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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 29, 2018 6:00pm-6:29pm PST

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more arrests in the killing of a newman police officer . we now know at least seven people were helpful the alleged gunman escaped to mexico. an inmate who escaped from san quentin earlier this week has been captured . where officers found him and the other crimes he may have committed. this is ktvu fox 2 news at six. >> good evening. we begin with their developments in the escape from san quentin prison. the man who walked away from a work crew on wednesday has been captured . law enforcement confirms that the suspect is the same a man suspected of carjacking a woman at a home depot parking lot not far from the present. officials say he had been assigned to work outside the
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secure perimeter and took advantage of the opportunity to leave . he was taken into custody about 1230 this afternoon . at a taco bell in the city of paso robles about 220 miles from the bay area . >> when i was sitting down i noticed the gang task force come in and walked right up to him and told him he needed to come out of the booth and then they walked him over to the critter trashcan and asked him his name and the officer told him he didn't want him to lie to him about his name. he told him his name was andrew . the officer said i know you are lying to me. they officially put him behind cuffs and patted him down . >> we spoke to the victim in the carjacking at the home depot you might remember and told her, her vehicle had been found abandoned off of highway 101 and the suspect had been arrested . she told us she was very happy . we are and have more arrests of the shooting death of a police officer . they now
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identify the suspect plus seven others who are trying to help immensely to mexico . one of the arrest was made right here in the bay area . we are live in the newsroom with details tonight. >> reporter: eight arrest total that includes the suspect . we really don't know if this is the end of it or if investigators will announce even more . there were at least seven people who they say were trying to help the suspect get away with murder . by misleading officers are getting untruthful statements. police that they did get the man who killed cpl. ronil singh and now they want to honor his memory get justice . eight arrest have been made in the death of cpl. ronil singh. the alleged shooter, tracked down friday in bakersfield. the suspect is being held without bail on a murder charge . seven others have been arrested for trying to help him flee to mexico. this includes his brother. he was picked up friday in livermore . livermore police detained him at the intersection of second and p street. sheriff deputies arrived to
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make the arrest and transport him to jail . police also release mugshots of the suspect's girlfriend, second brother and a coworker. the case is gained national attention . the sheriff echoing donald trump's call for border security . >> why are we providing sanctuary for criminals? the sheriff said cpl. ronil singh's death could have been avoided but sanctuary law prevented law enforcement from turning him over to ice . >> am suggesting the outcome could have been different if law enforcement wasn't restricted, prohibitive or had thei. >> reporter: out of memorial hundreds gathered to honor her down to pet his retired dog sam. and five-month-old baby boy. >> his wife mattered and will
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be eternally grateful for what he did for us. >> he loves his front he loves his family. he loved his country. and he loved his job. the world is a worse place without him here. i'm sorry to all of you. >> heartbreaking story . a lot of people want to know how to help out . sheriff's office isd the name of cpl. ronil singh. there is only one account where people should donate and that is the memorial fund with the stanislaus deputy association. a two-year-old boy with a rare brain disease has been laid to rest. his story made headlines when his mother was from yemen was blocked from flying to the u.s. because of the trump administration's travel ban .
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the father from stockton brought the child to the bay area for treatment. he sadly passed away yesterday . his family held a funeral for him and said their final goodbyes. >> reporter: family friends and members of the muslim community gathered here at the california islamic center to bid farewell to the boy. his death now a symbol in the fight against the trump administration travel ban . mourners carried the body and his father addressed the congregation how the band affected his family. >> we are here today because my government tells our family i am a u.s. citizen. my is a u.s. citizen. the muslim bun kept my wife from coming to the u.s. for over a year . >> reporter: he said the travel ban which affects five countries force them to choose between his son's health and keeping his family together . his wife is a national from yemen.
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>> families will be united. >> reporter: he picked the community and counsel on the islamic relations for support. then they stood together in prayer. the boy's body was taken to california islamic cemetery for burial . his body position towards mecca. sacramento valley attorney says he hopes the family story will lead to more separated families being reunited . >> his case shows the reality of the band. the muslim been . the show the reality of the separation. >> reporter: they said his mother was granted an immigrant visa and will be able to stay in the u.s. permanently. the child's mother's we told you was having some difficulty getting over to the
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u.s. and she was allowed to stay in the united states with her husband is what we are being told . government workers paychecks hang in the balance of a partial government shutdown federal workers take another financial hit. president donald j. trump has signed an executive order issuing a pay freeze for federal workers. it nixes a 2% pay raise that was set to take place in january for those employees. we have the latest on the negotiations taking place between democrats and republicans. >> reporter: more than four weeks president donald j. trump says he is ready to negotiate on a funding bill. he said i am in the white house waiting for the democrats to come on over and . with lawmakers out of town no action is expected until late next week when congress formally returns with a new democratic led house. congressman john garamendi says no one in his party wants unsafe borders but they also
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don't want to waste billions of dollars of taxpayer funds . >> we want the money to be spent wisely in the most effective way possible. >> reporter: he says i want to focus on the current source of entry along with more surveillance and additional personnel. he is even open to a physical barrier. but the specifics from the president proof it is going to work . >> where do you want to put it? what purpose will serve? how will it keep illegal crossings on the border? is it a spiked fence? cyclone fence? >> reporter: the white house did come down from the initial bite price tag of $5 billion. the democrats quickly on discussion, liberation, talking with each other. >> reporter: democrats could try to pass the new funding bill but going to the senate and the white house it would likely only be a first step in larger negotiations on border security . in washington, foxnews .
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sonoma state political science professor says pressure will be growing on the white house beginning in the new year. if democrats take control of the house and furlough government workers are getting paid. >> the dynamic is also going to change because these workers that you are talking about and the more essential employees will be able to pay their mortgages. they will be to pay their bills. they will build up a the holiday bills. as a move into january that will also fracture the economy . even though it is a blip in some ways, >> reporter: he tells us the effects could linger all the pr 2020. president donald j. trump must make is conversant over the base happy he will also try to show moderates he is a dealmaker and cannot negotiate with democrats. president donald j. trump tweeted today blaming democrats for the death of two migrant children in custody at the border patrol this month . he said in part, quote, any death of children or others of the
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border of strictly the fault of the democrats and their pathetic immigration policies that allow people to make the long trek thinking they can enter our country illegally. he continued with this, children in question were very sick before they were given over to border patrol . the father of a young girl said it was not their fault. he hadn't given her water in days . the border patrol needs the wall and it will all end, they were working so hard and getting so little credit. eight-year-old died on christmas eve in u.s. custody. he died after being released from a new mexico hospital. the cause of death is being investigated . he was originally treated for a call . a seven-year-old girl who is also being held by portage patrol died earlier she was eight years old. she was malnourished. the girls family says that's not true . order officials say they have completed medical tests on every child in this country. a firea home
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before the new year. what investigators believe start of the blaze and why they say the family was lucky to get out . a special surprise for families who had to escape an apartment fire using bedsheets. how bay area first responders help them have a hoppy holiday season. the weekend starting off with mostly clear skies losses sunshine through saturday afternoon . tomorrow if you change of bring in extra clouds. we could talk about another wind event as we say goodbye to 2018.
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you can't bring in the new year without confetti. organizers at new york times square made sure the confetti was good to go for monday night. an airworthiness test was conducted this morning from the marquis of the hard rock cafe. as many as 2 million people are
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expected to watch the ball drop in times square. security has been under way all week making sure restless have a safe celebration . for the first time revelers are adding drones and bomb sniffing dogs and hundreds of police officers. police say there are no known threats to the celebration in time square but they are asking everyone to remain vigilant. you can watch the ball drop right here on ktvu . comedian steve harvey will host the new year's eve special on fox. it runs from 8 to 10 monday night. then he returns at 11:00 to ring in 2019 . musical performances include robin thick and country music star jason outing . fremont police are asking for help, a 69-year-old man was facility from the presidio. he is an amputee on his left
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arm just below the elbow. he is about five foot 5 inches weighs about 160 pounds and has short dark gray hair. he suffers from medical and mental health conditions. if you see him you are asked to call fremont police. friends and family gathered in elk grove today for final goodbye to firefighter, he was off duty when he was killed in a crash last saturday on highway 99 in sacramento. friends and family gather this morning at good shepherd catholic church to grieve his death and celebrate his life. he was a 17 year veteran of the fire department. >> he was an amazing man, outgoing, always had a smile. engaged in the community, and the organization. more importantly he was a very devoted husband and father and brother. >> his coworkers say his death was a devastating loss. especially for his friends and family they say he will be a man was hospitalized and two
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dockside after early morning fire at a home in castro valley. the fire broke out just northwest of castro valley high school. we report, the family of three is now without a home. >> reporter: and neighbors sell video shows flames eating through castro valley home early saturday morning just before six. they heard banging . >> i heard pounding then i ran into my parents room and there is another pounding and that's when i heard screaming and is a fire and get out . >> reporter: alameda county fire officials say six companies responded to the 18,000 block of the intersection of moreland drive. the one alarm blaze began on the first floor causing heavy damage and then spread up . a family of three, husband, wife and an infant managed to escape . the men suffered second- degree burns and was
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hospitalized at the medical center before being released. >> the number one concern is the occupants and make sure they get out . we did get a witness statement that the occupants were out . secondary there were a couple dogs we did a search for the dogs also. >> reporter: and animal control officer recovered the carcasses of two small dogs that were found inside the home . investigators determined this space heater on the first floor touched off the fire . officials are looking into whether there was enough space around the warming device or something close by came in contact with the heating coil causing the fire. firefighters say the smoke alarm alert of the family to the danger allowing them to escape . >> very lucky especially with the female occupant able to get her infant and get out . >> reporter: the burn property has been turned back over to the family who boarded it up and stayed with relatives while they determine when repairs can be made. children and family fael we
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along with san rafael santa cop program and salvation army all teamed up to make a special toy delivery . the children have their picks of hundreds of toys . films were also given a chance to tour the fire station 54 in castro avenue. >> his lost everything they had just gotten for christmas. >> along with the toys to help bring joy after the incident we also have some basic food staples for them to reestablish their pantry. >> the two alarm fire was reported wednesday morning at the apartments on larkspur. the fire trapped four people in one of the units . they actually used bedsheets tied together to escape out of the window . no one was injured but the fire smoke and water caused extensive damage to four apartments. were going to talk to our meteorologist to look at the forecast. we are going to have some strong winds? >> as we head toward tomorrow night and monday to wrap up
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2018 we will have another wind event the terrain. just a heads wind watch which could be a warning for the northbay hills, east bay hills in santa cruz mountains. we could have gus going 60 miles per hour late sunday through monday into tuesday morning. even close to the surface winds going about 25 to 30 miles per hour. get ready for that to transition to that winter weather pattern. we are picking up a few high clouds that are moving into northern califoron. earlier today there were a few high clouds drifting in . current numbers we are starting to cool off, na and santa rosa. san jose 52 upper 40s. euros a live camera looking out toward san francisco. we do have clear skies, you definitely want to bundle up tonight and into tomorrow
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morning. overnight lows, starting tomorrow morning near freezing for santa rosa and napa. san francisco mid 40s in san jose upper 30s. still a lot happening out in the pacific. this area of high pressure is anchored, this is the next system we are watching. this will not bring us any rainfall but it will impact our weather with gusty winds developing sunday. whenever this happens the pressure difference offshore and the low pressure to the east sets up the wind event and the winds accelerating sunday night into monday. as far as rain, no rain in our forecast just yet. i am thinking sunday, partly ie fog this is your mother. were going to have a crystal clear sky as we head toward december 31. but as i mentioned it will be blustery out there . especially for the higher terrain. make your new year's eve plans clear and: wendy.
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in fact it's coming closer show you the forecast dropping off quite a bit by 10:00 december 31. mid 40s around 50 degrees. as we head toward midnight low to mid 40s and no rain threat at all mostly clear skies. tomorrow we wrap up though weekend most areas will be in the 50s, warmest locations can be inching closer to 60 degrees . 5-day forecast, temperatures overnight low self pretty chilly. no rain classes because just yet even for the first few days of 2019. if you are missing the rain and we need the rain of course. maybe later in the month, sixth, seventh, eighth. i'm going to talk about a significant change. but enjoy the dry weather while it is here. u.s. troops prepare to withdraw from syria russian and turkish officials are meeting to discuss what is next. the meeting comes after
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president donald j. trump announced plans to pull all troops currently in syria. they are no longer needed since isis has lost most of its territory . kurdish soldiers who have fought isis are worried a departure of u.s. troops could leave them vulnerable to attack by turkey . details of the withdrawal are steel still being discussed. yellow this demonstrations continued in france, the protest turned violent as people clash with police. officers fired tear gas and stun grenades in response. several people were injured. this is the seventh week of yellow vest protest in response to taxes, living costs and the presidents policies. the shark score a was a one blowout. find out who advances to the championship game, next in sports.
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we have sports we have the coverage of the bowl games. >> a lot of people have been waiting for this day because of two semi final games have been kind of lopsided.
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it's now set is done a decisive way cotton bowl a bald eagle was part of the festivities. everything turned out all right. notre dame hung around with clemson for a water . the tigers broke a 3 to 3 tie. outfox notre dame trevor lawrence pass, 52 yard play. clemson had a nine 23 lead. that turned out to be a nonissue. doesn't have to fight anybody further all, 42 your score. sent the tigers leading to the locker room 23 23. notre dame didn't get on the board second half. pops one he will go 62 yards of the end zone. clemson, a decisive 30 3 whrs w clara to play alabama leading oklahoma and the other semi final games. earlier in the day florida
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trying to a great comeback season against michigan in the peach bowl. gaiters were down 10 to 6, frank went 20 yards to the end zone quarterback draw. gaiters led the rest of the way. michigan was shut out in the second half. franks give the ball up to pee run. that's a 53 yard run, florida capsids 10 to three season with a 43 to 15 win. number nine ranked in the top 10. up-and-down season for san jose sharks to up turn today in edmonton. air carlson back from two day suspension with the big goal. no shortage of goals for the sharks. three on one pays off game tied at one still of the first . sharks break the tie. hurdle in 2 to 1. by the third
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sharks built up 521 lead make it 6 to 1. vander kane works hard with the puck shorthanded. guess the goal sharks go on to win 7 to 4 with 49 point san jose now even with calgary at the top in the pacific division. a los more coming up on sports wrap because we have other half of the semi finals. warriors playing the sharks, else kinds of things to talk about saturday night. >> hopefully the warriors can get it together . >> get their mojo back. thank you so much for joining us we will see you tonight at 10 pm.
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