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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 31, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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the man suspected of killing a police officer is in jail. we will tell you where he was found. some key things you need to know if you are stepping out to watch the big fireworks show. good morning. it is monday, december 31st. >> happy new year to be. the big question tonight, will you be able to see the fireworks? rosemary will give you a big thumbs up. >> definitely. we have wind that is blowing through the bay area. that will keep conditions dry. we do not expect much fog around san francisco. the wind advisory at 9:00 for the bay area until 9:00 tonight. it is cool and brisk out there.
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for the hills, overnight, until tuesday morning with wind gust reaching 60 miles per hour. there is wind about 30 to 35. in fairfield, gusting at 44. napa airport reporting gusting at 35. temperatures are up but the windchill factor when the wind is blowing, livermore word it is calm, the only spot developing fog this morning with a quarter of mile of visibility. you may find fog. we have good visibility but the wind is with us. 47 in oakland and 49 in san francisco. upper 40s in napa and santa rosa livermore, 36 degrees with calm conditions. highs today, with to upper 50s. the breezy conditions in the first part of your evening and dying down tonight.
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we will look at that temperatures for your festivities coming up in a little bit. it is 6:01. >> there are no major issues. it is not a normal commute because of that new year's eve holiday. you can see the roads driving in from the super commute coming through the ultimate pass, it looks very good. the east bay, things look good with slowing on southbound 4 at livermore. let look at that bay bridge toll plaza, it is light. the metering lights are not on. it doesn't need to be. there are only a dozen cars. when you get into the city near the ninth street offramp, something is blocking the far right lane. if you are taking b.a.r.t., they are under the regular
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schedule. later in evening, most agencies have adjustments. you need a free ride after 8:00 this evening until 5:00 in a morning, bart co -- b.a.r.t. will have additional trains. thousands of people will be on the san francisco area tonight ushering in the new year. fireworks will launch from barges. weather should cooperate with the forecast of clear skies and a little windy. fog will not block the fireworks. the most viewing spots might be near folsom and missions but anywhere will likely be good tonight. people are discouraged from heading over to treasure island. the development authority says parking and viewing areas are
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limited on the island because several construction projects are in the area and roads and parking areas are inaccessible. b.a.r.t. is on a special schedule will run from 8:00 tonight until 3:00 tomorrow morning. do some research because trains are skipping stations. antioch to san francisco were not dopp at dublin plaza heading south and fremont, they will not stop. after the fireworks, you need to had eased, it will not be an exit at west oakland. there are free rides until 5 am with extra service available between west portal and king street. vta is offering free rides tonight extended service from 8:00 tonight until 5:00 tomorrow morning. that is one night before fares increase on light rail local bus
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routes. everyone is encouraged to sign up for emergency text messages. the number is at the bottom of your screen pick you get alerts to notify you of traffic disruptions. a partial government shutdown affecting services at the seashore in marine candy. some civilities are closed because of health and see the concerns. >> is not what we expected. the kids were excited for the lighthouse. we wanted to see the lighthouse. >> dirty restrooms created a health hazard and many are closed and parking locations are close. visitor centers are closed as well as the parking lot at the trailhead. many visitors are disappointed and others are exploring the park on their out knowing services are very light. >> we made sure we were not
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relying on rangers. >> totally responsible and very frustrating and i am angry about what is going on in washington. >> the beach is closed to protect elephant seals on the beach. backcountry campgrounds with no water. there is no new year's resolution to find the federal government. it democrats wait until thursday, ray is live in washington dc with a stalemate that is on day 10. ray? >> good morning. this is a very controversial issue and republicans and democrats are dug in on the amount of money they are willing to give on border security. president trump has been relentless on twitter 20 multiple times this morning
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including he wrote, i cannot pay on border security which we cannot have with a strong and powerful wall. day 10 of the partial government shutdown and no movement from democrats or republicans on funding. >> i don't think it is as much that the sides are far apart but you have one side refuses to negotiate because they are afraid of the radical left base that wants open borders. >> what donald trump and republicans wants to do is waste $5 million on medieval border wall that is a 5th century solution to a 21st century problem. >> the president is talking to allies. lindsey graham ate lunch with the president at the white house and seemed optimistic about a compromise after rams said a deal could be made to help daca recipients or dreamers and exchange for border security funding.
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>> the appropriation wisely spent would go a long way to secure the border. it is not just about physical barriers but other things pick up we can find a way to make sure the daca recipients have a work permit that makes their lives better. >> they may be willing to compromise, public opinion. president trump said he would take the blame the shutdown and recent surveys show owners agree, it is his fault. >> he is taking the rap or something widely seen over the holidays as scrooge-like and unfair. >> democrats been told to prepare for a series of of votes on thursday when they retake the majority. it is important to remember, what ever they can pass through the house of representatives it needs to go through that republican controlled senate and get the president's signature. they need negotiations. back to
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you. the suspect in the attack in san francisco is behind bars. the police arrested melton kelly when he showed up to work at the glad memorial church. the police say kelly was seen on cell phone video punching and robbing and stomping on another man on friday steps away from the b.a.r.t. station in powell. this was captured on file. >> the attacker was punching the victim and gagging him and throwing him to the floor and kicking him over and over repeatedly. you can see his face was swollen. >> shao says it started over a bluetooth speaker. some witnesses tried to intervene. the man identified as kelly stomped on the victim's had. the attorney general says
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charges need to be fired with reckless applications of equipment that caused wildfires. the debris, they do not state pg&e will be charged but only it is a positive. attorney represents the victims says it would be unusual to pursue criminal charges against the company expect the district attorney comedy attorney general, generally does not charge a company. the reason is because you cannot put the company in jail. >> the department of forestry and fire protection is investigating pg&e. they reports the equipment malfunction of the time and location of the fire started. family and friends are preparing to honor the life of corporal singh. eight people are in custody in connection with the shooting
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death of the police officer. they captured the suspect, gustavo perez arriaga and seven others who would legibly try to help him flee have been arrested. hundreds came out in a candlelight vigil to honor corporal singh . >> he loved his friends, he loved his family, he love this community, he love this country. he loved his job. the world is a worse place without him here. i'm sorry to all of you. >> singh leaves behind a wife and a sundeck. there will be a viewing and on saturday, funeral services will be held at crosspoint community church in modesto. it begins at 10 a.m. and a funeral followed by the honor guard procession. helping prisoners to find
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work and how they are making the city saver. a woman's march next month has been canceled. the reason some are upset about the event that was called off. traffic looks good. holiday lights for this new year's eve morning, we are looking at highway 4 with traffic moving nicely. partly cloudy and cool and breezy weather expected for the last day of 2018. we look at the current conditions and show you what you can expect tonight.
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with the new year brings new laws and rules for pet stores. california is the first state in the country to require pet stores to get animals from rescues instead of breeders. the goal is to lessen the demand from puppy mills and kitten factories that mass- produce animals for sales sometimes in inhumane conditions . >> this is amazing. honestly, northern california has been pro-adoption but it is exciting to see legislation get behind it. >> there was opposition for those who say it will be hard to find purebred animals that are known for skills or traits but people can still buy purebreds directly private breeders. it is pet stores that are.
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there is national laws that could affect many people in the new year. the tax bill makes alimony no longer tax deductible. it only affects those who divorce 2019 and after. it could cause the partner who works less to get a lower settlement. you have until january 31 attorney in bump stocks. eight study of the star is considering a run for president in 20 expect that is the america i am fighting for. today, i am launching the exploring -- is exploring committee. elizabeth warning is pushing to veto, and flooring >> informing she can raise campaign money. she burst on that national scene calling for greater consumer protections pick she has become the most prominent liberals.
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women's march in humble county has been canceled because they feared it would not be racially inclusive. they canceled the event over fears that participants would have been overwhelmingly white as in years past the event held in eureka was to mark the anniversary of the original women's march. they say they want to broaden representation on the committee to diversify that event. if you have to head into work, like we did, your ride is not so bad. >> work or wherever else you are going, wherever you are heading, you have an easy time. i will show you that in the south bay. there is a sea of green on the highways in san josi to sunnydale. up the peninsula, southbound 101
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, a car is blocking the right lane and westbound 80 connecting with 101, there is a bumper blocking the right lane. a look at 280 in san jose north and south, things are looking good. caltrain is running the regular weekday schedule. after 8:00 tonight until 2 a.m., free service for people getting in and out of the city. many are offering free service after 8 pm. highway 24 in lafayette is busier than you have seen but still nothing compared to what we typically see at 6:20 on a regular monday. it is holiday-like out there. it is 6:18. we don't have rain in the forecast we have wind. if you
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are out, expect brisk conditions with wind picking up. here is a shot. this helps to show you the circulation in the atmosphere. high pressure remains over the pacific even though it is being squeezed out. it did not bring rain but it dropped on the backside of california. the high pressure and the low is creating wind. the wind advisory for the hills overnight about midnight until tuesday morning. wind gusting up to 60 miles per hour at some time. we also have a wind advisory for the bayside community around areas and it will continue until 9:00 tonight. it is beginning to show went out there this morn. fairfield is gusting around 44 miles per hour. it just dropped off to 32 miles per hour. the take away is partly cloudy,
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cool, breezy conditions today. wind gusting up to 35 miles per hour. oakland at 8. the wind advisory is in place for the bayside community. 47 in oakland and 49 in san francisco. in the north, it is up over yesterday. concord and livermore is cooler as well as fremont with, conditions in the low 40s. a little bit a patchy fog is reporting along i-580 with a quarter of a mile of visibility. there is patchy fog for the inland communities. upper 50s expected for the afternoon highs . 56 in san francisco. mid to upper 50s expected for the north bay. in the evening, partly cloudy
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and cool and breezy conditions. a wind advisory will expire at 9:00. hopefully it will calm down by midnight. we will be in the 40s. it will be cold. temperatures will remain in the upper 50s through the weekend. there is a slight chance of rain on sunday. >> it is different attire if you are in a club or outside. >> even trying to get to the club you will want a jacket. otherwise, your standing outside . thank you. the raiders are searching for a home for 2019 as they wait for the las vegas stadium to be completed. the new location is 1000 miles away. a worker with a deadly bite after a lien gets loose.
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a woman died after she was attacked by a lion in north on. alexandra lac was an intern. the attack happened when the keeper was cleaning the enclosure and animal slipped out . the deputies say that lion
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quickly killed the young woman. they tried to tranquilize the lion but was not successful. the lien was shot and killed they say black wanted to spend her life working with animals. a search is underway for a gunman who shot and killed a girl. the police say a man in a pickup truck pulled up to a car after it left the parking lot and started shooting. a mother and four children were in a carpet the girl died at the scene. the mother was wounded but survived. the truck sped away with no motive of the shooting. that mayor calling for action after they broke into a massive fight for the second time in a week the police say teenagers met up at the mall to fight. the mall shut down. the mayor said it should and will met a new policy that anyone under 18 must be
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accompanied by a parent or guardian. >> the majority are doing the right thing but for those who are not, time to grow up. parents? you know? time to take a little more responsibility. we cannot have this in our city. options are on that table and they are working with the police to assess the safety. it might be easier to hail a cab at sfo. how this can affect cab service. new year's eve preparations are underway. we have tips from the experts how you can stay safe tonight. traffic is light this morning. that is good news. be aware if you are driving on bridges. it is windy out there. with the wind comes a wind advisory. i will detail when and where we
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can expect the strongest wind.
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hebreakfast makers, takers, step counters, outdoor explorers, faith restorers, appointment keepers, fantastic creatures. farmer's market goers,
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cholesterol lowerers cell phone silencers. the new lease on lifers, and the positive thinkers. here's to you all that see every day as an opportunity to thrive your way. it is 2019 in some parts of the world. the light show rang in the new year.
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>> not long after, australia ring into new year with values of australians gathering for the big show. they had rain prior to that but it did not dampen their spirits. that is a gorgeous area. >> people are going to a tour. >> we are hopping around. >> happy new year's eve. >> it is nice to be here with you this morning. san jose is adding more than 100 warming centers. they have opened up since service was offered. it is called. 150 extra beds are offered. there offering more beds at the overnight temperatures that drop
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40 degrees or lower. we certainly see cool temperatures. >> yes. you want the scarf and hat and gloves. it is cool and the wind is already this morning. there is a wind advisory in the hills. it starts at 9:00 this morning until 9:00 tonight. the east bay valid locations and the hills and mountains, this is until tomorrow morning and the wind gust up to 60 miles per hour. it is 45 miles per hour. there is a wind gust about 32. sustained wind in areas over santa rosa. it is cool and breezy. it is blustery in some spots. sfo reports 12 and livermore is
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calm and the wind is lowing at 13 miles per hour. visibility due to fog this morning has moved out. we have clear conditions over livermore at ground level. it is 41 in livermore. because of the breeze, a lot 40s instead of the 30s. you have to consider the windchill factor. to be colder than what that temperatures read. upper 50s into the afternoon. it is 55 for the height in livermore with breezy conditions. the wind will trail off into the evening. we look at the numbers expected coming up in a little bit. good morning. let's get to the highway. you do not have a lot of people on the road with you. traffic is light. if you are coming down
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westbound on i-80 three richmond , berkeley, things look good. your drive is 18 minutes to the macarthur maze. it is not bad at all. there is not the usual traffic we see at this hour. it is evidenced by the toll plaza. verily cars are on the road. whatever you are doing this morning, it is an easy drive. the golden gate bridge is a similar story. there is not a lot of traffic to tell you about. it is 6:33. we are 17 1/2 hours away from saying goodbye to 2018. we expect thousands to celebrate in the city later tonight. we have a seat front and center with tips for a safe celebration
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. good morning. >> there is no when here right now but of course san francisco is such a popular place to celebrate, especially here. we are out here with emergency crews talking how you can be safe today. we have the fire department. john, you have a cool system you are rolling out. talk to me. >> the city partners have set up a texting system on alert sf . all you need to do is text nyesf to 888-777 . it will sign you up for messages in san francisco, specific to the new year's eve event for emergencies or disaster or infrastructure changes or anything we need to
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get information out to you to make your time more enjoyable or save her. >> we talked how cool it will be here tonight. it is cold right now. you get calls about people being called. >> that is correct. whether you live or visit tonight, it is cold. bundle up and bring blankets. be prepared to enjoy the evening but enjoy it warmly. be prepared for that. >> reporter: what other tips can you give? >> we are asking people to have a plan. if you're coming in or staying in the city or visiting, have a plan to know where you are staying at and where you are parking at. park your vehicle if you are driving to the city. don't leave valuables in your vehicle. if you do live outside the area, if you take
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medications, bring extra vacations in case something happens that delays you in getting home. if you are drinking tonight, have a designated driver whether driving or biking or walking, having someone sober will decrease the likelihood of you being in the emergency room for the beginning of the new year. >> reporter: thank you. we appreciate your tips. the important note, b.a.r.t. services have extended tonight. it starts at 8:00 tonight until 3:00 tomorrow morning. that is a good way to get to and from san francisco. every 20 minutes is when the train runs. there are stops b.a.r.t. will be missing. plan ahead and enjoy your night. sarah with fox 2 news. firefighters are investigating the overnight fire
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that east bay. the fire broke out around 3:30 on temple drive. the fire was out in less than an hour. the garage was full. authorities are searching for the inmate who escaped from the state prison a week ago. justin franks slipped away from the minimum security civility. the 27-year-old was in for first-degree burglary and was to be released this coming june. the inmate who escaped san quentin was captured yesterday at a fast food restaurant. a stabbing victim is recovering after being attacked and that tenderloin yesterday between jones and taylor. the police blocked off the area as the officers treat the victim. the victim was in critical condition but the victim is expected to survive. i suspect was arrested.
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the police in the north bay are searching for two men who rot two at&t stores. they showed them entry the locations two weeks ago. one pulled a gun while ordering customers and employees to hand over phones and longings. the police say the same men robbed another store hours earlier. anyone that might have information is asked to call the police. fire crews are trying to figure out what caused the abandon building to catch fire. no one was in the building when the fire started yesterday morning. they got the flames under control. the fire was in the same building the day before thanksgiving was reportedly started by hamas people. oakland is hoping to kick off the new year with big crowds . there was violence in october
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that led to the cancellation with a low turnout in december. on october six mac, six people were hurt in a shootout. more security was added. organizers say they hope to see the usual crowds this friday at 5:00. we know the name of that snowboarder found dead. he has been identified as a passenger from the south bay. he was pronounced dead after he was found unresponsive on wednesday. his wife said he died of a heart attack. he was a pastor in liz gaddis. the church will host a celebration of life at 2:00. the man and his dog are safe after being trapped in muddy waters. there was a vessel that help the man that was stuck in water and mud. they rescued the dog
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shortly after. it is not clear how they got stuck but the fire department says everyone is okay. san francisco is scaling back a plan met to happen the >> help. the municipal transportation agency announced a plan to allow 560 drivers using the taxi to make pickups at the airport. they are medallion agency for about $250,000 a piece. 900 other drivers cannot pick up fares but after pushback from the cabbies, the agency will allow an additional holders to pick up passengers at sfo. the plan takes effect february 1st. prison inmates are getting a second chance at life and giving back to an community. they contract with family organizations to give jobs to
6:41 am
former inmates and monitor restrooms and survey ambassadors. the neighbors say hunter point workers started sac -- stepping elevators and he will monitor restrooms. big changes coming to the food industry. laws that could affect how and what you eat and drink in the new year. the 49ers with a loss but george is heading into the record books. cool and breezy weather in the forecast for the final day of 28 team. -- 2018. life can change in an instant.
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the football team will make a full game appearance in el paso, texts. danford will played the panthers in the sun bowl. they will play without running back bryce love. this will be the fourth sun bowl appearance. kickoff is a few hours away for the red box ball at levi
6:45 am
stadium in santa clara. will be the spartans and eight michigan state with seven wins and a good challenge for the ducks. the teams are set for college football playoffs with the national championships. it is a rerun. you know the story. the clemson tigers at levi stadium, the third time in rigid years they have faced one another for the national championship. we know where the 49ers and raiders will be drafted in april. the raiders have the first pick. the cowboys pick at 25 and 27th selection for the bears. the traded pics depend on how far the cowboys and bears go in the playoff. >> the 49ers with a lot of holes
6:46 am
to fill. many holes are exposed by the rams. >> this is very impressive. he passes it to the outside and loses the ball. >> that was going on yesterday. the turnovers, mcmullen, the quarterback and it was mumbled in the 1st quarter. the rams did not commit any turnovers. 49ers made a big effort with the tide in. did he have a big game. keep finished with 129 yards receiving and the most yards ever by eight tight and in the regular season. kelsey had set a new high record but gronkowski tied him for the record but kimmel
6:47 am
talked it out on the season. it looks like the oakland raiders hired a general manager picked they hired mike to run the team. he is the draft analyst. he is never held a position with the nfl. the formal announcement could come today. the raiders search for a place to play. a tabloid say they urine tops with soccer clubs to play in london. they played three games in england but could move the game schedule to that country. they have a lease at headquarters. >> you talk about a road trip? >> the raiders were on the road for the finale yesterday. they have been blown out by the sheep and kansas city. >> he looks away.
6:48 am
the receiver was not even looking. into the end zone. >> it was not pretty. the chiefs burned the radar secondary for big touchdown >> they lost 35-3. derek, the quarterback and others with the head coach, the raiders finish at 4-12. it is 6:48. let's look at the roads this morning. >> the roads look really good. will have an easy drive. let's show you the map. this is northbound 238 to southbound 880. a crash is locking the slow lanes. all available officers are out on the roads looking for impaired drivers. they want to make sure everybody has seat belt on.
6:49 am
this is a look at strite 880. it looks good with not a lot of traffic. and lafayette, there are cars but things are moving at the limit. traffic is moving nicely. it is breezy and rosemary is telling us this morning, keep your hands on the steering will crossing the bay area bridges. i will send it to rosemary. she can tell us about the forecast. >> the wind is picking up. the wind advisory is moving in the bayside communities into 9:00 or so and last throughout the course of the afternoon. let talk about why we have the wind. high pressure is over the pacific. we will remain dry. we
6:50 am
had a system move through the northwest and drop down the backside of california yesterday . the pressure grade is kicking up the wind. we have wind advisory in place for the hills starting at midnight until 2:00 or i should say 10:00 on tuesday morning for the north bay and southbound hills and the santa cruz mountains. we have an advisory for the bayside communities at 9:00 morning until 9:00 tonight. the wind could reach 45 miles per hour at times. already, it is gusty near napa reporting 35 miles per hour. fairfield is reporting 32. the wind is light but over kirkland at 13. temperatures are up but the windchill factor is a consideration for those in the 40s this morning.
6:51 am
if you add a breeze, it could feel 10 degrees colder than what that temperature reads. it is 49 in san francisco. where the wind is howling, appeals closer to 39 degrees. temperatures in the upper 50s around the region. it is cool and breezy and 56. the south bay at 56. the wind will die down and the wind advisory expires at 9:00 for the bayside communities. temperatures are dropping to the 40s by midnight and cooler than that if you plan on staying out later than that. temperatures will remain steady through the weekend with a chance of rain on sunday. >> is the perfect forecast. >> it is. >> there is no fog and no rain. >> hopefully you have somebody
6:52 am
to you warm. a drop in the cost of rent -- rent any slight dip in rental costs and how it compares with the rest of the country.
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thousands of people will gather in times square to bring
6:55 am
in 2019. they ran tests to make sure everything was working when they dropped the ball. it is covered in waterford crystal and more than 1 billion people will watch it drop on tv, midnight. >> new year's eve is a global celebration seen by billions of people around the world. a huge part of the world is coming together as one and focusing on things we have in common. >> you can watch the ball drop right here on fox 2 from 8:00 until 10:00 then the news and then ring in 2019 by midnight. a cyber attack disrupted and delayed credit for newspaper. the chicago tribune and the tomorrow son was target. the west coast publication of the wall street journal and new york times was also affected. it appeared to come from
6:56 am
outside the u.s.. they own the targeted newspapers say the first attack with the hour on friday but they have no evidence the personal or financial information of customers was compromised. officials are warning travelers at newark international airport on christmas eve may have been exposed to the measles. the international traveler who was confirmed to have the measles arrived at terminal b and may have traveled to other parts of the airport. it could take until the 14th of january to develop symptoms which includes a rash they strongly suggest anyone who may have been exposed to call a doctor before visiting the emergency room to prevent spreading. most businesses are taking stories online but amazon is all opening food stores across
6:57 am
the u.s. they want to put more customers within the delivery range for groceries. they purchased whole foods for more than $13 billion. whole foods workers have visited parts of idaho and utah and wyoming where they have no stores. amazon has not revealed expansion plans yet. the rent in san francisco is the highest in the country. san francisco has the highest median rent the nation, roughly $3500 for an apartment. it is down slightly. rent in oakland and austin have gone up above 9% but not enough to surpass the median rent which is above $1000 higher. report shows sales were down 50% last month compared to this year.
6:58 am
poor logic says november was the first to see a drop in sales across the counties. home prices are dropping. $875,000 which is the highest ever reported. by november, the median house price dropped 6%. movies and aquaman dominates the box office over the weekend. >> i knew you were special. you believe you are the one here. >> the dc comics finished at number 1 for the second week in a row made more than $150 million it is approaching $750 million in global ticket sales. there was no change to mary poppins return >> there was an 19% increase in
6:59 am
sales. it made 28 million dollars. lottery players hope to start the new year the megamillion price is 400 $50 million. it is the largest jackpot in megamillion history.
7:00 am
0 #67k9sdz#67k9sdz. #67k9sdz. celebrate celebrating the new year in south korea. it's officially 2019 there. this morning we have taken a look at australia, new zealand, they're in 2019 and up next, we're going to hong kong at 8:00. >> happy new year. >> good morning, it's monday december 31st new year's eve i'm claudine wong. >> and good morning i'm frank mallicoat. dave and gasia enjoying the morning off. funlly getting the party started in south korea. it's 23 degrees celebrating new year's right now. we're looking er


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