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it will be quite a warm weekend. >> i hope so. end of winter just about. a week away. it will be warm. >> do we have rain in march? >> yes we will. of course we will. we are not done yet. temperatures today keep popping up in today will be warmer. as we head into friday and the week and there will be high clouds, sunday into monday, i would not be surprised if we get mid-70s, again is the usual suspect. but santa rosa 72 in san jose 72. the city 68 and that would be sunday. monday might be warmer. changes on the way. santa rosa 38 and livermore 39. a lot of 40s including san jose. they did make it to 27 yesterday so it was cold.
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on the peninsula 30s and 40s. on the coast near 50. 39 in los altos. we will start off with sunshine today and if you high clouds will drift in. no big deal but they will be there later on. highs in the mid 60s and this system will not bring rain but it will bring clouds. mid 60s, a little teen above average. alice's here, did i hear 580? >> 580 looks okay. we will circle back and follow- up. i want to show you the map in san jose because everything looks real good. you will have an easy drive. if you were driving up from delray and morgan hill, 101 looks clear. north of there, if you look at commute, they point, no red on the screen. on highway four, this is one of the earlier commutes that we will see pick up although too early but now is the chance to
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head out. this is the live view of westbound highway four through bay point. no problems to tell you about. we want to show you the san mateo bridge in their cars on the road. not a lot of bridge traffic. time now is 4:32. today the senate is scheduled to vote on a resolution to resend president trump's declaration of a national emergency in the u.s. order with mexico. the president made the declaration last month, in order to shift billions of dollars to build the border wall the house is already approved the message and if it passes in the senate, it would go to president trump's desk for his signature. the president has said if that happens, he would veto it. u.s. airlines now scrambling to make their flight schedules after the faa joined other countries and grounding the 737 jets. we report from washington, d.c. where new evidence about the deadly crash in ethiop convinced to president trump's it was time to suspend the planes.
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>> the faa found itself under enormous pressure to ground the 737 max aircraft and ultimately made an about-face after the president weighed in. >> the evidence has been mounairline flight 302 has striking similarities to the lion air crashed in indonesia back in october. and now he was carriers will have to stop flying the 737s max 8 aircraft after president trump had heard anette burkoe >> hopefully quickly they will come up with the answer. but until they do, the planes are grounded. >> despite initially backing the 737 max, the faa fell into line, now following the lead of other countries that have and are grounded the planes. the three major u.s. carriers affect southwest, american, and united. all will have to shift aircraft around to accommodate passengers. certainly there are some travelers who are breathing a sigh of relief. >> i think it was the right decision given the rest of the
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world is doing the same thing. it's a prudent thing to do until we know more. >> it is who is working quickl to fill orders of the 737 maxwell the same time trying to address software issues that may have caused the aircraft at times to incorrectly pitch down. >> these planes needed to be grounded and then let the faa safety officials and the boeing safety officials work together to find out what's wrong, is a technological problems, is it pilot error? is it something else? >> one of the real triggers here for the faa beyond pressure from the president was new satellite tracking data indicating that both of the 737s max 8 aircraft that crashed flew in a similar fashion in the final moments. dudley seiter, foxnews. president trump's former campaign manager paul manafort has more legal troubles as he faces new charges in new york state. in d.c. he was sentenced to an
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additional 3 1/2 years in prison for violation of lobbying and witness tampering. that is in addition to the near for years he received last week for tax and d. those two cases stem from had little to say about a possible pardon. >> i have not even given it a thought as of this moment. >> anna fort could face more prison time minutes after he was sentenced yesterday, the manhattan district attorney indicted him on 16 charges related to mortgage fraud violation and those charges are not subject to federal part is. more followed on the college admission scandal, usc is banning applicants affiliated with the consulting group that pleaded guilty and setting up the crickets game. usc will review case-by-case per students connected to the scandal. meanwhile we examine the impa of thon to pay area businesses and a tv star.
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have to say? ri loughlin >> she and her husband massimo gianelli are charged with bribing school officials to get their daughters admitted to the university of southern california. more than 30 other wealthy parents including fellow actress felicity huffman are also accused of bribing the coaches and insiders at college testing centers to help their children get into some of the nation's most elite schools. >> it is difficult to imagine that a federal court judge would allow a crime like this that is such deliberate fraud, so premeditated, and that involved so much and sense of the type entitlement to go unpunished. >> he is a federal state prosecutor criminal defense attorney. he said the parents could argue that the system is corrupt. >> that people were bribing their way into the school and
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that, so they could say their kids were at a disadvantage by not participating in the corruption. >> he said the cross of prosecution likely has good evidence including wiretap conversations and texts between the parents and consultant rick singer. the alleged middleman. this scandal has already cost to mend their jobs in the bay area. he is now on leave from his job as one of the world's largest rabbit equity investors. manwell henriquez has also stepped down as ceo and chairman of hercules capital private equity. a palo alto hedge fund. he said the suspects wealth already give their children an advantage. >> not only does my child have the advantage of my vast wealth and power, but now i am actually going to keep cheat the system to give them additional benefits is something that the public will find on these folks thin important >> wealthy parents allegedly made the payments in the form
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of donations to a charitable foundation. grasses back to the suspicion of the irs which eventually led to the charges. gress that he would not be surprised to see if more people were charged including some of the children who benefited from the skin. amber lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. the alameda county district attorney's office will open an investigation into a deadly shooting by sheriff's deputies in the san leandro area. authorities responded to a report of a theft in progress at the thrift town store late wednesday afternoon. deputies arrived quick enough to spot the suspect in the parking lot. the sheriff's office said when deputies attempted to talk to the suspect, the man and woman backed up their suv and high- speed, mood moved the motorcycle then the deputies feared for their lives and five >> it goes toward the in the mo on inside. i don't know if it was hit or dropped. and three deputies fired at the
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same time. >> both hit by gunfire and the man died at the scene. the woman was taken to eden medical center. the sheriffs's spokesperson said she is in fair condition and no deputy was hurt pleasant hill is trying to ease concerns from students after racist graffiti was found on some of the restroom walls at the school. students walking out of the classes yesterday followed protest the way the school handled the situation. student said they were not told about the graffiti until two days it was discovered. the city had two actors that involved to african slurs against african-americans. students say they are concerned for their safety. the college issued a statement saying the school does not tolerate hate and will prosecute those responsible. a large safe stolen from the san francisco church. hebert a reman is inspiring
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others to push their limits and compete in an intense physical competition we have no major problems to tell you about on the commute this morning. here's a look at the drive on the isere freeway. traffic looks good. clear, not much going on here. we are headed to spring training where it is been cool in arizona. it will start to warm up and then the low continues to march across the middle of the country.
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hundreds of highly trained athletes are getting ready to
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compete in this weekend spartan race at diablo grande. one of the more unlikely parts is this man, paula brentwood. scott reese explains why he is lucky to be alive. >> reporter: paul bond duck is listed in serious condition at stanford medical center with numerous injuries. he spent almost 4 days stranded in a ravine after his car went off highway one near matera and plunged down a steep embankment. >> i woke up the next morning and i was in the backseat of my car, looking trees and bushes all arwas thinking, somebody's playing a really bad joke, too. >> it was no joke, his body like his car mangled. >> i was crushed, my legs were crushed, left ankle was broken and my arm was crushed. my femur was protruding out of my five >> pjs wife jamie was his girlfriend at the time.
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>> i had a feeling that there must be something really wrong. so i was paging. >> without her pages, she was telling me i love you and i miss you, what are you. and i was thinking oh man i have to get out of your. >> for four days he was stranded at the bottom of that ravine. >> i'm having conversations with the lord and i told him that lord that day, if i ever admit to be found, please give me the strength and energy to survive. until that happens. if not,now, my soul is all your >> i laid there with my head on the back bumper and i felt something different other than cars going by and so i yelled for help when i heard someone. i heard a voice say who is that? who is down there. i was in in a car accident i've been here for four days.
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and they said okay stay right there, we will get help. >> at stanford medical center, a 16-year-old boy is fighting for his life after already defining the odds. pjs fight however was far from over. in 2011, 17 years after the accident, the fallout continued. >> i got a staph infection in my leg. i was in and out of the hospital for two months and then i was hooked on pain meds. i was thinking, i am still going through all of this, after decades later? what kind of lifestyle and i going to be living? >> it was difficult. seeing him with the state of depression and sitting there and not doing anything for himself. >> physically and mentally i was at the worst date of my life because i gained so much weight. i thought i am broken. >> remember asking him at one unhealthy for the rest of your life? and rest of your life like this? and i said of course not.
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you think i want to stay like this? and she said you have to do something about it. >> what jamie did was start pj on a path that would alter his life and possibly save it. >> she changed her diet. >> he loved all the junk food. >> she told me okay, let's go to the gym. she was an avid jim thorpe. she said i want you to try this. i tried that.. at that i latched onto and i stuck with. >> i just wanted to keep going. and not have to worry about you getting l. >> pjs new active lifestyle not and mental health, it led him to an adventure. he could never have seen coming. >> i see my gym friends come in as partnerships. so i asked them, what sparked you and it's an obstacle course race.
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actually it's much more than that. it's a grueling test of strength and endurance. think military boot camp meets american ninja warrior but with the team concept. pj completed his first pardon in 2015. and he was hooked. >> it is contagious, i call it spartan -itis. once you know you have finished the race, no matter how slow or how fast, you finish. >> his group of five has grown to 200. competing and multiple spartans a year and pj isn't just a participant, he's the team captain. >> he means the world to us, everyone loves him. he's a natural leader. >> he pushes you but in a way to encourage you. to overcome the different obstacles and that is the part of it, the obstacles. >> his spartan medal count of olympic countries. he works as the fitness
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instructor. yes the same guy who almost lost his leg and his life twis >> i know i could have died. i know my leg could have been amputated. >> he is inspiring people and i feel that's why this happened. >> i know there is a reason for me to be here. spartan is like a life, you go through challenges and obstacles throughout life. it's not about just getting up on it, if you have these goals, it will be time to work toward a but it is not impossible. in itself that is the priceless reward for me. the power of the mind, if you can convince the mind the body will follow. traffic wise, what is it? 4:49? >> things overall all look
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pretty good. we don't have a lot of to talk about. we can keep this short and get to the point. that show you the maps that we have, we are starting with the commute on westbound 80. things look good through vallejo. solid green. all the roadways, even driving through richmond all the way into berkeley. on macarthur, just 17 minutes. no problems and then bay bridge toll plaza getting a little busier as the morning goes on. cash lanes philip. metering lights are not on just more people on the roads. you will not experience too much of a delay. it is 4:49 and i will turn it over to steve for what seems like a nice day today. >> a nice day for you yesterday? are you happy? >> it was nice to have a break from the rain. i know we needed. >> we had a lot of rain, today will be another day of a break from rain. probably nothing until the middle of next week. for the weekend we will focus
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on being warmer. it's a stretch of dry weather and it looks like that it will top out about 11. something might come in next wednesday but the longest rights we have had is 11 days. going back to december 21 and that's pretty good for us. we could get three weeks or a month sometimes of winter dry spells but that has not been the case. we will bump it up each day. the high temps will continue to, because the lows away coming out as well. if you like to plan ahead, sunday and monday but upper 60s and maybe some mid-70s. 72 four san jose. those are some of the early forecast projections. 30s and 40s on the thames and santa rosa and 38 at the airport. another cold morning. 30s for some areas and a little breeze and santa rosa. windchill at 32. upper 30s and low 40s but the breezes tail off. a couple of days and wrote the
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wind was front and center. on the peninsula 30s. stanford 38. we start up with sunshine and a few high clouds. it will break through the ridge. that tells you there's not much to it. it will drag across. southern california into arizona much quieter now. it has been unseasonably cool in phoenix and tucson will start to rebound. 80s will be back by the weekend. it is cool on the desert. 46. these higher clouds will drag across. mostly sunny on thursday and then into friday morning as well. there will be high cloudschday times will bump up. it will be a warmer weekend. 70s for a while for many. going back to november for and 60s in antioc each day upper 60s and then some 70s. you remember the 70s frank? all too well. i wasn't around that time.
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>> you young man. coming up next, the catholic church and the thieves took things that aren't just monetary and value some irreplaceable documents that were inside the safe.
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francisco police are looking for thieves who stole a church say. they broke into st. dominic's catholic church on tuesday night
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inside the stolen safe was $9000 in gift cards. these historic books contained 150 years of birth, communion, confirmation, marriage, and funeral records. >> a series of bound books that have sacrament records. that gives is basically the history of our parish. they date back to the 1870s. >> the clergy are worried about the gift cards are not worried but they want the priceless books returned if they can be. st. dominic's is offering a $10,000 reward for those bound to document. san francisco fire chief is set to make history as the first openly lgbtq person the lead to lead the department. deputy chief jeannie nichols will take over for joe in hays wife. she's a 25 year veteran with the department and spent most of that time fighting fires in the field. priorities will be caring for those in need. >> dealing with the homelessthe.
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because as first responders we are out there every day and night with people who are really down on their luck. >> nicholson is expected to take over the chief position in early may when the current chief retards. funeral arrangements are underway for a usc student from oakland who was shot and killed near the campus. oakland police led a procession for victor michael haney yesterday after his body was wrought home to oakland. the weekend in los during a rob atmpthe usc campus where he was a student. usc said it will hold a celebration of life for victor on campus next tuesday night. he's the son of a councilwoman lynette gibson. still ahead, we are now hearing from investigators about what caused one of the most destructive wildfires in california history. this is one of those storms that mother nature wins. >> spring believe it or not is
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less than a week and way but you would not know what. looking at the storm in the central states and boy did it. how a bomb cyclone is to blame for the latest season blizzard. this is going to be a
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positive campaign. it seeks to bring out the very best from every single one of us. it seeks to unite a very divided country. >> another democrat in the 2020 presidential race. when we know about former texas congressman beto o'rourke's campaign plans. >> there are innocent people on death row. there are guilty people on death row. those people will not be let out by this act. they'll be held to account. a very emotional announcement by n newsom. his decision is not sitting well with families of the victims. those planes will be grounded. >> the u.s. joining other countries in grounding max 2 planes. thank you for joining us
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here on mornings on 2. thursday morning, march 14th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm frank mallicoat. if mycalculations are right, spring is a week away. >> i believe that's 291st or 22nd. we'll find out, anyway. >> it will be a nice day again if we enjoy yesterday, we'll find out. warmer weather is on the way but it's not going to be a big jump but we're warming it up. so nice, a little warmer. as we head into the weekend, we'll see some low to maybe mid-70s for a few locations


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