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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  March 26, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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director says that dating back to march 16th, the unidentified ma around santa clara county as represent by the officials say contracted it outside of the states and then came here to see the sights. >> they have given windows of time when the traveler was at these locations, it is from an ihop on north 1st street early on the 16th and a few hours later the hoover tower observation deck. from 12:30-3:30 that afternoon. then, macy's store in santa clara, four days later, on the 20th, he ate at a tie restaurant on south 2nd street not far from the campus. >> if you are one of the few not protected from measles and you are in one of the places
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that one of these times that the person with measles was there you could be at risk of catching it. it is very infectious. it started with an in coming international flight in february. health officials say a note from santa cruz county had measles and two others contracted it including a san francisco man and the second person to become infected was the santa clara child who was hospitalized and since released. measles start with a fever, running nose, red eyes, cough, sore throat followed by a rash. >> the measles, rash it is typically starting on the face or around the hair line and spreads down the body. >> the officials stress if you believe you may be infected with measles do not, i say again, do not go to your health
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care provider. instead give them a call. they will need time to set up an area to evaluate your condition. we will put all of the information on our web site, we are live in santa fe, fox 2 news, back to you. >> good advice, appreciate it. state health officials say the number of unvaccinated children in california is growing. today, lawmakers introduced a new bill to address the issue. every child in california must receive mandatory vaccinations unless they have a medical exemption, doctors will have to forward it to the state department of public health. the only agency in california authorizeed to issue those exceptions. the author of the bill says some doctors are abusing the process and are authorizing for
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trained in pediatric or family medicine and not providing ongoing care for these children. instead, they were monetizing their medical license. >> today, protesters gathered outside of the capital saying it violates parental rights. the state will have the authority to invalidate previously exceptions found to be frivolous. they are granted when a child has a serious health issue that could be compromised by live vaccine cultures. a county in new york is banning unvaccinated children from public places as measles continue to spread. since october, more than 150 people have been infected in rockland county. that say suburb one hour outside of new york city. the officials say parents will be penalized if they are found to have brought their
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unvaccinated children to public spaces such as schools and stores. that goes into effect 30 days. foul play is not found after a 4-year-old fell from a 4th floor balcony at an apartment complex. at 5:00 last night, the officials say a parent was home at the time. the boy was rushed to a hospital where he remains in serious condition tonight. the department of public safety tells us that it is now working with the da's office and would not comment on if any larges would be filed. the santa clara county's police chief association is asking the couldn't tow -- county changed the policy after a woman was killed by an undocumented immigrant by a criminal record. in that letter, they asked if law enforcement be able to notify federal immigration authorities if a jail inmate has been convicted of specific
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san jose police chief says it say necessary change for the safety of the community. >> this is targeting individuals that are committing violent, serious or significant crimes. we are here to keep everyone safe. including all of our -- if you are documented or undo you meaned. >> the letter was signed by eleven police chiefs. and presented the county board of supervisors. mlb is suspending giant's ceo larry baer until july 1st. it comes a month after this altercation was caught on camera between him and his wife. the giants are getting ready for the start of baseball season. ktvu spoke with antidomestic violence advocates about the
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suspension. rob? >> reporter: larry baer has been the face of the giant's front office for years and you would see him out here at the park where there is a game tonight. now, baer can not return to the giants until the 1st of july. while the park gets ready for the final exhibition game before opening day, major league baseball announced that san francisco giants president and ceo is suspended without pay for three months. the mlb commissioner said he spoke with baer and issued this statement. >> i conclude his behavior was unresponsible. as a loader he is -- leader he is expected to be a role model in the community. it comes after this physical altercation between him and his wife, pam, in which she fell off of a chair. it was captured on cell phone video. baer has been on leave of absence in a statement heed quote i made a serious mistake
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that i regret and i am -- he said quote i made a serious mistake that i regret and i am sorry. it fell short of what is to be demanded especially someone in my position enrolled in the community. resources for domestic violence, the director written to major league baseball to take the matter seriously and feels they did just that. >> it seems like a reasonable period of time, i think it is meaningful. i think that, you know, the suspension, the unpaid suspension so that hits the suspension and the financial issue. andrea sign today to the commissioner. >> it is coming out of this is that the mlb is serious about leadership and accountability and that it definitely wants to move forward in a constructive way in a responsible way about
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setting a higher standard for officers of these organizations. >> reporter: the giants issued this statement quote, the commissioner imposed what we believe to be appropriate measures and will work with major league baseball and mr. baer to ensure all aspects of the disciplinary program are completed. the commissioner is also ordered baer to get treatment. as for his wife, pam, advocates hope she, too, is receiving help. >> i am hopeful she has found friends, allies, resources that help her navigate her situation and that, i think, would be a good outcome for her. >> he will be allowed to return as president and ceo. >> reporter: some of his duties will chicago and unclear if he will remain the face of the giants front office. back to you. >> rob roth, thank you. the search continues tonight for a 28-year-old man
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who disappeared in the waters off of rockaway beach in pacifica. tyler collins went swimming with a friend at 3:30 this morning. they were visiting and staying at the nearby lighthouse hotel. the police say that collins and one friend were in the water up to their chest when they felt a strong under current. the friend was able to fet out of the water pucollips did not make it. >> we were unable to locate anyone in the water. >> the coast guard continued to search for him throughout the day. both with boats and helicopter but they have had no success. a body found on the beach has been confirmed to be that of a 22-year-old woman buried in a landslide a month ago. the family of kira scarlet said
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he body was recovered yesterday. she was on the dog and a friend when part of the cliff went out. >> kira left the world doing what she loved. being outside, near the ocean at one of her favorite dog parks. a surprise twist in the jussie smollette case. the prosecutors in chicago will not follow up charges even though they believe he paid for the attack. it is a decision that angered the mayor and the police chief. >> in a surprise turn of events prosecutors in chicago have dropped all charges against "empire" actor jussie. smollette. he says he stands by his story. >> i have been truthful and consistent on every level since day 1. and i would not be able to do
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that. i am my mother's son. >> producers decided to remove him from the final two episodes. he was attacked by two men. his report of the hate crime included a chemical substance poured on him and a loop around his neck. >> i have no idea what attorneys or why it seemed to occur. it -- he is still saying he is innocent. how dare him. >> two brothers were arrested in february for allegedly linked to the hate crime. they, too, were released without charges. the decision takes some of the legal pressure off of him and reversal of fortune say a lack of evidence may have been a factor. >> it is a result of lawyering on the part of his lawyers or a
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realization by the government of some defect in its evidence. >> after he is forfeiting his bond to get out of jail. earlier today on the 4, ktvu analyst said he was surprised. but this turn of evidence. from everything that i have seep, heard, no not lack of evidence here. they participated the gay community. it is a high profile guy. the country thinks well, wait a minute, you got a lot of money, famous, the government is afraid to go against you, wrong. >> he said that he feels chicago prosecutors should explain to the public in detail why they dismissed this case. members of the barbara shop
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and sheriff's office takes students through a use of force training exercise. coming up next, we talk with the man who had a very close encounter with a great white shark. and after all of the rain ball leaving yesterday, it gives you ia break. it will return. to the bay area forecast to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud.
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big wave surfers at mavericks got up close to one of the ocean's biggest predators, one of the surfers riding a jetski spotted a 20 foot long great white. the santa barbara surfer came
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to the coast hoping for the mavericks surfing competition but he got a different thrill. we spoke to the surfer who rescued potential victims. >> long before humans came here, giant sharks swam, ate and reproduced along the coast. >> it was scary. it was a scary thing to see because it dwarfed my entire jetski. >> reporter: drake say professional big wave surfer. certified personal watercraft safety operator. he was out at mavericks off of the coast on sunday when he got a surprise. right under his surf rescue jetski. >> it looked like a while under me. >> reporter: it was in the ocean waters extending to the bodega bay to the north and the
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red triangle is a great gathering place. >> a white belly and it rolled on to its side i can see its eye as it was looking up at me on top of the water. >> soon, the shark fixateod on a surfer. i trotelled my engine enough and it today and it turned and headed back out to sea. >> as the camera shows he used the jetski to get 8 surfers back to shore. 8 attacks occurred in the red try age. >> any species of sharks on human attacks are rare. 64 attacks in the united states in the last 60 years, 439 attacks worldwide. even up close. >> it was one of the most
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profound things that i have seen. sheer beauty of a creature like that. >> topping the program says be sides staying here many great white sharks will go out to the deep waters between here and hawaii where they say another place nicknamed the sharks cafe. ktvu fox 2 news. california has sold 600million in bonds for the high speed railroad project. the transaction was approved saying wells fargo bought the bonds. they approved $10 billion in bonds to find the bullet train between san francisco and los angeles. but, the estimated cost has sored since then and the governor recently cast doubt on the project's future saying the focus should be on the section of the project that runs from -- through rather, the valley. afterain it is
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nice to have a break in the rain. it is a productive weather ross bay area, especially in the santa cruz mountains, taking a look here at the forecast coming up for you. right here on this map. here you go. you can see, the mountains, approaching 2 inches of rainfall. 2 day totals, santa rosa, .75. san francisco, .18 and the same for san jose. as far as temperatures if you thought it was mild today, you were right on. mild to warm with more neighborhoods in the 60s. a few spots close to 70 degrees. concord, 68. coupertino, 67. there is a circulation out to our west and clouds being pushed in from the south and to the west. a little bit of activity on the radar. not all of us reaching the ground. we have light rain reports in mountains view for the 5:00 hour. solid cloud cover, and we are going to hold on to still the possibility of scattered showers for this evening. a liscattered green
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on the radar right now. it will be changing late tonight into the morning. look at the mild readings, santa rosa, 61. san jose, 66 and san francisco, checking in 60 degrees. outside right now you can see the cloud cover moving in. also, the green hills, the rainfall over the past few months paying off and showing up in the bay area hillside, vibrant green. >> baseball, once again. we are expecting this cloudy sky, there is a chance of scattered shower and the temperatures will be in the upper 50s around 59, 60 with the bay bridge series spring training continuing in san francisco. set up off shore in the pacific. we have an area of low pressure. going to stick around over the next few days, not moving too much. what is happening, cold air to the north and feeling mild to dry air mass. it sets up a smaller system
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that will move into the bay area with that, wednesday, showers for tomorrow morning and then for thursday, once again. there is a chance of scattered showers, when does the system move out? friday and for the weekend. that is when we bring the dry weather forecast. here is what happens tonight. once again, the possibility of scattered showers, this is wednesday morning, 2:00, 5:00, 6:00, throughout your wednesday, we are going to have showers, possibly thunderstorms, especially if you get the sunny breaks that can destabilize enough the environment to set up a few isolated thunderstorms in your wednesday forecast. a little bit of everything. sunshine, clouds, showers, maybe a thunderstorm. and then thursday, still have to hold on to the possibility of scattered showers throughout the day. here is a look ahead. five-day forecast. hold on tight the next couple of days, shower chance through thursday. then, we will dry things out and warm up into the weekend. by sunday, warmest locations could be approaching the lower
5:22 pm
70s. at least 69, maybe approaching 70, 72 degrees. it does look like a nice weekend heading our way. the pentagon gives another $1 billion to the border wall. i am in washington with the latest, coming up. coming up on ktvu news at 6:00. crab fisherman packing up the season early. the reason behind the move aimed at protecting sea life for whales and turtles. >> we know about the cult like following, coming up at 6:00, we will tell you how much money the popular beer generated for sonoma county during the 6 week run run
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a vote to overturn the veto on the border wall emergency came up short on capitol hill today. the pentagon gave the go ahead to build 57 miles of border fencing. >> the acting defense secretary claims that the move will not effect other military priorities. >> military construction on the border will not come at the expense. our people, readiness or modernization. >> reporter: acting defense secretary in the hot seat on capitol hill. answering questions about allocating $1 billion in funding from the pentagon to a
5:26 pm
letter. he says that the money will support her agency's request to build 57 miles of 18 foot high fencing within the yuma and el paso sectors of the border. 10 democrats critical of the move writing quote we have serious concerns that the department has allowed political interference and pet projects to come ahead of near term, readiness issues facing our military. >> to look at the pentagon as a piggy bank slush fund where you can go in and grab money for something when you need it, really undermineds the budget. >> reporter: with two thirds majority need today is unlikely to pass. that means president trump's national emergency would stand. letting him shift an additional 3.6 billion from military construction projects. >> the pentagon comptroller says the $1 billion used for
5:27 pm
border wall will come from an army personnel accounts. the money was freed up because they were short in 2018. in washington, back to you. east bay students got a firsthand look of walking in the shoes of a sheriff's deputy. >> i just shot somebody. it was crazy. >> i can see where the police officers are coming from because they fear for their lives. >> the tough decisions officers and deputies are faced with every day. after a night of back and forth fighting between israel and hamas militants a cease- fire is in place. i have the details coming up ails coming up two arrests in san francisco after being busted with more than 3,000 illegal marijuana plants spread throughout our houses
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students in the east bay got a look at what it is like to walk in the shoes of a sheriff's deputy. >> the use of force training came after they attended a barbara shop for-- barbershop forum. >> it is a different perspective. the story came out after they expressed why they feared its police during that forum. and the course is not compared to real life training and on the job experience. however, it is just giving a small look into how quickly an incident can unfold. >> excuse me, sir. excuse me, sir. >> what is up, bro. >> i don't have to talk to you, man. >> this is one of several training scenarios put on involving high school students, community members and deputies who attended a barbershop forum. >> they mentioned how they
5:32 pm
don't understand why law enforcement officers actually shoot people to kill them and so we wanted to give them an opportunity to see what law enforcement officers have to deal with. >> drop the knife. put your hands up. >> reporter: the instructor says it is impossible to teach seven months of training in a short amount of time. but the hope is that they can experience situations from law enforcement vantage point. that way they will better understand the day to day dangers that officers will face. >> sir, sir, sir are you okay? please put your hands up. >> i just shot somebody like it was -- like it was just crazy. >> i can see where the police officers are coming from because, like they fear for their lives and in that incidence i feared for my life. >> i know a couple of people they are like police officers should not do this or this but you will not know until you are in a police officer's shoes. and, we just did that, it makes more sense now. >> we are going to look at the facts and totality of the circumstances. >> reporter: that is what one
5:33 pm
high school principal hoped for, students having a positive interaction with law enforcement. wanting the deputies to learn how and why soan the same time his students can get more education about officers actions. >> what this is like to experience it and not just assume how an officer is supposed to respond. also to get a feel for what would you do in this situation? >> reporter: in other scenarios when students slow student shot and killed their suspects, they hear what is said in real life, i feared for my life. saying that alone was enough my felt like he was going to do something. i could not pepper spray him, he is too far, he was coming closer and there was nothing i can do. >> reporter: students took part in onscreen incidents interacting with a suspect who could charge, fight or shoot them. one student said he tried to shoot a suspect in the leg to wound him. >> trying to drop his gun and
5:34 pm
arrest him instead of having to kill him. >> officers say that is not recommended. instead, they are taught to fire at a person's upper torso or center of mass to stop the threat. >> many of the students do not agree with what they do but have a better understanding. >> gives them a perspective of what the officers are going through their head and wh deal >> reporter: now the story does not end there. planning do a follow up with the students, principals and deputies and da's to discuss them and reverse the roles where the deputies are educated through the eyes of young people, especially those of color. >> it was an idea folks had you will have another forum coming up? >> yes we are. next month, april 1st. not open for the public to have
5:35 pm
the conversation it is a frank conversation. the other thing, a lot of people responded to that story on both sides it a conversation to have out in the open that is why we have them. >> a great experience for everyone, thank you, paul. >> thank you. firefighters say a floor heater likely caused a house fire. it happened just before 5:00 this morning, not far from the daly city b.a.r.t station, the authorities say two people inside of the house played it out but were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation along with two responding police officers. >> a woman in the hospital and a man in custody attacked on a b.a.r.t train last night. just before 10:00, a woman was riding the train between the daly city and coleman station. the two had an intersection before the man hit the woman int that object has not been identified. the police arrested the man after he got off of the train at thn. the woman was taken to the hospital where she was treated
5:36 pm
for nonlife-threatening injuries. san francisco police made arrests in an illegal marijuana cultivation and money laundering investigation. investigators say steven pann and chen are facing four counts each of illegal cultivation and conspiracy in connection with the case that began last december. according to the police over 3400 marijuana plants were found growing inside four homes in the sunset andingelside neighborhoods. officers seized 3 vehicles and 11,000 in cash. gaza militants fired rockets in southern israel and aircraft carried out more. we have more from the israeli/gaza border. >> another night of fighting between israel and hamas ending in the truce in the early morning hours, it all started yesterday with a rocket attack on central israel.
5:37 pm
from there, escalating quickly. pounding them overnight. and responding with rocket attacks and gunfire along the border. >> it was a rough night. we did not sleep. something we have experienced for years. there was a siren, we went down and then it exploded. >> reporter: they brokered a cease-fire. a number of palestinians were wounded in the fighting. many more left homeless. [speaking in foreign language] >> where are we supposed to go? where are we supposed to live? our children and families are homeless. we do not know where to go and more. >> the uptick in violence is two weeks before elections in israel a day after trump recognized sovereingnty which it capture friday syria in 1967. the renewed fighting could be a response from hamas to the
5:38 pm
shifting political situation. >> they are wreaking havoc. we must stand by israel. despite the break the military put in tanks along the border. along the border, back to you. kamala harris releases her first policy and teachers will like what they hear. coming up next, how she would rapidly increase teacher's pay if elected president. plus, boeing 737 max 8 was forced to make an emergency landing today. there were no passengers on board. we will tell you where the plane was headed, up next
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california senator, kamala harris out lined how she would increase teacher's pay in elected in 2020. proposed $315 billion to close the teacher gap over 10 years -frp the goal is to give teachers an average of $13,000 pay in her first term. harris says she will make helping low income schools and minority students and teachers trop priorities. her plan comes as teachers negotiate and strike for higher pay and better benefits here in the bay area and nationwide. in washington today, lawmakers pivoted from the mueller report to health care.
5:42 pm
this comes as the department of justice announced it will no longer defend the affordable care act in court. it says it agrees with the lower court in texas and the law is unconstitutional. a rare move for the justice department to decline to defend federal law. if the law is overturned more than 20 million people could be left without health insurance. >> the republican party will be known as the party of health care. you watch. >> the republicans want to takeaway health care from tens of millions of americans again. >> the case is likely to wind up before the court. >> a boeing 737 max jet made a safe emergency landing today in orlando, florida. there were no passengers on board. just the pilot and copilot. the plane was flown a
5:43 pm
temporary storage facility in california. they are investigating and it appears the emergency was not related to antistall software suspected in the two fatal crashes. bowing is working on a software fix for the grounded 737 max that could prevent a problem believed to have caused the crashes. the problem is with an antistall system that forces the nose of the plane down if it is pitched too high. pilots can override the system but testing found they have to act fast. the "new york times" is reporting the pilots of the doomed lion air october had just 40 seconds to override the automated system. earlier, retired pilot told us it is something that the pilot should have known how to trained on this. it is incomprensthat two pilots
5:44 pm
the most basic fund mental procedure for a run away stabilizer. >> in addition to the lion air crash there was a crash earlier this month on ethiopian airlines flight. the two crashes killed 350 people. gains in tech financial and health sectors led to the stock market going higher today. the dow gained 140 points, and the s&p is up 20. >> taking on one of the most pressing issues here in california. housing affordability. up next, here at 5:00, the governor's $1.7 billion plan to tart building more homes. >> also ahead, snow piles already 10 feet tall. about to be topped with more snow. people who live in the sierra say they are ready for the snow to stop. . already, winter storm warning goes into effect for the sierra in a few hours, all in advance of the next system
5:45 pm
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housing crisis at the top of the agenda. the governor met with struggling representers today ask talked about cities to fast track more construction. it started 50 years ago when environmental laws became popular and residents had a greater hand on what type of housing could be built in the
5:48 pm
neighborhood. >> fast forward to today when they built 100,000 new units a year. and the governor held a informal meeting with renters. 27-year-old taylor who lives with two other women. rent eats up her resources. >> that is not including bills, that is not including transportation, gas, food, health insurance. >> when you have a third of households spending over 50% of their paycheck on housing that puts the entire economy at risk. >> the governor has a plan to infuse $1.7 billion in housing in the form of building incentives, tax credits and home buyers and rent subsidies. that comes at a time when housing and redevelopment agency is facing cuts. and the most challenging effort is funding. part of the plant is to do that
5:49 pm
and threatening to withhold gas tax money and goals are met and giving it to communities that move forward. >> after a period of time, 3 years, 4 years, and you refuse to do any housing, then, i think, those commune -- communities should be rewarded. >> under the best of the conditions should be great to greet housing units for the housing crisis. all of the more reason to get started. in sacramento, back to you. winter just does not want to say good-bye here in california. another snowstorm is expected to hit the northern part of the state this week. some welcome the wet weather which has helped california pull itself out of historic drought. others can not wait for mother nature to bring on the sun so they can stop shoveling all of that snow. >> i would like to do something else be sides dig out every day, yeah. >> my blower broke down the last couple of days of the last
5:50 pm
big storm and it left me about 8 feet behind. >> it is a big job. the snow tunnels that line the road are 10 feet high in some places. as for the snow coming this week it will be fully staffed with plow operators ready to get to work. >> that is a lot of snow to have to deal with. they are going to get even more later on this week. >> some of the piles are higher than the houses. it looks like more snow in the forecast. in fact, right now, reporting light rain in tahoe, you know, warm here and warm in the sierra. the snow levels will drop. cold air moves in. we have been talking a lot about winter storm warnings in the past now mont:00 p.m. up above 7,000 feet. approaching 24 inches, around
5:51 pm
5,000, 6,000 feet. amounts arouinches, keep that in mind if you are heading to tahoe over the next couple of days? you see the satellite. a lot of clouds, streaming in from the pacific. all of the moisture from the south and to the west. a lot of clouds, warm out right now as we come in closer to the bay area radar. you can see green. a little bit of scattered showers showing up for this evening. you can see a little bit of green on the radar. mountain view reporting light rain at the 5:00 hour. not all of it is reaching the ground. still, possibility of scattered showers for this evening. current numbers , it is mild. san francisco, 60 and mountain view, 64 degrees. here is our live camera. looking out towards the golden gate bridge. we are expecting more rain later on tonight and into early tomorrow morning. so, overnight, lows, not extremely cold. 40s to the lower 50s with the of a few making a come back and isolated thunderstorms. so, tomorrow, we will have a
5:52 pm
little bit of everything, clouds, sunshine, showers and the possibility of thunderstorms. it will be one of those days where you have to be prepared for rapidly changing conditions throughout the day. here is the circulation off shore. not moving too much. sending impulses closer to northern and central california. we have one system developing out here in the pacific, that moves in later on tonight into tomorrow. and then, still a chance of a shower still in your thursday forecast. especially for thursday morning. here is the forecast model for tonight. once again, clouds, we could have scattered showers, and then early tomorrow morning, one of those deals, 5:00 and 6:00. in the north bay. and clouds out here and pop up showers and some thunderstorms, there is wednesday, 1:00, things might scale down the activity on wednesday and wednesday night. thursday, we still have to hold on to the possibility of scattered showers.
5:53 pm
highs tomorrow, in the 50s to the lower 60s and here is a loquite the winter into the spring and that shower chance will linger into your thursday. if you want good news we would like that as well. heading into the weekend. looking good. sunday, we could have a few neighborhoods wondering into the lower 70s on sunday. at least we are working out the timing just right. be prepared for the showers. >> next week? does it look okay? some of the models hinting at maybe another few systems heading our way. nothing too extreme or major. still, april, heading towards april it is an interesting time of the year. >> mark, thank you. >> thank you, mark. we know who will perform at this year's outside lands festival in san francisco. it was already announced that paul simon would headline the show and earlier today the entire lineup was announced. artists include gambino. 21 pilots, the loomer ins, blink 22, musgraves and many
5:54 pm
more. the festival is taking place 9th through the 11th. 3 day tickets go on sale to the public this thursday. the big pharma pays its price for opioid epidemic. more on that is coming up. coming up on ktvu news at 6:00. a new effort to protect whales and other sea life now impacting the length of california's crab season rnia's crab season
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the state of oklahoma has reached a settlement in the lawsuit against several pharmaceutical companies. why a company settled and tells us what the money will be used for. >> holding big pharma accountable for the opioid epidemic. officials in oklahoma announcing a $270 million settlement with perdu pharma. the attorney general filed suit against the maker accusing the company of aggressively marketing the painkillers and fueling the drug crisis that has killed tens of thousands of people in oklahoma alone. >> the addiction crisis facing our state and nation is a clear and present danger. puwe are doing something about it. >> more than two thirds of that 270 million will go towards an addition treatment center in tulsa. local governments will receive a portion of the funds. >> we will create a better
5:58 pm
future for oklahomans to live and raise a family addiction free. >> the lawsuit is far from over, by the way. oklahoma is still suing several other pharmaceutical giants like tiva and johnson and johnson. >> today is just a first step in our goal to ending this nightmarish epidemic. >> they are still analyzing statistics from 2018. however, 2017 stats show nearly 50,000 americans died from opioid-related overdoses with the most significant jumps being in midwestern states. the latest from dallas, casey stegaill, back to you. a shocking turn of events tonight as prosecutors in chicago drop all charges against "empire" actor jussie smollett. >> it has been a difficult time.
5:59 pm
one of the worst of my entire life. i am a man of faith and i am a man that has knowledge of my history and i would not bring my family and movement to a fire like this. i just wouldn't. >> he was accused of lying to the police and making up a story about being the victim of a racist homophobic attack and they said they have the evidence to prove it. why are charges now being dropped? good evening, everyone. that big mystery remains tonight y. did prosecutors agree to drop all 16 charges? fox news matt finn reports it is being announced by the player and the police chief. >> do you think justice was served? no. >> chicago's police attendant and mayor are slamming the court for dropping charges. >> he did this all in the name of self-promotion.
6:00 pm
this is a whitewash of justice. >> this t is mr. smollett that committed the hoax, period. if he wanted to clear his name the way to do that was in a court of law. >> in an emergency hearing today, a judge grant prosecutors, in a statement the attorney's office wrote "after reviewing all of the facts and circumstances of the case, including his volunteer service in the community, and agreement to forhit his bond to the city of chicago, we believe this outcome is a just disposition and appropriate resolution to this case. smollett speaking out after the ruling. >> i have been truthful on every level since day 1. i would not be my mother's son if i what i was accused of. >> eddie johnson says the police carried out a meticulous
6:01 pm
investigation. th


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