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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  March 12, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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bribed college officials. >> authorities say parents schemed with a southern california man to use brides to get their children into schools like yale, georgetown, usc, and stanford, paying anywhere from $200,000 to more than $6 million. some cases, parents a accused of photo shopping their kids's on faces on the top of other athletes' bodies. it was made to make their children's chances of getting into college. >> in the aftermath of all of this, stanford has fired their kids sailing coach after learning that he had been charged with accepting bribes to recruit students. we have live team coverage of this college admissions scam. we begin with christina rendon with a look at those accused. christina, including two well- known actresses and also number of people here in the bay area. >> reporter: the people involved in the scam includes the former head sailing coach there at stanford, and there's the wealthy parents, some of them ceos, high-profile executives, actresses, and business owners who authorities
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say opened their pocketbooks to get their children ahead. it is dubbed uncovering a natio college admissions bribery scheme with wealthy parents paying to guarantee the admission of their children in some of the most elite colleges and universities like yale, georgetown, usc, stanford, and ucla. >> this is a case where they flaunted their wealth, sparing no incidents, to cheat the system. >> reporter: a 30 say william rick singer of newport beach rated a for-profit college canceling and prep business. investigators say from 2019 to 2019, parents paid singer anywhere from 200 thousand to $6.5 million. he bribed college coaches to pretend kids were star athletes, hired people to take college entrance exams for students, and altered test scores, and conspired with parents to fabricate profiles and use fake photos. >> singer and his associates used stockholders they pulled off the internets, sometimes
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photo shopping the face of a child onto the face of an athlete, and submitting it in support of the application for these children to the school. >> reporter: actresses of felicity huffman and lori loughlin are named in the scheme, as well as 14 bay area parents. court documents that manuel and elizabeth in recast paid four separate times to help their two daughters, including have someone fly from florida to san francisco to help one daughter on her sats . court documents a the person provided her with answer to the exam questions, and after the exam that person gloated with her mom and daughter that they had cheated and gotten away with it. there accused of securing their doctors.
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prosecutors say he complained that his daughter's s.a.t. score of 13 eight should have been higher. he reportedly paid 50 grand for the cheating scheme. >> the actions were without a doubt insidious, selfish, and shameful. >> reporter: pleading guilty today, stanford's former head sailing coach, john vandemoer. he expected money for exchange of students who ultimately did not attend stanford. the fbi calling it a rigged system that came at the expense of hard-working students and taxpayers. >> for every student admitted to fraud, and on his, genuinely talented student was rejected. >> reporter: no students were charged in this, but authorities say in many cases the teenagers want even aware that their parents participated in the front for their benefit. we did reach out to the bay area families but have not heard back from any of them, from the companies that they work for had no comment.
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we learned one of the actresses come felicity huffman, a judge ruled she can be released on a $250,000 bond, as well as lori loughlin. she was not arrested, but they are working with people to surrender her. want to take a closer look at how this scheme allegedly worked. 2 investigates candice nguyen is here, and you look at how this money was funneled. >> the man at the center of this massive scheme, william rick singer is a well-known college admissions advisor. we take a closer look at the california nonprofit he started in 2012, where prosecutors say parents could funnel their bribes to his charity and disguise them as charitable donations. now this is singer smoking and a promotional video on his nonprofit's website. his organization is called keyword white foundation. prosecutors say from 2011 to 2018, 33 wealthy parents paid his charity a total of $25 million in the form of cash, checks, and in one instance facebook stocks. the money investigators say was meant to eventually bribed
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college coaches and standardized testing official to rig the admissions process. singer would even write the parents letters thanking them for their donation, which enabled many of those parents to deduct their bribes from their own taxes. the criminal complaint goes on to explain with that money, singer sought out and bribed the test administrators. he also allegedly brought athletic coaches to falsify, to falsely list student that athletic recruits regardless of their athletic abilities. he paid the bribes in a variety of ways according to the fbi, and in one instance use a cashiers check. in another he wrote checks to the coaches from his nonprofit so it looks like a donation to the coach's team. in another, singer hand- delivered cash to a sports administrator, even listing a tennis coach from georgetown university as a consultant and text documents, paying him $825,000 from his nonprofit. now it appears the structure of
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the selected scheme is actually very well documented. the complaint should the fbi collected a huge paper trail including emails, checks, text letters, and invoices. prosecutors say this scheme worked successfully more than 800 times, fred and julie. >> is remarkable, some of the allegations, changing s.a.t. scores, and actually superimposing the student's face on athletes. >> is very unbelievable. now as everyone is sort of in shock right now, a lot of questions is what is going to happen now? i think everybody is getting their bearings now. still processing all this information that broke. >> investigators found this kind of by accident? >> according to the complaint, fbi investigators were on a totally separate case when they came upon his allegations. >> and some of the students are actually at the schools, and in
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fairness, maybe they did not know what their parents did. do we know anything at all what is going to happen to the students now? will they be expelled? >> it is too early to say. they did make it clear that no charges will be pressed against the students, only the parents involved in other players. >> that the indicate any more names could be added to the list, or just this 50 right now and they think that is it? >> right now they a 50 and they kept it to that, but with these kind of cases, especially with the massa paper trail, more names could be added. >> a 10 month investigation. >> candace, thank you. the head sailing coach in stamford pleaded guilty. maureen naylor has the latest on the accusations now against that longtime coach. >> reporter: the man that coached stanford sailing program for many years appeared in the boston courtroom tuesday afternoon. >> season has gone really well. ever since the fall, we've been really focused on nationals in san diego, going to big events. >> reporter: john vandemoer has been stanfords head sailing cut for the last 11 years and is seen in this video posted on
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the stanford sailing website. today, he pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy. according to the federal indictment in 2018, vandemoer agree to giving a silly worker spotted two's potential applicants with minimal sailing applicants arranged through rick singer. singer was charged with orchestrating the bribing scheme. ultimately, neither student attended stanford, but the stanford sailing program received payment of $270,000. >> he understood this violated stanford policy that he should not have accepted money for stanford. but as we would like to make note, the monthly was given to stanford university. >> reporter: vandemoer's university set all the money went to the university helping them buying new boats and hire a new coach. stanford says we have no evidence that the alleged conduct involved anyone else at stanford or is associated with any other team. we will be taking an interview internal review to confirm that. >> that is so few spots and 70 students, and for that to be taken by someone or something
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deeply unethical and wrong, it is sad to see. >> reporter: federal official same with the exception of an and a straighter, no one in the schools was involved in the illegal activity. in the meantime, john vandemoer is scheduled to be sentenced in june and faces up to 20 years in prison. in stamford, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. >> also other schools are tied up in the admissions scandal. that involves usc's football a water polo coach. they said fired their senior associate director and water polo coach. ucla soccer coach is on leave pending a review and will have no involvement with the team. yells former soccer coach pleaded guilty and has been cooperating with the investigation. stanford fired its sailing coach, and wake forest has suspended its volleyball coach. and you can read the full list of those charged in the operation varsity blues by having to our website. we have a list of those from the bay area and what they are accused of.
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it is all on the homepage at the highway 1 tunnel at devil pioneer pacifica are closed due to a power outage. sky fox is overhead. you can see no traffic getting through in either direction. the power outage started about 3:15 this afternoon when a tree branch hit an electric line. more than 4000 customers are also without power in the area. pg&e is on the way to the scene. we are told there is no estimated time yet for the electricity to be restored. the chp is investigating a shooting on highway 24 this morning. a man was shot while driving westbound in the caldecott tunnel. police say he was taken to the hospital. he's expected to be okay. all of this happened about 6:30 during the morning commute. traffic was temporarily stopped, well police searched for evidence. still no word from police on a motive or whether they have a suspect in custody in that shooting. story city have arrested an undocumented immigrant in the stabbing death of a san jose
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woman. 59-year-old her home on northfield way on february 28 with several stab wounds after she failed to show up for work. investigators say dna testing led them to 24-year-old carlos eduardo arevalo carranza . police say he is a transient with a lengthy criminal history, including burglary. the chief acknowledged the controversy over statuary laws, saying the police department has no control over the county's immigration policies. >> we are here to protect and to embrace our otherwise law- abiding, undocumented residents. we are not here, nor should we be here, to shield admitted gangsters or violent criminals regardless of immigration status. >> the chief said i.c.e. had placed detainers on him six times, four times in santa clara, and twice in los angeles, and he had been depended from torques is in
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2013. carlos eduardo arevalo carranza is expected to appear in court tomorrow to face homicide charges. he believed that music could heal the world. >> she's not for her work as an oakland city councilmember, but today she is also a grieving mother. coming up next, lynette gibson mcelhaney talks about her son, who was shot and killed during a robbery attempt in l.a. and and weather, a few visiting class for today and some gusty winds. the winds the ground for tonight, but tomorrow we begin to work things back up. ♪ [baby crib musical mobile]
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oakland city councilwoman lynette gibson mcelhaney
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addressed the media today for the first time since her son was shot and killed by robbers not far from the usc campus where he was a student. crime reporter henry lee here now with the what she said and also, henry, how her son is being remembered. >> reporter: her son victor was her sunshine, she always prayed like every mother that her sunshine would not be taken away. >> hopefully i will be a faithful keeper of his legacy. >> reporter: oakland city councilmember lynette gibson mcelhaney spoke publicly for the first time since her 21- year-old son victor was shot and killed by robbers in los angeles. >> he believed music could heal the world, of violence and sickness and addiction . i am crying, but really, i am crying for all those who never got to meet him. he did not deserve this! we should not all be here right now. >> reporter: early sunday morning, victor and his friends were confronted by robbers. >> they attempted to rob them. one of them was going to their
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pockets. one of the suspects shot victor. >> reporter: victor was a talented musician, oakland native studying just that usc. his mother said he was a standout all his own. >> victor made a name in his own right. i was victor's mom. victor was not lynette's on. >> reporter: in oakland, the councilmember has worked to stop gun violence in the city, never imagining her son would fall vitamin l.a. >> i've dedicated my life to work as a councilmember to eradicating the violence that is too pervasive in our communities of color. that work started long before victor was taken. >> reporter: one of victor's jazz instructions at usc choked back tears as he remembered his students. >> he was a brilliant musician first and a drummer second, but most of all he was an amazing human being, and i thank you
5:17 pm
both for bringing him into this world. >> reporter: victor's father urged anyone with information to come forward. >> there are people in the community who can help. to say something to the police. don't be silent. silence is worse than the actual bullet that killed my son. so -- >> reporter: victor mcelhaney would've william rick singer and april. and his mother's words, now he is an infinity . henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. today is the first full day on a job for san francisco's new public defender following the unexpected death of jeff a dodgy. as we told you, mayor london breed selected monohar raju. he's a longtime deputy public defender who was working as one of the office it was managing
5:18 pm
attorneys for felony cases. this morning, raju joined us on "the nine. " he's looking forward to seeing the public defender's office grow. >> what i'm looking forward to doing is to growing our practice and having you know, reflective conversations with the members of our office thinking about how you can perform, take your practice to the next level. what is the next step you can do? >> raju as he will run for the public defender's position in the november election , and that he made that decision yesterday after mayor reed selected him. nurses at two hospitals and santa clara county are holding a one-day strike. it comes after the sale of saint louise and o'connor hospitals to santa clara county with the deal that the nurses who are part of the california nurses association or the sea and a are required to join another union. the strike is to protest that move. santa clara county executive jeffrey smith says cna does not represent any county employees and called the strike unlawful, but nurses on the picket line say they want to stay with their union.
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>> we have good quality patient care at o'connor. the county is not for having high turnover, poor retentio. they've been to the counties, been to the board of supervisors twice in one year to advocate for their patients. their shortstaffed. their nurse turnover, we don't have that problem here because we have strong union, that we are being forced out of that union and being replaced by another union. >> in a statement, jeffrey smith says that cna is using the strike to make the county ignore its responsibility to the other unions. the county will continue to meet its obligation to recognize the existing unions to represent our employees in accordance with existing contracts, as well as applicable laws, rules, and regulations. the one-day strike will end at 6:59 tomorrow morning, but nurses say they want stop fighting. well, a few clouds paying us a visit in the bay area. you probably noticed this even 30 miles an
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hour. even a weak system scattering some light showers. for the most part they could be considered a break day especially with all those recent storms we have been dealing with. take a look at some the wind gusts over the last 24 hours. those numbers coming up, reflecting those wind speeds. sfo 49 an hour, hayward 37 miles an hour, and san jose 31 miles an hour. here's a satellite. you can see this is the moving into northern california. this boosted those wind speeds. i did see a light rain report in the san jose area earlier this afternoon, and out toward the sierra this is actually is no producer out toward lake tahoe area today. right now on the satellite, we are showing you clear to partly cloudy skies. the numbers mainly in the upper 50s to the lower 60s. san jose right now 57,
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livermore 60, san francisco checking in at 56, and santa rosa in the upper 50s, 59. show you those wind speeds, those winds are a. you the oakland airport sustained a 24 . that the guts of 33 miles an hour out toward the napa area, and summer wind speeds for you. sfo getting a 47, san jose winds out of the northwest sustained at 22 miles an hour. here's our life can looking outward san francisco bay for this afternoon, and for tonight we are expecting this with the headlines . partly cloudy, bit of a breeze tomorrow. you can count on more sunshine. the weekend, count on a warmer forecast for saturday and sunday. as far as overnight lows, we are taking some 30s and some 40s, mostly clear skies, a chilly start. this is the guy producing wind speeds for today, this kind of moving to the east of the bay area, and it should be out of the picture for tomorrow. as a result, that will set the stage for a dry weather pattern right onto the weekend and into
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monday of next week. here we are tomorrow, show you this, mostly sunny skies or your wednesday. thursday we could pick up a few extra high clouds, maybe filtered sunshine effect throughout the day. that will be on thursday, but no raindrops expected. forecast highs, more 60s. it seemed a few days ago we were stuck in the 50s. we are showing a lot of 60s for santa rosa come out toward concorde and antioch, and half moon bay 60 degrees. we need a break from the rainfall. we deserve it. it is headed away. you can see extra few high clouds by thursday. by the weekend, it looks beautiful. the warmest locations back up to the low 70s. another day brings more pressure on boeing. on the faa, among the airlines to ground 77 max 8s. we could find out this week if the raiders will play next season at the oakland coliseum. when the vote is expected to happen. a man who was left paralyzed during a home invasion robbery attended a sentencing for the man accused of attacking him. why he said justice was not served.
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now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪ this is why we plan. ♪ ♪ you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. u.s. aviation expert and is really forensic experts were at the site of that deadly plane crash in ethiopia today. 157 people died when an ethiopian airlines jet crashed on sunday. investigators have found the airlines two flight recorders, while the cause is still not known. several countries have now grounded the boeing 737 max 8
5:26 pm
following the disaster. the faa said today there is no basis to order grounding the aircraft, some lawmakers disagree. >> do the right thing, protect their passengers, and ground the planes until the faa has a chance to review their safety. >> in make sense to ground the aircraft and re-have better information. >> president trump recently saw the sale of going 737 max plains during the korean summit. the president tweeted concerned about the planes, saying airplanes are becoming far too complex to fly, and the complexity creates the danger. it is not just politician calling on the aircraft to be grounded. >> tom vacar is at oakland international airport. you talked with the former faa instructor general about the 737 max 8. >> reporter: i did. you can hear what she had to say just a minute. i'm also going to add to that. many countries have now banned the 737 max 9. that the newer, bigger version of the next 8,
5:27 pm
but they are throwing that in the group as well. and of course, the faa unfortunately insists there is no need to ground anything. as of today, 737 max 8s are banned from flying in more than 40 countries, but the u.s. and canada has still not grounded them. this is taking a toll on the public perception of the safety of the world's most widely used airliner, the 30 77, of which the 737 max 8 is just but one submodel. attorney mary is a former u.s. department of transportation inspector general, and then outspoken aviation safety advocate. >> i think faa should grant the aircraft until they know what's going on, but more important than that, the airlines could do it themselves. really, what everyone is doing is just bedding. it's not going to happen again. this captain flight and everyone says what are the odds
5:28 pm
that could happen a third time? well, apparently pretty good. who would've thought it could happen a third time. >> reporter: carol said one africa bound traveler was booked on a calm air 37 max phone in africa under the local of either british airways or kuala airways. >> they said they were going to take the maximum eight out of service, but now they are going to leave it in service. so i think he's going to be changing his itinerary quite a bit. he does not want to fly on that play. >> reporter: with 350 max's delivered, boeing has orders for 5111 max is worldwide. that is worth almost $630 billion. boeing's stock is down 10% because this doublecross could scare some airline customers a way to airbus and others. severn bornstein is an economist at uc berkeley. >> there are also smaller manufacturers that are moving
5:29 pm
into this size plane such as canada air and andrea air, and they are also potential competitors for the 737. >> reporter: all 737s are getting a bad rap. >> even the faa's uncertain yet, so they're trying to figure out what the problem is, and how narrowly it existss within the line of aircraft. >> if the plane is in the ground and you don't know why, how on earth can you say they are safe. it is insane. >> also interesting, two airline pilots had filed confidential reports that they experienced sudden downward no steps in these planes last year, but there is no word as of now whether or not bellinger the faa acted on it or did anything about it. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. still to come here, a fight club inside a high school in the north bay. in a moment, the allegations about what the teacher knew,
5:30 pm
and the long list of felonies he is now facing. a deadly crash involving a truck and cyclist leads to a changes in one san francisco street. details about those changes coming up. what's better than having fast, reliable wifi with coverage throughout your home? how about having internet that can help you save on wireless phone service? xfinity gives you the fastest speeds for all your devices. plus, now that xfinity mobile is included, you can switch your wireless carrier and save hundreds of dollars a year. talk and text as much as much as you want and only pay for data. now that's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store today. ed gets copays as lowlily go to as zero dollars on medicare part d prescriptions. ed gets labels clear as day. and, lily.... lily gets anything she wants.
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a high school teacher in the north bay is facing a number of felony charges for stating what police say was a fight club in his classroom. some of the students even suffered injuries. rob roth want to cloverdale and talked with police and the school district about what was really going on well class was in session. >> reporter: at cloverdale high school, police say a special education teacher was conducting more than a typical class here. >> it was in essence a fight club. >> reporter: police have arrested the teacher, federico vargas, on 13 counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor , and five counts of endangering a child. all felonies. vargas has been teaching here for eight years. police say he received a tip about a fight and found more.
5:34 pm
>> in this particular class, they moved the chairs out to the side, and then he would referee the altercations between the kids. the kids would call it bodying where they would not hit each other in the face. they would hit in the bodies. >> reporter: they also have a student cell phone video. one student claimed to be in vargas's class called the charges a bunch of bs. the clover unified school district has removed vargas from the classroom with pay while the investigation continues. >> the allegations that have come forward that some of our kids may have been placed in harm's way, it hurts. >> reporter: investigators are still trying to determine how long the fights have been going on. some students were injured, but neither police or the district could say what those injuries were. vargas was arrested last saturday and posted $50,000 bail sunday. efforts to reach and were unsuccessful, but police say he is talking to them. >> is very emotional about it.
5:35 pm
>> that i was shocked. here, cloverdale? no. >> reporter: that was the reaction of this longtime cloverdale resident who used to run the town's newspaper. >> that is not what we want. that is not how people want to be perceived. >> we are going to work hard to get to the bottom of this, and make sure something like this if it happened never happens again. >> reporter: federico vargas is doing court and weekend. right now he faces 18 felony counts, but police say the number eventually could grow even higher. and cloverdale, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. firefighters in concord say smoke detector saved a family from a house fire this morning. it happened at about 4:30 a.m. on a home in watson port west. firefighters say a mother and her two children were inside asleep at the time but were woken up by smoke detectors. the fire started in the garage but spread quickly to the
5:36 pm
repeater firefighter said they had trouble fighting the fire because the metal roof had been placed on top of the wooden shake roof. >> as far as the fire burning underneath the metal involving that shake itself, it's now becoming a challenge because we have to strip all the metal up to be able to get to all the overhaul. >> firefighters say now. investigators are still trying to figure out how that started. the city of san francisco is already making changes to howard street following a deadly bike accident last week. christien kafton tells us that starting tomorrow, drivers will not be able to park on the north side of howard street until it can be made safer for bike riders. >> reporter: less than a week after a deadly bike collision san francisco's department of traffic is bringing change to howard street. the first death warning drivers
5:37 pm
the stretch of the north side of howard street between fifth and sixth becomes a no stopping zone. widening the cycle iss to ride. the city looking at how best to protect bike riders short-term and long-term. >> right now we are looking at a temporary fix for this location until we do the whole project will be of a permanent solution in place starting sometime next year. >> reporter: the city sent out a rapid response team to analyze traffic flow in the area following the deadly collision that claimed the lives of 30-year-old test rothstein. witnesses tell ktvu she was likely west on howard in the bike lane, when a driver and parked car opened their door forcing them to swerve into traffic. san francisco cycling community says the existing bike lane on howard was parked by cars, and the traffic lane is unsafe. >> the bike lane is called a doors on. some cyclists might call it a suicide on because when a door opens, you can get hit or you will have to seven to vehicle traffic. >> reporter: the coalition is applauding city leaders.
5:38 pm
for making the streets safer for cyclists immediately, but at the same time the coalition is urging the city to make steps to make san francisco more bike friendly, including protected bike lanes running the full length of howard and folsom street and streamlining project aimed at protecting cyclist. >> today we put out a strong call to action, telling people of the community at large, the bike community, to write to our elected officials. we know when political leadership comes, change will come as well. >> reporter: police say opening a corridor into a lane of traffic is a violation of the vehicle code, but at this point, friday's deadly investigation is still under investigation. nobody has been cited. and san francisco, christien kafton, fox 2. in less than three weeks, great britain is expected to leave the european union. another major setback for prime minister theresa may. another look at the warriors' new arena. will go live to the chase center for the progress.
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
5:41 pm
for the second time, lawmakers in great britain have voted down prime minister theresa may's brexit deal just 17 days to go for the country the posting to leave the european union. tomorrow is parliament will vote whether to leave the eu without a deal. that idea is also expected to be defeated. on thursday, lawmakers could decide to delay brexit for weeks all 27 other eu
5:42 pm
nations. the u.s. is withdrawing the last of it step from the embassy in venezuela as tensions there escalate. more than 50 nation support juan guaido as the country's leader, well russia, china, and cuba support the. president nicholas maduro. along with food and gas shortages, the country has been hit by power outages and looting. the maduro government has accused the u.s. of triggering this outages with the cyber attack which the u.s. denies. >> we are attempting to restore basic rule of law, transparency, democracy, and the wealth that sits in the property basin of venezuela for the venezuelan people. >> president trump has said u.s. is seeking a peaceful transition of power in venezuela, but also warned all options are open. a state lawmaker took a temporary leave of absense to will disputing a misdemeanor charge of cruelty to his young daughter as false and unthinkable. prosecutors have charged
5:43 pm
joaquin with quotes, inflicting unjustifiable physical pain or mental suffering on a child. the fresno democrat was arrested in december after he spanked his 7-year-old daughter for acting out. the girl reported the spanking to her teacher and the authorities got involved. police said the girl suffered an unspecified injury that was not consistent with a spanking. in a statement, he said he was shocked by the allegation that he would hurt any of his three dollars. a modern-day must-have for billions of people turns 30 years old today. it is difficult to imagine a world without the world wide web, which was first granted to us as the information superhighway. is used to keep our homes and valuables safe, but at the same time makes us more vulnerable to crooks and thieves. weather usa you're going online or on the internet, it affects almost every aspect of your daily life. however, this public space still remains inaccessible to
5:44 pm
many. >> 50% of humanity is now using this web thing. get the other half online as quickly as possible of course because it's becoming more and more unfair that they aren't. >> tim berners-lee call for global effort to stop state- sponsored hacking, criminal behavior, and abusive language on the internet. he went on to say the world wide web we know today is in many ways not the same web he wanted. 30 years after the invention of the internet, about half the world's population is online. well, it seems that every weekend for the last month we've been talking at least about one store. the forecast this week, completely different story. one 70s return to the bay area forecast. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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so the warriors have been playing in oakland at the reno there since 1971, and they hope to close out there last season with a third consecutive nba championship. >> at the start of season, it will be playing their home games at the chase center which is now being built and san francisco's mission bay neighborhood. our sports director, mike ibanez, received the grantor today, and he joined us now to give us a look inside . mark, what you think? >> reporter: it was pretty mind- boggling. i tell you what, it's going up right before our very eyes, and of course the first question is
5:48 pm
is it on schedule, and the answer is yes, but rick welts who gave me this torcon he's the president and chief operating officer of the golden state warriors, who are still the chance defending their title. he said i'm glad you asked me if we are on schedule and not on budget. they are doing things as joe lacob can only do things, and first-class. this will be a world-class mind blowing facility, and the tour today started inside first of all a little virtual-reality stuff, and how about this? some of the luxury suites. you will have your own private wine filler. everyone needs that, right? then you need to take a few short steps around the corner, and another ligot your great view of the ballgame, and the luxury suite, some ofyo they are like a penthouse suite in manhattan! i mean a luxury penthouse suite. beautiful stuff. once you go outside, two main entrances to the facility. very welcoming, and once you get inside, everything easily
5:49 pm
accessible. in fact, 19 escalators -- that is a record for a building. and of course, once you get to the shell inside, they are starting to put in the seats. it will be at 18,000. they could have made it larger of course, but they want to maintain that oracle like intimate feel, and how about this? the players inner sanctum. they are going to have their own barbershop, private chef, underground parking for the players. i would like to lure a free agent that way, and i know what you are wanting to know. what about the pricing? i asked rick welts about that. >> we have spent the last year bringing our existing season- ticket holders, none of them knew pricing or anything, and our sales center and over 70% of them their season tickets in hand, so i think the value proposition is there. we are not going to sell the building out with season tickets as we don't now, so we
5:50 pm
are going to have somewhere between 2400 and 5000 tickets available by then. so we have to make this affordable and the way that this building continues our sellout streak every night for warriors games. >> reporter: i will bet you they will not have a problem with that. what is mind blowing about this too? just hustle, bustle activity. 1400 workers on the job monday through friday, weekends if necessary, but they are right on schedule. they are not ahead of schedule, they are not behind, and the activities will ramp in a big way early fall right around september 1, and then the warriors' season, and they hope they are defending a at an unbelievable facility, and they are not nearly finished with it yet. some finishing touches yet to be made. >> you look incredible, mark. the of underground parking.
5:51 pm
tell us about the practice facility. we are hearing underground? >> yeah, and i heard frank say barbershop. >> that incredible! >> convenient. >> the players, i guess they are not pampered enough. they are not pampered enough, but no. you mentioned the practice facility. we found out yesterday the facility in the east bay will be used for some other great community events to help out use of the east bay in particular, but this one, this is underground. it is literally like 50 steps of the most away from where the warriors will dress and get into the uniforms, etc., and it's got two full nba siwill ha banners, up above you might've seen the shot there on the balcony. that is where the general manager will be, the coaches will be hanging up there overlooking the courts themselves. i mean the main thing about this thing, it is going to be an incredible experience for the fans. luxury beyond all imagination.
5:52 pm
and remember, this is an event not just for warrior games, but they will also do 200 or so events a year, and a lot of them concert comes the 200 and of 365 days a year, something will be going on here. you got restaurants, you've got shops. is going to be an incredible part of san francisco, and when you think about it did not even exist here, you know, you're so ago. it's pretty amazing, and it just starts with nba basketball, really. >> just a tad different from oracle arena. when you see the new chase center -- mike ibanez live in the chase center quick weather update for you. we are expecting and that warming temperatures as we head toward the weekend. a break in the rainfall which is great. we do need that break. look at where we stand in the season. going back to october 1, santa rosa over 38 inches of rain.
5:53 pm
that about 130% of average comes everybody above the average. san francisco, san jose, and oakland with 16.88 inches of rainfall . just amazing. you can see a weak system moving to the north and east, and we had a few passing clouds, even isolated showers today, but for the most part just a sun cloud mix and those gusty winds. current numbers in the 50s to lower 60s. concord 62, san francisco 55 degrees , and those wind speed are still up there. you can see -- let's see, napa, that is a cost of 33 miles an hour, concord gusting at 35, sfo gusting at 47 so a strong wind is that the coast side and around the bay. here's our live camera looking out above san francisco , where you can see some clouds in the distance, but for the most part we are expecting clearing skies for tonight, but this will be the developing headline. warming temperatures especially as we head toward the weekend, and take a look at this sunday for typing the warmest locations will be close to 70 degrees. that will be the common theme
5:54 pm
as we head toward sunday. not tomorrow morning for your wednesday, clear and cool to start off the day, and more sunshine into the afternoon hours. san francisco on track to reach lower 60s under mostly sunny skies throughout the wednesday afternoon. so this guy boosted wind speed for us today, also generated snow showers in the sierra. this will kick on out-of-town, being replaced by an area of high pressure, so dry weather pattern. it's a simple forecast right into the weekend, and a nice one for both saturday and sunday. now we of the clouds today, and tomorrow look at this. monthlies sunny skies. into your thursday we will bring a few extra high clouds for the afternoon hours, but no raindrops expected. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s for your wednesday afternoon. santa rosa 65, concord 63, san francisco 61, a few more neighborhoods in san jose checking in at 64. a look ahead at your five-day forecast. we just bring in an extra few high clouds on thursday, but i think we really appreciate these sunny, warm days after the past couple of months it
5:55 pm
seems like, and the weekend will be a great weekend to get outside. and aggressive plan to fast- track new homes and apartments in california. those cities that don't comply with the governor's new plan could face serious consequences. (music throughout) tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power
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to preserve and protect them. with love, california. when it comes to reducing the evsugar in your family's diet,m. coke, dr pepper and pepsi hear you. we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. alright,yeah!excited? waaahoo... well... that was fun, right? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines.
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for governor news10 is looking to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to fast-track new homes and apartments. reporter mike lori found cities that don't comply with the new building rules could face serious consequences. >> reporter: in california, housing is high in demand. >> i would put at the top of the list in terms of priorities and needs. we've got a real shortage in the state of california for housing, and our population is growing. >> reporter: so the state is planning to build 3.5 new housing units by 2025, and by sacramento the plan is to transform this empty lot by midtown into 159 apartments and
5:58 pm
retail spaces that will one day look like this. >> it's an urban infill project, and i think this is exactly where california is headed. >> reporter: windy saunders heads up an authority that is working to bring more affordable housing and urban centers near transit for low and middle income californians. >> 50% are going to be market rate at 50% are going to be affordable at different levels with income, so we will have for very low income folks, some for low income, and some for those who are kind of what we call the missing middle. >> reporter: governor newsom has committed close to $2 billion in incentives for cities like sacramento to come up with affordable housing plans. at the allied in his state of the state address last month. >> if we want to california for all, we have to build housing for all. >> reporter: but under the governor it was plan, cities could potentially lose gas tax money that is supposed to go for repairs unless they come up with affordable housing options by 2023. and that prospect is upsetting to some drivers filling up at
5:59 pm
the pump today. >> i don't think they should take that money from the roads. the roads are bad enough by now. it is like where is the money going in general when they are not doing any repairs? more potholes and cars coming out? >> reporter: the california housing secretary since the state is committed to making housing more affordable for more people. >> i think at the end of the day, the is to have everybody in compliance with housing laws. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6. new information tonight about a homeless man arrested for stalking and fatally stabbing a woman in san jose. tonight we are learning that he had a long criminal record and was in the u.s. illegally. >> i.c.e. had placed detainers on this individual six separate times, two in the los angeles area and four in the county of santa clara. >> the victim, a 59-year-old woman, was killed in her home a couple weeks ago. at this point police say there's no indication she knew her attacker. good evening, i'm julie haener.
6:00 pm
>> i'm frank somerville. he is 24-year-old carlos eduardo arevalo carranza. police say dna evidence helped tie him to the killing. live coverage tonight on his arrest . andre senior and san jose with details, andre? >> reporter: police say the suspect stalked his victim, followed her to her home two weeks ago, and that is where he took her life. and today, san jose police chief eddie garcia said dna leading to his capture in a manner that is sure to fan the flames of the immigration debate across our country. for 12 days, questions about debbie larson found murdered in her home went unanswered. that changed tuesday one police named carlos eduardo arevalo carranza a suspect. >> on monday, the crime lab returned a dna match on suspect arevalo carranza. award was obtained from the suspect. >> reporter: bay port over 460 hours worth of home surveillance video looking into the february 2000 incident, capping incidents of the suspect to stalked


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