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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 30, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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%f0 %f0 this is the 10 p.m. news on ktvu fox 2 news. >> a brutal attack caught on video. and now he is facing attempted murder charges. >> gag him. kicking him. >> we have learned the suspect lurked at glide memorial church
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in san francisco. >> melton kelly was nearing the end of a contract with glide with the community safety team. police arrested him this morning it came two days after the attack caught on camera. ktvu's elissa harri@ngton spoke with the witness. >> reporter: melton kelly was arrested sunday morning when he showed up for work at grind memorial church. police handcuffed him. officialssay melton kelly is the suspect seen on video punching and stomping on another man. she captureed the attack on her cell phone. >> it was horrific. it was scary. my part was to make sure i was documenting this. >> reporter: she said people believed the argument started
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over a speaker. it quickly escalated. the men wrestling on the ground. some tried intervene. >> punching the victim. gagging him. throwing him to the floor. kicking him. over repeatedly. >> the suspect stomps on the victim's head. >> if that weren't enough, the attacker fished into his pockets and stole whatever money he it. >> the friday happened friday. this is steps away from the powell street bart station. glide released a statement saying we recognize that violence is a societal issue. there is however ne@ver an excuse for violence. >> reporter: he was hired for the holidays. employees became aware of the incident and did cooperate with
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authorities. he said these acts of violence are upsetting and his thoughts are with the victim. elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. also in the tenderloin san francisco police responded to a stabbing today after 11 a.m. police blocked off the area as officers helped treat the victim before paramedics arrived. the victim is in critical condition. the suspect took off but was quickly located and located and taken into custody. the national weather service issued a wind advisory. chief meteorologist bill martin on when he will see the condition move in. >> tonight, tomorrow morning and then again on tuesday night into tuesday morning we will see the wind advisory. the winds aren't much yet but we are getting ready for strong northerly winds. gusts 22 miles per hour.
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the story is gusts in the hills up to 50 miles per hour. maybe more. and down where we are where the wind advisory is not, san jose, oakland, san francisco, sea level, the winds are 15 to 20 miles per hour. higher elevation event. it is cool, moisture. this ends on tuesday morning. the high wind advisory for the hill tops, the northeast, southbound, we are looking at very cold temperatures over night. in the valleys it will get down there. just above freezing in most of the valleys. temperatures are going to be as cool as we have seen in a couple days anyway and the temperatures will decrees through the week. the wind advisory, two days worth, and then cold mornings through this week. when i come back we will have the 5-day forecast and when rain could show up. >> thank you very much.
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the partial government shutdown entered its second week. the house returns tomorrow but no business will be conducted till lawmakers return on thursday. lawmakers say they are working to try to reach a deal that could include funding for a border wall. >> reporter: negot@iations haven't been happening but behind the scenes a number of lawmakers are trying to work out a deal. the current proposals include a combination of funding for the wall, a fix for daca and other provisions. the idea or the hope is that could be enough to get a deal but that was the hope with a bipartisan immigration deal president trump made last year. and today a senator wasn't optimistic this time around would be any different. >> i think we have been here before. i was in the room when the president said if congress
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passes something i am going to sign it and then he moved away from that. in the tend we need immigration reform. there is no doubt about that but in the end we need to know what the president wants and hopefully he sticks to it. >> reporter: lindsey graham is working behind the scenes to come up with a deal but he said the problem right now is democratic leaders aren't interested in negotiating or trying to reach a compromise. >> they want president trump to lose more than they want the country to win. at the end of the day there is a deal to be had but everybody is changing their position here and most americans are tired of it. >> reporter: lawmakers are expecting negotiations will pick up once the new congress begins. till then the government shutdown drags on and the pinger pointing continues. fox news. >> the partial government
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shutdown is impacting services. park officials announced unsanitary conditions are prompting the park to close more facilities. ktvu's azenith smith joins us now. >> reporter: to give you perspective, on any given the day the park has 90 employees. it is now down a 8 to 10 people on duty. mostly park rangers and with the holiday week and the nice weather it is a busy time of year and the staff can't keep up. >> reporter: they are making the most out of their trip to point reyes national park. >> it is not what we expected. kids were very excited for the light house. so it was not what we expected. >> reporter: to make matters worse many rest rooms locked. >> my mom is with me, she has
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to use the rest room and we had to go back to the station. >> because the impact has gone on for a little while we are finding a lot of significant problems due to human waste and public safety concerns. >> reporter: with the lack of federal funding in addition to the light house closed the park announced parking lots and trail head is now closed creating a health hazard. >> the toilets are open but not being cleaned. no, that is not going to happen. >> reporter: the beach is also closed to precinct pregnant elephant seals. this couple had no idea it was a national park. had they known they wouldn't
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have visited. >> the uncertainty. they are huge and they can be, you know, we want to make sure we are safe. >> reporter: other families are exploring on their own. >> we made sure we weren't relying on rangers for anything. >> reporter: most visiters are disappointed saying the experience is not the same hoping the government shutdown ends soon and the park can go back to normal. >> very irresponsible and very, very frustrating and i am angry about what is going on in washington. >> reporter: it is a busy time because of whale watching season and that can't happen at the light house. staff are asking visiters to throw out their trash to help keep the park clean. azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. an organization announcerred today it plans to pay off the mortgage on the home of police corporal ronil
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singh killed in the line of duty last week. they will raise the money needed to pay off the mortgage. they want to make sure the family doesn't have to worry about losing their home. since 2015 tunnel to towers paid off home loans for more than 30 first responders families. a skier who was found dead at lake tahoe has been identified as pastor from the south bay. he was pronounced dead after he was found unresponsive on wednesday. the 53-year-old's wife said he died of a heart attack. he was a family pastor. his church will host a celebration of life on monday. reflecting on the year that is now just 24 hours from being over at 10:30 p.m. we will look that biggest stories from 2018. >> more help is on the way for fire victims. how one man is helping dozens of families find a place to
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help for the people of paradise is on the roads. a man is doing what he can to bring homes to those who lost everything in the november fires. fox news has the story. >> the california camp fire destroyed 14,000 homes and killed 85 people. he has lived in american fork for 20 years but he is a
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paradise, california native. >> terrible things that have happened. what can i do to help? >> reporter: he reached out to his neighbor. a co-owner of stuart rv. >> we have trailers for sale. >> our intention was one unit. we were going to get his friend taken care of and then by word of mouth, people asking, money started coming in. they bought three more rvs and had 20 vehicles donated. >> it blossomed. >> reporter: they are personally delivered to someone in need. >> it is thrilling. to help somebody out like that. >> reporter: none of the help they are giving would be possible without the kindness of others. >> one man brought a trailer in whose wife had breast cancer and instead of worrying about
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their problems they are stepping out of their own problems to help someone else. >> reporter: volunteers made a couple trips to northern california with rvs loaded with supplies and donations. they will build an rv park helping 67 families effected by the camp fire. in oakland an abandon building caught fire for a second time in less than 5 weeks. no one was in the three story building when the fire started at 10 a.m. this morning. and no injuries were reported. crews got the flames under control in 30 minutes or so. the cause is under investigation. a fire in the same building the day before thanksgiving was started by homeless people inside the structure trying to stay warm. fire crews in martinez put out a house fire. fire crews say the family escaped without injuries. officials say it took crews
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longer to put out the flames because of a spewing gas meter. >> gas meter blowing the whole time and heating the fire and that is what took us a few minutes to get it shut off. >> two cats were rescued and no word on what sparked the fire. high wind advisory. numbers have been light. 30 mile-an-hour winds but gusts 60 miles per hour at elevation. mostly in the hire elevations. it will be breezy at the surface in oakland and fremont. across the country. mississippi and ohio valley, the green area, the cloud cover making a messy holiday weekend there and messy new year's eve and new year's day. for us we have high pressure but it is close enough to a low pressure the winds are kicking
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up. we are seeing the winds verify and they will be late tonight, tomorrow morning we will see 40 miles an hour gusts in the hills. keep the temperatures warmer because the winds keep us from freezing. temperatures in the mid-30s. like this. so it will be a cool night. might see frost somewhere but it is not quite as cool next couple mornings. no fog, but there was cloud cover today. really no fog. san francisco, oakland, san jose, cold. san francisco 44 degrees. some parts of san francisco low 40s. in the panhandle by the park. lunchtime 51 degrees for san francisco. beautiful air quality. great clarity but breezy at the surface and strongest winds that higher elevations. rain coming up toward the
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following weekend. be ready for breezy conditions tomorrow. especially up high and cold starts to your day with temperatures during the day in the middle and upper 50. see you back here with the 5- day forecast. >> thank you very much. sacramento's mayor is calling for actions as teens stormed a mall last night breaking into a fight for the second time in a week. hundredsof teens met up to fight. it caused a shut down. anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. >> the majority are doing the right thing but for those who aren't time to grow up. >> the mall spokesperson said all options are on the table and they are working with sacramento police. police in the north bay are searching for a group of men
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who robbed two at&t stores. images show three men as they entered a location two weeks ago. one pulled a gun while ordering customers and employees to hand over their phones. police say the same men robbed another at&t store in santa rosa hours earlier. anyone with information is being asked to call police. authorities are searching for an inmate who escaped from folsom state prison a week ago. he slipped away from the facility on december 22. he was serving time for burglary and was scheduled to be leased in june. an inmate who escaped from san quentin last week was captured yesterday. a woman has died after she was attacked by a lion in north carolina. she was an intern. authorities say the attack
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happened when a keeper was cleaning the enclosure and the animal slipped out of a locked area. deputies say the lion quickly killed the young woman. officials say they tried to tranquilize the lion but were not successful. the lion was then shot and killed. she wanted to spend her life working with animals. a political march has been canceled. coming up, why one northern california community decided not to hold a woman's march. >> and derek carr sounds off on the future of the team. joe fonzi has the details. >> two children die while in the custody of u.s. customs and border protection.
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a woman's march has been canceled because organizers fear it would not be racially
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inclusive. the event on january 19 was to mark the third anniversary of the women's march held in washington, d.c. and was the largest protest in u.s. history. organizers say they want to broaden representation on the committee to diversify the event. participants have been overwhelmly white in past years. the reaction was mixed with some saying organizers were pushing for their failed outreach to diverse communities. lawmakers are promising to investigate the death of two migrant children who died in the custody of u.s. customs and border protection agents but democrats and republicans blaming each other. fox news has the report. >> reporter: south carolina senator lindsey graham promises congress will look into the deaths of two migrant children who were in u.s. customs and border protection custody.
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a 7-year-old guatemala girl died from shock and dehydration. 8-year-old guatemala boy passed urway after coming down with the flu. president trump insisting any deaths of children or others at the border are the blame of the democrats. campaign manager kellyanne conway says any child's death is a tragedy and any attempt at political game. >> i don't like the democrats using the deaths as political pons. the president is not doing that. the president does not want the children to come on the journey to begin with. >> reporter: democrats agree, the issue is policy, not politics. >> we want to enhance the ability of our officials at the border to conduct themselves in a humane fashion. >> reporter: an official said they tried to help the kids. noting both children had been taken to hospitals for treatment. >> our agency did everything
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they could to save their lives. >> reporter: amid the political back and forth the boy's family is just trying to process his sudden death. my little brother passed away, we are only expecting for them to return his body soon so we can bury him here. department of homeland security secretary visited the u.s.- mexico border promising new medical screenings. the u.s. prepares to withdrawal troops from syria. kurdish leaders turned to russia for help guarding the city. they are mobilizing an offensive now. the presence of 2,000 u.s. troops had been acting as a deterrent but the dynamics changed since president trump
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ordered the removal of ground troops. saying the pull out will be slow. south carolina senator lindsey graham feels better about where the u.s. is headed with syria after meeting with the president. >> i like what i heard. we still have differences but i will tell you that the president is thinking long and hard about syria, how to withdrawal forces and achieve our interests. >> lindsey graham criticized the decision to withdrawal u.s. troops warning isis is not fully defeated and removing the military will destabilizing the region. coming up, a new year's tradition takes place in san francisco. how people said goodbye to the things they want to leave behind. >> and getting ready for the festivities in new york city. coming up, the big ball in
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times square. >> and we will reflect on the year's biggest moments right after the break.
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@@ @@ 2018 has been a year for the record books.
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we saw major events. >> reporter: en election that shook up d.c., major action on immigration and a show down over a supreme court nominee. those stories and more dominating the headlines in 2018. a big mistake in hawaii. an emergency alert system falsely warmed of an incoming missile from north korea. it led to calls for changes in the alert system. lawmakers started the year with a partial government shutdown. it lasted three days before republicans and democrats cut a deal on spending and immigration. president trump got into a trade war with china after slapping tariffs on products. he said it was pay back for unfair treatment. they later agreed to a truth. in florida a gunman killed 17 high school students and staff.
10:30 pm
a mew months later a shooting at a high school in 10 left 10 dead. teachers in west virginia walked off a job. they got a pay raise and inspired protests in other states. the president trump administration announced a new zero tolerance policy that led to the separation of immigrant children at the border. the president signed an executive order to end the family separations. the fighting in syria intensified in 2018. a chemical attack on zillians prompted a second round of u.s. missile strikes. north korean leader kim jong un met south korea's president in the dmz setting the stage for president trump's summit with kim jong un. the two leaders agreed to try ease military attentions and work toward denuclearization. bill clinton convicted of
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sexual assault and sentenced to three to ten years behind bars. president trump announced the u.s. withdrawal from the land mark iran nuclear agreement and the feds reimposed sanction and european leaders would work to save the deal. the president recognized jerusalem as israel's capital. people around the world watched prince harry marry megan markle. and the nfl announced a new policy for players who don't stand during the national anthem. letting them stay in the locker room. but the players union protested and the league put the new policy on hold. our neighbors to the north made big news. canada became the second country to legalize
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recreational marijuana. supreme court justice retired and president trump nominated judge bret kavanaugh. that led to emotional hearings over accusation of sexual assault. the judge denied the accusations and the senate confirms him. divers rescued 12 boys and their coach from a cave in thailand. they were stuck there for more than two weeks trapped by rising waters. in the russia investigation former trump campaign chairman paul manafort convicted of tax and bank fraud. he also pleaded guilty to conspiracy. special counsel robert mueller accused him of lying to investigators. american said goodbye to arizona senator john mccain. he died of brain carnes. he was 81-years-old. the senate voted to condemn saudi arabia saying the saudi
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crown prince was responsible for the murder of washington post journalist jamal khashoggi. president trump said there was no direct evidence linking the prince to the killing but u.s. intelligence officials concluded he ordered it. the florida panhandle took a hit from hurricane michael. one of the strongest storms ever to hit the u.s. and parts of the carolinas devastated by hurricane florence. an attack at a synagogue in pitsburgh. the gunman opened fire during saturday services. 11 people killed. thousands of central americans headed toward the united states in a caravan through mexico. president trump deployed the military. in the midterms, democrats won control of the house but republicans gained ground in the senate. the election season saw another recount in florida.
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following wins by republicans in the senate and governor's race. the state upheld both victories. in california the so-called camp fire became the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in california history. it killed more than 80 people. friends and family and colleagues gathered to remember george h. w. bush who died at age 94. he died months after his wife of 73 years. looking ahead to 2019 democrats and republicans will share power in washington as the next presidential contest starts to take shape. we will be here for it all. there was an important new year's test in new york city today. organizers for the big ball drop ran tests to make sure everything is working. the ball is covered in more than 2600 crystals. more than a billion people around the world are expected
10:35 pm
to watch it drop on tv to ring in 2019. >> new year's eve is always a global celebration. seen by billions of people around the world and a huge part of that is the world is coming together as one and focusing on everything we have in common. >> as many as 2 million people are expected at times square but some experts doubt that claim. this is video from last year's celebration. it is impossible to squeeze that many into a small space. to hit the million mark they would have to jam a sold out yankee stadium from every block. and a police drone will watch over the celebration in times square. that is one part of the security plan for the big night along with the drone there will be 7,000 officers including
10:36 pm
teams with long guns and bomb sniffing dogs. trucks will be positioned to stop vehicles from driving into the crowd. >> and the ball drop isn't the only tradition. in other cities there are other things dropping. in florida they drop a drag queen and shell, a tuna, a pirate and an aircraft at a historic building that housed pam am. in pennsylvania a peep comes down at midnight. it is a moon pie in alaska. in oklahoma a giant olive drops at midnight and in maine a sardine is the big show. you can watch it all happen, the ball drop on ktvu. steve harvey will host the special on fox from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. tomorrow night and then returns at 11 p.m.
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to ring in 2019. performances include robin thicke and jason aldean. the tool san francisco officials are urging you to use to keep you
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authorities identified another mass grave found in a village where islamic state group fighters executed victims that included children. it was discovered nine days ago by shepherds. according to the united nations more than 200 mass graves containing up to 12,000 victims have been found. officials are warning travelers on christmas eve they may have been exposed to the measles. officials say a traveler who was confirmed to have the measles arrived at terminal b on a flight from brussels.
10:41 pm
officials say it could take till january 14 to develop symptoms which include a rash, high fever and runny nose. they suggest anyone who may have been exposed to call their doctor before visiting an emergency room. an american who traveled the condo may have been exposed to the ebola virus. a korean war veteran who has a purple heart received four more medals today. he never knew he earned the additional honors. 90 of his family members gathered at his son's house and that is where he presented him with the korean service member, national defense service medal and the united nations service
10:42 pm
medal. >> i don't deserve all this. this is great recognition. you know, i didn't expect this at all. >> his spent 21 months in korea. >> well deserved. thank him for his service. still to come, saying goodbye to 2018. the san francisco tradition that allows people to ring in the new year. >> and as you prepare to ring in the new year, there will be winds moving into the area. chief meteorologist bill martin will have the complete bay area forecast coming deal talk.
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...uniting the world. ♪ united. official airline of the golden state warriors. tomorrow we say goodbye to 2018. it is a great time to leave behind the not so good things that took place over the past year. some people got to do that this afternoon at the asian art museum in san francisco. ktvu's sara zendehnam shows us the tradition that has been taking place there for the last 30 years. >> reporter: 2100 pounds. and thousands of people are expected to ring it during this annual event. the sound of a ringing bell echoes through san francisco's
10:46 pm
asian art museum. it is part of the annual japanese new year's bell ceremony. >> it was a history lesson today. >> reporter: visiters got their chance to ring in the new year. the ceremony is set to leave behind misfortune, and bad luck from the last year. they have their own hopes for 2019. >> i do wish that we could you know be together with those we love and really be able to be the best that we can be this year. >> reporter: he wants that and something many might want as well. >> a good basketball season for the warriors. >> reporter: sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. folks who may have had one
10:47 pm
too many drinks, can enjoy free rides on muni. they will also expand service to accommodate the crowds expected to head to the fireworks show and the city is encouraging people to sign up for the emergency text alert system. text nyesf to 888-777. they will notify of traffic disruptions and warnings for disasters. emergency responders rescued a man and his dog from north access road this afternoon. crews used a response vestool help the man stuck in waist deep water and mud. and then they rescued his dog. it is unclear how they got stuck but everyone is okay.
10:48 pm
all right. wind to talk about. not so much yet but midnight and beyond, especially that higher elevations. this is an elevation wind advisory. not sea level. higher elevations might notice the winds tonight and tomorrow night. many at sea level won't notice anything. certainly tonight. tomorrow breezy conditions along the coast. at the higher elevations, two days of the wind advisory. not a red flag warning because it is winter and we have plenty of moisture. the map shows activity in the ohio and mississippi valley. high pressure for us. no rain the rest of the week. the story is two days of winds and then the cold over night lows. as i speak the wind is blowing in cold air from the basin area. and that cold air settles in here. on wednesday, thursday and friday the temperatures are
10:49 pm
going to drop off. we will see upper 30s inland. mean time, temperatures 43 fairfield. over night tonight santa rosa 34. it would be colder if the wind were not blowing. strong winds sets us up with the valleys to get in to the lowest. as i said wednesday, thursday and friday, that cold air will be in place. it will be very, very cold. not just in the north bay and inland, around the bay as well. san francisco upper 30s. that is cold. right? especially in golden gate park. places like that. outside, you see the traffic on the bay bridge. it is the model that shows zero happening. monday morning, monday afternoon. clear. tuesday. tuesday. evening. wednesday. morning.
10:50 pm
wednesday afternoon. nothing imposing. the weekend, we have something that will pop in here from the west on saturday and sunday. we could see showers, warmer weather. temperature comes up. humidity increases and snow levels increase as well. that is next weekend. the forecast highs. new year's eve and then the fireworks going on in many areas around the bay area. outdoor activities. you will see temperatures cool. breezy as well. the wind advisory will be in effect. you will see 40s, low 40s, upper 30s in the cool spots. new year's day forecast. it will be chilly. it will be breezy. and it will stay after the winds, it will stay chilly and get chilly-er. >> we know what you mean.
10:51 pm
>> yeah. >> wednesday, thursday, friday temperatures fall off. cool in the inland bay valleys but dry saturday and sunday when we get into inclement weather. fog for the fireworks fine. bundle up. >> thank you very much. aqua man made more than 1.5 mill i understand taking first place for a second connective week. grossed $750 million world wide. mary poppins in second place. bumblebee with third place. coming up on the 11 p.m. news an attack captured on video. the suspect is now facing
10:52 pm
attempted murder charges. >> and after the break, despite a loss season, one 49ers player ends the year with an impressive record. joe fonzi is next in sports.
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> this guy going out in week 3 had a lot to do with how 2018 ended in san francisco. turnovers. third and one here. ball comes out. scooped up. just like that the rams are in business. they cashed in. 3 minutes into the game. los angeles 7-0. two interceptions and a ram's touchdown later.
10:56 pm
the rams 21-3. this game is a blow out. 4th quarter play. off on a 43-yard score. 9 catches for 149 yards. 1377 for the season. an all time nfl record for a tight end. that sees some of the sting of the loss and a 4-12 record. >> hasn't hit me yet but exciting. i mean, it wasn't just me. three quarterbacks throw me the ball. the o-line, ups and downs throughout the year. just a credit to the team to keep pushing no matter what happened. would have enjoyed a win today but this makes it better. >> both bay area teams were operating with the same formula, trying to survivor turnovers and try to be competitive. raiders fans travel well.
10:57 pm
even to kansas city. the chiefs are one of the most explosive teams in football all year. 1st quarter. that is a 67-yard strike. 7-0 chiefs. the raiders had fumbled on their first position. second one, he grabbed the pass and takes off 54 yards the other way. 14-0 kansas city. on the replay you can see they were not exactly on the same page. cook thought it was a running play. they tried to straighten it out afterwards. raiders turned it over on the first four possessions. patrick mahomes to robinson. 89-yard jaunt. chiefs 35-3 to clinch the afc west. the number one seed in the conference and home field throughout the post season. derek carr on if it is time to worry about where the raiders will play next year.
10:58 pm
>> there is now. season is over. you know, there is now. you know, we will see what that looks like. i still love oakland. hopefully we canning if it out. if not hopefully we will play close to home. >> may have been the final day of the nfl regular season but there were still playoff spots to be decided. the titans and colts fighting for the afc's final spot. this was close till the end. colts jumped out in front. andrew luck keeps the play alive. luck throws for three touchdown passes and a 33-17 win. colts win 10-11 games.
10:59 pm
the baltimore ravens. 17-7 ravens. the browns proving they are a different team. three and a half minutes to play. browns within two. had one more chance. the steelers interested in the outcome. watching after their game was over. the browns have a 4th and 10 but the pass is picked off. baltimore hangs on for a 26-24 win. ravens win the afc north. the steelers have to wait till next year. now for the post season. chiefs and patriots have a bye. colts at houston. chargers at baltimore. the saints and rams get a week to prepare. the eagles travel to chicago. seahawks open up in dallas. we will see you at 11:30 p.m. for sports wrap. >> thank you very much.
11:00 pm
next at 11 p.m. >> it was horrific. i would say it was scary. >> a man caught on camera kicking and punching oaring man after a two day man hunt. we are learning the suspect worked for a bay area church. area church. the 11 p.m. news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> that suspect melton kelly was a temporary worker for glide memorial church in san francisco. the attack happened on friday near the powell street bart station. a witness took this video that captured melton kelly kicking and stomping on the victim and now he faces attempt murder charges. ktvu's elissa harrington has more. as >> reporter: melton kelly was arrested sunday morning when he showed up for work at grind memorial church. police handcuffed him. ficialssay melton kelly is the suspect seen on video punching and stomping on another man.


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