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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 27, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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this is my monday. i'm frank mallicoat in for dave clark. so we are here with the dreaded rain. >> dreaded? >> you know, i'm looking forward to it. i don't have to turn on my sprinkler. >> okay. i'm over it. >> north of the golden gate, marine county north. a mild one. 50s on the temps. cloudy, windy for a few. temperatures are running 5 to 9 degrees a rather robust southerly breeze. gusts at 42 at sfo but not as much right now. south wind, occasionally 25 to 30 miles an hour. the warm sector looking north but the cold front is inching closer. as it does, that will bring the rain for just about everybody. the sierra, more wind and rain and thunderstorm activity, lots of lightning detection
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picking up there. isolated cell. northern napa, sonoma, more in line for rain that areas towards santa clara county but looks like rain for everybody. the colder air will bring some more rounds of off and on rain. 6:01 on a wednesday, sal is here to tell you about what first. >> highway 24, steve. you know that can be a tricky freeway especially as you drive toward the tunnel and right now lafayette looks all right but going to be slow in orinda. westbound, i can show you the lafayette picture does not look particularly slow, moving along. owe rain da, a crash near the fish ranch road exit and traffic is slow. you can kind of tell but not really yet. hopefully it will -- the crash will be gone pretty soon and just click here on the link and it looks like they are making progress but traffic is going to be slow. noninjury crash, by the way. at first, it was reported as
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possible injuries, no major injuries. this is a look at the carquinez bridge. according to the road sensors, once you get on to the bridge, it looks okay. no major problems at the toll plaza. chp is going to check on an accident call. chap sending a couple of officers there. >> back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. a woman had to be taken to the hospital after an early morning house fire near concord community park. the fire also badly damaged the home. that's where we find elissa harrington live on scene on bonham way in concord. good morning, elissa. >> reporter: good morning. the house is behind me. the fire started in the garage and spread throughout the entire home. the garage was gutted, two cars in the driveway were also
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damaged. firefighters heard explosions when they arrived. >> the home his an l shape. with the wind blowing this way, we could not figure out what was on fire? we heard some explosions in the garage. don't know if it was ammunition or propane tanks in the garage. we have yet to figure that out. everyone was out by the time they got here. one woman was burned. she had burns -- >> all right. we've obviously got some audio problems with elissa and we'll get back to her in short order. moving along, developing news out of solano county this morning. van done high school in fair failed canceled classes because of a threat. the district and police are still not sure if the threat is credible but decided to be
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safe, and cancel school. they expect to be finished in time. police are asking anyone who may have some information to call the district or the police department. all other schools in the travis school district will be in session today. we are also following another developing story in oakland where police are investigating a homicide. it happened in the area of church street and avenel avenue in east oakland. the police patrol desk tells us here at ktvu fox 2 that the victim was shot and killed just before 9:00 last night. officers core doned off the area and began gathering evidence. they have not been able to say what led up to the shooting. berkeley police have arrested a ride-hailing driver accused of exposing himself. david harrington was detanned back in november but he was not charged at the time. detect at this continued to
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watch, investigate and on monday, alameda county district attorney's office charged harrington with four misdemeanor counts of indecent exposure. new this morning, despite loud public opposition, the berkeley city council approved the controversial measure to have banning rvs. >> motion passed. is there a motion to adjourn (boos). >> move by -- any objection? we are adjourned. >> the ordinance passed at midnight after a long and con condition should meeting. - - contentious meeting. the city had received complaints about trash piling on the streets. opponents say that city is turning its back on homeless people who have no choice but live in the streets and rvs. >> you cannot take me away
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from the rv n berkeley. i would the literally die. i would like to stay. >> i fully support some sort of permitting which takes the fear out of my kids. my kid would say, hey, they went down to city hall, got checked out. they are good for a while and the kids don't have to be in fear of walking home. >> enforcement will be suspended in cases of health and saved. while the ordinance takes effect immediately, opponents are considering taking the city to court. time is now 6:06. information about a subject and attack on board are b.a.r.t. train. the man acrested in the colma stop was dwayne bain, jr. police say that he used an object to hid a woman in the head. the fate of the newly
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opened community center in stand's philmore district is in question after a shooting inside the center. a community meeting was held at the philmore heritage center. the city has canceled all events at the center. the center is owned by the city and run by community groups. it only opened in november and people in the meeting urged the city not to shut it down calling it an important neighborhood resource. >> do not close this place. do not close this building down. do not shut the african american people down. do not do this one again because the blame is not on us. >> police have arrested two men in connection with a shooting on saturday. supervisor brown who represents the fillmore district says that the city
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will have to make sure that there are no risks been reopening the center. police are on the way to recover a suspect accused of shooting a man in the head as he was standing in the lobby police located the suspect and fired shot before finally arrested him. new this morning at 60s, the palo alto couple has been indicted in the college admission scandal. gregory and amy colburn were indicted yesterday by a federal grand jury in boston on mail and wire fraud charges as well as money laundering charges. according to an fbi affidavit, they paid 2500-dollar to help their son cheat on the s.a.t. the money was paid to william
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rick singer, the mastermind behind the scheme. their attorneys deny the allegations. in some cities, vegetation had have to be cleared at least three feet. high flammable veg stage such as juniper will be prohibited within 30 feet of the home. people are receptive after seeing the devastation in wildfires. a giant rodent problem in the delta. the two foot long rat invading california and what the state plans to do to stop it. >> that is a big rodent. >> and spring breakers fighting back. what they do as they were
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getting held up. >> the backup is creeping into lafayette and this is all a long backup into the tunnel. we'll tell you what happened and how long it's going to take. >> rain moving back into the picture again, yes, again, so far mainly to the north but looks like an active two days. we'll talk about that ahead of that, warm and mild and windy. c1 f0
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at 6:12, an unexpected twist in the jussie smollett case. prosecutors dropped all charms against the santa rosa native. prosecutors say that they still believe that he stapled the attack but he was not required to apologize or take responsibility. this has been an incredibly difficult time, honestly one of the worth of my entire life but i'm a man of faith and man with knowledge of my history and i would not bring my family or the movement through a fire like this. i just would not. >> cook county prosecutors said that after reviewing all the fact and circumstances of the case, including mr. molt's volunteer service in the community, and an agreement to forfeit his bond to the city of chicago, we believe that the outcome is just disposition and an appropriate resolution to the case. >> health officials in the south bay are tracking the movement of a tourist who was
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unknowingly infected with measles. the up identified man visited 19 shops, restaurants in santa clara. the infected person was -- after compiling a list of all the places that the person went, the staff notified restaurants and stores. some of those businesses include the ihop on north first street in san jose, the hoover town observation deck on the stanford campus and the macy's store at valley fair mall. >> if you are one of the few not protected from measles and if you are in one of these places at one of these times that person with measles was, there then you could be at risk of catching measles. >> symptoms start with a fever, runny nose, red eye, cough and sore throat followed by a rash. health officials say that if
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you believe you are infected, call your doctor first. don't go because they have to have time to set up a quarantine area. the number of unvaccinated kids in california is growing so lawmakers introduced a new bill to keep every doctor honest. some of the doctors are abusing the process and authorizing exemptions for hundreds of children without a cause. the new bill would force doctors to forward medical exemption requests to the state department of public health. meanwhile a county in new york is banning unvaccinated children from public places as measles continue to spread there. since october, more than 150 people have been infected in rockland county, about an hour north of new york city. the officials say that parents will be penalized if they are found to have brought their
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unvaccinated kids to public spaces. the ban would last the next 30 days. we have incredible video to show you of an attempted robbery at a gas station in florida. video shows an armed man going up to a group of people from indiana. a suspect approaches them with a the gun, the victims wrestle will with him . another man came and pushed them away, another scuffle ensues. >> only thing through your mind is protect the family. >> the victims jotted down the license plate and deputies were able to track down the accomplice. the first second, though, is
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still out there, but -- >> it's disturbing. i'm sure police would say -- he he had had the gun. >> traffic time on a wednesday. a little rain out there. how are we doing. >> highway 24 is not doing well. we had an earlier crash near fish ranch road. half yet is not affected. it was affected but, guess what, it is now affected. slow traffic here from walnut creek to oak land will take you an extra 15 minutes. >> so if your normal drive times will be 15 to 20 minutes longer because of this crash, this is what happens when you have something on highway 24. not the worst thing in the world but it is going to take you long. there have been certain lights that have been here long enough to be worse. 80 westbound, carquinez bridge through the macarthur maze, 20 minutes drive.
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this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic backed up to the maze. 880 north in oakland, not a bad commute. >> 6:18. let's bring steve in. >> thank you, sir. you're welcome. >> we do have rain on the way, already some north of the golden gate, south of that, cloudy, brian garcia. global model. looking bullish for rain in april. the overnight run of the gaffes, also operational model, has a couple of systems. it does show pretty good systems around the 6th and 7th of april. a system under cutting there.
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area of low pressure or trough coming in. that's what he is talking about and i agree with it. looks pretty trans tri and also continuation of a series of systems. they are getting warmer, though, not cold and the system that we have over us now, in the warm sector. that's giving us some mild conditions. the breeze cranked up so another vigorous front but temps are up anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees yesterday at this time. south wind gutting 20, 21 out of buchanan. sfo with gusts over 30 earlier, much calmer right now but even mountain view 20 plus. 21miles an hour, warm system and one that has a little bit of activity in the way of thunderstorms up in the mountain. rain is inch closer, front still offshore. 37 in truckey. not a system for know but for
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rain. lightning heading into the feather river cannian area. more rain to the north. mendocino county, lake county has been lit up but extending back. that will give rain for everybody. if you are on the peninsula, east bay, south bay, if you leave now, you will miss it. the colder air will filter in this low, sending a series of systems. we will get a break friday, saturday and sunday. but we are not done yet. systems show another system. the weekend looks good, mid- 70s on sunday and some on the high side but month and tuesday, more rain. not a lot of rain here but still some. we are talking about a few 1/100 but an inch to half inch for tomorrow. a break friday, saturday,
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sunday. pam? >> thank you, steve. the weather app has a free download with interactive radar, hour by hour and seven- day forecast. has an easy feature to upload your video and picture. shocking video out of london. the the search for a man who shoved a woman into the path of a moving bus. and billions to rebuild after two years of devastating wildfire. [ loud traffic sounds ]
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welcome back to mornings on 2. happening today, teenager, antismoking groups will show their support for the banning of tobacco flavored products. the ban would apply to a number of products including cigarettes, chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes. the first hearing in the state senate will be this afternoon? >> funding for wildfires will depend on a dispute between republicans and puerto rico.
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a package has been approved. democrats say they will reject the bill if republicans and president trump carry out their threat of replacing the measure with one that limit disaster relief to puerto rico and other u.s. territories hit hard by hurricane maria and irma. president trump accused puerto rico of misspending money they already received. u.s. secretary of education betsy devos is depending a proposal that -- defending a proposal that is getting a lot of criticism. the cuts will affect after school program, grants for textbooks and completely eliminate support for special olympics. we learned it is a matter of weeks before the public sees details from the robert mueller report. the department of justice says that attorney general barr
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will release a public version. on sunday, barr released a four-page summary which said that president did not obstruct justice but democrats have been pressing the justice department for making the entire public public. a vote failed to override a veto of president trump on the declaration of national emergency. he can now divert $3.6 billion of military construction projects to build the long promised border wall. according to our sister station in los angeles, the president will be in l.a. for his reelection campaign. tickets will start at $15,000. tonight is your chance to
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become an instant millionaire. how much that powerball jackpot has grown and a look at things that you can buy if you win. and the berkeley city council has made the final vote on whether or not they'll ban rvs in the city.
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>> look at that. our producer aaron is timing that opening bell perfectly. live in new york, billions is what you can make if you can win the powerball. >> pretty close. >> billions. that's a show time show. they are there visiting and ringing the bell. tommy hilfiger, the latest to close a store. joining gap and other retail stores. >> happy wednesday, i'm frank mallicoat. march27th and dave clark is enjoying a much-needed day off. hopefully he is out and about with the umbrella. how much rain are we going to have? >> about a quarter inch to a
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half inch. >> evening commute? >> that will be impacted more than the morning. that is crazy. system on the way. it's lifting north ward. we can see the low, see it spinning. as it does, it's taking some of the heavier rains lined with it. the line is now off the marine coast and it's been raining to the north from marine county and that looks to be the focus. on advanced of that, the it's very mild. a rather decent south wind with gusts 30 to 40 miles an hour. blustery, cloudy, east and south, cloudy with some rain. it's on the way, as the front inches closer but if you are so it, you should not have to do too much with rain. up here, the system, not so much snow, lightning strikes. to the north, a lot more rain than to the south as this system favors areas again to the north but it will be with
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us today and also tomorrow. 60s, mid-60s for some on the highs. 60s 31. sal is here and he will tell you about 24? highway 24. >> yes, sir. >> what's going on. >> a crash at fish ranch road. they clear it but it's caused slow traffic in orinda which, in turn, caused traffic to slow in lafayette p so the traffic is winding. they are trying to move the cars out of the way but this is going to be a tough drive. if you get out of the house 20 minutes earlier, you should stay on the schedule but the earlier the better.
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>> off ramp, crash with injuries, moving to the shoulder. driving at the bay bridge, it's crowded as well getting into san francisco. a lot of slow traffic. 880 north and south looking good here in front of the oakland colyseum. you can no longer park an rv on the streets of berkeley after the city council passed an ordinance. sara zendehnam joins us now live. >> reporter: nearly the 400 protesters at the city council, the city council decided to vote in favor of the ban. they voted 6-3 in fair of the ban. that goes into effect immediately. that means that anyone parked in rvs over night here will get a ticket. take a listen to what the reaction was. >> motion passed. >> motion carries. so that completes the business before the council this
6:34 am
evening. there is a motion to adjourn? moved. any objection in we are adjourns (boos). >> the ordinance bans rv parking on city streets between 2:00 and 5:00 a.m. but city will give permits that will allow some rvs to park overnight. the city good more than 1500 complaints from businesses and residents about rv parking including loss of parking, illegal dumping of trash, debris and human waste on the streets. those against the ban say that people living in rvs do it because they have to and passing this measure hurts those already struggling. one of at least 50 people who spoke during the public comment period asked, what's the rush in approving the ban? listen to both sides. >> until we know there is a plan created, implemented and putting everyone in place. why not take a little more time and take consideration
6:35 am
where people's lives are literally at stake. >> i fully support some sort of permitting which takes the fear out of my kids. i can say, hey, though guys went down to the city, got themselves checked out, they are good for a while and the kids don't have to be in fear and can walk home. >> even though the ban his effect, opponents do plan to take on the city to court. senator kamala harris, ktvu fox - - sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you, sarah. one person on bonham street was taken to the hospital after a fire in the home. they are checking what may be be some kind of explosion in the home. elissa harrington is at the scene and she'll have a live report coming up at the top of our 7:00 hour.
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>> 11 law enforcement agencies are working together to get santa clara county to change its sanctuary policy. that's after outrage from the community over last month's willig of bam by larson inside her home. police arrested 27-year-old carlos carranza who has a long criminal history. san jose sheriff says that if some had followed the sanctuary laws in california, its ale likely he would have been detained. >> an immigration attorney we talked to said that changes that police are asking for only target the undocumented community and he says that those changes are, are quote, knee jerk reaction to a sing
6:37 am
it will -- single case. police have made an arrest in a marijuana grow. more than 3400 marijuana plants were found in four homes. stephen pan and qyony chien have been charged. police began that investigation, by the way, back in dees. there is a new push to save the famed flintstone house in hillsboro. a change petition addressed to governor newsom has been signed by more than 14,000 people who like the home the way it is. the homeowner recently added statues in the yard with an
6:38 am
overlead look there and a sign reading yaba yaba doo. state fish and wildlife expert are continuing their efforts to eradicate and agriculture pest from the state wet lands. it's been one year since they began looking for nutria. it is a big size rodent. it had not been seen since the 70s. 400 had been killed in the merced area primarily. they destruck stiff, burrowing and destroy critical wet lands. the second shake shack restaurant in the bay area opens its doors. the shopping center there near the ferry terminal, the first one opened in palo alto in december. now, the new york chain has
6:39 am
developed a loyal following and more than 80 locations worldwide. there is a debate. in and out versus shake shack. the new location will feature a north bay themed custard dessert. a long line is expected when the restaurant opens. >> i don't know. in and out is pretty good. >> those lines are pretty long at stores that sell powerball lottery tickets today. tonight's jackpot, a whopping 3/4 billion dollars, fourth largest prize in u.s. lottery history. no one has hit all five numbers last drawing. odds of winning not so hot, 1 in 219 million. only 2 bucks to jump about. -up who may not be interested
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is a person who bought a ticket that did not have the powerball but it is worth $995,000. if you win, here is a shopping list for you. high end cars are not your thing? how about getting away to dubai? the world's most expensive island off the coast is now on the market for $460 million. there it is. 200acres, the united emirates has clubs, luxury hotels. and why not go to las vegas and spend it all? maybe not. $500million was the surprise tag for the las vegas golden
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knights expansion team. so you own a team. >> yes. >> the team went all the way to the stanley cup finals in it inaugural season. it is the 12th most valuable franchise. you already made moan tee. >> i would love to invest. warriors, you sit court side all the time. >> i mean, jacob spent 400 million bucks on that team and now it's worth like 3 billion. two bucks. >> we can dream. enjoy the day daydreaming. more local connection to the college admission scandal. the steps that new zealand is now taking to screen people visiting the country after that deadly attack on the two mosques. good morning. it is going to be a tough commute on many of these freeways. a couple of minor fender benders that turned into some slow traffic. here on the golden gate, though, looks pretty good.
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i have a money forecast for you. rain north of the golden gate but the rain is getting closer. at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee. and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent.
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new video this morning shows a woman shoving another
6:45 am
woman into an oncoming bus. in the u.k. the 60-year-old victim just barely missed the front of the bus but did hit the side of the bus. police say that attacker then walked off with two children and a shopping cart. she suffered minor injuries. this happened about a year ago but police just released the picture and video hoping to catch the person said to be responsible. there are now some new entry requirements for people visiting new zealand. travelers will soon be required to have an electronic travel authority form improving the way that tourists are assessed before they arrive. the country is also imposing a new tourism tax. almost two weeks after the deadly mosque shooting dead. the changes take aeffect october 1st. >> the team of american scientists flew to new pal to
6:46 am
see how global warming is affected new pal. they plan to compare the new samples with others taken ten years ago during a similar study. the more dirt on the ice and snow, the more solution there is and that dirt will allow the glaciers to absorb more light and heat which could cause them to melt faster. we are learning more about a great encounter with a shark and some surfers. >> one of the most profound things that i ever experienced in my life. >> that is drake stanley who was out at mavericks off the san mateo coast on sunday when he got a big surprise right underneath his rescue jet ski. there it is. a great white shark swimming right next to him as surfers tried to catch a big wave nearby. that's when stanley took off to warn the people. really bright white belly. as it came direct my underneath me, i could see the
6:47 am
eyes looking up at me on top of the water. >> a surf line camera will show here stanley staying between the shark and the surfers. eventually, i did take off. great white sharks are part of the bare area coast line. >> castle dungeness crab season is over. they will close april 15th, two and a half months earlier than usual coming out of a settlement between the center for biological diversity and the california department of fish and wildlife. >> of the gear that can be identified, the vast majority is castle dungeness grab gear. some of them die, some self- disen tank will entangled and we don't know the faith of them. fishermen do understand this is what's going to have to be
6:48 am
done. >> now, crash season is slated to end early again, next year with long-term solutions to follow. one possibility is that crab fishermen may switch to ropeless gear. more than 900 acres of red wood are being permanently protected in a deal between environmentalists and the lumber. they will be saved part of a land swap tweens peninsula open space truck and the big creek lumber. the deal will allow the company access to a sustainable supply of timber where the land truss can now protect 937 acres of red wood forest valued at $11 million. both side say this is a win- win arrangement that benefit the forest and the timber industry. if you are a marvel fan, get ready to put your binge watching skills to the test. one lucky person is going to get paid to watch every marvel
6:49 am
film but there is a catch. you have to do it without stopping. cable is holding a contest saying it will pay $1000 to the winner after they watch all 20 movies. the movie marathon will take more than 40 hours. the participants must live tweet their reactions. applications are due april 15th, just in time for the premiere of the newest marvel movie avenger, end game. >> okay. the publicker of michelle obama's book said that nearly 20 million copies and downloads have been set. it could set a record for memoirs. "becoming" is the first two of book deals with penguin.
6:50 am
the publisher hopes to publish former president obama's memoirs later this year. that will be popular, too. >> definitely. back over to sal. what are you keeping an eye over, sal? >> the east bay commute, pam. okay. >> east bay commute seems to be heavy. every once in a while, a certain freeway takes center stage and i keep coming back to it. what is that free way today? highway 24. look at it for yourself. maybe you are brushing your teeth. this is what it looks like. tow truck stuck in traffic , trying to get the vehicles out. let's talk about many so of the other freeways, 80 westbound, an accident at san pablo avenue. that's causing a little extra slow traffic. still, 29 minutes.
6:51 am
i've seen a lot worse. right in front of the colyseum, traffic is looking good. remember, tomorrow, tomorrow, is the home opener for the a if you look at the peninsula traffic, traffic is looking good in both directions. 6:51. let's bring steve in. >> real quick, sal, monday night at the sharks game, against detroit, lots of very nice people. san jose police department, see who is in the cement business. i need to know, i need to know. >> it's interesting that you say that because, now i know why you were not here on tuesday. you go to a sharks game on monday, take the day off on tuesday. >> that's given, is it not? >> sure. >> thanks to everybody, and my friend kamiko who is the coolest girl i know. >> i think that's where the focus is going to be, anguin, 6/10. novato is in there.
6:52 am
san francisco in there, san francisco 13, vallejo, 11/100. concord 1/10. the system had two part to it. tapping in some colder air. i know that's a's home opener is tomorrow. system getting closer but it looks like, again, this is north of the golden gate. the breeze tips to ramp up here, 20, 25, 30 miles an hour, hayward, gusts earlier this morning. travis with gusts up to 35. you can see where the focus is, about san francisco north. for the sierra, there is some snow, windy conditions as well but there has been a lot of lightning strikes moving in just to the north of tahoe around bernie basin. the system will slight through
6:53 am
giving us off and on rain. 60s on the temps and this will carry us into tomorrow. some rain tomorrow and we'll gate a break, friday, are saturday, sunday, warmer if you are not looking, you are listening. 74 for the high for some son sunday there, frank. >> thank you, steve. banking services for cannabis businesses. what one state is doing to help legal businesses have access to federally regulated banks. >> and let's check in with claudine wong for a look at what's coming up next hour on mornings on 2. good morning. good morning, frank p.m. coming up in the next half hour, getting high-tech in city parking garages in san francisco. the city has some new equipment. new ticket machines, gate arms, payment machines all supposed to make parking easier and faster but having another pretty significant impact on car break-ins. more on new themes just released by the sfmta. two years since the oroville dam failed. one of the most serious dam
6:54 am
safety issues in decades. now, the new spillway is done and state water officials are getting ready to release water on to that spillway. we'll tell you when and the preparations underway. we'll be right back
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back now at 6:56. the man accused of kidnapping a
6:57 am
wisconsin 13-year-old after killing her parents will be formally charged. jake patterson facing four felony counts and has told to midwestern tv stations he plans to plead guilty to kidnapping jayme closs and killing her mom and dad . if that happens, there would be no trial, and a judge would prepare to sentence patterson. people who know the girl hope that happens so jayme doesn't have to see patterson in court and testify against him. patterson had no criminal history before he was arrested in the case and could spend the rest of his life in jail. a man found dead in january the what hollywood apartments died of methamphetamine overdoes. 55-year-old timothy dain's death was ruled accidental by the corner's office. he's the second man found dead in box apartment in the span of two years. 26-year-old ktvu plus and 17 died there in 2017. his death was ruled as an overdose of methamphetamine .
6:58 am
police have not charged about and connection of the two decks, but the l.a. district attorney's office that is reopening the investigation now that a second man has died under very similar circumstances. police in l.a. are looking for a porch pirate: cameron stealing packages, nearly running over the victim too. and the doorbell video, you can see a porch pirate taking to package, but the ran homeowner ran after him, there he goes, the thief got into a van. the homeowner tried to stop him, bounced off the car. the theft has neighbors worried. >> i think it's crazy, like they are stealing packages and everything. i don't know, it is just crazy. >> police say across the
6:59 am
country there are 26 million package steps each and every year. legislation has been introduced in congress that would offer protection to banks and financial institutions, working with marijuana companies. currently in the state where marijuana is equal. many banks refuse to work with cannabis businesses out of concerta being penalized by federal regulators. that forced operators to operate on a cash only business, which can make them targets of crime. >> with a gentle he had to retain bunch of cash, that helps us to facilitate the large sums of cash that we do deal with. >> 33 states have legalized marijuana in some form. the bill being considered by the house of representatives would give banks reassurance, rather, that working with cannabis businesses will not result in federal prosecution under existing money laundering or drug loss. live in concord this morning, you can see crews boarding up a house that was nearly destroyed in an early- morning fire.
7:00 am
one woman was injured. but we know coming up. also, protecting against the next wildfire. the city that's looking to make major changes in order to protect homeowners. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning to you. it is wednesday, march 27. thanks for waking up with us. i'm claudine wong. >> i'm frank mallicoat. the hardest working man in showbiz right over there. >> he already got a day off. thank you, frank and claudine. all right, let's get to it. we do have pretty good rain now already north of the golden gate, south of the not so much, but that looks to be the focus as our system makes its move. are good frain in cazadero, an inch of in


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