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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 27, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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rain coming down hard in many parts of the east and south bay right now. we are tracking the storm. class is canceled at a fairfield high school. what we are learning about a threat and previous problems there. concerns growing over the 737 m.a.x. 8 airplanes. what the company is announcing about a software fix. >> this is ktvu fox 2 news at noon. >> good afternoon. i am mike me back. >> and it's another wet day across the area. we want to show you video from san jose. you can see the rain coming down. cars, as you might imagine, have there windshield wipers going strong. >> new video of the drive on highway 24 through lafayette. if you are getting ready to head out the door, allow your self some extra time to get to your destination. kyla rogan with some heavy downpours. wnpo
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>> reporter: we're going to catch a break this afternoon, so it will get better, but right now it's pretty slow going if you are out on the roads. looking outside, you can kind of see the battle between lightness and dark in the picture. we have some blue skies on the other side of these downpours. three quarters of an inch in santa rosa, a half inch novato, and petaluma. less in mill valley. 3/10 in mount diablo. just over a tenth of an inch in san jose. this again is the really interesting thing. you've got dark clouds here but look at this blue sky trying to peek in. it's trying to win later in the day. it's gusty at sfo. about 14 miles-per-hour. they just came down from 25 mile-per-hour gusts. slides flights are delayed by about an hour and half right now. gusty in concord at 23 miles- per-hour. 18 miles-per-hour in novato. here is the rain right now. this push rolling through the bay area.
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it's starting to result in heavier showers for the north bay. you certainly see them in concord. you can see the yellow at walnut creek where the heavier downpours are right now. again, fremont also getting some of that action. as we go throughout the afternoon, we are going to see this get a little better as this pushes away. unfortunately, it's not completely done. this low pressure system is hanging out for another day, bringing scattered showers, but again, not quite as heavy as what we are dealing with now. we will talk more about some sunshine in your weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you. we are following a developing story out of solano county were classes have been canceled at phantom high school because of a threat. the travis unified school district says students at the high school were threatened giving very few details. they say the fairfield police department is investigating to see if the threat is credible and source. >> our staff in collaboration
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with the fairfield police are doing amazing work to try to identify the individual or individuals responsible and i do not want to do or say anything that will compromise that success. >> just about an hour ago, we heard from the naacp, which says the school closure is due to a racist threat against a student. they are calling for police to take immediate action because of past heat related incidents at this school. >> this is an issue of climate in the school. there is a toxic climate in marin county. that is the overriding, overarching issue. that educators, people of goodwill, and decency should speak out about. >> investigators are asking anyone with information about the threat to contact the district for the fairfield police department. all of the other schools in the travis school district are in
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session. a woman is in critical condition after a hauling truck crashed into her on busy street. >> the city's fire chief and business owners are calling for a change. sara zendehnam is live in the city with more on this story. >> reporter: traffic is back to normal on second and brandt streets in san francisco. the intersection reopened about three hours after the incident happened. it's really accidents like these concerning residents and officials alike. atypically busy san francisco intersection at a standstill this morning after this truck hit a woman crossing the street. >> a really sad situation. >> reporter: the san francisco police department says it happened around 6:40 5 am. the driver of a track truck turned left from bryant to second street while a woman was walking on second street. they both had green lights when the driver hit the woman. she was rushed to the hospital
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with injuries. >> we are looking hard at different solutions. even one of these is way too many. >> reporter: san francisco fire chief janine white says she is brainstorming ideas. one idea could be removing the crosswalk. >> i see it's time and time again. it's a really busy intersection. this is one for sure. cars getting ready to go on the bridge. people are rushing. they may need to rethink this. >> reporter: the threat is all too familiar for leslie hennessey. >> myself, wife, my employees, almost get killed in the crosswalk. >> reporter: hennessey's wine and specialty foods has been here for years. he thinks the best solution is more officers to control traffic. >> people are dying to get onto the bay bridge, and they are stressed from work. they want to get through this really bad intersection and there is no control over the lights. >> reporter: whatever the answer may be, chief white says there is a lot to consider but
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the number one goal is making sure this doesn't happen again. >> there is competing interests. vehicles during the commute, pedestrians, bicyclists. we want to make sure everyone is as safe as can be. >> reporter: we talked to the san francisco police department. they tell us they know this is a heavily traveled area and they say from time to time, they do have officers controlling traffic here. sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. . happening now, a congressional hearing into the federal aviation administration oversight of boeing before and after crashes of its 737 m.a.x. which claimed 246 lives. among those expected to testify before the senate aviation subcommittee is the transportation department's inspector general, who is leading a review of the faa and boeing. ray bogan has the latest from washington. >> let me emphasize that safety is always number one at the department of transportation.
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>> reporter: transportation secretary elaine chao, answering congress's questions for the first time since this month's crash of ethiopian airlines flight 302. >> we all have a lot of important questions about this accident. >> reporter: the public questions come after a relationship between the faa and boeing. two boeing planes were involved in fatal crashes within two months. one in ethiopia, the other in indonesia, both killing everyone on board. a third making a safe landing in orlando after southwest airlines says the pilot cited engine problems while flying the aircraft to california. the transportation department announcing it is setting up a special committee to independently review how the faa approves new aircraft. >> i am concerned about allegations of coziness.
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>> senator reid and i have sent a letter to the inspector general asking that the results of this critical audit be shared with us. >> reporter: boeing plans to fix the software for the plane but boeing says it has since updated the plane's software, cockpit alerts and pilot training. ray bogan, ktvu fox 2 news. the city of oakland has tested out its earthquake alert system. all cell phones within a 60- block radius of lake merritt received a text message. some people outside the range may have also received an alert. we are still waiting to see how the testing went but i know i did and several other people in the newsroom received the alert. this comes as earthquakes dropped within a small window of each other this morning near the center of san pablo bay this morning. new at noon, a man
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convicted of a nursing school mass shooting has died. 50-year-old one goh died at the sacramento state prison. the cause of death is still under investigation. he was serving seven consecutive life terms for the shooting back in 2012. seven people were killed. three others were injured. health officials in the south bay are tracking down a tourist who was unaffected unknowingly infected with the measles and visited several spots in santa clara county. officials say it's difficult to pin down the exact times but the affected person was at those locations between march 16 and march 22. after compiling a list of all the places the taurus mornings on 2 the 9, staff notified stores. some businesses include the ihop on north stanford street and the macy's at the valley fair mall. >> if you are one of the few
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who is not protected from the measles and you are for were at one of these places at one of the times this person was there, you could be at risk. >> measles symptoms start with fever, runny nose, red eyes, cough and sore throat followed by a rash. health officials say if you think you are infected, don't go to your doctor. call instead because they will need time to set up a quarantine. at, we have posted more on the warning including a full list of businesses were members of the public may have been exposed. a home in concord sending a grandmother to the hospital. what we know so far about this investigation. plus: >> jussie smollett maintains his innocence after all charges are suddenly dropped, but some are calling it a slap in the face to the city. i am matt fenn in chicago. more on the developments. if you are ready for a few breaks in the rain, we have a few coming this afternoon and a much better forecast through the weekend. eurex work is next.
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12:13 pm realize you can totally eat out more? that's yes for less. get the latest spring trends for your home at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. chicago police are furious after prosecutors dropped all charges against actor jussie smollett. matt fenn has the latest reaction from chicago. >> reporter: he is accused of
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staging a hate crime and wasting police resources. today, chicago cops are outraged as all charges against jussie smollett are officially dropped. with all 16 felony counts wiped clean in the kalis case. >> do i think justice was served? no. i think this city is still owed an apology. >> reporter: the cook county state attorney's office writing, "after reviewing the facts and circumstances of the case including volunteer service in the community and agreement to forfeit bond to the city of chicago, we believe this outcome is a just disposition and appropriate resolution to this case. fresh operate from chicago mayor rahm emanuel. >> the state's attorney's office saying he is not exonerated, he did commit this hoax. he says he's innocent and his words are true. they better get their stories straight because this is making a fool of all of us. remember, the grand jury indicted him with only a portion of the evidence. this looks like because he is an actor, a person of influence, he got treated differently. >> the people of chicago demand
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that this file be opened and that jussie smollett is forced to acknowledge that this was a hoax and apologize. that's the only way we can move forward. >> reporter: jussie smollett's attorney now shifting attention back to the osundairo brothers, who told police they were paid to beat jussie smollett. matt fenn, ktvu fox 2 news. back to the weather. let's talk about the weekend but we have to get through this rain first. >> reporter: do you see the blue sky behind me? it's starting to pop. you can see what's happening. we've had a rush of rain moves through. that is going to give way to a few blue skies, but not everybody quite yet. it's going to take time. frankly, that doesn't mean we are completely done. it just means another little break. current temperatures are a little warmer than this time yesterday. 59 santa rosa, 58 napa, oakland 59, livermore 63. san jose, 59 degrees.
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gusty wind out there, for sure. concord, one of the places seeing a southerly flow at 23 miles-per-hour. 18 miles-per-hour in novato. things have improved at the airport, so that's nice. we had a rainy start to the day. afternoon breaks are just about here. temperatures will be a little cooler than yesterday. highs only up to about 64 in inland communities. cooler than that at the coast. here are the showers roll in through. the north bay is doing very well, but certainly the south bay is rainy and the east bay, too. heavier showers roll in for due in redwood city and palo alto. that's coming your way. dublin also seeing downpours. pleasanton as well. it's a quick moving system on its way, kind of rocketing out here. the south bay will be the last to clear it. still some coming over the santa cruz mountains. once it's all said and done, it
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will be a pretty decent afternoon. unfortunately, the reason we are not quite out of it is this system will linger. we have a chance of showers on thursday. if we time this out, and i show you what i'm talking about, as you roll through today, 9:00, looks pretty good tonight. a few clouds out there. this is thursday morning. another line of storms rolling through. you can see it's just kind of a shower throughout the day. nothing too major but friday morning, that sets us up for a beautiful friday afternoon heading into the weekend. scattered showers a possibility overnight. the overnight lows will be a couple degrees cooler than they were last night. a lot of 40s and less 50s on the map. the sierra has got a lot of snow right now. very treacherous travel. they are under a winter storm warning until thursday at 5:00 a.m. expecting another several feet of snow. looking at eurex for, this is where it gets nice. thursday, we deal with rain and
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we dry out on friday. beautiful for saturday and sunday. a high of 70 degrees on sunday. a lot to look forward to. a lot of people lining up to buy powerball lottery tickets today because tonight's jackpot is $750 million. jesse gary talked with some folks at a store in san jose many people consider lucky. >> reporter: last summer, when megamillions was really high, this store sold a winning ticket and someone walked away with over a half $1 billion. today, they hope lightning will strike twice with the powerball at three quarters of $1 billion. >> anything can happen. it could have happened earlier. people are wishing it happens again. god knows what's going to happen. the owner says lines have been steady but not overwhelming.
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people are hoping they can become the next multimillionaire. the current jackpot sits at $750 million. some customers say they came back to this store hoping luck will strike again. >> $750 million. the stakes are higher. i feel lucky. we will see. everybody thinks i've got the winning numbers. time will tell. >> one of these tickets will be the winning number. >> reporter: the drawing is tonight, and yes, some people on the ktvu fox 2 news team are all in. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. we are also learning a lot of ticket worth nearly $1 million was sold at a san leandro liquor store. that was sold at mel's liquor after someone matched five of the six numbers in last night's megamillions drawing. they still won $994,000. no one won the big prize of $57
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million, so the jackpot for friday has climbed to $75 million. still to come, a late-night controversy in berkeley. how the city says it's trying to clean up the streets, while others say they are ignoring homeless families. for comfort food at a comfortable price, try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99. it's the perfect remedy for the uncomfortable things in life... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today.
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comes with 100% beef, grilled onions, and two types of melty cheese on toasted sourdough, plus fries and a drink. it's comfort food for the uncomfortable things in life. yep, this guy knows what i'm talking about. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo. despite loud public opposition, the berkeley city council approved a controversial measure that bans rvs from parking on city streets overnight. >> motion carries.
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that completes. is there a motion to adjourn? moved and seconded. any objection? we are adjourned. >> [ booing ] >> the ordinance passed after a long and contentious meeting. the city received more than 1500 complaints from businesses and people living in berkeley upset about the loss of parking spots, trash and waste piling up on streets but opponents say the city is turning its back on homeless families who have no choice but to live out of their rvs. >> i moved into my car and my next step was moving into a van and i am too scared to get anything bigger because i can't afford a rent payment in berkeley. >> we do have problems with waste, human waste, garbage and trash. we need to resolve this because it's impacting our businesses. i support what you are moving forward with and i believe you need the courage to pass this. >> berkeley's mayor says
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enforcement will be suspended except in cases of health and safety. the city will work on a new rv permit system and is committed to finding more permanent housing. palo alto couple has been indicted in the college admissions scandal. gregory and emily colburn were indicted by a federal grand jury on mail fraud and wire fraud, as well as money laundering charges. according to an fbi affidavit, the they paid $2500 to help their son cheat on the sats. the money was reportedly paid to william singer, them the alleged mastermind behind the scandal. it will be weeks before the public sees details from the robert mueller report. the justice department announced attorney general william barr plans to release a public version to congress sometime in the coming weeks. last friday, concluded his investigation and on sunday, barr released a 4-page summary saying the president did not collude with russia during the 2016 presidential campaign.
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democrats have been pressing the justice department to release the entire report. taking a look at the markets right now, out of the gate positive but stock indices trading lower, led by tech and healthcare. the dow jones now down 35 points. the nasdaq down 50 points and the s&p 500 down 12 points. british prime minister theresa may tells she says she is prepared to step down of parliament approves her plan to step down from the european union. may says she wanted to do what was right for the country. this is the first time may signaled she was prepared to resign in order to secure the necessary votes for the passage of the brexit deal that she has negotiated with the eu. teenagers, antismoking groups and doctors will show their support for a ban on flavored tobacco in california. state lawmakers introduced legislation that would make it illegal to sell flavored tobacco in stores and vending machines. supporters say tobacco agencies
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use flavored products to get teenagers hooked. the law would apply to chewing tobacco, cigarettes and e- cigarettes. the legislation will have its first hearing tonight. the second shake shack in the bay area opened its doors. this one is in the marin county mall across from the larkspur ferry terminal. the first shake shack opened in december. the new york chain has developed a loyal following in 280 locations worldwide. the website, theater, says it will feature a custard dessert. the fate of a newly opened center in san francisco is in question. how a recent shooting has led to cancellations. a grandmother injured in the city of concord. the scary moment fire crews found themselves in shortly after arriving on the scene.
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welcome back. it's been another wet day. pockets of rain here and sunshine there. we are giving you a live look out of downtown san jose. kylie raben is back with us. it's been a little wet. >> yes, indeed but also some good, beneficial rain will set us up for a nice spring and hopefully summer. there is a live picture of the
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golden gate bridge. you can see the breaks in the blue skies and the clouds starting to part and give us a lift. that's what's happening throughout the afternoon. if it's not like that where you are, it will be soon. santa rosa is getting breaks but they had three quarters of an inch of rain in novato and petaluma around half an inch. a little less in mount diablo and mill valley. i think we're going to add to those totals here for san jose in particular. it's getting some rain right now. a live look at sfo. blue skies to one side, and gray clouds to the other. that's what's happening along with gusty conditions. not too bad. about 30 mile-per-hour winds in livermore. further north, you can see it's gusty in concord at about 23 miles-per-hour. it's that southerly flow as this system moves in helping kick those winds up. the rush of rain moving through the bay area this morning, you can see heavier showers out
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there being found in the east bay and the south bay. concord cumberland, fremont, you are seeing showers. you just want to be careful if you are headed outside. cupertino down toward saratoga, san jose, you will be the last to clear out. it's not the last push of rain. we do have more to deal with as we get into tomorrow. we will talk about that and the oakland a's when i come back in just a bit. back to you. here is a look at some of the top stories we are following. classes were canceled at vanden high school in fairfield because of a threat against the school. the school is not saying who the threat targeted or if it was racially motivated. the fairfield police department is investigating to see if the threat is credible and find its source. a congressional hearing is underway in the faa's oversight of boeing. the hearing follows two deadly crashes of the boeing 737 m.a.x. 8 planes, which claimed a total
12:32 pm
of 346 lives in asia. the ntsb chairman and the acting administrator of the faa are testifying before the senate aviation subcommittee. >> our certification processes are extensive, well- established, and have consistently produced safe aircraft designs for decades. >> this afternoon, boeing plans to officially announce its fix for the boeing 737 plane. boeing says part of the update will be to update the software, cockpit alerts and pilot training. a boeing 737 m.a.x. 8 made a safe landing in orlando yesterday. there were no passengers on board. the plane was being flown to a temporary storage facility, but experienced engine trouble shortly after takeoff.
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the faa says it is investigating, but it appears the emergency was not related to the anti-stall software suspected in the lion air crash in october and the ethiopian airlines crash this past month. an early morning fire damaged a home in concord and injured one woman inside. elissa harrington has been at the scene for hours and spoke with the family who lives there. three generations of the same family lived at this house. children, their parents and their grandmother. a family member tells me the grandmother is the one burned in the fire that tore through the home just after 2:30 a.m. i got a chance to speak with a neighbor, who woke up when her dog started barking and saw flames. >> i opened my eyes and i noticed the wall had a pink glow to it. it was getting various colors. at first, i thought it was police action, and that was
12:34 pm
there flashing lights. i stood up and looked. i was just totally stunned. the entire house was ablaze. from the left to the right, the bottom and the top, the flames way up in the air. >> reporter: when first responders arrived, they found heavy smoke in the garage. they say it was windy at the time. the wind was putting neighboring homes at risk. firefighters were able to continue contain the fire. police chief paul silva described loud explosions from the garage. >> loud, loud explosions. right when i first got on the scene and got out of my truck, two of them went off. it was extremely loud. i wasn't sure if it was ammunition or propane. >> reporter: a woman we now know was the grandmother was injured. she was transported to a hospital. her family says she suffered burns but will be okay. we have seen family members walking around the property, some of the children still wrapped in like it, pajamas and even with bare feet, so it's clear how fast they had to run out of the home.
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they have been filling bags with anything they can. photographs and clothing. firefighters say the home is nearly a complete loss. the cause is still under investigation. elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. the fate of a newly opened community center in the fillmore district is under question after a shooting outside the center killed one man and injured five others. a community heating meeting was held last night. the city has canceled all events at the center through the end of the month after the shooting on saturday. the center is owned by the city and run by community groups. it only opened in november. people at the meeting urged the city not to shut it down, calling it a very important neighborhood resource. >> do not close this place. do not close this building down. do not shut the african- american people down. do not do this once again because the blame is not on us. >> police have arrested two men in connection with the shooting. supervisor valley brown says the city will have to assess
12:36 pm
whether the center can be run safely before events can resume. san francisco police are expected to head to riverside county to bring back a suspect wanted in a shooting at the department of corrections building. the suspect ambushed the 19- year-old victim in the lobby of a parole building in the mission district on monday afternoon. the victim is still in the hospital in critical condition. a license plate reader spotted the suspect in southern california and chp officers found it abandoned near the arizona border. they tracked down the suspect and fired shots before they were able to take him into custody. the city of san francisco will pay an undisclosed amount of money to mario woods, the stabbing suspect who was shot 20 times by police. his family filed a federal lawsuit against the city.
12:37 pm
the case was going to go to trial before the settlement. 11 law enforcement agencies are working together to get santa clara county to change its sanctuary policy after outrage from the community over last month's killing of bambi larsen. police arrested 24-year-old carlos carranza, who is an undocumented immigrant with a violent history, who has been arrested at least six times and charged with burglary, false imprisonment, battery possession of methamphetamine. the police chief says if santa clara county followed california sanctuary city policy, it is likely he would have been detained by immigration and customs enforcement customs instead of being out on the street. >> no one is asking for the county to hold onto an individual for a minute longer. all that we are asking for is for notification of facilitation. >> an immigration attorney we talked with says the changes the police are asking for only target the undocumented community and he says those changes are "a knee-jerk reaction to a single case." the board of supervisors will meet with the police chief next month. the coast guard has called off its search for a missing
12:38 pm
swimmer. tyler collins and a friend went into the ocean at rockaway beach in pacifica. after a night of bowling and drinking, they were chest deep in the water. they started to feel an undercurrent and decided to head back to shore. the friend made it out but called for help and he couldn't find collins, who had come from lake tahoe, where he had moved to the coast to meet some friends. colin's parents can quickly. we talked with colin's father who said colin was adventurous, athletic and had no fear. >> i was thought he would get hurt snowboarding or something. for some reason, he went in the ocean early this morning, you know? and sometimes, people don't think, and he wasn't thinking. >> rockaway beach is a small beach that local snow has strong currents. there is a sign warning people about rip currents but colin's parents don't know if he saw it in the early morning hours. they think there should be more
12:39 pm
prominent warnings. they also suggest signs at hotel chickens. the body of a woman buried in a landslide has been found. 22-year-old keira scarlet's parents confirmed yesterday on their gofundme page, writing, "it is with sorrow and joy we are able to announce our beloved keira sunshine has been recovered. she was with a friend when he beachside cliff collapsed." new at 10:00, a man accused of kidnapping a wisconsin 13- year-old after killing her parents has pleaded guilty. 21-year-old jake patterson is charged with two counts of intentional homicide, one count of napping and armed burglary before which has been dropped. he is accused of kidnapping jayme closs and killing her parents. she escaped 88 days later. jake patterson had no prior record. the intentional homicide count carry life in prison minimums. police in oakland are investigating a murder around
12:40 pm
church street. the police patrol desk says the victim was shot and killed just before 9:00 last night. officers cordoned off the area and began to gather evidence. they have not been able to say what led to the shooting. a right healing service driver has been arrested for accusing himself near the uc berkeley campus. the incidents happened around white way and aetna street. police conducted a surveillance operation and detained david harrington back in november, but he wasn't charged at the time. detectives continued to investigate and on monday, the alameda county district attorney's office charged him with four desmith near misdemeanor accounts of exposure. coming up next, we have the details on a very close encounter with a great white shark. keeping an eye on the rainy weather for you, we have some breaks coming up this
12:41 pm
afternoon. a pretty nice weekend forecast. i will also talk about the oakland a's and the opening day forecast. your weather is next. to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter.
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the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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we have some pretty incredible video of this attempted robbery in florida. surveillance video shows an armed suspect going up to a group of men from indiana who were on spring break. everyone started fighting. even though the robber had a gun, they tackled him to the ground. an accomplished accomplice pushes him to the ground leading to a new confrontation. one of the victims was able to grab the gun, pointing it at one of the suspects, who then drove away. >> once i raised the gun, they took off towards their cars and just screaming. the only thing running through your mind is protect your family. >> the victims were also able to jot down the suspect's license plate and deputies, and a police dog tracked down the accomplice. the first suspect, however, is still at large. surfers at half moon bay had an up-close visit from a
12:45 pm
great white shark. tom vacar spoke to the man who spotted the 20 foot shark over the weekend. >> it was scary. it was a very scary thing to see because it dwarfed my entire jetski. >> reporter: jake stanley is a professional big wave server. and a certified watercraft safety operator. he was out at maverick's off of the san mateo coast, when he got a surprise. right under his surf rescue jetski. >> it looked like a whale surfacing from beneath me, it was so big. >> reporter: maverick's is a huge patch of northern california's pacific ocean waters extending to bodega bay just past the west, and big sur south of monterey. the red triangle is one of the world's biggest gathering places for great white sharks. >> really bright white belly, and as it came directly underneath me, and it rolled to its side, i could see if eye as it was looking up at me on top of the water. >> reporter: the fark shark
12:46 pm
fixated on a paddler. >> i throttled my engine above it. that was enough to it, get it to turn and head back out to see. >> reporter: as the surf on camera shows, stanley used the jetski to tow eight surfers back to the shore. 38% of great white shark attacks in the whole u.s. have occurred in the red triangle. 11% of the attacks were worldwide. having said that, attacks of any species of sharks on humans are rare. >> it was one of the most profound things i have ever experienced in my life, just the sheer beauty of a creature like that. >> reporter: topped by the tagging of the pacific predators program. besides staying here, the program says, many great whites go to the deep waters between here and hawaii. they will stay at another place nicknamed the shark's cafi. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news.
12:47 pm
>> california's dungeness crab season is shutting down early. the closure is an effort to protect whales and sea turtles from getting entangled in fishing lines and other gear. the dungeness crab fisheries will close april 15, about two and half months earlier than expected. the decision was made after an agreement between the center for biological diversity and the california department of fish and wildlife. >> of the gear that can be identified, the vast majority is california dungeness crab gear. some of them die. some of them self disentangle. we don't know their feet. >> there is a lot of anger, a lot of questions, a lot of resignation. in the end, fishermen do understand this is what is going to have to be done. >> crab season could end early again next year with long-term solutions to follow. one possibility is crab fishermen switching to replace gear. 12:47. time to go to kyla to see if
12:48 pm
this rain is going to let up. when is it done? >> the official answer is we dry out on friday. however, you can see behind me when you look at life pictures, there are spots getting some clearing right now. that's going to be the trend throughout the afternoon and again, i can show you at sfo, it's really the double picture of storm clouds, blue skies. i know. i will take the blue skies, too. unfortunately, no one is taking my order. santa rosa, 59 degrees, 58 napa, oakland, 59, 56 livermore and 58 in san jose. we are cooler today than yesterday. a southerly wind, too. 15 miles-per-hour in oakland and fairfield. we have had some spots gusting upwards of 20 miles-per-hour. temperatures are not going to get too warm. not like yesterday. a high of 61 to 62 degrees. scattered showers will start to give us a break throughout the afternoon but not completely done until we get to friday
12:49 pm
morning. here is the quick rush rolling through here. heavy winds now with showers across santa cruz, but as for the bay area, san jose getting some heavy downpours. orange and yellow coming down at a pretty good clip from palo alto to the east bay. pleasanton toward livermore, and all of that is eventually going to race off to the north and east, which is why we are getting clearing behind it. this is the low pressure system off the coast. it's going to linger a little bit, so it's not just out of here today. we have a few chance of showers as we get into our thursday, so when i time it out, you will see the backend on the storm. here we are today. we clear out tonight. there is 9:00. as we get into our overnight hours, this is when we get the backend on the storm that is rolling through. 7:00 a.m. on thursday, this is 1:00 p.m., when we got the oakland a's game starting. you can see just a little
12:50 pm
chance for some pops on the radar here. thursday into thursday evening, it clears out on friday and sets us up for a very nice weekend. if you are headed to the game tomorrow, take the umbrella and a little jacket, a hat to be ready. you could have spotty showers looking out for about 57 degrees at about 1:00 when they get started. i think it will get better as the day goes on but i don't want you to get caught out. take a look at eurex work. by friday, we are drying out. by the weekend, sunshine and warming up. 68 on saturday. 70 on sunday. at least, i get to end on a good note. >> thanks, kyla. there are now new entry requirements for people visiting new zealand. travelers will be required to have an electronic travel authority form. it will improve the way travelers are assessed before they are arrived. the country is also imposing a new tourism task almost 2 weeks after the deadly mosque shootings that left 50 people dead. the accused shooter is from
12:51 pm
australia. funding for california wildfire victims may depend on the dispute between republican lawmakers and puerto rico. the u.s. said it approved the $12 billion disaster relief package, which includes money for survivors of the 2017 and 2018 northern california fires, but democrats say they are going to reject the bill if republicans and president trump carry out the threat of replacing the measure with one that limits disaster relief to puerto rico and other territories hit hard by hurricane maria and hurricane irma in 2017. president trump accuses puerto rican officials of misspending emergency funding that they have already received. the ever making improvements to the coliseum before they can even break ground on a new ballpark. >> what fans can expect for the upcoming season as their team holds the home opener tomorrow afternoon.
12:52 pm
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12:54 pm
it is peak time for the cherry blossoms in tokyo. the pink and white flowers signify the arrival of the blooms in japan. crowds strolled near the imperial palace to take in the national natural beauty. they are expected to bloom through the weekend. taking a look at the stocks before the closing bell. not a lot of movement at the start. the stocks came out of the gate in positive territory but took a turn a couple hours later. the dow jones currently down 30 points. some investors are little worried about the softer global growth they feel is ahead. state fish and wildlife officials have a real problem on their hands. >> at 4:00, we speak with officials about their effort to eradicate a road and called nutria. the nutria are an invasive species that can grow up to 20 pounds. an update on their efforts today on the 4. there is a new push to save
12:55 pm
the famed flintstone house in hillsborough. a petition now has the support of more than 14,000 people, who say they like the flintstone house just the way it is. the town of hillsborough sued the homeowner because it says the home is a public nuisance. the homeowner recently added statues to the yard, and a sign that reads "yabba dabba doo". nearly 20 million copies of michelle obama's memoir have been sold. it could set a sales record for memoirs. global book sales are hard to track because of different formats including e-books and audiobooks. becoming is the first of a two book deal with penguin. the a's home opener is tomorrow. the giants open the regular season at home after a day off today, and yesterday's preseason series finale was a rain-shortened game at oracle
12:56 pm
park. they would ended up scoring for homeruns before the giants got into their lead and before the rain really started falling in the 6th inning. the final score 4-2. the a's win. the giants season opener on the road tomorrow in san diego. they are taking on the padres. the a's are holding their home opener at the coliseum tomorrow. first pitch against the angels. tomorrow, fans will receive a hero town rally. coco crisp will throw out the first pitch. we will talk about new features for fans including new premium seating and a new kids area. >> we want to make the current experience great and make sure fans have a great time and we get new fans out, experiencing baseball. >> during the interview today, they joked about how opening- day should be a national holiday. parking gates open at 8:00 for all you tailgaters, and the
12:57 pm
coliseum opens at 11:00. first pitch right after 1:00. >> looking forward to it. >> get the rain out of here. >> thank you for watching here at noon. we are always here for you at cvs pharmacy. ed gets copays as low as zero dollars on medicare part d prescriptions. ed gets labels clear as day. and, lily.... lily gets anything she wants. ed knows he could just have us deliver his prescriptions. but what's the fun in that? switch to cvs pharmacy.
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dr. oz: comedian jay leno pays us a house call. 2 they recently found that laughter is not the best medicine. dr. oz: to get serious about his own health. >> i brought you a human heart. i understand they taste like chicken. dr. oz: plus, the dish crew is celebrating everything cheese. and you are invited to daphne's gender reveal party. coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: are you already for season 10? >> yeah! >> i love you, dr. oz. [applause]


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