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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  December 13, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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good morning, thanks for joining us month mornings on 2 -- joining us on "mornings on 2". i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. it's crystal clear. >> and cooler. pamela, you look lovely this morning. >> i thought i would be the only one saying that. >> there are two of those saying that. >> thank you. in sfo they were 56 yesterday and they're 44. it's 30s around, and san jose and oakland airport at 43 degrees cool degrees. visibility sparkling, 9 to 10 miles to the north and only half moon bay has a little fog, a little twist there, usually that's not something we see in december. there's a little bit. a few high clouds and patchy fog, we're set for a nice day. changes are on the way for
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tomorrow, but 30s already for many. fairfield and napa airport, there will his time, they're 45 now. kelseyville, healdsburg, take your pick, petaluma, novato up to napa, a couple of observations one at 39. a ridge of high pressure will give us a nice day, we'll have a couple of systems on the way friday into sunday. it looks mostly sunny and 60s on the temperatures. here's allie rasmus in for sal. >> i'm happy to be here today. we follow and start off the morning where the check on the tracy supercommute. there's unfortunately a problem to tell you about there. you can see the red, westbound at 580, at grant line road, there's a report of a crash involving a semi truck and a motorcycle. one of the right lanes is
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blocked because of that. an injury crash is reported, hopefully everyone is okay. if this is your commute, be aware of that and give yourself extra time. drivers are having no problems until bay port. 880 in oakland north and southbound, a little bit of the overfight road work in both directions, they're wrapping up there, the bay bridge toll plaza barely anyone on the road this morning which is how we like tosh see it at this hour t the time is 4:02, let's go back to you at the desk. in east palo alto, there's been a deadly shooting, it's near if the palo alto golf course. the shooting victim was unconscious and not breathing, by the time they got him to the hospital he had died. parts of beach street are closed along shore breeze, a ktvu crew is headed there now, they'll bring us a live report coming up at 5:00.
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police are investigating a threat found at diablo valley college in pleasant hill. they told the students baseball the anonymous threat through an alert yesterday. graffiti with a threatening restaurant was found in the humanities building and in the library. classes will be in session today t students can expect to see more officers on campus. there will it be counselors available to students through next week. and menlo park, they're investigating a possible homicide. investigators were called to a home, where they found a body of a woman. police are not saying how she died, they say there is a suspect in custody. they haven't given us any information about the victim or the suspect. san francisco police are continuing to look for the driver responsible for a deadly hit and run. they've identified the victim as a 58-year-old collins of san francisco.
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she was hit as she crossed bush lower hill neighborhood early t where she later died. they released surveillance video taken from a nearby building. the car went slowly up a hill. the driver gets out, appears to look back down the street and then gets back into the car and drives away. anyone with information on this crash is asked to call san francisco police. the treasury department, the holidays is when we see more counterfeit money, especially large denomination bills. there are crowds respective shoppers, and shoppers are in a rush to get everything done, so most don't look at the cash they're dealing where. wal-mart and windsor was a victim of counterfeits, two people passed ten $100 bills
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last weekend. they think they're working together since the bills were almost identical, including some with the same sorryial number. >> they were good fakes, one actually had a hologram symbol that was embedded in the paper but when you felt it it didn't feel like real money. the money was used to buy gift cards, counterfeiters do that a lot since they can't be traced and they're spent fast. counterfeiters hurt retailers and shoppers. counterfeit cash found by authorities is confiscated immediately. we have new video from turkey where a high speed train crash killed 7 people and injured 40 others. it collided with a railway engine and crashed into a station at turkey's capitol. two cars derailed and became trapped under inside, an invest
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under way for the prime ministe theresa may survived a no confidence vote within her party. she won that vote 200-117. that takes off pressure from some of the members in the conservative party who pressured her and did you see agreed with her "brexit" and the european union. house speaker nancy pelosi, they believe she's guaranteed she'll be the house speaker in february. 12 members throat to vote against her in a final vote next month for a push of new
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leadership. and under the new leadership, nearby city are hoping that she -- they're hoping that people cannot serve more than 4 terms. the city of oakland is suing the raiders for moving to las vegas. they're getting ready for the last game at the coliseum. >> it was a quiet wednesday night at rickey's sports by in san leandro. >> i like the dedication that they have. everyone sticks where them. >> fans were subdued and nostalgic that this may be the last time they play at the coliseum. >> they were my favorite team growing up, they'll always be my favorite team. i can't blame the people for the ownership.
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>> the season ticket holder expressioned loyalty with the tatoo, the co-owner of rickey's says she exto lose 20% of her business from fans visiting from out of town. >> that's business and revenue that's gone. >> and the raiders made it clear, if they file a lawsuit, that they were not intending to play here. >> the executive director of the coliseum authority said he received an e-mail from the team president, they will rescind their offer to play at the coliseum next year because of the lawsuit against the raiders and the nfl about moving to las vegas. they won't have a place to play until the stadium is ready. oakland is an option. >> as much as they don't want to play in a place where they're being sued, it's the best business transaction and they may have a changer of art. >> the owner markthing is final
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>> all options are open. >> you are nosaid the past tailgate menu included crab, for the christmas eve tailgate, for other fans, he will provide gumbo and crab. >> you meet a lot of great people at these games and that's going to go away. >> he says even if the raid% no longer play in oakland, they can still practice at their alameda facility for two more seasons, for planning purposes, they need to know by january or february where the raiders plan to play. to play. all right. the time is 4:09, the raid% players are not sure where they're going to play next season, they're talking about it. and the quarterback was asked
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about it at practice. >> i mailed five years at the stadium, people talked about it and trashed it, but i love it it's ours. the fact that it could be the last it's crazy, when that time comes, we'll enjoy it when it comes. >> the oakland coliseum was the raiders from 1966 through 1981 and from 1995 until now. right now, it's 10 minutes after 4:00 and flight attendants hit the picket lines at sfo, the reason crew members are upset with united airlines and what is changing for an international flight. and a man is trapped inside of a grease vent for two days. >> we continue to follow the crash at 580 and if the 880
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split, traffic looks good. it's looking day. changes for the weekend. we'll have more on that.
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united airlines flight
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attendants will be picketing. they're angry that hugh nighted is eliminating one flight attendant on the international flights while it reports record profits. that would mean less people to help in emergencies and slower boarding and lesser advice during flights. the protest will happen between 1:00 this morning and it will happen in los angeles, honolulu and denver. and a tampon is being pulled off the shelves because of defects that causes it to unravel. the company got reports that the u cotext -- kotex tampons are defective p boxes reported from 2016 to 2018. from 2016 to 2018.
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the time is 4:14, a man has been rescued after it can stuck for two days in the grease vent of al vacant restaurant. crews rescued him. paul chambers said he was stuck there to cause medical problems that could have been life- threatening. >> a man covered in grease found inside this restaurant for two days. frank mitchell found this man caught inside of a cooking duct. >> he was dangling through the vent. >> he heard faint noises coming from the restaurant tuesday night. he thought nothing of it until he came to work early wednesday morning. he decided to go next door to figure out what was going on. >> i went into the back and all of a sudden, the door was open, but the screen door was locked. as soon as i opened the door, i heard please help me.
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>> he called 911, once on the scene, the man notified him he had been there for two days. >> he was wedged in the hood and duct system and covered head to toe in thick grease. >> he was freed, and it wasn't easy has they had to take apart the hood and duct system. >> everything had to be dismantled and turned off. everything was removed and we supported him from above and lowered him down. >> the man was taken to an area hospital and treated for dehydration, it's unclear why he was trying to enter the building, but he faces numerous charges, vandalism and burglary. >> he may be trying to get copper and other things. >> he is facing charges, he should be grateful that someone
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came and saved his life. >> he wouldn't have survived another day. >> that's a crazy story. 4:16 is the time, lets check in with allie rasmus, how is traffic. >> we continue to follow the crash on 580 and livermore h here's what it looks like if you're driving out from the south bay. the morgan hill gilroy area. you won't have problems, and in san jose, everything looks good on the map. this is the problem we're talking about. it appears there's a new crash on westbound 205 and tracy. this is 580 and grant line road. it's a me sort of crash. if that's your commute, give yourself extra time, it's going to get slow as the time goes on. >> it looks good in both directions and highway 24 in lafayette, also no problems to
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tell you about. >> the time is 4:17, and the traffic camera looks nice and clear. >> i think we're good today, tuesday was a tough day. >> it doesn't look good. there may be patchy fog, visibility is about 10 miles from all locations, things can pop about 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m., it looks nice to warm, it looks good at sfo as well. turning cloudy, light rain in the afternoon. not much to the south. saturday is a tricky day, mostly cloudy, there could be some rain, this front stay with us out -- stalls out, sunday will be rain for all, and the rest of the week looks quiet. mostly sunny today, cloudy with light rain developing, very active for the southern branch of the yet. it continues to be watched as we head towards the end of and into winter. mostly sunny, cloudy, light rain, sunday somebody the better system, a rainy day with
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decent amounts coming. it's cooler by far. livermore 39, san jose, oakland airport and sf at this time they were in the 40s, if it -- 50s, if it feels colder, it is. we're looking for a ridge of high pressure to give us a nice day. 30s for many. including sunnyvale at 39 definition. napa airport, danville, dublin, also pleasanton and pinole, back to 39 degrees. it will break down tomorrow with increasing clouds, this system will not do too much, it's the system coming in behind it. the warmest temperatures will be in seasonality cruz, a balmy 66. there will be warm temperatures to the south and along parts of the coast. cloudy on friday, mainly north. mostly cloudy, north, russian
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river area. it's clearing out and breezy and cooler on monday. new information from pg&e about the deadly camp fire. what the utility now is admitting about equipment failures near where the fire started. congress is set to make changes to be the sexual harassment policy and how the policy is designed to be more transparent.
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a new ruling by the could be a ntproposal to tax text messaging, they're trying to protect consumers from spam. they say it's not al taxable service. the california puc proposed the text surcharge saying the money could raise members of dollars for a program that provides cell phones for the low income. the puc will debate that in january. in a video message on tuesday, the palo alto professor supported the award of the year, the sports illustrated awthe t to accuse larry nasssexual assault.
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after that more than 150 women came forward with their own stories including nassar of sexual assault. congress is making changes to be the process of handling sexual misconduct against lawmakers. they agreed to the changes which includes holding members financially liable for money and holding out for financial settlements. and they are looking for more transparency and releasing settlement details. settlement claims are paid by taxpayers and costing the government $17 million since 2007. it's still in legislation. and the public is welcomed to a study session on what could be the tallest building in the east bay. it will be a 16 storey power and a separate tower and a
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public space and a park. it will be near interstate 80 on christie avenue h they'll explain how they think the community could benefit from this. it will be at emeryville city hall at 6:30pm, this is the beginning of an approval process that can go on for months. they're looking to build 33,000 housing units in the bay area. bay area. according to the chronicle, it's goal is to help bring a massive infusion of affordable housing. it would do that basically installing a capitol hill and -- do that by installing a cap. they worry about gentrification in the current plan. they voted to oppose the idea. hundreds of bay area teachers speaking out now. coming up, why they say al
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proposed pay raise is just not enough. and why the school district says they don't have any more money. plus some people may be surprised by some new poll numbers, the challenges ahead for president trump's re- election build. the crash on westbound 580 in livermore is good news, here's a look at 880 in oakland, still overnight road work wrapping up there. on tuesday, i couldn't see you at home. there was too much fog, but today i can see forever. it looks like a nice day, temperatures will be a little warmer, especially near santa cruz, rain is on the way, but not much friday, it's the sunday system. we'll talk about that.
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good morning to you, welcome back to "mornings on 2", thursday morning, december
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13th, i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it's a crystal honest, we were all talking about food during the break. >> we were. >> it's clear out there, would you like to see a ridge of high pressure. it sits right there. this will be today. mostly sunny and looks nice today, it's around 60, light rain in the afternoon and evening, mainly to the north. the system stalls out saturday and this may be the last decent system as the forecast models are showing it buildithrough ch 40s for sfo, oakland and san jose, those are noticeably cooler for a good 10 degrees for some. the fog is so far not an issue, we'll keep an eye on things, it's better than it has been
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the last couple of days. 30s for many and 40 the for some 40s for some -- 40s for some. there's a big difference. 40s and 50s, san mateo is at 41. mostly sunny and warmer. tomorrow will bring cloud cover and the system coming across will play into the picture of a rainy sunday. sunday looks like a rain day for everyone. it will be a mostly sunny day and 60s on the temperatures. 4:30, is there something we want to get to right away? >> we have one issue on west would bound -- eastbound 80. we can show you the commute if you're driving from fairfield and vacaville, that area looks good coming through vallejo and further south is good. eastbound 80, there's a report of a ladder


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