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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  January 3, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PST

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now, police need your help to find the suspects. from ktvu x 2 news. this is mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. it's 4:00 a.m. on the dot. thursday, july third. steve paulsen is here with me. >> it's just you and me for the hour. it is going to be cold. yesterday morning, probably not as cold today but still cold enough. we'll see a lot of 30s showing up already. santa rosa at 31. livermore, 32. coldest temps are right ar sunrise. these will get colder, that's for sure. and higher clouds will begin to work their way in. so i'd say sunny towards the south bay, partly cloudy towards the golden gate north. 30s already for many. and there will be plenty of
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oakland airport 39 degrees. 35, san jose. any 20s. same for grayton. and a few others sneaking in. very active pattern looks to kick in. and we'll start to cloud it up on friday. and a decent system for rain and wind looks to arrive on saturday morning, early. until then, though, slowly increasing clouds. does look like a wet pattern. so far, rain totals. doesn't look like everybody will get into rain. 50s on the temps. 4:01. allie is here. started off busy and then got quiet on her again. >> yes. we'll see how it goes. you may have the heater cranked up but you should have an easy drive out there. as you come in from tracy, no problems through the altamonte pass. and taking a chance on the
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roads and the east bay. no problems to tell you about, which is always good news. 880 in oakland. north and southbound very little traffic as you pass the oakland coliseum. and most of the road work is wrapped up. bay bridge toll plaza also looks very good this morning. time now is 4:02. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, allie. police are looking for a 14- year-old driver. that crash happened yesterday afternoon, near the fruitvale bart stage. ktvu's debba villalon has the cell phone video from moments after that crash. >> they say he's in critical condition. i didn't know. >> charlie green saw something suspicious outside his auto shop, so started recording. someone sprawled on the ground, injured. and a man and woman outside their car and switching places, so she'd be driving, not him. they told bystanders the young
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man on the street was hit by a car and to call help. >> she definitely said he got hit. i had no idea she wathe one that hit him. and i asked the guy, did they hit you? and he said, yeah, they did it. and i said, oh, really? by that time, the couple was gone. >> the couple ditched the honda a short distance away and disappeared. police impounded the car to process evidence. >> it all starts here, right underneath the bart tracks. >> the hit-and-run happened next to b.a.r.t.'s fruitvale sation. a car knocked him off his bike and it went under the vehicle's wheels. >> the vehicle failed to stop. continued. dragged this young man who is 14 years old. and investigators believe at least four blocks. >> reporter: four blocks, benea zigzagging path shows a hap
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hazard trail left behind. they mapped 3-d laser scanning technology. >> how do you drive that far with somebody under your car? >> some people panic. some people aren't sure what to do. every person reacts differently. >> call an ambulance! >> as the injured boy begged for help, charlie green grasped what was happening to him. >> he was groaning. looked like he was in pain. i didn't want to touch him. >> and now realized he had been dragged so far. >> for four blocks? oh, my god, i feel real bad now. i feel bad. >> green did call 911, but wishes he had done more to intervene before the suspects drove away. oakland police are offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. the teenager has been in critical condition since arriving here at highland hospital. in oakland, debora villalon, ktvu, news.
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well, statistics actually show crime is down across the city of oakland. we'll talk about this with oakland police chief anne kirkpatrick. she will join us in studio at 9:00. and we're going to ask her about the police department and what they're doing to improve safety. a man is behind bars, suspected of committing the first homicide of the new year in san francisco. police say a man and a woman got into an argument yesterday afternoon, outside the tenderloin. they say a man stabbed two witnesses who tried to intervene, including a woman who later died at the hospital. people we talked to say violence in the tenderloin is too common. >> you know, this is a rough neighborhood, you know? all kinds of things always going on in this neighborhood. >> san francisco police track down a suspect and arrested him. however, they have not identified him nor the victim. investigating a second-known
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instance of celebratory new year's gunfire, injuring a person in the east bay. it happened at a home on hots avenue. investigators say a man visiting the area from new mexico was attending a backyard party when he was hit by a stray bullet. he was not seriously hurt. but a 6-year-old girl was also hit by a bullet fired to celebrate the new year in oakland. the chp says 50 people died in california in crashes involved with alcohol or drugs. that's a jump of 40 from last year. in the bay area, no one was killed by a drunk driver this year. statewide, police officers made 1100 arrests, that's a slight increase over last year. house democrats will test their new political power by moving to reopen the federal government. doug luzader talks about day 13 of a partial government
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shutdown. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is going to be a busy place today, new lawmakers come tonew congress. but there is no funding compromise in sight. >> reporter: closed for business signs are popping vaca that's no fun. >> when everything is closed, it's annoying. and there's nothing to do now. >> the president spoke at length at the start of a cabinet meeting. he does not sound like he's giving in on border wall funding, the issue at the heart of this shutdown. >> it could be a long time. it's too important a subject to walk away from. >> the president did later meet with congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle. but democrats think they have a strong hand here. and nancy pelosi was there, ask she is likely to be elected as the new speaker of the house later today. one of the first things she will do is try to pass a new funding bill without that $5 billion in wall funding the
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president wants. >> we're asking to open up government. we are giving him a republican path to do that. why would he not do it? >> reporter: but if democrats send that bill to the republican-controlled senate, it will go nowhere. >> the senate will not waste its time considering a democratic bill that cannot pass this chamber, in which the president will not sign. >> reporter: now, the white house is going to host another meeting tomorrow for democratic and republican congressional leaders, along with the president. but it's not clear what is going to change between yesterday and tomorrow. back to you guys. >> all right. doug luzader, live in washington, d.c. thank you for that update. we are learning new details about the man charged with killing a police officer in the central valley. in court, we learned the name of the suspect, gustavo arriaga is actually an alias. reporter melinda mesa has more
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from the courthouse in modesto. >> the man accused of killing a newman police officer arrived in court with shackles on both his hands and feet. the court said the man we have been calling gustavo arriaga has another name. today, he told the judge his real name is palo vernon mendoza. investigators say singh pulled over mendoza for suspected drunk driving, when mendoza shot him. this happened just hours after the officer left his wife and 5- month-old son to go to work christmas evening. several dozen family members were outside the courtroom, many fighting back tears. attorneys asked the court to delay the case until february 2nd. they want to determine if mendoza is competent to stand trial. prosecutors say mendoza is in the united states illegally and has been in trouble with the law before, including charges of driving under the influence.
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>> today, we're here to honor corporal ronnell singh. >> outside the court, at least 100 demonstrators, holding signs. some saying "protect our officers." some sign holders saying they were there for change. this man holding a sign that says sign sb54. it is the state bill that would prohibit any state or local law from acting on the immigration law. >> it means that sb54 is unconstitutional. it makes this state a sanctuary state. we need to repeal it, do away with it. >> california-elect governor gavin newsom's proposal is expected to be included in his state budget that will be submitted to the state office monday. the money would boost programs designed to prepare children
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entering kindergarten. bay area musician and ilant died. young died tuesday after a year- long battle with cancer. she was married to singer neil young for 36 years before they divorced in 2014. she founded the school to help children with severe impairments like the couple's son who has cerebral palsy. peggy young was 66 years old. 11 minutes after 4:00. son jose's mayor will spend the new year working on coming home. he was hit by a car, while riding his bike. and return to normalcy for fire victims in butte butte county. so far, so good on your bay area traffic. east shore freeway.
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no problems here. another cold one this morning. maybe not as cold as yesterday. but cold enough, for crying out loud. but changes are on the way. some that will start today. 31 santa rosa to 40 at sfo.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2."
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san jose mayor sam lucardo is home returning from a new year's day bike crash. jesse gary reports the mayor will work from home this weekend and must wear a brace at least the next month. >> happy new year. >> mayor sam lacardo dical staf >> i am accompanied by a little friend here. this brace is going to keep me -- going to accompany me for the next 4 to 6 weeks because i've got a couple of fractured vertebrae and a fractured sternum, i'm told. so this will help me heal. >> liccardo was injured new year's day, while biking on mayberry road, near east foothills. the driver of the suv ran into the mayor, as the driver was making a right turn. liccardo suffered minor
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injuries, something neighbors say has happened city. >> i have a friend got hit once. so to hear another got hit, it really pulls my heartstrings. >> navigating san jose tricky a navigate space with motorists vying for the same space. this inspired paths spearheaded by mayor liccardo. >> i have this. my proper suit. that's why i hope to avoid problems. the driver doesn't always have -- >> they don't see you? >> yeah. >> you can ride defensively. but there's only so much you can do. really what this is about is working with cities to design streets so that they're safer for everybody. >> earlier wednesday evening,
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sam liccardo was released. he said work from home for a several days. the driver who hit him has been cited for failure to yield to other motorist. jesse gary, fox 2 news. it is 4:17. california's population bog dow the number of people calling california home has grown steadily since world war ii. but new figures from the u.s. census bureau shows the state's population grew by less than a half a percent last year. the report points to a number of factors, including a decline in california's birth rate. and california losing more people to other states, because of the high cost of living. >> we're still growing. but growing very, very slowly now. only about the same rate as the country as a whole now. we used to grow twice as fast as untry as a whole. >> the census bureau estimates the population is 3 million.
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that's more than the official 2010 census number. 4:17 is the time. let's go back to allie who is in for sal on traffic. hopefully still light for today and tomorrow as a lot of people have the day off. >> you think about the population bink of the people o road. and that's why we have the traffic issues. but we don't have them at this early hour of the morning. that is good news. let's show you the maps. we want to show you your drive on 101, from northbound gilroy, morgan hill. all of that looks good. in the south bay, everything looks pretty good as well. there is one issue on the peninsula. a hit-and-run on skyline. north of portola heights. it's not causing a traffic problem there. it's not a heavily traveled road at this hour. but be aware. there may be a police investigation going on there. this is highway 4 in bay point. and traffic moving it's not too we will see and continue clicking it it later this morning. and highway 4 in lafayette, also not too bad at this hour.
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it is 4:18. and my friend, steve paulsen is telling us, it's cold, cold, cold. >> last night, i had to put on an extra blanket. >> well, let's enjoy it while you can. because 6 months from now, you won't be doing that. >> that's true. we have mostly clear skies. rain begins saturday. rain and wind. pretty good surface system will develop. probably a wind advisory saturday. that's not today. partly cloudy to the north today. clouds increase on then rain and winds arrive on saturday. 30s and 40s for your temps. i think we'll see a lot of 30s here after everything is said and done. maybe a few upper 20s. although maybe not as many as we saw yesterday. but still probably enough. higher clouds will move in. certainly north of the golden gate. 30s for many. yesterday, we already had 20s. there are a couple to the north. and already, walnut creek says 29. i'm sure pleasanton and dublin will drop as
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martinez, 39. same for elsa brante. yukia at 32. cold enough. i think higher clouds are beginning to work their way in. 31 in las vegas at 28 degrees yesterday. so they're still on the cold side there. tucson at 29. if you didn't hear, pam and i were talking about this. tucson had snow. and you had? pictures. it's been very, very cold down there for them. flagstaff at 2. our system very active jet stream is beginning to move across -- or already is moving across the pacific. that will start to impact us as we head into the weekend, into early, maybe even midnext week. looks like 3 systems saturday. late sunday and monday. tuesday into wednesday. it will also be a colder system coming in. and the breeze will pick up on saturday. today, though, mostly sunny to partly cloudy. heaviest rain looks to be focused north of the golden gate. but some 2 1/2 to maybe 5-inch
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amounts look to be likely by the time we get to the middle of next week. i would think russian river north. and they will probably be a storm warning by the time we go into saturday. i think saturday will be tough up there. 50s on the temps. gilroy checked in at 62 yesterday. it's possible we may get an isolated 60. cloudy friday. rain and wind. we'll get a break late saturday into sunday. it will take us into monday and tuesday. there is new information about a body found in a local landfill. coming up, the police investigation that is now under way. san francisco mayor london breed lays out her plan for 2019. her top priorities and how she wants to pay for it all.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." it's 4:24. and there's new information about a body found at an alameda county landfill. investigators have discovered the body is that of a woman and was transferred from one spot to another before being dropped off at the landfill. investigators are now narrowing down where the garbage truck picked her up. >> reporter: a woman's body, found among the rotting food and yard trimmings at the altamonte landfill. >> we immediately confirmed it was a beg, in amongst the compost. >> a waste management worker was scooping up material, when
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he made the grisly discovery on new year's eve. >> a very astute worker of the waste management landfill, noticed an anomaly in they de bree field. >> the badly decomposed remains of a woman. but it might take time to identify her or determine cause of death. these is not a case where someone fell asleep into a dumpster and got loaded into a dump truck. >> reporter: the woman's death is considered suspicious. although she could have been killed, investigators are looking into every possible scenario. >> we have to look at, is this a case where a person may have overdosed, and the people around them decided, in order not to get in trouble, they were going to dispose of the body. >> reporter: what investigators do know is where the body most likely came from. >> oakland, san leandro, hayward area. that it was brought in by a green waste truck. that truck then went to the transfer station of san
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leandro. >> reporter: and from that truck on davis street, the body was then off-loaded at the landfill. the body may have been missing for weeks. >> they ever working closely with detectives. at the alameda county sheriff's office, henry lee, fox 2 news. fire investigators say a christmas tree may have started a fire that killed one man in oakland. it happened at 6:30 last night on shattuck avenue, near 65th street. when fire crews got inside the home, they found the body of a 38-year-old man. investigators say it appears the fire was accidental, and the source mabeen the man's christmas tree. >> the companies that arrived on scene reported that they didn't see any active just a significant amount of smoke. >> now, the fire happened on the second floor of an apartment building. however, other units were not affected. 4:26 is the time. national parks remain closed on
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day 13 of that partial government shutdown. when we return, how local agencies are trying to keep one location as clean as possible during the shutdown. plus enthusiasm turns into frustration in downtown oakland. the reason many steph curry fans left an event disappointed and what is happening this morning. and if you're driving in from fairfield and vacaville, we're going to have a check on that westbound 80 commute. for the south and east shore freeway, traffic looks good. and weather looks good. although it's cold out there. temperatures in the 30s. maybe not as cold as yesterday. but still cold enough. changes will slowly start today.
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good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. 4:29 thursday morning, january 3rd. i'here with the
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weather. you said cold but not as cold as yesterday. >> it's cold enough, pam. but yesterday was about to 3 degrees cold but you're saying it's cold enough for me. i understand that. it is cold. patchy frost out there. 30s, 40s around the bay. i'm not seeing as many as i did yesterday at this time. but there's still a few out there. some locations hit freezing last night. and they'll probably stay there until after sunrise. cold morning. but higher clouds move in. after a sparkling day yesterday. 31 still in santa rosa. lots of 30s here. sfo at 43. livermore, 32. that's up two from yesterday at this time. rain begins saturday. there will be a series of systems that will take us at least until the middle of next week. today, mostly sunny to the south. partly cloudy and sunny to the north. that system arrives. also looks like again,


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