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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 12, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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remembering ed lee one year later. a memorial at city hall to honor his legacy. >> his model on a regular basis, lets get to work. that's exactly what we'll continue to do for the people of this will city. plus a sentencing out of washington. what we've learned about how long president trump's former lawyer will spend in prison. good afternoon, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm mike mibach. we begin with developing news out of washington. michael cohen was sentenced to three years in prison, president trump's former attorney. he says he takes full responsibility for crimes for campaign finance violations and lying to congress. he felt it was his duty to cover up the president's dirty
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deeds. >> and the judge was sentenced to a tough prison term and president trump says he deserves leniency for cooperating with special counsel robert mueller's investigation and special counsel robert mueller told the judge he told them the truth. and stormy daniels michael avenati said donald trump is next. >> this nation owes a sense of gratitude to my client, stormy daniels, we will not stop until the truth is known relating to the conduct of donald trump. let me be clear, michael cohen is not a hero or a patriot, he lied for months on end about his criminal conduct and the role respective the president of the united states. >> in addition to going to prison, have to pay $1.3
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million in restitution plus another $500,000 forfeiture for the crimes, and competent faces a fine of $50,000 for lying to congress. . and michael flynn, they're asking he be sentenced to probation and community service. he pled guilty to lying to the f.b.i. in the russia investigation and be sentenced next week. and special counsel robert mueller's office said michael flynn should not go to prison because of his level of cooperation. and president trump used it twitter to continue to urge democrats to fund a wall on the border from mexico. this comes one day after that heated debate with congressional leaders in the oval office. president trump making the case for the border wall. in the latest blast of tweets
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sighting the recent terror attack are in france, he sailed: sailed: he said: he said: we have to have the capacity to controllering in our country. most importantly, the southern border. with the trump administration pugs for 5 million for the contentious oval office building between the democrats and leaders. >> you were called 20 times to shut down the government. >> i'm proud to shut down the government for border security chuck, because the people of this country don't want criminals and people who have lots of problems and drugs pouring into our country, so, i will take parking lot mantle. >> the president ended the meeting pledging to shutdown the government if congress doesn't fund the wall. >> the problem has gotten much
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worse, it's unacceptable, untenable and unpopular. >> if the president and congressional lawmakers don't reach a spending deal before midnight december 21st it, the government face arrests partial shutdown, coming four days before the christmas holiday. at the white house, i'm kevin corke, ktvu fox it news. today marks one year since ed lee suddenly died of a hashing heart attack. he was honored at city hall. city leaders are remembering him. >> reporter: many people including lee's own family can't believe a year has already gone by. he was remembered for being a gracious leader and the love and piled he had for the city of san francisco. >> that someone so unforgettable -- >> music, laughter and memories
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were shared at mayor ed lee's celebration of life. the late san francisco mayor died one year ago today. >> it is with a great degree of pride that we, mayor breed, celebrate this man's life. we don't mourn him, we celebrate his life. >> he just wanted san francisco to be a better place. >> mayor london breed host the the event inside city hall. even after his death, his leadership has made a huge impact on this city and they ton to accomplish his goal. they're trying to renovate buildings to house seniors and veterans. >> his motto on and regular basis, lets get to work. that's exactly what we'll continue to do for the people of this city. >> other elected officials, former city leaders, close friends and family moments gather to attribute to lee. he was the first chinese american mayor. he moved at the caucus and
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moved into the public service. his daughter said the past year has been difficult. >> the pure shock of how he suddenly was gone and adjusting to the sharp turns our lives all took and the strangeness of having personal pain becoming so public. >> if the love and support of people all over the world has helped them get through the tough time. the family established a fund to support causes important to lee. they voted to name a school in his honor, renaming the chinese education center to the new comer school. >> and the remembrance and the educations given to him posthumously have humbled our family so much. >> there's also a proposal to rename the international terminal at sfo in his honor. honor. well, before becoming mayor, ed lee held a number of
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different positions including the city's public works director. something important to him was the city's infrastructure, this morning on the 9s, i spoke with the former senior advisor tony whitaker, he said he had a passion for what made the city work. >> he was a passionate and fix it guy as director and city administrator, he wanted to fix stuff, that was his passion, he really to the last days and minutes of his life, he was focused on addressing the challenges the city was facing. also this morning, young from the china town community center said ed lee achieved a pinnacle of leadership in the chinese community. a 58-year-old woman has died after being struck by a hit and run driver in san francisco. this happened in the lower hill neighborhood. police are still searching forment driver. >> reporter: the accident happened early this morning,
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and police had leavenworth street blocked off from bush street all of the way up to california street. it's reopened at the 7:00 hour. police responded to the accident on bush and leavenworth at 5:28am, a woman was crossing bush street when she was struck by a dark colored vehicle, the victim was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. we did hear officers were looking around for surveillance video off of bush street. they're asking for the public's help in finding this suspect vehicle. the only description is it's a dark colored vehicle. leigh martinez, if ktvu fox 2 news. >> the victim is from san francisco, they haven't released her identity. san francisco is taking steps to clean up and making the market neighborhood safer. some businesses are moving, spotify is moving to the financial district because of
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safety concerns. we spoke with mayor breed and show toldtous the area won't be fixed overnight, but progress is being made. >> we made tremendous progress with more police officers, more drug arrests and being out there, present, cleaning up the area, power washing, restrooms and the things that per necessary to get it to a better place, the police and the city's outreach team are in the mid market area every day. >> coming up, we'll listen to some of the 911 calls made the morning the devastating camp fire started. lets give you will a live look at highway 24 there, you can see the sun is shining down and our meteorologist will have the forecast coming up. a search is on for a man who opened fire at a christmas market in france. the latest coming up. sfx: tinny headphone music
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we're closely monitoring developments in the british parliament noontime h they're facing ash vote of no confidence from their own party. the threat to british prime minister theresa may's leadership has been brewing as they grow frustrated with the divorce deal she's cut with the european union. she was asked about the possibility that she may elementary school her post as
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prime minister because of "brexit." >> i think that's important for everybody in this house is to recognize that we have, i believe a solemn duty to deliver on the result of the referendum in 2016. the best way of doing that is with a good "brexit" deal with the european union and protects jobs and i believe it's negotiated. >> there may be a volt of no confidence, a change of leadership in the conservative party will put britain's future at risk. a manhunt is on in france following a terrorist incident in a christmas market. they released a photo of the suspect, cherif chekatt. he had a criminal history. >> police in france on high alert today following another terror attack. it happened in strasbourg near one of the most famous holiday
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markets in europe. a man reported shouting al la acbar shoot nothing a crowd before he was confronted by security forces. >> he opened fire with a handgun and used a knife, he shot at military officers and he shot at them and they shot back. >> this was hours before the shooting, they were raiding his home for an incident that was unrelated to this incident. many are acknowledging that the risk of terrorism is a reality of life in france. >> we had a feeling something like that was going to happen. >> the security level will never be high enough for an attack from a mad person. it's unavoidable. >> and secretary of state mike
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pompeo is making sure americans overseas are safe during the holiday season. >> obviously, this isn't a problem unique to be france. >> we have a problem in the states as well. we're watching lots of people we're watching and the number is so big. >> there's a security meeting on wednesday to coordinate the government's response. now, to the california wildfires, claims from last month's wildfires are already at $9 billion and still expected to rise. officials say the tab could reach $3 billion to remove debris from 20,000 homes that were destroyed in three recent california wildfires including the camp fire in butte county. this comes after the initial cleanup began. thousands of trucks are hauling off toxins, including paint, from pesticides and asbestos,
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they'll take away contaminated soil, concrete and other debris to prepare for rebuilding. the deadliest fire in california history has claimed one more vision. they've a inferenced the latest death. an 80-year-old from paradise died from burns he suffered. larry smith was transported to uc davis medical center where he died on november 25th. the official death toll is 86 with three people still unaccounted for. more than a month after the deadly camp fire tore through butte county we're hearing calls to 911 and the confusion that unfolded. of the dispatchers in many cases were overwhelmed. >> i want to know where the fire is. >> there are engines in route, there's an information there in line. >> we have an info line, i don't know if it's currently set up.
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>> the first call came in at 6:25, the morning of november 8th. they saw flames in the to you. the next calls come in within minutes for more people seeing flames. there were many calls from alarm companies calling about burning homes and several calls about alarms going off at feather river hospital in paradise. >> this was a smoke alarm signal. >> if this is from feather river hospital, we have had numbers of notifications, it will continue to alarm, i've taken a half dozen calls from you alone t we can't keep having people call. >> many people were trapped by the fire and called and we have chosen not to the share those calls out of respect for the
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victims. and pg&e confirmed that broken equipment caused a power line to fail. one of the employees saw a fire at the transition tower november 8th and called 911 to report it. that's the time the camp fire started. and the next few days, they noticed damage to utility poles in the area. they haven't determined yet, the exact cause of the camp fire. we can see the sun on the oakland estuary. weave we were socked in with fog even until now. >> it's been and better morning into our afternoon today. i drove through some of that fog this morning too, we're starting to see lots of sunshine and we'll see it continue throughout the afternoon. there you go, look at the storm tracker, you can see how the fog has started to clear out already in the north bay, the east bay, you can see the sunshine, and the peninsula, here's the fun story. look at the temperatures, because that is clearing, the
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sunshine is coming out. this is what we're getting, 62 in novato already. 55 in san francisco, you can see 60 degrees in hayward and concord, it's going to be warmer than we were yesterday. in fact, 24 hours ago, we were 12 degrees cooler in oakland and gasia mentioned that's because of the fog, that's it. the valley fog hung on, this is where we were 24 hours later f big difference in temperatures. wind is calm today. we're seeing a little bit out if the north, in fairfield and everyone else under the 10 miles per hour mark. sfo, flights are running on time, less than a 15-minute delay. there's a little haze in the sky, depend, a much better picture than yesterday. this time yesterday, sfo you couldn't tell it was sfo. we'll see sunny and pleasant skies today. that fog can redevelop tonight in the same spots, a seasonable, but chilly night tonight. we have rain on friday, light rain and sunday we'll have
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widespread rain. lets talk about the cool temperatures first and we'll talk about that rain. it forecast lows tonight, we'll see some of the valley fog return, it will drop to 47 in san francisco, and we'll drop that to 40 degrees and morgan hill 38. santa rosa and napa will get to a freezing mark tonight. a look at storm tracker, we're looking good, as we zoom out, you can get the idea there are more clouds coming our way. that's an indication of the next system as we take a look at the water vapor map. this shows the moisture that will be coming our way. if we look out to the pacific, we start to see another trough starting to develop. that's the system coming towards us on friday. now, futurecast shows, today and tomorrow, hey, it's great out there, right? there's thursday at 3:00, beautiful, friday, this first weak system moving through, it looks like this will be a gold ben gauge gate bring and points north system.
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this is friday at 4pm, enough to make there are commute a limb slick for your ride home, it keeps cuss cloudy on saturday, it's the next system after that that is likely to be more widespread, go south and give us a half-inch and an inch and a half in some spots of rain, you can see in the five- day forecast, we're looking at temperatures staying mild and the rain coming in friday, light rain and sunday, a heavier rain be an round respective rain. back to you. state regulators want to open pose a -- oppose a tax on texting. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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delta airline is ending zone poor boarding, each fair class will be assigned a different color code. the goal is to discourage customers from lining up in the gate area and speeding up the boarding process, they're going to increase the number of travel tiers on the flights as they will charge extra for different levels of comfort. this holiday season, 46 million people are expected to fly on us based airlines. people will be getting on planes between december 20th to january 6th. that's according to an industry trade group, more low airfares are making it popular this
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year. friday december 21st is the most popular days to travel. the least popular are christmas eve and day. and if you're not sure who to tip, experts suggest choose someone you interact with the most office, the personal trainer or a nanny. keep in mind, civil workers can't accept cash, but you can give a gift worth up to $20. they know who committed the 2017 cyber attack that are involved the marriott hotel guests. it targeted health insurers and the security clearance files of millions of americans. the revelation emerges as there will be indictments against
12:26 pm
hackers working for if the chinese government. and one woman may be extradited to the united states. she posted 7.5 million yesterday after spending time in canada after fraud charges in the u.s., she has accused multinational banks and she's on house hardest hit in vancouver and back in court on february 6th. the stock market is up andment nasdaq is up 1%, and the dow jones is up 1%, up 272 points. and google is starting to wrap up the year, and it's announced the trending search topics for 2018. it was the soccer world cup. that was the top search globally and in the tulsa zoo states. specifically in the states,
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hurricane florence which hit north and south carolina in september came in second, rapper and record producer mac miller and anthony bower dane and a singer rounded up the top 5. and a proposed tax for text messaging, what it means for anyone with a cellphone.
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taxing your texting, the california public utilities commission is proposing to charge a fee for texting on cell phones. >> we got mixed reactions for a proposal for a text tax, some people are skeptical while others are all for it. the california public utilities commission is discussing the tax at a voting next month. they want to clarify rules whether they're surchargible or not. the proposal they're going to vote on conclusion, it's surchargible. they vote on it january 10th. here's some background, in the 1990s, the federal government and states created public purchase programs. the money helps fund programs
12:31 pm
to make phone services more accessible for those who are low income and other assistance. it will extend the tax to text messages, if more revenue comes from texting less will come from voice serviceles. the surcharge is less than %. it would cost you 7 cents, the tax could charge wireless customers 44 million a year. we asked people their thoughts on the proposal. >> i'm okay with paying taxes because i'm a u.s. citizen, however, i need to know that my taxes are being used for good purposes, which i don't always agree that they are. >> i think if people want to help low income families, it's their option, but without consent, i don't think you should do that. >> as long as it was equitable and spread to businesses as well as to personal, perhaps leaning towards business, i wouldn't have an issue with it.
12:32 pm
>> the california chamber of commerce is against the proposal, the chamber with the backing of various california organizations calls the proposed decision unnecessary and the public purpose program are well funded and would hurt low income wireless users forcing some to pay the new tax. >> texting is not a telecommunications service that can be regulated, it's an e- mail service, and there's facebook messager and what's app, they'll have to compete with tax-free chat apps. the federal exchange commission or fcc is expected to discuss the issue. sara zendehnam, fox 2 news. glide church is handing out food to families. people started lining up last night outside of the church. we found the line stretching
12:33 pm
down the street and around the corner. they're giving out 5,000 bags of food, chicken, turkey, mashed potato and stuffing. glide said it's greater, the need than it's been in years past. >> one of the biggest challenges we're facing is food insecurity. one in four people in san francisco are struggling to field themselves every day, and that's about double the national average, the kinds of people we're serving is growing every day. >> compiled is working with other organizations such as the gamecock camp to bring it back to the neighborhood. fentanyl has a new distinction, it's the deadliest drug in the united states according to a new report out there from the centers for disease control and there were more than 63,000 drug overdose deaths inform the u.s., fentanyl was involved in 29% of
12:34 pm
those cases. heroin was involved in 25% of all overdose deaths while methamphetamine was involved in 10%. ail portion is no longer an option in nashville. the city's only abortion clinic is no longer offering the procedure, due to a lack of providers, the move is temporary, it's unclear when it will start again. it's prompted both sides in the abortion debate. some say it's a step in the wrong direction and others think it's a good step for the area. >> we don't believe in abortion, we believe life is precious, we let women there are other options, many times they don't know that or realize that. >> that's what makes this country great, is we're given the tubes to do what we want and we're given the freedom to do that, we're taking that freedom away. >> women who want an abortion,
12:35 pm
they'll have to drive to memphis or knoxville. those cities are 200 miles away. several former olympic gymnasts are calling on congress to investigate the us gymnastics us olympic committee. they're looking encloserups of sexual abuse by form remember gymnastics team larry nassar, they're blaming individuals and agencies for allowing his abuse to continue unchecked. >> this report makes it clear if it was not so already, that little girls were not worth anything to usfc and usag, i was not worth enough, jeanette and jordan and jaimie were not worth enough, the hundreds of little girls that were abused by larry and dozens that were molested when they knew he was
12:36 pm
a serial pedophile were not worth enough to them. >> the u.s. olympic committee fired the chief performance, he was one of the official that is did not raise awareness that athletes reported. and a republican senator from utah, senator orrin hatch will deliver a speech on the floor. he has left behind the long legacy, he's the longest serving senator in history. and mitt romney will take over the senate seat. be sworn in january 3rd. and a group of sky divers honored former president, george h. w. bush, and he loved sky diving and sky divers jumped in his honor and they formed the number 41, and tandem for his 85th and 90th birthdays. we're learning about a
12:37 pm
possible policy change in the san francisco police department where it would eliminate the longstanding practice to order officers to order people they question or detain to sit on the ground. the policy switch prohibits officers to tell people to sit except in circumstances like when a person is resisting, and they said it should be avoided. an officer shall document in an incident report any time it's necessary to seat an individual on the ground. the police union says this change will make officers jobs more dangerous, if you're leaving a person standing, they could turn and run, and it's a high likelihood and you could be subject to an attack. i've been a police officer for 30 years, one of the simplest thing to control someone is to put them at a disadvantage, you can have them sit down or lay
12:38 pm
on the ground. to say that we shouldn't do that any more is concerning. >> he sent a letter to the chief calling for the department to rescind the implementation of this new rule. the policy in draft form is in line with 21st policing, our department safety is with respect to everyone who our officers encounter. sources tell k tv. >> the chief having suspects on the ground is demeaning. they're trying to really help encourage children to read while they get their haircut. it's a sunnier day than we had yesterday as we look at the san francisco skyline. we have the complete forecast coming up. and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. you know when you're at ross yes!
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moment ago we saw a car drive slowly up the hill, a woman gets up and looks back down the street and then gets back inside the car right there and keeps ongoing. a 58-year-old woman died in this morning's hit and run. she was crossing bush street and leavenworth when she was hit by a dark colored car, at this point police are still searching for a suspect, if you have any information to bring them, you're asked to call police. 20 families living in a decades old apartments in mountain view need to find a new place to live. there's a development that has been approved and it requires the demolition of their homes. >> it was as extremely close vote that wasn't cast until early wednesday morning, 4-3 in favor. there's a caveat that will give those impacted more time. we'll talk about that in a second. lets look at our video, packed council chambers last night, tuesday night, council members
12:43 pm
and the public debated in the wee hours of the morning, people wanted a chance at public comment. this was at rock street which was rent controlled. this includes oscar and his family. they have been residents and they pay $2100 for a two bedroom apartment. and they've been asked to move out as they plan to demolish the units in the 15-year-old complex and replace it with 15 town homes, they would sell for $1 million each. >> now, i'll have to find has been new place and it's expensive. i'll have to pay more rent. >> we need the people who live in these buildings to make our community tick. we can't have everyone here be a software engineer. the plan with the approval came with the stipulation that the developer does not ask those tenants to relocate until 2020. there are about 1300 new units
12:44 pm
of housing under construction in mountain view, the hope is they'll be able to find a new place to live that's rent controlled into to 20, and that will give them more time. e them more time. bidding wars in the housing market appear to be cooling who have except in a few bay area cities, 32% of the offers had one who are more competing bids in november. that's down from 45% a year earlier. red fin says some areas are hot beds forbidding wars, san francisco's mission district, oakland and folsom. and there are toll hikes that have been approved january 1st h no one showed up to speak, and the hike would be $1 over current rates for hall vehicles including car pools, it includes all bay area toll bridges with the exception of the golden gate. the toll will go up another
12:45 pm
dollar by the years 2022 and 2025. and we have a peek ahead of the forecast, rain is returning. >> reporter: it is. we have two shots at rain coming our way friday and saturday. i'll get into that in a second, lets talk about this glorious day we're having, shall we, a live look at sfo, it's hazy, we are going to seem the gorgeous sunshine break through, that's going to be the stories we go across our afternoon. you can see there, that it is showing the clear skies, any of the clouds out there moving along. that will stick with u.s. representative, not just today, but also into tomorrow. we could see a return of that fog as we head into the overnight hours again tonight. a nice day on tap, current temperatures tell the story, we see warm temperatures rolling in here, 57 in san francisco, and 62 in novato, we had the 60s degree mark in concord and hayward. a lot of you are getting in
12:46 pm
freemont, sit at 59 degrees, and i wouldn't be surprised if you make it up there in a few minutes too. gorgeous weather for today. looking at the weather and it should be a clear evening it, temperatures will be mild and it will be a little chilly as we get into the overnight tonight. this is seasonable to get to the 30s, patchy fog will be with us. these are the highs we're expecting today, a lot of 60s across the map, it's getting up to the 60s degree mark. mostly sunny with the light breeze, making it feel quite pleasant. lows will be chilly in some spots, particularly in the north bay, and we're getting close to the freezing mark at 34 and we'll see 30s in nap, concord and morgan hill, you too, the bigger picture shows while the clear skies are with us now. we'll see a change as we head towards the weekend. lets look at futurecast, this is thursday going into friday, this is the first system, this is going to look like a north
12:47 pm
bay scenario and it looks like it won't be abe will the of rain, probably a quarter of an inch. that could put trouble into your weekend. cloudy skies as we head through saturday. we could see drizzle in the north bay again, from that weak system. it's the second system on sunday, this is the one that has my attention, it's stronger and you can see more widespread, it could go sunday into monday. we could get a half-inch to a half-inch plus in some spots, that's the one to watch, most of us, in a viewing area, friday will be a north bay situation, sunday and into monday we have a shot at decent rain and more of us to see it. look at the five days and you can see temperatures are staying consistent as we head across the week. we'll watch out for a shot of rain, the week system, sunday into monday, you want to have that umbrella, mike and gasia, back to you. ktvu's bay area people
12:48 pm
highlights people doing things above the call of duty. >> a member wants to give back to the community he was raised in. >> reporter: sharp images has what other barber shops have to offer, a nice barbershop, and good conversation. there's more going in. sights and sounds of a typical barbershop. >> raisers buzzing and friends shooting the breeze and kids reading books. >> that's enough david. go to your room. >> well, sharp images in menlo park isn't your typical shop. >> we have to give back. >> sharp images is one of three bay area barber shops that participates in barbershop books, it encourages literacy
12:49 pm
for young african-american boysry, free books, it gives the kids somewhere to hang out. >> the owner says it was an easy decision to bring in the books last year. >> i looked at it and i said where do i sign up. >> kids feel comfortable practicing their reading. >> and parents feel comfortable leaving their kids. >> my son is reading, i didn't know he could read, magazines, he's saying words that i didn't know he could pronounce, and it's all because he reads, i think it's fascinating and the fact that he's encouraging it here makes me want to come here more. >> it doesn't stop there, from barbershop books to barbershop boys, i had to step in and mentor boys, i brought this up, we talked it out, worked it out, and 12 weeks later we're
12:50 pm
all hanging out. >> the bay area native created his mentoring program for teens. >> i was in the process, it would be like, you know -- >> harper is a dad and under stands having the value you've that kind of influence in blow's lives. >> very rare you have a business that they can relate to. hey, you want to talk to kids, for the boys at sharp images, they may not realize what harper offers, but they have a good time. >> in menlo park, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox news. if you would like to nominate someone for bay area people, you can go to our website and find the bay area people tab. and they want to prename an airport for oprah, why some of the ex rules might make that an uphill -- existing rules might make that an uphill
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if you would like tow play secret santa head to san francisco, for a child this season. people are can look at the letters addressed to santa. anyone interest can purchase a gift on the child's list and the post office will deliver it. most of the items per wanting basic necessities for themselves coronary family. you can pick up a letter today or tomorrow from 11 to 2:00 and next tuesday and wednesday and thursday next week. officials are finally about to repair a pothole half neighbors made it clear after they and a pothole will be ignored. this was a pothole filled a christmas tree, neighbors say the hole has gotten bigger in the last few, we, and one woman decided to take action. i was upstairs and looking for more christmas decorations
12:54 pm
and i came upon the tree and i thought that looked nice in the hole. we took something ugly and made it prettier, tis the season, right? >> other neighbors added to the decorations, but now the city said the hole may be paved this week, a metal slab has been placed over that sinkhole. and they're looking to name the national international airport say they would like to honor oprah. oprah is not from nashville, but she graduatedded from tennessee state university and she started her television career at a local tv station. >> oprah was one of them, we need to recognize that. >> having an airport named after a influential woman is impacting young people and would be amazing to the city. >> if the city has the final
12:55 pm
say over the name, and in accord for a building to be named after an individual they have to be dead for at least two years. and former first lady michelle open beam is taking a book tour, you see is making an appearance and you can get a ticket, and they're selling secondhand for $300 or $400, she is speaking about her new memoir becoming. and they looked at 350 films released over the past four years, they found on every budget level, it generated more revenue if the me mail was a lead. and it might be even better with "mary poppins" coming up next month. a man taken into custody by ice agents, we're working to learn more about the
12:56 pm
controversy surrounding this incident. we'll have this for you today on the 4. >> lets look at the market here, just a couple of minutes before the closing bell. just a solid day all around for the dow jones from the opening bell to the closing bell here currently you can see the stock is up 174 points, the nasdaq and s&p 500 in positive territory, how much money would it take for you to give up your smartphone for an entire year. it's offering a challenge to prove the point. >> anyone who can go without the fair can sign up on twitter or instagram. they'll choose one person that will be given a phone to use or they won't be able to text or use an app. they get $10,000 and if they go a hole year they get $100,000, thanks for watching everybody, we're here for you online on
12:57 pm, our next newscast is the 4, have a great rest of the afternoon. i'd give it a shot. >> i would like to say i would.
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