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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  December 27, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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yesterday. >> you have to suspect to authorities say is in the country illegally. inmate on the run. an effort to track down the inmate who escaped from san quentin prison and is suspected of carjacking a woman in san rafael. >> the descriptions are very similar and due to the proximity of the prison to home depot, it is definitely an investigative lead that we are looking into. and, no connection. the san jose police chief admits the woman killed on christmas day by police is not connecting to an earlier shooting. why he says the officer's actions are still justified. this five month old he will never hear talk. he will never see his son walk. he doesn't get to hold that little boy, hugged his wife, say good night anymore.
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because, a coward took his life. >> the police chief there in the city of newman in stanislaus county emotional and angry over the death of one of his own. the small department of just 12 is overcome with grief this afternoon as the search for the gunman continues now for a second day. welcome, everyone to "the four." i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm frank somerville. the sheriff spoke today. he is very angry that the gunmen came to our country illegally. >> jesse gary was at the emotional co us live. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. sheriff christiansen says no resource is being spared in the hunt for the gunmen, adding, he expects to come sooner, rather than later. meanwhile, 30 miles from here, a small town and its police
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department is mourning the loss of life. >> you have to understand, this is not supposed to happen here. >> reporter: through tears, a shaky voice, and the need of a studying hand, randy richardson explained the depth of his personal hurt, also shared by the public. recently promoted to corporal, ronil singh served his community. newman is quintessential small- town america, where the main drag doesn't have a traffic like, just small stop signs. everybody knew singh. >> he never stopped being everybody's friend. >> he was a visible presence. >> reporter: chief richerson says singh was fascinated with personal improvement, always trying to be the best he could be. >> he loved being a police officer, a husband, a father. >> reporter: early christmas day while making a dui traffic stop, police say singh got
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into a gun battle with the suspect seen in this is surveillance picture. the unidentified man is also a newman resident, seen frequently around town. >> i would have never thought he'd do anything like this. >> reporter: when the gunfight was over, 33-year-old singh was dead. his police dog, sam, was not harmed. stanislaus county deputies are now in a manhunt to catch the suspect to is considered armed and dangerous. >> the suspect is in our country illegally. he doesn't belong here. >> there is a war going on in our country. it is a battle of good versus evil, light versus darkness. >> reporter: as politics, policing, and immigration meld, this small town mourns. flags at half staff, flowers gathered at the police station front door. >> it is not it's us personally. we never thought it could >> re cuts deeper when everyone knows everyone else and the loss is shared. >> please remember the man. please remember the husband. please remember what he was.
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>> reporter: we will end with a couple of pieces of information. if you have any information about this case, you're asked to call the county sheriff's tip line. the number should be on your screen, 209-525-7202. additionally, there is a memorial page for the fallen corporal if you would like to donate to a fund for his widow and five month old baby. you can also do that. go to our website, we will link you to that information. live in modesto tonight outside of sheriff's headquarters, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. back to you. >> is there a reason why they are still not releasing the name of the suspect? do we have any info on when they might do that? we've seen his picture everywhere but don't have his name. >> reporter: the sheriff was very clear in saying that procedurally, they won't give out the name until they have
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the person in custody because as you know, people have the same name. he was not going to put the name out and get it confused with someone else. he said he wants to make sure, do this by the book and be 100% sure before they put the name out. he says there are some sites that have put the name out but they are not going to do that until they have the suspect in custody. that's why we are using "suspect" and not putting out any names as well. >> thank you. president trump weighed in on the story today, tweeting, quote, there is right now a full-scale manhunt in california for an illegal immigrant accused of shooting and killing an officer during a traffic stop. time to get tough on border security. build the wall. in speaking live to the sheriff that stanislaus county about the search, the suspect, and fallen officer coming up on our 5:00 newscast. new information on a christmas day police shooting in san jose. today, the police chief says the woman killed was in a stolen car but was not involved
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in an earlier shooting as first thought. ktvu's maureen naylor is live with why some say the shooting was justified. >> reporter: dozens have gathered for the vigil just getting started. after news broke that san jose police shot and killed a woman not related to the initial crime they were investigating. the police chief maintains it was justified because of her actions. her family wants answers. >> i'm saddened to be here this afternoon. my sincere condolences to the family for their loss. >> reporter: with that, police chief eddie garcia described an officer involved shooting that ended in the death of this 24- year-old woman shot and killed by officers early christmas morning. her family identifies her as jenny vasquez. police say the incident started when they were investigating a shooting at story road and clemence avenue, the shooter said to be driving a white car. >> the officer identified a person flagged down and white
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vehicles fleeing the scene. >> reporter: police started following the white toyota camry driven by vasquez they say was stolen. the family disputes that. police say after a high-speed seven minute chase, vasquez crashed the car into a chain- link fence and did not obey officers' orders. >> the suspect driver used the car as a deadly weapon, causing four officers to fire in an attempt to kill the driver. >> reporter: another friend was injured. police say the woman and car had nothing to do with the initial shooting. >> had the deceased not been driving a stolen vehicle, had not led the police on a eed cha and did not attempt to get away at all costs, ramming officers and endangering their lives,
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this shooting and tragedy would christmas morning. >> reporter: after the press conference, the upset parents of the woman killed met with the chief, questioning the use of force against two women. >> she feels the way it was dealt with was not right. and probably there could have been a better way that it could have been dealt with, with the san jose police department. >> reporter: the district attorney and san jose police department homicide unit are conducting a joint investigation which will be monitored by the independent police auditor, internal affairs and city attorney's office. meanwhile, the four officers are unpaid administrative leave during the investigation. >> did the chief today mention anything about body camera footage of the incident? >> reporter: he did. he said body cameras on all four officers were rolling, but as per protocol, the district attorney would not release those until after the investigation. the family is hoping those will be released sooner.
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>> we will see what happens. maureen naylor, thank you. a judge suspended criminal proceedings for john cowell, the man charged with killing nia wilson and injuring her sister at the macarthur b.a.r.t. station in oakland. two court-appointed doctors will now examine him to determine whether he is competent to stand trial. his attorney says his delusions and paranoia have been increasing in frequency, and that he's unable to help in his defense. prosecutors had argued that some of his behavior might have been tied to substance abuse. after today's hearing, nia wilson's father spoke out. >> if this guy could do what he did and change his clothes and carry out what he did so smoothly, you know, i think that's pretty competent. i want justice for my daughters. that's the only thing i want. justice for my daughters. >> cowell will return to court in at which time, doctors reports might be . a massive manhunt continues for an inmate who escaped from san quentin prison.
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police think he may have carjacked a woman in san rafael to flee the area. our crime report has been looking into the inmate's background and joins us from the prison with more. any new information on his whereabouts? >> reporter: not at this hour but i will tell you this much, the inmate was here at san quentin doing time for carjacking. you may have carjacked a woman outside the prison gates to get away but, it's possible he may no longer be in the suv that was stolen. 21-year-old shalom mendoza walked away from a work crew at san quentin prison and is still at large. he was last seen just before 6:00 wednesday night. no one at the prison realized he was missing until a headcount more than 3 1/2 hours later. by then, san rafael police believe mendoza may have already carjacked a woman at this home depot on shoreline, less than a mile from the prison. >> simulated what looked like
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some type of weapon or gun through his t-shirt. demanded the keys from her, threatened to kill her. told her not to call the police or that he would shoot her. >> reporter: the woman who had been shopping at home depot did not resist and did what he asked. >> once she handed over the keys, he fled the scene and her vehicle. >> reporter: the carjacked suv is a toyota rav4 with california license plate, 6stz502. but i'm told it is very possible he may no longer be in the toyota rav4 because of his criminal history. i learned in july 2017, mendoza carjacked a man and his toyota previous at knife point outside of a west l.a. car shop. 50 minutes later, he ditched the prius and sold the mercedes. he then led to the lapd on a six mile chase before being arrested. mendoza has been in the state prison system for a year and was transferred to san quentin in april. he was transported to a job outside of the secure prison. san rafael police say they are keeping an open mind in the off chance the inmate is not responsible for the carjacking. >> it's something very concerning. it's very uncommon that san rafael has a carjacking. if it's not related to the prison, it is something we will take extremely seriously.
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>> reporter: so, if history is any indication, it's possible this inmate may have ditched the toyota rav4. i checked within the last few minutes with san rafael police, and the car is still missing. if anybody's sees mendoza, the toyota rav4 or any other vehicle he may be in, call nine 1 a medially. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you very much. day six of a partial government shutdown, and still no end in sight. i'm ray bogan in washington, following the fight over border funding, next. plus, violent swings on wall street today, from 600 down, to a-200 point plus gain. our financial expert talkmy eye weather for you today. the wind has been whipping today. we will talk about how much longer we'll be un advisory. your forecast is next. i am a family man.
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it cleans away odors and freshens for 1200 hours. breathe happy with new febreze plug. some officials in iraq are expressing frustration over president trump's surprise visit to the country yesterday. the president and first lady returned to the united states early this morning after the unannounced trip to al-asad airbase to think u.s. troops for their service. while in iraq, the president said he does not plan to withdraw u.s. troops from iraq, which is something many iraqi leaders would like to see. president trump was also
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criticized for failing to meet with any iraqi elected officials during his three hour visit, though he did speak with the prime minister by phone. well, it has been almost one week now since the partial government shutdown began here. the house and senate adjourned after short sessions today, with most lawmakers away from washington for the christmas holiday. as fox news' ray bogan reports, it looks like the shutdown could stretch into the new year. >> reporter: it's day six of a partial government shutdown and we are still waiting for any action from congress with washington still locked up in a fight over border security. >> you're asking me, will schumer move? i don't know that. i don't know his mind. should he move? absolutely. it won't be any farther than he's been before. >> reporter: republicans are digging in with the president on his fight for more money for a border wall. president trump has been demanding $5 billion for a border wall along the u.s./mexico border. today, he showed no signs of backing down on that demand, tweeting in part, "need to
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stop drugs, human trafficking, gang members, and criminals from coming into our country." the president also blamed last month federal court decision on daca for the impasse, also tweeting, "after ruling, dems dropped deal. and that is where we are today. democrat obstruction of the needed wall. "" but democrats still insist this is the doing of the gop. senate minority whip dick durbin fighting back on twitter today, calling the border wall, mid-evil. saying, quote, this will end when the president and republicans wanted to. congress formally went back into session thursday afternoon. however, house members have already been advised not to expect any votes this week, suggesting the shutdown could draw with into the new year. >> the border is expected to remain in the spotlight with high-profile visits expected in the coming nielsen will head south tomorrow, president trump said he also wants to visit before the state of the union. in washington, ray bogan, fox news. another roller coaster day on wall street ended with more gains after yesterday's big
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rally. the dow was up 260 points after plunging 600 points earlier in the nasdaq was up 25, the s&p 500 gained 21. healthcare and tech companies did well along with banks and industrial shares. despite the gains today and yesterday, the market is heading for what could be its biggest yearly loss since the 2008 financial crisis. retailers are smiling because reports indicate holiday sales get a six-year high. a company that tracks spending in stores and online says total sales topped $850 billion this holiday season. that's a 5% increase compared to a year ago. online sales were up 19%. clothing sales were up nearly 8%, while department stores saw fewer customers walk in. online sales were up at many retailers. joining us now to talk more about this is james mcbride. james, we talked yesterday about these really large, massive swings in the market. why are we seeing so much
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volatility? >> that's a very good question. i don't think the volatility is that much if we look in terms of the percentages. but it sure seems a lot, given the numbers, you know, the point spread, so to speak. >> why is it going up and down so much? it's almost like a yo-yo these days. >> people are afraid.  there is a lot of talk about the fed raising interest rates too far, too fast. there's a lot of concern about the tariffs. there's a lot of concern about what we can expect from the economy next year. then you throw in a government shutdown, and a wall along the mexican border, and you have a lot of concern and fear in the market. >> i think it's safe to say that the markets are slowing down. but there are some who say we are heading for a recession. would you agree? >> absolutely not. the fundamentals for this market are extraordinarily good. unemployment is at a 50-year low.
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year-over-year, wages are up by 3%. consumer confidence kicked down a little bit today from a survey but that's off of an 18- year high. look at the retail sales. consumer spending is two thirds of our gdp. the consumer is spending. the consumer doesn't think there is a recession, nor do i. >> when you look toward next year, what would be your biggest concern? >> i think that the economy is going to do very well. i think the earnings are not going to be the spectacular earnings we saw this year, 20%, 25%, but i think you'll see them in the 10% to 15% range. one way or another, stock prices are going to follow earnings. >> bottom line is for small investors, i always like to talk about small, your average investors, stay the course. would that be what your advice would be? >> that is so important, frank. because there's been so many studies that show if you miss the 5, 10, 15, even 20 best trading days over a 10-year period, the results are devastating to portfolios. you have to stay the course.
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yes, the market is down for the first time in 10 years but it's nothing like 2008 when the market was down 50%, 55%. we are going to be down give or take 6% or 7% this year. if we look at the last ten years, the market has been up nine of those ten and in seven of those years, it has been double digits. it has been a heck of a run and the sell off now isn't that bad. >> we will leave it at that. james, as always, thanks. >> my pleasure. let's turn things over now to our meteorologist to find out if these winds are going to die down. kyla, you and i were talking earlier about how the winds were weeping. >> my hair was going all over the place, heather. >> mine too. >> it was mild out there as predicted. we expected the wind to kick up today and the wind advisory is in place until we get to 4:00 a.m. tonight. have seen thus in the 30 to 40 mile per hour range.
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if you look at where the wind is, at half moon bay, up to 25 miles per hour. look at how many of us have been over the 50 mile per hour wind range. hayward, gusting up to 23 miles per hour. if we look further to the north, not so bad in santa rosa but looking oakland. 26 mile per hour gusts. that's what i felt when i got out of the car today and that's going to stick with us as we head into the next 12 to 16 hours. here we are taking a live look. we did not miss out on the sunshine. it was another beautiful day out there. storm tracker 2 showing us that radar is nice and clear. you have to go up to the pacific northwest to find any rain on the radar, and frankly, it's not hitting the ground. it's fairly light up there too. san francisco sitting at 57 degrees. 58 in novato. 57 in walnut creek. hayward coming in at 60 degrees. all very seasonable temperatures. tonight, we're going to see things get chillier than they might have been. you might have started to feel the chill in the air. i started to feel it last night. santa rosa getting close to the freezing mark. 46 in san francisco. notice from redwood city down to morgan hill, 30s for you as
4:23 pm
well and for those of you in livermore, incredibly chilly out there. in fact, to the north tonight, we are not under a frost advisory but they are in mendocino county. just to show you that this cool and dry air mass will cool things down not just tonight but tomorrow night. we will talk more about that when i come back in just a few minutes. back to you. talk about football fans. these fans have taken their fandome to a new level. why four people are living on top of a billboard. there
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four college football super fans, and i mean, super fans, are now living on a billboard in south bay. they are right near levi stadium, the site of a college football national championship game coming up on january 7th. as ktvu's leigh martinez tells us, this is part of espn's college football playoff whose in campaign. >> reporter: these fans are spending all day and all night, 40 feet above. they are all really awesome, fun super fans. they all say that their family and friends encouraged them to apply for the espn challenge because they are the super fans. while espn provides the food and housing, the fans brought along their own items for their superstitions. >> i've got orange food that i have to bring with me. i have to wear a special
4:27 pm
jersey, special socks become very superstitious. >> reporter: they climbed the billboard last night ahead of the two semi final match ups on saturday. they each have a tent, sleeping bad, and pad. beneath each billboard is a sleeping bag and shower. the fans areross senior, nancy boland, clemson, jeanette kim, notre dame, and, ruben hunter is a from a walk on for the oklahoma sooners. and he had this to say about their first night. >> my shoulders went a little numb. my sleeping bag is about 6 inches too short but other than that it was a great night. there's a carnival ride to the right. there was a kid screaming for about 10 minutes nonstop going around. and, there is also a flyer route. all of the planes fly right over us and land. it was a great night. >> reporter: their experience is like streamed on espn 3. after saturday's games, only two fans will remain. it ends on january 7th. the national championship game
4:28 pm
and the team that wins, well, that's the fan that wins. and, all four are saying that they missed their pets and they also missed chick-fil-a. they do have a bucket on the side of the billboard where fans can send stuff up to them. they said if you want to stop by and bring chick-fil-a, they'd appreciate that. in san jose, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. cough cases at levels not seen in 8 years and one bay area county. coming up, we talked to the health department about the cause and the best ways to prevent it.
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back now to our top story, the death of this corporal in newman, shot and killed during a dui stop. the statewide manhunt continues for a suspect wanted in the shooting death of this officer in stanislaus county. authorities say these surveillance pictures taken at a convenience store shortly before the attack show the suspect. he is a heavyset man with short dark hair who was wearing a chain necklace, a dark t-shirt, and dark jacket with ecko brand patches on the shoulder. he is wanted for shooting and killing police corporal ronil singh during a traffic stop early yesterday. authorities have not released the suspect was vietnam but say he is in the country illegally and is considered armed and dangerous. now also another story we are following this afternoon, the search continues for a prisoner who escaped last night from san quentin.
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shalom mendoza walked away from the prison around 8:30 and was gone for about 40 minutes before guards noticed he was missing during a headcount. during that time period, a woman was carjacked at the home depot which is located less than a mile away from the prison. san rafael police say the description of the carjacker and the escapee, mendoza, are similar, and that he could be traveling in the victim's car which is a toyota rav4 with the california license plate, 6stz502. but, they also add that he may have ditched that vehicle by now. mendoza was serving a five-year sentence for a violent carjacking and attempting to evade an officer while driving recklessly. new details about a pg&e worker who was hurt in hayward while responding to a power outages. it happened after 10:00 last night near santa clara street. firefighters say a powerline arks, causing a power flash and the worker was burned on his face and hand. the live wire fell, and also set a car on fire. one family was inside their
4:33 pm
home when they heard a loud explosion. >> there was a big explosion. you just heard, boom, boom. and i just came outside. there was fire everywhere. this car caught on fire. then the tires caught on fire. >> the family says they had limited power before the explosion and they lost all power after it happened. pg&e worker was taken to the santa clara valley burn center but we don't know their condition. about 400 customers lost power during the incident. everyone had their power back on by 1:00 this afternoon. san francisco public works crews have cleared a tree that blocked hayes street for hours today. crews responded shortly after 9:30 this morning after reports that a tree fell on a truck parked on hayes street between goff and franklin. the tree also dragged downed power lines. the tree blocked traffic in both directions until crews managed to cut it up and remove it. san francisco fire says no one was in the truck at the time
4:34 pm
and no one was hurt. a man and his sister have been arrested on human trafficking charges in mountain view. police say 33-year-old carlos garza allegedly brought in numerous people from guatemala to united states illegally, helped by his sister, evelia demaria galvez. once in mountain view, investigators say he would intimidate and threaten them. one teenager told detectives she was repeatedly sexually assaulted by garza and other men who paid garza to have sex with the victim at his apartment on latham street. at least 12 people were living there. out and you detectives are asking any victims in the case to come forward. sheriff's deputy's are investigating the death of a 14- year-old girl from san jose who fell to her death from a scenic overlooking northern arizona. her family was visiting horseshoe bend park near the arizona-utah border when she disappeared on monday. the girl's body was later found 700 feet before the overlook which has no barriers. authorities say her death appears to be a tragic accident. marin county is seeing a spike in whooping cough.
4:35 pm
the county is reporting the highest number of cases in eight years. whooping cough or pertussis is a highly contagious bacterial disease that most adolescents and adults recover without complications but it can be deadly for infants. so far this year, marin county has reported 241 cases of whooping cough. most of those affected our high school students. marin county public health officer dr. matt willis talked with me about the outbreak and what to watch out for. >> reporter: whooping cough starts a lot like the flu or a cold. runny nose, sore throat, a mild fever. but it's really characterized by this cough th and when peopl of take a deep breath while they are having coughing spasms, there is a characteristic whooping sound. it can be very scary to watch, especially in young babies. >> what do you think is behi >> there is a variety of
4:36 pm
factors. partly because we are slowly outgrowing a history of low vaccination rates here in marin county. we had some of the lowest rates of vaccinations in the state, up until about 2013. the good news is that we are seeing more and more children getting fully vaccinated here in marin county. there is a new law now that requires children be vaccinated against pertussis in seventh grade. and so, we are seeing now about 95% of our seventh graders are being vaccinated against pertussis. as each year progresses, we are hoping to see fewer and fewer cases. >> what are you encouraging parents to do? >> protect our most vulnerable which are children under 1 we h statewide outbreak, there were ten infant deaths from whooping cough. and, all of them were in children age 6 months or younger. so, we want to make sure that, you know, anyone who has whooping cough is not exposing
4:37 pm
-- you know, not exposing those most foldable in infants, which is one of the reasons we are working to make sure that when children are sick in school, they are identified early in the course of the disease, and given the antibiotics that can cure them so they are not infectious to others. we are also working with our obstetricians and our midwives to make sure that those women who are pregnant are vaccinated against pertussis. because, when they are vaccinated during pregnancy, they can offer immunity to their unborn children so those children can be born protected. >> dr. willis told me virtually every school there in marin county has been affected by this outbreak. in fact, he its first flu related death of cial county say a child has died. the child''s age hasn't been released but health officials say the child was otherwise healthy before developing symptoms. children are especially vulnerable to the flu virus and doctors are urging people to get the flu vaccine.
4:38 pm
the cdc has set up an interactive map showing flu activity across the united states. you can see california is now listed in the low range. the states with the highest flu activity are in colorado and georgia. the curtain has now come down on the final class of the oakland valley school. after 50 years of teaching the community to dance. the landlord had no plans to sell the property and the school has not been able to find a new home for its classes. ktvu's amber lee attended some of the classes and students tell her that they learned a lot more than ballet steps at the school. >> reporter: oakland ballet school on macarthur boulevard is a place of acceptance for its students. they say the world of dance has standards that are often richard and demanding. >> your are are you are never tall enough or skinny enough. but, here, you can really dance. they look at more than just how you physically look. they look at, you know, your
4:39 pm
spirit. >> it's a community, a family, a place to grow. >> reporter: students say they've learned focus, dedication, and commitment. >> they took me under their wing and taught me a lot of things i have never learned before. >> reporter: every december, the school puts on "the nutcracker" at a university in oakland. a chance for almost every student to perform on stage, to delight audiences. soon after this year's performance, students and parents learned about the school possibly disclosure. the owners are steps and combinations. we feel the material that we use will help develop children as people. >> reporter: after a year of negotiating with a property owner, including the option of buying the building themselves, the couple says they were unable to come to an agreement.
4:40 pm
the husband and wife met here when they took ballet lessons. jarol was 14 and denise, 12. >> to the side. >> reporter: they danced professionally for the oakland ballet before taking over the school ten years ago. >> having started here in 1990 i believe for myself and earlier for jarol, it's very devastating. >> reporter: the students refuse to hang up their sneakers. they hope that the couple will find a home temporarily if need be until they can find a permanent one. they say they won't give up on a place where they've learned invaluable lessons. >> hopefully, they can find a new home. that would be amazing. if they close, i don't know if i can find anywhere as special as this place. >> thank you all very much. >> reporter: this is the last class for the oakland ballet school. the owners are looking for a new home in the city they love. oakland. amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. your dying christmas tree
4:41 pm
reused. coming up next, what san francisco has planned for the trees after they go through a wood chipper. it is very windy out there. we will talk about how long the wind will last and also look at your new year's forecast. will we stay dry? i'll have answers for you when we return.
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ahh, the smell of freshly mulch christmas trees in the air in front of san francisco earlier today. for the second year, the department of the environment held its annual shipping of the trees event at civic center plaza. officials touted the importance of having the city pick up your holiday tree, and announced the dates of curbside tree collection. trees will be picked up on your regular service day between wednesday, january 2nd, and friday, january 11th. city officials have a message about following that pickup schedule. >> trees belong in the right place like everything in our recycling system. please do not put them on the corner. please do not orphan your tree out on the road. our poor public works people then have to go on their own and try and harvest those trees back. it's so much easier on all of us if the trees go out on the curb, next to your been on the day of your collection. >> last year, san francisco
4:45 pm
recycled more than 500 tons of christmas trees. the weight of two boeing 787 dream liner planes. providing a tree to the city for mulching reduces the material sent to landfills and prevents improper disposal and illegal dumping. a blast of winter weather is on the horizon for millions of people. odds are someone you know will be traveling in the coming days. if so, you want to pay close attention to this storm system. fox news's number had no matt napolitano has the story. >> reporter: an estimated 4 million people are under a winter weather advisory. >> it's crazy. time to get back home. >> reporter: the powerful storm, already bringing in a wintry mess to parts of wisconsin and michigan. here is a look at the mess made in santa fe, new mexico. drivers frustrated with snow- covered roads and traffic that seemed to be going nowhere fast. >> not much of a commute. it's at a dead stop right now. >> reporter: despite the abbreviated workweek for many
4:46 pm
people, this is still a busy time for travel. >> by the time i reach l.a., my international flight will be gone. >> reporter: aaa reporting a third of all americans will be hitting the road this holiday season. that's a record high. >> one of the big challenges in greater minnesota is going to be as the snow accumulates, the wind is going to be picking up. there is going to be blowing snow which will hamper visibility and drifting on the roadways. >> reporter: as we approach the weekend, this system is tracking into new england. all of the moisture that people saw in eastern texas the past couple of days, like in houston where this incredible video was captured. matt napolitano, fox news. okay, let's focus on the weather here. quite a different story. let's take a look at this beautiful picture outside the bay area, and, a really nice day, but boy, it was windy, >> it was, but looking at this pimakes me i'm originally from the northeast and that's where that
4:47 pm
weather will be heading after the snow finishes with minnesota and duluth. yeah, it's nicer here, guys. we have some wind to contend with but there is no snow to go along with it and blizzard conditions. we are doing okay but we do have some gusty wind out there. that wind will continue as we go throughout the night tonight into tomorrow morning that is why we are still under that wind advisory. we have seen some pretty impressive gusts today. mt. diablo, gusting up to 53 miles per hour. looking out for those 45 mile per hour gusts in the hills, valleys, more like 30 mile per hour gusts. taking a look at our peaks, mt. diablo gusting at 34 miles per hour. you can see everybody up of the 20 mile per hour mark except for hawkeye, just barely underneath it. i'm sure you felt that if you stepped out the door. many of you, say in fairfield, wind at 23 miles per hour. very different from where we were yesterday at this time. much calmer in novato right now. look at oakland. 50 mile per hour gusts.
4:48 pm
that is why you will be under that wind advisory and stay there as we go throughout the day until 4:00 a.m. during the overnight hours. beautiful night without the wind. if you just take a look, it's gorgeous and clear. 58 in santa rosa, livermore and oakland about 55 degrees and san jose coming in at 58. here is storm tracker 2 looking beautiful. we are staying nice and clear throughout the night. we'll see some high clouds rolling in but that should be about it. it is going to be windy tonight and chilly tomorrow. this is a dry air mass, ushering in cooler air. the upside of that, makes it difficult for fog to form in the overnight hours. that should help us clear out tonight. look at santa rosa, 33 degrees, getting close to the freezing mark. same story for healdsburg, petaluma, the northbay. we see 30s in livermore as well. it's going to be a chilly night, chillier than last night. in fact, to our north, there is a frost advisory for humboldt and mendocino counties.
4:49 pm
we don't have that but are getting close to it in some parts of the northbay. take a look at the futurecast. i know a lot of people have weekend plans, new year's plans. here is sunday. that's the system trying to move in. we stay dry. let's go forward to new year's eve. there you go, looking good as well. the midnight hours as well. that answers the question. we stay dry for the rest of the year. temperatures tomorrow, seasonable temps again. upper 50s and low 60s in spots. your five-day forecast tells the story. a lot of sunshine, cloud action coming in from the one system that is not really going to make it. it's going to stay north of us but we will see a few clouds from that. monday, if you're getting dressed for new year's eve, dress warmly but don't worry about any rain, which is nice. that makes an impact. look at the temperatures overnight tonight and saturday night. those are going to be the lows. potentially, some of them could be the lowest temperatures we have seen this season. it's time to get out the big coat if you've got one.
4:50 pm
i took mine out today. i don't wear it much in this part of the country. >> this week, we are going to need it. >> where i come from, if it's 40 degrees or below, you put the big coat on. okay. a portland man has done what no one has done before. he crossed antarctica all by himself, with no outside support. he probably needed a pretty big coat. collin o'grady walked miles across the southernmost continent. it took him 54 days. he dragged a sled carrying all of his supplies for the trip. others who have made the trip have put supplies in place by helpers. he did this all by himself. his family says he called them as soon as they crossed the final few feet of the ice shelf and yelled, "i did it." pretty awesome. julie joins us with a look at the stories we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00. it breaks your heart hearing the police chief in newman talking about the shooting death of one of his officers. >> the search continues in stanislaus county and across
4:51 pm
california for the man suspected of killing human police corporal, ronil singh. today we learned from the sheriff that the suspect is in the u.s. illegally. we will talk with the sheriff live coming up at 5:00. and, information on the housing crisis in the bay area. >> more evidence on the housing problem. new numbers released, showing the number of new homes cannot keep up with the population. these stories and more coming up at 5:00. >> thanks. also, an emergency meeting, days after video of a wrestler being forced to cut his hair went viral. coming up next, the action being taken against a referee.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
a high school wrestling referee,, really banned now from working in a specific district. this comes after the referee prevented a student athlete from competing unless he cut his dreadlocks. ktvu's ray bogan has details of an emergency meeting where parents and school officials demanded action. >> i couldn't believe that this pig would humiliate that kid on the mat. he does not belong in that wrestling association at the scholastic level. >> reporter: emotional reactions from parents, students, and community members attending an emergency school board meeting after a referee forced a new jersey high school wrestler to cut off his dreadlocks. >> we are deeply troubled by the embarrassment and humiliation that our young student-athlete and/or. >> reporter: the meeting was called to discuss what the
4:55 pm
board is calling, quote, personnel matters, prompted by how white referee alan maloney handled the head covering worn by black wrestler, andrew johnson. maloney told the 16-year-old his hair was too long and wasn't sufficiently covered, ordering him to cut his hair or forfeit the match. video of the very public haircut went viral. people calling it, quote, racist, and humiliating. >> it doesn't matter if he is black, white, or purple. it broke my heart to watch that young man stand there and be humiliated like that. >> reporter: johnson won his match but appeared visually distraught, leaving many people to ask, why didn't anyone stop it from happening? >> what administrative were there that did not step up to the plate? >> the blame is on the referee. >> reporter: maloney was repeatedly reprimanded for repeatedly using a racial slur. he has been primly banned from working in the district. the school district, the state attorney civil rights division and state attic association are all investigating the incident. in washington, ray bogan, fox
4:56 pm
news. well, it was a special christmas for 22-year-old kansas city royals pitcher brady singer, who found a way to thank his parents for everything that they've done to support his baseball dreams. >> i paid off all of your debt as well. what? now, instead of trying to save money every weekend to replace the savings account that you trained on me playing baseball, you can spend it on yourselves. >> such an incredible moment there. he told his parents that he appreciates all the money they spent on gear, travel, and making sure he always had everything that they needed. now as you heard in the letter read by his mom, he wants them to enjoy their lives. he was a first-round pick in this year's draft and received a $4 million signing bonus. he says paying off the house
4:57 pm
and his parents son was the least son he could do. now, son is a good son. what a beautiful moment. that does it for us, everyone. ktvu's news at 5:00 starts after the break. way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices,
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ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 starts now. please remember the man. please remember the husband. please remember what he was. what he came to this country to
5:00 pm
do. yes, he was a police officer. but more importantly, he was a human being. >> a tearful chief remembering one of his officers shot and killed while on duty the morning after christmas. this as a statewide man hunt intensifies for this suspect who investigators now say came to this country illegally. please help us find this man and bring him to justice. i hope he's watching today and he does the right thing and turns himself in. we need closure. his family needs closure. >> a solemn day in stanislaus county and across california. good evening, everyone. i'm frank summerville. and i'm julie. newman police corporal, ron, was shot and killed during a traffic stop yesterday morning. tonight a statewide search continues for this man accused of that deadly shooting. authorities have not named him. but the stanislaus county sheriff says he's been living in the country


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