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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  March 11, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> we have some crazy weather. cmac a winter wonderland for some. that was yesterday all away down into southern california, we will have clear skies and if you're heading down to southern california or arizona, that is going to impact you big-time. we are on the dryer side and colder side. i think we will see colder
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temperatures. 32. there will be some chilly readings. there is a little bit of a breeze that will turn northerly. there is one more system that looks pretty weak but will be here tuesday. 50s and 60s today with mostly sunny skies. >> i am looking forward to the break in the rain later. we need the rain but it is nice to have some sunshine.>> your traffic is looking pretty good this morning. from 205, looks good. no problems in the interchange area. things look really good past the oakland coliseum.
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you can probably count on 2 hands the number of vehicles out there. >> there is an outpouring of support this morning for lynette gibson mcelhaney. her son was shot and killed in los angeles during an attempted robbery. 21-year-old victor mcelhaney was a music student at usc . >> video and pictures shared with us shows a young man who lived with a love for music. it was victor's passion and education. early sunday morning, the music was silenced.>> i knew something wasn't right.>> what
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angela heard over the phone, brought her to tears.>> i can't believe i'm having to have this conversation. >> a man she called a son was shot during a robbery. he had been attending school to study jazz. a woman seen breaking down in tears at the scene where 4 men approached victor mcelhaney and shot him. >> i'm extremely devastated. >> we say this about all the kids but he was really a special individual. victor was a son of oakland and
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a musician who drew inspiration and belonged in every nook and cranny of oakland. our hearts grief with lynette gibson mcelhaney. the tragic death of her son is an unspeakable loss. this is the second time she has lost a loved one to gun violence. her 17-year-old grandson was killed in oakland in 2015. now just 4's years later, a family member taken by gun violence. his life represented what was good with the city.>> he was somebody who embraced the community. >> usc released a statement that said this staff will
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affect all the staff that knew him. they are still searching for the men involved in the shooting.>> oakland police are searching for leads after a deadly shooting in the old oakland neighborhood that happened last night around 7:45 pm near eighth and washington street. they found a man who had been shot in his right arm but he later was pronounced dead at the hospital. no word yet on a possible motive. >> a security guard who was shot while trying to stop a robbery is in stable condition this morning. it happened saturday night around 8:30 pm at a marijuana -related business at east 12th street. the unidentified guard was shot several times while confronting 2 people. the business had other plant related equipment and assess all marijuana that was found on the property. no arrests have been made yet.
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>> president trump will release his 20/20 budget proposal that will include an extra $8.6 billion for building a border wall. this is in addition to the billions he plans to use for the emergency declaration.>> we have a crisis down there. he will state with his wall and with border security.>> the request could lead to another government shutdown. president trump hurt millions of americans and caused widespread chaos when he shut down the government to get his wall which he promised would be paid for by mexico. we hope he learned his lesson.>> hitachi died suddenly two weeks
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ago of an apparent heart attack. matt gonzalez said he would be honored to replace his former boss.>> coffee park residence may be eligible for funding up to $1000 if they have not begun to rebuild their home. a community meeting is scheduled tonight. >> people endurance phil were hauling out damaged furniture to be thrown away. what the county says people should do before debris is
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hauled away.>> it is a clichi used after natural disasters but they are literally trying to put the pieces back together. floodwaters broke apart the fence to the lodge and neighbors tracked down a few pieces. cooper found many other things that don't belong to him. >> i've got somebody's paddleboard and kayak. i've had three refrigerators that didn't belong to me. the water was within an inch of this deck.>> items are now lost in tree branches. neighbors and volunteers spent another sunday hauling out furniture.
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>> this place here has eight apartments. >> i want to say thank you to herman hernandez who showed up today with volunteers hauling stuff. >> even though the cleanup seems daunting, and o is still missing. they will be having curbside pickup so they are asking residents to put all their waste outside and separate them into three piles such as recyclables, hazard and e-waste. >> more than 1000 tons has been collected at drop-off sites. an additional 5000 tons of debris will be removed as part of this week's curbside
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cleanup. >> a shocking surveillance video of a robbery at gunpoint. up next, we will show you how it all unfolded and what the victim wants to happen next. >> i was thinking about my family. >> very scary moments when a man pulled a gun on his former employer. >> traffic is getting off to a good start this morning. take a look at 880 in oakland. it is looking good. >> nothing compared to yesterday, that's for sure. a lot quieter and temperatures bumping up a little bit. can we stay dry for the whole week? pretty close. we'll take a look coming up.
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>>, on camera, surveillance video of a terrifying robbery. it happened on congress avenue. one man walks up and punches to women. a second man comes up and threatens him with a gun. we talked to one of the women and she wanted us to use her only first name. and he said it was surreal and
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when the man came up with a gun, she just tried to protect her face. the two robbers got away with her back packs, wallets and cell phones. she's hoping by making this video public, somebody will recognize the suspect and they will be captured.>> iman is facing felony charges and is seen on surveillance video firing shots at his former coworkers. no one was hurt. >> this video shows a heart stopping moment a man pulls a gun on his former employer. >> i was thinking about my family. for a second i couldn't even breathe. investigators say the gunman was a former employer the
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employee. he was told to pick up his last paycheck on saturday instead, he came with a gun. he raised the gun pointing out another employee.>> he fired off a round 5 feet from the victims. >> he missed. >> i have a four-month-old baby. i was so scared. >> the brothers say they are still scared. >> i do feel safe since he is in jail but i do feel scared when he comes back, what will happen? he will come back and do it again. >> board of supervisors will take a final vote tomorrow for the future of urban shield. last month, the supervisors approved a recommendation to
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make changes to the training program. urban shield was created after 9/11 to help first responders prepare for terror attacks. it is leading to the militarization of local law enforcement.>> we were able to agree on a lot of things concerning community, sensitivity and preparedness. >> potential changes include eliminating military type s.w.a.t. team competitions and getting rid of an expo at the event. >> let's get you out the door this morning. allie is here watching the commute. >> if you are driving up from south bay, there is only one minor issue we want to tell you
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about. there is a crash north 17th road. the rest of the south is looking pretty good this morning. here's a look at the life picture. we did see a train going by this morning. otherwise, traffic through the bay bridge plaza looks good. taking no time at all. >> it was mainly oakland and san jose where the hail came down for 10 minutes or so in a winter wonderland. that was impressive which brought back a lot which is
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gone now. it was pretty interesting and it is now far enough away that we are on the drive side. if you have travel plans for spring training, it is a cool pattern. they are looking for rain in arizona. >> 30s and 40s but a lot of 30s pecially to the north and east already. if you get a little breeze, there will be a northerly component. it should be more of a north and northwest wind later today. one more system on tuesday. it looks weak and we will get very little rain out of this.
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maybe's and 70's by the upcoming weekend. 60s today and still slightly below average. after the system goes, we will get a break wednesday and thursday. >> our newly updated weather app is free to download from the apple and google play stores. it has a really easy way to upload your weather photos and video. >> there is global response to the tragedy in africa after a train crash killed everyone on board. up next, what we are learning about what happened shortly after the crash and plane involved. >> another controversial video showing r kelly abusing underaged girls has been delivered to the police. coming up, we will hear from the man who said he found that
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>> the search continues for a marine who went missing during a key trip in the sierra. matthew kraft set off for a trip february 3 and was supposed to return to bridgeport last week monday or tuesday. his car was found saturday night near the lower grades meadows campgrounds. authorities are worried about the seriousness of winter storms and they say the weather
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has made the search for craft more difficult. >> some countries are grounding there's 737 planes after the deadly weekend crash in ethiopia that killed everyone on board. they ordered all chinese airlines to temporarily ground their 737s. ethiopia, indonesia and the cayman islands have also suspended use of those planes. we are hearing this morning that the black box has been recovered from the crash.>> people from 35 countries were among the passengers including eight americans. we have the latest on the crash so far. >> and ethiopian airlines flight crashes minutes after taking off. it was departing ethiopia for
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kenya. >> the pilot mentioned he was having difficulty and wanted to return. >> the pilot then lost, tact with the controller. crews continue to search through the wreckage for the remains of the deceased and experts are discussing the next steps in the investigation.>> that report will obviously rely heavily on the two black boxes and the voice recorder. they were issuing a statement confirming eight americans were killed. sunday's crash now has boeing
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looking at their other planes. there will not be a delay in munching the jetliner which is expected to be delivered to emirates airlines by 2020. >> this is the second time in six months and relatively new plane has been involved in a air disaster. both crashes, the cockpit crew tried to return to the airport but crashed moments later. updated software caused a nosedive. >> still ahead, a push to get
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flavored tobacco out of the hands of teenagers. they consider a ban on the products.>> the president's new budget is due today. we will show you what provision will be very controversial. >> a little bit is still going around that curve but not much happening there. >> >> can we hold those temperatures for the week? we will take a look.
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>> thank you for joining us. i am pam cook. mike i'm dave clark.
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i got caught in the hail yesterday. it was wild weather in the east bay. >> it is all gone now. is going to be a lot of rain down there in the next few days. many reports but it started in the north. oakland had hail for about 10 minutes. lightning, thunder and hail in the east bay. there was a lot of that. it was very slow moving. we got the rain on saturday which wasn't much and it now pushed to southern california. it will be unseasonably cool for them over the next few days.
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fremont is 39. there is a little bit of a breeze. i would expect a northerly wind today. one more system. we are tracking a little bit north but it will drag across tuesday. 50s and 60s for today.>> things are quiet. there are some dry roads and not having to deal with rain is going to have a good impact on the commute this morning. so far things are looking good. if you're driving from northbay, everything looks good. here is a look at the east


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