48 am
to help needy families. thousands of bags will be passed out at the church, glide memorial is working with other community organizations to bring the grocery bag give away to other people in the district. and people are flocking to bethlehem this holiday season. the palestinian tour said this is the busiest tourist season bethlehem has ever had. hotels are booked through the end of the holidays, the tourism ministry says 2015 was a low point when it comes to visitors, more tourists are coming for the 70th anniversary, there's been a decrease in violence, it's made people want to visit the birthplace of jesus. and the latest edition, the berlin zoo, you can't have it, it's a polar bear cub born
6:49 am
november 1st. the cub is nursing with mom and is being groomed. the baby and mom will stay in the enclosure until springtime. then you can get a chance it see the bears up close. >> the mom says it's okay. >> right, of course. aw, cute. 6:49 is the time, you probably take your little ones ton the zoo quite a bit? >> oh, yes, we're frequently at the oakland zoo, we made it to the san francisco zoo. >> both are great. >> it's and drive for us. >> it's a favorite in our family, of course. >> lets check traffic, things are getting busy as we approach the 7:00 hour it, starting with the maps in the east bay, if you look at 680 eastbound, highway 84, there is some debris in the road, there's a lingering backed up you see there because of it. in the san jose area,
6:50 am
northbound at 280 and saratoga, there's a crash with a vehicle blocking the right-hand lane. this is northbound at 280, there's a crash in the clearing stages, this map says there's some sort of crash at 101 northbound, the notes we have from the chp thinks that has been cleared. here's a look at 280 in san jose, you can see some of the backup because of the incidents and crashes we told you about and 880 in oakland, the crash at northbound 880 at 23rd is in the clearing stages, but the backup lingers because of it. you see it extends to this picture here which is the northbound direction, it's pretty stacked up at the oakland coliseum. it's 650, and i'll send it over to steve. we're starting to see the higher clouds clear out. it's allowing a little more fog formation, it's not as bad as yesterday by far. there's a weak system friday, a much stronger system on sunday and it looks to be pretty good other as we go forward. i should emphasize that the
6:51 am
european forecast model is much wetter than our model, the gfs, just so, fyi, that's about double. we'll see, it keeps rain going on saturday as the system stalls out. we'll see how that goes on friday. it could be much better if it does stall out and give us rain. most of it is clearing out it. mostly sunny, 60 to 64. concord, northeast, it's not much in oakland, novato was now they're east, southeast, 30s and 40s and 50s on the temperatures. upper 50s in santa rosa h53, 54 san francisco and oakland, that's sfo i should say. visibility is 4 miles, napa quarter mile visibility or novato, and fairfield at 8, if
6:52 am
10 at sfo, san jose, 2 miles visibility. a lot of mid to high-level clouds and a lot of this will clear out quick. we're way above where we were at this time. fairfield plus 11 december, concord is 9, hayward is plus 10, suggestly warmer due to the higher clouds and that's kind of the key, you'll get the breeze, 34 book ends, we have a north wind, you have it coming northeast, we'll have warmer day today. probably more fog in the morning and this next system will be on five. it will weaken as if moves in. we'll get rain north of the golden gate. maybe it will make it to san jose. as we head towards san jose, it looks like a better system. sunday could be a rain day. there could be decent totals as this comes together as advertised. the low to mid, as long as the breeze is part of the easterly
6:53 am
component, we'll bump up above average this time of year. friday light rain and evening, saturday it's up and it depends on where the system stalls out t the system swings through for rain. and the time is 6:51, for the financially struggling post office, your mailbox will be the tool to eras ing it debt. >> a shaving and haircut and the price to improve al life saving skill. >> a special report highlighting some of the wonderful things bay area people do every day. it's time to say thank you for all of those we rely on for help and service every year. if you're struggling to tip
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enhanced coverage, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. the city of oak lan sued the raiders oaf the move to las vegas. the city of oakland filed the lawsuit in federal court demanding the nfl and the raiders reimburse oakland for
6:57 am
the $80 million spent on renovating the coliseum. lost revenue and other costs. an try trust laws by approving a move by the raiders. the oakland city council authorized the attorney to sue the team. 0. >> the lawsuit does not ask the court to block the raiders from moving to very gas. that is scheduled for 2020. the raiders have threatened to skip their last season in oakland if they were sued. the raiders could play the 2019 season in levi stadium in santa clara. the raiders could even have a
6:58 am
soft opening in las vegas and play at unlv stadium. time is 6:57. investigators may know who committed the 2014 cyber attack that collected the data of 500 million hotel guests of marriott according to the new york times the hack was part of a chinese intelligence gather effort. this comes out as the justice department is getting ready to announce new indictments against hackers who worked for the chinese government. time is 6:58 the trump administration has an idea to help raise rev knew for the postal service. the white house is proposing selling access to your mailbox to private companies. it's against the law for anyone except the postal service mail carrier. the postal service could
6:59 am
generate lot of revenue to selling to companies like fedex and ups. the postal service reported a net loss of almost $4 billion in the last fiscal year. some good news if you're hungry and want to bring doughnuts to work, krispy kreme is celebrating 12-12 with a deal buy one dozen doughnuts get a dozen glazed doughnuts for $1. not all shops taking part so call them before you show up. you can only use this offer twice. so as long as you have 48 coworkers or less, you should be okay. today marks one year since the death of ed lee. i'll tell you about events in san francisco in his honor. nancy, i do we need border security. we need border security. not threatening to shut down the government. >> let me finish. >> because you can't get your way.
7:00 am
>> there are no votes in the house majority votes for a wall. >> we need the wall. more than anything. we need border security of which the wall is just a piece. >> in the nation's capitol, a budget shut down is looming. we'll talk a look at the tense meeting yesterday between president trump and democratic congressional lawmakers and what it could mean towards getting a deal done. thank goodness it's warmer out there. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's go to steve, he knows all about the weather. >> i do know our drive in wasn't bad, how about yours? >> compared to yesterday it was a breeze. >> there's a breeze out there that certainly helps. enough to stir things up plus the higher clouds coming in preventing the fog we saw yesterday. doesn't mean there is any. there's pockets to it. morng


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