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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 26, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile. the phone and network designed to do more. get $250 back on a new galaxy when you switch and save today. say "get a galaxy" to learn more. f0 tonight we're hearing from the father of a young man who went swimming today but never made it back to shore. >> hoping for it a parent's nig >> a young man presumed drowned. his family and friends are in
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disbelief. >> a fun trip to the coast turned tragic in pacifica. a place that colins and had never been to before. >> they drove more than two hours to get here. they have been praying and waiting all day and into the night as the coast guard has kept up the search. >> dean colins describes his son as an adventurer, no fear. >> i thought he's going to get hurt snowboarding. >> the call brought tyler's loved ones. tyler was a cook in lake tahoe and wanted a break from the snow so took a quick trip to
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the coast. bowling and drinks and a swim. >> some reason, went into the ocean early this morning, and sometimes people don't think. and he wasn't thinking. >> by 5:00 a.m. the search was on. police and coast guard on foot and in boats as tyler's companions stayed on the beach. they were chest deep when they felt the under tow. >> local residents were heart sick. >> for his family's sake. it touches home. i hope they find him soon and bring him to his family. >> realizing this was tyler's
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mother on the beach wrapped her in a hug. >> narc is a stretch -- northern california is a treacherous ocean. >> rockaway beach is small but footing crops suddenly. >> there should be more. i mean. it wouldn't hurt to have lights on them even to make them more obvious. >> tyler was a strong swimmer, comfortable in the ocean. to suffer this. don't want it's a nightmare. >> tyler colins grew up south
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of merced. fans are remembering hims asmart, strong and sweet. the coast guard cutter stayed out here to dark. the family has been told the search is suspended as of tonight pending new developments. >> our hearts go out to his family. the parents of a woman buried in a landslide at fort funston said the body rivered yesterday is their daughter. kiera sunshine scarlet lives with a friend. today her parents wrote on their gofundme page it is are a announce that our more might has been recovered. sex trafficking survivors are suing sales force saying
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the company profited from a advertising site. the justice department shut down back page. sales force said we are committed to the ethical and humane use of our products. prosecutors in chicago dropped all charges against jussie smollet. even though they believe he faked the attack. some city officials were outraged at the decision to drop charges. >> do i think justice was served? no. slamming the state's attorney offi for dropping 16 felony counts of lying to police. >> he did this in the name of self promotion. this is a whitewash of justice. >> mr. smollet who committed
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this hoax. if he wanted to clear his name the way to do that was in a court of law. >> a judge granted the request to drop charges. . >> smollet speaking out after the ruling. >> i've been truthful and consistent since day one. way not be my mother's son if i was capable of what i was accused of. >> the police carried out a meticulous investigation. smollet's turn accused the
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police of trying to case in public. >> i have no idea where that came from, allow investigation and the state to investigate a charge before you go to the press. >> empire cut jussie's scenes from the final two shows of the season. season. . >> the cook county state office standing by chicago police, the charges were dropped in exchange for community service and forfeiting the $10,000 bond. we're getting word that oakland police are on the scene of a homicide. a shooting was reported on church street. one man was killed and the shooter is still at large. we're waiting for further
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details from oakland police. new information about a shooting in san francisco we told you about last night. a suspect has been arrested in riverside county. a 19-year-old man was ambushed in the lobby of the corrections office. he suffered life-threatening injuries, a license plate reader in southern california got a hit on the suspect's car and the chp found the car abandoned near the arizona line this morning. a community meeting was held in fillmore themed on the -- neighborhood on the heels of a weekend shooting. rob is live at that scene with more on what was discussed tonight. >> good evening, it was passionate. the shooting started with an argument that spilled out into
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the street. many are dismayed by the violence, they say closing the center would do more harm than good. >> there's flowers where a shooting left five injured and took one life. >> the officer can what he had to do. to me it was senseless and the youngster is gone now and a mother lost her son, a father lost a son. >> charles to what he could to intervene but the center remains in doubt. >> place, do not close the building down. do not shut the african- american people down. >> police have arrested two men
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for the shooting. tonight's meeting was called by the supervisor. >> the conversations about plopping up, not tearing down. the conversation was about getting better. >> the conversation returned when the drive-year-old -- 25- year-old pulled a gun and lost his life. >> don't do nothing. >> of the injured a bystander is paralyzed and others continue to recover. >> people talk about the bystanders, let's talk about the victim. he's 23-year-ocoming back, he d have to die. >> and become here live the there is owned by the city and
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run by volunteers. san francisco police ha made arrested in an illegal marijuana grow. more than 3400 marijuana plants were growing in four homes in the sunset and ingle side neighborhoods. police say the homes had fire code violations and illegal electrical work. two have been charged with illegal cultivation and conspire see in connection with the case. the giants ceo suspended without pay. the after this video of a public altercation with his wife. after a break off the rain things started to change. we're tracking rain tonight and tomorrow we could track thunderstorms. a measles warning in the
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bay area. the person solicited 19 public places.
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. a warning from the south bay where a infected with measles may have spread the virus. there's a list of 19 places
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that man visited. measles is highly infectious. >> measles is a reportable condition, providers who confirm measles call us right away. >> dr. cody says dating back to march 16th the man went to two dozen places around santa clara county. he contracted measles outside of the united states and came here to see the sights. it's difficult to pin down exact times but they have a wind oaf time. from ihop on north first street in san jose early on the 16th. and the hoover tower observation deck on the stanford campus. the macy's in santa clara.
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on the 20th a thai restaurant on south second street. santa clara county has a high inoculation rate but there's a risk. >> if you're not protected from measles and you're in one of these places at one of these times then you could be at risk of catching measles. >> an earlier outbreak started in facebook. an adult had measles and two others contracted it including a san francisco man, the second to become infected was a child who was hospitalized and then released. >> officials stress if you believe you may have the measles could not go to your doctor or health care provider.
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give them a call so they can set up an area for you to be quarantined . a county in new york is banning unvaccinated children from public places. 150 people have been infected from rockland county. parents will be penalized if they brick their unvaccinated children to public places. the ban went into effect tonight be will last 30 days. >> kamala harris is unveiling her policy push. she wants to give teachers a pay raise. raising the salaries by $15,500 a year. closing the pay gap would cost
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$315 billion over three years. the plan is to pay for the raises by strengthening the estate tax. congress tried and failed to override a veto of president trump. 248to181 in favor of overriding the veto. that's 38 votes short. the president declared a national emergency to divert $3.6 billion from construction procks. it faces court challenges. we learned it will be weeks before the the mueller rewill r public version in the coming weeks. last friday robert mueller
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concluded his finding and barr released a four page summary. democrats have been pressing the justice department to make the entire report public. there was a split decision on the fight between apple and qualcomm. one judge recommended blocking some iphone s from being imported into the u.s. after concluding that apple infringed on apple patients but in the q qualcomms case was invalid. electronic art is laying off 350 employees from the work force of 9,000. the ceo sid that down the presence in japan and russia. the company will do everything
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it can to help workers find their next opportunity. games and tech led the stock market higher. the dow gained and the s&p was up 20 points. it was nice to see sunshine today. a nice break in the rainfall. the rain has been picking up across the bay area. in terms of total. ben low hand, 1.82. san rafael nearly after an inch. here's the satellite and the radar. all the moisture from the south and the west. we've noticed more coverage throughout the evening hours, a lot of neighborhoods reporting light rain or rain in the bay area. moderate rain, the rain band
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toward novato. out toward the east bay, not as much action for san francisco and oakland. here's the live camera looking toward the golden gate brick. the rainfall could pick up. unsettled forecast for wednesday, clouds, sunshine, showers and thunderstorms. this is in your wednesday forecast. overnight, 3:00, over the next few hours the possibility of a few thunderstorms and tomorrow it will be one of the deals you see the band moving to the south, a break and more the wee different story. ahead tonight, a wake-up call for high school rience fir the split second decisions that
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face law enforcement officers. major league baseball suspends the ceo before opening day.
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er baer bear. major league baseball announced san francisco giants larry baer is being suspended without pay until july 1.
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it is retroactive. >> while oracle park is ready for the final exhibition game mean baseball announced giants president and ceo is suspended without pay for the next three months. >> i have concluded that mr. baer's conduct was unacceptable. he should be held to a higher standard because as a leader he's a role model. the suspension comes after this physical altercation between him and his wife. the incident was captured on cell phone video. baer has been on voluntary leave of absence.
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. >> the shelter and coveraging resource for victims and of domestic violence the director took the matter seriously. >> it seems like a reasonable period of time. i think it's meaningful. >> the message is that the mlb is serious about leadership and accountability and definitely wants to move forward in a . >> the commissioner ordered baton rouge to get -- baer to get counseling and treatment.
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some of his duties will be changing and it's unclear if he will remain the face of the office. the mother of mario woods has reached a settlement agreement with san francisco. woods was a suspect when he was stopped by police and shot 20 times. officers say woods refused commands to drop the knife. the incident sparked a backlash. attorneys for wood's mother say the amount inpaid arat mavericks. coming up, how a man rushed eight surfers to safety when he saw the shark. >> the giants and a's wrap-up the bay bridge series.
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a late night vote on a item banning overnight r.v. parking. the latest on the decision. [ loud traffic sounds ]
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[ distant traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ] the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile. the phone and network designed to do more. get $250 back on a new galaxy when you switch and save today. say "get a galaxy" to learn more.
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. protests at the berkeley city council meeting as it
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considers beings rv off of night parking. if it is approved it will go into effect immediately. has a decision been made yet? >> no, not yet. more than 100 people packed a room in this building. we're awaiting word on the final outcome. more than 50 people are speaking during the public comment pleading with city leaders to suspend the ban. >> as you can hear the crowd holding signs let rvs stay the - 3 in favor of the ban. this is the final reading. it would prohibit r.v. parking on berkeley street between two and 5:00 in the
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morning. the city says it has received 1500 complaints from businesses and residents about the loss of parking, illegal dumping of trash, debris and how many an waste on the streets. paul had a six figure tech salary and fell on hard times. >> people living in rvs are not doing it by choice, there's no affordable housing and banning rvs are criminalizing the poor. >> perkily is not progressive an you don't belong in the city. >> the city has proposed creating a permitting system giving exemptions to some rvs
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for a limited time. they are asking for alternative locations. if apolice officered people living in the rvs say they will vow to find through legal minds and when asked where they will go they don't know. we're monitoring the decision. >> we are expecting a vote will happen tonight? even if it's later into the evening? >> yes. we're going back inside and we'll let know if and when that happens. alameda county sheriff deputies turn the tables on high school students giving the students opportunity to see what it's like to make a split- second decision. >> excuse me, sir.
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what's up. stop. this is one of several training exercises which involved high school students, community members and deputies. >> in that barbershop forum they don't understand why law enforcement shoot to kill. we wanted to give them an opportunity to see what law enforcement officers deal with. it's impossible to teach serve months of training in a short amount of time. the hope they can experience situations from law enforcement vantage point. >> shot someone. it was crazy. >> i can see the police officers are coming from, they fear for the lives and in that
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instance i feared for my life. >> i know a couple people, police officers shouldn't do that. you don't know until you are in a police officer's shoes. we did that. it makes more sense. >> we'll look at the facts and the totality of the circumstances. >> that's what a high school principal hoped for, students having a positive interaction with law enforcement. his students can get more education. >> what it's like to experience it, not just assume how an officer is supposed to respond. but get a feel for what would you do. >> in other scenarios when students shot and killed their suspects, they feared for their life. >> i fell he was going to do something. i couldn't pepper spray him, wa
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he was coming closer. >> students took part on screen sim lands interacting with a suspect who could charge, and shoot them. he tried to shoot in the leg to wound him. >> put the gun down now. >> that's not recommended. they are taught to fire at the upper torso to stop the threat. >> after three scenarios many don't agree with what officers do but have a better understanding. >> it gives you a perspective. to washington u.s. betsy de the trump administer budget
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would cut $8.5 billion. after-school programs, grants for school books and eliminate support for special olympics. the budget would increase funding for charter schools and credits for charter schools. pesticides on your produce after you wash it. the dirty dozen fruits and vegetables with the highest level. tracking rain across the bay area. tomorrow could be interesting, sunshine, clouds, rain ers and thunderstorms. up next, new criticism of the faa, there's word boeing submitted a software update for review seven before the crash of the jetliner.
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just one more way we take your business beyond. but hurry, switch and save days ends april 7th. internet that's reliable. internet that's fast. that's super important. i just want to get it right now. call today. comcast business. beyond fast. . a southwest airlines boeing 737 max eight jet made an emergency landing in florida. there were no passengers on board. it was being flown to a temp
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larry -- temporary storage facility. all of the jets have been grounded. it appears the emergency was not related to antistall software suspected in a grab in october and another this month. tomorrow the u.s. senate will hold hearings on the boeing max jet. >> senators want to scrutinize the safety certification of the plane. the faa has been criticized for delaying the review of a fix. senators are expected to raise questions if the partial government shut down may have affected the response. despite the software the pilots should have known how on the disabled the stall prevention system quickly.
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>> every pilot i know has been trained on this. two pilots didn't know the most basic fundamental procedure for a runaway stabilizer. >> the new york times is reporting the pilots of the doomed lion air flight had 40 seconds to over ride the system before the plane crashed. be aware up to 70% of fresh produce in the u.s. may have pesticide residue even after it's washed. the working group released the dirty dozen list.
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. >> the most common pesticide is panned in europe and classified as a human car gin carcinogen. the space station doesn't have enough correctly sized spacesuits for the women. there wasn't enough time to get the right size. coke will be joined by a male astronaut. mike pence is calling for landing astronauts on the moon within five years. the vice president said nasa needs to achief the goal by any means necessary. nasa rockets will be replaced by commercial rockets if necessary. the first woman on the moon and the next man there will be u.s.
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astronauts launched by u.s. rockets from u.s. soil. a land swap preserves hundreds of acres of the bay area redwoods. >> it was scary. it was scary to see. it trafficked my jet ski. >> more rain for us in the bay area. he will tell us when the skies will clear.
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dwarf. surfers on the hunt for big waves on mavericks got an up close visit from a great white shark. >> it was scary. it was a very scary thing to
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see. it czar offed czar of by yet ski. >> he was out at mavericks off the san mateo coast when he got a surprise. >> it looked like a whale surfacing from beneath me. >> mavericks is in a path of the pacific oceans waters to bodega bay in the north and big sir south of monterey. it is one of the world's biggest gathering places for great white sharks. a white belly and rolled over i could see its eye as it was looking at me on top of the water. >> the shark fixated on and followed a surfer. >> i throttled my engine and
10:48 pm
that startled it. >> he towed eight surfers to the shore. 11% of the attacks worldwide. attacks of any species of on humans is rare. >> it was profound. the beauty of a creature like that. be sides staying here, many great white sharks will go between here and hawaii where they say another place nicknamed the shark's cafe. more than 900-acres of redwoods are being permanent he protected in a deal. the redwoods are near -- they
10:49 pm
will be saved development as part of a hand swap. the deal allows the lumber company access to timber and the land trust can protect redwood forest. both sides say this is a win -win that benefits the forest and the timber industry. tonight we're tracking rain here in the bay area. the coverage has been picking up, especially in the north bay. here's what's happening, you can see a circulation offshore. the clouds moving in from the south and the west and so is the rain. come in closer to the bay area. there's the coverage increasing after four, 5:00. here's the setup right now, you
10:50 pm
can see the bulk. light around st. heleneo we have more. indicating the higher intensity. central portion of the bay things have backed off and the mountains scattered showers. things will be changing. the rainfall ramping up. most areas into the 50s. here's the live camera. we still have slick roadway. keep that in mind. we'll have slick conditions and rain making a comeback overnight. we're thinking 50s, around 50, tomorrow morning in san francisco, rainfall likely, the chance of showers into the afternoon hours, sunny breaks but the possibility of scattered showers throughout
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the day and the possibility of a few thunderstorms. the big circulation is not moving around too much. when it's in the pacific it sends the impulses our way. showers, possibly heavy at times, the chance as we head into thursday. chances of scattered showers are high. the amaze pazing -- amazing season continues. up above 8,000 feet we could have amounts going way up there. here we are tomorrow morning. this could be packing heavy rain. maybe thunderstorms. and intoof scattered showers. highs tomorrow will be in the upper 50s to mid-60's. if you want to dry out, you will like the friday forecast. we spell it out for you friday
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and into the weekend. no problem this weekend. it will be warming up. >> that lines up nice. coming up on the 11:00 news tonight. sad news on the coast as the search for a missing swimmer visiting from out of town shifts to a recovery operation. >> the giants and a's get ready for the regular season.
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. mark is here, it was a rainy night at oracle park. they didn't get to finish the game. >> spring training isn't over. my summation, if you're an a's friend you can be super psyched, if you're a giants fan you can be concerned. they are side on the east side of the bay. there's san francisco. sparse crowd and let matt chapman show you why he won the platinum glove. day in and day out. the a's, they say you can't hit home runs in this park.
10:56 pm
when you have legit power. he had three of the 4 rbis. that's a face we may see a lot of. giants only 2 runs, 4-2 the final. bochy with the long face. they played 6 full. a's swept the giants all three. they will open for real on thursday. this is just the life if you're a small college basketball program. you find a great coach and who'll swoop him up. a bigger university. usf, kyle smith who led the dons to 20 plus wins, he's being highly recruited. he resurrected the dons
10:57 pm
program. but kyle smith in notions with ufu. he could be headed for the palouse. some calling it overreaction. not if you're a saints fan. the nfc championship game where new orleans was robbed on a pass interference call. the owners are meeting in arizona and made a rule change on a trial basis. pass interference called or not can be reviewed. roger that, roger. >> our job is to get these right. we should use these right. will this solve ev will this get us to perfect. and this is a very natural evolution and a positive thing.
10:58 pm
>> we'll see about that. bridging the generation gap. that's what we will do on check this out tonight. a usher and fan in a dance off in a magic game last night. check this out. . >> the old and the new go at it. quite a pair. the guy on the left is doing his best. >> you have to check this out. lakers game tonight. this is a great fake. jeff green, what yomight say pretty faked out. the lakers bench, they're not going to the playoffs. stevenson is ready to dance.
10:59 pm
this is phillies pitcher cole irvin throws a strike. he's pumped up and that looting himself. i like it when guys don't take themselves too seriously. the harlem globe trotters on a roller coaster with the shot. not trick photography. i think he did call bank. there you go. all worth checking out. that's the sporting life for right now. it 11:00. time for more news. it's a nightmare. >> a family's heartbreak as a search for a young man who went for a swim in pacifica comes up
11:00 pm
empty. up empty. . >> a trip to the coast ends tragically for a group of friends visiting from out of town. 28-year-old tyler colins went into the ocean waters with a friend today. the other manmade it out but colins did not. the coach guard searching the waters but could in a son, did t. the coast guard worked to night and suspended their search indefinitely. >> dean colins described his


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